Katherine Jackson’s Monotone and Body Language As She Reads Speech And Rebbe, Jermain’s and Janet’s Body Language Says It All

Perhaps one of the most disturbing videos I have seen involve the one just released where  Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson assuring everyone that she is OK.

But based on her body language and tone of voice and the content of what she read, in my view she doesn’t seem OK. She seems robotic and stiff and disconnected in what she is saying. The first clue that something is amiss is that she is reading a written script. If a person is OK, they look into a camera, sans script and speak from their heart. This is not what has happened here.

Her monotone unemotional voice was disconcerting. Here she is talking about emotional issues where her guardianship has been revoked and she speaks in  a monotone devoid of emotion. There is no hint of sadness or despair or anger.

The fact that she is also defensive and says that it is crazy for people to think she was abducted and that her family would never do that speaks volumes. Blaming the public for thinking she was abducted and then using the term “crazy” in my view says there is more than meets the eye.


Jermain’s body language is downright disturbing if not scary as he looms over his mother in his sunglasses and tight fitting tee, displaying his man boobs . His facial expresions  appears cocky and  arrogant as he leans to the side and then

hovers over his mother, as we see int he photo above as  he appears to look  her script .


Janet who was considered by man as the most normal one in the family,  just lost a lot of points in my eyes.

She is the one who was seen on the surveillance video trying to grab Paris’ cellphone and allegedly calling her a spoiled bitch. Throughout her mother’s presser, Janet kept a stoic facial expression.  She alsolooked over her mother’s shoulder as we can see above as her mother read the script  provided t her.

Janet did not look like the charismatic happy Janet we have always seen, but rather a somber and angry Janet.

Now Prince’s tweet reveals that Janet may have been  behind the lack of contact between Katherine and her Grandkids as she writes “Don’t let them pls.” in response to Prince’s plea “This is enough so I am texting you for the simple fact that WE DEMAND TO SPEAK TO MY GRANDMA NOW!!!”


Rebbe appeared was cocky and had an inappropriate smirk on her face  and nodded when the mother named her assistant by name “Ms. Smith”  saying that her assistant was calling the household to check up on the kids.  In a non verbal way, it was a though Rebbe was saying That’s right” See we were in contact with the grandkids all along”. It was as though she was covering her tracts and may have possibly even written those words for her other to say. She seemed too proud of herself as these words were read.

But it is ridiculous to have any assistant calling the household to check up on the kids. The kids neded to speak to their grandmother directly during those ten days.

Katherine Jackson seemed very passive during her speech. It was reminiscent of someone with Stockholm Syndrome, who is kidnapped and then sides with the enemy.

There was even a marketing director from the Tuscon Spa in the room to prove that Katherine was at the Spa on  a vacation. It was obviously set up to eliminate any suspicions that there was foul play and that she was kidnapped.


Katherine is between a rock and a hard place. She does not want to incriminate her own kids as they can get into a lot of trouble for elder abuse in causing her emotional distress and for kidnapping her and taking her across state lines. Then she also loves her grandkids dearly. So she said that it was only because of lie that she lost the guardianship.

Now brother and sister are pitted against one another and many believe it was masterminded by Randy who was not conveniently  present as Katherine read her written script. Randy is the brother with whom Michael was said to be at odds with the most. Perhaps there was more jealousy and competition due to their closeness of age and due to Michael’s enormous success.

So now it is Janet, Rebbe, Randy, and Jermain versus Jackie, Marlon, and Tito. They have put their mother in the middle of this mess and now she is the victim of all of the fallout as  she has  now lost guardianship of her grandkids.

Latoya usually he most outspoken of all the Jackson’s was conveniently or purposely  not present as not to get herself mixed up into the mire of this Toxic Family.

In her private moments when she is alone without the influence of Rebbe, Randy and Janet, there is no doubt that she will suffer the emotional pain of not seeing her grandkids on a daily basis and watching them continue to grow. This may be a death knell for her.

Now we can finally understand why Michael wanted to distance himself from all of these Toxic People.

Why did all of this take place? There is  only one reason- money. Four of the siblings wanted more money to be given to Katherine so that she could  then dole it out to them. Their plot to turn their mother against the estate backfired as Katherine  so she could receive more money in her lifetime has now lost the  $840,000 in annual child support but has also lost her grandkids .


35 thoughts on “Katherine Jackson’s Monotone and Body Language As She Reads Speech And Rebbe, Jermain’s and Janet’s Body Language Says It All

    1. But you don’t know if they are lies. Whatever they did, it cost Katherine guardianship of her beloved grandkids for being awayfor 10 days without telling them where she went and worrying them.


      1. Why would you just up and leave and have no contact with your dead sons children who are still grieving their father. Just watch the Opra interview with Katheryn and Paris. Paris is standing behind Opra when Katheryn starts talking about crying when asked questions by Opras interviewer prior to her arrival. Paris drops her head and starts to look like a child morning her Dad and she reaches out to hug her Grandma going into protection mode .Hats off to Paris she stood her ground like a true warrrior against these greedy wolves and she got her Grandma back. Michael raised bright , witty , strong children. And Glady’s Night should be ashamed of herself for getting involved and making statement on t.v. she would slap Paris teeth out. She’s lucky Michael is not here , she would have no prior t.v. interviews scheduled . What a hipocrit !


    2. I think the media was going by what camera was telling them. I bet Jermaine , was standing there looking like Rango the camellian lost in the desert with no water to quinch his thirst when his fine cousin TJ got partial custody today. Thank God the judge has assigned a case worker to check the children at any time un announced . And I really love the court order they can’t be removed from Califorina with court permission. As for Janet her saggy breast fell out at the super bowel in front of millions to shock people only to scare them away from ever breast feeding their children. A real class act she is !


    3. Hold up wait a minute Mrs.Katheryn Jackson put the boom in it. She showed up for the concert Friday night waiving to the crowed and set through the show. What happend to the drugged up looking Grandma that was under Doctors orders to get rest , because of a stoke. I think Randy released this statement to the public creating mental anguish upon her three grandchildren she is responsible for . Did Katheryn , put the egg in their face calling them out and making them look like a bunch of liars. I think so ! She must have watched the vidieo where Michaels , children where ganged up on and bullied and red the text messages to keep the children away from her.


    4. Wow , someone really looks like a true ass , after court ruling today. I just wonder why the big circus act could be connected to the ruling today. Things that just make you go hmmmmm.


  1. It is time to get law enforcement involved at the federal level. Katharine looked drugged to me, and I certainly did not like all those looming over her, making sure she stayed on script. Paris and her brothers need to contact someone in the justice departmnet or with the FBI who has no ties at all to the Jackson family. Joe Jackson has always been a mean SOB and it seems the acorns did not fall far from that particular tree where money is involved. I’m scared for Mrs. Jackson and I’m very scared for the kids.


    1. Excuse me ,but what happened to all the exspensive art that Janet removed from Michaels mansion when he died. Remember the large moving truck that pulled up hours after his death millions of dollars was reported removed from the house in valuable are and statues. Excuse me she was not in the will to remove anything from that estate . Where is the paper work giving her permission to take what belongs to Michaels children. That was their inheritience and property. Michaels art is being shown and sold now and Katheryn was in the interview advertising it on a show i watched. Wake up people these children have already been ripped off . People who steal usually go to jail why are celebrities off limit.


    2. Who does Joe Jackson think he is . The man showed up at the estate and stuck his cruddy old hand in the mail box and took the mail inside. Oh Hail NO ! This man lives in another home and lives like a playboy and showes up to stick his hand in my mail box. Does Katheryn have the brain of a scarecrow from the oz. NO wonder Micheal nailed the part ! If he does not live there legally he should not be putting his hand in the mail box . He could be taken legal papers right out the mail box. He needs to go to jail for taking mail that does not belong to him out of the box. No wonder their is so much crooked devious people in this family.


  2. This was a set up since day one. Janet, Randy & Jermaine say to Katherine, “mom u need a vacation” they get Rebbi on the whole thing, then they say as a cpl would on vaca, I’m taking ur phone, we r gonna relax, then the storm begins. Jermaine lies says Katherine had a stroke, Paris sticks up 4 G’ma, then u have Jermaine, Janet and Randy play both sides of the fence, saying G’ma is okay, then makes. marlin look like the bad one. the one who the Jackson kids love. Jermaine encourages Marlon to file for custody. no sense of me explaining everything else that happened. I understand that the kids are upset about the will, this is no way to handle it. Then they DRIVE Katherine home v/s fly her home, pretty sick family to do this!


    1. Notice how Randy- says janet, Rebbie and Jermaine were barred from the current family compound- never mentioning HE WAS TOO! Apparently, he’s being lead around by his nose by con artist friend- who’s already honned in on Katernine as a easy mark. I don’t trust ANY Jackson having guardianship.


  3. I agree with the last few posters, this stinks of a set up. Katherine needs a new lawyer, one with NO ties to the family. I smell Joe in here somewhere,,,..and I suspect in more than just the DNA. Katherine puts down her phone and CHOOSES to ignore those grandchildren for 10 days? Really? Who did they think was going to believe that?


    1. If you side with your children and then cry out I don’t know anything about this. Then maybe she is to old and stupid to care for the children . Get someone with a brain to raise them . The Granma is allways inocent and everyone else is the bad guy yet she sees nothing siding with the wolves. She did marry Joe Jackson who is very shady and yet she knows nothing. Please ! Grandma ,don’t fool most people. Grandmas can be wolves to and Paris may just be little red riding hood in this wicked story.


  4. Ever think that when they took Katherine’s cell phone away, they had started drugging her. This is just horrible. I remember the loading truck taking out the art and statues. Janet had no right to do that. It ALL BELONGS TO THE CHILDREN OF MICHAEL. They were too young to speak up then, now they are. I am so proud of Paris, begging for help. Janet had no right to talk to her like she did and called her bad names and try to take her cellphone away. What is wrong with Gladys Knight? Telling that Paris needs her teeth knocked out? Paris needs a TRO against her. She is just mad enough to do it. Also, the kids, Prince Michael, Blanket and Paris need an attorney with no connections with the Jackson brothers and sisters, Katherine. Any Jackson. This is just ridicious!


    1. OMG! I forgot about THAT! Thansk for the reminder. Everyone- well, JVM- thinks Janet is so rich- I think the opposite- she’s not made bank in years- everything been a flop- recent albums, tours. I’m betting janet is desperate for cash (why would she have done weight loss deal- otherwise?)- and was up to her eyeballs in this kidnapping/elder abuse scandel.


    2. OMGx2! Forgot to applaud you on calling out Gladys Kinght- HOW DARE HER! I think Paris showed great restraint and – has Gladdy noticed- she hasn’t sent any alarmest twits since her justified alarm was quelled! She was a scared confused child!


      1. That baby just wanted her Grandma back and was afraid they would hurt her ,because she dissappeared. Michaels children are very sharp. Michaels children won’t get anything when Katheryn dies ,that’s pure unconditional love for her, but her children will proffit from Katherns death.Mansion in California the jackson five compound will be worth alot of money , because they will try to turn it into a Graceland or sell it .


  5. Can someone please tell me where the Joe Jackson playboy pad is olcated , so I can go stick my hand in his mail box and take his mail. Joe goes to peoples houses thinking he is a mail man and takes peoples mail out of the box for them. He probably drops a few bank letters on the floor before getting out of his vehicle to keep a eye on the balance and interest being earned. I wonder how many jacksons are sticking their hands in the mail box that are not on the lease to live their. The house is to and for Katheryn , TJ, Paris , Prince, blanket. Legally they should only be the ones checking the mail . Their could be some Identity fraud going on here real soon regarding the children.


  6. 2010 The police was called to Katheryns house ,because blanket was hit with a tazer gun. This is all connected to challening the estate and seperating Grandma from Michaels beloved children. Jermaine and Randy have two children each by the same women that was living in the mansion . Katheryn , was keeping a roof over their heads all four kids including their mother with Michaels estate monies. After the stun gun report Katheryn moved the four children and mother of Randy and Jermaines children into one of Michaels condos owned and paid for by his late estate. Michael is still taking care his nephews and ex sisterinlaw. Hello , everbody do you see why they are angry and causing trouble. They are jealous of Michaels children besides being devious greedy uncles that they are. They should be evicted from the condo now and the condo sold and monies applied toward something good for the children. It was Jermaines son that was accused of ordering the gun and trying to use it on two of Michaels children . I think the children are in danger period .


    1. I alwasy wondered what happened after the stun gun incident- so the Jermajesty-kids are out of the original family compound? I was thinking Katherine probably moved Michael’s kids to new family compound-to get them away from them. I read somewere that there is fear “something” could be going on that resulted in Paris wanting her grandmother so badly- like for “protection”….I wish CPS was still involved.


  7. Its always about the money and mes Jackson obviously loves her grand children and children. I hope they all get counseling and mediator to deal with all these demands. These are all spoiled grown children (Janet) ESP. Get your own jobs thrive on your own careers and stop using your brothers estate for your own gains. You can’t PayPal transfers money to the afterlife. How much does she really need another 400 million. Sad situation, I feel for michael Jackson kids, I wish the biological mother would step up to the plate and take her children away from those wacky greedy people.

    -teacher that works for a living


  8. I am so happy you are covering this situation. I have been really alarmed by it- from the get-go, I thought this was a BIG deal. Which it has turned out to be. Very interesting observations- the “eyes for lies” guy thinks she may have had a mental health crisis of some sort- and the kids were protecting her from ppl finding out.. I wish I could agree with this- I think its much more senister- I mean, janet was asking for their PASSPORTS? Whats up with that! I was so afraid they were going to send those kids on a slow boat to china!


  9. The gang removed her from her home where she has servants like royal blood line. Why would they give her meds that made her look totally stoned . I have never seen her look that high on meds even after Michaels death. They said their mother had a stroke . Why would a doctor giver meds to drug her after a stroke. She had a previous checkup that reported she was in good health. This woman was heavly medicated and reading from a legal pad looking down and drugged. You only drug someone like that when you are brainwashing them and taking over their money bag and bank accounts. Thank God , Paris alarmed the public through her texting , because she knew the law enforcement was not taking them serious to get the problem under control . Paris , saved her Grandmothers life ,because the meds could have caused her to have a heart attack or stroke. Then they would have scratched each others eyes out like wild bats trying to raid and take over her California mansion the real Jackson home . Paris , did the right thing or they would maybe have a dead K Jackson on a slab !She was so drugged he had to read a scripted pad for the public interview. When have you ever seen this lady read from a pad with her head hanging down so pathetic.


  10. She went into monatone , because whe was disapointed her check would be cut off. Not that her Grandchildren where scared to death after hearing she had a stroke and she was in doctors care.Thank God , Michaels , children are not stupid. They may have fell for this and ended up missing in another country.Randy ex wife was drowned in a swimming pool by her lover due to money . I really feel these children should have no contact with the Jackson ,Katehrine can just leave and move back into her mansion.T.J. should have full custody or part and bring back the Nanny that raised them. NO one has stood up for Paris or the other children that Knew Michael . NOt one , but the Nanny that raised them.


    1. What happened to the Nanny? The J’s got rid of her so she couldn’t interfere? Too bad that Michael didn’t give custody to someone who would not benefit in any way, didn’t need their money or fame, wasn’t Diana Ross asked and refused? The local cops will not be able to do anything, that’s my feeling, and the feds should be involved immediately before anything is signed or transferred from one individual to any entity or individual. One more thing, the kids don’t have an attorney representing just their interests without ties to the other J’s?


      1. I don’t know what the hell Michael was thinking when he picked Dianna , Ross , she didn’t want her own daughet . From what the movie about her life story showed she walked out on her daughter to become famous never looking back. She is a self serving diva ! Why would she want Michaels children if she didn’t want her own. The Nanny that raised them should have been chosen before her. The children bonded with her .


  11. @IYNN Miss Diana Ross is known as a wonderful mother and all five of her children are successful in their chose fields including real estate and acting. You are wrong. Google is your friend. You have Miss Ross’ former stage personal mixed up with real life facts. Everything you said about Miss Ross is 100% wrong easily disputed by a simple google check.


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