Casey Thanks Armed Guard Upon Her Release As Crowd Violently Screams At Her

As the door opens and Casey is released she follows behind a confident looking Jose Baez. She cocks her head to the side as she is unsure of what will happen. She looks fresh- faced in her form fitting fucia tee and jeans.

We see a slight smile as she takes in her surroundings. It looks as though she is maintaining eye contact with someone.

Casey did indeed make eye contact with someone. It was the security officer who was there to protect her life with his bullet proof vest and serious looking assault weapon. She says thank you to him.

Casey’ stride gets bigger and more confident . She knows the officer is in back of her to protect her as she heads outside  to  the unknown. 

There is no doubt in my mind that the violent screams Casey heard from the crowd  will stick in her mind forever.

But Casey may never have  to worry . With all the money she may earn she will be able to afford a full-time  armed guard and even plastic surgery to change her looks so no one will be able to scream baby killer at her.

Until then Casey is with her lawyers.Maybe she will stay with them for  a while until she gets her surgery and until the millions start rolling in.


199 thoughts on “Casey Thanks Armed Guard Upon Her Release As Crowd Violently Screams At Her

  1. Utterly nauseating. Casey will be laughing all the way to the bank, while what’s left of the memory of her daughter will wither away, remembered only by the grieving masses who recognize this sad truth: while the American system of justice may have “worked” for Casey, it failed Caylee miserably, and the rest of us will be left to pay the price.


  2. As a resident of Orange County, let me be the first to say “Good-by and never come back to this county again”…she has caused so much heart ache not to mention $$$$$$$$$$$$ in expenses that the county will never recover. Orlando has been splashed all over the news for 3 years, thanks to Casey Anthony. Good luck on where ever you land…you are going to need more than plastic surgery to change you…..Casey will follow Casey where ever she goes, surgery or no surgery….her hateful,murdering and lying ways will follow her the rest of her life……jmc


  3. Dr. Glass,
    I am not so sure anymore that Casey will have any big money offers coming in. Nobody wants to be associated with her and that is not conducive to making large amounts of money. Nobody wanted anything to do with OJ when he was acquitted. The money OJ lived off of was money he supposedly had hidden prior to his trial. No one should become a millionaire from murder.


      1. Please deb, he won his case on PURE LUCK. The fool jurors picked fell for his so-called charm.

        The case he presented was more contrived than anything George could come up with. Any actual talent he may have comes from him “greeting” jurors and witnesses. But it worked for him in this case. Maybe prosecutors should take notes on that trick since it seems to win over gullible jurors.


      2. If Casey had been a Man, how much do you want to bet she would have been found guilty?

        Mostly women jurors, who obviously have no taste and just say “rape” and viola, reasoning goes out the window.

        Casey is full of it and most of the world knows it, same with her snake charmer, Baez. Wait until she no longer brings in the money with “sensationalized” interviews for him. Wonder what % he has included for himself to get these “gigs” for his lucky charm killer.

        Like another poster say, why pay Casey, when she will lie for free.

        Don’t give a dam about helping the vermin individuals involved make money from the brutal murder of baby! Not one of them have offered to allow Casey babysit their children, in fact, Sims looked like a deer caught in headlights when Joy Behar asked her that very question. These are people so full of shyt.


      3. Seems like Deb and Shannom have a dark desire to get in the last word. Arm chair side kicks to what? Puzzled to say the least. Amusing and funny though. Very absurd outlook by my standards.


      4. I’m with Deb on that. It wasn’t luck. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at the PROSECUTION who literally failed at proving that Casey was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I don’t understand why “haters” can’t accept the verdict. It was obvious to me there was no proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The evidence showed by the prosecution was only circumstantial.

        Oh, and I’m sure virtually everyone will buy a book or go see a movie about Casey… Those who say they’re going to boycott everything are as good liars as Casey.


      5. I beg to differ. They (the prosecution) most certainly had enough evidence for the neglect charge. Who does not report their child missing for 31 days???? Oh, I guess someone who’s tossed their dead child in the woods, that’s who.

        Also, if it was an “accident” and Caylee drowned in the pool like the defense claimed, then Casey was negligent in not watching her child. Either way, there was enough evidence on that charge alone.

        Face it, they were lazy jurors and Baez, his client and the whole defense team just got lucky with those loser jurors.


    1. OJ also gets a large pension check from the NFL every month. Casey never worked anywhere long enough to be getting anything from anybody.


  4. My radar says from her body language. She is saying thank you to the guard for having her back. However, a sniper could have easily gotten to her if then want to. NOT ME! I wouldn’t go to jail over her. I expect she is somewhat frightened and is probably excited and may not be able to sleep. Then in the next week or two — reality will set in and the people will go back to their normal lives. Her life will be anything but normal. Also, I too believe there will be no money rolling in. So many people are angry, tired of the news coverage and WHO could believe a thing she says???? Nope, I predict she will be a train wreck.


    1. She could take up a marriage proposal from a twisted fan. If only she would be sterilized so no other unfortunate child never has her for a mother! YIKES.


  5. I’m sure there’s some demented psycho out there who will get to her some way some how, Even her body guards should not feel safe, or anyone else who gets close to her. Unfortunately there will be those who will want to know what lies she will come up with next, so I would not be surprised, if she does get at least one interview. Her lies and confusion are the reason that she attracted so much public interest in the first place. If she does get any money, I hope that every bit of it goes to her victims and the Orlando Sheriff’s Dept.


  6. I have watched Cindy Anthony’s so-called breakdown on the witness stand 3 times. As far as I could tell, there were no real tears. I believe that every little bit of her testimony was an act. Think about it, what was her purpose? Answer, to lie.and gain sympathy for her daughter from that jury! This woman is NO better than Casey. She lied from day one when this whole thing began back in 2008. People there were not even fake tears before the trial, only anger and lashing out at anyone who said anything that she did not want to hear about her daughter. Why hasn’t this LIAR been charged with perjury? This entire case makes a MOCKERY of our judicial system!


    1. Susan, If she faked that- then she is a monster- and way scarier than I already believed her to be. My biggest question is still the CSA (child sexual abuse) – and if that was a faked-performance- then, it makes me think she was truly capable of allowing the abuse of her daughter (to keep george- the reason women put up with it- or “serve their daughters up on silver platters”, as I like to say) – AND still standing by george.


      1. deb – I am a lifelong resident of Florida and kicking 80. I have seen almost every kind of monkey trial, but I agree with Susan about the so called breakdown of Cindy on the witness stand. I think George and Lee both faked their breakdowns. I also agree with you. I made a thorough study of child marriages in some countries to determine the effect on the girls. Some of those kids, one as old as eleven, died as a result of the child-rape. I do not believe Casey killed her baby, but the baby may have been a victim of child rape and it may be “An accident that snowballed out of control” as George told his girlfriend that he said never was.




      2. The odd thing to me Deb is the defense made these claims, didn’t provide any evidence to prove it or attempt to in trial. Even though they didn’t Orange County said wow this is a serious allegation if this did happen something needs to be done about and wanted to interview Casey about possibly filing charges against George but Casey via her defense team turned the investigators away and said she didn’t have anything more to say about it?

        Strange huh? She had the opportunity to have charges against her dad for this alleged abuse but didn’t do it. Why? That makes no sense to me especially since Casey wanted to blame everyone else mainly her parents for her own behavior. Just something to think about. And before you say it’s b/c she didn’t want to testify most people who are abused (yes I know first hand) don’t have to actually take the stand in these cases and if they do it’s in judges chambers away from the predator.

        Bottom line Caylee is gone, and her mother was ultimately responsible for her well being and apparently didn’t do it and Caylee is never coming back and it breaks my heart to even think all of this was prevtable and Casey failed her as a mother. IMO


      3. So true, jb14! The police attempted to investigate once her claims about Lee surfaced in her letters to the other inmate and Baez immediately blocked their attempts to interview Casey about this. Multiple times the OCSO called Baez and he did not return their calls.


      4. I agree jb14. Completely. And let’s not forget that Cindy appears to be the breadwinner of the family. If anything he should have been grateful that she was his mealticket.


      5. jb_- your right! it is curious- they didn’t even have a psychologist testify to CSA- symptomology (e.g. expected mental states, behaviors and coping styles)- but until I hear more I have to chalk that up to dumb men running the show (such a scarey thought)- but your right about eveything you said! Inaddition, I appreciate your kind, respectful, thoughful reply- thank you.


      6. You and Shannon are beginning to sound as if you have some “DEEP SEATED” interest in childhood incest? Was it because you were both overlooked as children? GROW UP FOOLS!


    2. Yep, I’m with you. Plus Cindy asked that a picture be taken down from the monitor while she was on the stand. Hey Cindy, you are living in the SAME house as Caylee for the past 3 years…how about those memories???


  7. Dr. Glass: pls tell me if I am wrong- it looks like Casey lowers her head- 4th shot- as if in shame- after telling the officer thank-you. I noticed tonight on Nancy Grace trial re-run- Casey did the same thing after the verdict(s) – on a couple of occasions. I hope this is true- as it implies she has a conscience.
    Thanks for all you great work on the trial- your work was very helpful in untangling the web of lies and accusations.


    1. Deb – it’s all an act. Casey has no conscience. Her blood runs ice cold. She has no feelings whatsoever. All Casey cares about is CASEY.


    2. Hanging her head down, with her little smirk, reminded me of a kid who knew she’d done wrong &had gotten away with it…. Sometimes even kids are embarrassed by their own chutzpah.


    3. NOr would of she falsely accused her father of molesting her, nor would of she led her parents to believe Caylee was still alive, nor would she of led Tony on to believe she was a money making mother, nor would she accuse Jesse Grund, nor would she accuse Roy Kronk, etc


      1. I always forget about the Jesse Grund seeming implication- YES- that was VERY bad- that is the worst thing she did in my mind (other than whatever she did to caylee of course) – and actually makes me want to give up on her!


  8. Someone in this county has already ran a woman off the road and rolled her car because he thought she was Casey Anthony


  9. I am sickened, literally. The fact that this monster walks free like she is untouchable saddens me. My heart breaks for Caylee and I pray for her and I am consoled by the thought of her in Heaven with Jesus holding her close, washing away the painful memory of her mother killing her.
    I believe in my heart that God will make this right and that she will suffer, as she should, in this life and the next. I pray she does not have another child and she meets her end in a cold and cruel way. She shouldn’t be allowed to hide, but I don’t think she will..she will be a fame whore and revel off the attention she gets. We as a society should not allow her to profit from her killing her sweet baby.


  10. As I’ve said before, she can change her hair, change her face, change her name but she can never get rid of that tattoo. I think it will do her in.


    1. As much as I’d love to believe it as well, It’s nothing a good Tattoo artist can’t cover for $300.00 with a flower, or maybe a HEART in the shape of a sticker. I wish she were branded for life, but unfortunately, it’s an easy fix as I’ve seen upclose on friends over the years.


  11. Gee, Casey! How to be inconspicuous! A bright red shirt! She loves the attention…good or bad.

    Can you imagine an interview with this riff-raff where no one can believe a word she utters? Even a Barbara Walters can get blood from a stone. Unless the questions are the soft variety:

    Casey, tell us, how have you manged to survive your horrible ordeal in the Orange Co. Jail? Is it true nachos with bean dip were in short supply?


  12. Im convinced she’s the anti christ, not only for what she did, but all the negitive energy and emotion she stirred up! I had a horrible nightmare last nite about her &death WTH I dont want that im my head!!


  13. She is too in love with herself to get plastic surgery. It was reported she would not be getting it done, sher refused.

    Too bad nobody was there to protect Caylee in a bullet proof vest and assault rifle from Casey.

    Karma is a bitch, and has an EXCELLENT memory. What goes around, comes around, and she’ll be found in a swamp one day.


    1. Yeah, I’ve thought the same thing. I highly doubt she will get any plastic surgery for the exact reason you stated above.


  14. I though the same thing about her and on more then one occasion asked for God to take the hatred out of my heart. But I still can’t wrap my mind around what she did or didn’t do that took her 2 almost 3 year old daughter out of this world. Either she was negligent or did so purposely and I can’t imagine why she would sit in jail for nearly 3 years over an accident.

    I do find it ironic on the day the verdict came in there was a thunderstorm and lightening struck a tree where Caylee’s remains were found and last night when she was released thunderstorms had moved thru the Orlando area. At least Caylee is in the Lord’s arms now and can never be hurt again in any way


  15. Dr. Glass,

    I read you new posting here and looked at the photos you displayed. I honestly have to tell you that I think this is going over the top. This is where balance needs to be taken by stepping back a bit. Anyone, who is leaving a jail and has hundreds of people outside screaming is going to be looking strange, timid, or odd in their walk, stance, head cocking as you call it.
    And, it is quite normal for anyone to walk fast to get out once they see they are going to be shot or have a brick thrown at them. This is just normal response to a very tense situation.
    In the blog you also state she is wearing a “form fitting” fuschia tee. Here again you have lost objectivity and are, in my opinion, trying to sway the opinions to suit your bias. Part of being observant is to maintain objectivity. This is what the jury was asked to do when questioned for jury duty. Having served on a felony trial the grilling is long and intense, and IF Casey were really trying to sway the jury with looking good, she would have cut her hair, created some bangs to soften her look of her face. She looked anything-but-sexy.
    Her top is not “form fitting”.. In today’s culture of dress that top would not be considered form fitting. Form fitting today is skin tight, and every day we see girls and young women everywhere that are “poured” into their stretch material tops and pants.
    As for plastic surgery? I would doubt it. Even guilty people of fame have rarely gotten plastic surgery.
    You’ve got to be careful because you are turning into a Nancy Grace with dyed-in- the-wool-opinions. Objectivity throughout is very important. Anyone can have opinions, and everyone does. However, to be a deemed professional in matters of any skill, one needs to not get so caught up in self assurance.
    A professional doctor or a professional nurse, in haste cuts off the wrong leg in surgery, gives the wrong medications because they got to complacent and convinced of their own skills. The sword you wield Dr. Glass is very sharp, and can contribute to good or it can do great untold damage.
    I honestly think you are stretching things, and I would suggest that perhaps you might need to become a little more objective and not assume that you have the goods on Casey. All of any stopped frame of video of any single person that is caught walking will have micro moments of body language that you have culled out here for the photos. Not every movement says sinister things. This is where I think the Nancy-Grace-Syndrome is being displayed in your search for sinister.
    Everyday we see the ‘rags’ who display un-flattering photo of famous people, and all one has to do is to stand at the check-out line at a grocery store and see Kirsty Alley bending over, or seeing cellulite up close on Oprahs legs, or see an angry scowl on Barrack Obamas face to know that the “unflattering” photo-stop on a video really sways and sells an agenda of the writer or photographer. Follow the money.

    Even the jury walking out onto the sidewalk would be displaying the levels of fear, and unusual body language, and their “form fitting” tees would not be up for accusations as to their sinister meaning. You need to chill a bit, in my opinion.
    God does and will have the say. If you want vengence for what you believe she has gotten away with, then trust God. No one gets out of the 3 ring circus here on earth alive, and no one gets out of final judgment.
    It’s time to move on and let it be. The mob wants blood. It’s swift and it often assauges their own guilt in their own lives. Were we to delve into the mob on the streets we’d find dark corners of their own dark doings. Projection seeks a “sin eater”, for their own sins.
    Casey isn’t free. She is jailed on many levels. Her life will be her sentence.
    It is more important that we learn as a society how to be better parents, better families, be honorable, and address child sexual abuse. This could be the good that comes from this public trial. However, today, right now, a child in a family ( one like Casey’s who looks good, walks good, talks good, smells good, has the education ) is sexually assaulting their little daughters and little sons. This is the real tragedy of America.
    Take Caylees life, and take Caseys and take their entire bio-family and seek to make a real commitment to do something constructive to end the explosive epidemic of child sexual abuse, stop the pedophiles, stop pornography. “Form fitting tees” seams really, really trite, especially when it isn’t even “form fitting”.


    1. You had me up until the sexual abuse stuff. That was never proven to have happened to Casey.

      Other than that excellent post.


    2. AGAIN! I wish I could push the IGNORE button on you SHANNON! Your lengthy analysis of everything said, ad nausea, makes me want to scrap this blog! I like Dr. Glass too much to disregard her because of your boring and lengthy commentary. For you folks out there, I figured out how to “IGNORE SHANNON” altogether…………Start reading the blog responses from the bottom up. When you see a post from SHANNON, just scroll on by before WASTING your time! I bet Shannon NAGS every one close to her! ENOUGH I SAY! Go start your own blog you space hog!


      1. Oh Lynn, how I so agree! This is Dr. Glasses blog, not this other bag of airs! I think that Shannon should limit her ideas to a blog of her own, she takes up far too much space on this platform with her pious, distorted views! So Shannon, take your pseudo-professional opinions somewhere else, it is not appropriate to use Dr. Glasses site as your own!


      2. Just like we do the jurors excuses,IGNORE!
        Hop on the Casey train if they want but it’ll get them nowhere!


    3. 4 reply Points I want to make.

      1 It’s well known that a person will wear reds to stand out in public or in a crowd or public area. & in political arenas, you’ll often find someone in the gallery in red to stand out amongst the rest of the pundits.
      Red controls and Manipulates your attentions. Let’s not mention that Red letter days, the Red Fire truck … The Red light … The STOP sign … all call for your attention. Oh! And don’t forget Red lipstick …LoL
      Casey Anthony is a total Red herring – (something that deceives or distracts attention from the truth & the Devil (synonymous with deceit) is always depicted as red).

      2 People simply are concerned that she will get rich off the baby’s blood
      They’re wondering & l@@king to see how & if this will happen…

      3 as for your “form fitting”, While I understand your point of view,
      that form fitting these days goes to another level,
      I understand that in today’s casual atmosphere it is seen everywhere.
      I understand that clothes are so tight, they seem to be “painted on”, I do agree.
      BUT, in the environment she is in, jailed & in professional council (sic), well…
      I hate to tell you this, but This IS form fitting. And this is NOT appropriate.
      The guards, office people, council & all professionals, even inmates, in her “official” environment will NOT be seen in this type of “form fitting” clothing.
      Her clothes may not be of the “Painted on” look, but they DO fit snug.
      Hers are the only ones, & so her clothes ARE Form Fitting… Duuhhhh

      4 This “really trite” reality seems to really annoy you.
      So my Bottom line reply to your quote: “It’s time to move on and let it be”
      Is = What are YOU doing here?

      It is still a free country, Leave Dr Glass out of your issues.
      You can easily put up your own credentials,
      start your own group or blog, & move on …


      1. re: form fitting clothes, and anything else Casey wore. Casey is broke. Flat, dead, broke. You think she’s out buying clothes? She gained weight sitting in prison so none of her old clothes (which Cindy would have to provide) would fit. That leaves… the county court clothes closet. Karen Levy, one of the court officials, I forget her title, explained it. There is a closet that indigent inmates can access for “respectable” clothes to wear to court. My guess is, this is the “sexiest” thing Casey could find in the closet, so she went with it. And the top was not RED, it was fuschia, bright pink. Sorry, but I LOVE color theory. I think y’all are making too much over something Casey probably had little control over. She probably gave it less thought than all you guys.


      2. Yes – I realize it was fuchsia, I said ‘red’ because I was replying to Shannan’s previous comment.
        As for the clothes appropriation, The mom was originally bringing clothes.
        When Cindy was denied visitations, Baez began to bring pastel clothes.
        And for her walk out appearance, the defense team brought a variety of clothes to choose from. Casey Anthony chose these … I personally could care less, I’m just sayin’


    4. Bravo! I don’t read this blog because of dr. glass, I read it for the replies. This is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.
      btw, why have my posts not been appearing? Will this one?


    5. You must be a Casey fan. She looked confident and arrogant. She was the main attraction. And soon she’ll be at the bars again.


      1. Agreed Chris. But that is Casey’s MO. The only time she didn’t appear confident and/or arrogant was in thr beginning 3 years ago when she put on a show for the TV cameras during the press confrence Baez held and he had her in the black glasses to give the illusion she was an educated upstanding citizen, then in court when she denied bond (this time the tears were for herself) and finally during the trial she was confident and arrogant until the jurors returned to the courtroom and she put on the depressed and woe is me act. A leopard cannot change its spot and Casey can’t change who She truly is.

        I hope Baez was actually telling the truth when he made the media rounds and said one of main goals is to get Casey counseling. Pray she gets the psychological help she apparently needs. But I don’t know if it is even possible to teach someone how to feel real emotion and be a caring person. I do hope it’s possible if for the mere fact that she can do something positive with her life. In her jailhouse letters she commented that she wanted help families of missing children. But who can believe anything that comes out of her mouth? I am trying my best to find some sense of this outcome and pray that maybe just maybe she’ll try to better herself and in turn do something positive to help others. Heck, who am I kidding she wants the attention even if its negative and wants her Bella Vita making money off of this horrible incident and sadly she’ll get it. But like one Hollywood PR agent said Casey needs to realize the difference between being notorious and being a celebrity and she isn’t a celebrity.


    6. I would say to you why bother with trying to save other children when the cost is mostly a horrific death, and they all get away with it. why bother? The real tragedy is that babies get murdered everyday in this country and there is no justice for them..look to haliegh cummings, look to zhara bakers of the world. No justice for either of these beautiful children. So again I ask why bother trying to save any of them anymore? The murderers and child killers always walk away with little to no punishment..what does that say about america and the society we havve become/


  16. Thank God that God knows the real truth.

    Everyone sees the light when they die because everyone goes before God to be accountable for their time here on earth. God says that many come to the gates, and only a few pass through. Jesus told even those who loved him and cast demons out in His name, “I’m sorry I never knew you.”

    In other words, all those who will be making off of paying Casey Anthony money are in deep jeopardy…..except those who utilize the wide knowledge of her markers and manipulation techniques to further educate the general population of how to discern when in the beginning stages of being ensnared by those like Casey Anthony, in order to help them avoid having anything to do with them, in order to contract the seemingly endless supply of new victims and sycophants that are these abusers’ / malignant narcissists’ / sociopaths’ / psychopaths’ life blood. (They are vampires.)

    Those in power now….especially the officers of the court and especially Jose Baez….are in the deepest jeopardy of all.

    They may redeem themselves by working to change whatever flaws in the system allowed the loopholes that enabled this guilty mother to go free.

    Reason why this is important: Young people who may not have fed their evil sides completely yet, will much more likely to be emboldened to perpetrate evil on others with the knowledge that nothing much happened to Casey Anthony.

    Yes, karma is a bitch (karma is also a Christian principle – you reap what you sow….for eternity too)….but CA’s karma won’t stop those who come behind her from perpetrating.


    1. Everyone sees a white light when they die because of a complex series of chemical reactions in the body due to blood loss to the brain due to extreme shock or the heart stopping. There’s nothing mystical about it.


      1. i’m a a-theist- so i have no horse in the race- but that is outdated info- new research out there- forget exactly the details but you might want to spend sometime goggling to keep your pithy comments current.


      2. And there are those that know that it is a creator who created all the chemicals and their reactions with depth of complexity.

        Antony Flew, the nonagenarian British atheist apologetic, came to believe in a creator just recently due to that which the advances in medical technology reveal. The more Einstein studied, the more he came to believe in a creator.

        All that said, belief in a creator still requires a leap of faith, which, in turn, requires a willingness to change one’s world view, which, due to carnal pride, most will not.

        (I was raised a staunch atheist myself – always thought Christians were stupid sheeple. I came to know, not until my mid-20s, that I was wrong. However, most Christians, and Christian churches, are satan’s greatest tool. The hypocrisy rightfully turns people’s stomachs…and then, unfortunately, their minds and hearts stay closed to immense love and truth….for eternity.)

        deb – The truth is the truth, whether it comes from a believer or an atheist. Thank you for adding some truth. (There’s no reply option to your post.)


  17. From Shannon (whose post had not yet appeared when I started typing mine above):

    “It is more important that we learn as a society how to be better parents, better families, be honorable, and address child sexual abuse. This could be the good that comes from this public trial. However, today, right now, a child in a family ( one like Casey’s who looks good, walks good, talks good, smells good, has the education ) is sexually assaulting their little daughters and little sons. This is the real tragedy of America.”

    This definitely a root cause of the explosion of sociopathy we are seeing in our world today.

    However, without accountability, it will not stop. Swiftest and most certain (in other words most effective) accountability: Financial accountability. Put into place heavy, heavy financial consequences for perpetrators, and make it known to all that these heavy consequences will be handed down with certainty, and I predict that overnight, 30% of the evil evaporates.

    Big problem: Perpetrators are extremely charismatic and convincing liars. They weave in a thread of truth into every lie, and they successfully shift the blame to their victims, which disables those in power from correctly discerning the truely guilty party, which prevents consequences from being imposed.

    Further, there is no monetary incentive to be honorable in our world. There are no longer alienation of affection laws (they were eliminated at a time when legislatures were vastly male). Adultery is highly correlated to domestic violence and domestic abuse – one feeds the other in a very bad circular manner – and children witnessing abuse are just as traumatized as those who’ve been directly abused. (See Joe Torre’s story for corroboration – he’s on wife #3 now.)

    Even without domestic abuse, adultery destroys a child’s nest and sense of security and well being, which leaves that child much more vulnerable to being a target of a sociopath (so thirsty for love and attention, which a sociopath slathers at first, in order to ensnare), or a sociopath themselves, for in order to endure the traumas, a child must wall off their emotions and dissociate from them.

    It’s all tied together, and the boat will still sink if only one of the several holes are plugged.


    1. Thank you Danna for your post. Well said.
      You are correct there is no monetary incentive to be be honorable in our society. That is true. There was a time when the wisdom stated,
      ‘Virtue is it’s own reward.” Money to be good?
      This is why it is said that “the love is money is the root of all evil”.
      Money in and of itself is neutral, however like a sword it both save and kills. It is the love of money that distorts and confuses the soul of what virtue is. If we could “buy” virtue, it would be on every drug store shelf, and there would be a “blue light special” being announced across the airwaves for shoppers to gobble up a box of virtue.
      Your comments that “adultry is highly correlated to domestic violence and domestic abuse”. Yes, indeed. It stands to reason because when one violates that which is virtuous, it weakens the persons resolve to “do good, be good, be of honor, be of service.”

      The Anthony family is merely depicting in glaring lights the plight of the American Family in all it’s ugly pursuit of what is shallow, what is meaningless, and what violating God’s wisdom does to destroy a family from “within”.

      Most clinicians state that sociopathy/ malignant narcissism is on an alarming rise in America. We only need to look at the American culture to see it everywhere. No one notices nor takes much care to notice because most are so distracted and disconnected from their own soul that they cannot see what is before us in America.
      The quick soundbite, the short sentence, the shallow quick fix is todays culture. To delve deeper seems boring and most want a poster fix for a book. This has been devolving for the past 4 decades and now we look around and the mob is aghast at Casey Anthony, Casey Anthony’s family, and her lifestyle.
      Men have been trained and engrained to abuse women, to abuse their power on women, and to be told that’s what real men do.
      The lack of spiritual connection to Source ( whatever one’s guiding force is that is supposed to be beyond the ego-nature of human minds)… is showing. America is lost. A few stammer to keep a candle burning, and the masses continue to ignore the “clarion call” of the trumpet sounding a warning signal of the “war” of the collective souls who are famed, but without wisdom. Celebrity trumps everything these days. One can beat a woman, enter their dogs into dog fights, can snork coccaine and knock the teeth out of a singer-girlfriend and 20 minutes later they will be on the stage with throngs of people handing over their money to hear this person belt out dark lyrics to a song.
      The American culture is warped in it’s thinking, it’s values and it’s beliefs. This is the breeding ground for adultry, pedophilia, and porn that is beyond epidemic. What better place for pedophiles and sociopaths to hang out openly, when people can no longer even discern that a wolf is lurking beside them. We hear it every day, the news of a preacher, a camp counselor, the neighbor who was “such a nice guy”… and gave such “great sermons”.

      When will it turn? Will it turn? Or will God, as the evangelists say, dump out the entire wheelbarrow, and start over.
      Wolves will never eat their own, nor will a Mother bear. She will fight to her death to save her cubs from the clutches of anything.
      Seems like we humans could learn a thing or two from such creatures. Until people reconnect to their hearts in a humble manner, nothing can change. Image is not content.
      Thanks Danna. I enjoyed your post.


    2. Thank you Dana. This cannot go on or our entire society will disintegrate. There is right and wrong. It’s way past time parents should be more concerned with creating good members of society instead of dead beat leeches.


    3. Danna – your comment is based on the assumption that Casey was sexually abused by her family. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that this happened. The fact that her lawyers never tried to prove it, and blocked the efforts of investigators who tried to look into these allegations, would make it much more likely that this was another one of Casey<s lies.


  18. Biggest hole in the boat: Those in power do not take perjury seriously. They allow lying, which enables people like CA to get off, which emboldens those behind her to lie with abandon.

    Our grandchildren’s world will be a sociopath eat sociopath one if this is not changed.

    Shame on those in power to not punish lying.


  19. I would bet that Casey is in San Diego someplace. Plenty of places to blend in there. I hope she has to watch her back the rest of her life. She is a pathetic excuse for a human being IMO. Too bad she will make lots of money off the fact that she murdered her beautiful little girl. No justice in this situation.. Very sad..


  20. I think this will be my last post, and I mean it this time, said it before, but came back to post about Bella Skankerella Vita.

    I’m so sick of her, and will not watch anything anymore or read anything that has anything to do with her or the Scamthony’s. There are so many other missing and murdered children out there who need our time and devoution. Caylee did not get justice, and it makes me sick, but it’s time to move on.

    Great blow Dr. Glass, looking forward to many other topics, EXCEPT CA and the Scamthony Clan.


  21. I am with you Lisa about looking forward to more from Dr Glass on other issues/topics. Maybe SHANNON will lose interest and not sit in and monopolize the whole blog with continuing lengthy , boring REPEAT blogs. I hope she will fade into the sunset and create her own blog called ” SHANNON KNOWS IT ALL” Enough already………………


  22. I agree with the person who said, she can change her hair, face, clothes but wherever Casey goes, there she IS. She can’t run away from herself.

    I hope people will donate to EquuSearch, Tim Miller, so he can pursue this lawsuit. Casey and her Defense, by their own admission, allowed the FIASCO of the search for Caylee to be on going while other DEAD CHILDREN NEEDED HELP! Casey’s selfishness knows no bounds!!!

    “Such a deposition might allow lawyers to question Anthony under oath on a wide range of issues, including potentially whether she killed her daughter and, if so, how she did it.
    Anthony’s lawyers are asking that any questions in the civil suit be restricted to the issue of defamation.
    The judge in the civil case rescheduled the deposition to October 8.
    Anthony is also named in a civil lawsuit filed by the Texas-based search and recovery group Texas Equusearch. The group is seeking repayment of $112,000 it says it spent in 2008 searching for Caylee.
    Tim Miller, founder of the group, says he is suing because, according to statements by Defense Attorney Baez during the trial, Anthony knew all along that Caylee was dead but allowed volunteers to conduct a massive search anyway.
    During that same time, Mr. Miller says, 15 other families sought help in finding a missing loved one but were turned down because resources were already dedicated to the search for Caylee.”


  23. It was already reported Jose Baez tried to sell photos of Casey in her first few days of freedom. He knows Casey is now his cash cow and he will milk this. So much for going away to heal. As long as a buck can be made. Interesting Casey didn’t even stop by Caylee’s memorial to pay her respect. Poor Caylee isn’t even in her thoughts anymore. Now Casey is free to live the life she always wanted. Let’s hope every day is miserable for her.


    1. WOW, about Baez, but we really can’t be that surprised. Baez didn’t even wait a FEW DAYS before starting to make a buck on Casey.

      Maybe he’s worried she may not be around long if some people have their way!

      He is smarmy and that will not change. Is he now acting like her pimp? SICK. jmho


      1. Jose Baez has now become Casey pimp. As you both said its reported that he has informed an agent that Casey has a camera and he would like to make a deal selling pictures of her first days out of jail. When told that pictures of HER would be desired, Baez replied that that could be arranged. It’s amusing – any dignity and success (in a perverted defense attorney sense) that he might have achieved by getting her acquitted, has now been lost by his trying to profit off of her. A tiger cannot change its stripes. These people are who they are – and THAT will be their undoing.

        Baez has crossed another line here that may very well be an ethical violation of his role as her atty. Lawyers do not promote clients or negotiate media deals unless they are entertainment attorneys and Baez as we all know is not. He is a criminal atty only. It is a HUGE conflict of interest because he would be getting a significant chunk financially from each deal he arranges. What a sleazy man he is.


      2. Nancy B, you are correct. The word “professionalism” has no meaning in Baez’s world. He has crossed the line in the past, remember the inappropriate touching of his client while she was in prison. He received a warning. Then several warnings during the trial by JP.

        Is Baez still married? Does his wife trust him to be alone with Casey? Or is money sexier to him than Casey will ever be at this point in time?


  24. 1st pic, Casey looks tense, nervous, scared. Baez doesn’t look too happy or certain.

    2nd pic, they both make contact with the bodyguard and seems to feel a bit more confident.

    3rd pic, Casey being coy and loving the attention. Baez’s body language, let’s get the hell out of here. He would rather be anywhere else.

    Are body guards surrounding them at their “safe house?”


  25. Gee, wonder why my post was pulled off here.. I didn’t say anything that would give the good Dr. reason to pull it. All I said was I hope Casey has to watch her back for the rest of her life, and that she was a pathetic excuse for a human being.. I really just needed to vent and this looked like as good as anyplace to do that. Got too caught up in all this and left feeling shell shocked by the whole Casey Anthony saga.


  26. May Casey Anthony never enjoy a day of peace for the rest of her miserable life! And may Shannon take her self righteousness to another platform!


  27. Please honor Caylee and do not watch this interview tonight with Baez on Geraldo’s show at 10am. Baez and Geraldo are friends and Baez is very broke and in need of money(Baez home in foreclosure). Also Baez has a shady past that involves writing bad checks, child support issues, defunct bikini businesses, etc. Please boycott any station this scumbag goes on and don’t let him make a dime off Caylee.


  28. The big question is: How will Casey Anthony survive unless she is the center of attention? Will she be satisfied with living just a mundane life? For three years, even while she was in the jail cell for long days and nights, she knew on the outside world, everyone was talking about her. She was constantly receiving fan mail from secret admirers, some with proposals of marriage. How will her fans be able to reach her now that she is out of jail? She will need a mailing address but will she dare to make her whereabouts known? I can see her getting access to a computer and joining Facebook.

    It will be interesting to see how long José Baez will stay tethered to Casey. IMO, Baez has always considered Casey his little gold mine. What will happen if all the offers for interviews, books and movies do not come pouring in? Baez and Casey have a lot in common. They both have too big egos and are professional liars. I expect one of these days they will have a personality clash as ‘likes’ tend to repel.


  29. Rachel, Caylee was NEVER in Caylee’s thoughts. Why should she stop by the memorial? She’s already been there when she dumped Caylee there like a bag of pizza.

    Casey will get her’s…There are a lot of angry people out there with guns. They cannot protect her forever. If they really were concerned for her safety, they would have had her wear a bullet press. Perhaps wishful thinking on their part?


  30. Rachel, Caylee was NEVER in Casey’s thoughts. Why should she stop by the memorial? She’s already been there when she dumped Caylee there like a bag of pizza. She treated her murdered pets with a ceremony and burial. This shows how she really felt about Caylee. Caylee meant nothing to her, and now she is free to start her useless cycle all over again. NOBODY in the media should pay her one dime, and if they do, the IRS will GARNISH It.

    Casey will get her’s…There are a lot of angry people out there with guns. They cannot protect her forever. If they really were concerned for her safety, they would have had her wear a bullet press. Perhaps wishful thinking on their part?


  31. Geraldo makes me sick. He just wants that 1st interview with Casey so he brown noses Jose. All everyone can talk about is how Casey will start a new life and make money. Poor Caylee ends up in a swampy grave. Why should anyone ever forgive Casey. I don’t care if she was found not guilty, she will never be innocent of that child’s death.


  32. Baby killer was trying hard not to smile. She really think she’s all that. She’ll take any kind of limelight. Only she knows what happened to Caylee. And we will never find out. Another unsolved mystery. She’s the modern day Lizzie Borden.


    1. Lizzie Borden could live in some obscurity. In today’s world with internet, camera cell phones, twits and texting, Casey will not have that pleasure nor does she really want it. She seems to thrive on the negative attention.

      I will not buy her books, will not watch movies about her, nor watch her interviews nor watch Baez. Saw enough of their arrogant, lying mugs during the trial. Mason the old fool is also in the no watch zone.


      1. funny- ppl in a vacuum- i.e. not having talking-heads tell them what they think- preferred Baez- they thought the great state and ashton were rude and unprofessional- Baez WON- against ALL odds- maybe there is something you are missing or misinterpreting…just say’en


      2. deb it’s that schmoozy, charming behavior that gets lots of people in trouble every day. That’s how the unsuspecting get conned out of losing their money and other possessions.

        When asked to be “objective” it means putting that type of “good impression” behavior aside too. The jurors let the entertainment Baez provided them get in the way of making a well thought out decision. I think their minds were made up from the beginning. I’m surprised they found her guilty on the four lesser charges.


      3. Shelly, the jurors had to pretend they thought the indictments over, thus they found her guilty of the 4 counts of lyings.

        Lazy jurors wanted out of there, 10 hrs deliberating after a 3 week trial with over 300+ pieces of evidence and never any questions from the now infamous 12 from Flori-DUH.

        The Ford chick (juror) sure got her (strange) mug in front of the camera asap (she and Casey could pal around with their proclivity towards writing bad checks).

        Caylee, where was Caylee’s rights and justice with the three ring circus creators called the Baez team?

        Rude, Baez was more than rude, he was downright SNEAKY and thus held in Contempt of Court after THREE WARNINGS. Yeah, so Ashton should not have “snickered” as the theatrics of Baez, but he was on Caylee’s SIDE and Baez is a bad actor but some Flori-DUH-ians and their cohorts are easily impressed. jmho


  33. This is hilarious!!! You must go to the link so you can see the comic strip, which could not be more perfect.

    by Stacy Dittrich

    Many are speculating what happens next for Casey Anthony as her date to be set free draws near. I predict they let her out a few days early without alerting the media for security purposes. You can bet your roll of duct tape that this Lord of the Rings fairy (sorry, can’t get past the pointed ears) has her future completely mapped out. I’m pretty confident that the following conversation took place between Tinkerbell Casey and Jose Biased upon the not guilty verdict—or something similar. Just imagine the two of them sitting alone in a room, Casey smiling from pointed ear to pointed ear.

    Casey: Jose, I can’t thank you enough (grabs tissue and dabs at a non-existent tear). I knew this would turn out this way, I just knew it!

    Jose: You can thank me later, doll face (winks), you know, like you used to back in the old days.

    Casey: Gawd, this is really happening. When we decided to throw my dad under the bus, I never thought they’d buy it—I really didn’t! I mean, I knew the jury looked like a bunch of morons, but it turned out they really are! Pinch me. I must be dreaming!

    Jose: Ya know, Case, your mom did help you out a little when she lied about the chloroform searches. You really should thank her when you get the chance.

    Casey: Oh, please! To Hell with her! The only thing she’s done for me was teach me how to lie like a pro…maybe I’ll send her a card for that? On second thought, no way. I’m famous now; I won’t need their house and money anymore.

    Jose: Which brings me to the future…I’ve already got offers coming in. What do you think you’ll do?

    Casey: I definitely want to have more children—that’s for sure! But, believe me, I’ve learned my lesson! From here on out, when I go clubbing, I am definitely going to use less chloroform on the kids. I swear I will never going through this again (shudders).Maybe I’ll try using Benadryl first? Definitely no more duct tape—I’ll switch to electrical. So, what are the offers? A million dollar book deal? Movie? I’m so excited!

    Jose: Whoa! Slow down there, Superstar! (Laughs) We’ll get to that! You never told me what you thought about the “grief expert” I put on the stand. I can’t even believe I was able to pull THAT one off!

    Casey: Where’d you find her?

    Jose: She was just a homeless nutcase I found wandering around Jay Blanchard Park mumbling to herself. I cleaned her up, bought her a Mocha Soy Latte—dumped half a dozen Valium into it—and told her what to say on the stand. Voila! It worked! (Slaps knee).

    Casey: You truly are a genius, Jose. I mean, attending the third worst law school in the country and having a criminal record, how you pulled this off is simply unbelievable.

    Jose: Again, you can thank me later (winks again). Now, let’s get to those offers. I’ve got a book deal from Beaufort Books—they published OJ’s, a guaranteed hit—an offer for a featured stripper tour in Gary, Indiana, a 3-movie porn deal from Murderous Mom’s Porn Company and, “the big one,”…are you ready?

    Casey: Tell me! Tell me!

    Jose: Charlie Sheen wants you to be his newest Goddess!

    Casey: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Charlie Sheeeeeeen! (Jumps up and dances around). I can’t believe it! (Pauses). Um, what’s a Goddess?

    Jose: Oh, I forgot, you’ve been out of touch for awhile. I’ll fill you in on the deets later, but isn’t this exciting!

    Casey: Yes! Tell me! How many millions?

    Jose: Uh, well, you see, it’s not exactly millions…the total of the offers comes to $8,000.

    Casey: (Smile fading, Casey becomes angry and rises in her chair) $8,000!! That’s it! I killed my daughter and all I get is $8,000! What is the matter with you? I’m bigger than OJ! I’m getting letters from millionaires with marriage proposals and all you can do is $8,000! (Picks up nearest chair).

    Jose: Casey, calm down! Put the chair down! Listen! If you knock off another kid in the next year or so, I promise I’ll get you the millions! I promise! Maybe we can get you on Celebrity Rehab for a murder addiction…just please calm down!

    Casey: That’s better, (puts chair down). We need to be realistic about this though. I could probably get away with killing just one more—but after that, I might actually go to jail, so you better stick to your word!

    … Now, most importantly, where can I find a sperm donor?

    Jose: You’re looking at him, sweetheart.

    **Okay, so maybe it didn’t happen exactly that way. But, I’ll bet I’m pretty close… sometimes dark subjects require a little humor to make it through.


    1. That’s hilarious NancyB! Sometimes laughter is needed at times like this.

      A group of us were talking the other day wondering where her lawyers would take Casey. I said perhaps Baez will chloroform her, duct tape her mouth and throw her in his trunk! From there, who cares.

      Thanks again for that.


    2. LOL, creative individual(s).

      With these clowns like Baez & Casey, it is definitely about fame and money. They have fooled some of the people all of the time, but they can’t fool all of the people some of the time nor all of the time!


  34. Jose Baez doesn’t sound interested in a producer’s $1 million offer to interview Casey Anthony.

    “I heard just heard on your network someone is claiming that there is a deal for a million dollars. That is not so,” Baez told Geraldo Rivera tonight on Fox News Channel. “I was going to meet with the individual and hear whatever offer he wanted to make.”

    That person, producer Al Taylor, told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro that he had an agreement with Baez. “We have a verbal agreement,” Taylor said. Taylor said the interview was going to be as soon as possible and that Anthony would be hooked up to a lie-detector. Taylor said he was looking at several TV personalities to interview Anthony.

    “It’s a done deal,” Taylor said. “We’re bringing the money down this week. We have an agreement.”

    But Baez announced he was changing his mind. “This is not the way we want to handle Casey’s affairs,” Baez said. Baez said they wanted to handle offers “in a dignified manner.” Baez said he didn’t know when Anthony would give an interview.

    Baez said he would continue to be Anthony’s attorney. She was acquitted two weeks ago of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee.

    In an interivew with Rivera, Baez sidestepped questions about Anthony’s mental state. “I’m not a therapist. I’m a lawyer,” Baez said. Baez said the defense team was exploring “all possibilities” about getting Anthony help.

    Rivera didn’t ask where Anthony was. She was released from the Orange County Jail earlier today, and Baez wasn’t taking questions about her whereabouts or her mental state, citing the attorney-client privilege.

    Baez said the public needed to respect jury verdicts and saluted the jury’s hard work and sacrifice.

    Rivera told Baez he had done “some brilliant lawyering” and said there was an expectation of more interviews.

    On Pirro’s show, Taylor wouldn’t reveal the investors in the $1 million offer. “Unlike Leonard Padilla, I don’t speak out of my backside,” Taylor said, taking a swipe at the bounty hunter who has been connected to the Anthony saga.

    “There’s nothing wrong with making money on this story, because it’s capitalism,” Taylor told Pirro. Taylor said he would sell the interview overseas because there won’t be a boycott there, and that he will give away the interview for free in the United States.


    1. Me thinks thou doth protest too much……what is really wrong with all of you? self-hate? general-hate (lizards and snakes trying to fly out of your mouths)? You don’t know casey or caylee- don’t fool yourself- this spewing of hate is NOT about them……consider therapy..and then put you body where you awful mouth is- sponsor a child, volunteer, take up buddhism- ….you might discover compassion- now, there is an alien concept you might want to contemplate.


      1. Deb, I have to agree with your post. Reading so many of the hate-filled posts, it is quite evident that they believe in an eye for an eye. Then everyone is blind.
        This is a pathetic blog to continue reading. So, therefore after attempting to share what I felt and still feel in my gut, and being villified for it, I am taking my leave of this. I am accused of too long posts. That may be true, however I can’t imagine having the level of pure hatred oozing out of one’s hearts and minds that I have read on this blog from 99% of the bloggers. Deb, your’s is one of the few exceptions. As am going to take my leave of this blog, that will surely make some delighted. So be it. This blog is a microcosm of our world today. Thank goodness none of them was on the jury.

        I agree with your opening line to Kim. The protests against Casey are too great, and therefore mask something else in Kim and many people who post such things.
        They would be the ones who would stone her in the streets. Every day children are raped, murdered, sexually abused and no one notices. Pinning everything on Casey is an easy fix for guilty consciences.
        Today, it came out that the prosecution willfully and knowingly withheld facts from defense and from the courts. There were no 84 searches on the computer for chloroform. The prosecution KNEW this as a fact, given to them directly from the computer company who created the original computer program,who came forward and told the prosecution early on about the errors that would create 84 searches that never did happen. There was an agenda, and it was dark one by the prosecution.

        Deb, I have enjoyed reading your posts and your heart is good and true. I wish it was the case for the others who have blogged here. They are a sad lot. I hope Casey does get help, and stays safe. To want to murder her, stone her, only reflects on those who cannot see themselves and project their own marginal character. May God help them all.


      2. Deb, you are SO WRONG! Many of us work BEHIND THE SCENES on behalf of missing and exploited children. Don’t spout off crap you YOURSELF are not involved with, or capable of. Keep it SHORT SIMPLE AND TO THE POINT! You are laughable to assume that others think YOU KNOW IT ALL!


      3. Riiiight. I hate casey because I hate myself. That’s deep.

        Let me get this straight. You don’t know me, casey or caylee so-don’t fool yourself. Where is your psychoanalysis coming from? I think your yourself must have some deep seated guilt about your own lack of REAL compassion.

        No need to overcompensate sweetie. Seek therapy and put your body where your presumptuous mouth is. Sponsor a child, volunteer, go on a pilgrimage to Mecca. You might figure out that an angry comment on the internet is just that, an angry comment over someone who was obviously guilty and got away wit murder. Get a life, there is an alien concept you might want to contemplate.


  35. What makes you think Casey is going to make alllllll this money? You make it sound like she is going to make all this money and will be set for life. If she does make millions it wont last because she will blow right through it not to mention the civil suit against her.


      1. I still don’t believe it but let’s see how long these so called supporters will stick around. I firmly believe that Casey is in for a rude awakening. An awakening where she realizes that most people in this world won’t be breaking bread with her and for those that do will be of no substance; i.e. fellow sociopaths or just low-life’s in general using her for her 5 minutes of notoriety as a “child killer.” I know it’s sickening that she got off and the thought of her making a dime is unconscionable but I firmly believe that Casey is destined to be her own worst enemy and that her future is far from bright; on the contrary, it’s quite dark.


      2. I hope she can get the treatment she needs, make some money to live on and have a good life….thank goodness there are still a few sane ppl in America.


      3. yeah, as she burns her bridges as she goes…
        She’s in for a rude awakening alright.
        Its kinda sad … but she refuses to see reality, Ahh well!


    1. Well, there is still my theory that she will blow it all on clothes, clubbing and Lord only knows what. She will be broke again; I have no doubt.


    2. Even if she files for bankruptcy, it will not help her. Under current law, IRS debts and most state owed debts are not released via bankruptcy. Other civil debts can follow her up to a 10 year minimum. She is too well known. She will be hounded for life. Jose BOZO will have to shield her assholes (assests). They were meant for each other. 2 sleaze of the same peas pod…………….


  36. I agree Lisa. She’ll be broke after the IRS garnishes her, what those lawsuits take and the rest of the $35.00 she’ll have left, she will blow on Taco Bell.

    She’ll come crawling back to mommy dearest and daddy dearest soon enough. She’s so immature, she has no idea how to actually earn a living and make it on her own, not to mention she has no skills, being a HS dropout, who didn’t even bother to get her GED in jail.

    I hope they find her in a swamp in 31 days.


    1. Lisa G, you reminded me of a point I forgot to make. When I heard she declined her mother’s visit after the verdict I said to myself ‘does she really think she will never need her parents again?’ She’s riding high right now but little does she know that at the end of the day her parents are all she is going to ever truly have. I’m sure Cindy and George are both saying ‘she’ll need us.’

      Who is paying her attorney fees?


      1. Lisa, your post about Casey and her $$$$ makes the most sense. We also have already witnessed that she has attracted fellow users along the path she is walking. So the fact that other sociopaths will join her soon enough is no surprise. Just as you say it doesn’t bode well for her.


      2. lisa and Singhphat, I think at some point she will end up with Cindy and George once again.

        She will wear out her welcome pretty fast with anyone who actually wants to help her and the sociopaths that I’m sure she’ll take up with will quickly realize she’s got nothing to offer them.

        Think of all she’s done to friends — taking Tony Lazarro’s (sp?) car when he left town and asked her not to use it, taking Amy H’s (not even trying to spell her name!) checkbook and credit cards to treat herself. And then there’s what she took from her family — robbing her grandparents and parents. She’s just a parasite.

        Also, when she took Caylee’s life, she disposed of the body very close to home. Even giving herself away saying she can “feel” that Caylee is close by. She’s not very smart though I will say she is very lucky. She doesn’t have a high school diploma, has no marketable skills and the only job I’ve heard of was working at a photo kiosk at Universal Studios.

        Yes, she’ll be back home at some point. I don’t know when but I can see it happening. But the Anthony’s all deserve each other and can all be sentenced to Life With Each Other.


    1. Anonymous2 – I can’t viscerally stand either of these guys but the two together has to be absolutely beyond the realm of tolerable. mho


  37. The state of Florida is still paying her attorney’s fees because she has been found to be indigent. They will also pay for her appeals. Jose is waiting for his big payday for the book, interview and movie deals. I hope at least Tim Miller from equsearch gets his money back. He deserves it.


  38. One word,…disgusting! She looks guilty, she acts guilty. What I noticed, after watching the release, is that she, obviously, heard the chiding of the protestors. I am glad of that. At least she is aware that her future may not be all shiny, new and full of parties, and more men. It will not be a re-set for her, I am sure of that.

    My big concern now, is that she will get pregnant again. I doubt that anybody would allow her to adopt, at least not legally. No child should ever be put in her custody, ever again. She is a self-centered, lying, narcissist. who would, without hesitation, sacrifice another innocent child, if it served her purpose.

    Just remember everybody, when Casey, or Cindy’s mouths are moving,…they are lying, then we will not be tempted to listen to anything further from them.

    I doubt Casey will have the financial boon that many believe she will have, from selling her story. The country hates her, and if we realize that she will NEVER tell the truth, then it’s all over for her financially. Again, do not watch anything in regard to this debacle, do not buy any books, or watch any movies, and/or interviews concerning Casey Anthony, or her immoral cronies. Nothing new will come of it, insight, no clues, nothing. Do not waste your time, or spend your hard-earned cash to financially benefit this murderer.

    I’d like to know, from a psychologist who has no interest in making money from an opinion, just exactly what is wrong with Casey Anthony, if anything. I have heard so many opinions, yet none of them have been comprehensive and exact. It would be very insightful, to have a professional dissect this monster, and I would like to read it here.

    Time will tell. Just be patient, and shun them all, and history will repeat itself, as it did with OJ. Casey can change her face, but she cannot change her spirit. We all know the kind of person she is, and you cannot alter someone’s nature. It’s her nature to be the truly ugly person that she is inside. Hopefully, she will be forced to go back home to her loving family,…for lack of funds. Having to listen to Cindy’s unrelenting questioning of what happened to Caley,, that’s what I call justice!!!


    1. hopefully she will not have to return to her parents who programmed her to be just like them- she never had a chance- neither did Caylee….or do you guys think she is possessed by the devil?


    2. If Casey ever did return home, I would only suggest to Lee & Malory to guard their new baby. And that Malory be vigil of that “Special Bond”. Because I’m sooo sure that Casey will be very jealous of its love.


      1. I hope they don’t have babies,She said Kc and Caylee had a special bond and she was a great Mom,LMAO! God Forbid!


    3. Kate ~ love your post and wholeheartedly agree with every word you wrote.

      Like you said she will never be able to adopt a child legally if not only for the sole reason she is a convicted felon. And the sad part is if she got pregnant and chose to have the baby even if she did that #1 she would do it for just the attention alone and #2 if she and I pray she doesn’t do anything close to what she did to Caylee the sad reality is the novelty of the baby and attention on her will eventually wear off and that poor child would at the very least be ignored and just as history repeats its self Casey would become resentful of the attention the baby receives attention that Casey feels like she deserves from the father of the baby, or Casey’s “people or handlers” and that child would be tossed aside and would have to grow up without her mother’s love and attention (and I have to say I was abused both emotionally and physically growing up and the thing that still hurts me after all these years were the hurtful words my mother said to me the statements said that I ruined her life and if she couldn’t love me no one could and i didn’t deserve anything good iin life b/c I was worthless in her eyes) if you are able to survive the physical wounds and they heal it’s the emotional moments that stay with you for a lifetime – and sadly I can see Casey repeating history in that regards. I pray the Lord saves that child and bless a family worthy of being it’s parents – obviously that would exclude Casey Anthony.

      And as well I agree with what you said about Casey and Cidy being huge liars, even if by some miracle Casey wrote a book or did an interview where she claims she wanted to bear her soul and share every detail of that fateful day Caylee Marie was snuffed out of this world by Casey’s actions no one could ever believe any of it even if parts were true. Casey Anthony is a sad, pathetic excuse for a human being again I pray she finds God and repents she may not have received her punishment here on earth but she will when it’s her time as the Lord said

      Romans 12:19 ” Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: Vengeance is mine, I will pay them back saith the Lord

      I find it humorous the one psycologist the defense called was #1 a self proclaimed “grief counselor” and #2 she admitted she never met with or spoken with Casey Anthony herself in any way and did not know the facts surrounding the case. What was the purpose of even having her there? Just another side show from Baez I suppose

      And you are correct one day she will for some reason have to go crawling home to George and Cindy for one reason or another – I would love to be a fly on the wall in that household to see how that would unfold, I bet Cindy would finally snap. It would not be a pretty sight that’s for sure. Eventually Casey will end up all alone, broke and miserable but I’m sure she’ll have Baez by her side enabling her derelict behavior so he can continue riding the gravy train on her notorious coat tails. How sad, such a sad real life drama her life turned out to be and even more sickening is its not a novel or Hollywood film but a real life.


  39. Lisa,

    The state paid the defense team. They did not make as much as they hoped, but they were paid. Talk about how this monster milked the system. You never hear of anyone who is truly indigent, get the type of defense team Casey had.

    They won because the jury did not have a clue how to deliberate.


  40. How that jury believed Caylee drowned is still making me CRAZY. Not one ounce of proof Caylee drowned, yet they fell for it. If Caylee had truly drowned, accidentally, there is NO WAY Casey would have stayed in jail. Granted, she was doing time for the check fraud, but still why hide a drowning?

    Wherever she is, I hope she is reading the internet to see how 98% of the people know she is guilty. She cannot escape herself, and she will never change.

    Right now she’s feeling all high and mighty with all the protection she is receiving, but soon whomever is hiding her, will grow tired of her.

    They also better hide their checkbooks, credit cards and bank account information, and sleep with one eye open, because Casey is a murderer and killing will get easier each time she does it.


    1. So true Lisa. It’s funny the jurors who have spoken keep saying there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the states case but they bought the defense’s bag of poo w/out one iota of anything to back it up and prove it. Very hypocritical.

      Seeing how Casey has behaved for the last 3 years I guarantee she will do something to generate more press just to keep her name out there. Like i said earlier negative attention is better then no attention to a nut like her.

      Can you imagine what goes through her mind when she is all alone at night w/ just her own thoughts? I wonder if she can actually be honest with herself since she is incapable of being honest to anyone in world? But sadly pathological liars lie so much they convince themselves the lies they tell are true. There has to be something more wrong with her psychologically for crying out loud her defense highlighted what was it 12 imaginary friends by the time she was 22? That’s seriously messed up!


      1. Hi Jb! Wow, my stomach turned when I read your 2nd paragraph. My mind was immediately flooded with the memory of Diane Downs walking into court, handcuffed, with a bulging belly; pregnant. She was just basking in the limelight. She was getting attention yet again, and lots of it. People gasped when they saw her protruding belly beneath her maternity dress, with her cuffed hands resting below that belly, as if cradling her unborn. And the smile on her face, as evil as it was, said it all….”All eyes on me. Look at me. You can’t NOT look at me!” God forbid Casey should ever get pregnant again. But one thing is for sure….it would definately get her some (negative) attention, which she craves.


  41. AMEN Kate! Casey is a stupid woman, because the only people who have been beside her, is her family, and she turned on them. She’ll need her parents again, and as you said, time will tell.

    It does not surprise any of us, that she is talking about having another baby, or adopting. Notice how much she talks about how much she misses and loved Caylee, not. In her mind, Caylee cost her 3 years of her life, even though Caylee never got to have a life, Casey is in love with Casey, and what goes around, will come around.


      1. This story above or at the link about the jury request to JP was written as a satire or parody. It is entirely phoney
        Ah well … nice dream while it lasted LOL


  42. Seems all of Dr. Glass’s articles are one big “told ya so”. I told you Baez was a charmer, bla, bla, bla. He’s a sickening smirking, fat tub of lard piece of shit. Did you ever think the reason the jurors liked him is because they are equally low life bastards, or stupid morons who couldn’t deliberate because they were unable to follow instructions? Or maybe as I suspect tired of being sequestered & gave a quick not guilty verdict because they were lazy & wanted to go home? Nothing to do with the genius of fuc**ng Bozo or his blow hard hot air side kick mumbles Mason. Huh?


    1. Shane —– So So true. The lowest common mentality found Baez SLICK, I mean “charming.” People from the swamp lands liked him. mho

      So who gets a da*! Some people found Hilter charming, they followed him, right? So what!? Did it make them right or smarter?!

      Millions allow themselves to be duped by sharks daily. Can’t even call Bozo a shark, he hasn’t that level of sophistication. WTH.

      Mason is a pig imho, busy hands all over Casey, I’d get him a whack that would land him on the other side of the room, if he had is grubby hands all over me.


  43. Oh & I don’t think the baby killer will have the Bella vita life she killed Caylee for. She’s about as popular as Bin Laden & the pure outrage is not going to die down anytime soon. what good is money when there are people gunning after you.


  44. You know something, the jury did not like Jeff Ashton. Now we know for sure the jurors hate babies. He was there for Caylee, not for himself.

    This jury will go down in history as the most moronic individuals who ever walked the earth.


      1. its one thing to do his job.
        its an entirely different thing to block truth, invent stories, destroy and slime any & ALL other people…


      2. DUB is another on my IGNORE list. Remember bloggers, BOTTOMS UP! Read blogs from the bottom up. Scroll right on by DUB and SHUNNON! Good luck and FREE blogging since we have no IGNORE BUTTON!


  45. “She’s gone, she’s safe and elaborate plans had to be made to keep the people away from her,” Mason said. “Her life is going to be very difficult for a very long time as long as there are so many people of the lynch-mob mentality.”
    Does Mumbles not understand that most of the public could give 2 shits about a baby killer’s “Safety”. She didn’t deserve the armed guards. She’s no better than other prisoners who leave jail. does the average criminal schmuck get that level of protection upon leaving a prison or jail?

    Who protected Caylee? Who made sure she was safe? Surely the hell not her evil Mother or pathological lying Grandparents. I care more about my cats being gone from home too long than they did about Caylee.


  46. Oh brother, just heard they want to pay Casey 1 million dollars to be hooked up to a lie dedector. Ha ha. always a catch Casey. Nothing is ever free, and you certainly are NOT free.

    I see a swamp in her future, but then the thought of doing that to the alligators makes me sad for the ALLIGATORS.


  47. Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

    Even after throwing her own father and brother under the child sexual abuse/child molestation/incest bus, even after destroying her own family with imo, murdering her own daughter – their only (great)grandchild/niece, NOW after refusing personal visit attemlpts by her own mother Cindy just before and even just AFTER her aquittal in this case – Casey Anthony via Attorney Jose Baez, basically wanted to use George & Cindy Anthony as “human shields” (i.e. media decoys) when she was released from the OC Jail. And here’s the funny part – George & Cindy refused, ha-ha!! Unbelieveable, the depths how toxic, self-centered, and evil this woman (Casey) truly is, imo.

    Check out the below link to see what I’m talking about;


  48. Karma is something else, Jennifer Ford was dying to be on this trial when they were doing jury this article

    If she had to do it all over again, Jennifer Ford says, she might not have been as willing to serve as a juror in the Casey Anthony murder trial.

    She was kicked out of her house the day after the verdict. Swarms of media have tried to get interviews with her. There has been nationwide scorn for the 12-member jury panel that cleared Anthony of first-degree murder and other felony charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

    “If I knew then what I know now, I might not have been so honest,” says Ford, a 32-year-old nursing student. “I didn’t know the whole world was watching and that everyone had their mind made up on what the verdict was. I didn’t understand the magnitude of it.”

    Now, however, she does. I was pretty much forced to talk,” she says of an interview she gave to ABC News in which she said there was not enough evidence to convict Anthony of more-serious charges. “They wouldn’t go away.”

    If she had it her way, Ford says, she would not have given that interview – in which she returned to Orlando for a chat with a network reporter.

    “I don’t think you should have to talk about it,” she says. “It wasn’t my idea. It certainly wasn’t what I wanted. I just wanted my freedom. If that is what I had to do, so be it.”

    Ford blames the media for much of what has happened after the verdict that led to much anger and many protests.

    “I think the media helped them to determine what their thoughts are,” she says. “I think the media helped to determine the case before the jury saw it.”

    Ford says she hopes to never again see a criminal case from the jury box.

    “I should get a lifetime pass,” she says.


    1. Woe is me. It wasn’t her idea to talk— Really ? —-what a phony!!! She couldn’t wait to get $$$$ for a tv interview. She is not kidding anyone.

      Her face reminded me of Casey, only to learn she also had been indicted for bad checks. Someone else mentioned the dead eyes of Ms. Ford, they got it right.


    2. She disgusts me almost as much as Casey. She was “forced” to talk????!!!!! Seriously????? How come not every juror has come forward then, “forced” to give their two-bit opinion on why the evidence “was just not there.” Where are they Jennifer??? I don’t hear about them being followed and badgered by reporters. How come? Perhaps they are not seeking publicity like you.

      I bet we haven’t seen the last of Jennifer Ford, unfortunately. I’d love to see her take in Casey as a “roommate.” HaHa!!!


      1. Scary to think someone with such a low capacity to reason would become a nurse. I’d hightail it out of any hospital that sent that creepy women (Ms. Ford) in the room to give medical assistance!

        I can’t believe she has the brains for nursing school. Hmmm, makes me wonder, if she forged checks, what about her tests????


      2. Her being a nurse scares me too! She doesn’t give too much credence to details so just imagine when she gets 20cc’s mixed up with 200cc!


    3. WOW! Jennifer Ford said it all when she said:

      “I just wanted my freedom”

      Really? Maybe she shouldn’t had been so eager to jump on the jury to begin with. The judge informed them it would be 6-8 weeks of their lives. So what they all (jury) wanted to move things along why hassle going over evidence and the case screw “we want our freedom” whatever come on guys let’s just acquit and get this over with? What a class act this Miss Ford is. What a joke

      I personally think all she is doing is trying to justify herself once again like she did in her first interview, trying to justify why they/she didn’t convict Casey on anything related to her daughters death. I also find it ironic she is doing yet another interview saying how she didn’t want to do the first one but was forced to. I’m surprised she didn’t say she was forced to acquit. What a piece of work


  49. I read in an Orlando news website (I don’t remember which one now) that this Casey A case is just the tip of the iceberg. That 150 children are either killed or sexually abused every month in the U.S. Maybe we could take our anger and somehow use it to contribute to child care organizations, or take the time to be a Big Sister or something that contributes to this terrible problem that the CA case highlights.

    I think it’s good Ms. Anthony is trying to make a go of it away from the people who enabled her and who she was living with when this tragedy took place. There’s a tiny possibility she can be rehabilitated with this turn of events of her being acquitted – she would only get beaten up in jail. MHO


  50. Jennifer Ford is about as intelligent as a dead weed. Casey certainly had a jury of her peers, uneducated moronic idiots.


  51. Oh poor Jennifer wants a lifetime pass for jury duty? Well guess what Jennifer, CAYLEE, remember her, will never get a pass, grow up, marry, have kids, a LIFE.

    You got kicked out of your house? MOMMY & DADDY sick of you stealing and lying to them by any chance?

    ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS and I hope Caylee haunts them all.


  52. The media obviously keep underestimating the power of public outcry and keep throwing in our face that “Casey is going to make millions”….we need to shut these TV/newstations from thinking we are miniscule and unimportant..we need to form a day to put our actions where our mouth is and totally shut down these media outlets and stave off all TV watching/news getting (online) for a day and then let them see we mean business!!! I would suggest on Caylee’s 9th birthday we wear purple and do this and then they will know. Who agrees with me?


  53. Another Cheney Mason insulting comment was printed in the Orlando Sentinel today. It was stated CM was on the Today show and they had a power outage and he was shut off but not before he commented, “There’s people that are going to be upset based a lot on their ignorance or intolerance, the lych-mob mentality – that will subside.”

    This ignorant man is calling those of us in disagreement with the verdict as ignorant and intolerant and we are a lynch-mob! Obviously he has not intelligence that we will not “subside” and we will hold Casey accountable for Caylee’s death, this he can bet on! I am sick of hearing his gravely perverted voice and no longer care to hear another word spoken by him.


  54. Will the FBI come after Casey? After all Casey reported a false kidnapping by a stranger (non family member) (whatever ridiculous theory the defense holds), it appears Casey violated federal law.

    She owes the IRS $$$$. The Feds have reason to pursue Casey Anthony.

    The Feds are not limited by Florida law nor the Flori-DUH asinine 12 jurors who could not manage bothering to go thru the evidence & who didn’t comprehend the Judge’s instructions. So out of laziness, they went with: the charm of the snake & the non-sensical theory of the defense (an accident made to look like murder.) jmho

    Any legal pundits here?


  55. Miss Casey leaves the jail thanks the armed guard lke he is one of her employee’s or does she like to think she is checking out 5 star hotel? She has lots of fantasy friends well this was her fantansy hotel for 3 years which she did get waited on. She also made money in there to afford her things. Did she give these things away? she checked into the hotel with a Caylee Tshirt correct me if I am wrong.


  56. While I don’t like him Alan Dershowitz who is a professor of law at Harvard said there was enough evidence to convict.

    Jury should put that in their pipe and smoke it.


  57. Casey was going to kill her parents on Caylee’s birthday. She planed a double suicide. Timer 55 was the amount of days to Caylee’s birthday. She would have you think the parents couldn’t handle the grief of that day and did themselves in.
    This woman is evil, see Moon conjunct Sirius.


  58. I just read that Cindy and George’s attorney stated they want to set up a foundation called “Casey’s Foundation” to fight for grandparents’s rights and help look for missing children. No, this is not a sick joke, although I wish it were.


    1. Did you mean “Caylee Foundation?”

      Would they be as dumb as to name it after Casey?

      The “grandparents” in this case are attempting to cash in on
      Caylee’s ……. DEATH!

      KA_ CHING, KA_CHING! A sucker born every minutes, like the suckers who have been sending $$$$$$ to Casey.


  59. Okay so I am getting ready to write the editor at People magazine…I just read they want to pay for LA and Hil’s wedding, then they won’t pay off my subscription money…I hope this spreads around to write the editor and for everyone to cancel their subscription or boycott buying the magazine…count me IN!! The place to email and boycott is:


    1. WOW, ChattyCathy, Thanks for spreading the video.

      It’s from the heart.

      Here’s a spoof from a young rapper. Why weren’t these men on the jury?????

      Casey Anthony Parody Rap ft Fabolous – You be killin em spoof (original)


      1. Thats a nice one too! JUSTUS4CAYLEE!
        Proud of these guys! Guys with more of a heart than a Mother? So called??


    VIDEO PRODUCED AND MADE BY: A-Lex (Nashville United Promotions)

    (VERSE 1) (TO CASEY)

    WILL YOU FEEL YOUR DAUGHTER’S LOVE OR START FEELING EXPOSED? (we the jury find the defendant not guilty)



    WILL YOU TAKE THE STAND AND HELP HER OR BEGIN TO EXPOSE? (we the jury find the defendant not guilty)




  61. People are using their creativity to make sense of gross injustice:

    Bless them….. Surprised to see so many videos created since the verdict and release of no-heart Casey Anthony.

    Constructive way to release collective frustration:

    Casey Anthony & OJ | Bed Intruder Song Antoine Dodson



    OMG YOU ARE FULL of it,I cant delete it,just noticed dr glass,How i got to f’s is beyond me,did not type that at all,I thought it was a joke to me but omg help??


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