Queen Elizabeth’s Body Language Showed Anger and Humiliation At Olympics Opening Ceremonies

With her tight lips pursed together and  furrowed  brow and clenched jaw, there was no question that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was  very angry about something the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics.

No doubt it had something to do with her entrance into the  Olympic stadium. The Queen is a woman who is all about protocol and pomp and circumstance. She has taken her Queenly duties and her Queenly image very seriously for the past six decades. She is not used to being laughed  at or  being the brunt of a joke or  even used to making fun of herself. She is used to taking herself  and her position very seriously.

But on opening night of the Olympics, she was reduced to not following protocol in terms of how a Queen enters an room or an arena. For the first time people were laughing at her entrance and she  let it be known that she was not

amused at all.

Apparently she  or her handlers agreed to having film  shot of her with James Bond actor Daniel Craig at the Royal Palace. She may have thought that all she had to so was walk down the hallway followed by Daniel Craig and her precious Corgis and that would be the end of it.


There is no doubt that someone did not inform her that a likeness of her would be seated in a helicopter next to actor Daniel Craig.


And that the likeness would be a man


who would be dressed in the same outfit that she wore  and who would be

leaving the helicopter she was in with Daniel Craig and


parachuting into the stadium, only

for her- The real Queen, to make an entrance into the  Royal Box at the Olympic Stadium  and to only   hear the French language as she arrived. This was England and she needed to be be hearing English not French , even though French is  supposedly the official language of the Olympics.

The parachute stunt  clearly did not amuse  the 86 year old at all, who had a dour expression the rest of the evening. In essence she clearly felt that her dignity was  insulted.

Then she had to endure watching nurses on hospital beds with sick children which was to depict Health Care int he UK. She was not amused. In fact, she was angry at had to keep it all in and contain herself as any Royal has been taught to do.


Her eyes had a steely gaze and her lips were pursed as she continued to hold back her anger. When the  athletes  from the UK marched past her, she couldn’t even crack a smile


The Queen was in her own thoughts- thoughts of feeling anger and humiliation. She even resorted to picking at her fingernails and focusing on them as a means of self soothing. She was clearly upset and could not focus on anything else so she picked her nails as a means of  comforting herself.

No doubt she must have felt like sticking her finger nails into the organizer Danny Boyle,  producer of Slumdog Millionaire, and whomever else came up with the lame brained plan of her entrance into the stadium. In another century no doubt he  and the others who were responsible for this would have been sent to The Tower of London to be tortured.

But in this century it was the Queen who was tortured by having to watch an Opening Ceremony that many  UK observers believed had a political slant to it.

This is  a Queen who represents  the values and style of her ancient ancestors. Things are done in a proper way  and form and there is no room for digression or humor in her role as Queen. That is in stark contrast to Prince William who would probably have parachuted into the stadium himself and who doesn’t seem to take himself seriously, thanks to the upbringing by his late  mother Diana.

But the Queen is of a different era and her sensitivities were clearly not considered. There is no doubt that she felt like a buffoon with billions of people around the world looking on. Thus one can understand why she wasn’t amused and couldn’t shake her feelings of  anger humiliation which she endured throughout  the entire evening,

No doubt she probably wanted to leave but felt that it was her Queenly obligation to stay and suffer through it all.


54 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s Body Language Showed Anger and Humiliation At Olympics Opening Ceremonies

  1. As the poster said above, you have no idea what you are talking about. The idea came from the Palace and the Queen, who has a great sense of humour, agreed. Perhaps you also are unaware of the fact that she is somewhat shy; and I am sure that when the idea was put forward, Prince Philip, always very supportive of her would never have allowed it to take place. Protocol, probably the Lord Chamberlain, will have been consulted and obviously it passed the test.


  2. Not to take anything away from you, Dr. Glass; I was aghast and felt the depiction of her in such a unflattering way was a slam to the queen also. I’m not even a Brit and I felt her anger and embarrassment.


  3. I am quite sure that you do, in fact, know the queen far better than any American. Dr. Glass doesn’t purport to “know” the queen. In her defense, however, she is an expert in deciphering body language.


  4. Once again, Dr. Lillian you got it right. I’m not a body language expert and it was clear to me that she was NOT happy. The Queen is not well thought of at all, they were ready to dethrone her over Princess Diana’s death and the way she behaved. You got it right!!!


    1. I think the recent celebrations here showed that she is VERY well thought of and whilst people werent happy at the way she waited when Diana died NO ONE wanted to dethrone her.


  5. I would never intimate that I know Her Majesty the Queen. I guess my question would be, do you think there is, or was, ever a time when the queen made a decision that was not particularly to her liking but she knew it was the right thing for the people (or others)?


  6. Your heightened anger puzzles me. Come on now, no one has intimated that your queen is a puppet, or anything else for that matter. I agree that the queen might have thought it would be fun for her Subjects. But the Olympics are WORLD games, therefore some of us non-Brits (those who don’t know the queen as intimately as you do) expected a more honorable entrance for Her Majesty, the Queen of England. I’m not from England and I felt it was a slam to an honored British Royal. Enough said. Have a terrific day!


  7. I agree with Dr Lilian. In fact I found this article by putting in the search engine words “why was the queen angry”. While I was watching the ceremony a few people in the room screamed out “What is she so upset about”?! No need of studying the body language… Just a common sense.
    I quite agree on reasoning as well. I think that in order to maintain the status it must not be taken in any form of joke, does not matter how cute the joke is. This entrance of the Queen was hilariously funny, however undermining her actual status.
    As a PR professional I can say that sense of humour is often used to reduce one’s authority in the eyes of others, particularly because the object is not socially “permitted” to object the joke openly without been ridiculed to a person without sense of humour. Then people may be laughing at you even more. I guess she realised it quite well. I would have been quite sad myself in her choose. Perhaps, while been 86 she did not find any energy to lightly support the joke it and deal with it later and just showed off the frustration.
    And, yes, no one can control everything from the start to the end. We all have only 24 hours a day and it is amazing how many grey areas are in protocols and red tapes and how many scrips have a double meaning. Some details could easily split through the fingers. The organises were quite confident as well they will not be suffering any consequences.. Though good luck to them getting further jobs in the UK.
    In spite of all that, the ceremony was glamorous!


  8. Firstly. Everyone should have a laugh at themselves from time to time. Secondly the royals are parasites that the British have to carry on their backs and pay for with their taxes. I’m sure her dress and her tons of caked on makeup was worth quite a bit and it all came from British takes. As well she does very little in the world, unlike Diana who spearheaded several charitable organizations and events, the queen sits on her disgustingly ugly old ass and makes a fool of herself by being even more of a joke by pouting through the ceremonies. Lastly, the ceremonies were great, symbolic, and most people absolutely adored them. The fact that a snob nosed, brute, parasitic bratt such as the queen did not enjoy them is nobodys fault.


    1. As much as I was a Diana fan the Queen does far more official duties than Diana ever did, Secondly the Queen is approaching 90 and still works most days and travels to other countries.


  9. The Queen was obviously furious. I thought the opening was fabulous,strong, and very well done. I also thought her entrance was hilarious and I can’t believe any of it was a surprise to her. Does anyone think maybe it’s something else entirely that she wad so angry about? Phillip stayed about 3 feet from her….. Maybe it was HIM again!


  10. Dr. Glass,
    It is unfortunate that elenamitchell’s anger prevents her from hearing the message of what you, and others, have said. Considering the fact that these are WORLD games, one would think that they would have considered the impact of that opening would have on people from all over the world, not just British subjects. We would have a different opinion since we are not Her Majesty’s subjects BUT we have great respect for British Royalty. Otherwise I wouldn’t have felt it was a slam or felt that the queen was angry (at whatever) by her body language.


  11. It’s a real shame that you are so angry (at what appears to be either yourself of the whole world, elenamitchell. Life is just too short to be so angry for so long. Perhaps some counseling would help. I do hope that you find some peace and happiness.


    1. And you have nothing to say about Doctor Lillian Glass exposing my married name, gained from my Email Address? Some Professional.
      I don’t need counselling because I don’t spend my life making up things about other people to gain attention. And nor do I expose what is supposed to be trusted information.

      Maureen Eccles Lang.


  12. Oh dont worry about maureen lang she isa pro gerry and kate mcann supporter she condones them leaving the kids alone and on a forum she admitted she did too with her kids


  13. While i am happy and excited to read your posts it’s disappointing to never be able to see the pictures….they are always blank with the broken pic symbol x in a box at the corner. I go to your site and that’s what is there also.Is this a problem at my end or yours? Thanks…..


  14. Dr. Glass this is why I like u soo much..ur honest and u tell it how it is and ur a damn great expert..there are alot of oblivious people out there that cannot speak on behalf of the Queen herself..but u can and this was a great and unfortunate read..u clearly know the Queen’s body language better than her own fans! xo


  15. It was insensitive of Boyle and company not to respect the Queen’s perspective and royal dignity. She had to have been very, very upset for her anger to be so obvious.


  16. Lillian – I think you’re right that the Queen didn’t want to be there. As to why, maybe, at her age, she just wanted to be home sitting in front of the telly!


  17. As a woman over 10 years younger than the Queen, I am amazed that she even managed to stay awake for the ceremony. She is incredible for a woman of 86, with huge vitality and she has such a pretty smile

    Much as I was enjoying the fabulous ceremony on a big TV screen, I, as a much younger woman, fell asleep. I had to go to bed and watch a recording the next day. Maybe some of you should look at old people in your own families and observe what happens to them.
    If you are lucky enough to reach 86, it will happen to you; your face will drop, you will go tired, you will not hear everything. I will guarantee that; it is par for the course.

    The Queen was taken completely unawares, as at that moment she was refering to her notes, probably trying to find names of people in the UK procession. In order that she would know them by name when she met them later.
    Btw, no 86 year old looks good when their face is in repose. Just look at your family and friends. I saw no signs of anger, just the tiredness of a grand old lady

    And all this talk about her sense of humour; the Queen is renowned for her terrific humour and sense of fun. Also her natural ability to put strangers at their ease.

    The whole blog, to be quite honest, smacks of Ageism and other things

    Dr Glass, i wonder what you will look like when you are 86 and how good your attention span will be?. And will you look a bit forlorn when your cheeks have dropped and pulled your mouth down? Will you have such a radiant smile as the Queen has, I wonder?


    1. You missed the whole point of the blog. It was NOT to criticize the 86 year old Queen. In repose she does not look angry in previous photos of her. But she is NOT in repose here. She shows facial signals of anger and upset. In fact, it has been discussed throughout the media internationally. This is not characteristic of the Queen (who by the way I regard as a great woman no matter what age she is). Her facial expressions were related to anger not being tired as she di not show facial signals that would indicate this. No one is talking about her face dropping at 86 and if that is what you got out of the blog, I highly suggest that you re- read it.

      As far as my face is concerned, I do not possess the Queen’s genetics so I can assure you we will not age similarly. No one was discussing the Queen’s hearing- those are your words. I am sure that if her hearing suffers she has a fine team of experts who can help remedy any hearing loss.

      Once again, re- read the blog so you dont make inaccurate assumptions and embarrass yourself. The Queen did indeed show signals of anger in her facial expression and I stand behind that.

      I can assure you that this blog and my observations have absolutely nothing to do with “ageism” as you wrongly state. That my friend is your issue as you brought it up several times stating that you are 10 years younger than the Queen and could hardly stay awake. Your invocation of my physical appearance when I am the Queens age smaks of your own issues.

      My cheeks or attention span have nothing to do with this blog. Neither does the Queen’s age. She did not look forlorn because she was elderly as you suggest. Instead she looked angry, and upset- expressions she did not reflect less than a month ago when she was photographed at other events like the Jubilee. So please re-read the blog so that you can get the correct information.


  18. Dr Glass, I have to mention this. It is very important.

    What a complete lack of ettiquette you showed with one of your posters.

    You went out of your way to deliberately and publicly expose the ?presumably real name she is usually known by. If she choses a particular name to post under, that is her perogative, as you well know

    You have also shown double standards by allowing several others on this blog to use chosen names. But, in this instance, as Eleanor has opposed you, you have broken accepted protocol and done the forbidden thing of repeatedly mentioning her presumably real name.

    As you will well know, there can be dangers of real names being bandied about on the internet and some people might call what you have done bullying.

    And also, it seems that SHE has used her REAL name, even if it is not the one she is known to you by, whilst OTHERS, like me, hide behind obviously phoney names.

    As is our perogative..

    In the interests of Free Speech, I hope you will leave this up


    1. While I welcome diference of opinion I do not welcome defamation, false accusations, and contentiousness for hostilities sake. When that happens I will not allow anyone to hide behind their veil of anonimity on this blog.


  19. If the Queen was from the southern United States she would put her best face forward and smile despite her displeasure. And she does so look displeased.

    Cindy Jane Hughes Griego nee Hughes.


    1. It wouldn’t matter where the Queen was from. The body doesn’t lie and leaks out one;s true emotions no matter who you are or where you are from, even if you are the Queen. She sat there and didn’t leave despite her anger and upset and fulfilled her duty to attend the Olympic event.


  20. I totally recognize that her Majesty has an excellent sense of humor, and that the film would never have been shown without rigourous pre-screening and approval by Lord Chancellor etc up to the Queen herself. BUT– I and many others — do agree that she appeared implacably annoyed throughout the opening ceremony. My personal feeling is that it was not the film that might have perturbed her, but the way the actual stunt iteself was carried out–as it occurred in real time the moment before she entered. The man who jumped appeared, in the video clips I saw, to have done it a la Monty Python–knees spread frumpily with skirt flapping up to thighs. Seems to me that there should have been a way to secure the skirt lower. I think this is part of what caused the laughter. A far cry from the gracious, dignified presentation on the film. I would also have been insulted. Anyone out there agree with me?


    1. WEll said Kathleen. I agree. She did not like stunt. As I said earlier what looks good on paper does NOT necessarily look good when it is executed. The last thing the Queen would favor after all of these decades of preserving the dignity of her position and in honoring her ancestors was to be mocked as you well sid “a la Monty Python–knees spread frumpily with skirt flapping up to thighs.” I completely agree with you. She was very dignified in the film but when the jump happened it didn’t work out. I think that they failed to think about making the jump look dignified. And you are right about the laughter as this may have greatly upset the Queen. You got the point! Good going!


  21. After few days of reading and in complete agreement with you ,I must say that a person in her position should be able to show more control and show at least a smile when the children’s sing ; She is a person who’s life is stuck in another era


  22. Having been privileged to have shot over 2,000 images of the Queen when she visited the US for the Jamestown 2007 event, I must conclude that she was very angry when she entered the stadium. I photographed her morning, noon and late night, during very long and stressful days and NEVER witnessed anything close to her expressions, body language and indifferent appearance during the ceremony? Out of respect to the Olympics I think her P.R. people owe some kind of explanation, if only to say she was suffering from an intense “headache” or a “toothache” or something! Protocol dictated her attendance as the head of the “host” country; but, she really needed to to put on her stereotype “Queens face and traditional wave”!


  23. I did not like anything about the opening so I am in agreement with the QUEENS mood. To top it off some idiots on the VIEW made it worse. What is with some of you. This LADY has given most of her adult life to her country and should always be treated with respect. i would like to see all the $$$$$ spent on the Olympics go to feeding the poor on this earth. Who cares who wins the “gold”.


  24. I just watched, a few days ago and for the first time, part of the opening ceremony images on Youtube. I was shocked.

    I mean I was truly shocked. Why would anyone want these images in their heads?

    No wonder the Queen was pissed off. This is actually the first time I’ve liked her. What the hell were all those people thinking? That was a Satanic ceremony and I am NOT religious AT ALL.


  25. Oh. And Slumdog Millionaire was one of the worst film-length music videos I ever saw. Not the fault of the beautiful kids in it who were the best part of the film, which turned out be the most plotless, empty-headed piece of crapola I ever spent 12 bucks on……there was so much buzz in Hollywoodland over this film and everyone just Had to go see it.
    I was like–yuck


  26. Who cares if she was unhappy, she lives in unimaginable luxury off the tax payer, and if she isn’t proud of watching the celebration of our national health service I know which I would rather keep.


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