Latest Mug Shot Reveals What’s Really Going On With Casey Anthony As We Witness Her Physical Transformation

This photo is the latest mug shot of Casey Anthony. It reveals her extreme stress complete with pallid complexion, broken out skin especially above her upper lip  and temple region , puffy  bags under her eyes and a somewhat dazed look. Because her eyes do not seem as bright an alert as they once were, it makes one wonder if she is on some type of anti anxiety medication to help her deal with all that lies ahead of her. We have never seen her look this sad before.

Prior to this jury selection ordeal, she may have believed and trusted Cheney Mason in terms of their “walking out of  the courtroom arm in arm” as he repeatedly told the press. Perhaps that is the reason Casey felt confident and had a swagger and a cockiness about her, which we all observed.

But after her hearing her charges read out loud numerous times during the jury selection process, things finally sunk in. What made it sink in even more was hearing Judge Perry, Ann Finnell, and Jeff Ashton constantly speak about her two options if she is convicted – life without parole or the possibility of a death sentence. This was repeated over and over again.

Additionally, hearing potential jurors  say on the stand   that they think she is “guilty” must have had an  added  impact on her psyche.Based on the evidence of  this mug  shot  photo, it is clear that she is no longer in denial. She is beginning to face the grave reality of what may happen to her in two months time.

Prior to attending the jury selection  process, she felt fear. It showed on her face. She didn’t know what to expect in her new environment. You can observe the whites of her eyes (sclera) and her  wide eyed look of fear. You can also see the tension around or lips and mouth area. The puffiness and eye bags also reflect her level of deep  stress.

Her previous mug shot at the Orange County jail  reveals a much more attractive and angry Casey. You can see that anger in her lower jaw as her muscles are tight and lips are drawn downward.  The bags under her eyes showed  early signs that she was stressed by the whole ordeal.

In her 2008 mug shot, Casey looks very sad and  glassy -eyed as though she was crying real tears. Her expression was victim- like which seemed to say “Why are they doing this to poor me?”
If you compare  Casey’s first mug shot above with her latest one , you can see the dramatic change that has taken place over the past three years. Casey looks  pretty bright eyed  and there appears to be somewhat of a very slight  smirk on her face. Her muscles are smooth indicating there was no tension or worry at that time. At that  time she no doubt, believed in her mind that she would get out of jail quickly.

There seems to be a smugness in this photo where she may have been thinking “Nothing will happen to me because they won’t be able to find the body. They will just keep looking for Zenaida Gonzalez and never think I had anything to do with Caylee’s disappearance.”  Prior to this photo Case always  used to get away with something.  so why wouldn’t this time be any different?”

But Casey didn’t realize at the time that things would be much different, especially when the remains of Caylee’s body was found.

If Casey is convicted and depending whethe she is sentenced to life without parole or to the death sentence, we may expect to see yet another expression in a  mug shot of  Casey Anthony.


44 thoughts on “Latest Mug Shot Reveals What’s Really Going On With Casey Anthony As We Witness Her Physical Transformation

  1. Well done. I agree she may finally be realizing the severity of her situation. She still is Casey, though, and no doubt we will see the cockiness return in time for trial.
    I am hoping her attorneys are being honest with her by this time as well

  2. Very interesting post Dr. Glass, I really like seeing the comparison of the mug shots then and now.
    thank you so much for posting this.

  3. Her looks have definitely lost their luster and after 3 years of imprisonment she has aged faster than normal. I am looking forward to the start of the trial on Tuesday. I can’t wait to hear the opening statement by the defense. If she throws her father under the bus, I hope they withdraw their support for her. Although they might be in on this strategy in order to save Casey from the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

  4. She looks more disturbed in each picture. It’s amazing how one can see this girl has no soul! She’s scary, and I really hope she is not let back into society.

  5. Has her smugness been knocked out of her now? I wonder.
    Her next mug shot will be interesting if its the one where she is entering her new home-prison.

  6. She is STILL in denial! Casey has told the same lies so many times that she has in fact convinced herself that they are reality.

  7. hi sherry cant wait to see what she looks like in front of the jury once in court.bozo will be saying in his opening statements that she left the kid with her friend watch and see.even if it dont make sense now because she will have to tell them everything and the lies are the worst for her who will believe her now?what about bozo he believes her too?both of them aree cut out from the same cloth so it does not matter anymore the things he will do to get money selling off the dead pictures.wonder if it were his child if he would sell them not?hes an ass waiting for someone to wipe his fat arse.have a good weekend sherry.l dont work so l will be watching this from the start.

    1. I can’t wait to see how she acts when her former friends are testifying against her. I bet she’ll have her cocky attitude back. Maybe she thinks they will accept her back when she gets out, or off. Another thing, I’ve always thought that if she was using cloroform to knock Caylee out, that at least one of her friends knew about it. I can see her braging about it, or even one of them telling her to do it. People don’t like to fess up when they may get themselves in trouble. Easier to keep quiet and play dumb. Be funny if she owns up to it, and says they all knew what she was doing. I’ve never heard that any of her friends had children, thank God.

  8. Very interesting article Dr. Glass and very accurate. This change in appearance reminds me of “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” What’s going on inside always leaks out to the outside.

  9. sherry the lady that shouted out l think bozo is behind all this.dont forget anything to delay will help them along the way not?bozo is out of this world as a lawyer he smells and makes all lawyers look bad no doubt.

    1. That never happened. He is not a legal eagle nor does he have the requsite experience or maturity to handle this case but no one can say that he illegally or intentionally attempted to derail Ms Anthony’s right to a fair trial.

      The young woman had adequate time to tell the judge that ‘she was approached by the defense attorney to act out and accuse his client of being a murderer’. Her defense was drugs and mental illness. She played the play game that got her two days instead of a possible 179.

      Remember, it is Mr Baez’ goal to remain a practicing attorney after this case comes to a close in June.

      1. Thank you for calling him “Mr. Baez.” People who would like to make a serious point would be taken more seriously by others, in my opinion, if they cut out the name calling. As far as the point that was made, I think it is a far stretch to accuse Mr. Baez of attempting to tamper with the potential jury members by using a mentally ill woman for the purposes. Like him or not…he will end up having earned the title of defending a widely hated client to the best of his ability in the face of almost impossible odds and while being pummeled with criticism from all sides…legal and otherwise. Credit where credit is due. All that aside, everyone deserves to be called by their proper title (in my humble opinion.)

  10. Oh no! Casey don’t look so sad. I am praying for you that everything will be ok. Hey, I had a pimple in the same place the other day but it was cuz aunt “Flo” was in town. See you on Tuesday Case:)

  11. Thank you Dr Glass – always a pleasure to read your input.

    IMO the inmate should cut her hair before Tuesday, as well as follow Dr Glass’s advice of donning black, and add a jacket out of respect. Every time I see that long hair I get graphic pictures of the volcanic eruptions on her back and it makes me head straight for the shower!

    Furthermore, I hope Cindy went bra shopping, I hope Lee had botox, it would help stall the giggles. Georgie, please don’t pitch in lavender daaahling, busses are generally painted yellow.

    All that remains ….. JUST US FOR CAYLEE!

  12. The greedy Anthonys are still trying to make more Blood Money by getting a trademark on $$stice for Caylee. They are shameless, and I
    pray that are arrested for all the lies they have told. Aiding and abetting! Frankly, I don’t think they want Casey back in their lives. They just love the money that this case is allowing them to make.

  13. Thank you for the excellent article Dr. Glass, i read them daily without fail..i check for your emails before i do anything else. I think as the trial begins we are going to see a very different Casey…remember the judge changed the seating arrangement in the courtroom, because Baez said the cameras were able to catch their computer screens and notes they were writing. Baez wanted the cameras removed from the courtroom .. that is when Judge Perry reminded him we do not live in Egypt or Lybia and have an open court system..He allowed Baez to change his table and take the tables FACING THE JURY HEAD ON…the jury will be able to see every single move by everyone especially Casey..she better straighten up and fly right because her life is on the line now..! Baez had better watch what he continues to ask for, it is back firing on him. jmc

  14. Dr. Glass…your work is brilliant, as usual; especially the Obama/Netanyahu debacle. May I ask a favor? As an avid bicyclist, I was wondering if you could look at the 60 Minutes video on and observe the interview by Tyler Hamilton where he indicates that Lance Armstrong took performance enhancing drugs and see if you find him to be truthful? As far as I am concerned, you are the only one who tells THE TRUTH! Have a great day, all!

  15. Thank you Dr. Glass, as always, a fine assessment…

    This reminds me of the many faces of EVE…

    I always believed, Inmate Casey Anthony looked upon herself as the nanny…I beleive she should have been examined and used the multiple personality defense….She is the nanny for CA was the mother..I believe CA minimized ICA’s role as mother to Caylee…the resentment built up like sibling rivalry…remember on the 48 hour special…CA said, Caylee was OUR child, she belonged to ALL OF US…

    I can’t wait for opening statements. Jose Baez will tell about the not calling LE for 31 days and put it to rest…I think not…out of his mouth it’s considered specualtion. Inmate Casey Anthony would have to tell it herself…I wish peace upon those jurors for they have the hard task of deciding the Inmate’s fate…I do hope they use common sense…What we all have reguritated in 2 1/2 years, they will get a glimpse of in 8 weeks….I hope they have plenty of common sense and give Caylee the justice she so richly deserves…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

  16. Dr. Glass I always look forward to reading your insights on people’s body language. I feel like a pseudo- expert on casey’s body language from what I have learned from you. I watch her closely in the courtroom.
    My question is: Once the actual trial gets under way (tomorrow) Will the judge allow all her facial expressions and her aattempts to cover up little laughs and giggles?Will she be allowed to write non-stop and talk to her attorneys like she is part of the defense team instead of the defendant?

    I have never seen somebody that will be on trial for their life act the way she has in the courtroom. I don’t know if baez can keep her under control. As we have seen from her tiffs with him inthe courtroom she does not appear to have any respect for him.

  17. Dr Glass~ Casey is pigeon-toed, i believe that is what ‘creates’ her ‘swag’, i tried it myself(lol!), i turned my toes in and boy! did i swag!! i put my feet straight and walked like i normally do…

    Love your work!! Love seeing you on shows!!

    Thank You~ … 🙂

  18. Drs Glass thank you so much for sharing a portion of your obviously fine tuned skills about this case and it’s cast of characters. That is sad to say, but it has become a trial with a circus like atmosphere.

    Please tell me you will be commenting daily on your observations! I read several blogs and have since this case began and yours is my favorite. Thanks so much again.

  19. Good morning, Dr. Glass and all fellow fans of hers! I am looking forward to the opening statements. I second Dana’s hope that you will comment each day with your spot-on observations. Wonder what she will wear today?

  20. Casey’s on-going & consistent shaking her head “no” during the opening statements of the prosecution is either going to be in no way congruent with the DT’s opening statement if they use the defense of “accidental” death and ugly coping in the aftermath or…they will have to blame George or someone else for Caylee’s death. Either way I don’t think that her demeanor in court today will in any way be beneficial if advancing her defense, whatever it is.

    I just love Linda Drane-Burdock’s delivery of the prosecution’s opening statement! Her cadence, voice modulation and speed of delivery is stellar! I’m impressed.

    1. i’m waiting on the edge of my chair for dr glass to talk about kc court behavior today…
      dr glass please write quick…

      1. Me too! But I also am almost more interested to know if George was telling the truth regarding Ashton’s questions to him about if at any time he had sexually abused Casey. The testimony is riveting – I guess I am officially addicted. I am going to go through severe withdrawl once my vacation time is over 🙂
        I was angry listening to Baez’ opening statements – I know that his role is to obsfucate and divert blame to anyone but Casey but it bothered me a lot. I have not held either George or Cindy in anything close to being considered high esteem but I did feel badly for both of them today. And for Kronk.

  21. Oh, I forgot to say that I do not think that it serves Casey well to change her hair to an up-do 1/2 way through the day. She has done this before. It sends the wrong message – that she is more concerned with her appearance then the proceedings in court, in my opinion.

  22. Casey Anthony has a long history ofengages in “duping delight”. Somehow she convinced her attorney that she did not act alone. Mr Baez brought new meaning to “the poverty of ideas” when he decided to use her lies to craft his opening statement. “What a waste”. Yes, he used his precious time in front of jurors to tell “one lie on top of another”. She duped him and in so doing she doomed herself to the possibility of death or spending the rest of her natural life in prison.

    Mr Baez does not get the concept of reasonable doubt-the doubt must be based on reason. He clearly does not know the law nor did he prepare questions for Mr Anthony. Didn’t he anticipate that Mr Ashton would call the latest victim in the blame game to the stand?

  23. I don’t really buy the defense case unless they can provide hard proof to their accusations. Casey shook her head No during the incest description but she also showed her strongest emotion when Mr. Baez described what her life was like as a 8 years old. Two conflicting body reactions, IMO. The trial should be interesting but I think the defense has a long way to go to prove reasonable doubt. I thought that I heard Casey has a diary. I wondering how far back her journal goes and if any entries allude to incest. Also, it’s just weird that George was in the delivery room when Casey delivered! My Dad was the proudest grandfather before he passed away
    but neither he nor I wanted him in the delivery room.

    1. What about her pediatrician and the results of his physical exam? He was and remains mandated to report sexual and physical abuse. He had to have alerted CFS. Where are those reports?

  24. I think it stinks that a person (GA and Mr. Kronk) cannot sue (an idiot) defense atty. (JBozo) for defamation, slander, because it happens in the course of a trial. That’s just ludicrous and a damn SHAME!

    Here’s a question for the “defense:”

    IF Caylee’s death was an accident, WHY did CA sit in jail ALL THIS TIME, and NOT TELL this little fact to JBozo or anyone else? IF it was such “an accident,” WHY not fess up long ago so CA could be “exonerated,” get out of jail and get back to her party girl lifestyle? Maybe she liked the attention? The food? That’s just too far fetched.

    Imo, JBozo’s going to fall through his a____hole before this circus is over. He’ll end up as a fly-by-night ruined atty. who will be chasing ambulances for the remainder of his “career.” He’s TOAST as an atty.

  25. As for ICA crying? This narcissist weeps ONLY for herself. EVERY TIME she cries it is solely because she is FEELING SORRY FOR HERSELF.

  26. Dr Glass I am really interested in your opinion of the shaking her head no, and mouthing “that is not true”, etc. This is so distracting and frankly, if I were on the jury, I would NOT look on that as anything but theatrics. This entire defense tactic is really laughable to me. Sad but laughable. I think it is going to blow up in Baez’s face. Putting the blame on George is despicable. How is going to explain her partying IMMEDIATELY after finding her child drowned? How is he going to explain no grief? Because she was molested? I mean really? For the first time, i really feel bad for the Anthony’s. They have gotten all sorts of hate because of their loyalty to this despicable girl. And she throws them as far under the bus as she can. Baez has a lot to answer for with all the things she did after this so called drowning.

  27. I want to know why in the world Casey would leave her little daughter alone with her father and or brother if she herself had been a victim of abuse…. wouldn’t she worry about George or Lee doing the same thing to Caylee???

    1. When you look at Casey Anthony imagine her forehead with the word S I C K on it. It’s probably a good idea to count the lies than try to understand them. She was born to lie. She likes to do it and no matter how difficult today was she will be back at lying tomorrow and the next day.

      Thankfully her parents will have the opportunity “to find out what really happened”. They are prepared and they have a fine lawyer advocating for them and supporting them like a brother.

  28. Kari –

    Right on.
    Geezus! I’d think that JBozo would’ve had another atty. play Devil’s Advocate to his insane opening stmnt. BEFORE he opened his big mouth and spouted off his ridiculous “story.” I cannot believe that everyone on the DT didn’t have the collective I.Q. to tell him how ALL WRONG it was.

    WHY didn’t anyone immediately call 911 when they “found Caylee in the pool?”
    I wonder if GA’s timecard can prove he wasn’t even home that day? If so, JBozo is dumber than I thought.

    I swear, JBozo’s opening stmnt. sounded to me like he came up with it in fifteen minutes this morning while his wife pressed his pants for court. So outrageously ridiculous.

    “Dinosaur” on the Orlando Sentinel TV Guy blog said this:

    “Anthony shaking her head at Ms. Burdick’s comments is a COWARDLY way for Anthony to make her thoughts known. If she does not have the guts to get up on the witness stand in her own defense and say ‘No, that’s not true’ (the equivalent to her head shaking) then she should leave the silent dramatic denials out…”

    Can the judge tell ICA to stop with the charades? He did warn George and Cimply Anthony to keep their emotions to themselves or they’d be un-invited to the courtroom.

  29. That first mug shot versus the last is very telling. Had she been abused – the expression in those eyes in the last one would have been the same in the first mugshot. Abuse allegations are a crock on so many levels.

  30. Thanks Dr Glass.. Great take.. I just wish I could see the first mug shot up next to the most recent one!!! But still , I could tell there was huge differences… thanks again….
    I can not wait to see what you saw from today’s opening statements in actual court.

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