Casey Anthony New Look in Black, New Body Language and Seriousness of Judge Perry

It seems that Jose Baez and the defense team may be taking my blogs to heart when it comes to Casey as there has been a dramatic change in Casey both dress wise and in her courtroom body language and demeanor.  

There has been a dramatic shift in her appearance from Day 1 to Day 11. 

From an image point  view Casey looks  much better in the black pants complete with matching black flat ballet type shoes. It gives her a more mature look. The black top underneath with the ruffles work. Image wise it says a lot. Black speaks of mourning. Even if she isn’t mourning for Caylee, she is mourning for herself and that at least keeps it real.

If she wore  a black suit jacket with the blouses she has underneath them it would be a sign of respect on her part and  would also distance her from the party girl image.

 Her hair also looked much better – away from her face and de-Snookied. She looked serious and ready to face her jurors without a manipulative baby style that would subconsciously anger jurors.

Casey deserves a fair trial and if she keeps dressing as she did when the jurors were sworn in, along with a black jacket to go with her black pants, I believe she is  more likely to get that fair trial. As she keeps it real, the jury can focus on what is really important and not be prejudiced by her look or appearance or, behavior.

On day one, Casey cried like a baby and she didn’t look at the jurors. Whether Jose said or didn’t say to Casey to not act like a two year old, the bottom line is that she got it that the baby behavior would not be tolerated by him. As a result she bucked up.

As the jurors were being sworn in, she looked  directly at  all of them and she didn’t cry.  But, it  may be too little too late for some of the jurors who  may remember their first impression of her of not  looking at them.

This time around, her behavior was appropriate. She looked directly at the jurors. The reality of her situation began to  set in.

The only time she flinched a bit was when she rose and  they walked out of the jury room. She could see concrete evidence that these 12 people had her life in their hands.

She also seemed a lot more comfortable, once again sitting  between Mason and Baez.

 The outburst at the trial by the woman who was mentally ill  appeared to surprise  Casey as it did everyone else. The woman was lucky that she just got 2 days in jail instead of the 179 days. The whole incident was sad and sickening to watch, especially as she nervously  plead her case to Judge Perry. She obviously had no business  being in the courtroom.

Personally I thought she should have just been admonished and pay a fine because of her condition. I felt sorry for her especially when she was up there terrified and shaking and couldn’t speak. But no doubt Judge Perry felt he had to make an example of her. After all, she did  a really bad thing which could have done irreparable harm  to the case. It seems that due to her condition and medications she may not have her filters working well so she burst out whatever was on her mind.

Maybe this incident will help her to get more sorted out in her life. No doubt someone in the media will interview her after she gets out of jail and perhaps pay her  for an interview or  even give her a licensing fee for photos of her  two year old Apparently  it has been reported that the  Anthony’s  have  made money this way-selling photos of Caylee to the media.

Maybe  the press will spin the story as the ” outburster”  being  a sympathetic character who couldn’t contain her own emotions because she too was a mother of a 2 year old and could never hurt her child. So  there may silver lining for her after all.


What  happened in the courtroom was a preview of  what could happen to anyone sitting  in the audience. If  citizen, a   journalist or reporter whispers or makes any comments that can be heard  or  makes facial expressions, they could not only be booted out of the courtroom, they could be fined and sentenced as well. If  you come to the trial,  it is  at your own risk. So mind your behavior.

Judge Perry already warned about people in the gallery making facial expressions when witness testimony would be given. That particularly applies to George and Cindy who requested being in the courtroom throughout the trial, even though they were both witnesses as well.

Early on, George  had  been seen shaking his head “no” and mugging and smirking “ when Yuri Melich was on the stand. If he pulls that behavior again, Judge Perry will not stand for it. If he does it, we may very well see George getting thrown out of the courtroom, admonished, fined, and perhaps  sentenced as well. The same applies to Cindy as well.It may be  especially very very hard for her to contain herself as she hears Jose and his team throw her and George and Lee under the bus for being such poor parents.

Judge Perry does not want this overt expression because he does not want the jury to be influenced in any way.


38 thoughts on “Casey Anthony New Look in Black, New Body Language and Seriousness of Judge Perry

  1. I felt so bad for the woman who screamed out yesterday! It was as if, she was being put on trial….

    No doubt in may mind that Cindy Anthony will NOT be able to control her emotions. Karma, Cindy! It will come back to bite you.

    Looking forward to Tuesday! Time to get this show going and let the “Fat Lady” sing loudly.

  2. I’m assuming you meant “not mourning for Caylee”. The little girl is dead perhaps you should proof read and get her name right. Pet peeve of mine.


  4. I can’t wait to see what they do with her “fashion-wise” for the trial itself. I have always maintained that Casey’s best look it the “Olive Garden Waitstaff” look..where she wears black pants and a crisp white ironed shirt..a jacket would be a good addition to show that she is “serious”. Casey has fallen in love with the “snooki” hair poof and I don’t think she should continue with it. She will want to…but it is a bad idea. All the bloggers noticed when Casey tied her “Missing Caylee” t-shirt off to the side. It is so inappropriate to choose style over the issue at hand if the issue is a missing/murdered child. This misguided desire for a fashion-y look was lost on no one! Jose, if you are reading here, convince your client to lose that poof on her head. It’s an important issue.

  5. Casey Anthony has been one thing more than anything else-consistent. Her flat affect and absence of fear, anxiety or shame has remaind constant. She has not changed since the first time we saw her sashey into and out of courtrooms during the past three years.

    She is concerned about how she looks and probably thinks about how to plan her reentry into the dating world once exonerated of Felony Murder. EXAMPLE:Each day the last recess is called she stands, puffs out her chest and breathes deeply. She’s always duping someone.

    Her stupid but good parents covered for her for years. They surrendered to her and now they are crushed emotionally and financially. We should avoid beating them up before Casey burns them at the stake.

    Ms Anthony will get on the stand and lie with “evangelical conviction” and it will never matter whether she looks like she walked out of Target or Talbot’s. Jurors might decide she looks pretty in blue.

  6. I don’t think the woman who had the outburst will serve any prison time. Her court appointed lawyer will get help with that, she would not be able to sit in jail, even for 2 days. JMO

  7. I felt sorry for the woman who had the outburst in court, too – until I saw her incredibly long arrest record. Bye-bye, sympathy. And I agree with those who say she was obsessed with the trial and wanted to insert herself into it. It’s only her kid I feel sorry for now.

    As for Casey, I hate her defense receiving any advice on her hair, grooming, etc. You never know if some juror could be swayed by those things, instead of by what she did and the gravity of her crime(s).

    1. Ms Anthony will get a fair trial and it won’t be because she is dressed well or poorly. She is an indigent defendant who does not look indigent and that won’t go unnoticed with jurors.

      No one will be swayed by anything but the evidence. Ms Anthony has little or no respect for authority or the rule of law and I doubt very much she is going to convince anyone that when she puts on a black jacket she becomes respectful or respectable.

  8. Please tell me that people will not be tangled in her web and believe her sob story on the stand. The blog jbmission proves there are people out there who run with fiction.

  9. Dr Glass, For the first time I must disagree with you. First, Casey was so into her own head she never even heard this woman scream out..not until everyone else started moving and turning did Casey even notice something had happened. Second..This woman is a JUNKIE! and has been arrested on drug charges since 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 now 2011 with mug shots for each year..Her child is in the foster care system. Do you know she is still a heroin addict..even doing methadone. She could quit! She caused two juror’s to be dismissed.. she deserved the 179 days in jail. How could you feel sorry for her, she is a junkie and all junkie’s are liars!

    1. Thank you for sharing this woman’s background. Nevertheless it was a tragic sight to see someone this distubed pleading for mercy from the judge. I hope and pray she gets the help she desperately needs.

    2. WOW! You might want to step off your “judgemnetal box” and do a little research on drug addiction. Knowledge is power and the last time I checked, this was about the Casey Anthony trial.

      1. I agree. She is a woman suffering with problems, and should be seen just as such. Labeling someone a junkie will only impede their healing process. Taking methodone is a huge step towards recovery, and I believe she can do it.

    3. Debi, people can change, this woman with that outburst was bipolar…drugs are a symptom of a problem, I know. I’m drug free 27 years and not all junkies are liars…I never did…so don’t sterotype in that department..
      What I did notice that Inmate Casey Anthony had no mercy for this mentally ill woman and yet, she wants mercy for herself. Look at the distain on her face as she whispers to her attorney next to her…her face beet red, with no remorse for this woman. I don’t believe this inmate has empathy flowing through her veins…I can’t wait for opening arguements…I believe Inmate Casey Anthony is not going to take responsibility for her actions but blame it on her parents. I do hope they are fully prepared for it will be a bumpy ride for them. That’s gratitude for you and Karma at it’s finest…since they too have no problems blaming an innocent person., now they will be the cause…JMHO

      Justice for Caylee

  10. I am so sad for that poor woman despite her long record. Her life has probably been extremely hard as she went early on the wrong path of finding and trusting the absolutely worst men rebounding from one drug to another to another convict to participating in their requests.
    She probably couldn’t say no once on that path and it’s now ingrained in her as she dosn’t know right from wrong, unlike the entire Anthony bunch.

    This woman has a story and it’s not pretty but a fact of life for many women who usually die young and it’s not her fault!

    She didn’t kill her child despite all her problems.

    It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill and cannot stop, just gets bigger.

    Her child was probably born addicted as well or he will somehow suffer the bad effects of his mothers life. Please try to understand how this happens and what drugs can do to an otherwise good person who is waiting for the chance to climb out of it. It’s especially hard if one is born mentally ill.

    Dr. Glass, i admire you so much for your kind understanding and i know Judge Perry got it too.
    I too hope this was a turning point for her but not likely. People like the A’s have the brains and toughness to make $ out of their misery but that woman is a fragile butterfly caught in a spiders web with no where to turn or even how to change. The entire village is needed on this one.

    1. The young woman was clearly oriented to time and place and appeared quite willing and able to act out and demonstrate regret once punishment was coming her way. Clearly someone who knew right from wrong. Sadly she worked the system once again and instead of actually “paying” for her crime she gets to bleed the system – they pay for her drugs and more than likely pay her rent and raise her child.

      I am all for helping people who want to help themselves. She PROMISED to “never do this again” but her record shows that she doesn’t keep her promises. You liken her behavior to a “SNOWBALL going downhill unable to stop”. Well, that just aint so.

      You know what they say about snowballs and promices….they’re easy to make but hard to keep.

  11. @Beast…Don’t attack Dr. Glass…maybe YOU should RE-READ! She said ” Even if she isn’t mourning for Caylee, she is mourning for herself” Geez!
    Dr. Glass, as usual your insight is spot on. I would also assume beginning Tuesday “the defendant” will be wearing a blazer, although I don’t believe the jury will be swayed by the change. Most of them have admitted knowing about the case, seeing the photos, and they will be aware of the “role” she “plays” as a defendant.
    I do have a question, what is her obsession with her hands? When she saunters in and out of the courtroom, she usually throws her hands up (in a fist) as she is walking. Most people walk with their arms swinging at their side.
    The lady that had the outburst, she was a mess, had one story when first questioned and another with her appointed counsel. Even told JP she had never been in a courtroom, only to find out she has NUMEROUS arrests. I believe her problems stem more from her use of drugs, than her “condition”. Having been married to a heroin addict, nothing they say is believable. In a lot of respects she is much like the defendant. I truly don’t believe she was as upset as she appeared….

  12. Kelly…When I made that comment it said “not mourning for Casey”. Obviously she has changed it. Nice of her to have done it that way and not admit the mistake and just move on. Everyone makes mistakes, but to just change it after someone has commented on it and not say anything is pretty bad. IMO. And btw KELLY my comment was posted a little over an hour after she wrote the article. So don’t come off on me like I said something wrong. She made a mistake, then changed it. But didn’t bother acknowledging my comment.

  13. The disruptive woman has five arrests in the last four years. She is not alien to a courtroom setting. I don’t see her as a mental health victim, I see her as a leech on society. She’s competent enough to become addicted to heroin and collect an SSN check. By her own admission she knew what case was in that courtroom. What if she’d pulled this crap during the swearing in of the 12 jurors? Did anyone hear her littany of supposed illnesses? She’s a text book case of SSN I don’t want to work career-itis. Get off the drugs, get a job, date a non-criminal, and stopp having babies! Sorry, I’m just tired of this new generation of SSN leeches. My sister was shy, now known as Aspergers or Autistic. My brother was overactive, now known as ADHD. I was bored and uninterested, now known as depressed. OMG people grow up!

    1. So, one has to be competent to become addicted to heroin? Please! As I stated to Debi above, you might want to step off that “judgemental box” and do a little research on drug addiction. Knowledge is power!

      I do agree with you on those that have the “I don’t want to work” syndrome. However, drug/alcohol addicts should not ALL be lumped in to the same category. Some are merely trying to numb the pain, and most, don’t even realize what that pain is. Or, why they have it! They need help and our society is very quick to throw someone in jail or a mental institution and not try and rehabilitate!!!

      I too am sick and tired of my tax dollars going to people spitting out babies by the dozens! The entitlement issues in this COUNTRY are out of control……

  14. If she can be on drugs and get SSI for “disability” then why do we have to pay for her when she was arrested for drugs. If she can’t pass a drug test why are we tossing money up her veins. Let her use that money to support herself. Workng people have to take a drug test to keep their jobs and paychecks why not the enabled population as well. What exactly is her disability, bipolarity and morbid obesity. I didn’t know they paid that well on stamps and SSI to be able to buy that food to get that fat?

    1. WOW… amazes me how much empathy this world lacks. Your last “statement” is degrading and demoralizing and I hope you start to find some inner peace.

  15. Sorry but I say take this latest nut job, Joy Wray, Laura Buchanan, Melissa Earnest, Michelle Bart, the male blogger who I won’t name, the Milsteads and other assorted hangers on & grifters who insert themselves in this case & disrupt it, change it because of their big mouths, lying, falsifying & all around bad behavior, stick them all in a plane then off to siberia, or a rubber room, anywhere that doesn’t allow them to latch on like ticks on a dog to high profile cases. They know right from wrong, every damn last one of them.

  16. Elizabeth Anne Rogers is a slovenly violent pig with a long criminal record& should’ve gotten at least 30 days in jail. She’s a heroin addict..rally? I’ve never seen an obese crack head.

    Like Statement Analysis’s Peter Hyatt said, why do these “mentally unbalanced” whack jobs never do anything overly kind or nicein public? Why are all of their outbursts violent, nasty & disruptive.She knew exactly what she did as she rambled on her excuses & mental problems as if she knew it would get her a light sentence.

    Another attention whore willing to break the law to be part of this case.

  17. Elizabeth Anne Rogers is a slovenly violent pig with a long criminal record& should’ve gotten at least 30 days in jail. She’s a heroin addict..really? I’ve never seen an obese crack head.

    Like Statement Analysis’s Peter Hyatt said, why do these “mentally unbalanced” whack jobs never do anything overly kind or nicein public? Why are all of their outbursts violent, nasty & disruptive.She knew exactly what she did as she rambled on her excuses & mental problems as if she knew it would get her a light sentence.

    Another attention whore willing to break the law to be part of this case.

  18. Geeze Mia, you didn’t need to repost the entire thing to just change one spelling error. We knew that you meant “really” and not “rally” just as we know what Dr. Glass means if theres an error; we simply correct it in our minds and don’t expect her to come back to change one word and announce the fact. Grow up.
    Dr. Glass dosn’t have to write this for us but she does and in a very timely fashion for our pleasure.

  19. Mari. There is a difference between just making an error and calling a little dead girl by her MURDERERS NAME. Whatever, I’m done with you loons. And who is this “we” are you some elected type loon captain or something?

  20. I think the out-burster got exactly what she wanted. TV time, short sentence, and probably more attention after her 2 days in jail. Everybody wants to be on TV, get a reality show. WTH was she even doing in court! where was her child?

  21. She’s a stalker and someone who clearly had the intention of disturbing the proceedings.I agree with Mia in that her name will be included with all the other men and woman who went out of their way to insert themselves into this case. They are all just as incompetent as Ms Rogers and they all share one thing in common with Casey Anthony-they are liars. “Groupies” evolve out of a sense of shared values.

  22. So casey has had a different outfit for everyday of the jury selection. She must be loving that, being able to wear new clothes that she didn’thave to pay for with her own money. I don’t think she should be able to wear something different everyday.2 or 3 blouses, 2 pair of pants that she can interchange and clean would be fine. Shes worn more new clothes in 2 weeks than I have been able to buy for myself in 6 months as a single mom of 2 kids. I think its disgusting.

  23. Maybe you can get some pleasure knowing the clothes are not what she wants to wear; they’ve been selected by Jose or someone with no sense of style but she has to wear them anyway.

  24. OMG!! You are the biggest bunch of fools I have ever seen. Where do you come from with your twisted ideas about society and people in it? What ever happened to “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” You’re a bunch of haters. You’re angry at who? Do ANY of you even KNOW any of these people you make such definitive comments about? Get a life. No, I wasn’t so unfufulled in my own life that I went out looking to play Howard Cosel to someone else’s issues but felt it was my civic duty to do so after accidentally coming across this site.

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