Casey Anthony’s Complete Body Language and Face Makeover in Ohio? Is It Really Casey or Are We Being Duped??

When I first saw the photos of  an alleged Casey Anthony which were distributed over the internet by TMZ I did not think they were of  photos of the real Casey for a number of reasons.

The new Casey was  much heavier in just three weeks, had a more bulbous nose, fuller lips and a different earlobe shape, and rounder eyes. There was also a cleft underneath her chin that was not there before.

The real  one
had a thinner upper lip and a poutier upper  lip region. Then I noticed something very strange facially in terms of her nose.

In this photo her nose suddenly did not look bulbous at the tip. Her nostril were higher and the cleft in her chin was gone.

And then there was the matter of her clothing. Remember her fuscia V necked tee she walked out of jail with? Well

She had the exact same style V neck tee in black

And she had it in white. There was also something disconcerting about her body language as she showed a more upright posture where in the courtroom she had a forward gait.

The question is can  this be  a person who looks like Casey who was culled from an ad or recommendation like they do with  Ron Smith Celebrity Lookalikes? Is it two Casey lookalikes  – one with a bulbous nose and one with a thinner nose?

Or is it the real Casey who had a swollen nose before she had nose surgery and who had the picture taken weeks later when the nose thinned down? Was the  cleft under  her chin removed at  a later date or filled in with Restyalyn? Were her lips filled in and area around her frown lines?

The fact that she wore different outfits makes me think it was staged. Real Papp shots happen on one occasion and they photos are sold to an agency ASAP. The they take more shots with different outfits in different circumstances for more money. Also in many of the shots Casey is purseless and empty handed. Who walks  without anything in your hand unless you are going running- not strolling like Casey seems to be doing.

Finally she looks into the camera. Candid shots of people are not of them looking into the lense. She looked into the lens because she knew a photographer was there. Why didn’t she put her hand out over her face or run or yell or  curse? Thats what celebs do who don’t want a camera near them. It’s a natural reactin. Casey is way too calm and collected. That is what makes me think Jose is  behind this. Look at the timing. Jose was in NYC last week hustling up some interview gigs so he is in money making mode.


It was also said in the TMZ article Casey is in the state where she was born, Ohio. Now I am sure we have ALL been had and duped. There is no way she is not cinontact with George and Cindy. George and Cindy are super close to the Edy’s, Casey’s aunt Kathy and uncle Chuck who live in the Mahoning Valley in Ohio.They own several car dealerships so money must be no object. l

No doubt they are helping her out financially until the big bucks come in. Maybe when Casey gets some gigs they will be paid instead of her so that it will always look like Casey is indigent and therefore no one can come after her. Maybe the Edy’s will dole out money she needs if she gets a house. If it is in their name no one can come after her.

The Edy’s  spoke to the NBC affiliate  about Casey  after the not guilty verdict was read. They  came out in support of George and Cindy Anthony and spoke about the not-guilty verdict and said they had helped George and Cindy Anthony with moral support during the trial. Well they have heped Casey as well, no doubt

Chuck Eddy also  said  in an interview  that while he is shocked by the not guilty verdict, his concern now is for George and Cindy Anthony and the strain the trial and the accusations may have put on their marriage.

Casey’s uncle, Chuck Eddy, had this to say about the verdict, “It was very shocking, but you know the deal is that God’s in control and I think a lot of grace was shown today. Everyone was very surprised. I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey. There you have it !  As family members they are loyal to Casey and no doubt helping her,

Then her goes on to say “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. The accusations that her defense team threw at George, Casey’s Father — I think a lot of people and the family are wondering how could she could allow that to happen?”

Eddy says faith has helped the Anthony’s get through this trial. But Eddy and his wife Kathy are haunted by a question that still remains unaswered after this 36 day trial what really happened to little Caylee? Eddy says, “If Casey knows or if she was involved I hope someday she can admit to that or she can tell us who did it, and if she truly doesn’t know I hope justice is done and they find the guilty party.”

He says

I know how we feel as family members and my prayer is for George and Cindy and their future and Lee and Casey.” He added that “Whether she (Casey) was innocent or guilty now what does she do with that, how does she move forward as a daughter and a mother who has lost a child? Because what we’ve seen so far doesn’t match a grieving  mother and that’s what everyone wants to see is a grieving mother. “

In essence her Ohio family is supporting her as you can see from the quotes. After this photo manipulation I wonder if Casey is really getting therapy to learn how to be a grieving mother so that everyone can see that grieving mother as Mr. Edy said.

Is she going to Ohio State’s Psychiatric Clinic?  Is that why she is in Cleveland?


If this is Casey she has put on weight for sure in a three week period, Is she on anti depressants which allow  for a  quick weight gain? Is she boozing it up every day and McDoanldsing it up? Or is she pregnant? She does have large breasts and a tummy.

Why in the world would Jose want the world to see Casey and now  be able to recognize her with her weight gain, filled face and changed up nose and lips? The answer is simple to me. It is so that he can have her  change herself up again after all the legal issues and  the parole situation is  gone.

Casey can then get  a second nose job making it thin and petite. She  can  dye her hair red and have it short. She can wear brown contact lenses, get a breast reduction and chin reduction and wear less form fitting clothing.

This is so disturbing to thing that we may have all been HAD with George and Cindy playing along  over the past three years to save Casey and now most likely having contact with her in Ohio. Maybe they flew to Ohio from Texas to stay with the Edys and see Casey.They would be less recognizable than if they flew from Orlando.

Whatever the case it is all too sickening. They are one big happy family again the  family loyalty that George mentioned early on won over doing the right thing.Caylee’is in a much better place than living with this TOXIC family.


885 thoughts on “Casey Anthony’s Complete Body Language and Face Makeover in Ohio? Is It Really Casey or Are We Being Duped??

      1. It’s her, she gained some weight. It’s her walk, her ‘slut strut’, her face, her movements, it’s 100% her.

  1. Dr.Glass,remember the skin tight round necked low cut shirt she wore,her boobs were huge! They dressed her different and hid those!

  2. That is Casey, she has her arms turned out, her strut turned on. I would not be surprised on bit if she knew she was being photo’d and agreed to it for a cut. After all she is headed back to Orlando tomorrow. Casey care free and strutting and shopping , moles line up, body language SCREAMS casey. Chomping her gum, stroking her hair and strutting through life. It is casey.

  3. All of those pictures are of Casey, I can do a few tricks too to look different.
    padded bra, make up, loose clothes or tight clothes. doesn’t ‘matter.
    Casey and her strut. It’s her! All of them are her.

  4. Either I’m crazy or that’s kc IMO

    Thats her strut regardless and the way she carries her hands and takes wide steps,even the glasses she wore out on bond with DC! I wonder how she got those? SINdy sent them? or kc went and got them? who knows but it’s her! no proof there just observation but I’ll show ya proof,atleast according to me and be sure to make the pix bigger when you’re in my album?

    Thanks! Sorry to be a bother but these people deserve no peace at all,jmo

      1. Civic duty? True American hero?? More like obsessed stalker. As Dr Glass stipulated, this is NOT CA. The moles have been photoshopped – a fast, simple procedure if you have the software.

  5. as soon as I saw the very 1st pic I knew it was! But I gotta slack off on posting so often which is good!
    Her leg gave her away to me,LoL

    1. Here she is front view.

      Casey Anthony’s mouth is longer and has a line going down from her mouth. Anthony looks much older and worn out then the fake Caseys.


  7. Dr. Glass, You comment on the pictures but did you watch the video too? In the video she pulls at her shirt and is touching her hair. As you’ve said in the past, she can’t keep her hands off herself! I think it was a setup and Casey made some quick bucks from Splashnews by putting on this little show. Maybe she’s freelansing and her “handlers” slipped up. If all the big money they were expecting hasn’t happened, I could really see Casey getting impatient and making her own deals. Remember her actions before and during the trial,. She’s not the kind to sit quietly on the sidelines, while others get the attention! Love your blog Dr. Glass, Jane

  8. All I know is that the entire EVIL SICK TWISTED FAMILY MAKES ME SICK! I think we have truly looked EVIL IN THE FACE by looking into the face of this family! YOU CAN’T TREAT EVIL like they have. A leopard can’t change it’s spots & the SCAMTHONY’S CAN’T CHANGE THEIRS EITHER! You can put them all in counseling with their own private shrink 24/7/365 & the shrink will be the one who comes out EVIL CRAZY! I’ve decided that I will just have to wait for GOD TO GIVE THEM JUSTICE!!!! As horrible as it was the way precious little Caylee died, God was merciful & loved her so very much that He took her away from these EVIL people…. I know that He was there with her while she was going through the horrible tragedy….

    1. ROFL,when I saw Cindys tmz pic i kept wondering,either she’s going to die today or she’s an addict.then I figured it out like you did,LoL

  9. Ohio State Psychiatric Clinic is in Columbus and is connected with the University. Did you read that she was in Cleve? Her relatives live about an hr NE of Cleveland.

    1. OSU is in Columbus, Ohio. ALso, those pictures of Casey were reported as being taken in Columbus (not Cleveland). The Anthony relatives live near Warren, Ohio, closer to Cleveland than Columbus. I do think that’s Casey in the pictures though, she’s moving around in Ohio quite a bit.

  10. I’d bet though that they used a double so people would get all frantic and find out it’s not her and then she’d go on with her life,Beautiful Life rather!
    I may be wrong but I don’t think the one looking in the cam,that was done on purpose IMO!

  11. Thank You,If it ain’t her I’m santa Claus! still jmo
    Soon as I saw that stride when she walks I started counting moles,LoL
    Couldn’t go for bed sores? she was facing the cam,rofl jmo

      1. Yea,remember how she’d strut to Bozo’s office and around those body guards when she was out on bond? She thought she was Bo Derek or somebody….little did she know we just laughed at her!
        Something else I had forgotten till just now,Remember when Padilla’s friend Tracy wore the rain coat with the hood over her face IIRC to his office posing as kc. jmo

    1. I don’t know how her boobs got bigger. In this video, [], they are deflated flapjacks. Do they give boob jobs in jail. In that video it is so obvious she’s lying. Casey Anthony got away with murdering poor little Caylee.

  12. To me, they all looked too staged. The same shirt she wore when she was released but in different colors. The same hat in all the pictures and not just any hat but one with an “O” for Ohio. What are the odds she wears the same hat everyday and one that represents her location. And certainly she would have different clothes than the same shirt in multiple colors. She looks too frumpy in the full body shot to be Casey. I haven’t seen any video clips but I don’t know if I am buying these. No manicure, no makeup – doesn’t seem like her to go out looking like this. Nor would she allow Baez to release a picture of her looking so heavy.
    Would she really be out walking alone this soon? If she is staying with an aunt and uncle, wouldn’t one of them insist on going with her to make sure she was safe? If she is walking around this freely, why wouldn’t there be all kinds of pictures of her being released that the locals have taken.

      1. Moles would be easy enough to draw on or photoshop in. I also don’t think the distance from her eyes to tip of her nose is as long in these pictures – the characteristic that had people calling her horse face. These magazines/sites make a living off of look alikes so getting the details correct is what they do.
        My opinion only but I wouldn’t be paying any money for these pictures.

    1. I agree! I don’t think her fingernails would be painted with what looks like some dark colored polish, and what about those bracelets? I can’t see her putting that type of jewelry on, besides, who bought them? Furthermore, disguised or not, I don’t believe she would be walking by herself, that would be too big of a risk right now when you consider that people are on high alert to identify anyone who even CLOSELY resembles Casey. I am convinced that this is a hoax, a distasteful one at that!

      1. Maybe, but it just looks juvenile to me. I know, I know…’ll say Casey IS juvenile. I guess it’s like she’s the same age she was when she entered prison, fashion has changed alot since, lol! Still don’t believe it’s her though.

      2. Remember Paddilla’s lady friend,Kc got her to wear an ankle bracelt to match her tracking bracelet,jmo

      3. ChattyCathy…Omg, the very last pic in her party pictures link looks just like Cindy with her short blonde hair… Too funny!

  13. The photos in the black and white shirt definitely appears to be her. Not only do the freckles match (with mug shots of hers showing the same), but if you look even at the photos of her being released from prison, her arms and hands are in the same forms as the way she is walking in the above photos. As for the photo of her shopping in Old Navy with the grey shirt, that woman looks to be a little thick compared to the others but who knows. Clearly, she’s in Ohio!

      1. i was referring to hispanic girl in photo- but since you asked- yes, i’d say Casey is in the top 3% of good-looking people- and you put that with what her friends said about her personality- nice, fun- LIKES SPORTS!- I’d say she’ll soon go from MOST hated [by women]- to MOST desired [by men]…..ppl are funny that way!

      2. hey debi- didn’t see your reply util after i wrote my reply- i wanted to say ‘natural beauty”- glad you did- that is REALLY what she is- nice you are able to be honest even tho you don’t like her…………………

      3. chris- as the mother of a daughter the same age- she is actually a BABY! They have changed the adult-age range- not legally but socially- to 26- and i agree…..

      1. I thought she was plain. Nothing cute about the donkey face woman. And she sure did age. How come people treat her like she’s a kid. She’s a grown woman. She has the big horse teeth smile in every photo. Hardly any with her big mouth shut.

  14. Right,but look who we’re dealing with,LoL They probably had the first sighting done to confuse us,and now tho….who’d think Kc’s out looking like herself! Nobody,LoL

    1. the top photo of the girl looking into camera?!- you don”t think she is hispanic- or american indian- except eyebrow is too dark and full- [even tho it is tweezed within an inch of its life (now that IS a casey-thang)]- it is too much for american indian- maybe africian american- but just has that asian-look- altho could be AA, asian and european-american- ALL I KNOW is its sure as hell not CA.

  15. LOL, majority of my shirts are purchased in every color available if I like the way it looks on me. It makes mixing and matching funner when you have something in every color. 😉

  16. This isn’t KC, glasses or not, dark hair..we all looked into that face so many times while she was in the courtroom and before. KC showed nothing but evil in her face. This woman is much heavier (and a fat suit wouldn’t make the arms heavier as they are exposed here in this picture). I think if we saw this woman smile we could tell for sure. Hocus-pocus, the Scamthony’s striking again?

    1. I remember Casey was fat in the tattoo picture. Here’s Casey when she gets fat.

      So I think those pictures are fake. Especially the first one.

  17. The pics with the black and white tees look like Casey. The grey polo and pigtail pic looks too fat to be Casey. I think they are two different people possibly. TMZ does seem to get pictures of Cindy and George, and now Casey before other outlets. Do they pay for pictures? She know doesn’t have to return on Thursday. There will be a hearing on Friday with judge Perry.

  18. Great observations Dr Glass…I do believe it IS Casey though…I have taken one TMZ pic and compared it with a closeup of Casey during the trial, and have marked certain spots on her neck area. All in the same spot on both photos…check it out here :

    p.s. I uploaded this on my server so there’s no content there, just the photo showing 🙂

    1. OH MY GOODNESS- excellent job workwithclaire! Maybe i was wrong- what are the odds someone would have same freckels!

  19. This reminds me of that ridiculously staged airport sighting. Baez is probably behind this! Casey and her team are probably laughing their as*#es off at the publics stupidity! Cheap entertainment when you’re confined and in hiding!

  20. You know what? I am SO sick of hearing what the family has to say about the verdict…first the A’s claim they were satisfied with the jury’s decision BUT they also mentioned the defense’s allegations against George were ‘baseless’. Um, you cannot have it both ways…the jury CONSIDERED those ‘baseless’ defense claims about George (molestation, accident coverup) when rendering their decision…you can’t say you’re pleased with the jury’s decision if they considered ‘baseless’ evidence against George. Same for these OH family members…they support everyone in the A family INCLUDING Casey but were shocked by the ‘not guilty’ verdict…so, are they saying they APPROVE of Caylee’s murder but were shocked Casey got away with it?

    The family that lies/steals/murders together, stays together I suppose.

    Run like the wind, Mallory…run away and NEVER look back …but whatever you do, do NOT bring another Anthony child into this world.

    1. They certainly never disapproved! Far from it, when they all covered up for her. They are all linked to Caylee’s murder. They all have Caylee’s blood on their hands. They are the weirdos of our society, totally unlike any family who truly love a child. The Diabolical version of the MUNSTERS. Every action, every word that spews from their mouths is calculated, These people are programmed to lie it is a WAY of life for them, they know no other way of life, but deceit. I agree Dr. Glass 100%.

  21. Baez was paid for these videos. This is definitely her. When she gains weight it all goes to her butt, and her butt is huge. I saw her fake shopping. Chomping on that gum and making the same faces she made in court.

    I wonder how much money she got from TMZ for this crap?

    1. So they are hard up for money?

      Notice the top of the ears are covered, cause you know the ears tell it all. Are they hoping to make enough to get surgery on Casey’s devil ears?

      I thought the white/black shirt had a greater resemblance than the grey shirt woman. So were her body guards across the street ready to protect??? LOL.

  22. I think the first set of pics where she is in the same shirt, different color were taken when she first got out of jail. The one where she went shopping was taken recently. She has been pigging out on all the foods she couldn’t get in jail.

  23. I believe Baez staged these photos and sold em to TMZ. The larger networks won’t give them what that want right now, and they are desperate for money. I am so disappointed in TMZ for paying these idiots. Maybe it’s time to boycott them and their sponsors. I would bet the Anthonys flew to Texas, and took a private plane from there to Ohio to be reunited with their daughter. What a disgusting thought, them all happy together again just like old times. Caylee doesn’t seem to matter anymore for she is replaceable. This family is so sick and delusional. I think I need a shower, they make me feel gross.

  24. I believe the one in the white shirt is Casey. Look at her eyebrows. The other person has full eyebrows and as we know Casey has her own brow style.

  25. It’s her alright. The shirts are different Dr. Glass. That’s how she dressed before trial. All the jewelry, bracelets etc. is cheap $5 stuff, but I’m sure she missed wearing jewelry in jail, and little things like that will remind her that she is free. Remember, also, Casey is very little and all the food/alcohol she has been indulging in, while locked up and bored in a $72 a night hotel, will show more on her small frame than most people. I’m sure her advisors told her to lay low, but being that she is an immature psychopath, she does exactly as she pleases. Of course she would walk around in minimal disguise, psychopaths don’t feel fear or anxiety. Her “disguise” is about as thinnly vieled as her excuses for where Caylee went. It pleases me to no end to see her looking lonely and broke. Gone are the smirks and giggles from her courtroom days when she was surrounded by people and attention. This one needs to have a TON of social interaction and attention to feel happy. Barely a moment passed when she wasn’t texting or partying durring her per-trial days. Who will talk to her now? Those days are over and I love it!

    1. Yea,she had a phone looking at the screen and I wondered,whose she gonna call..GhostBusters!
      Or Bozo…she’ll probably try to kill Bozo’s wife next,give her time,jmo

    1. That’s probably why they’re hidden. I think it’s her but in disguise so we’re teased. Like Dr. Glass said, when the air is clear, they’ll switch up her look again. Since this is still a tease the ears and teeth were hidden from view.

  26. Jade – August 3, 2011 at 8:58 pm Maybe, but it just looks juvenile to me. I know, I know…’ll say Casey IS juvenile. I guess it’s like she’s the same age she was when she entered prison, fashion has changed alot since, lol! Still don’t believe it’s her though.
    You know I’d say that? No i wouldn’t have! It’s when someone throws vinegar on ya are ya supposed to smile? No! Put’s a person in defense mode and yes,even Bozo said she acted like a 2 yr old as did alot of people,But the juvenile part means nothing to me either way whatsoever but I can say I am explaining this because you are acting juvenile? any tiny detail so you can complain,so you don’t believe it’s her..ok! I’s that simple,we disagree! I was married at 15 a mom at 16 and was married for 25 yrs until my husband was murdered and forgotten just like Caylee so back up off me? My child is alive!
    by the way she was never in prison,she was in jail! Prison is where she and all the family should be,jmo

    Jade – August 3, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    1. Wow, I meant no offense. My comment was meant to be lighthearted ChattyCathy, my apologies if I offended you. Sometimes things get lost in translation in these types of postings. And of course I believe you are entitled to your opinion, no compaints, that is what blogs are for…..opinions.

      1. This reminds me of that ridiculously staged airport sighting. Baez is probably behind this! Casey and her team are probably laughing their as*#es off at the publics stupidity! Cheap entertainment when you’re confined and in hiding!

        Jade – August 3, 2011 at 8:53 pm
        See,I’ve never had a problem with ya,I usually agree or agree to disagree,LoL THAT’S IT!
        —————–Bingo,because we can’t see one another,honestly thats how I got the habit of LoL After all my posts because My adopted Mother was 67 when she adopted me and she was hillbilly to da bone and i explain things different than anyone alive and people think I’m angry when I’m not at all,Actaully I laugh constantly,used to get whippings over it at inappropriate times,LoL But it takes alot to rile me and well I got riled but with the wrong person! Usually whatever you think I mean,it’s the complete opposite,LoL ASK ANYBODY!

  27. Not even close: It AIN’T HER!!!!!!! Get over it, she would not be out in public, certainly not without someone around in case somebody attacked her. This is not even a convincing lookalike. It looks even less like Casey than the girl in Oklahoma who was mistaken for her & attacked last month.

    1. You don’t think all this gossip is rude?
      Evelyn` – August 3, 2011 at 9:12 pm

      Actually no I don’t..I was born female and we’re entitled,I’ll admit it,why do you care so much about that?
      Let’s say you’re at Granmas house and her friends come over and gossip….do you yak at them or leave the room! Sustained! jmo

  28. I don’t like her but before this happened she was a looker,but she showed the inside and she’s ugly.ya know?

    1. CC : Totally agree. Your insides do affect your looks. She’s going downhill fast. Maybe with plastic surgery she can recover some of her lost looks but her insides will still be dark and scary.

  29. omg,what have I done,I’ve blended you into it somehow then,actually I was referring to Evelyn and deb…….because they nitpic every typo,or whatever,I am truly truly sorry but they nitpick simple wee tiny things and I must have thought one of them typed that because i am used to it now and don’t get flustered but today I did,I am so sorry… so sorry! I have never had a problem with you,not even them till this nitpicking! Honest!

    1. yes, ms. bitter bones loves to support a murderer ( and at the very least someone who couldn’t care less about what happened to her baby) and lambast everyone else. Now what can that say about such a twisted mind?

  30. when you have time just scroll up and you’ll see where they kept on with sing and then me….So truly sorry! I am so glad you called me on it,theres no excuse for what i did but it’s the only one I have!

  31. This reminds me of that ridiculously staged airport sighting. Baez is probably behind this! Casey and her team are probably laughing their as*#es off at the publics stupidity! Cheap entertainment when you’re confined and in hiding!

    Jade – August 3, 2011 at 8:53 pm
    See,I’ve never had a problem with ya,I usually agree or agree to disagree,LoL THAT’S IT!

  32. I don’t think this is her. I think this is a lookalike, and TMZ most likely are in on hiding casey in hopes of getting more pics. Casey gave TMZ personal photos of her and caley. TMZ is in on the whole thing, no doubt in my mind at this point.

    1. First off, it’s CAYLEE. I can’t stand people who talk about a person and can’t spell the person’s name correctly. Second, these pics are of kc…I have no doubt whatsoever.

  33. Looks like you will go crazy speculating Dr Glass! Move on in ur life. You’re starting to sound like a maniac and foolish now speculating new story everyday!

    Just get on with ur life … Little caylee is with angels and loved immensely. Stop this bs out if respect for that little girl.

    1. Obviously you keep coming back to her blog .. Which she states is like any other blog.. Filled with ones own opinion. This is not 5 o’clock news. I certainly enjoy her analysis.

    2. This is Dr. Glass website. And she can do anything she wants to. You are rude. If you don’t like it then go. We happened to like her opinions on the scumbags Anthonys.

  34. Yeah that’s what her birth mother and so called grandparents would love, everyone to move on with their lives and forget about her. Well, I don’t think that’s gonna happen any time soon. People want to see some good come out of this tragedy. Whether it be a new law to protect children like Caylee, or a law restricting jurors from profiting, the public is gonna make it happen. Caylee was let down by her own family, and our justice system, but we will make sure that sweet angel is not forgotten.

    1. Amen Sista!
      Justice for Caylee whether her family want’s it or not!

      Chris,I agree with that,How could anyone stop her,Bozo ain’t her guard or atty now,he probably didn’t know she went out till he saw it on video like we did!

  35. It is probably her. She would not sit around in a hotel room for very long. There she is, prowling the OSU campus area shakin” her ass, looking for Tony 2.0. She loves Old Navy, a lot of her clothes in court were from there. She is probably telling a new story, that she goes to Ohio State. Lots of spending somebody elses money, probably a book advance, and people are giving her money. If she got plastic surgery, it would not be to look like someone else. She will get it to make herself look better. She must be feeling invincible about now. She gets away with everything and comes out the other side in even better shape.Being in jail didnt mess with her head, nothing does. 3 years? She beat a murder charge! She feels more confident than ever. Oh and those pics were taken at the Lennox Shopping Center here in Columbus.

  36. The girl in the black t-shirt and Casey…match up as far as moles go on her neck..right side..the other girl was probably to throw someone off…breasts to big, nose wrong..brows wrong..weight wrong..the girl in the black…different story!

    1. That’s what I thiink,that one looked at the camera with I assume reading glasses so people could see her eyes IMO? but the other one wore a cap and hair over her ears and dark shades

  37. My question is why is George and Cindy in Houston and who paid for them to get there first class??? why isn’t TMZ on this?

  38. She will not change. She will get sick of hanging out with fat cat lawyers, they are waayyyy too old. Her real self is bursting to come out. She wants to party and get drunk and find boyfriends. She has never worked much, why would she now? People do not change that much. Look for more of the same behavior, and when the money dries up, hold onto your wallets, boys and girls!

  39. Thos enwho are saying it’s two different girls are wrong – look at the necklaces guys, they are the same on all the pictures.

  40. Those who are saying it’s two different girls are wrong – look at the necklaces guys, they are the same on all the pictures.

  41. Casey catches another break. Doesn’t have to be back in Orlando for Friday hearing. I’m sure they will decide she served her probation already in jail. She can continue selling her photos.

  42. I don’t think it’s her. The eyes and lips do not look right, and cleft chins don’t come and go. But if she IS staying with relatives, they will soon learn what a liar she is, and I hope she robs them blind.

  43. In the beginning of the video She does the compulsive tucking of her shirt.The ponytails cover her ears,color contacts for her eyes,that covers her ridiculous eyebrows a bra that actually supports her..As for weight,Come on ladies!We know it only takes 1 week of beer drinking & chip eating to pack on some weight{at least,I can}.Casey was rail thin on her way out so 10 pounds can look dramatic on a thin body.Same bulby nose & moles too.I feel that this is her.

  44. This entire TMZ video & photos STINKS. IF the video is of Casey, then money has been exchanged and the Court needs to look at this ASAP as she has filed again for being indigent.

    What concerns me is Baez has NOT come forth to deny these pictures as he has done in the past with reports of Casey at the airport etc., etc

    Appears to me he was just too busy scrambling to work his own deal for an “exclusive” with Matt Laurer….

  45. I know has nothing to do with the article, but here’s a funny video.
    I really think Nancy Grace could had did a great job prosecuting totless mom Anthony. Ashton lefted out a lot of needed info. Of course the jury wouldn’t even listen. They had their “mind” made up from the beginning. They were ignorant and not interested at all in the tons of evidence. Losers.

  46. Dr Glass, I would bet $1M that this is NOT Casey. Totally different body. Someone is trying very hard to fool us .. I wonder what their intent is? Possibly they are tryin to keep her in the news to make her more valuable. All Of this in the name of an angel baby who was tossed out like garbage. Sick!! Anyway, ur first instinct is correct .. Not her!!

  47. Why do people care if it’s her. Gosh she’s going to be up there with Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster and UFO sightings. Is she that interesting. I got to stop checking Casey Anthony news. She a neverbeen. And she got away with murder.

    1. I answered your question,below,LoL That’s why I care,I wouldn’t even open links or google kc anything till posted thoe Ohio thing and when I saw that i knew it was her and set out to prove it,I don’t think they have the right to be LEFT ALONE” Jmo ,lol

      1. I agree. But my eyes are getting so tire reading about Anthony. I wish she would slip up and get arrested again. And put in jail for a long time. Unlike Misty Croslin, she won’t get caught selling drugs. She’ll fade away soon. Croslin did.

  48. It’s definitely her. All the moles are the same…. same annoying strut. Plus the sensed there’s been an evil close by, lol… I live in Western PA.

  49. I watched the video and she is smacking the gum like the Anthony’s always do! Also the eyeglasses look the same as the pair she was wearing three years ago! I do agree with Joy Behar about the walk! She strutts like Casey! I feel that this dreamteam talks about the casey circus needing to end but they are the ones that are playing the media circus act. They keep throwing look alikes out there like the airport trick to keep her in the media so her story will be bid to the highest bidder!

  50. I added a few more pix to that link,but right now I’m wondering were those glasses and watch and bracelets in her jail cell? No and we’ve seen them in her party pix so goes to show ya we been duped? I resent it for many reasons but the top of the list is not one of them did anything for Caylee? I may have sat on my butt for 3 yrs typing about it but It’s still more than they did and now free after murdering her,covering it up,destroying and God knows lied like hell and THEY GET TO REST,Over my deads body! I’ll scope dogs and giraffes if they even walk her till the day I die!

  51. I hope they never get to enjoy life again and have to run every second of the day and see Caylee when they CAN get sleep.jmo

  52. Floridians have catered to their every whim and need and not by choice either.gets me angry~and I don’t even live there!
    Let’s say Lee killed his child before we ever knew them (goose bumps) but he would already have been put to death no doubt cause he’s a guy! Either way he’d have never walked out free! jmo

  53. Woman writes angry letter to judge in Casey Anthony civil case
    A 77-year-old woman so upset at Casey Anthony’s acquittal on charges of murdering her daughter has decided not to be quiet.

    Dolores McGuire wrote to the civil judge overseeing the civil defamation case against Casey, asking for answers and pleading for the Orlando mother to be punished.

    In an angry letter, McGuire accused Judge Lisa Munyon of helping Casey Anthony get away with civil lawsuit, and that “Someday all Florida judges will have to answer to God who I hope will show no mercy.”
    Read the letter to Judge Munyon now! (pdf)

    McGuire said Casey got away with murder, and called out defense attorney Jose Baez, though he is not handling Anthony’s civil suit. Her civil attorney is Charles Greene.

    She said wants to know why the original judge, Jose Rodriguez, stepped down from the civil case, and told Munyon, “Don’t try to give explanations that won’t fly.”

    Casey Anthony is expected to be deposed in the defamation lawsuit from Zenaida Gonzalez in October.

  54. We have been duped and Tmz should be ashamed for buying pictures of the Anthony’s on their happy happy joy joy vacation! They must have been celebrating an early birthday celebration in honor of Caylee for her birthday is Aug 9th. Maybe Casey is shopping in her honor! I would not doubt it seriously, because as all all remember reading all her texts and observing her party pictures and listening to her jail tapes, all she talked about mostly was FOOD! Look at the jailhouse docs on her junk food orders! Casey was given high priveledges from the very first day of incarceration! She can now wake up every morning and pat herself on her left shoulder( lower back) and be thankful for her beautiful life! They can all thank Caylee marie for being brought into this beautiful world and taken and thrown away like garbage so they can all have a beautiful life that they could never have possibly been able to have before.
    We are not obsessed with Casey Anthony for we are obsessed with what this family did and how the judicial system worked against that precious child. No justice will ever be served and the media is already starting to forget Caylee because it is all about the family now. We all must remember Aug 9th for that is the celebration of her birth!
    I hope the jurors are watching what they missed while they were not in the courtroom! The way she carried on with her seduction and childish behavior and put on her jury face when they entered!

  55. I believe the letters TMZ over the photos are distorting the image. The M does give her chin a cleft, but only due to lightening of the image. Same with her lips.

    She does appear to have gained weight if this is CA…

  56. Ok… I just have been watching IN SESSION TV and they say using the technology of FACIAL RECOGNITION, it IS the murderer Casey Anthony. I didn’t think it looked like her in the still photos but after watching the video, I changed my mind. Casey is pidgin toed, and so is the subject in the video in the white tee shirt. If I lived in Ohio, I would “out” her protectors and launch a campaign to boycott her uncle’s carlots. I hope someone does.

    1. Hi ZoomBroom!
      I also saw this and thought it was very interesting that they have confirmed it is her. Jean Casarez also has “officially” changed her mind and now agrees that it’s Casey.

      1. LOL on the J.Casarez and “officially.”

        The video convinced me, the walk, body language and the hair touching. Notice how they had Casey cover up her devilish ears?

      2. Chris – don’t have cable TV so only know Jean Casarez by name. So Bozo has Geraldo (who is really jewish and changed his name to Rivera from Rivers) and Jean in his camp to pump out more and more lies……. sick

  57. this just disgusts me,You see how brazen they are,Remember the Buckeye gan,the red Jersey she and Caylee had….loo k on her hat in ohio?
    I toldya that’s how think? The pics were probably done on purpose by her and the sceme team again but who would think she’d go out alone,looking like herself? THEY DID,I KNEW IT!

  58. omg. i was just on olaentangy river road this past weekend. if i would have seen this broad, i would have beat her ass for sure. if there is 2 different girls then the look alike is dumb as hell for wanting to look like casey. no amount of money could convince me to dress up to look like that skank ass baby killer.

    1. I thought it was 2,but I think like Dr.Glass that she’d had botox and some changes in the pix? jmo though.

    2. I agree who the heck would want to look like Casey????

      But some people do anything for money, so always a slight possibility. Look a Bozo, denigrating his profession for money. mho

      1. I know. She’s ugly. And I do think she was a call girl. There’s a picture out there of her with real short hair. And big loop earrings on and a lot of makeup. I thought it wasn’t her at first. But she looked like a hooker. I can’t find the picture yet. But it was the slut.

    3. At one time she had a bright smiles with eyes to match, then her dark soul changed her looks more & more. She puts out the “sexy” vibe which certain men just eat up, the men don’t bother to look beyond the exterior. In other words, she attracts SHALLOW PEOPLE who ignore her dark, ugly inner being.

      Yep, in her mind she’s a legend. Go figure.

  59. This whole ‘change’ stinks of a plant. Remember, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc., all pulled their offers for CA interviews. Do Not think it is beyond her handlers, i.e. Jose Baez, to find a look-alike, plant her in Ohio, and tell her to walk around, and be seen. In this way, Jose is hoping to revitalize the old offers, that were withdrawn, and milk his cash cow. I never liked Jose. He walks like a creep, talks like a creep, and therefore is a creep, and none of the above is beyond him. He’s greedy.

    Casey is somewhere, but I doubt she is in Ohio. In my opinion, Casey is still in hiding. I doubt she is in any therapy whatsoever. In her mind, she probably thinks all this drama is silly. In other words, I doubt she is afraid of the negative reaction by the public. She is not the smartest murderer in the world.

    Jose Baez is responsible for this hoax. He is desperate to get his bills paid, and to make big bucks off this extremely time consuming case. Do you think any lawyer would work for free? NO. He got paid some, but I know lawyers well, having worked with them for decades, and they DO NOT do anything for anybody, for free. There’s always a pay off…somewhere, sometime.

    The pics were floated to the public, with the ‘suggestion’ that it’s Casey Anthony. Do not believe it! Jose would never take the chance of putting her life on the line, not until he gets his bid payday!

    1. I read her uncle in Ohio owns the plane she has been riding…anyone know,Not that it matters,I don’t think anybody should give her ride unless it’s a riding weedeater!
      jmo but if he does,the family has condoned Caylee’s death all along,no wonder Caylee never had a chance!

      1. My mom lives in the same town as her uncle. The Eddy’s own a few car dealerships and have been well known throughout the town as somewhat lucrative business owners, but absolutely nowhere near lucrative enough to own a plane. Having lived in the area years ago however, I can tell you that there are still a few remnants of organized crime that dominated Youngstown, OH in the 70’s, and the Eddy’s do live in a community where many of the shady figures who have managed to avoid being shut down still reside, so they may have connections, you never know.

      2. Jade, in the past groups of organized crime still had a code. Crazy as it sounds, you don’t harm women and children. Otherwise, it’s open season.

        Someone as arrogant as she is (sociopath) wouldn’t understand that even amongst criminals there is some honor. After all she even stole from her baby’s college fund. Makes you wonder if right then and there she decided Caylee wouldn’t need the money cuz she would live to be old enough to attend college???? I mean in her mind, it’s all about HER.

    2. She thinks they all really care about her,they really do though,care about the money they’ll make and hey,a dead kc will still be money for them? but i know it’s her,did the first second i saw the 1st pic! jmo

    3. KATE

      I AGREE!!!

      Old crickety, arrogant Cheney gave the public the bird.

      Baez has done so in the figurative sense by lacking professionalism and working like a smarmy used car salesman. This man should not be allowed into the legal profession.

      Baez is looking out for his $$$ investment with cash cow Casey. mho

  60. Interesting! I thought this family did not want anything to do with her! I thi nk this whole entire pack are hobitute liars!
    Now if her lawyers say she is in rehab, there are 2 rehabs in this town but they do not let you walk freely around town shopping and drinking starbucks!
    Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic and Belmont Pines!
    someone needs to show Judge Perry this photo because she does not look like her life is in danger!

  61. As Dr.Glass warned,we have been used for their tactics again.They can’t tell me she had her watch and sunglasses in jail with her! Sick twisted people and I know Caylee can’t see it! But we can! and anybody who helps them ain’t welcome in my life period!

  62. Just a reminder,the 1st of Aug is gone but it’s still a reminder,seems people
    are giving up,but we have got to keep it going!








    2. Was there any coverage on the August 1st NYC protest? What was the turnout and what were the results?

      I will protest from where I am. Everyone can protest with call, emails and $$$$. The Anthonys and the lowlives around them have made a mockery of justice.

      1. Couldn’t find a new video on youtube about the boycott. Maybe it still has to be uploaded.

        But according to the prior vid this is posted:

        Uploaded by FightPredatorsOnline on Jul 26, 2011

        “It appears that the boycott efforts are paying off, and the networks have heard our voices! As interest in this case fades, we must remain alert and keep our eyes and ears open for future deals that may be offered to Casey Anthony!”


  63. I hadn’t thought about it but if Kc is on probation she has to get a job,LMAO CM thinks everybody’s stupid but him,he uses the word alot….

    Cathy Elkins – August 4, 2011 at 8:38 pm

    Not only is she suppose to have a job but she has to record her address which is public record but her life is in danger( as you can see in the pictures) so she will get special treatment. Judge perry has given them alot since her verdict!

    1. Judge Perry messed up the trial. He was so in a hurry to get it over with. And he treated that jury like they mattered the most. Not Caylee. And the jury was stupid. Some had criminal records. If I was on trial for something, I would want smart professional jurors. Not clowns off the street who really don’t want to be there. How hard was it to put the pieces together. Ashton and Linda tried, can’t help it the jury was dumb. But I think they should have included the fight between Tyrant Cindy and lame Casey. But still that wouldn’t worked with those morons. I can’t stand Jennifer Ford.

  64. I am hoping that someone can explain to me why the State Atty’s have stated that they will not be attending the hearing tomr. I am totally confused about their position on this. Casey did plead guilty to the felony check fraud charges. If I were Amy Huizenga, who had her bank account completely drained by Casey, I would expect that Judge Strickland’s oral pronouncement placing Casey on One Year of Supervised Probation to be served “once released” to be upheld.

    I don’t understand how “probation” can be served while in “protective” custody where your every move is being monitored. I thought the terms of probation are to determine whether you are able to behave yourself, with restrictions, while out in the real world facing everyday challenges. Casey did not look for a job nor did she pay any court ordered court costs or pay for the monthly probation supervision costs. She did not submit a DNA sample or submit to random drug and/or ETOH testing. She basically did jail time and got a 2fer credit for one year probation.

    Whether Judge “Paper Tiger” Perry decides in agreement with Strickland’s oral pronouncement or not, I maintain that it would be the fairest judgment for him to do so. When I consider the sentences that he handed out to the “crazy lady”, the single finger salute guy and the well behaved legitimate protester outside the court building, any other decision other than upholding a year’s probation for Casey’s 6 felonies will be an injustice to the victim as well as all of us “regular Joe” citizens, who you well know would definitely serve the full year of supervised probation.

    But back to my original question about the SA’s. I will be very disillusioned and angry if the SA’s are no-show at the hearing. I can imagine that Amy will be too. How dare they have so little interest at this point in time of representing the victim of Casey’s fraud? If what is being reported on TV is accurate and they truly have no further interest in this issue, then I will have lost all of the abundance of respect that I have formerly held for these individuals. WHY would they not be supportive of Judge Strickland’s motion? I truly do not understand what their motivation would be to basically diss Casey’s victim.

    1. Nancy, I totally understand your logic and concur with your assessment. The only thing I hold onto is that the FBI will take up from here on in. There are several fronts that these snakes need to be investigated, including the attorneys and witness tampering.

      Baez wants it both ways, 1. to claim she can’t do probation because she is in physical jeopardy, yet she moved around Ohio without a concern AND 2. he wants her to go public with her story????

      HUH, does that make one ounce of sense. Why should Judge Perry then give her “special consideration?” These liars continue to mock the law. jmho

      1. Hi Nancy B, I completely agree with you. I am disgusted at SA office for ignoring Sindy’s perjury and tampering with evidence. Both she and George lied like rugs on the stand and were never even challenged, when they should have been publicly shredded. Now to not even show up this am to fight for KC’s probation? As you said, especially in light of how the gallery members sentenced for their actions. They only sense I can make out of it is that Fla LE does not want to deal with members of the public threatening KC. Well too bad. KC’s safety is a non issue– it’s HER problem. The cops can answer a call if and when it comes, just like any other citizen in Orlando. Fla is only proving that the Anthonys– for some inexplicable reason–are untouchable. It is disgusting.

  65. Florida is fed up with the Anthony clan and they probably don’t care anymore! Orlando wants all of them out of there!Casey Anthony was also ordered to pay $348 in court fees! Will they let that go as well? I am fed up with Fl and we are looking worse and worse!
    Going back to the Casey pics and video- If it were really her wouldn”t we be hearing about protesters or a small audience following this person?

  66. I couldn’t agree more,Shux,I couldn’t get a watchdog to guard me,It makes me sick.. the special treatment they have!
    How many People have walked out of jail guarded? 0
    Shoot I’ve alway’s wanted a vacation,a new car,boat,4 wheeler,teeth fixed,strangers sending me money for snacks,fly in a jet,somebody else to buy my clothes,swim with dolphins.well,you get the picture?
    Shoot I can’t even tell a little lie and what do us good people get? Nothing but a hard time? JMO

  67. Yea See? She’s scared for her life but out on the street alone (well maybe) looking like her own self but she can’t return for probation.God how they’ve played caring peoples emotions!

  68. Somebodys got connection’s somewhere and I’ll tell ya.I don’t like accusing people of anything but in this case I will,something ain’t right here and I’m sorry I don’t know anybody in Fl. except what we’ve seen in this case and something drastically happened in that courtroom,I’m starting to wonder about JP myself,and I don’t care what anybody say’s,IMHO Bozo knew that verdict when he played for the camera and bought gift’s for the jury and I am kinda mad at Perry because he did rush it! The holiday weekend was close and I get angry when I even think about it! JMHO
    BTW I don’t think it was her uncles either but the article said it did!

    1. Yes, I’m beginning to wonder about JP! What the heck happened to the “contempt of court” Baez and buying gifts for the jurors, a NO NO.

      And now handling your client affairs and bookings and your client being your meal ticket.

      This is LEGAL in the Law Profession????

      Has Florida seceded from the rest of the USA and it’s now the new Wild West????

    1. Fool’s Is what they remind me of,Don’t foget G’s diamond earring? I rolled looking at those pix,Sindy in a bathing suit?? You know she knew the whole world would snap pix and there she is all bikinied up! JMO

    2. OMG, feel like vomiting. Sick and tasteless.

      After they lied and abandoned Caylee, they get tattoos on saggy skin….YUCK! George with an earring, so freakin tasteless.

  69. I do agree with George,Caylee was his sunshine girl and still is,They wouldn’t be relaxing in the Bahamas out in the sun if not for her!
    Kc and the sunshine band.LoL JMO
    I am not throwing off on the real kc band but shux I can’t help it,LoL

    1. Cathy,

      There is a half truth in Conway’s comment: “They have done nothing…….to AID JUSTICE! Now that is the Truth because they destroyed evidence and provided the incorrect hairbrush to the FBI!!! They knew a baby was dead but went on National TV Shows to ask the public to search for a kidnapped baby who was never kidnapped. And you know Casey likely told them on her time out on bail.

      While the Anthony’s believe they are above the LAW, I say I hope they soon learn that they are anything but above the LAW.

      The ScamAnthony’s tried to pin the murder of Caylee on innocent people and for that & much more they deserve to be tossed in jail!!!

      1. I agree. They belong in jail. If it was somebody else who tamper with evidence, they would be arrested. Not Teflon Cynthia. She doesn’t go to jail or even get fined. Casey Anthony should be a shame of herself. Sending all those people on a wild goose hunt. All that money wasted on that lie. Other people needed the help, but Anthony got it all. She think she is all that. But no charges for Casey Horseface Anthony.

    1. NancyB

      OMG OMG I LOVE Kris Herzog!!!

      Here is a man of True Honor!!!

      Such a man would want nothing to do with Bozo either.

      Even the mafia (at least branches from the old school have a code of honor) would refuse to guard Casey. JMHO

      This news has made my day!!! Justice for baby Caylee!!!

      LOL, Casey has to realize that everyone is under her “charm.” HAHAHA

  70. Yes it’s her. The moles match up and if you watch the video she does the all-too-familiar “Nauseating-Casey-Slut-Strut”.

  71. Someone else mentioned this and I said the same after the verdict:

    IF Casey were a male she would have been found GUILTY. Bet on it.

  72. Exactly SingPhat.You can have surgery for the outside but ya can’t change a thing inward with it.I don’t care if she turns herself into a man with a beard and a beer gut the instant she spoke you’d know her and not by the voice,I have seen women to die for gorgeous and when you get to know them they’re ugly!
    Beauty really is on the inside,Inside the cosmetic counter at rite-aid! LoL Just teasing ya but I really do think it comes from within!

    Always has when I meet a person!

  73. OMG Nancy,OMG Oh man….Thank you God!
    Guard her,who the hell guarded Caylee? Why do they care to protect that B****
    Trial’s over,It goes to show ya whose after the money? I never saw a lawyer follow a client around and do her business after the trial was over,Jeeeeeezz

  74. Moving to Beverly Hills,ya see now that ticks me good!
    They have everything they’ll ever need and for what…..being demons?
    Padilla better look out!

  75. She dang sure would’ve and he’d have worn cuffs and chains thru the trial,it would have been totally different,no special treatment you can bet.
    Nor could he bounce around cleaning the desks and stuff before the guard took him back to his cell! Those guard’s had to wait on her..not if I was one of them! I’d have jerked them elf ears and twisted them all the way back to the cell!

  76. Here’s her bracelets in the real Casey picture.

    Chris – August 4, 2011 at 5:13 am——

    Exactly,Shows Cindy has been around her somewhere? Lying dogs!

    Yes it’s her. The moles match up and if you watch the video she does the all-too-familiar “Nauseating-Casey-Slut-Strut”.
    NCResident – August 4, 2011 at 11:35 pm—-
    ITA NCR!!

    Singhphat – August 4, 2011 at 11:29 pm—

    yea SingPhat,Any Mothers child but her’s!
    Made it even worse if that’s possible but when she accused Jessie and Amy she was trying to send another Mother’s child to prison for what her satanic daughter did…..grrr!

    OMG,Can you imagine how close Amy,Tony and Jessie and heck all of them were to going to death row,just one lie away.It’s a thousand wonders that they didn’t frame Tony for helping her bust the lock,she had his jeep,She had Amy’s checkbook..and car….They’d all went on a trip,Man are they lucky!


    1. Amy H moved back to Europe. She probably thought let me get the hell out of this crazy hell hole vortex of the Anthonys’ (they polluted the whole town). mho

      Amy, Jessie, Tony seemed like good people,so trusting that they could never image a sociopath like Casey in their mist.

  77. Stealing from your three year old’s piggy bank! And now she is heading to Beverly Hills! Maybe she can apply to Leonard Padilla’s Law school! Even though I am enjoying a lot of the comments on this subject, it it also making me furious! I was watching Dr Drew and he was interviewing In Sessions producer and he actually called Casey a celebrity! That actually caused an outrage! I hope that CNN will remember Caylee’s birthday on Monday!

  78. Here’s her bracelets in the real Casey picture.

    Chris – August 4, 2011 at 5:13 am——
    when was this picture taken! Look at Casey’s notebook! MEDIA COVERAGE!!!!!!! She thought she was a celebrity from the very beginning like tracey said! (her bodyguard who works for LP)

  79. OMG Are you serious? She wrote in her jail letters she knew what it was like now to be a celebrity,they’re feeding her ego!

  80. Yea and speaking of that notebook? Remember George said that the OCSO or someone else took his white 3 ring binder notebook he’d kept since Caylee went missing,YooHoo George,your daughters a thief and I think I know where that just might be! I think she had Caylee’s pics in it too,the one’s she and Bozo sold! jmo

  81. OMG, Caylee’s little ball jersey had 0 like the cap Kc had on in Ohio!
    Remember the pic found on Kc’s phone of Caylee crying hard and reaching,I feel sick!

  82. sorry for another post so soon,Casey has that same cap on she had in Ohio,the last part of that video! The pic is grayed out sorta but it’s the same one so yea,we been the hell did she get all that stuff from home,George said she wasn’t welcome.yea! jmo

    1. She didn’t get all that stuff from home – it’s not her! What part of that don’t you understand. And even if it IS her, for arguements sake, she (or someone else) brought the stuff – NEW! It isn’t difficult, you simply walk into a shop and buy it!

  83. Nobody killed Caylee Anthony.

    Somehow her little body wound up in a swamp very close to her grandmother’s house. Sometime during the months her little body was decomposing and being eaten by swamp animals, several pieces of duct tape somehow floated to where her skull was and wrapped themselves in an incriminating fashion around the skull. Some meter reader found the body. He took it home and played with it. Then he bought it back and dumped it in the spot it was found. Then, in the intervening days, four inches of mulch and (MORE)….

    1. That was brilliant, especially the ending:

      “Nope. Nobody killed Caylee. Nobody. No one.

      She got in the pool and drowned and everyone everywhere decided it would be best to make this accident LOOK like a murder — just to keep things interesting.

      And there will never, ever, NEVER be justice for this little girl who nobody killed.

      The jury said so.”

      Article first published as NOBODY Killed Caylee Anthony

    1. OMG, unbelievable! That was written a month before Caylee dies, Caylee who was last seen with her mother. Caylee who was in the care of Casey the sociopath.

      Not only does she speak lies, but she types lies. The whole profile is a BIG LIE. mho

  84. Yea Chris,That grinds my guts that Misty got put away for 25 but this horseface got off scott free,which I don’t think Misty even knows what happened to Haleigh! jmo

  85. You or me,Sad when ya hate someone you don’t even know,Jennifer Ford needs a good ole fashioned thrashin’ and I agree with ya that JP did speed it up and I’m starting to wonder now,RH said the judge could have given her more time,then the juror gifts,why did someone else confiscate those gifts? Looks to me like Perry would have saw that? Who knows that all this time the friction by JP and Bozo wasn’t done for sinister reasons,That verdict defied ALL ODDS in either direction and I don’t get it but I do know I’m angry,maybe that’s why he took care of the jurors so well,I mean I hate to say it but it’s true and I don’t know JP anymore than a donkey does and worse has happened……I just don’t get it!
    Sorry If I’m wrong but shoot…this is beyond rediculous! jmo

  86. I made an avatar once where I joined the pic of Kc and Caylee in those jersey’s
    because When I first saw that pic of kc I swear I thought that Kc probably had Caylee’s on her that day and someone gave Caylee a compliment and Kc said,”what about mine (whine) Can’t you see that happening,I can? JMO

  87. This one Chris,or similar? about a 3rd of the page down,yellow shirt….I saw a way worse one,LoL
    I think she was into porn flix,jmo

  88. I really hope someone with access to the real autopsy pics will send one to Casey in a birthday card on Caylee’s birthday every year.

    1. Send G and C and Lee some too! Send it in an envelope to their fake foundation and they can’t not see it then,I wish they’d send them a picture of her hair,That pic broke me heart..My daughter was one of those rare people who hadn’t seen much about the case but I’d talk about it around her when she came over and she’d say Mom,how do you know she did it,blah,blah,blah so I told her if she had read depos,went through all the discovery and videos she’d think different and she says,you mean you can actually read that stuff,LoL So I said yes lemme show ya…I showed her the jail visits and call’s of Kc wanting Tony’s #
      and then the hair,OMG she said Mom I can’t take it,turn it off.later that night her hubby was trucking and she called him and I heard her tell him “That Bitch is guilty as hell” LoL JMO

      1. CC- yes I had a couple people too that were like ‘well how do you know’ and when you show them all the videos, depos, etc. then they SEE THE LIGHT and realize what a monster she is. Too bad the jury couldn’t come to the same conclusion, even if they didn’t have ALL the evidence we can see, they should have done a more thorough job. They were lazy.

  89. Even Warren Jeff’s jurors needed the audio tape when they deliberated in which they had just finished hearing it for two days. Casey’s jurors needed to get back home to their attorney’s and agents! Just remember as the three jurors told the networks! We did not find her innocent, but not guilty!

  90. If these photos are not really Casey then the people who planted the double in Ohio are just as good as getting her off!
    Casey styled Caylee’s hair just like this the pick tails in photos! Very scary!

      1. I have to tell you, I’ve looked at those pictures of Casey some more and I am now not so sure it isn’t her. It just seemed so crazy that she would be walking around in public like that, but I heard a psychologist comment that in Casey’s mind she thinks that she can squirm her way out of anything, and that it wouldn’t occur to her she was in danger because she’s so above that. She probably thinks that she got away with murder, so she can get away with anything. I’m sure her ego is enormous!

    1. eeeew. Casey is shape like a old woman. Bad posture, saggy boobs. Why does she stand like that. Like I said, nothing great looking about plain Casey. Why are her arms so long. Reminds me of a chimpanzee or a ape, with those long arms.

  91. i was referring to hispanic girl in photo- but since you asked- yes, i’d say Casey is in the top 3% of good-looking people- and you put that with what her friends said about her personality- nice, fun- LIKES SPORTS!- I’d say she’ll soon go from MOST hated [by women]- to MOST desired [by men]…..ppl are funny that way!

    deb – August 5, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    Hated by women because we are Mothers and adored by “some men” because they all want the same thing….free milk MOO!
    And by the way you left out she’s a child killer!

  92. You got my vote,Makes me sick how everybody is protecting her!
    She didn’t protect Caylee,even if Caylee were REALLY kidnapped and we weren’t after her azz who don’t know what time they dropped their child off to a sitter…..dropped her off btween 1-4 wasn’t it? She didn’t care to protect her even then jmo

  93. I cannot take this anymore. I am so SICK of “IT”.

    Why why why are they still giving her so much media coverage?

    Enough is enough. Makes my head spin like Linda Blair’s in the Exorcist. I start feeling that rage and venom all over again. Everytime they give “IT” media attention, they are killing sweet Caylee all over again.

    Hey media, a baby named Caylee was murdered, remember her? Especially you Harvey Levin, and your TMZ crap. “IT” is not a celebrity, stop it please.

    1. I can’t even imagine why these airheads are calling her a “celebrity.” Celebrity murder is a new status???? Is it????

      “IT” is not a normal (or half way normal) functioning human.

    2. I know how you feel! More disgusting with every minute that passes!
      Our emotions are raw from 3 yrs of BS but you don’t see us Relaxing and poisoning dolphins do ya! jmo
      I still don’t know what they are so tired from? Unless it’s one another,That I can see!

  94. NCR,when the jury was in court kc wouldn’t even glance at a the pix but when they weren’t in the courtroom she studied the video the prosecution made? Literally amazed!
    If you remember at the time JA was presenting the case he said did Caylee see her killers eyes,was she restrained,Kc grabbed her the trial when she saw the 1st pix of the skull she reached up and without hesitation and covered her mouth and nose with her hand and had a weird look about her,then in another she grabbed her nose,Maybe not much but to me,It said way too much! as alway’s though,Just my opinion!

    LisaG,I’m on the couch with ya!

    Jamie,yep.wanted to get home for the Holiday…12 people but didn’t have one whole brain between em all.jmo

    1. CC – YEP I remember that! she is such a liar to the core that there is only one word to describer her : evil.

      Well actually, there’s two : EVIL and FREE.

      May God Bless poor Caylee’s soul. 😦

  95. Jade,ITA,she lied all her life and got away with things,She lied to everybody close to her for 2 straight years and look how elaborate the lies were? She’s still lying and it’s worked!

  96. That’s her. Only the anthony’s film in silent mode.
    I’d recognize that short waisted, pear shape anywhere, throw in that strange, shall we say “special” walk and arm movement, tilted horse head and that “O” shaped thing she does with her mouth, (I called it “Gulp..Snort” during the trial). Who else does that?

  97. After reading Nancy B’s post, I got to thinking. Why credit CA with probation at that point in time?

    I mean, when Judge Perry granted her ‘time served’,…she had not been tried or convicted on the check fraud charges, so how could he possibly give her probation as ‘time served’? It’s like putting the cart before horse.

    Under the law, we are all ‘assumed’ not guilty, prior to trial. However, Casey never went to trial on the above charges, so how could she have served any probation whatsoever????

    I think Perry erred in this matter, as well as rushing to trial, i.e. jury selection process. There is no way that jury could, or should, have sat in this case. The prosecution had every legal right to object to most all of them on grounds of prior criminal histories, personal bias, etc. If Perry had not been in such a hurry with jury selection, I believe we would have seen a satisfactory verdict.

    1. Wow. I agree. This trial is a failure. The jurors are dumb. And some have criminal records. I didn’t like Perry. Sorry, my opinion. He seem too buddy buddy with the stinking jury. Giving them special treatment. I can’t believe none of those jurors didn’t know about Anthony. The trial was rsuhed. But not the deliberation. No the jury knew from the beginning what their verdict was. Especially box chin Jennifer Ford. All she did was have that stupid smirk on her face in those interviews she gave. She was ignorant and not sincere at all.

  98. Uuumm, Chatty Cathy it’s getting rather tedious having to scroll through your loooooooooooooooooong comments – sorry…

    Further, this thread is about the CA decoy not what Casey did to Caylee blah blah. We’ve been through all that, no point in rehashing …

    It’s getting boring having to read the same old comments by the same old people. I come here to read the analysis of an expert [Dr Glass] and to get a fresh perspective via the comments.


    1. Wow, your highness, maybe it’s boring reading your self -righteous post.

      Have you considered Dr. Glass is busy and comes when she has time and allows others to air their views, unlike you.

      The sun does not revolve around Amy. just a thought.

      Many posters provide updates to the story and since I don’t have cable tv this is a good spot to get new news. Maybe your own “expert” blog is in order. lol

    2. Well, get lost. Are you a member of the Casey Anthony fan club? You are ignorant and got a lot of nerve. Go with deb and make up your own Pro Casey forum. I’m sure you’ll find a lot of sick, weird members.

  99. All I can say is you are a very rude person,the subjects I post about based on what someone else posted,What’s so hard about scrolling,Dang you’re sitting at a keyboard just as I am……And one thing you’ll never see me do is be 2 faced…ya know change my nic to complain about the same person,LoL
    And FYI I will stop when Dr.Glass asks me too! jmvho

    1. Don’t care what Casey butt kisser Amy says. Who does she think she is. We like reading your comments. Stuff shirt, ignorant Amy. Are you Amy, Casey’s friend. Of course Casey’s friend Amy wants Casey not to get probation. Once a sucker, always a sucker.

  100. Perry said he’s going to do more research before deciding whether to put Casey back on probation, but if he does, it might be administrative probation, which means she just has to go one year without being arrested again. She wouldn’t be required to look for a job and it would only cost her $50.

    More special Treatment,who on probation doesn’t have to get a job and keep it,JP is making it easy for her and why even put her on it if that’s all she has to do!
    Let’s just give the A’s the key’s to every city! jmo

    1. Criminal Casey should have to do the probation like everyone else. Not fair, she gets special treatment. Just like her toxic mom Cindy. Really something.

      1. Just when you think the law has been perverted enough for twit Casey, more enablers move in to aid. Please say it isn’t so.

  101. Looking at all those Ohio photos I never once noticed Kc had cut her hair but noticed the moles,LoL Guess she thought it would help but I didn’t notice it,I still knew it was her!

    I read on another site that one of the jurors dog was duct taped around it’s mouth and nose and it died at the vet,That’s sad….Does anybody else know if it’s true?

  102. OMG, why don’t they just get it over with and wipe her record clean, give her a mansion, new BMW, a million dollars and body guards for life!

    I can’t take it anymore. Why does she constantly get special treatment? Nice message to send those who murder their children. Go ahead, kill them, nothing will happen to you and in the end, we’ll make sure you end up with six figures in your bank account.

    Makes me GAG 😦

  103. Exactly,I agree Lisa,This is BS!
    I am so fed up and if it weren’t for Caylee I would have quit a long time ago,This special treatment for a child killing thief is too much to handle! jmo

  104. I know this is not about the topic. But somebody said this about Cynthia. Should be Sin Marie Anthony. Anyway, she said, ” I found out that Cindy called those of us here “fat housewives” or something like that. she should be one to talk looking like THE MICHELIN MAN! to tell you the truth, her arms I’ll be willing to bet, are bigger than George’s. she needs to keep her perjury committing mouth shut because, people the world over knows what a liar she truely is.


  105. Ok I’ve read all the comments, each and every one. Very interesting, I think most people agree it’s her, just not sure of pic #1 in the grey shirt. At first I was skeptical of that photo too…I just saw that one and thought it wasn’t her…but then when I looked at the rest it was obvious the rest are Casey. But I also think pic 1 is Casey too, b/c first of all her walk in the video (she’s wearing grey shirt and same glasses) is Casey. Secondly, the still photo of her walk, and closeup of her face in the walk, she has slight double-chin and it looks like Casey in those pics. Even when she was skinny, she still had a small double-chin sometimes. Also her grey shirt is the tightest out of all of the shirts, which is prob why her boobs look biggest in that one. Or maybe they took the ones w/ white and black shirt before, and then grey shirt recently, when she gained more weight. I don’t know, maybe just her clothes in grey shirt one are more fitted thus she looks bigger. Still think it’s her either way.

    Another thing I noticed…in the first video of her walking with the grey shirt, she starts out behing the bicycle rack or whatever it was (I forget), and you can see she’s adjusting her shirt and walking slower (or is the video just slower in that part?), but then AS SOON as she comes out in the open, she gets her strut on and seems to walk faster…this is what leads me to agree with most of you that it was staged. It was like she was preparing to walk in front of the camera. Also, in the other videos she’s walking too fast for it to be leisurely walk…she’s obviously walking with some purpose, like she knows someone’s watching her (ie taping her!). Then when she gets right in front of the camera, she SUDDENLY turns off the sidewalk and goes right. No one does that in real life. It was like there was an X marked on the sidewalk where she was supposed to turn.

    As you guys said her shirts are classic Casey, tight and v-necked. Also her jeans seem to fit her perfectly…if she didn’t go shopping herself (I assumed she would be in hiding), how did she get perfectly-fitting jeans?? And as Dr. Glass mentioned if she was trying to blend in, why did she wear a bright red OU cap…I know she was in Ohio, but the red clashes with her clothing colors it would have made her look way too conspicuous. Also, if she really wanted to blend in she would not be wearing a tight tight shirt with her boobs hanging out, and tight jeans too. She is obviously still looking for attention as we all predicted.

    Sorry that was so long I had to get my observations in.

  106. One more thing that’s been bothering me…what is going on there in Ohio? If everyone knows where she is by now…why haven’t there been any more photos of her released…I’m sure every media outlet is there right now trying to get more pics? What about regular people taking pics? Why haven’t they (media) been able to track down where she’s staying? The aunt and uncle are in a small town I thought, can’t the media find her there?
    Before she was outed, I can see with her disguise people wouldn’t recognize her, but now they will. I’m assuming she’s already left Ohio? Just strange that no one is talking about where she is other than everyone recycling same TMZ pics.

  107. And…one more thing…sorry guys! Just have to get this all out. In the comments of her uncle which Dr. Glass posted, he says something like, if Casey was involved, or if SHE KNOWS WHO DID IT, hopefully someday she’ll tell us. If there is SOMEONE ELSE, why aren’t they (Sin Anthony’s) going after that person NOW?? There is no SOMEDAY…years and years later…if SOMEONE ELSE really killed your grandaughter or your niece. So either they think Casey did it, or they think someone else IN THE FAMILY did it, and of course as we all know they don’t go after anyone in the family. Or are they still believing the LIAR’s mouth that someone will come after them all if she reveals the REAL person who did it (I think this is the line Cindy deluded herself into believing…this makes Cindy a total coward).

    Either way, it’s disgusting…Grandma and Grandpa are disgusting, but so are aunt and uncle for defending this family when they know SOMEONE IN THE FAMILY did it. Either Casey, Grandma, Grandpa, or Lee…and apparently they are still close to all of them. So include the aunt and uncle with the main crazies of the family…they are wackos too.

    1. I agree. I wish the loser Anthonys would all take a lie detector test. But that will never happen. They dread that machine. It will be a forever mystery. Because Baby Killer Casey is a coward. And she will never confess.

      1. Yea,they refused from day one of being asked,I don’t know why they wouldn’t! Because they knew too much I’m certain!
        There’s no way I’d turn it down,I’d be there before they had even asked so they could look elsewhere before it’s too late…..That’s another thing that grinds my gears is Cindy said they could level their house to find her but how quickly that changed and when Cindy told the FBI that precious time had been wasted I thought I’d crack…….what about the 31 days of precious time!

  108. Casey apologized to Amy for not being a good friend. How about apologizing to Caylee for being a lousy mother on her birthday. She won’t have to do probation. She will be able to go on and make a buck off of her daughter’s death along with her parents and their foundation.

  109. Exactly Chris,Why waste more money from Floridians to put her on probation and the rules are a damn joke and a fee of $50 dollars,The states paid enough to her and the entire A compound! I cannot believe this,I sure had a lot of faith in JP till now! I’m sick of all of em and wouldn’t even do this to myself if it wasn’t for Caylee,God know’s she has had no one else to speak for her but us STRANGERS!
    Just Us For Caylee!

  110. Thank you,LoL I’m just me and can’t figure out why people say the things they do on a murdered child’s topic………They oughta be glad each one of us are here personally,Crazy! I don’t get it.
    WTH did Caylee ever do to them?

  111. LMBO Well Chris look at it this way,she lies constantly just like that murdering Horseface daughter she bore! What ever Cindy says,Think opposite and then you’ll have the truth! JMO So she gave us a huge compliment,LoL

  112. A Star,LoL Sorry
    But for Graves and her brother, unfortunately that’s far from their scariest moment.
    They were on a walk in West Orange County when three men jumped out of their truck shouting “baby “baby killer.“He came and charged at me and pushed me to the ground,” said D.M. Blade, Graves’ brother. ”He’s trying to beat on me, and I’m trying to deflect his blows and he caught a few.”
    But Graves had a gun and was able to scare them away. Now friends are telling her she should stay home or dye her hair.

    BS! Pushed her down! I don’t buy it less she has photos?
    Just keep feeding her ego and Caylee will be worse off than she was since the day her so called mommy killed her,jmo


      The above link has a video of L.Concetta Graves and brother speaking to the press.

      Her brother seems to continually try to repress a smile which makes me wonder if they are telling the truth and how was it that he really got that black eye?

      The so called Casey look alike looks NOTHING like Casey when she isn’t wearing the hat and glasses.

      Is this a publicity stunt? They both are authors……hmmmmm.

  113. Yea,that’s the sad part….Evil but free!
    Ya know,I was thinking wouldn’t an almost death penalty make you want to change? It didn’t phase her,That’s like a Dr. telling one of us today we’ll be dead tomorrow from an illness and then he calls to say he got your chart mixed up,LoL Seriously though……..She’s lucky enough as it is but yet fighting to get off probation and her charges for lying,Geeeee Maybe she knows she’ll burn in hell either way now and don’t care to change her attitude? but her whole family will be right there with her so…….jmo

    1. ChattyCathy,

      So true, all the rules have been bent for family of liars and their cohorts.

      Judge Perry PLEASE do the right thing & STOP giving Casey special treatment. She made her bed. Casey’s Mom Sin de, taught her daughter Casey, she could get away with anything. The dumb jurors and now maybe the Judge will continue to enable the twit. jmo

      Thing is, Karma (Universal all knowing) never forgets.

  114. Chatty blah blah blah Cathy.
    Sorry, but I agree with Amy. How many times do we need to hear about her murdered husband etc – WHO CARES?
    This is a body language blog and the post is about CA being spotted in Ohio. As it stands Chatty has covered the murder AGAIN the stupidity of the jurors AGAIN Cindy, Casey and their lies AGAIN the probation matter AGAIN and the list goes on.
    Chatty, love, why don’t you start your own blog where you can chat about anything you like, whenever you like and however you like.
    This is a blog written by a professional and some of us would like to stick to the topic at hand and moreover to read intelligent comments not dribble about murdered husbands and what not.

    1. Leave Chatty alone. Amy, you are a trouble maker. And now you have a pal helping you out with your insults. Get a life yourself.

  115. I do have a life Amy! I’m not the one who slept with your old man so keep your tongue to yourself!
    No other reason for you to treat somebody that way? jmo

  116. Huh??? Are you crazy? I’m referring to your ditzy, comical posts about all and sundry except the matter at hand? What on earth are you talking about now?

    FYI, think you should start your own blog hun.. That way, you’re able to comment till the cows come home. As it stands, you are ruining this blog for those of us seeking facts and intelligent insight.

  117. Oh, and I am scrolling – it’s becoming tedious though… Why don’t you think before hitting that comment key hun? Keep the dribble to yourself so to speak. Your husband was murdered? Now why on earth do we need to know that. Too much blah blah my love. Have you heard of KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid?

    1. Exactly. How ridiculous is that? She can ignore your post but instead needs to feel self-important and order others about with this is how you should act, blah blah blah.

      If a loved one of hers was murdered, how the he** does she know how she would act? In her arrogance she will likely claim to know.

      This is Dr. Glass’s site to say what is ok and what isn’t.

      Meanwhile everyone else is a visitor. Ignore the thing and stay peaceful! Blessings.

  118. Well, that was the post that put me off actually – too much info and probably not enough truth. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Who on their right mind reveals such sensitive info on the internet to a bunch of strangers?? An attention seeking lonely individual, that’s who…………………!

  119. So get over it HUN!
    I ain’t gonna spend my time having a battle of the wits with an unarmed person,so scroll,Disrespectful!
    I’ll have ya know my husband and Caylee have alot in common,No justice so you better keep your mouth shut,how dare you make light of something so personal!

  120. How dare you BITCH to disrespect my husband,I don’t have to lie about a damm thing and wouldn’t,My husband suffered enough you little Bitch! jmo

  121. A normal person wouldn’t post something so personal and sensitive online – one would only do that when one is seeking attention and sympathy from strangers – the attention and sympathy that is obviously lacking in your “real” life.

    Btw, I don’t know about your husband’s matter nor do I wish to. If in fact he was murdered then I’m sorry for your loss. If I were you, I’d keep that info to myself – show some class and dignity.

    And no, I will not get over it. I am entitled to my opinion – just as you are.

  122. Anyway Chatty, I bid you farewell and goodluck. I won’t be reading here anymore. You are a hog and I have no desire to sort through endless, off topic dribble. Like I said, get a life and get off your stupid high horse.

    1. Same. This is turning into the Chatty Cathy hour – everywhere you look, there IT is, shooting off about everything and nothing! In.Every.Single.Post. The thing she doesn’t realize is she’s costing Dr Glass her readers, those who come here for the body language insight of an educated, well respected Dr.

      Can we please get a gag order? Calling Judge Perry. LOL.

      1. Dr. Glass can speak for herself, she didn’t ask you to do so.

        So what, should we leash you too?

      2. I didn’t know there was a limit to how many post there could be. Why can’t everybody get along. I don’t have a hard time strolling pass the post I’m not interested in. Why do you 2 have to be bitchy. Gosh.

  123. If i cared to prove it to you which I don’t,My VIS has been online for 8yrs and there’s newspaper articles ……..But who the hello would lie about that? You! because when you accuse people,IMO you’re guilty of it? jmo
    I use my story to tell all victims to never ever be quiet about it!

  124. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Relax you guyz! This is entertainment, not the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Amy, I understand where you’re coming from but a little sensitivity may be in order. Then again, you are entitled to your opinion and don’t deserve to be called a BITCH!

    Chatty, even though you do go on (and on and on) I find you entertaining and like you said, if ya don’t like it, SCROLL!

  125. When she/you disrespect my Husband,you should be Thankful it’s only Bitchthat I call you and how convenient,Amy leaves and Cathy shows up with the very same gripe ~

  126. Doc: Please answer this one? Did you see lech Cheney put his hands around Lisabeth Fryer’s neck yesterday in court? Does he think he is every young woman he comes in contact with’s granddad? So very unprofessional and creepy. Can you imagine Ashton caressing Drane Burdick’s neck while conferring with her, IN COURT? Let’s get back to the body language blog, and less childish prattle, please.

  127. It means more and more people will just stop their efforts and make it easier for the A Compound to make more blood money as well as make her killer rich? jmo

    1. EH? Oh boy. WTH???????? The trial is OVER. Get over it already. What are you rambling on about now and to whom? You’ve managed to turn everyone off this blog and now the stage is yours and yours alone. Enjoy.

    2. I believe George played a part in it. I believe the drowning theory. I believe Casey was molested. George is creepy and a liar. The State failed to prove their case.

      1. So say you but the evidence says differently. Dam something weird in that Florida water and with women all to ready to think every man is a rapist.

        Women can be promiscuous for other reasons that sexual abuse. Get a clue. Sociopath women like power and control, thus they USE sex to get it. Hope you and Casey (cash cow for Baez) become friends so she can steal and abuse you.

        Is the defense team in the house? Sounds like it. Spewing more lies per second than flies gather on sh&t.

        Only liars love liars.

      2. And I think you are a nut. Casey is creepy and a liar. Haven’t you heard. All the Anthony’s are liars. So stop defending baby killer. The state proved it. Casey did too by not taken the stand. And 31 days. She is a cold blooded killer. What kind of mother is that, who doesn’t know where her kid is. A innocent person would not sit in jail for 3 years. Plus she had the easy jail. Not the hard prison. Never once did she beg for a lie detector test. Because coward did it.

      3. Ok, so I’m stupid? The jurors are stupid also? And you? You are the only one who knows everything right? According to the evidence as you say? What trial were you watching coz the State certainly didn’t prove Caset murdered Caylee.

      4. Anna Maria- great name- and thank you for being one of a very small club of like-minded people- willing to speak the TRUTH- rather than hateful, projective, delusional crapola !

      5. Chris- your doing that name-calling thing again- other ppl can have a different opinon than your- my gess those ppl wold be educated and mentally healthy- with no need to project own issues on to someone they don’t know or REALLY care about.

  128. You or me,Sad when ya hate someone you don’t even know,Jennifer Ford needs a good ole fashioned thrashin’ and I agree with ya that JP did speed it up and I’m starting to wonder now,RH said the judge could have given her more time,then the juror gifts,why did someone else confiscate those gifts? Looks to […]


    What are you,2 yrs old? I will not adress one more comment from you,unless you change your nic and I don’t know it and I hope you’ll do the same,if you cared so much about scrolling to get past my posts then you could save time if you didn’t type childish one liners to go through!

  129. This has turned out to be cruel and childish behavoir which has become abusive! Chatty Cathy is releasing nothing but frustration like everyone else in this country. These pictures have added a lot of fuel to the fire because she made money from these photo’s and her attorney has just successful lied to the fl courts by saying her life is in danger therefore she should once again be given the royal treatment as if she is special! Her daughter’s birthday is Aug 9th and this family is flaunting themselves all over and selling their photo’s! Chatty Cathy is mad! we are all mad! This is a freedom of speech country and this is a blog! we all need to remember whose this is really about and by reading her past blogs, Cathy has alot of good point of views and if you don’t like them , then don’t read them! lets be nice and remeber who this is really about!

    1. I don’t think CA’s attorney lied to the Fl courts about her life being in danger. I believe that he made a valid point.

    2. Thank you Jamie. It’s true the abuse of the legal system in this case has left any logical person with their head spinning. Maybe only in Florida such arrogant, flagrant disregard for the law is tolerated. I tell you what I think the duh-fense team come here and these posters attacking CC have some self interest.

      Truth is if someone’s post is not interesting you simply bypass it. You don’t attack someone’s pain! Who the hel* is Amy to say CC can not speak of her personal experience on this blog?

      Only someone with another motive thanI don’t want to read your post would attack a poster!!! Amy etal can go to H8ll, just like the other liars who have no regard for a murdered baby.

      God help us when we become a country that rewards murders of baby’s and aid them to profit with blood money. It is then you KNOW the end of days for righteousness in America is GOOD AND DEAD!!!

      God Bless America, Freedom of Speech and Little Defenseless children.

      The LIARS STINK BIG TIME. The liars know who they are.

    3. Another thing before I go, it is important to continue to remember this case. The DUH-fense would like amnesia to set in so they can later bring out the “New and Improved Casey” and sell her to the public. They mock the American public by thinking we are all idiots to be had. Remember they are GREEDY!!!

      And since when is it ethical for a duh-fense attorney to represent a client for murder and then turn into her “public relations person.” Something stinks about that???

      I pray the FBI steps in and pursues the liars and their cohorts.

      Remember these people tried to pin the murder on friends of Casey on anyone else they could think of BEFORE they came up with “George” “drowning’ “sexual abuse” theory. Meanwhile Casey just sat in jail AFTER trying the abduction, Jessie killed Caylee, Amy did it, theories….etc etc etc. jmho

    4. its about YOU- James- remember you don’t know casey and did not know caylee- you guys are projecting your own stuff-all over the place-its so pathological- theses blog are a study in group psychopathology/mental illness- lets just keep this blog to the facts- we are ALL OVER hearing how rightously indignantly “mad” (aka Nancy Grace)- everyone is- lets move it away from YOU- its not ALL about you- lets discuss the case- not your self hate directed outward.

  130. Is it possible that she isn’t wearing a ‘fat suit’ as has been suggested, but perhaps has on a custom kevlar bulletproof vest?
    (photos of vests click the ‘product’ tab)
    I think the Ants were setting up the paperwork for an offshore acct in the Bahamas a la OJ; the dolphins and tee shirt shopping was a smoke screen for their true mission, signing some required bank documents.
    They need a place to funnel donation money (puleeze as if), media blood $$s and book and movie deal bucks where Uncle Sam or U.S. creditors can’t tax or impose fines.
    Whatever their schemes, we will know soon enough as G and C will not be hesitant to rake in the dough, they need that money ASAP so they can relocate to a more secure home and live the bella vita.
    I think the Ants were as surprised by the NOT GUILTY verdict as everybody and now have to rearrange all their money-grubbing plans.
    They were counting on Casey being locked up and unable to profit from her evil. Now, G and C must approach this from a different angle to get their awaited share of bloody pie!
    Casey IS in real danger IMO; I do not expect her to survive street justice or a fame-seeking nutjob assassin for very long.
    The Ants will soon be milking Casey’s death for public sympathy. They will be clutching jalepeno-scented hankies and wiping away invisible tears on every tv channel shouting vigilante while depositing funds into their new overflowing offshore bank account.
    Cindy is determined to be the ‘last man standing’ in this saga and she intends to do so with mucho moolah, a face lift, tummy tuck and new boobs. Jojo won’t make it to the finish line if he doesn’t get those divorce papers filed soon!

  131. Amen Singhphat! Can you imagine what Amy is going through! She is out almost 800.00 and she was another victim who once again did not get justice because the thief who stole from her while being a true freiend and allowing her to borrow her car because Caseys car “was not running properly”! How many years of therapy is Amy going to need to have to deal with the trauma her brain went thru because she was being accused of kidnapping Caylee! Who will be paying her doctor bills! Oh and what dreamteam will pay for the real ZG whose life was once a normal life for her and one day it was destroyed because of Casey Marie Anthony! Her daughter is just another cold case file! files locked away in a closet with dust building up! Reminds me of the Jonbenet Ramsey case! nothing happened to her either! Just a little 5 year old who’s body just appeared in the basement, strangled, molested and wraaped in a blanket!

    1. Exactly….And I’ll tell ya,I worry about Cindy’s Mother Shirley after she said Kc needed a good ash whoppin…not a quote but close.

      Wasn’t there a big to do from Georges family that came out just a while back after opening statements when they said they supported George and that defence was way over the top and Casey was a liar…… Weren’t they the family from Ohio??

  132. Actually Singhphat – YOU go to H*LL! How dare you stop others from expressing their opinions (whilst you express yours freely and loudly) and then condemn us to H*LL all the while singing the praises of free speech.

    Amy did not say that Chatty can’t express her pain, she just said it isn’t normal for a person to reveal such sensitive and personal info on a public forum, all the time, blah blah to anyone who will listen AND I HAPPEN TO AGREE! JMO.

    I’m amazed at your anger and suggested violence toward individuals whom you don’t know.

    The defence did their job of defending theor client. The jurors followed the law as per their understanding of it and were praised by the judge. The State failed Caylee. Perhaps you ought to target your anger toward THEM!

    1. OMG,Thanks for the warning! Everybody is running from the star and her agent so they’ll make money any way they can?
      Lowest of the low! jmo

      1. NancyB – Thank you. I hope they make a lot of money so the FBI and IRS can take it away!!!

        To report a kidnapped baby that was already dead, hmmm, screams Federal Offense. To attempt witness tampering, hmmm. another crime. To make 200,000 off of your dead baby’s photos and not pay income tax, hmmm, The State of Florida badly in need of cash, like most states, can ask to be paid back for an investigation into a missing child that Casey knew was gone, dead, not breathing any longer. hmmmm. Perjury by parents in a court of law, another crime. Contempt of Court by attorney, attorney blurring the line in lawyer/client relationship, hmmmm another no no. Buying gifts for the jurors by duh-fense, hmmmmm. Seems like this unethical, greedy, lying group may have more to do with the law in times to come. jmo.

        So to those who support a lying, thieving has been like Casey are just like her, low level functioning individuals.

        Caylee was a defenseless child and the ScamAnthony’s have no problem with blood money. Others do. Amen. Justice for Caylee. We won’t forget, the liars from Hell, the brain dead jurors who just wanted to go home. If Casey were a man, the verdict would have been guilty!!! jmo

      1. I bet you could be a baby killer. Your Casey worshipping is not funny. What does it do for you to take up for the lying woman. Are you a member of the defense team.

      2. i could not kill a fly- don’t infact- i just have education and experience to know what others that don’t- don’t know- period.

  133. That’s what I keep saying,Jail is a whole lot different than prison!
    She’d have had more than a chipped tooth if she had been in prison,But not Kc,She had people in her cell for God’s sake and passed letters with help from a guard and strangers buying her snacks and mascara,and security even then……easy street.jmo

  134. Welcome back Chatty Cathy! You always seem to post info that we have not seen before! Thank you! And yes, that family in Ohio did not want anything to do with her until the media came knocking on their door! 10 minute fame will make you like anybody or anything! I do not think any type of banning will help TMZ from publishing their trash! Their veiwers like what they publish therefor they will continue tp produce! Being a FL reident, i would like to write a letter to Judge Perry like the 70 year old woman did but I do not want my name on anything! Casey’s life is not in danger like they say it is because she is clearly able to walk into an old navy! at least she was not seen walking into a Louis Vuitton store! I hate what our world represents to allow a psychopath to become a celebrity , meanwhile her beautiful little girl has been added to the cold case file!

    1. why don’t you haters just mind your own business- if you don’t want to see/hear/speak casey anthony- then go do something else- you guys can’t boycott and strong arm the media- to serve yor own purposes- its a free contry- freedom of speak- go away……………..

      1. why don’t you and your Casey cohorts go form your own blog. then you can brag about plain Casey all you want. but no, you need to be here where people can’t stand Casey. because that’s how to get your kicks. you’re nuts if you want derelict Casey to get rich. let her live with you then. since you’re so in love with the baby killer.

    2. Chris, I think Deb is the kind of men hater Baez and team were aiming for, the kind of shameful so=called women who want equal rights, but blame men for everything that is wrong and never take personally responsibility for what they do.

      In other words, these types of so-called women are cowards, they never stand up for the decent things, they only know how to manipulate and cry “victim.” They attack decent women and men for being what they could NEVER be—— GENUINE.

      Sociopath Casey appeals to that type. The men like her cause she is loose & easy, ugly but easy. They see “beauty” in her lack of morals.

  135. Of course it’s Casey Anthony! She made money off these pictures; they were obviously staged, shot, and sold to TMZ. I’m sure she got big bucks for them. Enough to live off of for a while anyway. Yes, she’s put on a few pounds. Probably eating and drinking everything she missed out on while in jail those 3 years. The excitement of being out of jail will soon wear off for her. She will still be isolated and live a very lonely and fearful life. Who, after all will seriously want to have anything to do with her other then some low life pond sucking parasites. If her lips are moving she is lying and everyone knows that. She will probably be even heavier in the next pictures we see of her. She will now feed her loneliness.. She couldn’t do that in jail. I’m sure she missed Star Bucks and will now make up it.. I have no pity for her. I hope she has a miserable fearful life and knows how many people there are out here that know what she did and will never forget it….

      1. Dana, Well said. Who will become her body guard once the blood suckers around her leave? Other parasites, psychopaths and low lives will be drawn to her. She is poison.

  136. She will not be able to photograph herself with a “hot bod” because I am sure her new agent Jose is coaching her! that would appear as huge guilt so he probably told her to put on some pounds for the pity party which will be coming when she gives her first interview! also the trauma and all the “pretend therapy” and all the “pretend” anti depressants” will have made her gain al lot of weight! The only therapy she seems to have been receiving is shopping therapy kind of like when she stole her friend’s money and went on a shopping spree!

    1. Good point. After they let her go fat, then they bring back the “new, improved Casey” with a make over. No shame, all contrived to get money from the public. Not a cent from me, no cable networks to tune into.

      Jamie, you are so right, how can Judge Perry believe her life is in REAL danger when she is walking around OHio without a care in the world. All people in Florida that darn naive??? I can’t believe that a lawyer can get away with less than professional practices like bozo. And Cheney giving the bird to the public WOW real class from the feel the young girls up old man. jmho

  137. Thank You,I didn’t leave for good anyway,Just long enough to give others a break from the nagging,LoL
    I never resort to name calling but this time I did but I still had a good reason,People who come to these blogs and act that way generally have a reason for it or are scared of what you have to say and that’s what I’ve learned from my ordeal,Never be quiet,that’s exactly what they want you to do so I have a feeling somebody is worrying that I have enough time on my hand’s to make a difference,no matter how small it is and that others will listen and for someone to say they don’t care if my Husband was murdered,then why would they care that Caylee was! I am a widow,My house is spotless,I live alone,I have dsl,been fed and watered so I can stay here 24×7 if I choose too so I’d be threatened by me too,I have all the time in the world to LoL Even if Caylee never got Justice I can help stop her killer from profitting from it!
    I agree with you,Now kid’s everywhere see this new celebrity who got rich and famous for a murder,as if we didn’t have that problem already with all the kids and school shootings etc……It’s a disgrace to even have to defend or not defend this because it should not have happened to begin with and here we are….Putting the killer on a pedestal…Some parents want to raise descent humans and this should never be accepted in any way,fashion or form! and when it is something’s wrong somewhere! I sure don’t blame you for not wanting your name on anything,I can see exactly why! jmo

    1. no you can’t stop her- you are not the countrys morality code enforcer- why not do some volnteer work in your commnity- help some children that are not dead- do something constructive- put you time and energy where your chattycathy is……….

      1. Agreed Deb! If it wasn’t for her murdered husband sob story no one would give her the time of day.

    2. ChattyCathy. Bless your soul.

      Here is some wonderful quotes, you will enjoy.

      “I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashion.”
      Lillian Hellman

      There are people who eat the earth and eat all the people on it like in the Bible with the locusts. And other people who stand around and watch them eat.
      Lillian Hellman

      CC- you keep talking and writing! 🙂

  138. To ChattyCathy- I am so sorry to hear about your tragic loss! I was shocked at how many unexplained deaths and circumstances that victims families are faced with I was even more horrified at the lack of support and available resources to help these victims. Not only are finances an issue of funeral expenses, but also in discovering the reasons and causes of these deaths. There is such an injustice of the system in not being able to pursue the rights of the victims. . They are all dead and can no longer pursue the cause, and have no VOICE to speak. In knowing this and meeting all the other that have needs, we have decided to be their VOICES and speak for them.

  139. Dear ChattyCathy, Keep on talking. You are so right, all it takes for the world to go to he11 is for good people to be silcenced. Deb is just looking for a fight. If you say white she will say black. she just wants the fight. Amy is looking for attention, any kind … good or bad.. Please don’t stop. Shout it as loud as you can, It WAS a misscarrage of justice!!!!! keep on keeping on

  140. You are Exactly right,I had never even known anyone who had been murdered and I thought they were there to help me give him a voice….Far from it,I don’t know how many letters,petitions and calls I made and not one even gave me the time of day and after his 6 month vacation in the county jail was over he too was put on probation,then I learned he was out on Halloween night and here I sat on my porch giving candy out with my Grandson (believing we were safe because I was “supposed to be contacted first”) and the next day I learned he was out through a witness and I checked VINE and they had him on parole….so I checked VINE again on my husband’s Birthday and learned he’d absconded and called his probation officer and this is exactly what I was told,His term is over…..there’s nothing to pick him up for because his “PROBATION RAN OUT” There’s nothing you can do!
    Victim’s don’t have a chance!

    1. WOW. This is just too sad!!! You are a strong person to continue and to speak against the flaw in the system is admirable.

      Let one of these supporters of the injustice against Caylee be a victim of a crime and they just might change their tune.

  141. Thank You,I will too!
    It’s troubling to see that some people do not care about Justice for victims,and keep taunting the Victim’s over and over again….If they don’t care about other victims then they sure don’t about Caylee’s but I do! Those of us who do are here for a reason,those who don’t are here to sling crap! I will scream it till the day I die,my husband deserved it and so does Caylee!
    Thank you for the support,It means a whole lot to me!

    1. And there are those of us who come here to read about body language and the human mind and have to put up with Cathy Blah blah BLAH or whatever your name is! Chat awy Cathy, each post just discredits you more and more you classless fool.

  142. I hate to admit this but the pictures made me curious enough to investigate a little and one thing I can say is that she has the same beauty marks on her neck as in pics of her in court, Just saying!

  143. Singhphat I don’t know what is wrong with our legal system in FL but we are looked down upon and being laughed at. I heard that Judge Perry had signed a book deal 2 weeks before the trial even started! I don’t know if this is true but maybe someone can find it. Chatty Cathy is very good with her findings…. If this is true then there is no justice and just another crooked judge in our system! But the media has added alot of fuel to the fires and a lot of it could be made up!
    I believe this is Casey walking the empty streets in this little town of ohio! There are two big psych facilities in this town but Not even Tiger Woods had the pool to leave his facility in Mississippi to go shopping and drink latte! she is not in rehab! It is hard to find a double with matching moles and Miss Casey seems to break out with acne in certain areas and she had one in the same spot during trial but there is photoshop and would not put anything past TMZ for ratings!

  144. ToSinghphat-I love your quotes by Lillian Hellman! I loved ” An unfinished woman” She was blacklisted in the 1950s for her leftist activism, She continued to write and to speak out against the injustices around her.
    This is the great side to being involved with this blog! We have gotten off the subject of the wackjob in Ohio or whereever and focused on human beings that suffered a great loss to another murderer who is now walking the streets caused by the failed judicial system! By learning about Chatty cathy, i am not focused on CA and am not as angry and by reading the support system that Chatty Cathy is so important and everyone needs to read Singhphats quotes by Lillian Hellman and learn by each of our positive words! We are the ones that support these blogs and the negative ones get tired and stop but the positive ones that are here for a reason keep going! I am far from being a fat housewife with nothing to do! I run marathons and am in training for my second tri! We are all human beings with a cause!

    1. The Casey supporters who rant and attack true victims show how dark their souls are. Water seeks its own level for sure, even this trial showed that to be a fact, consider the duh-fense, and Casey supporters, never saying a word about the horrific way that baby died. All they know is Casey is “hot.” She is about as hot like hot horse poop.

      LOL, the sorry saps could be fat frustrated hags. lol. I’m very perky and was taught to stand up for lasting values. I loved “The Little Foxes” and the ScamAnthonys in a way remind me of the family portrayed in that movie, schemers and liars for that good old money and power. The ScamAnthonys are nothing but low lives willing to pin a crime on innocent people. Cindy will never convince me she is anything but dark and evil too.

      Didn’t read “An Unfinished Woman” but will look into it. Summer is over and back to school next week, but I will check in and keep my voice raised for Caylee and others!!!

  145. OMG,I pray that’s not true but i will say…..It wouldn’t shock me,something happened in that courtroom,I searched for the info and will keep doing so and if I find it I’ll post! Usually I can find about anything I need to find but nothing yet on this one! OMG I hope it isn’t true! gonna go searching,LoL

  146. Jamie Thank You!
    If more people cared or even listened to victims or the only voice for a victim maybe things could change,Seems to me everybody condones murder anymore…It’s almost like getting a purple heart,Amazing!
    It’s like people say…pft,you lost a husband/daughter/child etc…. so what!

    Singphat,Thank you for those,You’re right…..I loved them !

  147. Cathy- how do you find these articles? It is amazing!How many more sideshows to this circus? And of course, she is being accused of wanting her 15 minute fame! I bet if you keep searching, you will be the one to find out if he did sign a book deel according to the source, he allowed the two journalists to sit in during the trial and take notes! Just crooked politics and no different than capital hill!

    1. Lord how mercy,I hope it’s a joke..I read that a second ago and thought maybe that’s other peoples posts,LoL

  148. Amen,I am fed up!
    It may sound crazy but how did this verdict come about when there really wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell! In any direction whatsoever?
    How does Bozo hand gifts out to juror’s but it takes the deputies to confiscate them if infact that’s true which I do believe it……Why didn’t the judge take them? Surely that’s unethical,or I hope it is…we haven’t heard a word on Bozo’s contempt,heck the guy who gave Ashton the finger got 6 days…I feel so bad to say this stuff but I don’t trust him now and not to sound like a broken record but he wouldn’t be the only judge I’ve seen do it and I always heard JP and CM were good friend’s? So I don’t know but if it’s out there I’ll find it! I just can’t get over “Not Guilty” jmo
    I’m still searching too,LoL

    1. The whole verdict was rigged. Somebody should check into that. I always hated when fake Baez said good morning to the jurors. Phoney.

      1. Chris,

        I heard a clip on foxnews by a famous female crime author (maybe x lawyer too) where there is an investigation into jury tampering.

  149. “IT” puts on weight very easily. Remember how she started to really puff up, and then George wrote her a letter, telling her to watch herself, because she was getting heavy.

    Anyway, nice to know she can still enjoy stuffing her fat face, while Caylee will never get to eat again. They can tell us how much “IT” has changed, but who cares?

    Caylee will never get to change, she’ll always be dead 😦

  150. Wow, I was on vacation for a week and it’s taken me a day to read all the comments. Actually, I didn’t even get to read them all yet.

    But first I have to say, Chatty Cathy has just as much right to comment as others with a differing opinion (like those who think Casey is innocent, beautiful and her defense lawyers are wonderful gentlemen). I can understand how her (CC’s) background makes it even worse for her to see killer Casey go free. (And Chatty, you usually provide some very informative links.) If you don’t want to read her posts, just skip by them.

    Secondly, like Chatty Cathy and others, I am disgusted that once again this killer is getting off scott free and not having to attend another court date. Her life cannot be in that much danger if she is free to walk around in Ohio with no body guards that I can see anywhere around her. Where are all the people putting her life in danger? I don’t see them. Meanwhile, the rest of her no-good lying family are enjoying Caribbean vacations.

    Karma can’t come soon enough for that group.

  151. Thank You ShellyShocked!
    I can’t wait for karma either and now I’m wondering what publicity stunt they pull for Caylee’s Birthday! They’ll do something??

  152. Did Baez really hand out gifts to the jurors and how did he get away with that! The state chose a very beautiful resort for them to stay while in Orlando and they were able to sit out by the pool on weekends! Now that has been proved because it was on Greta’s show and she goes by the book for proof!

  153. Yea,when she said someone hacked into their computer,I am sorry but who the heck would want to be on their computer….not me! I’ll be enough trouble if my PC is ever confiscated…Shoot, I’ve got chloroform,neck breaking,duct tape,decomposition,maggots, trashbags,grave wax,dead squirrels among millions of other things that polluted my pc and it was all because of them! Kc wasn’t even supposed to be on the computer while out on bond and SINdy hid that for her too..Those people just about Drove Dakota (Murt’s Grand daughter) over the edge and they all fell out and Cindy and George went to the JBP search and ripped that sign right off his truck when they learned they’d sell on ebay!

    Jamie I can’t swear that he did but I’ll show you an article,It’s about 3/4ths all the way down!

  154. I can’t get over that little dance he did,never did he do that until the day before the verdict,that’s what gets me the most! I still say he knew that verdict and that little dance was like Mason’s finger was to me….jmo

  155. come to think of it.I wonder why nothing was said if deputies confiscated the gifts or could it be that’s part of the witness tampering ordeal? I wonder!

    Well Said Lisa,very well……No way to change that!

  156. Respectfully snipped by another poster but it’s a good comment!

    Cindy Anthony communicated with Sean Kraus by email several different times and even mentioned to him (in an email) that she had relevant information that would MAKE FOR A GOOD STORY!

    Sean Kraus wrote about these communications on a website and detectives contacted him. He provided them, but Cindy Anthony says she didn’t write or send those and that’s not her email address, but the funny thing is that Cindy Anthony has sent Sgt. John Allen a few emails from THAT SAME ADDRESS.

    Does Cindy suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder and she can’t remember what she says or does when she’s different people? Obviously, the different personalities use the same email address. Even Krause said he felt like Cindy was trying to bullshit him and he didn’t know why.

    I’ll say why I feel she does this bizarre stuff. Because Cindy thinks she’s smarter than everyone else and she’s not.

    It’s coming together slowly, but surely.

    Sadly, she’s got releveant information that she feels would ‘make for a good story.'(Her words, not mine.)

    I think she is a very sick woman, burned out on caring for her grandchild that she said was Casey’s MISTAKE.

  157. personally, Orlando wants to be rid of all of them! They have left a mess with blood on all their hands! I do not believe for one minute that Cindy and George are estranged from their monster of a daughter. All the lawyers and the Anthony’s sat in Jose’s office and this was mastered by the dreamteam and George and Cindy went a long with story! They knew that the state would not come back and get them! They are all parasites! Cindy angers me the most! They told the country that they wanted the truth! They know the truth! They cared more about saving Caseys life than finding justice for their granddaughter The attorney’s just confused the jurors! This trial was not about finding justice for caylee! George Anthony was the one tht was put on trial and judged! As complicated as this trial was, especially the forenzics, the jurors hardly took any notes!

    1. The whole world want’s rid of her I’m sure,but I can understand the Floridians…..They’ve paid out the rear and then she goes free!
      In my opinion they knew when they got the car because if they didn’t know it was Kc they’d have never cleaned that car,let alone brought it home with that smell! What? They didn’t want the kidnapper or murderer caught,That speaks volumes to me!

  158. Yes Jamie,so much so that I even started thinking,what if? But it didn’t last but a day….and yes SINdy asked for help from a lot of people as we know but when she learned Kc was guilty she turned on everyone who was there for Caylee? Just once I wish I’d had the support of every person who worked on the case like George and SINdy had but they basically spit in their faces,You didn’t see them out there looking,let alone digging and sifting dirt to put Caylee’s little body back together because her so called mother threw her out in a swamp but kept the trash…….They should be on their knees thanking those people who did what they wouldn’t do!
    They were too busy setting up a tent to stay out of the sun and riding a truck with a sign on it sitting on their azz!
    I always wondered just what it was that Kc kept writing in the courtroom days before the trial and I am almost certain I saw her pass notes to the attorneys through that sweater she carried in court room every day,It was no doubt all their plans and if you noticed,Cindy and George sat in a position where they could see Kc at all times….that’s why they went to the prosecution side so they could send signals,they had this planned all along and sitting there acting like they were reading their Bilbles?
    Did you see that pic of Kc giving the finger in the courtroom before the trial started though and Bozo blocked the camera for her to do it? SICK!
    JP should have reacted to that but he didn’t! Yet gives another guy 6 days in jail!

    1. I don’t know why homely horseface think she’s got something to offer. What, a std. She’s on trial for murder, yet she’s got time to giggle and act stupid. That’s because slut already knew the outcome.

    2. She obviously couldn’t care less about her dead baby and how Caylee suffered. All she cares about is her monkey like self. Even a paretn monkey would show more feelings for their dead baby. Baez is a slimebucket as the originator of the vid wrote. mho

  159. I don’t think I’ve ever seen SINdy smile,and she’s in the courtroom in this pic but gosh she’s happy about something,I heard that after the verdict Cindy looked at Lippman and smiled like,..I got away with it so maybe this is when that happened! jmo

  160. I don’t know about that. But she sure is ugly. Looks just like a ape. I bet that’s a wig she has on. She’s so happy Casey is free. But I guess she don’t care about innocent Caylee.

  161. It just dawned on me when I read your post but JP told JA and Bozo if they couldn’t control themselves like professionals he would fine them,But look at how Bozo looked when he yelled out “That laughing guy” and he looked evil to me at that moment but JP didn’t stop him? jmo

  162. I definetely think it’s Casey….no doubt in my mind.
    These pictures were staged by TMZ…..because of the LACK OF PEOPLE on the streets… purse in several pictures however in the one pictures of her
    walking past the store……you can see a large bag.(purse) on the right side
    which appears to be gray in color.

    Yes, these were staged by TMZ…..and done on several different days.
    I also think TMZ followed her and know exactly where she is living….they
    aren’t that dumb to let her get away without following her right to her

  163. That clip is sick! Was this at pretrial? They are all laughing and did you see Jose’s gestures? Why wasn’t body language posted from this this? And now look at them!! Free and playing games with the media!The lawyer on the left is nothing but “TROUBLE”! He was the one driving the body double when the former attorney from California flew back to orlando and they were all calling UNIDENTIFYED callers of course, the media! They are the circus not the media! Have you all seen Syms”s law firm website? Pretty Bad! Their are attorneys and then their are catfish and this dreamteam are nothing but bottom feeding catfish! Cheney blaming the media after the verdict but yet who is being interviewed on national tv! I thought that Judge Perry was going after Jose after the trial! I guess not!
    Chatty Cathy- I do not know how you stay sane day by day, knowing that a killer is out and about! Is he still in your home town? Just look at all the missing children that could not have been searched for because all the funds were wasted on lies! I think that all the lawsuits against Casey Anthony are all going to just disappear! Morgan is dreaming if he really thinks Casey is coming to Orlando for her taped deposition! I still shake my head thinking about these people! It really disgusts me to no ends, thinking about Casey hanging out at the sorority house and eating their food and pretending to be a sorority girl at UCF! I just paid my daughter’s last sorority bill because she graduated and it was 800.00 this is what we paid every month! I

  164. Yes,It was at pretrial,during the time Dr.G testified,It made me furious and I sent it to several people believe me,even to the judge and nothing was done,That’s how Kc and Bozo felt about Caylee,Disgusting,even the court reporter I think is what she’s called that worked for Bozo was laughing while watching it go on!
    I sent it to Kathhi Belich too! If I remember correctly Dr Glass too and she did a piece on it….but it was far more extreme Than I think they saw about it,DISGUSTING I WAS RAGING HOT OVER THAT!
    Proof I sent it

    Kathi,I wanted to send this to you,I’ve been following the case since day one and am saddened by the lack of concern and needed justice for Caylee!

    I don’t know if someone has sent you this already but it’s a shame and a disgrace what the DT is doing! and in this video it is OBVIOUS!

    Watch Mark around 2:49 as Baez blocks the cam! Casey gives the finger?
    Thank You Kathi,I so appreciate your time! When I saw this video it made me sick!

    This video shows his actions are not appropriate and just how serious he takes the case!
    It is so obvious to watch him and kc from the mark 2:49!
    Watch caseys hands direct him first to the left,then to the right…and he blocks the cam while she thinks she’s getting away with giving the court the finger! While they laugh!
    It is so Obvious!

  165. I answered you Jamie but that post is in Moderation,But I also posted the emai;s I sent to Kathi B.That happened April 5!

  166. I have just finished listening to a show on blogtalkradio you guys may be interested in– It is a show that is on every Sunday evening, but you can listen to the recorded shows at any time. Most of the program last night was about Warren Jeffs, the compound, etc., but there is a segment about KC and these photos. Levi Page explains how they were staged, (what street she was on, and the closest Starbucks being 2 miles away) and that TMZ paid her $500,000 for the pics.


      AND LAWYERS!!! BACK TAXES ON 200,000 and now 500,000.

      Let them pay back the STATE OF FLORIDA for leading them




    2. That’s outrageous. All that money for a nobody, ugly murderer. This world is sick. So the moral of the story. Kill your baby and win the lottery ticket. People are nuts. And Anthony is a loser.

  167. Welcome to our “New WORLD” ! I wonder what she needs to put down as her new job title for when she has her probation set up! This is just the beginning of the mantality of freaks that will want to follow her! 500,000 to just be yourself- ugly! she will never be that beautiful girl who was pertisipating in Hot Body contests three years ago!

    1. Unbelievable!!! Why not just give her the keys to the City.

      Judge, she is walking around without a care on her ugly mug.

      1. And I guess the judge is under her ugly spell. I knew he was not fair to the state. They should have kept the other judge. Too late now.

  168. Seriously…..I’m just as upset about the verdict as everyone else but DR. Glass you need to move on. This is ridiculous. As a so-called rofessional you of all people should know that this obsession w casey anthony and the anthony family needs to end. It’s over…..MOVE ON

  169. We cannot control the freaks who will pay “BIG BUCKS” for Casey Anthony! Even OJ did not get this kind of exposure! This woman is starting to be idolized! Can you imagine paying a million dollars for a halloween mask! The Anthony’s should be so proud! They are selling the car to the highest bidder! Lets see how much money goes to THEIR FOUNDATION! If That were my car, I would have taken it to the nearest junk yard and had it burned! They are actually going to profit from that car!

    1. Only a sick twisted evil person would sell that car, and the ScamAnthony’s are that, they are drunk on their sense of untouchability.

      I pray the FBI is watching their every step and waiting to pounce.

      Then the IRS for misappropriation of funds and not paying taxes, Casey etal, mho

  170. I stay sane to do what I have to do,Thank God!
    Yes,he’s in my town,he lived not even a mile from my daughter about a yr ago,she went into a store to pay for gas and he was there so she asked the clerk (small town) where he lived and it was right up the road and my daughter moved!
    The day they put him in the police car to go to his 6 month vacation in county jail,we were standing by the curb and he raises his cuffed hands and waves at us and turns all the way around and smiles the biggest smile you ever saw!

  171. Exactly Jamie,they paid her to murder Caylee basically,Sorry but that’s how I feel!
    Now they all go easy on her,the judge could have given her more time than he did,they allowed her to get away before Morgan could get her depo because she was too tired from the trial,I guess snacks are hard to chew or something and probation with rules no one else ever got,guarded her sorry ass as she walked out of jail and I could go on and on! Makes me ILL!!!!!!!!!!

  172. Chattycathy, please ,please write a book! your observations and experience w/ this is spot on. I would buy it in a hearthbeat. If more people… Not the…. azzthony’s… would write books it would take the value down on anything they would do.

    1. Thank You hwill,Theres not much I wouldn’t do to stop all this blood money believe me…………With the mouth I got I guess I could but I wouln’t know how to start a book,LoL
      God know’s the sytem taught me how to use my mouth in a round about way,I used to be so shy I wouldn’t talk to anybody and now complete opposite,LoL

      1. CC —-LOL, Your NOT shy now, that’s what matters! I would say contact the good organizations that help victims, like John Walsh and Mark Klass. Notice how they didn’t, wouldn’t step into the ScamAnthony case. That speaks volumes. Poor Tim Miller so bighearted, he couldn’t even imagine these snakes called the ScamAnthonys.

        I need to find the name of that female crime writer who was on foxnews recently. Bill O’Reilly interviewed her and didn’t seem convinced but She speaking about the witness tampering investigation in the Caylee trail. Maybe pro CC can find! 🙂

  173. I think maybe my comment went in to Moderation because of the links so I’ll post without the link s and see if it works!

    Yes,It was at pretrial,during the time Dr.G testified,It made me furious and I sent it to several people believe me,even to the judge and nothing was done,That’s how Kc and Bozo felt about Caylee,Disgusting,even the court reporter I think is what she’s called that worked for Bozo was laughing while watching it go on!
    I sent it to Kathhi Belich too! If I remember correctly Dr Glass too and she did a piece on it….but it was far more extreme Than I think they saw about it,DISGUSTING I WAS RAGING HOT OVER THAT!
    Proof I sent it

    Kathi,I wanted to send this to you,I’ve been following the case since day one and am saddened by the lack of concern and needed justice for Caylee!

    I don’t know if someone has sent you this already but it’s a shame and a disgrace what the DT is doing! and in this video it is OBVIOUS!

    Watch Mark around 2:49 as Baez blocks the cam! Casey gives the finger?

    Thank You Kathi,I so appreciate your time! When I saw this video it made me sick!

    This video shows his actions are not appropriate and just how serious he takes the case!
    It is so obvious to watch him and kc from the mark 2:49!
    Watch caseys hands direct him first to the left,then to the right…and he blocks the cam while she thinks she’s getting away with giving the court the finger! While they laugh!
    It is so Obvious!

  174. The Anthony’s did not waste any time after the verdict to start their “NEW Caylee foundation! It was filed on 7-19-11 by their attorney Mark Lippman! The old Caylee foundation was started in oct of 2008 as a deceased caylee! she told the court during the trial that she had still been looking for an “alive Caylee” !

  175. What’s the difference ib the guy who got 6 days in jail for the finger in court and Kc and Bozo fingering and laughing? None except,That is the mother of the child she murdered and Bozo is her attorney,so the punishment should be much worse? jmo

  176. Jamie,exactly,but you know what? I always wanted a strangers ashes to wear?
    She sat there and said she believed she was alive while wearing Caylee’s ashes and just by her expression I knew she was lying then and hey…. It helps with her Disability?

  177. Mr Baez has a nice brand new website that actually works! For years, his website did not work when clicked on anything!
    His investigater, Jeriamiah Lyons quotes ” Its better 9 guilty men go free than 1 quilty person go to jail-”

  178. Cathy- you posted this a while back and could not open it then nor now It says that it cannot be found! Cindy actually wears her granddaughter’s ashes!!!!! They are horrible people! Oh! by the way! Someone posted about the items that they had bought to advertise for their granddaughters reward to find a “MISSING” child! Let’s not forget about the boat that george bought !
    Lets not forget how Casey also was looking up episodes of “One Tree Hill” about a kidnapper taking a child back in March and lets not forget the titles of the movies that crazy rented from blockbuster after Caylee was dead! I hope those jurors can see what they “didnt do “! Their comment is so simple to say the state did not do their job! I hope they enjoyed their cruize that one had to hurry back to not miss because she had it planned for months!

  179. Mr Baez has a nice brand new website that actually works! For years, his website did not work when clicked on anything!
    His investigater, Jeriamiah Lyons quotes ” Its better 9 guilty men go free than 1 quilty person go to jail-”

    what,are you serious? OMG

  180. Usually Jamie when I send the link out,actually to very limited people… but I go back after they read it and lock it b/c of trolls who do use sensitive info to hurt other’s,I learned that one on BNN! JMO

  181. Cathy- I am speechless! I had a hard time reading but cannot believe this man is a free man and enjoying “LIFE”! This story makes me now angrier than ever about Casey Anthony walking streets and enjoying “LIFE”! I cannot believe that you actually have to live day by day in your town with this creep! We should all understand your voice rather than criticize you and invalidate “your voice” !

  182. Awwww Jamie Thank You though I didn’t want to make you angry!
    I appreciate you took the time to read it.
    That’s what I mean when I say We are the only prisoners in this case!
    My daughter had to move and I rarely step out the door!
    But I still try to keep him from taking more than he already has from my family…ya know.we prayed for a way to get him out of her life,little did we know how that would happen,to me Her Daddy was a hero but you don’t hear stories like that! When you say you’d lay down and die for your child,He did! but it’s nothing! jmo SAD SAD TIMES!

    1. Cathy, I bow my head to you and your beautiful family. You are ALL heroes and today I will light a candle for your darling husband.

  183. All the “IT” lovers keep referring to the Jeriamiah Lyons quotes ” Its better 9 guilty men go free than 1 innocent person go to jail-”

    That’s all they have to fall back on. Says a lot of how they all know “IT’S” guilty. “IT’S” days are numbered…..

  184. Lisa, can you believe Jose’s new website! I was shocked when I saw that quote! I am starting to believe that my state is full of “FL Crackers” !! Including Cheney Mason! He can buy everything his little heart desires, but he ca not buy class! I am ashamed to admit I am third generation Fl!

    1. Cheney the old goat, giving the middle fingers, feeling up any young girl in proximity, unbelievable.

      Jamie, you and maybe a handful of Floridians are AOK! LOL.

      Crazy stuff. Even JP seems shady now. Mistress, lying, more concerned with jurors getting home for holiday, it’s all insane. jmho

  185. I find it hard to believe that TMZ paid 500,000 for those sorry pictures! What was the reason for it and I wonder how much the New York post had to pay TMZ to put in their front page! I wonder if she profited from NYPost?

    1. I don’t care for TMZ, and glad they wasted their money on waste named Casey.

      I hope the IRS & State of Florida get a share of that money. Unbelievable they would pay 500th. sucker born per second. lol.

      1. I’ll never click on a TMZ link in my life time,not that they care but I do! Blood Money grubbers! jmo

  186. unbelievable! What jerks! New website,he needs a new ego!
    I’ve always wondered about this video? Yall ever see it?
    I ran across it while looking for Singphats recommendation to finf the crime writer so thought ‘id post it incase you hadn’t seen it!

    1. lol. The defense wants the jury to see her as a sweet caring woman. I see her as a heartless, evil grouchy spinster. Lizzie Borden of the modern age.

  187. Ohhh they were talking about the witness tampering,no wonder I didn’t find it,My tongue was wrapped around my eyetooth and I didn’t see “witness tampering” shewwwwww No maybe I’ll get somewhere! LoL

    1. BINGO, you are brillant!!

      Yes Aphrodite Jones, with a name like that how can one forget.

      I’m busy studying for an exam and following the case. LOL!

    2. First video, they are correct and that still stands out in my mind, HOW SHOCKED even Casey and the Duh-fense and the REST OF THE NATION was that she was charge with NOTHING! NADA. Not even

      Count Two, Aggravated Child Abuse: The maximum penalty for aggravated child is 15 years in prison. The estimated minimum sentence for this charge and other charges which might result in conviction along with this count would be 12 years, 1 month.

      Count Three, Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child: If Casey Anthony is convicted of causing the death of Caylee by culpable negligence the maximum sentence is 30 years in prison. The estimated minimum sentence for this charge and other charges which might result in conviction along with this count would be 16 years and 6 months.

      HELL YES WE WERE ALL SHOCKED. She was the last person to be with Caylee. Forget the lying after the fact ScamAnthonys. Dumb as rock jurors, as stated by a news journalist. They did NOT follow JP instructions. Heck they didn’t bother to deliberate reasonably! JMHO

  188. Wasn’t this Laura Buchannan the one who ended up on the jury list but disqualified because she had searched and was on the witness list? Why not release the names of the jury now? Something doesn’t smell so great!
    Anybody know if that was the one?

  189. CLEARWATER, Fla. — Shortly after resuming jury selection in the case of an Orlando mom accused of murdering her toddler daughter in 2008, the jury pool was dismissed due to a report that a witness spoke to prospective jurors.
    Dozens of jurors were let go after a witness with close ties to the Casey Anthony case spoke to them, reports.
    Casey Anthony, 25, is charged with first-degree murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Anthony has pleaded not-guilty and claims that a baby sitter kidnapped the toddler. Caylee’s remains were found six months after she was reported missing — her body wrapped in a bag and her mouth covered with a piece of duct tape.

    The witness was reportedly part of a search team for the missing child.
    One dismissed juror had already made up her mind about the case.
    “She’s guilty, I think. That’s my own personal decision,” the juror told
    The judge had hoped to have 20 jurors — including eight alternates — in place by Friday, but the process will now be setback by at least a day and a half.
    “The idea they are going to get a jury by Friday is crazy,” attorney Jeff Brown told
    Jurors are being selected at a courthouse in Clearwater, about 100 miles away from Orlando, due to the intense media coverage.
    Click here for more on this story from…est=latestnews

    1. Looks interesting, I hope they speak about the ScamAnthony’s seeking to rake in blood money in this special.

      Duh-fense attorney’s seeking to make money off their client after the case is over….

      I truly believable this is unheard of, I can’t think of any other Defense attorney who has done this (become PR agent after the case is over). It seems to me their professional colleagues would look down on this and it would damage credibility for future cases. mo

      Anyone else can think of a prior attorney who has done this? I’m I wrong?

  190. ChattyCathy – from

    “Jones was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Captain Ashton Blair Jones, Jr, and his wife, Mary, who were living the military life on the Great Lakes Naval Base. Jones’ paternal ancestors include Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and Pocahontas[citation needed]. Her father, Ashton Blair Jones, served as a communications and tactical officer during World War II, and later was the Director of the Navy Material Laboratory in Brooklyn, New York, where he met and married Mary Kalloumenous. Jones has a sister, Janet Blair, who is now the Director of the Career Center at Rutgers University.

    Jones suffered the loss of both her parents at an early age. Her mother, Mary, died of a heart attack when Jones was 17, and her father, Blair, died of a heart attack just days after Jones turned 21. According to Jones, being surrounded by tragic circumstances at a young age became a theme in her life. When Jones meets a person who has suffered a sudden loss, she feels she can “empathize completely” with them.

    The fact that Jones has dedicated her career to “a life of crime” and crime victims is not an accident. “Though it was so many years ago that my parents died,” Jones recalled, “the heartbreak always stays with me. No one really gets over the loss of their closest family, but I have used my life’s work to try to help others find a moment of catharsis.”

  191. AWWWW,That is bitter sweet!
    Now that’s someone who can understand the pain and grief we suffer when the whole world acts like it’s just another day! My heart broke for her then I saw her last paragraph and what a Lady!
    I am glad she used her experience to help other’s! That’s what I tell my daughter,if there’s anybody who knows about what domestic violence can do,it is her!

  192. You’ll never find another one,It’s an original Singphat….it goes to show ya that’s the only reason he fought as hard as he did for that piece of scraps! Heck I kept hoping he’d make her think he was helping her but he’d screw her over because she told him she could pay him $5,000 but she lied? Who else put’s their career on the line for a client? to that degree anyway?? That is part of what tells me too that Bozo knew that verdict,he’d stop at nothing! he knew if he was disbarred he’d make millions anyway once he won! The 1st thing he did was look up in the audience and smile at Geraldo! Smiled? jmo

    1. Isn’t bozo’s wife concerned? Just can’t imagine how she wants to be involved with this insane group and Scammers? mo

  193. Cathy I remember when all the networks were showing that video in sllloooowwww motion all day and she made Charles Mansion look like a sane man compared to her! Bill shcafer daid it was something minor that set her off! I wonder if this was the last look Caylee saw on her mother’s face!

  194. Singhphat Just remember, The state could not prove that Casey was the last person to be with caylee therefor, the jurors could not and did not know how to “punish ” her! We all need to think back from day 1 of the trial and the snowball out of control did nothing but cause the trial to snowball out of control! This sick family wanted an accident to look like a muder? Who does that? Now we know that these Anthony’s will do ANYTHING to be a “CELEBRITY! IF anyone else calls her a celebrity i will throw my television out the window! What a side show! I wonder if any other state could have proven this girl guilty?

    1. LOL, I wouldn’t fault you (tv out the window w/o airheads calling horseface Casey “celebrity” how about “celebrity murderer!”

      The jurors should have just been handed a box of crayons to go color in a coloring book. The two who thought she was guilty of “something” didn’t fight too hard, now did they? Let’s see if they HAD ONLY asked for some evidence, might have figured out Cindy was a nurse and nurses work pretty hard and work records show when people were at work & Cindy kept asking Casey to grow up and be a Mom. And an “accident” made to look like murder, happens all the time,that makes sense? DUHHHHH!

      Even so called famed Defense attorney Alan Dershowitz said people have been convicted on MUCH LESS evidence than in Casey trial!!!

      He though the opening statement were ridiculous and for Bozo to say he was going to PROVE IT….but never did! Yes everyone was shocked, even someone as seasoned as Mr. Dershowitz.

  195. Thats what I said the second I saw it,Guarantee you it was Caylee’s last vision….
    It had to be minor because she just barely turned from talking to that lady and her eye caught something on that screen for not even a half a half a second?? I wondered,My God what did she have time to see??

  196. I don’t have Cable and I’m glad of it now Jamie,very glad,It’s untelling what you’d be watching and never know kc,the A’s and Bozo gets money for it!

  197. I wanted to add but fogot as I often do,It happened so quick when she flew into that rage.I thought uhho she’s left one of her little flirty letters in something they handed the judge,LoL

  198. Why on earth does Bozo have a mask over his mouth and nose on his new website? Guess he thinks he is worth a lot now……..or like I said before maybe Kc ran out of duct tape? Soon as I saw that pic it hit me! Geeeee

    1. Forensic attorney………….ROFLMAO Junk scientist?

      Singphat,maybe she’s hanging in there because she put up with him this long,wait till big daddy has his millions and she’ll run like a scalded cat,LoL
      I know I would,when he’s with kc he’s out of her hair,I’d pay him not to touch me,married or not! LoL JMO

      1. Jamie and ChattyCathy,

        You are cracking me up!!!! Good to have a sense of humor.

        ROTFLMHO!!!! Corn ball attorney office is more like it! mho

  199. Yea,Just look at the West Memphis 3 case,3 children murdered and 3 more childrens lives taken and not one shred of evidence or Dna tied them to the crime,It was botched from day one and they centered on those kids and If you know the story,you’ll probably agree John Mark Byers the stepdad of one of the 8 yr old boys murdered them viciously and castrated one of them which was his stepson and stripped and threw them into a canal of water! He gave the HBO movie producer a knife for xmas and the producer sent it to be anaylized and it had Christopher (step sons ) blood on it and if the A’s make you mad you better steer clear of that case…Boil’s my blood,all they had on kc and she’s not guilty! But 3 little boys grew up in prison Innocent as the day they were born!

  200. Yes! I am watching HLN and talking about Harvey coming forward and speaking out on his innocence! Splash is now being blamed for buying photos and that is how my question earlier in the day about NY post! splash and Nypost work together! TMZ is not innocent here! There facebook is being attacked with boycott threats! I have not heard the story about the family in Memphis! How horrible! AHHH! they are talking about Casey Anthony’s safety with returning to Orlando for probation!

  201. Probation,what probation,the one without all the rules everybody else on probation has to follow? Waste of money to put her on it,Just give her the key to the jail and if she does anything wrong,then she can do like Otis alway’s did….check herself in!
    But ofcourse’ we know KC wouldn’t ever break the law!
    I hate when SINdy said “lying don’t make you a murderer” pft No but lying about a murder makes you a lying Murderer”.

    1. Figures ScamCindy would say that, lying for her is as normal as breathing!

      Notice how we never hear from Rick Plesea, wonder if he just divorced Cindy etal, as in no longer her brother.

      Grandma Shirley and Rick didn’t have any say in what the ScamAnthony’s do, they tried to reason with them. You can’t reason with cuckoo’s.

      Wonder if the State was a bit easy on ScamCindy cause of the big fight the night before Caylee went missing. They feel Cindy may go reallly nuts if she simmers down and reflects on her part in this sad scenario. Caylee could have had loving adoptive parents, but Cindy the control freak said “NO”. mho

      So what does ScamCindy do, tried to blame the murder on an innocent friend of Casey! WOW. I still can’t get over how far ScamCindy would go. Just evil. Just sayin…. mho

  202. remember! The punk stole a lot of money from both grandparents living on a small fixed income! I would hope that the new glorious newly named foundation that will pay the Anthony’s a nice income would surely hope that the bible thumping hyprocrite will help pay back what Casey stole! I wonder if Judge Perry will force Casey to pay back the court fees from the check fraud hearing that Judge Sterling enforced!
    My grandmother use to always tell me that if a person learns to lie they will learn to cheat, steal and eventually learn to kill!

  203. Thank you Singhphat! You and Cathy are the reasons why i started to blog! I was enjoying reading Dr. Glass’s articles and then I started to read the responses and really enjoyed reading all the info that you two were posting!

  204. Recipe for pander porridge:
    Take spicy if deeply flakey criminal defendant who in the eyes of many got away with murder, add crowd-pleasing legislation making her aberrant behavior a crime, and stir. Place in super-heated media environment until well done. Serve to constituents while still piping hot.

  205. Rick said she’s stupid and I happen to agree,an RN doesn’t know a pregnant belly.pftttttt
    When Either of the A’s die we can all say there lies the body of truth cause God know’s it never came out,jmo

    1. Cathy, I reckon Cindy knew Casey was pregnant from the get-go but chose to lie to everyone. Either that or she was in denial but there is NO WAY she didn’t see that belly for what it was.

  206. Yea,Jamie..Shirley Plesea said Casy called her to apologize and that she’d come to her house and work it off and she told Kc She didn’t want her back at her house again..That’s why I worry about her now,I really do! She’s old ya know! jmo

  207. They were going to frame Jessie too Jamie,Not to mention Jessie’s dad…did you see the email cindy sent to Dominic Casey about Caylee having RH negative blood and Jessie’s dad sacrificed her?

  208. These are evil people! OMG! Nancy Grace says KC has been found in a 5 million hideout ! Looks like she will soon be able to hire a REAL nanny!

  209. Nancy Grace just announced how the photo shots that were released of Casey in Ohio works! She was paid 25,000.00 for the initial price and then she gets 75% cut for every resale of the photos! Everytime another publisher publishes, she is getting 75%! Tmz are such liars! They were the first to publish! Nancy grace is sayiny to please not buy these photos!

  210. Thank God for N/G!
    This is BS!

  211. I need to train my brain to stay away from HLN! I am now hooked! I bruised my rib and have not been able to be mobile for the past two days!

  212. If my own daughter did this or grandparents or anybody condoned a childs murder,I wouldn’t give them a dang cigarette for jail!

  213. Thats how I felt Jamie,the day the story broke I was into it and kept my tv on N/G and on the day of Caylee’s memorial Haleigh went missing then I went to that blog for ever and a day then Misty and them went to jail? no body,murder or anything,just drugs and look where they are and then I got back into this one shewwwwwwwwwwwww I am Irate,I’ll admit it!

  214. Liars stick together,everybody involved in hiding her is a liar and a killer imo!
    They just as well as helped pull the tape off the roll!

  215. I think what is really making me mad when I think about it, are the pictures of Caylee with bruises! The state presented them during the pretrials and the defense team won to keep them out! There were at least three different photos with bruises and if you look at a lot of these photos, she had dark circles under her eyes! What 2 year old has dark circles! I do feel if they had been able to keep those photos in the court, then they would have had a child abuse conviction! Another problem was all these new friends of casey’s only knew her for 2 months and they were saying she was a good mother! They only saw this for one month because the last 31 days, the nanny had her

  216. That little girl was thrown in an alligator swamp! The area where she lived in is right on the st john river about 45 minutes from Jacksonville and is infested with alligators!

  217. Yea,then Bozo wanted the messy room cropped out and JP allowed it? Why?
    no worse than letting your daughter sleep in a mans bed you started dating? disgusting,……..good mother?? hth is that,she didn’t feed Caylee,clothe her,pay her medical,buy diapers,formula? provide a hme,hell even Caylee had her own house with a mailbox,she’ was no doubt jealous of that too but how is that a good mother,sorry!

  218. Call me crazy and you’ll be right but I still say Ron was the man in Black! The day I posted that on BNN ,OMG you wouldn;t believe the attacks I had! jmo though!

  219. Well,she’d better conjure up 2 imaginary friends so the other one will have someone to play with,and these “Friends will throw her out like mop water once the moneys gone” jmo

  220. I guarantee you even her imaginary friends don’t even like her! I wonder how Tony L feels right about now! I can’t imagine Ron doing anything to his daughter but you may be on to something because they were all drugged out on drugs and who knows what their minds were telling them to do! He could have done something and did not remember anything! That story could not make it because of their class calliber! I finished reading the murder business by Mark Furhman and he explains how the media could sell this story!

  221. As what i wittnessd what was going on with the blogger the other day, I do see how you have to move over and stay away from the blog to cool some bloggers off! That blogger was attacking you for no reason at all but to be plain ole mean! She was vicious!

  222. It was probably casey marie Anthony! She is sitting pretty in this 5 million doallar esate and stays busy during the day hanging out in the infinity pool looking over the ocean but at night is pretty lonely so what else does she do! Watch some movies and observing all the bloggers!

  223. and getting drunk? Did you see that part? Said it sounded like someone drunk or something? Maybe she’ll get drunk and flip off the balcony! jmo

  224. Oh no! she will have fun for a while until karma! Karma does not work this quickly! She is blogging! The sociallite from the neighborhood figured it out and called “the hounds” ( media!) Let the game begin!!!!!!!

  225. Come and listen to a story about a family named anthony
    They were poor mountaineers, barely keeping their family fed,
    Then one day casey was shootin at some food,
    And up through the ground came a bubblin crude.

    Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

    Well the first thing you know the ol Anthony’s are millionaires,
    Kinfolk said “casey move away from there”
    Said “Californy is the place you ought to be”
    So she loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.

    Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, porn stars.

    Well now its time to say good by to George and all his kin.
    And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in.
    You’re all invited back a gain to this locality
    To have a heapin helpin of their hospitality

    Hillybilly that is. Set a spell, Take your shoes off.

    Y’all come back now, y’hear?.

  226. To ChattyCathy & All: Not sure if you all have ever come across the following, but found this interesting since it explains how this all began. Copied from:

    There’s an online report that an employee at Cindy’s place of work sent a letter to Detective Yuri M. (I can’t spell his last name) outlining Cindy’s many lies about being home from work, not having access to the internet at work, etc. Pretty explosive. She withheld her name, though. She’ll have to come forward now. (Actually, it could be a guy!)

    Hi Det. Melich

    I am reaching out to you because I am unable to contact anyone at the prosecutor’s office and I was hoping maybe you could help.

    I worked at Gentiva at the same time Cindy Anthony did; she worked in the Winter Park branch and I worked at a corporate office in (withheld by request)

    Regarding her testimony, there are several untruths she testified to, and I feel the need to make sure that the prosecutors have this information:

    1) Cindy said she had to do computer searches at home since at work she had no access to the internet, that Gentiva had their own intranet. This is not true, all locations had access to internet (as well as Gentiva’s intranet). We needed the internet to be able to look up the most recent medications, therapies and treatments, since Gentiva is a home health company. This info could be easily confirmed by Gentiva.

    2) Cindy said that perhaps her supervisor had filled in her time card, since according to her time card she was at work during the computer searches. This is also not true. Timesheets were completed by employees themselves ONLINE, not by paper and pen, and not by punching a time clock. Cindy stated correctly that we had lots of passwords and we were not allowed to give our password to anyone else, including our supervisors. The only one who could fill out Cindy’s timecard was Cindy. And if she was leaving early for the day, or not coming to work that day, we all knew the salary schedule, when timesheets had to be completed by. If she was taking a Wednesday off, for instance, and payroll was due by that day, she would have gone into her computer on Tuesday and filled out her timesheet, also indicating PTO. This can also be verified by Gentiva.

    3) Cindy said she made her own schedule and came and went as she pleased. This is not true. Even though we were salaried, what that meant was that we could not claim overtime. PTO (paid time off) was given to us depending on length of employment, and was watched carefully. We were allowed to take time off but had to submit it as PTO. This can also be verified by Gentiva.

    4) It was inferred that since Cindy hasn’t been to work at Gentiva since 2008, they probably didn’t keep any old records. This is not true. It is a home health agency, and as nurses, our paperwork and computer work is considered legal documentation and is kept for an extended period of time, always with the thought in mind that someday that documentation might be needed in a court of law. This is another reason why our time at work was correctly documented at all times. There was never any “I wasn’t there but my timesheet says I was”. No way, ever. If her timesheet says she was working, she was working. This can also be verified by Gentiva.
    5) Last but not least, just have to throw this out there, Cindy is an RN. There is no way on earth she would ever have to do a google search on such laymen phrases like “head trauma” or “ruptured spleen” or any of those other ridiculous mispelled words.

    I am hoping that you will be able to get this information to the prosecutors. My heart goes out to Cindy and George Anthony, but I believe they are lying in an effort to have Casey found not guilty and released. I just can’t sit by and watch that train wreck.

    Thanks for your time.


    Just wanted to let you all know, I have enjoyed following this blog and all your entries!

  227. Dear Chatty Cathy
    I came across your VIS and had a quick read of it, with tears in my eyes – I didn’t want to read all of it as I felt I was intruding … all I can say to you is please accept my deepest apologies for all I have written above. I’m truly sorry from the bottom of my heart.

  228. Dear Amy,
    Thank-you for the above note to Chatty. I felt for sure that if you had just an inkling of what CC has had to deal with in her life that you would not have gone out of your way to be mean. You have restored my faith in your goodness and that means a lot to me. Dr Lillian provides all of us with her insight and laser eye views on body language & the analysis & meanings behind the body language, which is why we are all here. I’ve found that her community of commenters are a special group. It takes a very big person to apologize and you are a big person. My heart too goes out to Chatty and “There but for the grace of G-d go I”.

  229. Dear Amy,

    I had to also say to you just as Nancy did, “It takes a very big person to apologize:. I was witness to the comments between you and ChattyCathy. You truly have stepped up. I am humbled by your apology to CC and your heartfelt words to her. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity and you truly warmed my heart.


  230. Dear ChattyCathy,

    I did read your “vis” and I was very upset by your story. I cannot imagine going through/living day to day what you have gone through. I am so very sorry for you as well as your daughter and her son. Your story left me with such heart ache for you. I cannot put into words how very sorry I am for your loss.

    The manner which you described your relationship with your husband was so very touching. I believe he must have obviously been your soul mate. I could feel that through your words, so preciously written.

    May only joy and happiness fill your days. You are a remarkable person and I pray you may have peace.

    Take care,


    1. Thank You from the Bottom of my heart! Honestly!
      I appreciate the time you took to read it and to comment on it as well! Hugs to you Kim!

  231. Happy Birthday sweet Caylee Marie! I have devoted this day to celebrating what would have been Caylee’s 6th birthday and I have honored her wearing my purple, her favorite color and will blackout all TV, to let the sponsors know that I will NOT support anything the Scamthony’s are trying to make money off of Caylee. I don’t want to listen to any shows about any of them on this blessed day to speak for Caylee whose voice has been snuffed out forever, but we will be her voice against her cruel death! I will be at the site where her remains were found as they are going to announce a permanent memorial there at 6pm tonight.

    1. Brandy – please let us know how the celebration of this sweet girl’s short life is like tonight. Great to know that we have a bird’s eye view of those events through you!

    2. Dear Brandy, Thank you for letting us know about the gathering at the site. Please provide us with further details after the event.

      H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y C-A-Y-L-E-E M-A-R-I-E!!!!

      S-W-E-E-T A-N-G-E-L!!!!!

  232. Amy Thank you for your sincere words of gracious kindness! I am new to this blog and for my reason of joining was not only for Dr Glass’s insights but how professional her followers are.
    None of us actually knew this family but the media got us to know that these people are not true christians and have manipulated and abused society just for fame. If society can be part of keeping them from getting rich off of a little girl who is now a cold case file then we will keep trying. Thank you so much and look forward to blogging with you
    Happy Birthday Caylee Marie!

  233. Brandy- sweet words for such a wonderful Hopefully, today will be in her honor and not to continue to be about them! Pass it on!

  234. Time to move on from reporting only on Casey Anthony and the rest of The Anthony Family DR.Glass….it’s unhealthy

    1. Mimi, I don’t think it’s unhealthy to reprt on issues that are currently in the news. I’m in Australia and people are talking about Casey Anthony all the way down here!