Prince Albert of Monaco’s Unhappy Wedding Photos Reveal Distant and Awkward Body Language

Prince Albert of Monaco  remained a bachelor until well into his 50’s , dating some of the most beautiful women in the word. But several weeks ago he decided tie the knot with  Charlene Wittstock a former South African swimmer. Even during their engagement above you can see trouble brewing. L ook at their facial expressions. Charlotte looks terribly sad.

Even their  feet say it all. Prince Albert’s feet are not pointed in her direction which says he may not be that into her. This may be a marriage of obligation. In looking at the body language of their wedding, love does not seem to be in the air as you will see below.

This photo was taken after their vows. The kiss is awkward and unappealing, It looks stiff and contrived and not natural on both  their parts. On Albert;s part it looks fish like and not loving or passionate.

Here is another photo of   a kiss by Albert. It looks very bad and stiff. Charlotte looks stiff and awkward, One would think with all the beautiful women Albert kissed in the past his kisses would look a lot more swave and sensuous. Obviously this is not the case.

Here is their yucky kiss when their lips meet. You don;t feel the love between them at all. It looks contrived and very awkward.

This is when they left the church. I can see someone shedding a tear in the ceremony but not afterwards. Why is she crying now? Does she think she made a huge mistake? These two are a far cry from the love we felt when Kate and William left the church after their royal wedding.

Charlene  looks very sad. She tries to smile but it is a crying smile. Even though she is trying to put on a happy have on the outside, she is crying on the inside.

This is awful body language wise. She is trying her best to lean into Albert. Bit it is not reciprocal. She looks sad. They are also looking in opposite directions which is a bad sign for happiness in any relationship. It means they are not like-minded.

This does not look like a happy Princess at all. her eyes are terribly sad and her jaw is clenched. If she looks this sad and bad during her wedding day , one can only imagine what her  future with Albert will look like.

This is also a bad photo from a body language point of view. Abert’s body is turned away from his  bride which is not a good sign. They are not in synch and not a unit.  He does not embrace her and she continues to look ambivalent. They  also looking and greeting in opposite directions which validates they are not a unit and are not  on the same page.

This photo  also  shows a bad sign from a body language perspective , She looks down, he looks in the opposite direction and most of all there is way too much space between them. This is a couple that just wed so there needs to be little space between them as they should be more drawn to one another.

At the age of 53 Albert may have felt desperate to have an heir. It is unfortunate that this is obvioulsy not  a marriage filled with love and romance. I hope that Charlene finds some happiness in Monaco, because  she looks absolutely miserable with disconnected and awful kissing Albert.


37 thoughts on “Prince Albert of Monaco’s Unhappy Wedding Photos Reveal Distant and Awkward Body Language

  1. I firmly believe that Charlene wanted to leave Albert before the wedding but he stopped her from doing so & held her against her will. There were stories about him confiscating her passport & not letting her leave Monaco. This whole thing is very upsetting to me as I don’t believe in anyone being forced to marry someone against their will. To me the photos say it all. Albert loves his multiple women, yet obviously there was some pressure from behind the scenes that he “settle down,” not to mention that the wedding was considered a huge financial boost for Monaco. Unfortunately Albert will not become a faithful husband, and poor Charlene’s life is ruined in the short term until she can get him to release her…not to mention the issues she is going to have to deal with once he allows her to leave, which I’m pretty sure he’ll do after a certain length of time. I can’t even think of words to describe what a sleaze and jerk this man is.


  2. Thank you Dr. Glass for analyzing this wedding. I have read a lot about Monaco and Charlene’s predicament since she married. Monaco is a police state and I’ve heard that her phones are most likely bugged. She has little to do with her time, and few, if any friends. It’s hard to imagine why she agreed to marry him.


    1. Perhaps her family pressured her into agreeing to marry him – her father has given press interviews in which he said that his daughter’s engagement to the prince “is like winning the lottery”.


  3. Like Charles he found himself (or someone found him) a baby-maker. He is no prize for sure. I’d be crying too if my new husband showed as much passion for me as if kissing a cold piece of chicken. Are we sure the other ladies he “dated” weren’t beards?


  4. She sure looks miserable in every photo. Surely this is not destined to last. But what I don’t understand is why she couldn’t leave and why he couldn’t find someone else. God knows there’s got to be no short supply of golddigger types that would love to marry a Prince! Why did this marriage even happen???


  5. I had always heard he played for the other team… Aren’t the large (almost bulls nose rings) male genital piercings referred to as Prince Alberts? I have gay friends and those with piercings play the feminine role in the same sex relationships… Is she just a royal breeder? Sad for all parties involved, neither are happy and their kids will grow up thinking misery is the norm…


  6. in spite of her headlights beaming, I find this gown to be beautiful. This is a marriage of convenience and it’s written on their body language. Too bad he couldn’t marry his baby momma.


  7. I’ve also read a lot on the whole unfortunate wedding saga and well the more I read the more convinced I become there must be something to all those rumors. At first I did not want to believe they had her passport confiscated since it is against the law, however something does not add up and her being browbeat into the wedding is the only thing that makes sense at this stage. Invitations to royal members and chiefs of state had already been sent out and canceling the wedding out of hand would have been too much of a loss of face for Albert and the principality of Monaco as a whole. There was too much at stake and she couldn’t possibly walk out just like that.
    And then the whole paternity issue. That must also be true or else no one in their right minds would go out there and claim a paternity test, unless they were absolutely sure. Again it’s a principality we are talking about here… so I’m sure this woman would catch hell if her allegations were proven wrong. Let’s see what happens when the test results are made public… or maybe they will try to keep a lid on it until someone blows the whistle.
    Anyway, I agree those photos are telltale and she looked miserable through all the ceremony. When she walked into the church and up to him he did not even raise his gaze and look at her…:/
    This whole thing is full of holes … I was reading that maybe at one point (and when the paternity test results are unveiled) she will follow Lady D’s suit and get up the guts to go on tv or to the press and tell the whole truth behind this murky affair. I hope for her it will be soon as she does not look as she is in a nice place right now..


    1. I read yesterday he has THREE children with other women, none of those children can be heir to the throne according to the laws of Monaco. A legitimate heir can only be derived from a legal marriage. Seems to me he is bi-sexual.

      Watched an video interview after the engagement and they sat with a wide space between them, but Charlene, at that time, seemed warmer towards him, while he seemed lukewarm towards her.

      She is SO beautiful and imho could do much better than Albert (who likely few women would look at if he weren’t a “prince.”)

      The whole “royalty” and heirs seems outdated WAY outdated.


    2. For years there have been rumors that he’s gay, which seemed to be put at rest when his “love children” surfaced. I agree with you, though, he’s probably bisexual (and promiscuous as hell).


  8. Wow! She looks like the selected virgin to be sacrificed by jumping into a volcano. How many lives will be ruined simply because homosexuality is deemed “unacceptable,” instead of what it is….a reality? It’s sad, cruel, and most of all….ignorant. Is the whole “baby mama” story just that?…..a story?


    1. I howled @ “Wow! She looks like the selected virgin to be sacrificed by jumping into a volcano.”

      I don’t think he’s gay, but he does have a biracial son with an African/European stewardess or model. Not sure if I can add links, but Google, Prince Albert’s black son,then bamm. I guess being gay considered better than being black to racists.


  9. WOW, the saddest wedding photos I’ve ever seen!

    Were her parents present? Do they have a clue? Can her parents get her out? Any good attorney’s around willing to help her get out? She doesn’t want to be there and that is SOOOO obvious.


  10. Talk about classless. Fathering 3 illegitimate kids is beyond deplorable & there’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for such behavior…..Grace Kelly would be so disappointed.

    On the other hand, this girl was well aware of his history so she’s stuck with him until she can gracefully get out of the marriage…..hopefully with a few $$$ in her purse to offset the pain he put her thru.


  11. P.S.
    it’s hard to believe this ugly little troll is the offspring of beautiful Grace Kelly. As far as I’m concerned he looks like a used car dealer from Ohio as there’s absolutely NOTHING royal about his lack of decorum.


  12. I don’t think he is entirely to blame for fathering those 3 children. It takes 2 to tango, and the children are innocent, and calling them illegitmate is such a vile and outdated term.

    More then half the kids born today, do not have both parents. But anyway, Grace Kelly was a kind, elegant lady, whom most likely would have loved her grandchildren no matter how they came to be.



  13. Illegitimate =Vile & archaic??
    Sorry but the sad fact is any child not born under the banner of marriage is illegitimate, and/or a bastard,if you will. Just because society no longer calls a spade, a spade doesn’t mean it’s NOT a spade. If having kids w/o a husband is ok with you so be it, but that might explain what’s wrong with today’s world….the loss of the family unit.


  14. Hey Olga, I never said it was ok, but it’s a totally different world, and children are the innocent and cannot control how they are born. Just because a child is born to an unmarried woman, does not make that child any less important.

    A spade a spade huh? Nice how highly you think of children.


    1. Lisa G:

      Calling a spade a spade is not a term specific to illegitimate kids. So the fact that I used it is in no way indicative of how i feel about them…..a rose by another name.

      You’re correct in saying kids can’t help the circumstances in which they’re born, which is all the more reason adults should be responsible & use birth control. Especially when one is the heir to a Monarchy. Geezus show a modicum of decorum.LOL.

      Over & out.
      Bye, O.


  15. Yes, Dr. Glass, a very unpleasant wedding, two people so obviously not in love – I commented on this for a Swedish magazine in very similar words as yours (but in Swedish, of course).


  16. how absolutely lame that my one, single comment which was entirely true won’t make moderation given all of the utter ridiculousness that makes it on the comments list. best of luck to you.


  17. I remember seeing video on this not long ago, and they were showing clips of all of the above, but what I didn’t see here but was in the video montage was their carriage ride after the ceremony. The bride is a statuesque ex-athlete, but seeing her sitting in the carriage with Albert, she looked like a deflated balloon. The body language just SCREAMED misery. It was so shocking when I compare it to the way Kate sat with William after their marriage.


  18. Thank you Dr. Glass for posting your assessment of this couple!
    I’ve heard some strange rumors about Prince Albert. It’s so odd that he’s chosen to marry now. His niece Andrea (I think that’s her name) was slated to come next in Prince Rainier’s will. He had no reason to marry now. Aside from forcing her to marry him I think there is a lot more going on with the Grimaldis than any of us truly know.


  19. Very pity Princes I think.She looks very sad.Her smile is not filled with Happiness.Heart broken smile .Let’s pray for her
    that bad luck not comming to her.Can she fly peacefully
    from Albert ?


  20. Not to be nit-picky, but the blogger calls Charlene by the name “Charlotte” twice in this post. And Albert is sometimes spelled wrong, as well as a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors were not fixed. It doesn’t take away from the content of the article, which I find fascinating, but it is distracting. Plus, it makes you wonder, doesn’t anyone use spell-check anymore?


  21. i’m not saying that your observations (from 2011) weren’t true (and i really am inclined to believe you) … but, it is also possible that they’re just shy about public displays of affection

    about the feet pointing thing: this could be true, but not everyone presents in the same way, and even love itself isn’t a “constantly on” thing (i think)

    regarding the “smiling but sad inside” face — maybe she wasn’t sad about being married to al, but was sad about something else going on in her life

    anything is possible.

    as i don’t care to be up on gossip (is your Laundry always more pristine than those people you’re shining your spotlight on?), all i know about their marriage is whatever i’d skimmed from here.
    what that means is, if you (and others) already have had all these easily-identifiable details about char and al, then you should have done the humane thing of getting this information to them as soon as possible, so there REALLY wouldn’t be any surprises, and so those two could work on implementing whatever solution necessary to avert or fix their problem.
    (instead of … maybe trying to feel superior over another human being, who takes dumps and bleeds red {and are thus fallible} like the rest of us.



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