Casey Anthony Trys To Dress Sexy But Misses The Mark

One’s dress and style is a reflection their body language.  What you choose to put on your body  reflects a great deal about yourself. In the past we have seen Casey tie up her sweater to show off her figure, We have seen her  unbutton her buttons in order to make her tops and sweaters to look low-cut. We have seen her wear more form-fitting tops and sweaters.

Today we see her tie up  the bottom of her large-sized white sweater  and hike it up around  her waist to make her appear  sexy. If she did not choose to wear a Tee underneath,  her belly could have been exposed along with her breasts. Look at how many buttons she has open which would have shown her cleavage and breasts.

In addition the color combo of white and light yellow is horrible. Studies how the psychology of  certain colors and color combinations  can have an affect on how others perceive. No one will perceive Casey well with this outfit, including the males on the jury and in the courtroom whom she was  no doubt trying to impress. 

This  get up is clearly her attempt to sex up her outfit. It is completely inappropriate. It is obvious that Casey has now taken control over her wardrobe choices and it is a huge mistake.

Jose is so concerned about so many other major issues in this case,  that he has obviously let Casey’s  physical image slide. I suggested early in that Casey needs to wear black. I stick by this. One day she had on a black top and black pants. That is what she needs to be wearing now, especially as the trial winds down.  

Sexing it up is just one more straw that will break the camel’s back so to speak. It is one more straw that the jury has to not like Casey.

Regarding  her body language signals look at her fist as she walks into the courtroom, It means she has hidden anger. We saw her outward expression of that anger Friday when she let loose with her monster like facial expression of rage towards Jose and Cheney.




67 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Trys To Dress Sexy But Misses The Mark

  1. One of the news channels had a little segment on who picks out Casey Anthony’s court wardrobe every day. This is what was reported.
    Casey’s defense team chooses her wardrobe and she has no say in what she wears while in court. She travels to and from in her “jail” attire & changes into her court clothes after she arrives at the court house. (No one may be telling her to tie up her blouses or to unbutton her tops… Who knows! They might be)
    Casey Anthony’s make up consists of mascara, eye brow pencils & lipstick.
    Casey Anthony has to to brown bag her lunch every day from the jail. They pack her two sandwiches, cookies & drinks.
    There you have it. Why does anyone really care what she wears. That’s not what’s important here.

    1. Madelyn, I don’t really care wehat casey wears to court, but studies have shown that what a defendant wears can determine much about how the jury perceives them.

      Dr Glass – I enjoy reading your blog, although I don’t always agree with some of it. I do enjoy reading it because I like to read your, and other’s, perspectives on things. It’s how we learn and grow, so keep up the good, interesting work. I hope you profile George Anthony – he is now on the stand. My opinion is that he is the only one who is willing to tell the truth, even about River Cruz/ Krystal Holloway. We have differeing opinions regarding her. I think George is telling the truth in regards to her, and I think she is not telling the truth. I think Cindy is a liar on the epic scale Casey lies. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about this, thank you kindly, many kind regards to you!

      1. Gosh darn it, I’m missing George. I can’t watch any of the trial until I get home at 4PM.
        What is going on with George? Hope he stays true to himself & doen’t let his fear of Cindy turn him into a liar. She’ll beat his butt if he’s not a good boy.

      2. Even better was Lee getting on the stand today and saying the opposite of what Cindy said today about looking for Caylee in the woods. Clearly showed what a LIER she is to the jury. Maybe Lee has had enough of his crass mama and her cheap tricks to get Casey off while destroying her son. Cindy doesn’t respect the men in her life.

      3. Yes, I would like to hear what Dr. Glass has to say about all the family testimony today. I thought Lee was telling the truth. Sindy was lying and so was George.

      4. I think Casey looks like she is wearing a straight jacket….pretty appropriate don’t you think?

      5. Shaka – too too funny! A straight jacket!

        As far as the Anthony Family Liars Association……….too bad these people can’t be marched into a room to take lie detector tests the minute they’re off the stand. Not that they would be admissible in court, but still……..would love to see them submit. I do find Lee sympathetic and pretty honest so far. As far as River Cruz, is that her stripper name? And what happened to her brain tumor?

      6. River Cruz is her childhood name. She is not a stripper. She is a mom of two kids. She had a stroke which gave her a hematoma of the brain (blood clot and I belive she did have a tumor as well), Apparently

      7. Thank you for clarifying that, Dr. Glass. I apologize. I had no idea she was a mother and had true health problems. I hadn’t seen that mentioned anywhere. All I’ve ever heard about is her tabloid article and aliases.

      8. George was definitely lying about not having the affair with River Cruz. But his testimony June 29 was excellent very credible. Casey had no emotion when she saw her dad break down on the stand today. As a matter of fact, she was smirking at him.

  2. I think Casey dressing this way is another indicator of her growing anxiety- her impulse control is tillting as her anxiety grows.

    On another note, It has just been aannounced that the prosecution has added TWO new witnesses for their rebuttal- both of which are high level members of Cindy Anthony’s former emplyer- Gentiva Healthcare. I am so glad the Prosecution is pursuing this so thoroughly- Cindy perjured herself, and I do hope that after all is said and done, she will be prosecuted, along with anyone else who has lied and obstructed justice. Cindy may very well lose her RN license if she has perjured herself. As an RN, she is in a position of public trust, and State Boards of Nursing can sanction her if complaints are filed if she has indeed perjured herself and obstructed justice.

    Lee Anthony is now in the courtroom also.

    It is amazing to watch the tension/anxiety in the courtroom and proceeding grow as this trial comes to a boil.

    Oh boy!! George Anthony has just been called. here we go.

    1. DFC, I don’t think Cindy Anthony plans on going back to work, like she said she hasn’t been back to work since July 2008.
      I wouldn’t put it past her that she is planning to write a Book and make Money on everything she can concerning this Case.
      The Truth and Cindy A. just like the Rest of the Anthony’s are Strangers!
      I agree Every One who perjured them self’s on the Stand in this Case needs to be prosecuted, no Exception. JMO

  3. I don’t think that she is being told how to dress, no one would put her in the clothes she has worn throughout this trial. I’m with Dr. Glass, she should have been wearing a black suit or pantsuits with a very conservative look. NO unbuttoned blouses or formfitting tops. It is a very big deal what she wears. A woman is judged by what she wears, like it or not. There should not be any reference to her sexuality whatsoever. It will just impress and remind the jury about those 31 days of partying.

    1. I would advise killer to wear more clingy, unbuttoned tops in happy pastel colors. The inappropriate getups may help to convict her!

  4. Oh, that “monster rage face” was toward her own attorneys? When I watched the clip it seemed that Ms. DB had just walked past, and I thought for sure the evil eyes and growling was KC’s reaction to her.

    1. It seemed to me that the rage was directed at Baez. When he turned his head towards her, she suddenly looked like a rabid animal caught in the headlights.

  5. Dr. Glass, I know this is off the topic of this particular post, but I’ve been watching the trial this morning, and saw something that peeked my curiosity. After Lee stepped off the stand (effectively calling his mom a liar), CNN Live showed him going back to sit by Cindy. George stood up, presumably to let him by, but turned completely around, facing the wall. It was beyond moving out of the way, he seemed to be turning his back on his family. Then as Lee sat down, Cindy, who he just testified lied on the stand, scoots over close to him and leans toward him without saying anything. George, however, scooted as far on the bench away from Cindy as possible, then leaned even further away.
    To me, this shows him distancing himself from his family. But it’s also strange to me that Cindy would appear to show her loyalty to her son who just called her a liar on the stand. It makes me think Cindy and Lee knew exactly what they were doing in this seemingly conflicting testimony. I would think the normal response of someone who was just “proven” to be a liar, under oath, would be anger or frustration.
    I would be very interested to know if I’m reading things into what I saw, or if it indeed is a significant detail of family dynamics.

    1. Cheryl, I noticed all of that too and am interested to see what Dr Glass writes about it. I am pretty sure I have posted off topic on this thread, and I appologize.I understand why you posted off topic too:) See my post below in regards to this same topic.

    2. There is another camera shop of Cindy staring daggers at Lee for his testimony. He didn’t really look at her, kind of looked at her over his shoulder. She probably couldn’t believe he contradicted her story. I would be very surprised if George and Cindy remain married after all this over. These situations usually tear people apart or make them closer. Closer if they were already a strong family, but tear them apart if they are already fragmented.

  6. Did anyone else notice the twisted pleasure that spread over Casey’s face as Lee Anthony was on the stand?. She enjoyed watching and hearing her brother totally contradict his Mother and “supposedly” throw his parents under the bus. HOWEVER!! His testimony is contrived. After he was done, he went back and sat with his parents, there is no heartburn there between them, this is all contrived to confuse and cast what they think is reasonable doubt. I think it is doing the complete opposite, it is showing the depth of lying by Casey, Lee, Cindy. I truly think George is the only one who will tell the truth. Notice that he was not asked anything about sexual molestation- because he won’t lie and say yes he did it!!

    Lee has more than likely brokered a deal with the defense that he not be accused of sexual molestation in return for having a pro defense selective memory.

    I hope and pray that if and when Casey is found guilty, the other people in her family who have obstructed justice and lied will be prosecuted. It is obvious to reasonable people that they are conspiring to lie to help Casey in any way they can.

    I wonder if CAYLEE ever crosses their mind while they sit there lying under oath. I think not. Sickening.

    1. George was asked if he threw Casey against the wall and asked her where Caylee was and what she did to her. I thought that was interesting. Of course George said he did not do this.

  7. Maybe KC is getting “fan mail” in prison and dressing
    sexy for admirers as well as cameras? Probably planning for her future coz she thinks she’ll get aquitted. Creepy.
    Totally agree with Dr Glass, she should be dressing in shapeless & dark conservative colors in order to portray
    mourning rather than party time.

    1. I wonder how many of her future prison neighbors are getting all hot n bothered waiting for her arrival? (I know, that’s bad – but I’m so sick of her and her clan.)

      1. Actually baby killers are usually NOT popular in prison and are segregated from the general population.

      2. That isn’t true, unless she were to get death, then she would be in a separate unit. Or, if she gets into trouble, or fears for her safety due to fights, etc, she could be moved to a different area.

  8. My perception was that she looked kind of trashy. She isn’t in vogue. She looks unkempt and the colors are a bad mix. And for what’s going on the choice of clothing is crap. She shouldn’t try to dress like she’s going anywhere but to court. Yes Dr. Glass is 100% correct on this! I think that Baez’s team has forgotten to dress her for success because they are scrambling to keep their defense alive. I just watched Cheney examine Mr. Kronk and I have to say that I believe the Jury will sympathize with the poor meter reader and dislike Casey and her defense further. People are now going to fear reporting crime scenes because they see poor Mr. Kronk being accused by Casey’s defense of placing Caylee’s body there. The jury will find this disconcerting, uncomfortable, and instead of it working for Casey it is really going to be a turn off for the jury. People don’t like to see other people humiliated, badgered, and treated poorly when that person is just an average person who tried to help. I found his testimony highly credible as I think the jury will. Yes, Dr. Glass is right the defense is so busy trying to make a case that they are NOT dressing Casey and picking her outfits. Casey A. looked like crap today!

    1. I absolutely agree about poor Roy Kronk. That was my exact thought. Don’t ever get involved. Can you imagine how much he has spent in legal fees?

    2. Not only does the defense get her clothes for her but the family can choose clothes for her. I think this is her old wardrobe that she gets to choose from with some junior ware blouses thrown in. Some of these clothes I have seen in her for the past two years. Plus she has no money to have her family buy her clothes.

      Her dad was yellow today too wasn’t he? Cindy’s dresses look like they came from and not the better dresses.

      1. Eew, Cindy dresses ugly. Sort of like Fred Flintstone dresses. And the jewerly is so old and outdated looking. She sort of built like Flintstone too.

    3. Couldn’t agree more. That’s the thanks you get for trying to be a good citizen and help people. Thank you Roy Kronk for finding Caylee, so she didn’t have to lay out there rotting any longer, poor baby.

  9. I agree with Dr.Glass,there all lying to save there worthless Casey!..As Lee Anthony said at Caylee’s memorial ,We are United……

  10. I love to see the way she dresses for court. It gives me a sick pleasure to laugh at her. lol. Did anyone notice the way Casey lifted her eyebrows when Lee said he did and didnt believe her lies. That nutcase truely believes she has outsmarted us all. I can not wait to see her on the stand. I dont think for one minute she would pass the chance to give us the really big show.

  11. If I were on the jury and saw her ill fitting outfits daily I would be wondering; why does this girl care more about her faux wrap around sweater than her trial, I would think to myself; this girl is more concerned about her appearance than her daughter or her life. This behavior exudes guilt and indifference

  12. Are the tax payers paying for all of these outfits? she should only get 2 outfits that are interchangeable from day to day. 2 appropriate outfits period. she has a new outfit everyday. this to me is ridiculous.

    1. Casey Anthony is in gray slacks nearly every day and I’ve seen her wear the same white, pastel & ruffled blouses several times each. I’m not a Casey Anthony fan but I really don’t think the jurors care about what she wears nearly as much as some bloggers do.
      Besides, Yellow & White ~ a winning combination.

      1. I have to disagree. I think the jurors will see her trying to dress sexy and find it very inappropriate and would certainly weigh in their judgement of her.

        yellow and white? not so much 🙂

  13. I agree don’t believe The Anthony’s for a second about anything.They all lie and cover for their precious girl.I was fooled the first time by Cindy on the stand thinking she had changed ,but as soon as she got up the 2nd time knew it was like playing with a snake and not expecting to get bitten.

    The 3rd time with her saying she did the chloraform searches was unbelievable.I think the pros got some people from her work to say she is lying and they have the time sheets to prove it.I just wish they would quit treating her with kid gloves and prosecute her for lying,obstructing justice and destroying evidence.

    I think she sent those PI’s out there and I really believe if she would have found Caylee she would have hid the body.

    1. I agree LMM about finding Caylee. And also about the Anthony clan. Dear Lord, let Cindy write her book and then we’ll all use it for how NOT to raise our families!!

    2. I agree I was also fooled I had compassion for her but not now. She can love Casey and stand by her but NOT lie for her. But on another hand she may have stepped into a cow pie as she will go on the stand again and the PT is going to roast her. The jury will just look at her as being liar.

      What gets me is that she wants the truth and will never get it by being a liar.

      When her book comes out she is going to state it was a drowning accident Casey was too scared to tell me! She got on that train pretty fast. She is a cherry picker thinks that part of the story is trure but not the George part.

  14. I wondered about her clothes. Clearly, there was a hideous shirt clearance sale somewhere and that’s where she got those God-awful blouses. You KNOW Casey would never choose to dress like she has been………not enough cleavage, not enough leg, not clingy enough. I think the defense team purposely dresses her like crap go gain sympathy.

  15. Dr. Glass…for the record..Casey doesn’t get to dress herself..her clothes are brought to her by her attorneys..they are the ones with the bad taste..I think this sweater was actually a scrug..just too big!

  16. I think Casey’s wardrobe comes across as inappropriately casual rather than sexy. Sometimes she wears a knit shirt to court, the kind of thing one might wear on a trip to the grocery store. While the structured blouses are a step up in formality, they have all been ill-fitting. Paired with plain trousers and the unkempt bun, they still give off a casual, if not sloppy, vibe. The oversized sweaters add to the slovenly impression, and this more form-fitting shrug (or tied-up sweater?) also seems casual.

    I find the comment about color interesting. I understand that the pastels chosen seem disingenuous, but I am wondering what colors are appropriate for someone accused of such a brutal crime, someone who should be mourning their child. Black? Navy? You previously stated that gray would be too depressing. Could someone expand on the comment about yellow and white? Is this a poor choice for anyone, or just a defendant like Casey?

    I revile Casey and believe her to be 100% guilty, but I am still startled that no arrangements could have been made for her to have a proper haircut and properly fitting clothes before appearing in court. The sloppy buns peeve me. I do wonder if the defense team allows them in the hopes of making her seem yet more immature. It is the hairstyle of a lazy high-school or college girl.

  17. Marissa nailed it on the head… casey tries to ‘sleaze’ up the clothes that are given to her by the defense team babysitter… my guess would be Simms. If she had it her way, she would be wearing her ‘club clothes’, thinking that attire has gotten her whatever she wanted in the past. Well, its not working now, she looks like the no-class raggedy ann that she is… looking worse every day. I dont know what caused the horrible changes in her face in just 3 years, maybe guilt? but she doesnt really have a problem with guilt, does she? Prison life? maybe… but the guards testified today that she is always ‘happy’, & ‘cheerful’… so, I think its just her ‘inner’ being surfacing. She has a very truly ugly soul, & its starting to show.

    1. Hey Karrie! Her face reflects STRESS. Gone are the days of footloose, and fancy free. No tanning beds, expensive make-up, etc. I imagine she’s nice to the guards, b/c that’s part of her persona….that’s how she’s always “duped” people. She probably thinks they can help her, AND…that’s the only human contact she has away from Court. I’m not sure she feels guilt, I think she is totally concerned for Casey alone. Look at Lee. I believe he’s in his late 20’s, and looks 40. Don’t you think…or is it just me?

    2. Her face reflects the stress she is under because she knows she will not be able to party anymore. I don’t understand the crying on que (hope spelling is correct).

  18. I wondered how Casey managed to get make-up. I thought that was a no-no in prison. As far as her clothing, I don’t find anything “sexy”, she looks downright sloppy. I’m sure they keep her in light colors to portray innocence, when she looks anything but. I missed the day she wore red, but that was so inappropriate for court. I’m just sick of watching her groom herself constantly, and can’t believe she would even consider smiling! I can’t help but wonder if a certain part of her body has been “enhanced” with Mom, and Dads money. She seems to want to “showcase” them. Such a sad situation. God bless little Caylee!

  19. Lillian
    I love reading you comments, sometimes I agree sometimes not so much. I just wish this whole Casey trial would be over. Casey be found guilty as she should be. We are wasting way to much time, on the Anthony family they are nothing but trash. I just want justice for Caylee. Let that poor little girl rest in peace. She was such a beautiful child who’s life was taken way to soon. At least now she doesn’t have to be tortured by her mother any more. No child should be treated like she was. It’s just heart breaking to think she was just thrown out like garbage.

  20. The clothes are supplied for her, they are trying to make her look like a dowdy little girl who couldn’t kill anyone. Far cry from the mini dresses and tube tops she wore the rest of the time!

  21. issue fixed can see my post.

    The clothes are selected for her but Casey is the one that ties them into knots this is the second time I saw this look. I did not know it was to look sexy as she looks silly very bad taste. I agree with Doctor Glass a suit would look better than these tops.

    I think she is very hard to manage and does what she wants. She has the grooming under control but is constantly adjusting her pants. When she stands up she puts her arms to her bum area to stick in the tops making her breasts stick out further. I now think this is deliberate after reading this body language evaluation.

  22. I’ve never seen anyone do that to their sweaters & shirts as Casey does. It’s weird, ugly & shows her desperation to be sexy when all it does is make her more despicable. As an innocent Mom who’s child drowned the last thing she should be doing is unbuttoning her tops & tying them tight under her drooping breasts.

  23. Did anyone see “her” the morning of the verdict?
    I was watching a live stream via internet, she was acting very strangely.
    Couldn’t sit still, hyper facial expressions, eyes rolling around in her head at one point, (while looking at Baez)
    Infact, when Baez walking into the Court Room, she lit up like a Christmas Tree! Started giving him an arched eyebrow and ‘sexy’ smile (agh)
    Her face changed constantly, I thought it would fall off from over exertion.
    any way, I hope that one day we all will know the truth.

  24. I should have added, that all of this activity took place before Court was in session,
    Once Court started, her face went back to stone,
    Poor Caylee, God only knows what she had to endure with ‘tot mom’. during her short life.
    Rest in Peace , Little Angel.

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