Queen Elizabeth’s Body Language Showed Anger and Humiliation At Olympics Opening Ceremonies

With her tight lips pursed together and  furrowed  brow and clenched jaw, there was no question that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was  very angry about something the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics.

No doubt it had something to do with her entrance into the  Olympic stadium. The Queen is a woman who is all about protocol and pomp and circumstance. She has taken her Queenly duties and her Queenly image very seriously for the past six decades. She is not used to being laughed  at or  being the brunt of a joke or  even used to making fun of herself. She is used to taking herself  and her position very seriously.

But on opening night of the Olympics, she was reduced to not following protocol in terms of how a Queen enters an room or an arena. For the first time people were laughing at her entrance and she  let it be known that she was not

amused at all.

Apparently she  or her handlers agreed to having film  shot of her with James Bond actor Daniel Craig at the Royal Palace. She may have thought that all she had to so was walk down the hallway followed by Daniel Craig and her precious Corgis and that would be the end of it.


There is no doubt that someone did not inform her that a likeness of her would be seated in a helicopter next to actor Daniel Craig.


And that the likeness would be a man


who would be dressed in the same outfit that she wore  and who would be

leaving the helicopter she was in with Daniel Craig and


parachuting into the stadium, only

for her- The real Queen, to make an entrance into the  Royal Box at the Olympic Stadium  and to only   hear the French language as she arrived. This was England and she needed to be be hearing English not French , even though French is  supposedly the official language of the Olympics.

The parachute stunt  clearly did not amuse  the 86 year old at all, who had a dour expression the rest of the evening. In essence she clearly felt that her dignity was  insulted.

Then she had to endure watching nurses on hospital beds with sick children which was to depict Health Care int he UK. She was not amused. In fact, she was angry at had to keep it all in and contain herself as any Royal has been taught to do.


Her eyes had a steely gaze and her lips were pursed as she continued to hold back her anger. When the  athletes  from the UK marched past her, she couldn’t even crack a smile


The Queen was in her own thoughts- thoughts of feeling anger and humiliation. She even resorted to picking at her fingernails and focusing on them as a means of self soothing. She was clearly upset and could not focus on anything else so she picked her nails as a means of  comforting herself.

No doubt she must have felt like sticking her finger nails into the organizer Danny Boyle,  producer of Slumdog Millionaire, and whomever else came up with the lame brained plan of her entrance into the stadium. In another century no doubt he  and the others who were responsible for this would have been sent to The Tower of London to be tortured.

But in this century it was the Queen who was tortured by having to watch an Opening Ceremony that many  UK observers believed had a political slant to it.

This is  a Queen who represents  the values and style of her ancient ancestors. Things are done in a proper way  and form and there is no room for digression or humor in her role as Queen. That is in stark contrast to Prince William who would probably have parachuted into the stadium himself and who doesn’t seem to take himself seriously, thanks to the upbringing by his late  mother Diana.

But the Queen is of a different era and her sensitivities were clearly not considered. There is no doubt that she felt like a buffoon with billions of people around the world looking on. Thus one can understand why she wasn’t amused and couldn’t shake her feelings of  anger humiliation which she endured throughout  the entire evening,

No doubt she probably wanted to leave but felt that it was her Queenly obligation to stay and suffer through it all.