George Anthony Shows Multiple Signals of Deception As Jose Baez Questions Him

As soon as George was asked about his affair with River Cruz, his voice became shaky. Up until now we have always heard a strong voiced George Anthony who sounded confident. Now he sounded weak and tentative. When you hear a voice tone like that it usually means that the person is extremely nervous and emotional or that they are about to lie or they are lying about something.

We  also initially see George taking a huge breath where we see his shoulders raise as he inhales and then forcefully exhales. He is oxygenating himself as he knows what is about to take place. He breathes a big breath as Jose asks  when did you meet River Cruz. The big breath  shows emotional reaction to  River.

Here we see George bow his head in shame when he said he would consider River a friend. If you consider someone a friend your head should be up, not bowed down.

 After he says this we see him purse his lips which means that he doesn;t want to talk about it.When somone does this it usually means they don’t want to say anymore about the subject.

.Jose then asks “was it your testimony that she was just another volunteer? he shakes his head No as he says “absolutely” To me that indicates that she was not just another volunteer. She was more than a volunteer to him.

Jose asks him if he had a romantic relationship with River.. He says that’s funny.  But he is not laughing . His eyes look angry. There is a discrepancy between his eyes and mouth. When that occurs it means person is usually conflicted in terms of what they say and what is true. This leads me to believe he is not being truthful. Also a big giveaway is when he said no but shook his head yes in terms of having an intimate

  When Jose asks George if he was intimate with River he gets a case of cotton mouth. That usually leans towards a signal of deception. So I would assume he did have an intimate affair with River.

Then he volunteers too much information when he was asked if he went to Rivers house. He says maybe two and then corrects himself as to maybe three times, He volunteers too much information as he describes the condo and the gated community. In true Anthony form he is justifying his wrong behavior. Why is a married man going over to a single woman’s home three times? There is no reason for that unless they are having an affair in my view or the person is working on a project with them.

He justifies going over to an attractive single  womans house because he said she told him she had a brain tumor and being the nice guy he is, he went. When someone tells you they are a nice guy it is usually the opposite.

George  also lied when he said River was not a good person. I  River is a very good person. While she may have had a shoplifting incident when she was young, she has been a model citizen raising two kids whom she loves and adores.

River  contacted me directly after I wrote a blog stating she appeared honest about her affair with George. I spent a lot of time speaking with her  over the phone and  found her to be a lovely person.

Maybe George has her confused with her sister Skye  who did have a criminal record . But but River is lovely and kind and sensitive and caring. That is why she volunteered to find Caylee in the first place. She said she  gave George money because he was crying poor mouth and said he had no money for groceries. She gave him a few thousand dollars so he could eat.  George of course denied this and showed  multiple signals of deception,

River did not not  come forth on her own. She came forth because the police came to her door because  her name was on George’s phone records multiple times.

As I said I spend a lot of time talking to River and she told me how George said “it was an accident that snowballed.” George denied this statement which River made to me a year ago.

George is the  one who is not a good person in my view as he claimed River was not a good person.  River  shared with me how George used her sexually and dumped her after she engaged in an act with him that Jose Baez spoke about in his opening statement.

So when Jose said Casey had to go to school after having  George’s  penis in her mouth it didn’t surprise me as that is exactly what River told me over a year ago as to what  George did to her.  She stated that after George made her perform this act on him,  He disregarded  her like a used dish rag and shd never heard from him again. And yes I do  have River’s permission and River’s blessings  to discuss anything she and I discussed as I am not her therapist nor am I legally bound to her.

I think Jose needs to keep George on the stand for hours and grill him about  alleged affairs,  gambling, online porn services, his job history  or lack of  a job for so long,  and  his bogus stint as a police officer where he was only employed for a short  time and why that was the case .

We need to know everything about him so we can see how he is not the nice guy he portrays himself  to be. We need to  know why he wanted to kill himself and what was in his suicide note.

He said to Casey in the jailhouse tapes he wished he would have been a better father and grandfather . Lets find out what that means.

First Cindy, then Lee, and now it appears that George lied on the stand. No wonder Casey is the way she is. How could she not be a liar coming from a bunch of liars?



Below is the video of George and his signals of deception.


175 thoughts on “George Anthony Shows Multiple Signals of Deception As Jose Baez Questions Him

  1. Lillian we need your take on this Kronk guy, so far he looks to me like a liar and a bad one at that hes totally hiding something, i think this guy alone could cause the jury to swing against the prosecution. I cant wait to here what you have

    1. I disagree; he’s a lot more credible than any of the Anthony’s. He seems pissed off, but his answers make sense. And he probably wanted the reward money, but I don’t see any way he had Caylee’s body or did anything to it. The police should have checked on his first phone call.

      1. rh, I agree! Kronk seems a simple person, NOT a simpleton. he came across as credible, and I think he frustrated Cheny Mason to the point that at times it seemed as if Mason had to regroup to get back on track, he seemed to pause a lot and try to come back from a different angle with the same question trying to ellicit a deceptive, impeachable answer. Kronk held up well. He, like so many may not be the most savory character in this cast of bizarre people, however, he did come across to me as credible. I can understand his being ticked off and frustrated, afterall he has been acused by the defense of some very atrocious things. I’m glad he was able to clear up many questions I had.

      2. I believe casey killed Caylee all by herself. casey hated her mother. I can see why. I tend to think casey became like she did more because of cindy rather than george.

        Roy Kronk is not a body snatcher. That is completely ridiculous.
        cindy is the biggest liar of the family and I hope she serves the most time for it. Maybe she views her lying for her spawn as a virtue. I view it as disgusting. It is one thing to want to save her from the DP. It is another to throw innocent people under the bus for a murdering offspring. cindy is like a foul oder to me.

      1. Agree, Dr. Glass. The worst he is guilty of is being an opportunist in regards to the reward money.

      2. He was not in it for the money.Everyone knew it was for alive Caylee.He found Caylee remains,and if the cop had done there job from the begining,this wouldn’t be happening today.Casey would have had trial and in the big house along time ago.So drop it!

      3. Dr Glass, isn’t why rewards are offered? To entice people to help search and provide information? Sadly, money talks to some people. It would most definetly not be my way. I would feel it was blood money and I would not want to capitalize on someone else’s tragedy.

        In thiscase, Caylee’s remains were found.

    2. I think this post has valid credit in the thought process. I’m a mother of 10, oldest son 39 youngest daughter 13. I have seen the best of the best exposed to be child molesters. I’ve seen the acting. When a seasoned cop wants to kill himself he takes a gun and holds it pointed upward under his chin at a 45 degree angle towards his neck, and he pulls the trigger. He does not tell people where he is and take some extra blood pressure medicine & a 6 pack of beer. Thoughts I’ve been thinking. You don’t think cop dad knew that Casey was not really working for 2 years? He used her frail and crazy mental state to his advantage. I have been a court advocate for molested children, I’ve looked in the eyes of molesters and heard and seen and smelled that stink of manipulation and how they use everyone for their cover, how people protect them. George tells people Casey did it (did what?) and it was an accident before the body was found. So what exactly did George know? and when? How does he know now that it was murder and not an accident as he stated in court. So he knew Caylee was dead before her body was found but it was an accident, and now he claims Casey murdered her daughter. Murdered how, why is it murder? He is not even asking us to believe that it is an accident. This man is the worst of all in my mind and just a feeling that well he might have molested Caylee and killed her and faked her drowning to make Casey think it was all her fault and he kept Casey quite so the body would have time to decompose,

  2. rh–I totally agree. Also, if Kronk wanted the reward money, why would he have to keep the corpse with him for months?? He could have just placed it there (after he allegedly found it) and called the police right then and there. The defense theory just doesn’t make any sense. It’s far fetched and ridiculous, imo.

    1. and if kronk kept the corpse with him for months and placed it in the woods on december 10 there wouldn’t be credible forensic evidence of animals chewing on poor caylee’s bones. that doesn’t happen in a day. i don’t get why everyone thinks kronk is so fishy anyways – this case is huge, especially here in orlando. everyone wanted to find caylee that summer! if i had been in the woods and seen something suspicious i would have called the cops too…it’s not much different than saying you thought you saw caylee in a tennessee mcdonald’s.

      1. What is “fishy” are those psychic reports. If you read through them, it’s easy to see what is going on. Especially, since one got fired over his “psychic” input into the situation. And, he was an engineer with a large military co..

        They tell about the baby being in multiple garbage bags and put out with the trash. Another tells the location being near the tree where the dog (bounty hunter aka RK) peed. So on, and so on.

        But, they never got to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow-the medicaid/escort fraud case that would bring in the big buck. Looking for lost children is chump change.

    1. Wish Mason Chaney was today…he just droned on and on and on and on…. driving everyone crazy. Umm man past your prime…Kronk didn’t do it, your body snatcher theory is pure BS to cover for Casey who seems to hurt or ruin or both anyone who comes in contact with her.

  3. Lillian, I’ve pretty much agreed with much of what you talk about, but I’m just not so sure about George.. It does seem strange to me that he would go to the home of River Cruze 3 times.. You obviously have more insight into her then I do, but I do have my reservations about someone that would rename themselves a name like “River Cruze”

    If George is lying about everything concerning her then makes me wonder what else he may be lying about…..Jeez the entire family are so messed up and lie so much how will we ever know the truth about any of it?

      1. Dr. Glass,

        I mean no disrespect but I think “River Cruz” has pulled the wool over your eyes on this one. For one thing, did George force her to perform oral sex on him by using force? Unless he did and she didn’t report it to the police then she must have done the act willingly. I find it interesting that after that incident she states he never calls her again….something very fishy about her and this story.

    1. I also do not agree with the leap from an affair with this woman to somehow making the supposed molestation of Casey more plausible. I fully 1,000% believe that Casey heard someone else’s (TRUE) story of abuse survival and took it as her own, much like the drowning ‘theory’. Someone else questioned further down whether the particular act in question was forced with this woman, and I fully agree with that question. If he did not force this alleged act, its a moot point, lots of people perform that very act voluntarily every day.

  4. it has been no surprise to me that George lies as i have heard him lie about the decomp in casey’s car on LkL as he started backpeddling same as Cindy later on when they started putting more of the puzzle together and it kept coming back to Casey. Whether or not George had an affair with River doesn’t have anything to do with this case imo. George is not on trial.

    1. Agree! George and Roy are not on trial. Casey is! If George had an affair with River, who could blame him. Look at the battle axe he is married to. It has nothing to do with Caylee’s death.

      1. Agree with all the above! George may be a liar about some things but he had nothing to do with killing Caylee. How Casey can just sit there and watch how many lives she has ruined with her evilness is sooooo beyond me!

      2. So true Rob1!
        LOL @ “battle axe”.
        Just think: George used to live with TWO of them battling it out under one roof!
        Perhaps River allowed George to choose his own soda one day at the Command Center—Seems to me that’s all it would take for River to make George feel like his own man for the first time in 30 years.
        JMO, of course.

    2. Love that cat knight-owl. Lee is the one who surprised me, and showing his mother Cindy to be a lier. Athough I heard that Cindy sat with Lee closely after his testimony while George sat further down the bench from them…Family is a mess!

      1. Winter, that’s true, Lee did go sit next to Cindy. But there is a picture on the Statement Analysis blog (seamusoriley) of Cindy just GLARING at him once he sat down. Casey had a good teacher.

      2. I will try to post the picture, but I am not good at this tech-y stuff. Here goes: If I fail, the picture can be found under the title The Anger of Deception at the SA blog.

      3. WHOA, Violet! That picture says a 1000 words! Thanks for sharing…guess mama wasn’t too happy her son busted her lies.

      4. Thank you Violet! That is one powerful picture for the family album. Chilling…I really dispise Cindy.

    3. Yep, totally agree but the Defense is just trying to divert the jury’s attention elsewhere instead of on their client. I sure hope they are seeing right through this tactic. And who cares if he did have an affair with her or not or even if Casey was sexually abused by him (which I don’t think is true and is an insult to those that really HAVE been sexually abused)- WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HER KILLING HER BABY?? That is right…NOTHING.

    4. Agree, whatever relief George may have sought in the arms of this River woman is not relevant to the murder of little Caylee.

  5. I also thought George was lying. He protests too much, you know what I mean? And I also got that he was as you said, in true Anthony fashion, giving out too much information. Those poor Anthony kids got a raw deal when these two were their parents, both liars, both very strange. Him holding that Bible everywhere he goes reminds me so much of cons who find the Lord in prison. Maybe they are sincere, but this guy is a con-man down to his died eyebrows. Both he and Cindy have always looked like they’ve lived a hard life. Dr. Glass, what do you know about George’s ex-wife and that family?
    PS…He sure does play that ex police officer to the hilt. He is far too big a liar to last long.

  6. Must also add that I’ve been watching Kronk and I’ve been surprised at how credible he seems to be. So he isn’t a brain surgeon; you wouldn’t expect some highly sophisticated guy to be working as a meter reader. So you take him as you get him. He seems much more credible than do G,C, L or KC to me.

  7. I believe Roy Kronk is totally credible. I sure do not believe he had one thing to do with hiding Caylee’s body for months. . That is made up by the defense and is pure nuts. There were roots of plants going through that babies bones and through one of her eye sockets even, so if Mr.Kronk had the body for months how did the plant growth do this? Casey is the one that killed Caylee and she is the one that dumped her on that lot she was familiar with from hanging out there with friends when she was younger. Defense is just trying to go for anything and everything to confuse the juror’s as they have no case to present but fiction. Juror’s will not be that dumb~~

    1. knight owl, I guess that is the Thanks Mr.Kronk gets for finding the Remains of Caylee. No One Else could find her.
      I don’t believe a thing the Defense is accusing him of, some People might, I am not One of them.
      I hope the Jury will see what the Defense is trying to do and that their Theory just doesn’t make any Sense whatsoever.

  8. I dont believe the defenses theory about Kronk. I do think its way too much of a coincidence that Kronks GF works at the jail Casey is in & he finds Caylee’s remains.

  9. Hello Dr Glass. I totally agree with your assessment of george. He was being truthful up to the point where the questioning about river. My concern is that if he did have an affair with her albeit brief and one sided, then it stands to reason that if he lied about her he also lied about what he said to her. Following that string brings us to caylees death being a huge accident and if that is the case then really Casey is not guilty of capitol murder and I believe she is guilty of murder. I believe she was dopeing Caylee nightly so she could go party while her daughter slept off a chloroform dose. I also believe that in a fit she duct taped Caylee with the intent of stopping her breath.

    1. Stopping her breath or stopping her crying or whining to be with her mom and not drugged and put in a car trunk while Casey partied? I can visualize it in my mind-Caylee not falling asleep fast enough, fussing, and Casey in a hurry to do her “bella vitae” with boyfriend, who had let her know he didn’t want to be a “baby daddy” or be bothered with Caylee.

      1. yes bet ur right RH; impatience to get Caylee to sleep so she could be with new boyfriend that didn’t want child to stay over at night could have triggered KC rage like we saw from Fridays video. Or drugging her and forgot about her in trunk where she hid her at night so death couldve been result from the Florida heat.
        any child abuse scenario that caused death would be reason for calling for death penality? Is that correct Dr. Glass?

      1. She also stated he slammed KC up against the wall in a choke hold maneuver and that wasn’t true either because a guard was in the house and we would have heard about that.

  10. I think George may have lied about his affair, like many married men would, but I think that is the extent of his guilt. I question River’s morals and motives, because she knew George was married, yet made the conscience decision to have an affair with a married man. By River’s own account, George dumped her after oral sex. Does she have hard feelings for being dumped? Personally, it is all hearsay, and I don’t find River any more trustworthy than George. It is really a case of he said, she said, and neither are that credible.

    1. Does their willingness to lie under oath reflect something going on in our country? Is no one afraid of the consequences of lying UNDER OATH! Cindy and George carry around the Bible and they could read about what it says about lying! It’s kind of scary that it seems to be okay to lie if it serves your purpose.

      1. Hey RH,
        Maybe it’s not a real Christian Bible, maybe it’s a bible edited in the Anthony’s making to justified why they can get away with lying to save their daughter and disrespect those who want to help and seek justice for Caylee. They sure act that way. Thinking they can scam God on their judgement day…hit down exit button.

      2. Right on RH! I have blogged almost the same idea here, I said something about George his bible and hypocrits the other day. It is total hypocrisy, and it does say much about our society. What a shame. I am not a highly religious person, but once again, I will SCREAM it I hate liars, and I hate hypocrits!

  11. George likely did lie. I still wouldn’t be so sure about River Cruz. You have had the benefit to meet and talk to her. I would like to see her get on the stand and see what she says. Also would be nice to know her full background. I’m assuming that you got the info on her shoplifting charges from her. I’m sure if she had done anything worse she would not admit them to a stranger. If the affair took place who instigated it? Did River come on to George Anthony? If that’s what happened I’m not saying its okay for George to do it. It would speak to Rivers character. As for River being attractive, it’s like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From the pics I’ve seen ‘attractive’ is not one of the words that entered my mind.
    Regardless of all this there is a bunch of funny stuff going on with different people. One thing that looks quite clear is that Casey was involved. If Casey is guilty she should be found guilty regardless of her upbringing.

    Hopefully all this smoke and mirrors doesn’t blind the jury.

    1. Evidently, they do not honor Caylee either. They disrespect and desecrate Caylee and her memory when they lie for the very one who murdered her. They don’t even tell lies that make sense. This is why everyone was outside their home screaming and yelling angrily. Because they saw through their lies!

  12. Hello,
    Dr. Glass i have read your blog for a long time now, never left any comments but have been a reading for a while now and i have to say this time i am very disappointed in you.. Yes i totally believe that George Anthony along with the rest of that family are some messed up people, there is no doubt in my mind that he is not as nice of a guy that he would like us to believe he is, but to continue on this road about George being the father of little caylee is ridiculous and you know it… Those results were released a long time ago and they clearly state George nor Lee can possibly be the father of baby Caylee.. I really think it is horrible and unprofessional of you to try to deceive your readers into believing those results were not released and it was determined George is NOT nor is it possible that he is Caylee’s father…. Anything else about George, Lee or the rest of those nuts is fair game, because they are not nice people at all. They are nothing but liars and every one of them deserves to pay for all the lie’s and obstructing justice they have done, but the whole dna thing was solved long ago… I love reading your blog and 9 times out of ten i agree with every single word you have said, actually i would say this article as well is dead on i believe he was totally lying his butt off about the whole River Cruz issue, but again George was not caylee’s father and that has been proven…


      1. If the DNA tests showed that Lee or George were the father of Caylee, the defense would have had a field day with it.

        I believe the tests were discussed in court by the FBI, and under questioning by Baez, deemed NEGATIVE for both Lee and George. Baez would not let something like that go without making a huge deal of it, because he made a huge deal of the simple fact the teasts were even performed to prove or disprove that Lee or George were involved.

        A conspiracy theory about this is just too far out there and lacks credibilty to even claim such at this juncture, because as I previously stated, Baez AND Cheney Mason AND Ann Finnell would have had a field day if it were true.

        For anyone to attempt to claim that brother or father are the parent of Caylee at this point lowers their credibility considerably .

  13. Ol George is probably the most honest liar of the Anthony lair, (LOL) but that doesn’t say much for him. At least he doesn’t seem to feel that he has to lie about everything, The others never make any sense and don’t mind changing their story every time the wind blows to cover for their wrongdoing.

  14. I don’t think George was telling the truth..His facial expression when asked gave him away,also he asked Baez twice to repeat the question ,which I am quite sure he heard it the first time..George waited to long to answer No to Baez’s question to a question about his affair.. Why would any married man send some women a tex message saying,I need you in my life???Sounds a little personal to me…9 times out of ten a married man that is having an afffair won’t own up to it……This really isnt about an affair when George was questioned,its more about what he supposely said to River Cruz about saying Caylee’s death was an accident that got snowballed out of control…

  15. I have learned through this trial to never report a crime scene for fear of being brought to court and accused of moving the body for money etc. Poor Mr. Kronk. Meanwhile I think this whole family could care less about society, the Fla. Taxpayers who by the way are all pretty much suffering as our economy is still quite unstable. Their attorneys waste tax dollars on wild goose chases, the family lies repeatedly defending Casey and you can’t tell me they don’t know she killed Caylee. They know and don’t care. It’s a travesty! I feel sorry that there have been so many people victimized by Casey and her family!

  16. So what if George was playing hide the weenie with River Cruz! That has NOTHING to do with this trial. Nothing! George is NOT on trial for Adultery. His daughter is on trial for the murder of Caylee! Let us not forget that…..

    1. Because the defense wants to use the “accident that snowballed” comment from Ms. Cruz to show doubt that Casey acted alone and George was involved.
      I think the defense could have better used that to prove that Casey accidently killed Caylee and freaked out but they painted themselves in a corner with their asine opening statements which they now have to prove…where defense usually doesn’t have to prove anything.

      Proves to me that Jose Bozo is a spoke in the wheel of Karma Justice for Caylee.

  17. Everyone, re-watch the clip with George- he only hesitated from answering the question by Jose whether or not he, during a romantic moment, told Krystal it was all an accident that spun out of control because the WAY Jose asked it required more than a simple Yes or No, as the judge wanted him to answer it! He could not just simply say No because he wanted to address the “romantic” part of the question and wouldn’t be able to do that. So when Jose re-asked the question, he left out the “romantic” part so George could answer it at that time. This explains his hesitation to answer, not that he was lying!!

  18. George did not come across as being honest. But what I noticed the most is the way he walked up to the stand…very non-chalant and slouchy even. There was no confidence in his walk like he has had in the past.

  19. I really wish that phrase would quit being repeated the visual is making me sick!
    I agree that it was probably consentual.Unfortunately there are a lot of people that think if the carry a Bible around with them or claim to be a Christina,than no one will dare question them on anything.

    Even The Bible talks about false prophets.

  20. I think the family are trying to clearly show the jury lies, contradictions, and covering for Casey. People think the jury will see thru it. That is the point!!!! it backs Baez’ defense theory that she was taught by her dysfunctional family to lie and cover up from a young age, and that just because someone lies, doesn’t mean they are murderers or the whole family would be guilty of murder. This is playing right into the defense hands.

    1. Agreed! Makes me wonder do people realize how many dysfunctonal families are in this world???? They do not kill their babies or even family members. This is just terrible that Lillian played into this deal with River too.

      She was a willing participant and there was NO reason to go public with this. NONE. All she did was throw a wrench into this whole MESS of a trial.

      1. Agree Lori. Sounds like George dumped this Krystal River and she is a retaliating like a woman scorned. (I don’t trust George either).
        As someone said on another blog. George states that this woman is not a very nice girl. What does he think of his own daughter; she has stolen, lied, and is on trial for murder!

    2. WOW Rebecca, totally agree thought the same thing. That is why Lee probably wanted to meet with “Jose” (you know since they are now on a first name basis) last week. The Anthony’s probably said hey, we will lie, make ourselves out to be bigger a&&es then we were to begin with so the jury sees we are a bunch of liars and we made Casey the way she is BUT if we do, back off the molestation claims… I thought for sure as soon as they called Georgie Boy up there JB was going to go the sexual misconduct route with Casey not badger him about an alleged affair.
      We need to pray for the entire Anthony family-they apparently need it..sick bunch of teehee lol

      1. Hey JB,

        The only prayers I am given up for any Anthony is beautiful baby Caylee. As for the rest of them, I pray for Karmic Justice:
        -That George, Lee, and especially that horror called Cindy get ripped apart and exposed during the rebuttal by Ashton and LDB
        -Heard Ashton has Cindy’s work records. May she get slapped with purjury with her weak little men.
        -Cindy does jail time, maybe her and Casey can be the dynamic duo in the women’s prison.
        -Jose Bozo get busted on the contempt charge by Judge Perry and disgraced as he so richly deserves.
        -That not even the sleazest tv or media tabloid wants to give them mney for wasting their breath for an interview!-

  21. Seriously ??????? Who cares if they had sexual contact. River was THERE too. IT TAKES TWO. You say George “made” her perform oral sex or something to that effect. You have GOT to be kidding me. Now you are agreeing that River was sexually forced upon? PLEAAAASE!

    This is irrelevant. Totally irrelevant. How dare RIver bring all of this out when she was a willing participant.

    She may turn this case on its head and a baby killer walk away JUST because she wanted her 15 minutes. She ATTACHED herself to George and emotionally seduced him. That is probably true.

    But that does NOT make him a killer, an accessory to a crime, or a bad grandfather.

    If Casey walks………………….We can blame River for not keeping her personal sexual history to HERSELF!. Unbelievable!

    1. nope, if casey walks (which will never happen considering she’s already a convicted felon. oh, and because she’s still going to be penalized for lying to cops, child abuse, etc) we can only blame baez for his moronic distraction tactics and the jury for falling for it. river cruz wouldn’t be in the courthouse had baez not subpoenaed her in order to make george look bad. i don’t have a personal opinion of her or of any potential relationship she may have had with george, but it would seem the state is confident enough in their factually based case that they don’t see river as a threat to the case.

  22. Still interested to hear your take on Kronk, Dr. Glass! I thought he was believable in the way he answered the questions. A lot of yes and no and not much elaboration.. I hope Sindy took notes on how someone that has nothing to hide testifies! I think that he was a little on the defensive side during questioning by Cheney, but who wouldn’t be after the things that they accused him of! He reported it 3 times before anyone came out. Bozo and Co I’m sure are thanking their lucky stars that no one came upon his initial call because the state would have had a lot more evidence against his evil little monster of a client. And my God, if I have to hear him call Mr. Kronk “morally bankrupt” in the opening clips one more time, I’m going to scream! He has the epitomy of morally bankrupt sitting next to him in court every day.
    Justice for Caylee!

    1. And can somone please direct Lee to the nearest feminine hygyiene aisle, because he is minutes away from beginning to menstruate. What a whiney little man!

      1. LOVE it Rhesha! He is a girly man isn’t he? I can’t believe his fiancee Mallory is still with him? Between him crying, no more like sobbing over not watching his niece come out of his sister’s you know what to being an obvious liar then Cindy and George to boot, what is that girl thinking?
        Sometimes I’ll admit I wish my husband was a little more sensitive, but after seeing what a wuss Lee is, I’m proud and grateful my husband has a set and acts like a real man..

      2. Lee has been puzzling to me ever since that “memorial service” for Caylee where he made his crying, weird speech about not forgetting his promise to CMA. And then all this weird crying about things that most people wouldn’t be concerned about (not being invited to a baby shower, etc.). He’s got to be one of the wussiest men I’ve ever seen.

    2. No kidding! If I were her, I would run like crazy and pray to sweet, baby Jesus that my name isn’t too associated with these yahoo’s that people will know who I am!

    3. That reference to Kronk as “morally bankrupt” in Baez’ opening statement shocked me more than anything else he said. It seemed a totally gratuitous slander, and unfortunately, lawyers are apparently allowed to slander outrageously in opening statements without fear of being sued for it. Obviously Casey is the most “morally bankrupt” one in the courtroom.

    4. That is unfortunate Sylvia. I hope his community reaches out to him to let him know that he did the right thing. Reward schmreward… If that green eyed monster would have not caused her baby’s death, there would have been no reward to speak of. I was very impressed at how he held his own to ol Mumbling Mason. I also read somewhere that he lost his job, didn’t actually collect the reward money bc of some issue and is having to pay for his own attorney… Anyone know if their is any validity behind this?

  23. River and George! Nothing to kvetch about! If one goes with the assumptionn that any or all Anthonys can lie at any and all times, then one won’t be caught off guard.

  24. While I agree that the truth & the Anthonys are strangers, George isn’t on trial here. The only one of the Anthony family members that is on trial is Casey. I hope that they all face perjury charges and obstruction of justice WHILE Casey is sitting on death row……

  25. Dr. Glass,

    You didn’t comment on Lee’s testimony today. What did you think about his final answer about whether or not he believed everything Casey said? I thought it was truth pouring out of him as an something that was ridiculous. Please comment! 🙂

  26. I believe George probably had an affair with River aka Krystal. My guess is Cindy knows about it by now and have both decided nobody needs to know their business. I agree the Anthony family lies way too easily for various reasons.

    I don’t believe George had anything to do with Caylee’s death based on the evidence. I don’t believe George sexually abused Casey based on the fact it’s coming from her for self-serving reasons.

    I don’t believe the lily-white version of River Cruz aka Krystal Holloway you described in this article. I think she has a past as shady as her sister and just as criminal and the prosecution is going to have a field day with her. Her statements also contradict each other in her deposition.

    1. What about the fact that River’s sister was in jail at the same time that Casey was there. Then River ends up showing up at the booth where George was. Coincidence? I think not!

    2. I also agree with you. I find it really difficult to believe that George had anything to do with Caylees death. Explain to me why he would take an accident and make it into the perfect murder. I agree that he is not perfect, but his emotion, anger, and frustration over the past three years seems to be a fairly normal reaction. He had dedicated himself to the search for Caylee which led to travel to different areas. Also, I have heard others say that he was combative on the stand with Baez…I would be to if this guy accused me of sexual abuse against my daugther and being involved in my drandaughters death. I really think that people have put common sense and their ability to connect the obvious dots together.

  27. Dr Glass…the three of them got up today and put on another show for the the request of Jose Baez…it is a fraud and a should be a crime and they should all be convicted of perjury. Lee is an adult and he acts like an idiot. What is wrong with this man? Can he not make his own choice and have his own opinion without crying like a baby. I would be so ashamed to get up and say those words personally.

  28. The rationale within this blog is likened to an alien chasing nut. I mean, my head spun more times than Linda Blairs’!

    Granted, GA’s behavior was inappropriate as noted in the photos and his going to her home alone is not something a marred man should do.Maybe he has always been a “philanthropist” -maybe his wife knows of his ” good works” and approves of it, too.

    But, ‘poor mouth,’ as you put it, isn’t’ a term I’d use for GA. He states that he didn’t have an intimate or romantic relationship with this woman. Putting his penis in her ‘poor mouth’ wouldn’t constitute either of those things.

    So, maybe he is telling the truth. River’s ‘poor mouth.’ Hmmm………I’ll bet many will spend lots of time pondering on that one. 🙂

  29. I don’t care if he had an affair. I care that Casey partied for 31 days and her car smelled like a dead body. George didn’t do anything to his granddaughter but his daughter sure as heck did.

    1. well said! kronk too…i don’t care how many times he called police in august – he was looking harder for caylee than casey ever did. talk about morally bankrupt!

  30. Dr. Glass
    I disagreed with you that George would fall on the sword for casey and and I somewhat disagree with you about George and River. While I think there was some kind of involvement, I do not believe that he forced himself on her.
    River was willing if they had an affair. This does not make George a molester either. George is not the one on trial. casey killed Caylee herself because she is evil.

      1. Yeah! That’s why she came to the tent day after day after day.

        And, what about this diamond thief of a sister she has? Is that the Nigerian scam GA got “roped” into?

        Not exactly the Maltese Falcon, now is it?

      2. Of course she said that. This is unbelievable. The man is beyond vulnerable and this woman sees an easy target. Oh and she gave George $24 Grand? Ya right…”An attractive single woman” Unbelievable

      3. Well my thoughts about the comment that he possibly made to her about an accident gone would be more along the lines that he was somewhat in denial to think his daughter could actually kill his grand daughter. I think he may have been thinking out loud hoping it was an accident. I think defense has really stretched that a little too far. Jose did not do himself a favor by adding too many “stories” in his opening statement. I think he thinks too much like his client.
        Yeah I can somewhat believe that George was probably attracted to River and he probably lied about some kind of encounter with her. It is difficult for me to swallow River’s sanitized side as well. But she has not talked to me so what can I say?

  31. IMO
    The Anthonys were desperate to find their grand daughter. They were looking at everyone as suspects and were conducting their own investigation using info they were getting from Casey either directly or indirectly from Baez. Casey described Zanny. River Cruz makes contact with the Anthonys and she fits the description of Zanny, she is friendly, George (being a cop) then begins to think maybe this woman may be Zanny and the Anthonys (both George and Cindy) decide to get closer to this woman through George. Who knows maybe he did have sex with her thinking that she would lead him to whoever had Caylee. Maybe having oral sex with her made him think ‘God what on earth am I doing.’ and he left her feeling disgust at what he was doing.

    Think about it, these people were not thinking clearly. Living in denial. They did not want to think that there was no Zanny because that would mean that Caylee was dead. They smelled the odor in the car, but if it was not Caylee who could it be. Who knows what lies Casey told them about the odor in the car. Some other dead person and that the people who had Caylee were linked to that dead body. Who knows what lies Casey told them when she was home.

    Now they cannot tell the true facts because they already told lies in their depositions. If they now tell the truth, they would then have to admit that they lied to protect Casey. And that would make her look even more guilty.

    We will never know the real truth. The Anthonys (George, Cindy, Lee and Casey) will never speak the truth. Why because the truth would all point to Casey killing Caylee. The saddest part of this tragedy is that her grandparents who really loved her will never know the truth. Casey always lies and I think she gets pleasure knowing her parents will suffer never knowing the truth.

    Just my opinion.

    1. Just another crazy thought.

      Caylee must have been calling out to be found. Listening to yesterday’s testimony about the private investigator, the psychic, and today’s testimony of the two meter readers it made me think that Caylee wanted to be found. May she now rest in peace.

    2. I agree for the most part. I don’t think they had a thing to do with the death of Caylee. I woud not, however, put it past any of them to help Casey with the cover up after the fact. They have helped her do that from day one. I can understand them wanting to beliieve that their daughter would never do such a thing and to not want to admit that Caylee may be dead. But it has been 3 years! They have had plenty of time to come clean with the facts as they know them. If they are trying to help her get off, then I hope none of them ever have a day of peace for the rest of their lives. If they are trying to keep her from getting the death penalty, they should have saved the tears for the penalty phase and pleaded for Caseys life. Right not, with their lies and deceit under oath, they may as well have put the duct tape on Caylee’s little face themselves.
      Justice for Caylee!

  32. I think your blog is fascinating, Dr. Glass. But I have to say I disagree with you on this:

    ** River is lovely and kind and sensitive and caring. **

    She had an affair with a married man. How is that kind, sensitive, and caring? And it really isn’t something a lovely person does. I am so sorry for the Anthony family.

    1. She is not proud of what she did. It was nor right. She made a huge mistake, But she is still sweet. Her sweetness has nthing to do with her being seduced by George in a vulnerable moment. The Anthony’s lie as we have seen.

      1. she wouldn’t have given george five thousand dollars if she wasn’t a kind person. she wouldn’t have shown up to the command post in the first place if she wasn’t a caring individual. treating river like a homewrecker and not holding george accountable for his conscious decision to cheat on his wife is hypocritical – especially when you consider the fact that he was cheating on cindy in the midst of a horrible tragedy. george anthony is not a murderer or a sexual deviant, but it’s now a well established fact that he’s a douchebag.

      2. River, or Crystal, or whatever is also a liar…in her first statement she denied the affair, saying she and George did not have an affair. I think George was the vulnerable one not River. She doesn’t seem so sweet to me.

      3. Sweet??? Mistake??? Umm..what??? Screwing another woman’s husband is bad enough, but screwing somebody you know who lost their grandchild and you know is hurting so, so bad…white trash, not sweet.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. I was SHOCKED after reading this analysis…So many things in the article are false. “A very attractive single woman” Reading that alone is just ridiculous

    3. I agree.RIVER has lied also.She said she did not have an affair with George and now she changes her story.I have thought since the beginning that River and sister wanted their 15 minutes of fame.I think it was her that played George instead of the other way around.Being married to Cindy would make any man turn to someone else and George was going through hell at the time.Not saying George has not told his share of mistruths but I believe Dr. Glass is way off about River.JMO

      1. I have read your blog for a long time.Don’t always agree but you make me think.I don’t mean this in a snarky way……….Do you do voice as well as body language??

        Thanks for your time

    4. Dr. Glass, if you saw what all is posted on “River”‘s Facebook page, you wouldn’t sit here and say she’s “sweet”. She is full of venom, mainly toward Cindy. To me, it seems that River was the aggressor, and she’s jealous of Cindy. And bravo to George for dumping her.

  33. Have you (Dr Glass) written an entry about Judge Perry yet? Today I noticed a kind of overly bright cheerfulness in him. Eyes just a little too wide, the grinny faces, the poochy lips. Like he is forcing himself to “grin and bear it”, maintain a stable, cheerful, neutrality.

    1. I love me some Judge Perry! I think he does a good job of being neutrel, but proabaly has to go to his “happy place” a lot to resist the urge to reach over and smack the tar out of Baez.

      1. Rhesha! You have been cracking me up this evening with your posts…welcome…come back more! Judge Perry is the reason I have gotten into this trial. Another spoke on the Karmic Justice wheel for Caylee.

    2. Ha! Yea, If I had to gaze at the likes of Bozo, Crazy Casey and her pitiful entourage of a family all day, I’d be doing some serious drinking or self mutilating or something. And how could I forget about old Mumbling Mason… I bet if Judge Perry has to tell him to speak into the mic one more time, he is going to go ape sh#t on him!

      All joking aside, I do really admire his patience and fairness. I’m not sure what he is, but he exudes something and I’ve had a good feeling about him from the beginning What a job he has!

  34. I believe the Defense got another strategy after the testimony from their forensic experts wasn’t flying and they were reading the jury’s body language that things weren’t going well…their strategy now is just to confuse the facts so much and leave so many holes and questions that the jury can’t make an informed decision (reasonable doubt)…Baez conspired with the Anthony’s to get up and lie and contradict each other to play into their opening statement that Casey was breed to lie….however I am going to continue to believe that the jury is smarter than that and when LB and JA do their rebuttal and closing remarks they will bring it back home to the jury and justice for Caylee will be served. Then the Prosecution needs to also let that family know that just like Casey can’t lie and not suffer consequences neither are they…they blocked the wheels of justice and this should not be ignored. Then HHBP needs to disbar Baez from ever practicity law again….he can be a loser like Geraldo and get behind a mike.

    1. Don’t forget that Judge Perry last week addressed Bozo and his circus crew that they need to address what they said in their opening statements. The confusion is par for the course for defense attorneys, except they are so inept the witnesses end up helping the Pros. LOL!

      I will be shameless glued to the TV when the rebuttals begin. Go Team Caylee!

  35. violet, did you change your name?? Thats just to pretty. I saw that photo, live in the court room, at the time I thought it was some instruction for Lee, he was ready while she watched on. He’s only in court when he has to take the stand.I think Cindy, in her mind, didnt send the guys down there, she was IMO justifying her lie by telling herself,” the physci (sp) sent them…I think thats how their minds work… Also, when she takes the stand, shes not really swearing in, she blocks it out and only agrees with, ” so help me God”.With all their crap and cover up, Casey still smothered Caylee with her blanket or something, so the jury should at least give her something, and I figure the ” lifers will be waiting on her”.

  36. Meant to write, he was reading what Cindy wrote, as she watched on, making sure if he had any questions she could get it all straight for him. they are doing their best to through one juror in to reasonable doubt. They want to leave you with, hummm, George had to be with Ms. Cruz, so maybe he did dispose of Caylee, etc, but to me thats a far stretch, from an alledged affair. Roy didnt promise us a rose garden, but I think he did better than what Bbaez tryed to plant in our minds.

  37. Oh pls give me a break. That girl is bad news. You really need to go back to school and reup on your body language skills. seriously. Very disappointing.

    1. Look Sage Sharrbrie just becuase I spoke to her personally and find her credible doe not mean I need to go back to school. So put your displaced hostility where it belongs – to the young lady who murdered her daughter Casey Anthony

      1. How about you place your apparent hostility toward Sage on “the young lady that murdered her daughter Casey Anthony” Your entire analysis was full of nonsense and blatantly false information regarding this woman that has atleast three names. You should be ashamed of yourself for taking part in the character assassination of a grieving Grandfather. I used to view your work with respect but this crosses the line.

  38. You state she is a good mom. Then why did she state (I read this on a transcript I think) that her son called her a slut and a ‘ho? And, to confide in you, of all people, that she gave GA a blow job only to have you broadcast it not only across the nation, but around the world!

    Wonder what her son thinks now?

    And Dr… think she’s sweet and lovely sleeping with a married man grieving his grandchild? She seemed very shady in her interviews. Poor George.First his daughter throws him away, now an opportunist uses him!

  40. I disagree with your body language diciphering of George Anthony. You are merely guessing on this subject whether or not he is lying and choosing to ignore the facts about this Holloway woman; First this woman claims that George Anthony threw Casey up against a wall, choking her while she was out on bail…yelling at her to tell him where Caylee was and that he knew she killed her. THEN this woman says that George told her this was an accident that snowballed out of control? She contridicted herself. Holloway has motive to lie being that she was the “other woman” in an affair. George allegedly lying about an affair isn’t shocking, I don’t understand why people harp on details that do not matter. Same thing with Kronk and him peeing in the woods. Stop being biased Lillian Glass.

  41. Dr. Glass: When George was first questioned and asked if he had ever sexually abused his daughter, he dropped his head before answering. Isn’t this a sign of either shame or guilt?

  42. All I see hear is a woman (river????) that was rejected and she is pissed about it. So what if she gave him a blow job, they are both grown adults, it in no way proves george made his daughter do the same. I see river????? as a woman out to gain from all this. And she has, hasn’t she (media). Just what she was looking for in the first place.

  43. Okay. My thoughts. George lied and will continue too. It is the married man who instigates the affair. (Been around the block a coupla times myself). Simple, George played on her vulnerabilities, conned and bedded River, shared confidences with her and took money from her; no she didn’t have to go along with it and has acknowledged her mistake. But George has lied about everything. Show me ONE THING he hasn’t lied about. I also wouldn’t put it past George to have molested Casey. Seriously. A liar is a liar is a liar.

    Look peeps, I’d believe River Cruz any day over George Anthony. Just as Cindy did, George lied from day one, that being 07/16/08 when he helped to conceal the evidence that was in the trunk of the car, then had the audacity to go around claiming Caylee was alive when he knew ON THAT DAY that Caylee was dead, just as Cindy knew. Good grief, they SMELLED the death decomposition and knew what they smelled. They would hide the death of their G/D??! WHY? In denial my azz! They knew exactly what they were doing.

    Man oh man, did they ever put up a fight to hide evidence, deceive
    and lie. My question is: What did they know BEFORE that day? Their tricks, schemes & devices weren’t only designed to cover
    up for Casey, SOMEBODY in that house is covering up for themselves and my guess is that it’s Cindy who is ALSO a pathological liar and an even bigger liar than Casey, who KNEW Casey had no job and knew there was no nanny; and/OR, George really DID molest Casey all those years and Cindy knew it, allowed it, and did nothing to stop it. Those two are hiding something major. Just my thoughts…

  44. I think GA was telling the truth when he said they weren’t intimate (he nodded his head no as he said no) but was lying about an affair. I think they had some kind of emotional affair.

    River has lied, aside from being a criminal. In her deposition, she said they didn’t have an affair but then later on, when she was being interviewed, she said they did.

    She also claimed she wasn’t in it for money! But then voila she and her sister sold her story to the Enquirer.

    She may be nice, warm and personally charming. She is also a proven liar. Nice people can and do lie.

    1. George was lying as there were numerous tells to indicate it. River lied becuase she did not want to get involved in the case or expose her illicit affair. She is NOT her sister who has a criminal past.. Even if she lied previously that does not mean she is lying about her affair with George.

  45. I think George is telling the truth. I don’t care what anybody says. Cruz is a loser and a nobody looking for some limelight.

      1. She most certainly doesn’t hate the infamy, she posted a lot on Twitter AND Facebook regarding the case, etc. If she hated the infamy, she’d be keeping to herself.

  46. Lillian, I’m confused. You are usually spot-on for me on your observations but I noticed George to be exactly the same in mannerisms etc as he was when he took the stand in the beginning of the trial when Ashton asked him if he sexually abused his daughter. I believed him them and noticed him to have the same mannerisms as today. Do you really think he’s lying about this River Cruz person?

    Why does this family lie so much? They lie beyond reason.

  47. Are you kidding? It would appear that George Anthony is a bigger loser than River Cruz.

    Incidentally, how can you be so sure George is telling the truth when he never has? After Cindy, he’d be the last person I’d ever expect to get the truth out uv.

    BTW, River wasn’t looking for any limelight. It was LE who first approached HER. She was keeping silent, not talking to anyone; even denied the affair when first asked, which is understandable.

    I wouldn’t have denied it; but I can see how anyone having been involved in an affair with George Anthony would not want to be hounded by the press or LE; after all, to be intimately involved with someone who is being questioned or investigated in the murder of a child would be a frightening thing.

    Think about it; who in their right mind would set themselves up to be involved with the Anthonys? It isn’t even rational thinking to suggest that any woman George might have had an affair with would be seeking the limelight; they would want to keep it quiet if possible.

    BTW Rachel, it was cruel to throw out cutting remarks made by River’s son. Just because he said those things, IF he did, does not mean they are true. It is not so uncommon for a son or daughter to say unspeakable things to a parent in anger that are not true and that they later regret.

  48. I have a much better view of River Cruz now and think shes a good person. Sad to say George is quickly gathering faults, lies and acting the role of the head of a proud family – not!
    I was wondering about Casey being out of a job for 2 yrs with the pretense that she was working. People who all live together would share expenses, Casey should have been paying room and board to her parents but she didn’t. Yet she always had money for insurance and gas, to pay for promto pizza partys, for tatoos, clothes and make up and stuff for Caylee and food… it possible that the Nigerian scam that George fell into was really a Caseyo scam and he was being blackmailed by her. I understand he lost alot of money online gambling too but who knows maybe that was also money paid off to Casey but explained to Cindy as scams and gambling. Nobody asked her any questions like my hub and i would be asking tons of questions if our kid pulled this on us. They had to know she didn’t land such a glorious job. She was in the home all day while they were at work. She and Caylee ate and did their laundry….Cindy would have to be stupid to not notice missing food, toilet paper, washing detergent, etc. dirty dishes and crumbs on the floor. She had herself a real good thing going there for a couple years! It would be impossible to not know Casey wasn’t working. Most unwed moms are greatful to be able to still live at home and if they work they pay the mom for their room and board. And most of all there would have to be a lot of chatter about the days events. Who can lie every single day and make it believable? Nobody! They all knew exactly what was going on daily in that house but to the outside world such a scam of ugliness and deceit everyday.

  49. Sorry Rachael. Apparently it was Tinker Bell who made that remark about River’s son calling her names. Don’t want to bicker about it however, since we’re all entitled to our own opinions.

    I don’t get it tho, why anyone would slam or make crude remarks of a personal nature to Dr. Glass and be so insulting to her just because one might not agree? This is her blog site and she doesn’t have to take that. Just MOO…

  50. Mari, it’s a long story but to simplify it, Casey was stealing Cindy blind and getting away with it. All toll, thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars. I doubt Casey was able to get much outta George though, cause George lied and stole from Cindy too.

    There was no way Cindy could keep up with all the debt, credit cards and bad checks Casey ran up against her. She even stole money (checks) from her elderly grandmother that was the fund set aside to take care of the old gentleman in the health care facility; also stole the last dime (wrote more checks) out of her friends checking account.

    Financially, Cindy was beating her head against a brick wall. For all of her years of hard work, she had nothing to show for it other than massive debt caused by Casey & George; mostly Casey. That is the only thing I feel sorry for Cindy about. But that ALSO leads me to wonder why Cindy allowed this to go on; what EXACTLY was Cindy hiding that she would allow Casey to continue blackmailing her like this? There’s GOT to be more to the story than we know about.

    I don’t think the entire truth has yet come out of that house!

  51. Dr. Glass, I agree 100% with everything that you said in your article. I don’t believe anything what George is saying. He is a big liyer who is wearing a mask…… esspecially having experience as a homocide detective in the past and knowing how to hide evidences of crime. If he lies about his sexual relationship with River Cruz then he can also lie about his involvement in covering up of his grandaughter drowning. I would trust River Cruez much more than George. After today’s George testimony I have no dought that George has direct involvement in the covering his grandaughter death. George somehow reminds me a Drew Peterson, a former police officer who killed his wives. Drew Peterson was a great lyier for many many years and for a long time nobody could even think about it. I absolutely don’t want to say that George is a killer, but I just want to say that he is a big lyier and I wish Casey defence team to be strong and dig more into him. Cindy and Lee have much more credibility in my opinion, eventhough they mix up dates and events sometimes….I don’t blame them for this because a lot of things happend in that time and it’s hard to remember everything.
    Roy Kronk??? I wouln’t trust him on everything also. Previously he testified that the skull dropped out the bag and later he changed his testimoney and said that nothing dropped out of the bag.????? Come on… how possibly you can’t remember the most important fact.
    Dr. Glass…it was a great article and I liked your very well based opinion. Please think independently and do not side yourself with a biased media and everybody who already convicted Casey without trial is being over. George is not a simple guy and I hope one day many people will understand it.

  52. George testified at the Grand jury, without his testimony would the death sentence be on the table? The DF wanted George’s testimony and was denied. He has been the most honest of them all you see it in his LE interviews

    I thought River Cruz’s sister said that this love story was a lie a few years back. Can anyone recall that? I think he may have had an affair of the heart, but not of the body which is worst. Need to see River on the stand to get a better feel on this.

    George’s behaviour has led me to think that George MAY suffer from Battered Husband Syndrome. He is reliant on Cindy in many ways right down to financial support. She tells him to jump and he asks how high. He may have lack of self-confidence, self worth he may feel inferior with out any drive to keep a job. Cindy emits both verbal and psychological aggression towards her children and husband. When George and Cindy were interviewed on TV shows, he looks at her before commenting. When lying he tends to look at the floor. Cindy is the ring leader of this circus and the one that sets the rules he would be homeless without her. Men are battered just like women.

    Cindy was very aggressive and nasty towards the attorney when testifying at the Zenaida Gonzales hearing I wonder if she has an issue with men. She deliberately chomped on gum and was disrespectful to the court it was hard to watch. If she behaves this way in public with no shame or remorse can you imagine what she is like at home?

  53. BigNosyCat, I don’t agree with you that George only had an affair of the heart and not physically. Further, what does it matter what River’s sister says? She wasn’t there during the act(s). I will add, I wouldn’t much blame George if he did seek out other women. Try if you will, to fathom his life with big bully steamroller Cindy, the master manipulator of them all. I’d be seeking a little outside comfort myself.

    However, I DO agree with you that George is a battered husband, stripped of all dignity. IMO, you nailed Cindy’s agression towards George and the way she treats him to a T. For that, I feel sorry for George. I’d lay you odds she has beat the shyt outta that man many times in a hysterical frenzy. I wouldn’t want to see the scratches, bruises and beatings she has put on that man. However much he is a liar and a cheater, he is at her mercy. I sure wouldn’t wanna get in her way!

  54. Dr Glass- yesterday 6/28 G & KC both wore yellow shirts; today both wearing pink. What do u make of that?
    He is also wearing a dark colored jacket which I’ve never noticed him wear at court…seemingly somber in preparing for guilty verdict/funeral?

    1. Ps maybe confliction of support for daughter(pink) & grandaughter (dark)?
      Now JB horrible grilling/torturing of G…trying to push G buttons till he snaps? wonder if JB hostile
      questioning may backfire causing G to break & admit everything KC did…

  55. I am watching a trial today and for me George Anthony looks like a big monster liar again. He is crying on the stand….come on….he didn’t cry when he cheated on his wife with River Cruz….but today he got emotional??? He will thrue his own daughter in jail, take her lfe, badmouth many people around him but he will never tell THE TRUTH. Good skills to have as an ex-detective.
    – the duct tape was in his possesion and was on the gas can;
    – he came to the tow yard already knowing that the car didn’t have gasoline;
    – he told the tow yard manager that his grandaughter was missing and he hopes that the smell from the trunk of Pontiac Sufire is something else but not her;
    – when police first time came to his house he didn’t show any emotions at all;
    – being an ex-detective within a month of his grandaughter disappiarence he never called police;
    – when he wanted comit suicide it was no more that a circus and everything that he wrote in his note. What do people expect that he will write something like “yes, I tried to cover it up and I am sorry”. George will never do it. If he would want to comit suicide he would do it without texting somebody and letting everybody know that he is doing it. In my opinion he just wanted a public attention and he new that somebody will come and save him. I don’t bite it;
    – he cheated on his wife while all people were looking for Caylee;
    – why he would want to get a gun in order to find an extra information from Casey’s friends that he thought could be responsible for Caylee’s death.
    – George is upset when Baez asks him certain questions.
    I don’t believe GEORGE at all. He is an ACTOR and a LIAR.

  56. Is it me or is George Anthony soooo very dramatic about everything, much more than most men would be (or women)? Baez is letting him just talk and talk and talk, and all his diatribe about what a great guy he is, blah-blah, attempted suicide (which I don’t believe for one moment because if he wanted to in fact be with Caylee, he would’ve been with her, leaving a note or not). He would’ve killed himself if that had been his intent, bullet to the head, whatever. He is also one who explains waaaayyyy too much detail. Is that just what all these people do?

    I found it incredible (meaning that I thought it was very odd) that he would yell at the people to shut up if they suggested Caylee was dead or that KC did that to her, and yet we did not see him searching parks and fields as I would’ve been doing myself.

  57. Having read the above comments it occurs to me that George reminds me of an older Jon Gosselin, just had his testicles removed during his marriage to a real shrew, and perhaps getting what pleasure he had in life from his little granddaughter. But he is obviously a liar as is Cindy, so who knows what the truth is. I just can’t see this very emotional guy throwing Caylee into the woods.

  58. i don’t like george one bit, but he didn’t have anything to do with caylee’s death. george might have been in possession of the gas can and the duct tape but he was never in possession of the car itself, or the trunk of the car. who had access to the trunk for the entire 31 days? casey. where was casey? depends on which lie she was telling cindy…in jacksonville at the hard rock hotel, or in jacksonville with zanny after her car crash, or in jacksonville with jeff hopkins to attend jeff’s mom’s deathbed hospital chapel wedding. as far as george knew, even if he didn’t like what was going on his daughter and granddaughter weren’t missing, they were gone from the house, causing family drama that cindy was dealing with. i am speculating that george showed up at the tow yard with gas because he knew his daughter well enough to figure the tank was probably empty. why he didn’t call 911 after smelling death in the car i’ll never understand, and why he allowed cindy to railroad him into lying for casey makes no sense either. but george is not a killer, just a lazy jackass, a terrible father and husband, and a person who has to live with the knowledge that he created a monster who was capable of killing her own child.

  59. I disagree with this. He seemed very credible today on his emotional testimony.

    If he had an affair or not doesn’t mean he abused his daughter. To take that matter as an open door to a whole world of speculation seem warm-blooded to me.

    I think George might have been a negligent father but I don’t believe he abused his daughter. I never sensed deception on him when interrogated about it. I feel for George and Cindy. Even with all their personal dilemma trying to protect Casey from death penalty, they are torn apart by all this. They are losing their house, are unemployed. People say they made money out of a movie but I think that is a fabricated lie by revolted public and media.

    I say leave them alone.

  60. Great Blog!
    Here is your smoking gun!
    George Anthony,
    • the car smells like a decomposing body,
    • his grandaughter is missing.
    • so he, with police experience, drives the crime scene home!
    • and tries to destroy or tamper with evidence
    by ‘cleaning’ the car and contents.

  61. Just wondering Dr. Glass, because I respect your credentials and have enjoyed and learned alot reading your assessments; is it possible that River Cruise may have bamboozzled you over the phone? When I watched just a clip of her TV interview, I saw her “creative” darting eyes, bent head and other body language signs I learned to spot here of obvious lying. Is it possible that once she knew she “had you”, her voice relaxed and everything else on the phone calls sounded genuine to you?
    Don’t get me wrong. I do not trust George Anthony completely either, and saw inconsistencies of his truthfulness on the stand today too (tho I do feel sad for him as the grieving grandfather).
    I’d love to read your thoughts on not having been able to interview River in person to better judge her body language.

  62. I think your take on George is totally off Dr. Glass. Is this family disfunctional? Absolutely. Did George have an affair with a person who has an alias. Could be, Like you said Dr. Glass only George and “River” know. I do know that if I was married to Cindy I might. Who cares, that has nothing to do with the death of this little girl. Casey is a sociopath. She has to copy others in order to have any kind of life. Remember what she told her Mom in the recorded phone conversations. Cindy said she had a flat tire and Casey said “that happened to me too”. In jail when she passed letters back and forth with another inmate, the inmate said she was molested, and low and behold Casey said she had been also. And then she heard about another inmate who had a child die from, drowning and her Dad found the child in the pool, and low and behold that is the story Casey came up with. Hmmmm makes you wonder.

    Casey is nothing but a lying piece of S—!!!! She brought this on herself and she will be paying the price for her lies She deserves death, but I hope that she get LWOP so she can have a lifetime to figure out what has happened to her.
    gramma of 13 – June 30, 2011 at 2:03 am

  63. If George thought at the time he might be the father, it doesn’t matter what the DNA later showed. It gives him a reason to hide the body so there couldn’t be an autopsy.

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