Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Way Too Happy Over Kate Plus 8 Cancellation

Several months ago I shared with you that I believed Kate Plus 8 would be cancelled because there would be very few eyeballs watching the show. People are not interested in seeing grown children and tweens , who  do not possess any outstanding talent being exposed on TV. People also do not want to see train wreck in the making. Paul Peterson , President of A Minor Consideration and former child actor has made us all aware of what often happens to child performers when they grow up and it often  isn’t pleasant.

Jon Gosselin was not being petty or playing ” tit for tat” during and after his divorce from Kate on this issue. Instead he was being a very responsible father  by loudly vocalizing that he did not think  it was good for the kid’s emotional and physical well being  to be on TV at this point.

But as we know Kate saw it differently. She even had the audacity to say publicly that the show was good for them emotionally. She insisted the kids were fine and lied on national TV interviews that the kids had any emotional problems. She  was adamant that Colin and Alexis were  not having any problems when in fact they showed violence at school.  So now that the show has been cancelled,Kate Gosselin’s body language  is way too’… To Read More Click Link   http://drlillianglass.com/body-language-blog/2011/09/03/does-kate-gosselinsbody-language-reveal-shes-happy-about-cancelled-show-becuase-shell-have-her-own-show/



42 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Way Too Happy Over Kate Plus 8 Cancellation

  1. Whoa Dr. Glass ! Wow, you are not Kate G fan. I can’t say I am a fan of her however I think there is some consideration for having 6 tiny babies,with little help from her husband Jon. I don’t see Jon in such glowing lights as you. Jon, in my opinion is a Peter Pan man. Never grew up. After his affair, then split from his marriage , he himself showing crummy character time and again. I do not think all the trash you dumped belongs only on Kate. She has admitted many times in many interviews that she was to blame for many things, including her treatment of Jon. I think she may not be the most endearing mother, however to raise all the children by herself is no easy task. How many people can’t even raise one child to have good character? Kate clearly has flaws. And, so does Jon.
    I read your post to the end, and I think you are too biased and too attacking. And, that does not make me an abusive parent who sides with Kate, and it doesn’t mean I condone everything she is or was. You come out with claws, chew up Kate, and then a passive aggressive threat to any blog readers or comments to not accuse you of anything. Do you need to be right? Narcissism is all about being right, always. Step back. Take a breath, you’re being as vicious as you accuse Kate of being. Professional body language expert or not, being vicious is not in the job description. Maybe there’s a reason the networks dropped you. Funny, that happened to Kate, too. See what I mean about projection.


    1. Dear Sue

      After reading your comments in defense of Kate Gosslin I can now understand why you identify so with her so much withher. You too appear to be a abusive and hostile and snarky. First of all I am very much on televisoon. I am doing things on Biography and did two things this past week for WWE. I was also on Millionare Matchmaker twice this week an you will se eme on alot more episodes this season. Irecently did Showbiz Tonight and did several other entertainment programs. In addition I am working on several TV shows which feature me. So despite you nasty comments that “maybe ther is a reason the netweoks dropped me” is far from accurate. And one more thing I have just completed a book on terrosim with a FBI Special Agent which should be out soon.


      1. Kate has gone down the slippery slope, and is responsible for her own bad behavior now, but there actually is a genesis that fed her bad side, which we see now: Jon was not a good husband first.

        If you were to examine the early episodes, Kate complimented Jon much more often than he reciprocated.

        In the episode in which he received hair plugs, Jon willfully defied doctor’s orders to not remove his beanie. Kate just gasped, and said nothing to him.

        Narcissists are at the infantile level of personality development. Jon displayed more immaturity than Kate did. And then, Kate filled the vacuum too much, which ultimately made her a mean mommy to Jon. Boys have to dirty the nest and separate from their mommies, and that is what Jon did, with his affairs.

        Problem is that as far as Kate knew, he was a man, not a boy, and she was his wife, not his mommy. He promised God and Kate to love, cherish, and stay faithful to her (especially since they used to be Christians), but he did not keep his promises. If he had, then it is more likely that Kate would not have grown into the resultant narcissist she has become.

        As Mother Teresa said, from all the years she worked with the down trodden, she surmised the worst thing that could happen to a person is to be unloved.

        Jon did not display love for Kate, and now we’re seeing the ripple effect. That said, Kate is still responsible for herself regardless, and especially to not muddy the water and divert attention from the fact that Jon lied, betrayed, and humiliated her first.

        In addition, narcissists are great Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hydes.


      2. trace-it-all-the-way-back: You are wrong about all your uninformed assumptions- if you want to be a psychologist you’re going to have to school and get your education and credentials- your post was presumptuous and naive and very transparent- (i.e. feeling unloved?)- Unfortunately- you can’t just put on your “psychologist hat”- as JVM recently suggested a reported do (notice she didn’t say- put on your “attorney hat” or “coroner hat” or “detective hat”) – it’s just NOT possible. Psychology is a science- a specialty- a profession…not a populous sport.


    2. So Sue, do you think it is good mothering to:

      1. send rotten sandwiches over-n-over again to school as punishment to your children when you steal their hard earned money to eat NOBU with the bodyguard?

      2. to force your children to film when they are vomiting on a boat?

      3. alienate the other parent because they have a difference in opinion about the effects fame is having on your kids? all because you are gonna make tons of money?

      4.complain that the public is taking pictures of you when on you tube and the internet your children are all over the place due to your own decision to enter into a contract that sells their childhood in exchange for cash.

      5. displaying rude, entitled behavior and hissy fits in front of
      your own children?

      6. take away family members, friends, volunteers from your children’s lives because they no longer fit your agenda?

      that is 6….yes Kate is controversial…yes Kate will get some more work….BUT those 8 kids will never get their childhood back and they will live with her choices the rest of their lives. Thank gosh they have a father who can love and support them like they deserve because when Kate is done with using them she will turn her back on even them. And, that is the meanest thing I can say about her.


    3. “She may not be the most endearing mother, however to raise all the children by herself is no easy task. How many people can’t even raise one child to have good character?” WHAT???

      What do you think parenting is? It is raising kids with good morals, character, integrity. It is instilling a sense of self esteem, empathy, responsibility to make charitable human beings. And it is NOT that hard. You teach by example. Kate is definately lacking in all of those areas.

      I am a single mother of four, raised them by myself with minimal help from their father. I have raised them to be all of the above. I am extremely proud of each one of them, and pride myself in guiding them to be the adults they are today. They are my biggest accomplishments.

      Believe me, it’s not that hard, for those of us who take the job seriously and find joy in our children.

      Missed you, Dr. Glass


  2. Bravo Dr Lillian….

    The wicked witch of wernersville may have had a physical makeover but they didn’t invest in what is really her demise her innerself.

    This woman makes a complete mockery of motherhood. That is the nicest thing I can think to say about her.


  3. So happy to hear from you, Dr. Glass. I was beginning to worry.
    You made my day.

    Please don’t stay away so long next time. We miss you. Glad you’re back.



  4. Good to see you Dr. Glass 🙂

    As for Kate, YAWN. Nobody cares. She should concentrate on being a mother, and not being in front of the camera.


  5. Hi Dr. Lillian! So glad that you are back and I can’t wait to read your new book on Terrorism. You have been missed.

    In a recent episode of her show, titled Kate’s Toughest Questions, Kate’s extreme narcissism and her high degree of proficiency in being an obsessed parental alienator was in full display. Kate doesn’t understand why “the law” (she says this like she‘s fifteen years old and is talking about her parents‘ curfew) would let Jon have any say in these kids lives as he only sees them 4 days a month. Yes, it’s so very, very unfair for a father to be making decisions as to the best interests of children he not just fathered but raised and that he adores. And they clearly adore him. Apparently Kate has never heard of something called parental rights. Jon has them Kate. The pesky law never applies to her on Planet Kate. She wants the law to be a dictatorship against Jon, just not her. Jon is not on the same team as her, says Kate. Nope, he’s not. Team Exploitation is not a team the vast majority of people want to be on, not after six years of this crap.


  6. Hi Dr. Glass, welcome back, I was wondering if your post on Kate was taken from the pic you have posted? Those pics were taken before the cancellation of the show. I do not believe there are any pics of her other than the ones when she took the kids for haircuts. Kate has been keeping herself holed up and tweeting to her tweenies. For someone with eight kids and a huge house to keep clean its amazing how she finds time to twitter for hours on end. Just today she has sent out well over one hundred tweets. Can do Kate!


    1. i saw a picture in the last few days- of her shopping- and driving a new Audi sports car. Can you imagine- twittering over reading or cleaning or gawd-forbid bonding with your EIGHT children and two neglected dogs? She is a TRUE narcissist.


  7. @Dear Sue

    Were you watching the SAME J&K+8 the rest of the world watched? Jon would get up very early in the morning, take lazy assed Kate her coffee so she could have it when she deigned to waken, he’d get the children ready for the day, do chores AND then go to work. In the evening the entire scene was repeated; Jon gave the children their baths and got them ready for bed. Kate did nothing. Nothing except tell the kids to ignore daddy, that daddy’s opinion doesn’t count, she’d slap daddy. God, no wonder the poor man left. If my first husband had been like Jon I;d have done whatever I could to hold on to him. Just because Jon didn’t complement Kate (on camera) doesn’t mean he never did in their private life; some things SHOULD remain private you know. Of course Kate doesn’t follow that rule………Colin’s bowel problems, a child sick on the floor, children puking on a boat out at sea, etc etc etc. Kate is pure evil, nothing more and nothing less. I would hazard a guess to say she is just as evil as Casey Anthony.


    1. I watched it a lot. Kate did nothing? That’s not true.

      By the same token that you say Jon could have been complimentary to Kate off camera, he could have also been horrid to Her off camera (which is more typical of the personality type that commits adultery, especially adultery in the context that he was part of a family show).

      Kate’s display as they were breaking up indicates that she was not as bad as Jon. She admitted, on camera, that she made many, many mistakes towards Jon. Jon did not. His admissions were not admissions. They were blame-shifts to Kate. This is another textbook indicator of a toxic man. This came before she fired Jody.

      I want to be clear that I do not condone that which Kate has solidified into. What she does now is wrong. Her firing Jody is a huge indicator of just how far off the right path she went. A wise deb, below, said that her biochemistry is way off, and can be more or less, easily corrected.

      Being unloved and humiliated by one’s husband, the one who promised God to love and cherish you, sends a cascade of poisonous cortisols and other stress hormones through the
      body. The condition becomes chronic in the context of also having to shield one’s children from the fact that Daddy’s photos with adultery partners appeared on every work grocery store aisle. (Remember, the children were raised with Christian values – in Christianity, adultery is wrong. The Bible goes as far as to say that unrepentant adulterers will not go through the gates of heaven, period.) In addition, Kate was now in the position of having to work overtime to maintain status quo for the children, while she has new tasks on her plate, dealing with the separation and divorce. Do you recall that Jon emptied one of their bank accounts (but was ordered to return the money later).

      So, not only was Kate having to come to terms with the fact that her marriage to Jon was a lie, but she wrestled with now, she was required to join in the lies, for it was age-inappropriate to tell the real truth of why daddy left (to be able to have uninterrupted sex with other women).

      All of this turns the stress response into a chronic one, which

      settles as real injuries in the brain.

      Like I said to start with, I do not condone Kate’s behavior now. She has gone off and joined the wrong side – in her case, it’s the money that did it to her.

      I submit, however, that if Jon had stayed true to his promises, and had followed the ways for Christian husbands (Eph. 5:25, 1 Peter 3:7, and all the scriptures that say he must leave his childish (self-centered) ways behind him, and in order to do that, he’s supposed to leave his parents, so that he can bond to his wife and family), then it would have been much more likely that as it became apparent that the show was becoming bad for the children, Jon and Kate, as a team unit, would have decided to step down from the show.

      Again, the order of things, and how they unfold, tell the real story.


  8. I had her number when she got rid of Aunt Jody who loved the kids so much and babysat for all the kids a lot. Kate has always been evil…she may have had a makeover on the outside but is still ugly on the inside. I won’t watch any show that she is on!


  9. Thank you, Dr. Glass. You have had Kate G. pegged for some time. I just can’t get over why she has been on tv this long. I find her to be mean and ungrateful. This has nothing to do with Jon. He obviously has his own issues. I’m sure she “kicked Jon to the curb” the minute he didn’t want the show to go on any longer. Obviously, he was right. It has over-run it’s course. Maybe Kate will get her own gig in show biz, but I’m hoping with all my heart that she is OVER! That’s the only way she might get the help she needs. Maybe a “knock to the ground” will send her for some real help.


    1. “I’m sure she “kicked Jon to the curb” the minute he didn’t want the show to go on any longer.”

      Respectfully, that’s not how it unfolded, I believe.


    1. I was able to disagree with Dr. Glass, and she did not come down on me.

      Accuracy is important.

      (I agree that it is wrong to publish commenters personal information. It looks like that’s been corrected.)


  10. Love your website, Dr Glass. Have you analyzed Amanda Knox at all. I couldn’t find anything in your archives. I’d really like to know if she’s telling the truth, a stone cold killer, a pampered immature girl, or just plain nuts.


  11. As an employer – if given the choice to hire Casey Anthony or Kate Gosslien, I think I would choose Casey Anthony. That’s no joke


  12. I have not watched the show in years. The children are darling, but the parents are a train wreck. I do not want to watch two adults bickering, or hear her snarky comments about her former husband, Jon.

    Kate is a huge phoney, and both she and Jon love the money. However, after watching what has happened to other child-actors, I would have to agree that the constant presence of cameras in a child’s life is not a good thing. The two older girls are prime examples. They are at an age where they realize that it pays to emote, and they emote way too much. One, I cannot remember her name, is a carbon copy of her mother, and not in a good way. It comes off as self-centered, and egotistical, which Kate is both.

    Jon is no saint. If not for the divorce, he would still be demanding equal camera time. He loves the ‘bling’, as evidenced by his outrageously expensive N.Y. apartment, and shopping sprees. Both parents like living the high-life, but the problem is that neither of them has done anything special to warrant that lifestyle. Having a multiples should not equate to prospects of future wealth. Children are not tools!

    Hopefully, the show is canceled, and equally hopefully, I will not ever have to listen to, or look at either of the parents, ever again.


  13. Well, after reading this blog, I made the effort to watch the last- or Grand Canyon- show.

    OMGoodness. I knew she had OCD back in the day when I used to watch her and Jon with the infants-toddlers- and knew it was the only reason she could do it the way she did which made it a “show”.

    Professional concern should have been voiced then- but we all knew she was doing the work of 4-people and that unless she had 4-people- which she didn’t- she needed to keep on keeping on.

    But now- all these years later- her mental-emotional- chemical dysfunction is NOT funny. She is mentally ill. I hope it’s just OCD- and not bipolar or Borderline personality Disorder.

    I can only hope the Grand Canyon show- had been cut and spliced to present Kate as a “needing-to-be-institutionalzed-level-nut”- for the sake of entertainment. Although I don’t find that kind of “acting-out” behavior entertaining- I know many do- but I think TLC has gone to the “Dark side” by allowing her to become the monster she has become- or is being presented as- at the expense of her children. What worked for them then- [since their mom irresponsibly kept all her artifically implanted eggs- which were never intended to be kept- (they were to be either naturally or artifically aborted)- knowing she was putting them all at risk- and had no family or social support]- is working against them now- and it is blatantly obvious- she is making her children sick. She is a pathological influence in their life. Jon needs to take it over- or they need to call in CPS.

    OCD is a chemical imbalance- it can be easily treated with some serotonin- the amino acid tryptophan increases brain levels by 50%- or there is 5-HTP or just go for a SSRI (i.e. Zoloft). She can be “cured” in two weeks. If it turns out she is “just” OCD- then this travesty is “malpractice”- for her personal MDs and TLC.
    Now, if she is BPD/Borderline PD- its more complicated but can see be treated and monitored- and her children protected from her psychiatric pathology.

    To sit by- and not identify mental illness is irresponsible of all of us.


    1. Very wise, deb.

      I wonder where her own dad, a Christian pastor, is. She may have pushed his opinion entirely out, which would corroborate what her haters say about her now.

      Btw, even most licensed professionals misdiagnose interim or resultant complex PTSD as Borderline.

      Her surrounding MDs seem to be equally in the dark about the cutting edge on diagnosing biochemical disorders that settle into neurophysiological problems, which take time to unravel. (A female brain creates actual ruts of bondedness to the male mate with whom she shares sex and especially children. This is why marriage break ups hurt so much – the physiological ruts have be re-wired, which takes time.)

      Either that, or they have the Michael Jackson’s MDs syndrome….but she’s no where the star, or as wealthy as
      Jackson, so maybe not.

      Lastly, there are good applications for OCD-ish tendencies: In accounting (one needs to be exacting for that profession), and ironically, (since speaking of neurology matters), one would want one’s neurosurgeon to be VERY exacting too.

      However, a good thing (accuracy) taken too far, and in the wrong contexts, becomes bad.


      1. thanks- good post- her dad- being “pastor”- is worrisome to me- back in my child protective service days- “christian” daycares/parent referrals- were 9 times out 10- the worse- if he is one of “them”- then, maybe she was abused- and its borderline PD….


      2. Sorry for the lateness been a while since I had been here. But I do agree with your comment, but sadly after seeing this wretched woman emotionally, psychologically and at time physically (towards Jon) abuse her family I am afraid if her family doctor or even obgyn recommended and insinuated in anyway something was wrong with her she would probably bite his or her head off and claim they were the one’s with mental issues. The one thing that Kate is consistent about is that everything is always someone else’s fault – always! She certainly knows how to pull the woe is me act and is really good about pointing the finger at everyone else. This type of woman could never accept responsibility for anything.
        And I know some of you will attack me for saying this BUT IMO part of me cannot blame Jon for his affair there is only so much a man can take being put down, de-masculated and all around abused before he walks away and in this case like many others has an affair. Men will do this to help with their ego or lack thereof to feel like a man again. I’m not saying it’s right at all but only so much abuse a man can take. I know when my father had an affair and finely left me step-monster I was actually proud of him to some extent b/c she treated him like Kate treated Jon. Again not saying it’s moral or right but it explains their behavior a bit.
        Either way what is sad is at the end of the day there are 8 children being raised or tormented on how you define it but a crass unloving mother. No offense but you don’t cry poor mouth and go to NYC in a limo to get your hair done. If your child is having any sort of issues you don’t embarrass them on TV and mock them, instead you hold them, hug them, love them unconditionally and get them the help they need – you be their mother. I just hope Kate realizes that soon and becomes the type of mommy these beautiful children need and deserve!!


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