Blanket Jackson Continues to Be Absolutely Miserable 2 Years After Father Michael Jackson’s Death

When I saw the series of photos of Blanket Jackson, Michael’s youngest child, I felt like to cry.   I felt as miserable as he was feeling, just from looking at the photos of him near his father’s artwork. They were taken at a ceremony to unveil Michael’s drawings to be auctioned off to raise money for Children;s Hospital in Los Angeles.

The photos showcased his amazingly talented father’s work as an artist . Here were see poor Blanket so sad faced and holing his hands together for self comfort. He may even be holding on to something for self comfort as he watches his auntie Latoya and brother Prince smiling as they unuveil the pictrure. He looks so terribly sad as this reminds him of how much he misses his daddy.


Here Blanket’s body language is very telling in terms of how terribly disturbed he is by this unveiling of Michael’s works. He covers this stomach area with his entire arm  and his fingers are cupped on that hand. It reveals that he is very upset by having to deal with looking at his father’s drawings.It may literally be making him sick to his stomach. His body is turned away from the drawing and his shoulder is raised. In essence he is literally giving a cold shoulder to the drawing. He could care less that the Mayor of LA is there next to him, The look on Prince’s face is heart wrenching. Here he looks at it out of the corner of his eyes but he really doesn’t want to look at it   so as he pulls his head away to the side. This indicates how much he painfully misses his father.

With his head bowed  down and is spread out stiff fingers which are a subconscious attempt to literally push out the pain, he feels terribly sad. he Big sister Paris watches over him from the side as he knows her baby brother is having a hard time.

Blanket seems to be in a world  of on his own. He stands in the foreground and self comforts with his fingers up to his mouth. He looks very disconnected and very sad.Even though he is with his family he sill draws no  comfort from them. Auntie Latoya is concerned about  him and has a watchful eye on him to  sure he is OK. She knows that this has been very hard Blanket.

After seeing these heartbreaking photos  of Blanket  it shows the profound loss of Michael and the severe effect his death had on his son. As the trial of  Dr.Conrad Murray approaches it will be this image of Blanket it  will stick in my mind.

Yes Michael had a drug problem. I know a very professional  physician refused to succumb Michael’s insistent requests for substances he had no business having. He told  me that   he told Michael  point blank that he could not  a part  of his drug problem and that he needed to get into rehab and would help do so. Michael did not do so. Instead he found a doctor who would do whatever he said and do whatever he wanted.

And please don’t write to tell me Michael was not on drugs. I realize you are just being a loyal fan, but you do not know.You have not seen him up close and personal. You have not seen him  high. I  have  seen him acting high in Beverly Hills , as have others, including those who have treated him.  Hifs family knew he had drug issues and repeatedly wanted to do an intervention but Michael would not let them near him.

He found an in debt doctor, Conrad Murray who would do anything for the money, even give Michael the drug he wanted- propophol. No doctor in their right mind would do this outside of an operating room. But desperate doctors do desperate things. What bothers me the most is Murray didn’t care about  Michael. If he did he would never have left him alone while he was chatting up his lady over the phone.

Even though Michael was killing himself all along with the drugs, I believe.  Dr Murray put the final nail in Michael’s coffin. They both played a part in this terrible death. By  Michael’s drugging and Murray’s acquiescing  , they  failed to realize that they also killed the spirit of a precious little boy, Banker who will never get over this and who’s life will forever be shaped by  his artist and singer father’s untimely death


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  1. RESPONSE?? It’s good to see you finally gave us one ,we have all been worried and started to call a search team to find you,LoL


  2. I agree he looks sad! I think it could be that he is sad that these treasures are being sold and he is not in favor of it. When I see these photos I think of how lucky I was to be born to the weird bunch I was born to. Frankly, my mother would have beat the tar out of me if I could not stop looking like a brat at a big event like this. It was the 50’s and she took no crap. This chid has too many people fussing over him and letting him believe that he runs the show. He’s privileged and sad. Poor and sad is actually better. MOO


  3. It’s heartbreaking to see this. This is a testament that money doesn’t cure all. At this time he’s like any other child who has lost a parent and misses them dearly. I pray that he’s being given the support he needs and counseling. Grieving is normal, but if his loneliness continues into the future, his pain could come out in a different, negative way.It would be painful to see him fall into the very thing that took his father out of this world. Hugs to you, Blanket. Thanks, Dr. Glass


  4. Sorry to throw a turd in the punchbowl, but could this kid be upset and have conflicted emotions (cold shoulder to drawing) as a result of being molested as a young child? I’m not trying to throw in a “national enquirer” moment here, but I am convinced MJ was a pedaphile and that his family knew it.


    1. Seriously? How can you even say such a thing? The FBI, DCFS and the District Attorney all investigated Michael and came up with no evidence that Michael was a child molester. Michael had thousands of kids at Neverland through the years. You think that he only chose a few kids to victimize? The man was innocent. If he was truly a child molester, there would have been dozens upon dozens of kids coming out and saying that he hurt them. Nobody did.

      The first kid refused to testify in the trial about the second kid, even though the settlement Michael’s insurance company made was in no way an admission of guilt on Michael’s part or a way to stop the boy from testifying. There was no criminal case in the first allegations, because after the insurance company paid the settlement, the family decided they didn’t want to pursue charges. Who does that? Who accepts money and lets your kid’s abuser walk free? The second family was a bunch of grifters. The kids had lied on the stand before, as had the mother, and there was no evidence. The witnesses for the prosecution were all cut down by Mr. Jackson’s lawyer, because they were not credible, and many of them had either accepted money from the tabloids for their stories or were disgruntled ex-employees. There was no evidence whatsoever.

      If there was any indication that those children were being abused, the DCFS would have taken them away when Michael was on trial.

      Blanket is clearly sad because he misses his father. There is no time limit on grief. For you to assume that he is sad because he was molested is disgusting. Those kids have spoken about how they love their father, and insinuating that he abused his children when there is NO REASON whatsoever to believe that is just wrong. The man is dead, his children miss him and loved him, and clearly Blanket doesn’t like being in the limelight. Just because a little boy is missing his dad and doesn’t like the paparazzi is no reason to jump to a hideous conclusion such as that.


  5. I don’t know and I have to agree to disagree,But I never thought he did that,Doesn’t add up but I do think he had an addiction.he just had a lot of money people wanted easy access to though I never thought he was his kids real father,But I don’t know how Blanket can’t be,It’s like looking at MJ!
    You don’t have to be blood (Adoptee myself) but just saying I didn’t think he Fathered a child? Till now! you can tell by the actions of his kids even when he first passed,”They adored him” Not enough Father’s who were so dedicated and when it happens I want to reward it! jmo Not being argumentative,LoL


    1. Blanket sure looks like Michael, doesn’t he? I’ve always told people that who your father is doesn’t matter. Who you call Daddy when you wake up in the night with bad dreams, who will read you that same story 100 times, who will play catch and have tea parties and build legos, and be there when (s)he’s awesome – and when he isn’t, who teaches you to drive, and waits for you to get home safe anyway, the man who walks you down the aisle/can’t wait to meet his new daughter-in-law – the man that’s your DADDY, whether by blood, marriage or something else….he’s who matters.


  6. Michael had Lupus, an extremely painful disease I know all too much about, yes, he was addicted to opiods, but you can’t , unless you’ve been there, imagine the incredible amount of pain he was in. I don’t think this was an accident, I think Michael couldn’t take it anymore. My husband told me that during one particular bad, painful flair that cost me a year olf my life, I begged an ER nurse to O.D. me on Dialauded and put me out of my pain, of course that didn’t happen ,but if someone had just left it around, at that moment, I may have just done it myself, especially being that he had a port on him. SO easy to access IV drugs taht way, Flush, Drug, Flush Even though I’m in remission, Lupus still has had irreversable damage to me. I still live with pain I still sleep for days at a time and there are days at a time sleep never comes at all.It’s a terrible thing horrible thing, again if you haven’t experienced it first hand, you just have no idea…this poor baby he’ll never be ok I know that too…


    1. I feel for you, I know what an illness can do even if I can’t imagine the degree of your physical pain. Sounds like you are fortunate to have such a husband who is so compassionate!


  7. I haven’t but I was a housekeeper for a lady a few yrs ago who had Lupus and she was in terrible pain and addicted to painkillers and she Od’d as well,I’m sorry to have to say but She wasn’t as lucky as you were! She was 40~ Younger than I was!


  8. I can see where od can happen if you have lupus you are as dependant on pain killers to give you life as cancer patients are to chemo therapy it is hell, i’m on ly 35 and had a heartattack early in the year, lost 2 friends to lupus who were around my age this year very very sad It is a living hell… really


  9. Thank you Dr. Glass, I agree with what you wrote about Blanket completely.

    Rich or poor losing a parent, especially at a young age or critical development point, is devastating! He seems genuinely sad and in pain!!! No doubt there are special memories attached to those pictures Michael did. He feels like is losing a part of his memories in those pics being sold. I lost my Dad at 13 (not death but a complicated, messy divorce) and I can relate to the sadness and pain Blanket feels.

    Once a woman said to me we keep certain clothes (at least we did) for decades because those pieces of clothes have a memory attached to them. It struck me how correct it was, at least for me (those special dresses I will keep forever, two armfuls but I can’t part with them!).


  10. I just noticed that the first photo shows that Blanket wrote on the drawing and signed it too. It would be interesting to know if that was his idea or not. Another observation ….those are great drawings! It sort of makes me wonder if there was anything Michael Jackson could not do!


  11. If eyes are windows to the soul,I see nothing but sheer pain,You can tell he lost someone that meant the world to him,Even if we didn’t know he had! He loved his Daddy and he looks so lonesome,Deep in his eyes you can see nothing but pain and grief!
    God Bless him!


  12. Boy, those kids got big fast. And really change. And for sure they are not his real kids. Adopted, I don’t care what anybody says.


  13. Amen,I couldn’t agree more. As an adoptee I can relate,I had a bio mum but the real one took care of me,
    I didn’t grow under her heart but I grew in it,LoL


  14. I cannot see any resemblance between Blanket and Michael Jackson at Blanket’s age. Blanket looks Hispanic to me and I do not believe Michael fathered any children biologically. Not that it matters–if you want to know who “Daddy” is, ask the child. They will tell you. I believe Michael Jackson loved his children and loved them to the best of his ability. I also believe he was a deeply flawed and disturbed individual. Did anyone else see the video of Prince and Paris singing Michael’s version of, “You are my sunshine”? Remember the last line of the chorus taught to them? “Please don’t take my Daddy away”? What kind of phrase is that to teach to a small child?


    1. I agree. Blanket, (nutty name) looks like he could come from India. Like that real old days actor Sabu. Caylee sang “You are my sunshine” too. Remember. I wonder wuo taught her that.


      1. wow that’s an unfair thing to say, people go into remission from Lupus all of the time, I am in one now, people recover from addiction all of the time, that’s a horrible thing to say about someone who loves and cares for their kids as obviously he did, thank God the rest of us don’t have open book lives for the public to pick apart


  15. Dr. Glass,

    I have spent time, like many others, watching the Jackson family interviews. On multiple occasions the family has spoken about Blanket being painfully shy. As a person who has studied body language for 23 years I too see a grief stricken young boy. Also studying grief for for 20 years I am aware that his understanding of death, at his age, is quite limited and the concepts of loved ones leaving this earth is unimaginable. If he is in fact painfully shy, it also could cause exaggerated mannerisms. For example you never see him making eye contact. Also, in a crowd his head is down.

    Before his father’s death, he was exposed to a limited about of outside stimuli. His brother and sister were older, they had more understanding of why their dad kept them out of the public eye. They also could fathom the the popularity of their dad as well as his love for making the world a better place. They also are closer in age which allowed them to have each other to play with and talk to. Blanket was alone when it came to having a sibling his age.

    I also believe in birth order Michael and Paris were destined to be stronger personalities as well as leader. As the third child Blanket is more than likely more protected.

    I pray for these children to have the heart Nd world vision as MJ had. While at the same time having a “normal” upbringing. No Joe Jackson to force them into being cash cows. I truly think that will happen with the love of Grandma and his caring Aunties. I pray for them to make good and healthy choices and to be there for each other when times get tough.

    Having lost my father at the age of 31, I know that it’s hard at any age. My oldest son was 7 and spent time with his papa everyday. He was his best friend. Just yesterday we were talking and at 16 he had tears in his eyes when he said to me “mom there is so much I can’t remember about him anymore and that hurts”. Blanket will never have the memories that his older siblings have and I’m sure it hurts. So before we decide who to blame or assume he is spoiled or was molested, let’s remember he is a shy young boy who’s world was rocked when his father died. He has mourned in a fishbowl unlike others who can retreat. Pray for he and his family the peace that only God can give, not a peace of jurors can decide.


    1. Lovely and written with clear insight. I had tears in my eyes when I read what your son said about his papa! I think about my younger brothers having lost my Dad and what a profound effect that has had in their lives.


      1. Thank you, unfortunately my family has been exposed to many tragic deaths and some deaths that linger. I lost a child at 5 months. I was shy when I was very young I hated hospitals and funeral homes. One of my first job was at a County Hospital. Next I moved to rehabilitation and assisted with post mortoum care. At 28 years old I learned that death is just a beautiful as birth. I know is sounds gross but there is peace in tending to the deceased. Again thank you for your compliment and I pray for your family.


  16. I was relieved when the decision was made to remove the cousins from the homestead- i was really afraid Micheals kids would be taken advantage of- mistreated- not maliciously but the way kids do- by the more worldy older cousins. So, the tazor incident- and CPS involvment turned out to be a good thing. I have to give Micheal credit- it certainly appears he did an excellent job of raising these beautiul children.


  17. These pictures of Blanket are just heart rending. They viscerally display his vulnerability and pain. These three kids not only lost the love of their lives they also did not have the “other” parent in their lives to buffer the loss. They never got to say goodbye. They were completely uprooted (had to be) but research shows that this does complicate the loss.

    Children grieve just as deeply as adults, but they express it differently. Because their attention span is shorter, for example, they tend to move in and out of grief, and the symptoms of grief may come and go, varying in intensity. Their response is based on the knowledge and skills available to them at the time of their loss. Having had less experience with crisis and its consequences Blanket’s repertoire of coping skills is simpler, and his capacity to confront the reality of his father’s death is more limited. Grief is such hard work.

    The grief that accompanies the loss of a parent as a child (as opposed to such a loss as an adult) is made more complex by the fact that the child has to integrate this loss into his life as part of growing up and becoming an adult. As the child reaches different plateaus in his life and experiences the rites of passage that mark the transition from childhood to adulthood (such as graduations, getting a driver’s license, and proms), he does so without the parent. In the face of the parent’s absence, more often than not, the event becomes another opportunity to revisit the grief and another challenge to integrate it into the child’s life. Death ends a life, but it doesn’t end a relationship.

    A few years ago I attended a workshop with adults who had lost a parent as a child. The majority of participants agreed that they would trade one year of their life for one more day with their departed parent. However, about 59 percent of people who lost a parent at a young age think they have become stronger as a result, saying that losing a loved one gave them a greater appreciation of family relationships.

    I was so surprised to see these paintings that Michael did. I had no idea that he was a gifted and talented artist. They are very beautiful. I’ve always thought that he was a genius.

    As convinced as I am that Conrad Murray recklessly, quite irresponsibly, and thoroughly incompetently killed his patient, I know that MJ indirectly sought out the services of CM expressly for the purpose of administering IV Propofol and other meds but that is irrelevant. The licensed doctor had the MUCH higher responsibility to safeguard the life of his patient. And, IMO, he egregiously failed to do so. I also am very disappointed that CM is only facing 4 years in prison for what he has done.

    The conduct of Dr. Murray has been quite disturbing to me. Patients still express concern from time to time that we do not use “the drug that killed MJ” on them. The first thing I tell those patients is that we should not blame the drug– Propofol is a miraculous, and safe, anesthetic drug– in the right circumstances and setting, for the right patients, and the right indications, when given by a knowledgeable and vigilant practitioner. These are not the circumstances under which MJ was receiving this drug, and there is only one person who holds that blame, Conrad Murray.

    His actions departed VERY far from any accepted medical practice. It is pure folly that Murray wasn’t aware that what he was doing could kill someone– is he really THAT stupid? I guess so. We will see if the jury agrees.

    Propofol has absolutely no indication, on-label or OFF label, or in published or anecdotal literature, for use in the outpatient or home setting, for the reasons Murray said he was using it– treatment of insomnia. So, to suggest or imply that there is some kind of standard of care for a cardiologist, anesthesiologist, CRNA, doctor, lawyer, nurse, or layperson to administer Propofol to someone in a private home would be to give in to the urge to analyze Murray’s actions AS IF they were legitimate medical care. NOTHING about what Murray did constituted legitimate medical care.

    The use of injectable Propofol and injectable benzodiazepines in a HOME setting for relief of insomnia in a presumably healthy 50 year old man IS NOT MEDICAL CARE.

    To address the issue of “standard of care.” This really amused me when I read that line of questioning from the preliminary hearing, because to even begin a conversation about what IS or IS NOT standard of care, one has to agree that what Murray was providing met a definition of some kind of LEGITIMATE medical care.

    So, there is NO standard of care for what Murray was doing. That is the whole point. Just because Murray sports “M.D.” after his name does NOT mean that anything he wants to do outside of a hospital is legitimate medical care. We do not treat ANY patients IN hospitals for insomnia with injectable Propofol, so how can there possibly be a “standard of care” for Murray to do this in a private home?

    Even if Murray had carted in truckloads of monitors and equipment, and converted the “treatment bedroom” to a fully functional operating suite, he would STILL not have met any standard of care, or have been in compliance with any legitimate use of that drug! EVEN if he was an anesthesiologist!

    And I will say this, also: Conrad Murray would NEVER have received clinical privileges in ANY hospital to do what he was doing in that bedroom. The letters M.D. after his name are NOT sufficient to receive clinical privileges to administer sedation and/ or anesthesia in a hospital– he would have had to document a bunch of training and education to receive those privileges, and document a legitimate need to have the privileges, as a cardiologist. Even then, the insurance carriers, hospital medical staff committee, and hospital attorneys would have a LOT of heartburn about giving him privileges to personally perform sedation and anesthesia in a hospital.

    There is NO legitimate medical indication for the use of Propofol and boatloads of injectable benzodiazepines in a home care setting for the treatment of insomnia in a healthy 50 year old person! Therefore, there is NO standard of care to be met. That is precisely why Murray’s actions were criminal and not “mere” civil negligence.

    And if the defense thinks they can find a Board Certified Cardiologist as an expert witness, who will come in and say that what Murray was doing met the standard of care for a Board Certified Cardiologist who was treating a patient at home for insomnia by using IV Propofol, well, GOOD LUCK with that search, defense team! How many Cardiologists are going to stick their neck out for Conrad Murray on this one? That would be professional suicide.

    Tim Lopez (Pharmacist, owner of Applied Pharmacy Services, Las Vegas), who personally interacted with CM, and filled his orders from the compounding pharmacy where CM ordered medications he used to treat MJ; testified that CM ordered Propofol (and other meds) four times. From the receipts I’ve noted that CM appeared to be ordering Propofol about every 4 weeks toward the end, and that he ESCALATED his orders after the first ordering cycle. Order 2 and order 3 are only two weeks apart, and order 4 doubles the box of small vials.

    Let’s do a bit of math: that is 15,500cc of Propofol in about 8 weeks or so. That is more than 15 liters of Propofol. Nearly 4 GALLONS of Propofol. A mere 12 unopened vials (unknown sizes) were found in the mansion, and there were 2 weeks left in CM’s ordering cycle of 4 weeks. So, is that a lot of Propofol? Enough to drop an elephant, several times over.

    Let’s look at a comparison, to understand just HOW much Propofol CM was ordering for ONE patient. A local small hospital near where I live does about 35 cases a week in the O.R. using varying amounts of Propofol per patient. They use less than a liter (1000cc) a week for ALL 35 patients combined.

    It is highly unlikely that CM was ordering all of these vials just to line them up on the shelves of the walk-in closet. He ORDERED that much because he was USING that much, plain and simple. The particular sizes of vials he chose to order is HIGHLY significant, also, and relevant to the Death Drip technique. Knowing that Propofol must be discarded after 6 hours to prevent blood infections in patients, once a vial is opened, it has to be used or discarded. So if he planned to give small amounts, CM would have ordered all small vials (the 20cc size), to minimize wastage.

    There would have been no incentive to try to “save over” an opened bottle, because CM could simply order more trays of 20cc vials instead of big ones.

    The choice to order large 100cc vials was deliberate– he had at least 2 size choices. A 20cc vial of generic Propofol costs our hospital $1.33, and a 100cc bottle costs $9.43. These are wholesale prices, NOT RETAIL. Lopez’ pharmacy would have marked it up, but even if he tripled or quadrupled the price, that was “peanuts” in the big scheme of how much money was available. We don’t know if CM himself paid out of his contract fee, but I’m betting he did (or thru his NV clinic billing), because if AEG Inc. had set up the billing at the pharmacy, we would have heard about it.

    I noticed the amount of 100cc vials ordered: 40 per order beginning April 28th. Simple math says that CM’s administration to MJ was averaging about 1 to 2 100cc bottles every night. (Plus a boatload of other meds.) This is NOT the usage pattern of a patient who is weaning off of anything. CM’s final order June 10th doubled the small vials from 25 to 50 ordered.

    The expected range of Propofol that should be measured in the blood after a bolus dose of 2.5mg per kg (kilogram) of body weight is 1.3 to 6.8 ug/ ml (where the u is the abbreviation for micrograms). MJ blood analysis at post mortem is indicative of a dose roughly 8 times bigger than what CM claims to have given. This article explains in great detail that a 138 lb woman who was found to have been murdered with Propofol had blood levels astonishingly similar to MJ’s, who weighed 136 pounds at autopsy

    Any investigation of Applied Pharmacy Services would be (I believe) on the Las Vegas end, and not necessarily as part of this investigation. From the preliminary hearing, the Pharmacist did the due diligence he was required to do: verify the individual was allowed to purchase drugs. Remember, the first shipment ordered was delivered locally to Dr. M’s Las Vegas clinic. When the delivery person got there, Dr. M asked that part of the order, the Propofol, be forwarded to his “clinic” in Santa Monica.

    Dr. Murray made an attempt to clean up the scene by instructing Alberto Alvarez (the Bodyguard) what to do. However, all the items Alvarez testified he collected under Murray’s instructions were located in the adjoining closet/room by the coroner’s investigator days later.

    Dr. Murray told detectives in the taped interview that he was giving MJ Propofol every night for eight weeks. Although he STATED that he was giving him only 50cc’s a night, we know that can’t be true because of the amount found in Jackson’s body at autopsy.

    If it was true that he was ONLY giving Jackson 50cc a night, why order the 100ml bottles? Once opened Propofol bottles pass the six hour shelf life, have to be discarded.

    Murray is a cardiologist yet he was doing totally ineffective CPR (very belatedly) using only one hand to perform chest compressions on a soft bed and not performing any breaths to ventilate.

    My personal opinion is that CM is an accomplished liar– beginning with a string of mistresses and out-of-wedlock children that he had difficulty “remembering” to support financially. To be sure, $150,000 a month is a potent incentive, IMO, to do a lot of things that one might not do for other, less wealthy or less prominent people.

    Trouble is, once I started looking, I found so many lies that I really don’t have time to discuss ALL of them. So I decided to just focus on a few (ok, 10) of the really BIG whoppers that led directly to the Propofol Death Drip that CM absolutely denies he ever had hanging the morning of June 25, 2009. So, that leads us to lie #1.

    Lie #1:
    Conrad Murray needs to tell the truth. The truth is, everything that Conrad Murray did afterwards was to cover his tracks. He has given two timelines. He told the police that he gave Michael the Propofol at 10:40 a.m. and when he returned from the bathroom at 10:50, he found Michael not breathing and immediately began CPR. However, the problem with that story is that the 911 call was not made until 12:21 p.m. Within that time span of 1 hour and 20 minutes, Conrad Murray had made three phone calls that totaled approximately 47 minutes. During that time, however, none of those phone calls were to 911. CM has yet to answer why 911 had not been called for 1 hour and 20 minutes after Michael Jackson stopped breathing. The paramedics stated that when they arrived at 12:30, MJ appeared to have been dead for hours. They would have, under normal circumstances, taken Michael to the coroner’s office, but Murray insisted that they take him to the hospital.

    Lie #2:
    Conrad Murray was providing LEGITIMATE medical care for MJ’s intractable insomnia by dosing him with injectable Propofol and injectable benzodiazepines EVERY NIGHT for at least 8 weeks. (The lie is that it was legitimate medical care. I absolutely believe MJ had insomnia.)

    Testimony of Orlando Martinez, Law Enforcement Officer who conducted an official recorded interview with CM and his attorneys.

    “In describing these evenings, last couple days, did he tell you he’d been giving MJ Propofol every single night for over 2 months?

    Lies #3 & #4:
    Conrad Murray was trying to wean MJ off of Propofol. (Laughable, yes) CM was giving Propofol to MJ as a treatment for insomnia. (Lie #3)

    4 gallons of Propofol ordered in about 8 weeks time for only one intended recipient (not patient; see Lie #2 above) is not a pattern of weaning anybody off of Propofol. And I am personally outraged that he was so meticulous in his ordering of Propofol and benzodiazepines, but this CARDIOLGIST did not order any CARDIAC LIFE SUPPORT medications from that pharmacy. Why? Because he simply never anticipated that he would need them? Impossible.

    Questions for Conrad Murray:
    Who did you consult about your concerns about MJ’s Propofol use? Who advised you to continue to give him Propofol? Did you consult any specialists with specialized knowledge about Propofol addiction, or daily Propofol abuse? Or did you make the decision to give MJ Propofol on your own? What sources or references can you show us that support the use of IV Propofol for the treatment of insomnia in the home setting? Who are other peers, doctors, or Cardiologists, who are using IV Propofol in a home setting for the treatment of insomnia? Who have you talked to about using Propofol in this manner? Have you published any anecdotal reports in peer reviewed journals about the emerging indications for IV Propofol as a home care treatment for severe insomnia? Are you conducting investigational studies about using IV Propofol as a home care treatment for insomnia? Please show us any notes or records you have about using IV Propofol at home as a treatment for insomnia.

    As to Lie #4, that Propofol was somehow a legitimate treatment for insomnia, I will offer that Murray’s goals for his treatment (benzodiazepines and Propofol) was to induce a level of unconsciousness equivalent to a general anesthetic. Heavy use of benzodiazepines and Propofol, and other poly-pharmacy, tend to upset the body’s natural ability to sleep. Anesthesia is NOT the same thing as sleep. General Anesthesia is more like Coma than sleep.

    Lie #5:
    Conrad Murray was guilted, manipulated, finagled, finessed, maneuvered, persuaded, railroaded, arm twisted, tricked, fooled, or otherwise “FORCED” into giving Propofol to MJ. Lots and lots of IV Propofol. Over and over. Every night for AT LEAST 8 weeks straight, by his own report. And four enormous pharmacy orders, just for MJ. (And I’m havin’ a really hard time mustering up sympathy for CM here)
    CM’s 4-Part plan of care related to Propofol should have been:
    1. Say “no.”
    2. You are a big, strong, tall DOCTOR. Walk away, DOCTOR, walk away.
    3. Just say NO!
    4. Get this man, MJ, your PATIENT the care that he so DESPERATELY needed.

    If CM had done any of the above four things, MJ might still be alive.

    Conrad Murray has seven children. Wouldn’t you think at some point, during a parenting moment, he would have had to say “NO”? So, he should be very practiced at saying “NO”, right? What am I missing here…..hmmmmm…..oh yes. A little incentive in the amount of $150,000 A MONTH. That might be just a wee bit persuasive, if one is inclined to be totally unethical and a criminal.

    Lies #6, #7, and #8:
    Dr. Murray, a Cardiologist, believed successful resuscitation from asystole was possible at UCLA Medical Center. He was frantic to reach the hospital quickly so that advanced measures could be utilized to successfully resuscitate MJ. (Lie #6)

    Well, he was certainly frantic, but not because he didn’t have an intra-aortic balloon pump (IAPB) available in the “treatment” bedroom of the rented mansion.

    He was frantic to start cleaning up all of the evidence of the Propofol, as we have heard from Antonio Alvarez. So frantic, that calling 911 must have slipped his mind for 20 minutes or so. So frantic that he forgot that 20 minutes of pulseless arrest means the victim has virtually no chance of being successfully resuscitated, and if his heart is miraculously restarted, his brain is very likely mush. So frantic that he, a Cardiologist, panicked and forgot how to do proper CPR. So frantic he forgot that there was an ambu bag to ventilate his victim present in the room but never used.

    Cardiologists are extensively educated in all manner of the anatomy and physiology, health and disease processes, of the human heart. It’s their primary business.

    When paramedics hooked up the cardiac monitor to MJ in the bedroom of the mansion, and he saw aysytole with occasional agonal spasms of PEA (pulseless electrical activity), he knew his patient was dead. Unless Conrad Murray was asleep in every single class he ever took related to Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and also slept through his entire internship, fellowship, and board certification process, HE of all people at the scene KNEW the likelihood of resuscitation for MJ was essentially zero. He knew when he saw asystole, and a few errant bits of electrical activity, that the game was over. And he KNEW at that moment that he had been out of the room yakking on his cell phone for FAR too long.

    Make no mistake– Conrad Murray KNOWS that asystole with bits of agonal PEA in a 50 year old man with a healthy heart is a very LATE stage of cardiac arrest. There was NO doubt in Murray’s mind about what he was seeing. There was NO doubt that the asystole was from any other cause than a long respiratory arrest that deteriorated into a long cardiac arrest. Murray KNEW the window for successful resuscitation was past. But he didn’t want to be the one to both CAUSE the cardiac arrest AND call the code and pronounce the victim dead.

    So he LIED (Lie #7) again to the paramedics and didn’t tell them all the meds MJ had received, most especially, Propofol. So they loaded up the ambulance and headed to UCLA Medical Center.

    Where CM LIED (Lie #8) again, to multiple members of the ER resuscitation staff, who asked him for a history of the arrest, and what meds the victim had received. Again, that Propofol seems to have slipped his mind. Ask yourself, WHY would a DOCTOR who is certain he provided appropriate care, LIE about the meds he gave the victim?

    Dr. Conrad Murray could not possibly have foreseen that any of his actions surrounding the administration of propofol to MJ could have caused the death of MJ. (Lie #9)

    (To be accurate, Lie #9 has been told and promulgated by CM’s defense attorney on CM’s behalf, but I’m including it here anyway.)

    If that is true, then Conrad Murray is the dumbest doctor on planet earth, IMO. A layperson or elementary school student could have foreseen that death was a possibility in that bedroom, using an IV surgical anesthetic to help a man in his home, battle “insomnia”. How is it remotely possible that CM did not anticipate that death could be a possible outcome?

    Hubris. And $150,000 a month.

    Hubris whispered to CM that he was a big, strong, smart, important, infallible DOCTOR. Hubris told CM he could do whatever he wanted to do in the name of medical care in that private home. And the laws allowed CM to do just that. Until we change the laws about what doctors are allowed to do in private homes and offices, these situations will continue to happen, and people who trust these “doctors” will be hurt, or die as a result of their incompetence. We have extensive safeguards in place that regulate the practice and credentialing of doctors in hospitals and clinics; we minimally regulate procedures provided by doctors in private homes, or in their offices.

    Doctors should not be able to do procedures and give drugs in their offices or private homes that they would not be able to receive hospital privileges to perform. Whether we like it or not, there was nothing illegal about CM ordering 4 gallons of Propofol from a compounding pharmacy. The pharmacy did not have to notify ANY agency that this activity was occurring. No agency had oversight responsibility to make sure there was a legitimate need for that much Propofol in the “clinic” of a Cardiologist. Apparently, there is nothing illegal about shipping that Propofol through the mail or using a cargo carrier like FedEx to ship that dangerous drug to a private apartment. And yes, he lied (Lie #10) to the pharmacist Tim Lopez about THAT, too, and said the address was a “clinic” in L.A. Why did he lie if it was legal? Hmm. “Wherever I am at the moment, or wherever I’m going, is a clinic.” Hubris.

    We should all be enraged that what he did was LEGAL. Right up until he killed the person he was giving it to. The district attorney has called that involuntary manslaughter. I think it should have been charged as second degree murder. I really wish someone could explain to me why it is that a person who is driving under the influence and kills another person, is charged and punished more harshly than a DOCTOR who invents a new “off-label experimental” use for a dangerous anesthetic in a private home, and KILLS his victim?? (victim not patient) Yeah…maybe that will be the defense strategy– Conrad Murray was investigating a new off label use for Propofol. I’m looking forward to reading that in a peer reviewed Cardiology journal. CM should have a couple of years to write it up while he rests in prison, hopefully.

    The biggest gift Conrad Murray has ever received in his life was the charge of Involuntary Manslaughter, in my opinion. That gift says he was simply too stupid and oblivious to realize that the totality of what he was doing could have caused another person’s death. So in that respect, I guess the charges are correct.

    It is this particular doctor’s conduct that invokes my indignation. Incompetence and recklessness from any health care provider invokes my outrage and indignation, on behalf of the vulnerable patients who are harmed. Competence or incompetence has little to do with the letters after the name of a health care professional. A doctor is not automatically competent simply because he has M.D. after his name. The victim just happened to be a famous musician named Michael Jackson, or none of us would ever have heard of Conrad Murray. Hubris.


    1. Conrad Murray is not a board-certified cardiologist. He did a residency and fellowship in cardiology, but never completed the board’s exams. Technically, he was not a specialist.


  18. @NancyB at 5:57 – tl;dr
    That’s internet speak for too long; didn’t read. This story is not about Conrad Murray – it’s about Blanket.


  19. To Nancy B–Thank you for the excellent post. You sound a lot like the CRNA that wrote the series on the blog TRIALS AND A very interesting and informative read if you do not know about it. Conrad Murray is of course responsible for Michael Jackson’s death. To try to blame the victim is appalling–the responsibility goes with the medical license.


  20. Dysfunction. That’s what I see when looking at the Jacksons. The whole family, from before ‘The Jackson Five’, has been living with abuse, neglect, and control issues by an cruel, manipulating father. Mamma Jackson just gave up, and gave in early on.

    Truthfully, I believe that Michael would have died, regardless of what Dr. Murray did, or didn’t do.

    To me, Michael never appeared the same, after the first child molestation trial, and numerous accusations. The fact that he names his homestead “Neverland” says it all. He saw himself as the little boy who never grew up, and over time, reality deeply hurt, and destroyed this little boy’s dreams of happiness. Of never growing up. To remain a child, and be a child, was Michael’s dream.

    I’m not surprised Blanket is distraught. I could not live in that family, not for one day. I honestly do not believe Michael ever considered that he would not be there for his children, though he knew he had deep mental problems, which I believe were exacerbated by the use of prescription drugs.

    Rock and roll is a party life. Even if you don’t want drugs, they are presented to you at every turn. If you appear sad, upset, worried,…it’s like, here take a pill, that will fix it. Soon, you cannot function without the pills. That was Michael.

    Michael Jackson was a musical genius. I don’t know that we will ever see another like him, but he suffered for his gift, believe me. He paid a price that none of us would pay. He never had a normal life. Those who believe money fixes everything, are very wrong. In Michael’s case, his fame that brought him all the money, ruined his life.

    I think the kids will be alright. Maybe they will not grow up the way their Father wanted, but I like Janet, and if she stays involved, they will be loved, and cared for. Mama Jackson too. She is a loving person, it’s Daddy Jackson who should take a long walk off a short pier,…and long ago. If Daddy had not been there, Michael would have grown up poor, but loved, and lived a normal life. We would not be mourning his death today.

    However, saying that, if Daddy had not pushed Michael, we would have been greatly deprived from the plethora of outstanding, motivating, thoughtful, and creative genius that is, and was Michael Jackson.


  21. Hey Dr. Glass, What is your take on Josh and Steven Powell? Next to Casey Anthony, I think they are America’s most hated people. Jane


  22. He doesn’t look sad. He looks bored. He’s nine years old, had to dress up and sit around as adults very slowly unveil art, and talk about art, all day long. He’d probably rather be playing video games or watching cartoons.

    Besides which, it’s well known that he’s shy around people he doesn’t know, and he does not like being photographed by the press. And guess what? All throughout this event, there were people and cameras staring him down. And then they made him go up on stage in front of everyone, too.

    This isn’t rocket-science, guys.


  23. Moi, how silly of you (IMO) to have the audacity to say, “This isn’t rocket-science, guys” as you give your opinion on what or how Blanket Jackson may or may not feel. I think he looks sad. It’s not rocket science. It’s a little kid who lost his dad under unfortunate circumstances related to drugs. Thank God he has an extended family who love him.

    I confess, I initially had my doubts about Michel Jackson and his involvement with little boys. After seeing his three children and how happy they are, I accepted that Michael Jackson never used or abused innocent chidren. He was used and abused throughout his whole life and the abuse he suffered from could have easily spilled over into his private ilfe, but to my knowledge it did not.


  24. I agree. Every picture I see of blanket, he is really sad. Maybe because people keep calling him ‘blanket’. Whatever gave Michael the idea as to calling his child blanket. That’s like growing up with the name cup or spoon??

    I am sure he is a very sad little boy because Michael sheltered him and was his whole world for his entire life. He not only lost a dad, he lost a best friend because i am sure Michael spent a lot of play time with him. It’s all terribly sad and I hope they get some counseling for that child. He is the spitting image of Michael. I don’t see it in the other two, but I do in blanket.


  25. Conrad Murray was not a board-certified cardiologist, so technically, he really couldn’t refer to himself as a specialist. He completed a residency and fellowship in cardiology but never completed the board exams that allow you to be a specialist.


  26. I will pray for dear Blanket. He misses his father terribly. Poor child. I pray God have mercy on this innocent baby. I feel Blanket may be under witchcraft. They did witchcraft on Michael too when he was little, that’s why his life turned out bad. ‘They’ were jealous of cute little talented 11 year old Michael, so someone did witchcraft on him. I very extremely observant on things. They use to always, for years, take MJ’s photos with his head facing downward, because that was the least nice looking position of his face. MJ looked best with pictures taken of him directly in the face, and also with his face facing upward, but they hardly took pictures like that because he looked cute that way, they wanted pictures of him that wouldn’t give such a nice look.

    Iv’e also noticed that ‘They’ put Marlon Jackson up front in photos of the J5, to take away the good looks of the J5 group, because Marlon was the least cute of the J5 group. They also would always show Marlon 1st in footages, etc. This may have been a form of witchcraft too, to make MJ turn out looking like Marlon.

    You may say I’m crazy, but I’m not, the illuminati is real, and they were extremely jjealous of MJ sense he was a child. I’v’e noticed once he lost his good looks around age 14, they started taking proper pictures of him, because he wasn’t threat then, he wasn’t good looking anymore.

    Trust me folks, witchcraft is real, the bible says that witches are real. But I’m glad God is above all, and he will protect the innocent Blanket for my sake. ‘They’ like Prince and Paris more than Blanket because they are white and Blanket isn’t. The illuminati is white. God I pray you protect the dear child Blanket in every way, in Jesus name I pray, amen.

    I have so much to say, but I not writting a book, so… lol.


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