Jose Baez Change In Body Language Towards Casey, Casey’s Reported Crush On Him, And Possible Affects On The Case

As someone who has worked with a of lawyers as a jury consultant,  I can assure that it  is a good thing when a lawyer is compassionate and caring towards their client. It shows a lawyer who  really cares ,and believes in their  client’s cause or their innocence as  they fight passionately for their client.

Oftentimes,  members of a jury pay close attention to the interaction between client and attorney during the trial which can often have an impact on their decision.

When Jose Baez  first started  working with Casey Anthony , he was extremely protective over her as you can see in the photo above. This was before any  child’s body was found and when  there was a huge question about some nanny named Zenaida  Fernandez Gonzalez , who was on the loose and  had a little girl in her possession.


After getting to know Jose through observing videos of  him on talk shows, interviews and in the Courtroom,  he appeared to be an affable, likeable, pleasant,  and warm type of guy- a touchy feely – hugging type of guy.

In fact, back in 2008,  when Jose began working with Casey,  Eyewitness News in Orlando reported that they discovered that on at least two occasions jail staff had to step in and Baez was warned repeatedly about hugging Casey during their visits. A jail report even stated  : “The inmate’s attorney was observed hugging inmate and was advised that physical contact was prohibited.”

A week later, another report stated: “Baez again observed hugging his client.”The room Baez and Anthony meet in is very small and typically there is a desk and two chairs. Sources told Eyewitness News that on one occasion, Anthony was sitting and Baez was very close to her face. A corrections officer had to go into the room to separate them.

Alan Moore, a  jail spokesperson reported , “Orange County jail policy forbids any kind of touching between visitors and inmates. Mr. Baez was cooperative and agreed not to repeat the behavior. Mr. Baez has always been professional and cooperative in his interactions with the Orange County Corrections Department.

Eyewitness news’ legal analyst Bill Schaeffer said it’s unusual that an attorney would ever touch a client.”The more experience you are in handling these type of clients or situation, the less likely you are to place yourself in a situation that could be regarded as a compromising situation,” said Schaeffer.

Well it was clear that two years ago JoseBaez only had 3 years of experience as an attorney. So that may help to  explain his actions.


But for Casey, a simple hug or showing compassion and caring may have been misinterpreted as sexuality. Since Casey has demonstrated  in the past, she mainly relates to with men in terms of sexuality, it was no wonder that Casey may have translated Jose’s attention n terms of her having a major crush on him.

Casey Anthony, who only appeared to know how to relate to men through coquettishness, flirtatiousness, manipulation,  and sexuality was now apparently  thrilled to now have all of the undivided attention of  good  looking, well groomed, well dressed attorney.

So it was no wonder that Casey lit up whenever she had the chance to be in Jose’s presence. You can see how thrilled she is in the above photo with  her genuine smile as she peers directly into Jose’s eyes.

As she spent more and more time with Jose, her crush on him grew stronger. Even though Jose is no doubt trying to share information with her about what s going on in the courtroom, Casey manages to eek out a smile to show how happy she is being around Jose. She clearly had a major crush on Jose.

As indicated in the detective’s notes which has been released as evidence, it was revealed that Casey had a “crush” on Jose.He visited her around 11 PM because that was when he probably when he  had the chance to see his client after working on her case all day . But no doubt,  she misinterpreted it as  their “special night time get togethers.”




The documents which were released show just how much she misinterpreted their meeting and interactions.  The dectective’s notes  say that Casey was upset when she found out Jose’s wife was pregnant.

Obviously Casey manufactured in her disturbed mind that she and Jose were in a relationship. So she reacted like a jealous girlfriend who found out her boyfriend impregnated another woman. This was Jose’s wife. Her narcissism would not allow her to see that he had any other life outside of her. It is  disturbing to see how proprietary she  became over Jose.

There are other implications here as well, with Jose creating life while she allegedly took away a life . She even  may have even fantasized about having a baby with Jose. Now that his wife was having his baby, she got  upset and jealous that it was not her who was having the baby with Jose.



What is interesting to  note is the transition in terms of the attorney -client interaction with Jose Baez and Casey Anthony. At first it was all smiles. Jose’s behavior indicated that he truly believed in his client. He appeared fond of her as we observed in the courtroom. There appeared to be a great deal of communication between them. But that has definitely changed.

Gone is Casey’s coquettishness and flirtatiousness . She is more serious and rarely shows her toothy grin. Maybe that has a lot more to do with her vanity concerning the repaired  tooth that was chipped during her fall .

Jose does not sit as close  to her  nor does he engage her in as much communication in the courtroom  as he had done in the past.

Now that a body was found and there is an overwhelming amount of evidence against Casey,Jose has nothing to smile about as he sifts through it all and tries his best to spare her life. He has done his best as an attorney and reached out  to hire the best of the best of the best  to help defend his client.

His hiring of one of the foremost jury  consultants is a prime example. Just doing that may be what spares Casey from a lethal injection. No matter how much evidence there is-  like it or not , it is all about who is on that jury. The prosecution has refused to engage a jury consultant and if they do get one, they need one who is equally or more savvy than the defense’s consultant. They need someone  who can clearly read people. Since they are not doing this, there  is not a level playing field and Jose may prevail on behalf of his client.

If Casey is found guilty of killing Caylee or if  it is decided that she get the death penalty, there is another issue as far as Jose Baez is concerned of which he must be aware.


If Casey is found guilty , there is nothing that would surprise me in terms of what she would do to save her  in my view narcissistic sociopathic self. Who is to say she could not accuse Jose Baez of having an improper relationship with her?

When Case was out on bond, there were several times that she would spend six hours a day at Baez’s office including Saturdays. There’s nothing criminal about having a relationship with a client, but  Bill Schaeffer, Eyewitness News Legal Analyst  said there are ethical issues.

The appellate court could find that relationship overstepped the bounds of attorney client relationship and affected that performance and order a new trial,” he said.

Even though there was no evidence that Baez and Casey were actually having a relationship,   based on all the lies she  told already from where she worked to lies about Zenaida Gonzales, I would put nothing past her.  I would not be surprised is she made up yet another lie about her and Jose. I would not be surprised if she threw one of the few attorneys in the planet who would take her case, under the bus just to save herself.


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  1. Of course, Dr. Glass, KC would throw anyone under the bus to save herself. She has no problem with lying. Everything in the universe is ALL ABOUT HER!

    I think Jose’s inexperience showed when he was unable to show his support for KC without being drawn into her delusions simply in terms of her saying to him things like “I just need a hug” or whatever was said. She is a master manipulator, as is her mother, and most of us have never met anyone like her.

    But it is not unusual in front of a jury for an attorney to pat their client on the shoulder, as you know, just to sort of humanize that client for the jury.

    KC just isn’t human…at least to me.


  2. Thanks for sharing your insight.
    Great point about the re-trial angle. That is something Baez may have to worry about in the future and certainly is what Casey might try.
    I actually feel some compassion for Baez.

    I do not think Baez ever crossed the line with Casey. His belief in her innocence in the beginning may come back to haunt and harm him.
    Also, his lack of experience in the beginning probably harmed Casey more than helped. Baez certainly has recieved an education/enlightenment this past year.


    1. Hi, Julie!

      Yes, he should!

      Regarding the first picture Dr. Glass posted, if Casey was a male, I don’t think Baez would have his arm around a male like that.

      Maybe Baez forgot Casey was his client! LOL That picture reminds me of a man trying to protect his wife or girlfriend.

      Anyway, I think it is inappropriate! Initially, Baez’s “touchy – feely” of Casey in the court room was unbelievable. I guess someone told him that is not appropriate! After all, he is not on a date! LOL


      1. Hi Ann!

        I don’t think he would try that with a male client! LOL!

        They both looked pretty smitten with each other in the beginning.

        Whether Baez believed she was innocent, or he just thought she was young & cute, (not pretty, just cute), it looked like he felt something for her.

        I didn’t think she felt anything for him, I thought she just kind of led him on, to get a good defense, but if the current news is correct and she was upset upon hearing that Baez’s wife was pregnant, then maybe she did have feeling for him.

        If he had any clients before her, I’d love to see those touchy-feely photos. I bet there isn’t any.

        Out of all the companies I’ve ever worked for, that touchy-feely stuff isn’t allowed among the employees nor is it allowed between employees and their clients.


  3. I agree that it has been “Baptism by Fire” so to speak for Jose Baez. But he has done and is continuing to do a great job in my view considering the circumstances. Like yourself, I agree that he initially believed in her innocence. But as more information has emerged I believe that he is just doing all he can as a criminal defense attorney in hopes of sparing his client’s life.
    What has impressed me about Jose is how well he has handled himself under all all of the pressure. He is articulate,knowledgeable and likable. Therefore I have no doubt that when this is all over he will emerge as legal analyst of sorts in the media.


    1. I thought Judge Perry had denied Bozo’s request for a jury consultant???? However, I would LOVE to see Dr. Glass become jury consultant for the prosecution! Justice For Caylee!!!


      1. Judge Perry denied the request in terms of not using state funding to pay for a jury consultant. Unfortunately the prosecution is not using a jury consultant which I think is a huge mistake in light of the factthat Baez’ jury consultant is top of the line. He wrote the book so not to use someone who is equally as saavy and aware of reading people is a huge mistake in my view. No matter how guilty we think Casey may be it all boils down to who is on that jury.


    2. Hi, Mia!

      Why would the Prosecution want to do that? This is not their first rodeo! In my opinion, they do not need a jury consultant.

      The Defense Team has Cheney Mason, a very seasoned attorney who has experience in jury selection.

      The Prosecutors are seasoned attorneys. I can not say that for Jose Baez! This is Baez’s first murder case. Baez’s first rodeo and it is evident!

      Because of the redundancy in some of the Motions Baez has filed, it makes me wonder if this is his first case . . . period!

      Maybe Baez would be in his comfort zone by handling cases such as prostitution, DUI, DWI, PI, petty theft, etc.

      Since Baez has no defense for Casey, he and the Anthony’s made numerous media appearances in an effort to taint the jury pool. Just my opinion!

      I do think it is very unethical of Baez to “point the finger” at innocent people. I wonder how Baez would like it if his daughter was on the receiving end of that type of thing one day?


  4. hmm, “legal analyst of sorts in the media”. I have seen stranger things happen and possibly because Baez has stopped talking so often/much(w/o content), had the smarts to allow other atty’s to join in and that Baez has never abandoned Casey will be points in his favor. Much of the public that has followed this case consider him “Bozo” because of his early behavior so time will tell.

    Articulate, hmm, not so sure about that one.


    1. Baez a legal analyst? I can not imagine main stream media such as WFTV, WESH, FOX – Orlando, etc, hiring Baez as a legal analyst.

      Maybe The Globe, National Enquirer, (or whatever they are called – I don’t read those type of things) could use Baez for whatever.

      In my opinion, Baez is not in the same league with legal analysts Bill Sheaffer and Richard Hornsby. Sometimes I wonder if Baez reads their articles to figure out the law and what he needs to do next.

      All of the above is just my opinion!


  5. Wow. I must be have a completely different tv screen than you, Dr. Glass.
    I’ve seen a rambling, most oft incoherent man with rudimentary legal skills. The pressure he’s under is mostly brought on by his own bungling and borderline unethical behavior.
    In my opinion, he is one of the most smarmy, UNlikeable men in the public eye.
    The one statement I do agree on is that he will emerge as a legal analyst of sorts in the media. That has been his transparent goal since he stood on the court house steps and crowned himself “the first Hispanic atty to handle a case of this magnitude”. His ego is legend.


  6. Dr. Glass, I try to be considerate to you and your blog, I refer to your better education and life experiences.

    Notice comment by 38special ~ They actually wrote what I felt and saw on those court house steps.
    Swarmy is a ok word for Baez. Yet he possibly will be a TV commentary


      1. I’m not trying to be argumentative with you, I think I’m stunned at your view on this.

        It is a Herculean task to represent someone like Casey properly which begs the question why has Baez steadfastly refused to take a lesser role? Hasn’t mattered which highly touted associate joined the “team”, he still commanded the public spot. His inexperience is evident every time he steps into the courtroom.

        That tells me that Casey’s welfare takes a second seat to his own blatant ambition. This case was/is his Golden Goose and even if it’s to her detriment he refuses to hand over the reins. “Pretty well” is not the best endorsement for a client whose life is on the line, but look, he’s still in the news, so he must be competent, right?

        I suppose time will tell how well he defends Casey and let’s all hope that the laundry list of friends, acquaintances and strangers that have been maligned and accused of this crime by Baez will not increase. Enough innocent bystanders have had their lives trashed.


  7. Hello Dr Glass, I must be confused because i read it was the other Jose(defense) that she had a crush on and was upset that his wife was pregnant.he was younger looking.better looking, and thiner gentleman. he would also visit her in jail.


  8. “Therefore I have no doubt that when this is all over he will emerge as legal analyst of sorts in the media.”

    So, we might see him on Nancy Grace’s panel?

    btw, I have to agree with 38special & Cali Patti about Baez. I find him very unlikeable.


    1. Hi, Julie!

      Nancy Grace panel? No, I don’t think so. Nancy would chew Baez up and spit him out before he could even fumble out an answer!

      Then she would scream, “Take him off the screen! Put up Guest xxx!”

      I don’t think Nancy would have the patience to listen to Baez especially when he can not site Federal and State law off the top of his head! He is no Bill Sheaffer!

      Maybe we might see Baez on the Jerry Springer Show or Maury Povich Show (sp)! LOL

      All of the above is just my opinion!


      1. LOL, she screams that at all of them, yet they keep coming back on for more. At least she used to, I haven’t watched her in a very long time.

        Maybe I would start watching again just to see that every night, LOL.


  9. Hi Dr. Glass, thanks for the article. It seems obvious to most of the “trial watchers” that Jose Baez wanted this client to increase his professional standing somehow. I read an article once about how attorneys are lumped up with whomever they are defending…so if the client is despised the Attorney will also be despised. That is what has happened–there is “guilt by association” and Jose Baez is unpopular as a result. A few of us can see, however, that defending an unpopular client is quite a noble thing. It might be unwittingly noble, but everyone, even the most horrible person is entitled to all the rights that are in place for those “innocent until proven guilty”. I am glad Jose Baez works so diligently on the case. I do worry that Baez had a “thing” with Casey and if it is provable that he did, all his hard work will go by the boards and she’ll be re-tried. Imagine another 2-3 years (or more) of all this. In summary, if I were Casey I would be glad that I had Jose Baez in my corner. He’s done as well as can be expected and no one can say she won’t have her day in court (IF it doesn’t get pled out!)


  10. just wondering ~ Since 38special, Julie and I all see Baez in the way, wouldn’t a jury member or members be influenced the same way by Baez?

    A dislike of an attorney can be transfered to his client.

    I have trouble listening when he speaks, honestly, I find him and his voice grating. Yet I give him credit for hanging in there.


    1. Cali patti~ it’s my understanding that he has to keep hanging in there. Fl. passed a law that prevents him from dropping the case even if he wanted to.


      1. I did not know that about Fl. law. Baez does what he can for Casey and she does deserve a good defense. I think there was a small window way back there Baez might had been able to plead her case out. It has since closed and from there it has been an ongoing effort to divert attention anywhere but onto Casey.
        Isn’t that what a defense should do no matter how offensive we find that action?

        I still find Baez personally offensive/unattractive and I am uncertain why.


  11. The things I have noticed about Baez are: He lies; he has been caught in many lies throughout this case. He can get expert help to defend Casey but he can’t keep the expert help. He, like Casey cares for himself in that he was delinquent in paying child support for some time. At the same time he bought a fancy car. (The bar got on him about this). He seems to bite off more than he can chew in that his homes are in foreclosure. His ability to associate with some less than honest people seems to be his norm. He is easily confused in hearings in front of the judge because it appears that he is poorly prepared. He seems to have poor communication with his staff and associates. He does more of what he accuses others of doing, namely going on talk shows and trying to taint the jury pool. He gives me the appearance of a person that would rather accomplish something in an underhanded way than in an honest way.

    I would not be a bit surprised if he filed for chapter 11 before this is all over.


  12. I think kc will get the death penalty. Her and her family have the people of florida so imflamed… it she doesn’t ask for mercy when she gets to the end of the hall (love that celeste you have kc pegged)

    dr glass you are right kc will throw who ever she can under the bus before she will go to the state penn. or death role…. i do feel sorry for mr biaz and what he has to defend.. but do think he comes off as arrogant and not very likable.. and a horrible speaker..

    what both biaz and kc facial expressions meant to me was like someone who has done something really bad to you and thru it in your face thier is nothing you can do about it and they were going to get away with it…

    Dr glass love your blog and love to hear your thoughts when your on tv..


  13. dr glass do you think there is a reason they are putting kc in really ugly clothing? That blue shirt she has on in the pic above looks 100 better than that ugly green top.?

    Also imagine how uncomfortable it would be for biaz to know kc had a crush on him… he didn’t seem uncomfortable but imagine it would feel strange for a few meetings..


  14. I think if Casey had really had a crush on Jose B (at any point) it would have come across in her letters to Robyn. Casey wrote that Jose B was like a father to her more than once in the letters but repeatedly wrote that she did have a crush on Jose Garcia (I believe that was his name) who was an assistant to Jose B. I think Jose Baez would be too old for Casey for look at as a love interest. I do agree that their comraderie (sp?) seems to be diminished but that may be because Casey is coming to reality and doesn’t like it. If those are the detective’s notes than is it possible that who ever he was interviewing was referring to the wrong Jose? Having the same name can be confusing. Was Jose Garcia married? Did his wife have a baby?


  15. What? Please Dr.Glass don’t get me started. Baez has a dirty laundry list as long as Santa Clauses children’s list. His inapt ability along with not a single care in the world for anyone but himself is the reason this case that started in 2008 is not going to trial until next year which is blatantly ridiculous. Other than the fact he hasn’t murdered anyone, he and his client are one of a kind. Casey got exactly what she deserves in a lawyer and Baez got exactly what he deserves in a client.


  16. Venice, you pegged it for me with that word ”Sheister”. Yes that is it and not because he is defending skanky but because he has shown his true colors time and time again, and one only has to pay half attention to get the picture.


  17. Sometimes younger womer are attracted to the older, unavailable man, but there is usually something appealing about the man. There is NOTHING appealing about Baez.

    I love 38special’s use of the word “smarmy” for Baez. That is perfect!!


    1. There is alot appealing about Baez.
      Clean cut, well dressed, and most of all, a hopeful ticket to freedom for casey.
      Being a ticket to freedom for casey in itself would make that man the most desireable man and beautiful man on the face of this earth to casey.


      1. Hi Ruth,

        I agree that maybe Casey found him appealing as her ticket to freedom, but not because he is clean cut & well dressed.

        Any guy can shave & put on a nice suit, but that does not make him attractive or appealing.

        Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear doesn’t work either.


  18. Thank you Dr. Glass, another wonderful assessment..

    I think Baez truly felt his client was innocent. I believe there is so much evidence that is against Inmate Anthony that she should take a Nolo Contere or Alford Plea…if one can plead that way for a capital murder trial. If she could, that would ensure her life is saved, otherwise, she’s heading for that death penalty conviction.
    Mr. Baez is clearly in over his head, he is not a death qualified attorney. These accussations of witness tampering seems to be a key reason why some of her lawyers stepped down. If Baez has to play dirty, he will seal Inmate Anthony’s fate of death.
    It’s the prosecution who must prove her guilty and the defense doesn’t have to prove her innocence. So why try to “make” up evidence instead of attacking the evidence at hand? They can’t attack that evidence for it’s all pointing toward the one who sits accused.
    No doubts that Inmate Anthony is man crazy, this is how she relates to men and gets what she wants. She knows only how to be flirtatious since she has no employment behavior, skills…just a mooch. I do hope this fishing expedition looking to blame SOD comes to a screeching halt, for it makes him look really uninformed and unprofessional. She gazes into his eyes, like she’s got the next one lined up…I hope Mrs. Baez has read Jose the riot act..get it together and I truly hope he’s told Inmate Anthony the possibility and probability of her being found guilty as charged…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  19. For eight years after he graduated from law school, however, the board that screens prospective attorneys in Florida would not let him practice law. The Florida Supreme Court agreed with the decision, issuing an order in 2000 that cataloged unpaid bills, extravagant spending and other “financial irresponsibility” up to that time. Justices reserved their strongest condemnation for his failure to stay current on support payments for his only child.

    His overall behavior, they wrote, showed “a total lack of respect for the rights of others and a total lack of respect for the legal system, which is absolutely inconsistent with the character and fitness qualities required of those seeking to be afforded the highest position of trust and confidence recognized by our system of law.”

    He worked instead as a paralegal for the Miami-Dade public defender and then taught Internet research to lawyers and started four business ventures, including two bikini companies. Before Florida Bar officials admitted him in 2005, he had to demonstrate that he had rehabilitated himself.

    more at the link:


    1. I just know, if the judge had already told me “NO” than I would of been smart enough to
      move on.
      Not keep dragging it out, delaying all he can so people will forget.
      Baez forgets the general public is not stupid.

      Where is “toomuchdoubt”
      Baez wants him/her in his jury pool.


      1. Hi, Ruth!

        I would have moved on too! In fact, I would have been smart enough to get my butt in high gear and get with the program!

        I think Baez was hoping the longer he can delay the case from going to trial, witnesses might forget pertinent details.

        Thankfully, Judge Perry is going to ensure this case goes to trial in May, 2011.

        It should be interesting when January, 2011 rolls around. If the schedule is not where Judge Perry indicated it should be, then it is on his time. Things will rock and roll for sure!

        Baez better gear up and rise to the occasion if Judge Perry has to ramp up the schedule!


    2. Hi, Linda Rose!

      Thank you for posting that Link! I read that a long time ago. Hope others who are not aware of Baez’s background will find that info informative.

      If I owned a TV station or newspaper, I would not want someone with Baez’s background analyzing anything legal. I would not want him analyzing how plants grow! Pun intended!


  20. In the second photo above I see the face of a crooked car salesman who is now meeting with his boss to have a good snicker over the poor fool he screwed just now out in the car lot. My opinion is that these happy and conspiratorial facial expressions were common back when Mr. Baez believed he had captured the big one and was going to make a fortune big time on this case that would yield huge profits. After all, not long before this photo above was taken, Casey arriving at his office in sun glasses and back pack full of Caylee’s photos did bring in money in the 6 figures category and very easily, at that. He had his friend Geraldo guiding him along on dealing with the media and how to pump the case up into a huge business in those days. He was there at the Ritz eating crab cakes with George and Cindy on the day the body was found. (THAT event was an unexpected disaster for him, I am very sure.) Hell, before the body was found he was in a good mood almost all the time…he had struck gold by grabbing this case, qualified or not, he’d work it to his own favor, fame and glory, or so he thought. Reality has set in all around these days. Casey’s indigent and the court demanded an accounting of all monies and expenditures and now Mr. Baez has to go to the state of Florida to explain and beg for every last penny. Mr. Baez has been given a time line in which to accomplish goals that he ignored before while he wasted time looking for anyone to take the rap for Casey. He is having his own financial troubles and he CANNOT withdraw from the case.
    All I see is a man who thought he was on a gravy train to great riches when actually, the train was carrying a substance other than gravy and now he’s up to his eyeballs in that substance and it stinks real bad and he has to ride that train to the end of the tracks, like it or not (and he DOESN’T like it.)
    I don’t think the situation Mr. Baez finds himself in has one iota to do with his believing Casey was innocent. Follow the money…always…and all the answers will always be wherever the money goes.


  21. Linda Rose…yes, wonderful points you make because a zebra can only jump in mud (or wear a suit coat and tie) to hide it’s stripes but can never get rid of them, so to speak.
    Also telling at the time, for me, was that Mr. Baez, unable to practice law in Florida at the time, had started up at least one “not for profit” foundation in those old days…this seems to be the going thing in this crowd of players.
    When all else fails, ie, you can’t practice law or you want to cry “missing child here!”)…get a “non-profit foundation” up and running as quickly as you can…before people figure out what you’re REALLY all about or a child’s “missing” body is found, dang it all. (Sounds so familiar to me. How ’bout you?)


  22. One last comment. If Mr. Baez was an honest man, he would have pleaded with Casey to plead out of this mess a long time ago when she had the chance.


      1. Hi, Dr. Glass:

        Your reply does not answer the questions.

        This is a copy and paste of cali patti’s questions:

        Dr. Glass, Do you read replys to your post that often surprise you?
        Do the replys have you “seeing” in a different way?

        Dr. Glass, no offense, but your reply reminds me of how Cindy Anthony might answer that question.

        The question is not “Do you love all comments and if so, should I keep them coming?”

        I know you will get a chuckle out of this Dr. Glass!

        I bet you answered the question the way you did to see if we were “thinking on our feet!”


  23. “But he has done and is continuing to do a great job in my view considering the circumstances.”
    Oh please. Jose Baez is an abysmal lawyer. It could not get any worse. He is offensive, rude, unorganized, and confused in all matter judicial. I have absolutely no idea why you chose to say these blatant lies about him but I do know one thing. I know you know, as we all do, the man is a sniveling mess more interested in whining about petty matters and the State rather then get to work and defend his client. And I don’t mean by framing innocent people. A great job! SNORT!!! Hahahahahaha . . . .


    1. Hi, Bee Knees!

      I think you “hit it on the head.”

      All one has to do is watch the last Hearing. It is rather sad when Judge Perry has to tell Baez come January (2011), it will be on his (Perry’s) schedule.

      If I was Casey, I would be demanding to know and see what Baez has done the past two years. I would demand a detail accounting of how my $200,000 (blood money) was spent! And I do mean every penny of it!


  24. I have absolutely no sympathy for Baez what-so-ever. Ive never been happier in my life than I was at this last hearing when Judge Perry wiped that ridiculous “Baez smirk” (he’s so proud of) off his face and stick it up his butt. It looked more like Popeye the sailor man than anything else.


      1. Hi, Julie!

        Sorry you missed the Hearing on 10-29-10.

        If you are interested, here is a link to WFTV. They have the Raw Video of the Hearing posted in 4 parts.

        Scroll down until you come to:
        Raw Video In Casey Anthony Case

        Also, there are many other things of interest posted in case you missed something!
        WFTV Orlando, FL 10-29-10


  25. There are two things I am willing to place large cash bets on regarding this case:
    1. Casey Anthony WILL be found guilty and be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. (Subsequent appeals will render the same result).
    2. Jose Baez will get disbarred by the State of Florida within the next decade or earlier.

    Thank you, Dr. Glass for the articles. I really enjoy your insight!


  26. Dr. Lillian Glass

    Thank you very much for your professional analysis!!! You are great!!!

    Well, I am sorry Dr. Lillian but I have another perception of JB and it is not that pretty. He doesn’t look likable to me at all, he is always smirking. First of all, his clean cut, nice suits are a normal appearance for lawyers. JB seems to have his priorities in the wrong place. He went to Europe as his vacation being that his home is in foreclosure. As a lawyer he should set an example, a good one.
    All he does is to go on National Media to twist the truth so he will taint the jury pool, he is pathetic! I didn’t know JB had a jury consultant, I know one thing, us taxpayers won’t be paying for that.
    At the hearings it is so annoying to have to listen to his rambling, it is almost unbearable, he makes no sense.
    BTW, he misused KC’s money, the money got from selling Caylee’s photos/videos at the time he made the deal KC the DP was not on the table.
    I am going to stop right here. LOL


    1. Hi, FRG!

      Please do not be sorry. You are entitled to your own opinion. I bet Dr. Glass welcomes all opinions.

      FRG, I wonder if Baez spent some of the $200,000, that ABC paid Casey Anthony for Caylee’s pictures, on some tailored suits. His suits today compared to two years ago look tailored to me.

      I know many reputable attorneys here in Texas. They have lived in nice, upscale homes for years and none have been foreclosed.

      Makes me wonder about Baez. If he was not concerned about making child support payments, I guess making his mortgage payment was not a concern either! It appears Baez has a track record regarding money management! It is not impressive!

      Foreclosure must be a prerequisite to be a member of the Casey support team: The Anthony’s, Brad Conway, Baez! LOL Who is next?


  27. Hi Ann-TX!

    I don’t know if he bought suits with the money he made from Caylee’s photos/videos, what I know is that JB didn’t forget to collect his own fee for representing KC. JB didn’t depose who he needed during that period time KC was not indigent, if he did any deposition, please anybody here remind me. I can’t believe he didn’t depose LE officers, Amy Huizenga, Tony Lazzaro, why? Because he mismanaged the money. Now we taxpayers have to foot KC’s bill.
    JB got into this for the glory… he thought he would be making more deals, hired high profile lawyers and then the money run out… LKB, AL quit!!! Who else is going to quit?
    One thing is for certain, JB is stuck with KC, FL passed a law so he can’t quit!!! I love it!!!


  28. Athough I agree that both Casey and Jose’s behavior was flirtatious, to say the least, I think it was the other Jose whose wife was pregnant. In Casey’s jail letters to Muffin she said Baez was like a father to her, but she blathered on about the good looking Jose that she was crushing on. If you look at the jail visit logs you’ll see the other Jose did visit her late at night. As soon as those letters were released the other Jose (I think his name is Garcia) stopped visiting. I don’t think he works for the Baez law firm any more.

    And I think Baez believed his client’s lies at the beginning. Can you imagine how many times he’s probably been blind-sided by evidence that’s come out. Casey’s a prolific liar. I doubt she has ever told Baez the truth. I think the honeymoons over between those two. Casey is now turning to old Foghorn during the hearings and ignoring Baez. Probably has something to do with the $320,000 of her blood money that he squandered without even beginning to put on a defense and now she’s indigent and has to beg. From rags to riches to rags again. Poor Casey. $70,000 from Macalusa, $200,000 from ABC, $70,000 (? around that much) from Lyon’s university funding. But you’re right Dr. Glass. Baez is well dressed


    1. In the detective’s notes it says ” Baez close to Casey!” Casey upset when found out wife was pregnant. It didn’t say Jose, it said Baez. She many have also manipulated the situation with her jailhouse letter to lead Muffin to make her believe that she was not crushing on Jose by minimizing it and saying that he was just like a father figure becuase she was interested in Muffin as a romantic interest. Since she has lied and manipulated so much I would not put anything past Casey. You are right in that the honeymoon is defiantely over.


  29. If Casey gets LWOP she will have some freedom to roam around the prison grounds (compared to DP inmates). As such, she will end up being one of those female inmates whom we occasionally hear about who set out to seduce male guards to get PG on purpose…(shades of DIANE DOWNS although she was knocked up by some 1-night stand, not a guard).

    I’m saying this because of Casey’s history of manipulating the young guys in her bar hopping circle and by observing her coquettish body language directed at BOZO. For all we know she and BOZO were up to no good during those late night marathon sessions in his office…he seems dumb enough to fall for her batting eyelashes and lying eyes.


  30. When Mr Beaz reflects on this case I hope he comes to the realization that being a good lawyer means being an honest person. I am sure he is a nice person and possibly a wonderful husband and dedicated father but whether or not he can argue the law is still an unanswered question.

    Understanding and respecting the jury system should be reflected in his Motions and his behavior in court; he continues to show contempt for his colleagues both inside and out of the courtroom. He does this knowing full well that he is not prepared to argue the many lackluster Motions he submits for consideration. He’s even unsure about his billable hours but has walked away with 89K garnered from selling the victims’ picture and videos.

    Ms Anthony threw away the limited immunity she was given. Was it really 8-10 years? Who knows. All that will matter now is Ms Anthony will have the rest of her life to blame someone and it won’t be Zenaida Gonsalez or Mr Kronk. Will she go after Mr Baez? She certainly can’t blame Mr Lenaman, Mr Cheney, Ms Linda K Badan, Ms Lyon, Mr Big Shot from CA with no legal ethics, or her mother Cindy. After all, Cindy “wasn’t privy” to the particulars relative to immunity. HA! Another lie that they will all make believable when they hire yet another lawyer to take care of “Casey’s Jose”. Their bus is hard to see ’cause it always going downhill.


  31. There has been so many people, collateral damage, that have been adversely effected by Casey and crew.
    The young police officer who lied abouut knowing Casey. He had seen her once at a party and she kept emailing him. He had very little interest in her but he lied … and lost his future.

    Remember the families that had swat type police at their doors, homes searched on a “hint” from the Anthonys, etc. So much/many more.


  32. Everyone that Casey Anthony ever knew was harmed by her prior to, during and after the death of her darling daughter Caylee. She tormented her parents verbally for years and in written correspondence accused both her father and her brother of sexual abuse. That never happened in Cindy Anthony’s house in my opinion. Cindy Anthony would have thrown her husband out as well as her son. Cindy harbored a psychopath for years and I daresay living with two sexual deviants would be impossible for anyone to deal with. Casey more than likely was working possible mitigating circumstances while writing Ms Adams. She uses everyone and anyone to meet her needs. She loves the thrill of the set up.

    She used and abused everyone. But what is so shocking and disturbing is the never ending list of complete strangers and bone pickers who want fame and a financial pay day as a result of what she did. That is truly disgusting.


  33. I kind of think of Casey’s attitude towards Baez as the same as someone who is stranded with another person on a desert island. Since he is the only male she has constant contact with, it may be that she’s attracted to him out of sheer desperation. From her party photos, it’s clear Baez is not her “type” (she seems to like party boys), but she may have reached that ‘any port in a storm’ moment where she developed a crush on him. I also think that in early days when those photos under the umbrella were taken, she was probably presenting herself to him as a poor “victim” who needed protection, which was her way of manipulating him as she did other guys.


    1. So many great comments from everybody, thank goodness there are still people who care about Caylee. I’m so sick of kc and sick to death of hearing about Baez.

      Jon~ and to go with your thoughts, kc always had a “fixer”. Cindy fixed everything, all the messes she created, Cindy lied for her, made excuses for her and resolved the issues.
      This time Baez stepped into the role. KC has no allegiance to Cindy…her usefulness is done.
      Like you said, any port in a storm mentality and what a port it was. He stroked her ego, he swaggered his way in front of the cameras, he promised and delivered big money and he assured her he could fix this mess…just like mommy but better.


  34. 38special,
    You made a very important statement in my opinion.
    Yes, that is the final step for all good sociopaths…knowing when a person’s usefulness is done. Casey is finished with Cindy; all but for the checks that reach her account in jail. But, those checks are just the few drops of Caylee’s blood that make their way to Casey. A pittance in her mind and not even worth thinking about. (But ok to spend.) Cindy probably thinks that Casey is grateful. Well, she’s not. There are so many emotions and feelings that Casey cannot experience and a feeling of gratitude is one of them.


    1. the same lack of gratitude could be said for cindy.. she never once thanked anyone for looking for her granddaughter or even donating the money she loves..jmo.. she has only found fault..


      1. So true Vic. Really never have we seen a blathering meltdown withhow awful it all is and thank you for helping….not once.

        The memorial, in a normal family’s world, would have been the perfect time to show some gratitude but we all know what that devolved into. The whole lot of them are empty shells.


  35. Forrest ( really liked your posts up thread, btw)

    Oh yeah, kc will of course spend any money sent, in her mind she deserves it.
    That Cindy thinks she’s grateful is one of the biggest “huh, what” moments for me along with everything else we know. By now Cindy HAS to comprehend that kc is a sociopath, so devoid of human emotion that she could kill Caylee and put the entire family in the spotlight. But they ALL keep playing their assigned roles, not one of them has ‘grown’ from the tragedy.


  36. Vic, the apple and the tree thing again, right? Cindy didn’t want Caylee found any more than Casey did. They both so badly wanted Caylee to remain “missing” that they forgot to pretend to be grateful. All good sociopaths know they should pretend to be grateful in the same way that they have observed normal people being grateful under such circumstances but, gee whiz, how many plates was Cindy expected to keep from falling off the spin? Being a sociopath, dealing with the police, the media, Nancy Grace, lawyers, the Caylee Foundation, Michelle Bart, and all kinds of other new friends, Casey in jail and who knows what she’s saying or doing, George and his antics, and a smelly car trunk to boot! I believe both Cindy and Casey are sociopaths. They are as close to being the same apple as any mother and daughter can be in my opinion.


  37. 38special, thanks and I liked your comments, too, and think you have a great handle on the A’s and what makes them what they are. They certainly are locked into their own roles in this…lots of practice I think. I think one of the reasons that Casey is so ticked off and not grateful is that, rather than have the few drops of Caylee’s blood that Cindy sends her, Casey feels she earned ALL the blood so who the He** does Cindy think she is anyway? Along with the fact that “gratitude” is only a concept to Casey and not something she can truly feel.
    Bottom line for Casey is….SHE made the kill and Cindy came along and scooped up the spoils.
    One day I think Casey will view Baez the same way.


  38. Disclaimer here! No facts just thoughts!

    On them being nearly the same apple……sometimes when I see the copying that Cindy does regarding kc I wonder if she won’t do something very dramatic to land herself in either jail or psych ward to prove how much she feels kc’s pain.

    After kc went to jail, Cindy dressed like kc, she got tats, she spoke for her, she admired her hair and says she, too is growing hers, she too has seen God, etc….all with not even having spoken directly with kc. I think she wants to prove her devotion to kc in a big way like being able to be behind some bars…she’s been railroaded too, she’s been incarcerated too..seee, we’re just alike.

    Crazy thoughts but they’re a nutsy group


  39. They haven’t grown from the tragedy…I think that is because any concession or change in behavior or how the Anthony’s do “business” would mean that they made mistakes and did things wrong. Cindy will never admit that she ever did anything even a little “teensie-weensie-tiny-bit” wrong. The rest of the family has been instructed accordingly and they will do as they have been told to do…or else.


    1. ….and the almighty god in the family, the $$$, demand that they keep compounding the lies and sticking by the lies already told.

      The book was started long ago, Dom C even said he was along for the trip to NYC to discuss it. Their stake is huge. They have to show that their action were in good faith….I truly believe that’s the impetus of Cindy’s “caylee is alive” rumblings. She knows that a lot of their chit will be exposed but in order to appear sympathetic to the book audience or movie audience she must come up with something…grief gone insane..feel sorry for me. Ugh


      1. Yes…who was that big mafia guy who wandered in pajamas around New York City….mumbling to himself…he appeared to be demented but he admitted to faking it in the long run. Only difference is that Cindy will never admit it. She can’t let go of the dream she envisioned…all that money that was going to come her way if only Caylee stayed “missing” and occasional “sightings” kept coming in. Guaranteed she’ll find a way to resurrect that dream when all of this “annoying trial stuff” is done. That is why I want her to be charged accordingly along with the rest of the family. I don’t want to see that family scam more people and make money off of Caylee’s dead little body. She was thrown out like trash and her family needs to make up their minds. Condone that and continue to treat her like trash and make money and face the legal consequences of those decisions…or mourn her properly and love her and let her rest in peace. Too much money has already been made and there are enough moral debts waiting to be paid already.
        All my own opinion, of course.


      2. FRG, Cindy must have a giant foam baseball bat, a punching bag, a rowing and stepping machine and a treadmill in the garage. Every time she even dreams of un-zipping her mouth, I’m sure she has instructed George to slap her face and push her out into the garage for another vigorous hour long go at the equipment.
        “Please! I need protection from myself! I must be stopped! …and promise you won’t unlock the garage door until the full moon is gone.”


  40. PS.
    I hope that Cindy and possibly George are charged with obstruction and receive punishment.
    But my post above is based on Cindy thinking she can make it happen by being clever


  41. Well, Cindy is helping JB and the “sinking team” but in the end JB and KC are using the dysfunctionality of KC’s family at trial so people would be sorry for her… the Anthony’s will be thrown under the bus big time!!! Keep helping out Cindy, you will thrown under the bus no matter what, I hope your lawyers have warned you.
    AS far as the Anthony’s not being on the Media, maybe their lawyers have told them to “zip it”!!!
    Mark NeJame has quit… Brad Conway has quit… So, they better go by their lawyers’ rule now. Well, Cindy will keep sending KC letters, she can’t help herself.


  42. FRG, my comment was in response to yours…don’t know how some comments post out of sequence but have noticed that they do. You get the idea…


    1. FRG
      I so agree, the A’s will be crucified by both defense and State. Rightly so, they opened the can of worms and just kept on adding to it, one lie after another.
      The saddest thing is that no matter the outcome Caylee will be their cash cow. Regardless of the verdict the books will be written and published, Cindy and her joined at the hip pal, Jim Lichenstein will cash in on tv productions. Cindy is secure in her psychosis and will be able to live with any portrayal as long as she reaps the benefits. Of course she will attempt to sway opinion with her new found piety and holier than thou persona but no worries from her, the money will still be hers.
      The only thing I’m not sure of, if she/they are convicted of something can they still accept profit? Can they publish works prior to being charged if they might be charged? They are cunning and have had lawyers at their beck and call since the get-go so …?


  43. FRG, Forrest, 38Special and Vic-I so enjoyed reading your heartfelt and fact-based comments. I think you will enjoy reading a New Yorker article titled, “Suffering Souls” by John Seabrook. (Google: New Yorker-Suffering Souls or click on the link provided).

    A question to ponder: Will the defense use the on-going research on the brain of psychopaths as a mitigator during the sentencing phase?

    Let’s see if I can restate that question in another way. If in fact the defense uses her psychopathy as a mitigating factor, how will her “moral emptiness” affect jurors? Does she deserve to live because her psychopathy is not amenable to treatment? Does she deserve to live because there are no treatment plans that work for psychopaths?

    Article is 9 pages long but well worth the time.


  44. Anonymous
    Thanks and i’ll look up the publication.
    Personally (opinion only) I don’t think she’ll receive DP anyway. Unless the State has some mind blowing absolute evidence that she viciously murdered her ( as if the stuff we already know isn’t vicious enough but I hope you know what I mean), I think she’ll get a lesser punishment. I do think it’s true that average folks just can’t recommend DP to a young, attractive weirdo, especially with the massive dysfunction in the family.

    Again opinion, like so many others I think if Baez hadn’t seized on the opportunity to magnify this for his own glory and had reined Cindy in for his clients sake, even after the murder charges came down, i think he could have come to a deal with the State….but the fame lure was too great and his ego won’t let go, not even for her best interests.
    He should be disbarred.


  45. 38 Special-I agree 100% with your assessment. I believe in the rule of law and if there are pleas for mercy, jurors will be aided by the Florida guidelines during sentensing. Statistics might factor into it as well. With the exception of Ms Anthony’s grandparents (paternal and maternal) most remaining members of both Cindy and George Anthony’s family (Lee and Mallory)and their respective extended families will be alive in 12-20 years. Do they really want to see these parents holding Casey’s hand as she breathes her last? Probably not.

    We can’t change what she did but there is ample room for complaint and outrage for what Mr Baez did to not only to his client/defendant but to due process. Sadly for Mr Baez he was the only one in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can’t say the same for Ms anthony.

    I don’t think he should be disbarred. I think he should be a Patent lawyer. As Gerry Spence would say, “Every good lawyer should be a good storyteller”. Mr Baez told his own story. Too bad.He should have intellectually, spiritually and emotionally argued the law. Mr Baez is unaware that the law is not as adversarial as he might think. He gave the metaphorical slap one to many times to the only people who could do anything for his client. What a travesty of justice for both the defendant and this precious victim. The parents were too damaged by their association with Casey and sadly too ignorant to realize the enormity of the situation. When they talked they lied and when they lied they nailed her coffin shut. God help them.


  46. Anonymous
    hmmm…one teensy flaw in your excellent theory…me thinks in my biased opinion J Baez doesn’t possess an intellect, no spirituality and only can call upon infantile emotions so….

    the rest, very true and thoughtful.


  47. Anonymous
    just in case you didn’t get my obtuse tone I was only being snarky about Baez. Your comment was great, thanks for the discussion. j


  48. 38Special
    She may be “the worst of the worst” but under our legal system she is entitled to the very best representation. Mr Baez is mandated to do whatever it is, under the law, to safeguard her rights. He is so quick to give the shout out to the 6th and 14th Amendments and so lackluster in his representation. I do not want any stone left unturned. He should fight with everything he’s got. What would possess him to care about whether or not his client is embarrassed???? Totally crazy. He needs to fight like a bulldog for his client. So far-not so good. But the prosecutors. They know what they are doing.

    I rely on Mr Ashton and Ms Burdict to stand for the victim and advocate for her. When they take each piece of circumstantial, forensic and scientific evidence into the courtroom they will bring the victim back and recreate her last moments on this earth. If they do their job each juror should hear the screams of the victim. They should see her eyes wide open. They will hear the silence of her death. They will be able to feel the coldness that she felt as well as feel the water that engulfed her. They will be introduced to the “inordinately large insects” that pulled at her lifeless remains. Jurors will feel the victim’s pain. That’s the spiritual, emotional and intellectual part of being a good lawyer and a good person.

    Mr Baez doesn’t like to sweat-unless of course it’s under the bright lights.


  49. Anonymous, thank you for posting the article which I fully intend to read. I’ve never thought about the DP in the case of sociopaths who murder, in particular, before. But I guess I would say that, since a sociopath knows that murder is wrong in spite of the lack of emotion feelings that may or may not be involved, then they cannot expect to be excused somehow for committing a murder. They can plan a murder and attempt to cover up the deed which shows intent, ability to commit the crime and knowledge that the murder must be kept hidden. They may lack first hand knowledge of certain concerns and emotions but they are sure capable of taking another human life. I believe sociopaths meet the criteria to be punished for their crimes in the same ways that society punishes everyone else. Getting drunk will not excuse the punishment for murder even when the drunk person might never have killed when sober. No, no free pass for sociopaths in my book.
    I also agree with 38special who doubts that Casey will get the DP. I don’t see it happening unless there is a lot more to the case than we know. Unfortunately, as far as we know, there is nothing to point to anything other than Caylee falling peacefully asleep under the influence of some drug and dying in her sleep with duct tape only applied to make sure she was deader than dead. Do I believe that? No…but reasonable doubt about how Caylee actually was murdered, I think, will let Casey off the DP hook. I do believe she is going to be sleeping on a prison cot for a very, very long time, however. She may need a wheel chair to get around on and a diaper to handle a lazy bladder by the time she gets out…if she ever does. (I hope so anyway.)


    1. Forrest
      “No, no free pass for sociopaths in my book”.
      Mine either. They already feel entitled to use others for their own purposes so if they’re rewarded with no sentence or mental help in a controlled environment for a few years, they will feel the exhilaration of the “win” again.

      Within a short time they will repeat the former behaviors, maybe not murder but do we as a society feel brave enough to trust them? The same stresses will surface, the same method for dealing with them will present themselves.
      Sociopaths should look at murder as rolling the dice, might win, might not but with full assurance that if exposed they can’t fall back on their mental issues to escape the harshest punishment . Feelin’ lucky casey? (cindy too for her deeds)


      1. hey forest i have read that sociopaths when they are treated by a psychologist can actually make them worse.. they “learn” what more normal behaviors should be a find even better ways being a preditor (sp?)

        the rest jmo.. i have been wrong

        would her defense risk letting people know she has a personality disorder that she feels no remorse… and is always looking to take advantage of someone?

        i can see them using her childhood with cindy… i


  50. Anonymous
    Powerful stuff.
    The totality of the circumstantial evidence IS the smoking gun despite the weak arguments that it’s JUST circumstantial.
    The sideshows brought on from the defense are smoke and mirrors and if they attempt to use any of it will inflame the jurors. Even presented as comparisons that are supposed to indicate that SOD coulda done it…it’ll come off desperate.

    In my skewed outlook on Baez I really believe he spends so much time on the privacy issues is either he wants to have some specific professional come in to evaluate or coach kc without speculation or again with the grandiose idea that somehow his magnificent arguments are going to skip right to the Supreme Court, making him the legal phenom that he thinks he is.


    1. i wonder if the privacy issues is whats on kc mind and what cindy wants… and jose is doing his best to get them what they want..? when he should be focused on the real case of getting his client lwop…


    1. Hi, FRG!

      Thank you for the Link to the excellent article by Valhall of The Hinky Meter!

      I always enjoy reading Valhall’s interesting articles because she does research and she writes so many of her articles based on facts, evidence, lab reports, etc.

      Also, there are several folks that post on The Hinky and they, along with Valhall, do an awesome job of going through all of the info available in the doc dumps to establish time lines, discrepancies in Cindy and George’s depos and interviews, and bringing other pertinent info to the forefront!

      The Hinky Meter is an awesome site if one is interested in facts. And . . . . I am!


  51. 38special and Forrest-Do you think Casey would ever allow her psychopathy and the “positive” research (that isn’t too terribly appropriate) to be a mitigating factor? Would she alow her lawyers to use her brain dysfunction to get off of death row?

    You nailed it Forrest (see lines9-12) and 38Special you identified the “smoking gun”(wish I had said that). Taking all of what you both have said into consideration what, in your opinion, would save Ms Anthony from death row?

    Does Ms Anthony see things the way we all do relative to her current situation? I think she does. Does she see things crumbling around her? Is she frightened about all the courtroom discussion about mitigating circumstances and “death is different”? This should send the most hardened criminal around the bend. Maybe it doesn’t. Could that be the reason Mr Baez wants to protect her privacy?

    Thank you for the link. The Hinky Meter, in my opinion, is the best Blog for all things Casey Anthony. I am a hinky reader.Thank you for the link-I always learn something new no matter how many times I read an article.


    1. hey.. i think kc looks bored in court… tries to look interested but i don’t think she has a clue that they would really sentence her to death. (shes speicial you know..). i really think its a great possibilty… i think her disreguard for her child and all the “games her, her mother, and her defense have participated in will turn a jury against her.. and they will see her as having no value… not even as a lifer in the prison system… jmo..


  52. Vic-
    I heard a psychiatrist being interviewed by either Ryan S. of Vinnie P. a couple of weeks ago. This is what a very articulate and seasoned psychaitrist said about psychopaths (I’m going to use quotes for emphasis only)………”Psychopaths kill because they’re victims are meaningless to them. Vinnie (or Ryan) what do you do when you see a bug on the floor? Vinnnie says, “I step on it”. Sure you do. You don’t feel any sadness or pain. Well, that’s how psychopaths feel when they kill. They feel nothing. It’s like they killed a bug. They move on with their lives”.

    Why didn’t Mr and Mrs Anthony get the best to deal with the worst fo the worst? It’s almost unbelievable that this was allowed to happen.


  53. IMO, Just My Opinion, when asked a question by anyone with the exception of certain law enforcement, no one is required to answer. Many questions asked today are personel in nature, absolutely no one’s business and often with me I simply do not want to answer. Question could not be personel and I simply do not want to have that conversation.
    I will look at the person, smile and walk away if possible.


    1. In this post I asked a question that wasn’t answered and that was ok with me. It wasn’t as ok with others. Since I was the one who asked I just thought ……


  54. calipatti-Your questions were answered by Dr Glass. I went back and reviewed the questions and comments and cannot find an unanswered question.


  55. “Good looking”?! Baez? You can’t be serious!

    He’s unusually short (rumored to wear shoe lifts), fat/ dumpy, has a weak chin, big ears and slightly crossed eyes.

    C’mon, Doctor!

    PS The fact he went to one of the lowest ranked law schools in the country (St. Thomas – you don’t even have to write the LSAT!), and took 8 YEARS to pass the bar, only adds to the comedy.

    “Beauty” may be in the eye of the beholder, but his pathetic record is, objectively, beneath contempt.


  56. Casey’s Defense Won’t Have To Reveal Expert Costs
    Posted: 4:32 pm EST November 25, 2010
    Updated: 6:35 pm EST November 29, 2010


    “At one point during Monday’s hearing, Casey looked like she was having a good time in court, laughing with one of the defense staffers when the lawyers were up talking to the judge. At one point she even seemed to catch herself and put on a serious expression.
    Casey Anthony was dressed in a peach-colored short-sleeved shirt and grey slacks (images | video). She walked into court unshackled.”


    1. Hi, FRG!

      Casey did look like she enjoyed her day in court!

      When the attorneys went for a sidebar with Judge Perry, Casey and the defense staffer reminded me of two elementary children passing notes and laughing!

      In my opinion, I thought it was unprofessional on the part of the defense’s staffer. It is not good for Casey’s “image” in court for her to be seen laughing and having herself a good time!

      I think she fails to realize she is in a Court of Law, it is serious and she is charged with the murder of her precious little daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

      If I was Baez, I would leave Casey a stack of Motions to read when they are at sidebar. It would ensure she does not act like she is at Fusion waiting to take a twirl on the dance pole!


  57. Good morning, Dr. Glass!

    Are you going to do an analysis of Casey’s body language during the Motions Hearing on Monday, 11-29-10?

    What about the body language of her defense team?

    I hope you do. I look forward to your analysis because I have a strong interest in body language.

    Regarding Casey, there are some interesting involuntary things you could comment on such as the movement of Casey’s ears, the pulse in her neck, etc.

    Thank you, Dr. Glass.


  58. Hi Ann-TX! Yes, it would be great if Dr. Lillian could analyze KC’s behavior in yesterday’s hearing. KC certainly was back to “her normalcy”… that’s the way she has taken this trial, disrespectfully, acting like she is in Fusion. She has icy cold eyes, it shows how she is. I don’t think she is being coached anymore, after all who will be spending their time with KC for free or at JAC’s rates? Will KC behave at trial? I certainly doubt it. It’s all a game for her.


    1. Hi, FRG!

      I agree with you!

      Yes, I think this is all a big game for Casey. She is a manipulator. I bet, in her mind, she thinks she’ll be able to manipulate the jury by her mannerisms.

      Casey will be in for a rude awakening when the trial starts. It is not fun and games.

      I have attended several trials and served as a juror in a state jail felony trial. Believe me, it is not fun and games.

      Judge Perry knows the law and knows it well. I think he will run a tight ship and on most objections from the Prosecutors and the Defense, Judge Perry will rule promptly.

      I look forward to May, 2011.

      I might fly to Orlando and attend part of the trial. If they have a lottery system or long lines to get a seat for the day’s proceedings, then I probably won’t attend the trial. I would not want to pay the expense of flying to Orlando, staying at a hotel, renting a car, etc. and not be able to get a seat! That would not be cool!

      I guess I could go to Universal Studios! LOL


  59. Well, I am confused. If Jose Baez believed in Casey’s innocence in the beginning, was that because he really thought that a nanny had taken her and she was still alive? Or did he already know that she was dead but thought she had drowned in the pool? And if he thought she was simply the victim of drowning, why would he let his client sit in jail for 3 years and take this to trial instead of saying, listen, the baby died and my client panicked and the body can be found at [location]?

    I am completely confused and baffled as to how an accidental drowning could ever turn into what this is.


  60. Mr. Jose Baez:: You are fantastic. You are boricua Thanks for putting puerto rico’s name again in the top. congratulations! You won this case. Cayley was his father’s victim. The one who was supposed to be in jail was this unhuman man, her father.


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