Drew Peterson’s Cocky And Laughing Body Language May Change As His Trial Begins

Seeing Drew Peterson, the Illinois policeman who was accused of killing his third wife Kathleen Savio, laugh and joke and take things so lightly as he stepped into the courtroom for his trial, was disconcerting. He acted as though this is just an amusement and a waste of his time because there is “no evidence.”

There is no doubt a jury will pick up on his cockiness and smirks and be turned off.  Even though the jury has been warned by the judge to be dispassionate, how can one be dispassionate if someone is sitting in front of them, smirking and looking at this like it is a big joke.


Perhaps one of the reasons Drew has been so cocky is that his attorney may have convinced him that there would be a mistrial  But that turned out to not be the case. In fact   Judge  Edward Burmila decided against declaring a mistrial in Drew Peterson’s murder case yesterday . The did criticize prosecutors for entering inadmissible evidence and even seriously entertained the possibility to canceling the trial. But in the end the judge  conclude that Peterson can still can get indeed  a fair trial.

Before he made his ruling that ending the trial would be unnecessary, Judge Burmila wondered aloud whether the testimony made Peterson “appear menacing in jurors’ eyes and undermined his shot at a fair trial.”

What makes Peterson menacing may not be the testimony but his own demeanor and how he handles himself in the courtroom. There is no doubt that Drew was not one to listen to the advice go his attorneys or their consultants when it came to Jury Preparation for the simple fact that he never intended for the trial to take place due to a mistrial.

Now it may be too late to prepare him in terms of how to handle himself in the courtroom. So what you see will be Drew Peterson going through all of his stages of  tried. He will be in denial and continue with his cockiness. You may begin to see his anger surface, especially if he sees things aren’t looking too good for him as the trial progresses.

There is no doubt that Drew thought he would be home by now, doing the TV show circuit and perhaps victimizing other women.


18 thoughts on “Drew Peterson’s Cocky And Laughing Body Language May Change As His Trial Begins

    1. You & me, I’m sick of seeing him. Talk about selling targets of his face, I can’t believe they sold Targets of Trayvon Martin ( A teen) when someone lik DP is really deserving of it!


  1. Peterson is his own worst enemy, so I’m glad he doesn’t feel the need to conceal his arrogant, cocky, creepy and inappropriate behavior. Let’s see how he does when he finally realizes he’s going to prison for the rest of his life and, like Scott Peterson, will never have a parole board who thinks he’s “cute”.


  2. This should have been taken care of way sooner Its been the Drew Peterson show the law drags it out so the media drags it out like entertainment for some,the movie ,now the live court show…


    1. Goes to show ya, Victims have no rights, Their lives are taken in a second flat but the murderer don’rt even begin to pay for that for years.and he still gets a jury after that to see if he will pay period…I wish when someone’s life is taken we should all vote just like we do for a president, No stalling……cheaper…getter done!


      1. I think I love him and I will marry him and charish him for the rest of his life. Don’t that just make you ill ! I would love to take him skiing on the highest mountain availvable and just leave him there with no survival gear in the middle of the night.


      2. Me too though he ain’t worth the gas bill to take him there…But I gotcha! The sorry excuse for a human! If I lived in Illinois I’d sue him for taking fresh air a heavy smoker such as myself could use!


      3. But we must cherish them and just pay high taxes to treat them like famous celebrities when they behave like monsters. Sick , but this is the real story besides the ones they profit from after there arrested.


  3. He has been cocky and arrogant from the very start, before his arrest. I know he killed both Stacy and Kathy and so does most of America however, bottom line, if the jurors follow instruction ( beyond a reasonable doubt) I think he will be found NG. There just is not any concrete evidence circumstantial or factual.It will be another OJ.
    Lynn in the big TEXAS


    1. Almost all cases are won or lost on the circumstantial evidence presented, like building a house, brick by brick, if not for this … than that would not have happened… and so on. I think there will be forensic evidence presented that will seal the deal. I’m hoping.


      1. Let’s hope so but it will be difficult after all these years and an initial ruling of accidental death to find “evidence” it will come down to a battle of the experts for the prosecution and defense and I am hoping that all does not “get lost in the rhetoric” as was the Casey Anthony case.


      2. I am sad to say I am originally from Clearwater, FL, the jury idiot pool who let that baby killer walk. I’m confident, well, hopeful that Drew will hang himself with his “personality”. Jurors are human beings and they get pissed off, so I understand, at defendants playing the fool in court. Not sure if his lawyers have any way to rein him in. Me, I’m hoping he acts like the jackass he is and laughs all the way to a life sentence.


  4. Ho Dr Glass, That cockiness Drew has just shows what a price of ….. ( I bet my comment won’t get posted if I say it lol ) he is. I wanted to let you know that there is a blog called Justice Cafe, the Defense has been criticizing them. The blog has been covering the petersonstory since 2009, in honor of Drew’s victims. In Session wanted them to appear on their show, contrary to the defense saying they are looking for fame, they denied their invitation and called in instead. the blog has update details etc. also, wanted to point out to you Dr. Glass, one story in that blog comes from a family member how Drew had him help him carry a container and he believed it was later Stacy’s body. So much disturbing information on that man Dr G.


  5. Interesting subject. I noted that when the guilty verdict was read today, he sarcastically said to his attorneys, “good job.” I really doubted that a narcisisst like this would be able to conceal his self-defeating attitude during trial.


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