Casey Anthonys Body Language Signals Upon Discovering A Child’s Body Was Found Speaks Volumes

After reading the report from  Lt.Tammi Unser  at the correctional facility  which described what Casey did when she watched the television report concerning Caylee’s remains, it is apparent  to me that Casey’s  body language spoke volumes about what she knew about Caylee and whether or not she was guilty.

1, Casey falls into the chair. She is  obviously weak  in the kness here and is physically unbalanced as she falls instead of sits in the chair .

2.She began doubling over and begins to breathe rapidly. This is a telling signal in that it means that her autonomic nervous system is taking over. She can no longer control her breathing.

3.She asks for her belly chains to be loosened as she felt they were too tight. In essence her abdominal are is working overtime as she begins  hyperventilating. Thus  the air in her abdominal area expands and makes her feel like the chains are getting tighter. No doubt she also felt pressure in her stomach region as she quickly realized  that she could no longer get away with her lies .

4.She lifted her head up and leaned back in the chair, however her eyes were closed. The lifting up of her head was an automatic reaction to open the airway to get some air into her system.The leaning back in the chair was a type of resignation that she was now caught. The fact that her eyes were closed is very significant. It says that she didn’t want to see or acknowledge what she allegedly did to Caylee. It was a form of denial on her part.

5. She stated Oh No when she learned the location on the news and that it was the body of a small child. At this point no one knew that it was a little girl’s body. The fact that she didn’t say” I hope it;s not Caylee” or something to that effect  says a lot.  A simple Oh No may  likely reflect  “Oh No I’m busted” or  “Oh No  how could they find  her?

6. Began pulling at arm and fidgeting with hands says it all, This is not only a signal of deception This is often a signal of guilt and self mutilation when someone is found out.  Pulling  and wringing of the hands usually  signifies that someone is extremely worried about something.

7.She said she wanted to speak to her attorney. If someone wasn’t guilty about something  and  simply distraught about thinking a found body might  be their daughter’s body,  why wouldn’t they immediately want to speak with a mental health professional as opposed to their attorney? One would want to confide in a person who has the ability to comfort them and help them cope with a potential loss? But no. Casey wanted  to speak with Jose Baez. She wanted her attorney because she knew that the finding of the body and where it was found required the help of an attorney, not a psychologist.

8. She continued breathing rapidly and fidgeting with her hands when talking to him. (Dr, Branch) Here is where you see how the body doesn’t lie. Her autonomic nervous system has taken over and is in full force with the rapid breathing and uncontrollable nervous hand gestures and movements.

9. She assured  both of us she would not hurt herself. Of course Casey would not think of hurting herself. She is too much of a narcissist and a coward. She said hurting herself would not solve anything.Here we see how she is for the first time coming to grips with the reality that she must now have to deal with the problem of Caylee’s remains being found.  She did ask of she could get a sedative to relax. Here we see how Casey is thinking about Casey first and foremost. She feels uncomfortable and doesn’t like that feeling so she wants to numb herself. She is in fear and wants something to calm her fears so she does’t have to deal with that emotion.


11.It was too early to cry and she was not going to break down. What???? To early to cry???? If someone was distraught about the possibility that the body that was found was her child,  they couldn’t stop crying! They would be inconsolable. The fact that she used the words too early to cry screams manipulation. If anything points to Casey being a sociopath, this is it! She is devoid of any true or real emotion.

11, She appeared to have red eyes from cryingHer breathing was normal No doubt if Casey was crying  any real tears those tears were for herself and not for Caylee. She was most probably crying about what was going to happen to her.On the other hand, maybe she had no tears. After all she was not  actually seen crying by  Lt. Unger based on how Casey was positioned. So perhaps Casey was doing her old “stick her finger in in eyes to make them red and wipe away the non tears act “which we saw  so often in the courtroom. Why did she suddenly conjure up some  red eyes? After all there were no tears initially. If someone really loved a child and had an inkling the child found may have been theirs, they would surely shed real genuine tears. They would keep shedding those liquid tears and would not stop shedding them. They wouldn’t just have red eyes.

12 Her stomach no longer hurt and she didn’t feel like throwing up.Of course not. Her ice cold system was back to it’s normal state. Her autonomic nervous stem was no longer on active duty. Most people would still feel queasy or uneasy if they thought it was their child who was found. They would feel enraged that someone could  do something like that to a child who could be theirs. Their stomach would be in knots. But not case;s stomach. She was fine. Maybe Jose reassured her that he would save her and that there was no evidence that she killed Caylee and that they would have to prove it for her to be guilty. So she no doubt felt like she was going to get away with everything.

13. She asked if she could take a shower which she was given. She felt calmer after her shower. Of course she felt calmer. She in essence washed away her sins. When a sexual predator says that they took a shower or washed themselves off, chances are they are guilty. They are washing away the evidence and their guilt.  Similarly Casey’s  request for a shower and washing away her guilt over allegedly killing Caylee is quite symbolic. 

14. Her eyes appeared red however she had a calm demeanor Please tell me how you can have red eyes from all that crying and still have a calm demeanor. You cant! You can only have a calm demeanor when you are not crying real tears but you are sticking your fingers in your eyes or rubbing them a lot. the calm demeanor is disconcerting, True she took a sedative. But even so, there is no calmness if you thought the child you loved so much was murdered by someone else.

To me this report says a great deal.  It says that Casey cannot feel real feelings. It says that she may indeed show signals which reflect her upset about being found out  about allegedly  killing Caylee. It shows that she is manipulative and that her main concern is about self. It would be very interesting to see Dr. Brand the mental health professional’s report and the report from Ms. Pat.  I wonder what she said to them and how she looked and sounded when she said what she said to them.


27 thoughts on “Casey Anthonys Body Language Signals Upon Discovering A Child’s Body Was Found Speaks Volumes

  1. Thank you again, Dr. Glass…

    Inmate Anthony’s consciousness of guilt, will always shine through. She knows what she’s done, yet she’s making a mockery and circus out of Caylee’s demise. It will call come back and harm/haunt her…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  2. thanks,
    thats what i thought all along,when she cry,she cry only for herself! and she is an true sociopath!
    what you think about ,when casey hear beaz wife is/was pregant and casey comes upset,this speaks volume for me!


  3. This is not how an innocent person would act. Upon hearing about your child’s remains, an innocent person would demand to find the “real killer”. Also, Judging on Cindy Anthony’s in your face demeanor, I would expect her to “find the real killer” no matter what the cost if she truly believed Casey’s innocence. Stating that its “too early to cry” disgusts me to my core. It only proves in Casey’s case that its “too late to cry”. I also agree that the shower and hyperventilating are only self defense mechanisms because she realizes she might have gotten caught


  4. Her statement that it is too early to cry was an excuse she made for not being able to shed real tears. In a text message to Amy, after the break-up with Ricardo Morales, Casey says she can’t seem to shed any tears when she is sad. But, when she is held accountable for her actions, watch for the waterworks!

    Casey knew immediately that those remains were of Caylee’s because she put them there-her jig was up and she reacted accordingly though not voluntarily.


  5. When I read about her wanting to take a shower soon after hearing the news of a body being found, I thought the same thing as others. It was a psychological reaction, symbolically trying to wash it all away.


  6. Dr. Lillian

    Thank you very much for your analysis!!

    I am not a professional but it is obvious KC noticed she had been caught and she knew it was Caylee, the only person that had disposed of Caylee would have known. People say it would be used by the defense to prove KC was crying for her daughter, but hey, nobody knew it at that time. Good luck on that!!! KC has never shed one tear for Caylee. KC is capable of shedding tears for herself.
    One more thing, defense will use her parents to make jurors to feel sorry for her, they have a lot of material from her lunatic parents… but it will never explain away the lies KC told in her statements to LE, there is “no Zanny the phantom nanny” or the need to have one nanny, KC didn’t have a job, her car smelled like there was a dead body in it… the list is pretty extensive when it comes to KC’s lies.


  7. Dr. Glass. excellent Post!

    Casey Anthony’s Day is coming closer and closer and I strongly believe there will be Justice in the End!

    RIP sweet Caylee


  8. Dr Lillian Glass,

    Thank you for this write up, i was wondering about the “oh no”. Always glad to read your blog.

    Justice will be yours soon enough dear Caylee




  10. I have no doubt that Casey kept up the lying act with the counselor. She isn’t going to tell anyone the truth, unless she was so smitten with Baez that she actually told him the truth because she knew he was still going to stand by her.


  11. I find it interesting that Casey has a dilemma when she hears the news of a Childs body being found. She quickly recovers and starts talking sports. Her parents hear the news while returning from a guest appearance on The Larry King Show. What do they do? They get chauffeured in a limo to the Ritz-Carlton to feast on crab puffs.

    Cindy and Casey it seems had about the same reaction. Like ho-hum, what about me, lets more on! Just as weird, Cindy is writing letters to Casey and saying they will find Caylee once Casey is out of jail this next spring. Since Caylee was cremated by Cindy I assume Cindy is talking about hiding the ashes in the state prison and the two of them will go looking to find them.

    I know that sounds horrible but maybe both Cindy and Casey want to be looked at as being so unbelievable that no matter what they say, no one will believe a word. Neither one could be held in contempt of court (Casey would have to take the stand) and people would just assume they are the village idiots. You become almost a cartoon character and because of how you have acted are not expected to tell the truth.


  12. Hi, Dr. Glass!

    Thank you for your article. It is very interesting.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Casey is a sociopath. She is void of feeling.

    Considering what we know now, as a result of the doc dumps, it is interesting to go back and listen, read and view videos regarding Casey.

    Starting with the 911 call, Casey seems nonchalant and void of emotion. Her interview with Law Enforcement (LE) at Universal Studios, the video of Casey with LE prior to her being booked into jail as she waits for Jose Baez, the Jail Visitation Videos, and her demeanor in Court, speaks volumes!

    Dr. Glass, it would be very interesting to see the reports from the mental health professional and whoever else analyzed Casey. In my opinion, I think Casey would have continued her lies. If she cried during these interviews, it would have been tears for herself; not for Caylee!

    Dr. Glass, do you think those reports will ever be released (perhaps after Casey’s trial) or do they not fall under Florida’s Sunshine Law?

    If Casey is found guilty, do you think these reports will surface during the Punishment Phase (that is what it is called in Texas) of her trial?


  13. Hi Dr. Lillian, I have a question. Why do you say Casey was not wearing a bra at the hearing on Friday? Is that something you would be privy to, or something you may have read on a blog? Thanks, if you answer.


    1. Lisabeth
      If you read my blog it says that she was either braless or wore an I’ll fitting bra. If you look carefully at the photos you will see that this is the case. the focus of the blog was not about her undergarment wearing or not wearing but rather her inconsistent image as it will relate to jurors.


  14. DocStoc: 3664220
    Tips on being a good juror.
    Be open minded. Do not form opinions or reach a decision until you have heard everyone else’s argument.

    Speak loud enough for all of your fellow jurors to hear.

    Substantiate your arguments with the facts. (Physical evidence, witness testimony, etc)

    No two jurors should talk at the same time. One should defer to the other…

    Do not be afraid to change your opinion, nor should you be afraid to hold fast to your opinion.

    Attack the argument and not the person. Attempt to persuade your fellow jurors with good commen sense and sound logic.

    Do not let personal animosities, racial, ethnic, or sexual bias or any other types of PREJUDICES influence your decision.

    Conduct yourself as you would want a juror in a case in which you were the criminal defendant to act.
    To be human is to be biased. All any defendant asks from a jury is the presumption of innocence and deliberations which are based on every jurors ability to think logically and have a working knowledge of deductive reasoning.

    No self-respecting jurors who take their responsibilities seriously would, in my opinion, ever allow a fellow juror to vote not guilty simply because they thought the defendant was pretty. A clever juror would more than likely say that no matter how little evidence links Mr Kronk to the commission of the crime, the defense’s theory left him/her with enough reasonable doubt.

    If a juror was forming some kind of attachment to the defendant others might observe their interaction and call it to the attention of other jurors or the judge.

    Lawyers have married jurors. Defendants have married their lawyers. Nothing is wrong with falling in love-but not while your responsibility is to seek justice for the defendant.

    If Ms Anthony is found Not Guilty of Felony Murder she can be found Guilty of Aggravated Manslaughter (AM) and Aggravated Child Abuse (ACA). Let’s say she gets 30-38 for the AM and 15 years for the ACA charge. That’s 45-53and a couple of years added on for Lying to LE. By my math she will be about 72-80 years old when her prison term is over.

    She’ll like her new digs. She’ll feel real comfortable and make many new friends that think just the way she does.


  15. Dr. Glass… I myself feel like Casey was wearing probably the only type of bra she has.. an ill-fitting one. She also seemed to have lost a little weight which may explain the appearance of the blouse. I thought that you wrote that you could discern visible nipples which I feel was a bit catty and unprofessional. I am sure that Casey does not have access to Victorias Secret bras. And if a juror convicts or acquits on the basis of a her wearing or not wearing is more than sad. It is dangerous.


  16. NO nipples were showing. And, when referring to Casey having a crush on Jose, why do you not specify that it was the younger Jose, whose wife was pregnant is the one she had the crush on. He may no longer be with the firm though.


  17. Please review photos posted on Dr Glass’s previous article (see photo #6) “Casey’s Revamped Body Language with Inconsistent Image-Braless…”.

    It would not surprise me to read that she attempted to manipulate both Mr Baez and Mr Garcia while out on Bond and during the early days of her incarceration.


  18. the pictures are so dark.. I see no nipples. I am just appalled that people are fixated on things like Casey trying to manipulate a potential jury or the public. Things have gotten totally out of hand. I know it will happen with the general public.. but by a “professional”? Is this the “entertainer” facet of Dr. Glass? Just wondering.


  19. I think there are countless ways in which to look at this case. We have psychologists, legal analysts, scientists, profilers, reporters and fine writers who bring an interesting and informative “take” on the nuances of this defendant while we meander through pretrial. I understand and can appreciate the use of the word “entertainer” but I also know that Dr Glass can say things that many of us would feel uncomfortable saying. I think she can add insights into who Casey Anthony is and how her silent manipulation could work to her advantage during the trial.

    Can a jury consultant really change the outcome of trials? Can they really eliminate someone because they think they would be harmful to the case or in some way identify the person who would set their client free? I don’t think so but that doesn’t mean I think they are unnecessary.

    I say give that girl whatever she wants and make sure she doesn’t have the opportunity to walk the sunny streets of Orlando ever again.


  20. Above, Sherry says, “In a text message to Amy, after the break-up with Ricardo Morales, Casey says she can’t seem to shed any tears when she is sad.” At what point, if ever, does a psychopath realize they are ‘sick’? Has it ever been recorded that a psychopath had enough meta-awareness that they sought psychological help?


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