Does Casey Anthony Leak Out Her Guilt By Nodding “Yes ” As Linda Drane Burdick Speaks of Caylee’s Death By Duct Tape?


Opening Judge Perry addressed   the ladies and gentlemen of the jury and red her charges , we see Casey take a huge breath in to oxygenate  herself as we see her chest heave as she fills up her lungs with air and forcefully exhales as .  Her facial expression is sad and scared. You can see the tension in her forehead  As Judge Perry  reads on  we see Jose Baez  sneaking a peek at Casey to  make sure she is OK. 


Prosecution’s  Linda Drane Burdick’s  choice of outfit  during her opening arguments were  very revealing Red.  It was a color of passion and love- passion for being a voice for  Caylee and the  love for pursuing justice for this precious little soul. Linda Drne Burdick  was wonderful in her delivery with the perfect cadence and emphasis to stress important and relevant points. Her use of pause time was excellent as she allowed jurors to process everything she was saying. Her use of gestures for emphasis were also excellent.

When Linda spoke of Casey’s pregnancy at 19, she heaved a huge breath and raised her head and jutted forth her jaw which indicated a signal of anger. As Linda spoke about Father’s day, Casey tried to manufacture some tears, but they simply weren’t coming as she flared her nostrils and opened her mouth.

 Then we see her body leaking out the truth. Linda Drane Burdick said No one ever saw  Caylee Marie Anthony  alive again .  Casey shakes her head  NO as Linda says these words. In essence Casey’s shaking her head NO is mirroring the truth truth of Linda’s words that No one saw Casey alive.

Then Linda says the last time a photo was taken of Caylee Anthony was on Dec. 11, 2008. Casey leaks out anger . You can see the microexpression of her curled lower lip as she   vigorously shakes her head No as she mouths the words I’m not gonna listen as if she were a defiant child not wanting to hear the truth.

She immediately feigns crying as she puts her knuckle up to her eye and there are no tears and no facial expression of real crying as she pushes up on her skin under one eye.


 This is not the expression of someone who is sad or remorseful. Instead it is the expression of someone who is angry as she leaks out this expression. Casey is no doubt  angry that she had  to listen to the truth.


As Casey listened to what she allegedly looked up on the computer chloroform and neck breaking, she sat there without moving a muscle.She looked cold and heartless as she had no reaction to what was said. She had  no tears for Caylee as Linda described how C aylee was found near a school where she would be this very moment. Casey had no reaction whatsoever. Most people would cry a tear to think that  their child  would be school age had she been alive today. But not Casey. She looked as cold as ice when this was said.

Casey also squirmed around as the bags and duct tape were discussed. She flashed an expression of anger anger that she had to sit there and listen to what she may have done to Casey. Otherwise she was stoic. To me , her constant movement spoke volumes. It screamed that she was uncomfortable being forced to listen to what in my view is the truth.


The something major happened body language wise where Casey  may appear to possibly  be  admitting guilt. It is around  17: 25  Lind Drane Burdick says There is no other reason to put multiple pieces of  duct tape on a child’s   face mouth and nose other than the  other than the specific intent to end  that child’s life.    Casey nods YES twice as Linda says these words! To me that is a huge revelation body languaguage  wise.

Then when Linda says how Casey had access to the laundry bag, the shorts etc.  Casey shakes her head No  and tuns away and says “Thats not true”.


20 thoughts on “Does Casey Anthony Leak Out Her Guilt By Nodding “Yes ” As Linda Drane Burdick Speaks of Caylee’s Death By Duct Tape?

  1. Right! How Casey looked and acted today reminded me of how Amy said Casey was acting like a angry little kid in the car when Cindy insisted she come back to Hopespring. You’ve on the money with this assessment. I am one person who has felt sorry for Casey. Today…not so much! I can’t believe she let Baez talk her into this horrible story blaming “jo jo” …it’s reprehensible!


  2. Hi Dr. Glass,
    –Thought of something as I hear that the Defense may be bringing in pics of Casey and Caylee together to show what a loving mother Casey was…but I’m guessing Casey smiled for the photos more because she loved to the camera on herself. You may even notice, she has ‘pat’ poses she uses, over and over, –one being where she purses her lips as though she is giving the camera a kiss–no pics of her kissing Caylee, however…
    –As usually, so many good observations!! There seemed to be SOOO many, all day long…even JB laughing in the middle of his opening statements on a couple occasions, like when his marker was running out of ink…signs of nerves? disingenuousness ?
    –To the contrary, I await your interpretation of George Anthony’s presence on the stand…seemed to come across as Very credible, and being brought up to the stand by Prosecution, right after being BASHED by JB, combined with GA’s demeanor, seemed to make JB look like a fool.
    –George comes across to be completely opposite of his daughter, the defendent.

    Keep ’em Coming, Dr. Lillian!!


  3. i saw Caseys head nodding no when it should have been bobbin up and down for yes and vice -versa.
    Then Baez said when this is all over Casey will be going home. Dare i ask – “What home?”Where is home now? surely not to the Anthoneys house, and not likely the friends nor Lees or the grandparents. So he must have meant to Tonys but bet he dosn’t even want her anymore.
    Beaz skipped over so many questions that need to be addressed like Why would he put Caylee in the trunk rather than contact 911 immendiately….why would George go out searching when he knew the drowning was a hoax Why didn’y he tell his wife? Or did he?


  4. Excellent observations Dr. Glass. I am waiting for opinion on George’s moves during his testimony on Day 1 of trial/open statements….It appeared that Casey did break down several times during day 1, especially at the end where she is crying and sobbing her face is red, she is leaning over toward C.Mason he has his hand on her back, and quite honestly it looked like that was REAL…i was really shocked that Baez really went thru with the accident therory, so full of wholes you could drive a truck thru his theory..cross examination of George by Baez was a disaster, it was a WIN WIN for the prosecution…!


  5. Thanks Dr Glass…If I was a juror yesterday I heard reasonable doubt but your analysis speaks volumes. This is just such a head exploder and sad that a 3 year old lost her life.

    I wonder if we we ever know the truth.


  6. I couldn’t believe the theory of the defense. I know he is trying to create reasonable doubt, but there is no evidence to support him.


    1. I think its going to backfire on him-its not good to blame a grieving grandfather. Boots on the ground said that the jury gave displeasing glances at Baez, especially when he cross examined George and was getting pushy with him.

      I’m still amazed that George did not plead the 5th to the accusations leveled at him. Casey was not a happy camper for that! Good for you, George, for not laying down in the road in front of that bus!


      1. Sherry, George would not need to plead the 5th. He vehemently denied the accusation of sexual molestation. If he were guilty of these charges or wanted to assist Casey by going along with the defense theory, he could have pled the 5th then and that might have planted reasonable doubt in the jury’s mind but in doing so would have [IMO] forever tarnished his personal integrity.


      2. Ellen, alot of us thought George would plead the 5th to any accusations in order to help his daughter. We really believed he would lay down under whatever bus the DT was driving.

        I agree, it would have tarnished George’s reputation which was showing a bit of tarnish already. I believe that he not only told the truth for himself but for Caylee’s sake also.


      3. Sherri, if you look up the letters that Casey Anthony wrote in jail to another inmate, you will see that she got the idea for the molestation “defense” from another inmate who actually was molested and confided it to Casey in a letter. Caseys reply to her is so vague and non-descript…like a “yeah yeah…me too…(let me in on this technique)” feeling…its a good read, as are the IM messages between her and Lazzaro. I believe the IM messages show clear motive. If a man showed that little interest in and tolerance for my child, I personally would have dumped him…but Caseys priority was having a man in her life…so she dumped her child instead. The IMs also mention the child going on vacation with the grandparents…none of this was mentioned in court? Hmmmm….


  7. Thanks for the assessment of Casey’s demeaner yesterday in court. I know that a few times she was talking to one of her lawyers so I wasn’t sure if her reactions were nods to the conversation or to what LDB was saying. Very interesting to see that Casey can’t help telling the truth no matter how hard she tries to suppress it.


  8. Dr Glass, So many talk about the duct tape as if it is three small single layers of duct tape. Let us not forget, that at least ONE of these pieces wrapped around Caylee’s entire head covering her nose and mouth. She was alive at this time. While probably a sleep from being drugged. The mandible was intact post death, and therefore had not dropped. Thus it was MURDER.

    I do not like or trust Ms Boden and I am somewhat physic and have this horrible feeling of danger coming from her..FYI


  9. Why has no asked about the locks in the house out to the swimming pool in the Anthony’s home..There should be pictures of this and security locks to protect a two year old’s life! The thought that this could even of been a possibility is outrageous!


  10. Thank you for mentioning the nodding! I saw that – it was around 11:40 am – and I was so surprised to see her do that! No one else I talked with had seen her do that and I thought I was imagining it.


  11. Thank you for sharing your expertize with us. As I watched the opening statements, live on my computer I was totally stunned to see Casey’s body admitting the truth, as she nodded twice, when Ms. Drane-Burdick stated the one and only purpose of the duct tape. It really caught my eye because most of the day she was shaking her head no or fake crying. I got the impression that she was not aware that her body agreed with the prosecutor.
    I replayed the video later that evening and wrote down the same time on that video 17:25. I have been waiting anxiously to find your analysis of that moment. I told my spouse that you would see it and explain it for everyone. Thank You!!!


  12. I watch as Casey Anthony purses her lips tightly as if to prevent herself from admitting anything. I see the anger in her tight face and steady, unblinking stare. It is if she is thinking, “If I make my face hard as steel, they cannot see inside my head.”
    I wish I had caught the nod…hopefully you will post a picture for us?! Please?


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