Furious Faced Casey Anthony Bares Her Teeth In Anger While Jose Smiles and Ignores Her

This is the second time we have seen Casey’s angry and hateful facial expression. The first time we saw it was in jailhouse tapes when she was frustrated because her parents would not allow her to speak. Now we have seen it once again . In the photo above we see her open mouth and jutted forth lower jaw and tension around her midface and neck region. Observe the deep lines near her nose and cheeks.  It was not too clear with whom she was angry. I imagine she was angry with both Jose Baez and Cheney Mason. In this photo she glares at Jose who ignores her.

Here we see Casey wide eyed and with tension in her jaw region. You can see the muscles bulging. You can also see the muscles in her neck bulging with anger.  She not only tenses her jaw, she clenches her back teeth together in anger and snarls with her lips apart like a wild animal. Jose ignores her and smiles.

Now she is really clenching her teeth and snarling as she looks at Jose out of the corner of her eye. Look at the bulging muscle in her neck (sterneocleidomastoid muscle). That means she is super angry.

Casey is scary livid. The reason I say this is  becuase if my observation at all the tension around her lips. The muscle on the side on her lip (the risorus muscle)  is coursing downward which is a sign of severe anger. She has also bared her teeth like wild animals do when they feel cornered, threatened, and angry. Her eyes have widened and there is tension in her neck and in the jaw at the side. At this level she could curse a person out. She could even bite someone out of anger as her teeth are ready for action.

 Meanwhile Jose is oblivious to all of this or he is choosing to ignore her.

If looks could kill Jose would be dead. Her pulse must be racing a mile a minute. Look at the muscle tension in her neck. Look at her wild eyes and how she glares at Jose. Look at her open mouth. She is on high alert.

 Here she is looking at Jose eyeball to eyeball. She could easily lunge towards him in anger.

Here Linda Drane Burdick  has walked by her and Jose.  Casey is still eyeballing Jose who has know tuned his head to the side . Her jaw has dropped  in surprise as she cannot believe he is not paying 1000 percent attention to her.

In this photo Casey is capable of biting Jose as she rages at him in disdain. In essence she is so angry at Jose and Mason that she could do physical harm. I hope that they remove all pens and hard objects from the defense table when they read the verdict. If it doesn’t turn out in her favor she may start physically attacking Jose because she may feel she has nothing to lose. Life is life so you can’t give her any more time and death is death so she has nothing to lose either way.

Even though she is  petite, her anger could garner the strength of a huge 300 pound tackle.  So Jose needs to remove all objects and keep his distance from her and make sure the Marshalls are standing right in back of her as the verdict is read. He must not whisper to her to get close to her face because she can spit and bite. 

Casey is a “spiteful bitch” as she said of herself. This concerns me as it applies to what she could do to Jose and to Cheney Mason. For the past three years, Jose has sacrified his life for this ingrate. I would not put it past her to accuse him of sexual harassment.  I would not put it past her to do the same to Cheney Mason. After all she accused her own brother and father of molesting her.

Even if Baez and Mason get her off and she walks out of the courtroom arm in arm with Mason, as he once said, she is very capable of creating trouble for them.  Like a wild animal, she has no loyalty.  Having said that, her wild animal aggressive instincts may serve her well in prison.



84 thoughts on “Furious Faced Casey Anthony Bares Her Teeth In Anger While Jose Smiles and Ignores Her

  1. I agree with all of the adjectives you used about Casey Anthony. But I wondered about her reaction to Jose Baez. I couldn’t figure out if she was angry with him or trying to appear to control herself in front of him – as if he had warned her about losing her temper in the courtroom. Dangerous woman! If the rumors are true and she will testify it will be quite the spectacle!

    1. I love your insight Mrs.Glass , you are so funny and 100 percent on target.

      Casey looked like Vlad the Impaler when her fangs came out and the eyes turned black.

      I would not want her biteing me she was haveing alot of risky flings.

      This girl must have some serious cuties !

  2. Wow she looks like an angry horse with those teeth and jaw. You better listen to Dr. Glass, Jose!! She may tear a piece of your face off. Remove all sharp objects!!!
    When the jurors come out with a guilty verdict, maybe you should run for your life!

    1. i think as soon as she is convicted we will hear that she and jb had a sexual relationship true or not… and he took her money etc.. and i can’t imagine her leaving cm and other lawyers out…. and maybe even bigger better lie…. we have seen the path of destruction that lays all around anyone involed with this …

  3. Dr Glass,
    Thank you for your review of KC’s frightening behavior. My understanding is that this scene occurred on Friday, June 24th. I can see why her attorneys were concerned about her competency to stand trial! Yikes…

  4. Dr. Glass, Casey is worst then a wild animal! I really think her anger is towards Linda. You can see in the video she says something like “she’s looking”…and when Baez turns around she tries to control herself. You can tell how much she hates LDB.
    This woman needs to be locked up for the rest of her natural life, shes one dangerous person that shouldn’t be part of society!!

    1. I agree. I would have liked to know about her body language when she got caught by Baez. She grabbed her neck and pulled at her collar. With Casey being such a liar, to me this video showed the true Casey.

      1. Dr. Glass, I would like to understand the neck grabbing, collar pulling body language too … very interesting.

      2. Gemini, it seemed when she was fixing her collar she was readjusting her behavior. She was trying to COVER what she just did, physically with her clothes. Just like she was out of her skin and then she realized it and came back to reality! It speaks volumes..she’s an angry person that can flip in a blink of an eye. I think we finally see what little Caylee dealt with everyday…and I’m sure thats the face Casey had the last day…

      3. i agree that look on her face when shes holding her shirt together was just as scary as her angry face..

    2. I completely agree. She was furious with Linda Drane-Burdick. In fact in another video taken from a different angle, you can see her becoming irate as Linda Drane-Burdick draws near — as though she feels that this woman,who is trying to kill her, is being allowed to get too close to her. She wants to do Linda Drane-Burdick physical harm. She points her finger at her, and bares her teeth and only when she realizes what she’s done and that Jose’s seen it, does she try to cover up her actions, pulling at her collar and drawing herself in. My impression is that she is afraid of Jose. I am not sure why. But it did not seem she was angry with him OR with Cheney Mason. She was afraid of Jose and seeking consolation from Mason, whispering to him conspiratorially, as if to complain to Daddy about the bully who tried to hurt her on the playground….

  5. I believe Casey was actually snarlng at Linda Drake Burdick, the lead prosecutor. You can see she was looking and pointing in the direction Ms Burdick was aporoaching from. I belive LDB was coming forward to a sidebar after Cindy testified about Caylee being premature.

    So i don’t think the anger was directed at the defense team, but rather at prosecution.

    1. Kess, your interpretation makes the most sense. She’s not furious with Baez. When Baez notices her actions, she stops, changes her expression and tries to cover up what she just did. I also think whe’s snarling at LDB.

  6. I remember watching this tantrum live when it happened. Cindy was on the witness stand, and Jose was trying to submit into evidence a large (11 x 14 or so) photo of Cindy and a VERY pregnant Casey. This was the picture taken at Cindy’s brother’s wedding. The attorneys had all gone into a sidebar, and Judge Perry was looking at the picture. I’m guessing Jose didn’t get Casey’s approval before doing this, because she looked like she was going to leap across the table and attack him.

    This was the most (real) emotion I’ve seen her display during the the trial thus far. How incredibly sad and pathetic. The trial is about her murdered daughter and the time she shows the most emotion is when her attorney submits a non-flattering picture of her into evidence.

    Lock her up and throw away the key!

    1. I typically have the trial on in the background but do other tasks. I remember the line of questioning but never saw Casey’s reaction. Was the jury present during this?

  7. From watching the clip in its entirety, I also believe LDB is the cause of rage in Casey because she walked by and looked at something on the defense’s table. She did look like a wild animal.. Yikes! It’s a shame Sindy didn’t do to her what she did to Caylee.

  8. She looks like a rabid wolf. Very Scary. Just heartbreaking to imagine this evil coming after baby Caylee. Breaks my heart to imagine this.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Let me not have the images of what Caylee saw at the end of her life. But as Caylee was dying, this bitch was probably smiling and laughing. A dead daughter was her dream come true.

  9. Casey showed the same, very brief behavior on Monday- the camera captured a moment when she was pointing at what appeared to be something on the defense table and mouthed the words ” Close that !!” I am not sure if it was a laptop that was displaying something, or if it was a note or legal document she did not want the court officers who escort her to see. She did the same thing, baring her teeth, eyes flashing, but it was fleeting. You could see a flash of anger/anxiety. She mouthed an ORDER, not a request. I have the sense that in the next few days, Casey’s anxiety will ramp up considerably, to the point that she will be completly unpredictable. The fact that she is losing the ability to manipulate and charm those around her is grating on her nerves, it is written all over her face. Casey perceives everyone around her as imbeciles, to include her own defense team.

    1. And it’s exactly why the deputy now stands behind Casey all day.
      There was a day recently when Judge Perry called aside a Deputy after recess? Maybe it was Friday after this outburst?

      I HOPE she’s already upset at the gorgeous and brilliant LDB. Since it looks more and more like Casey will testify, I’m happy she already despises the woman who will decimate her on the stand. All the jury need is for Casey to flash that anger again on the stand, and she gets the DP. JMO.
      And does anyone really think Casey could hold it together under HOURS of cross-exam? It’s gonna be HOT!

  10. It appeared to me that Casey was trying to get Baez’s attention and he was ignoring her- she was wildly gesticulating to Cheney Mason, trying to get Mason to do something in regards to Baez. It seemed she wanted Mason to call Baez over to the defense table. Cheney Mason is very hearing impaired, he did not understand what Casey was saying to him, and Casey became more and more agitated. He finally moved towards her, and leaned in towards Casey as she leaned in to tell him something . She was clearly upset, I think because she felt like Baez was not paying attention to /or doing something she thought he should be doing.
    I have watched Casey’s face several times when Linda Drane Burdick approaches the defense table. Casey ALWAYS looks directly at Burdick, but Burdick ignores her, does not make eye contact and is very professional with the defense team. I think Casey wants to make eye contact with Burdick and Burdick knows that, that is precisely why Burdick DOES NOT make eye contact with her. Burdick knows that Casey is manipulative and refuses to be drawn into it- that is VERY unsettling to Casey. Watch Casey’s face closely when she looks at Burdick- it is very telling. Casey is used to being able to “size people up” and manipulate them. With Drane Burdick, she can’t and it is very unsettling for her.The look on her face towards Burdick is always apprenhension and confusion. She knows Drane Burdick has her number. She actually thinks that if Drane Burdick would just LOOK at her, then Casey could convince Burdick to like her. Casey is a petri dish of the bizarre.

    1. They can’t let this girl walk away from this crime scot free. Please let justice prevail!!!! KC always has a snarl on her face when the prosecutors are at the podium. She hates them.

  11. All this is Casey Anthony in a nutshell. She is highly dangerous and the images Dr. Glass showed, what Dr. Glass said is right on target. Jose Baez and everyone else needs to be highly cautious with and around Casey Anthony because she will do what it takes to get what she wants even at the cost of harm to others or murder.

    How to Deal With A Sociopath Effectively?

    Now that you know something about their nature, one can think about, how to deal with a psychopath. Here are some thoughts about how you can do that!

    Stay Away from Them!
    Once you realize you are dealing with a sociopath, the best thing to do is to remove them from your life and stay as far away from them as possible! As you cannot cure sociopaths and beating them at their own game is risking your own life!

    Do Not Try to Reform Them
    Studies have shown that efforts at curing sociopaths with therapy only backfire! The sociopaths use the therapy in sharpening and polishing their conversational and conning skills. There is no known successful treatment for sociopaths. A person who has a core of humanity left in him can be reformed. People without a conscience, or people who can override the call of their conscience are beyond reform. Most of them are best kept behind bars!

    Warn People
    If a psychopath has ruined your life and if you feel that you should warn other people before he ruins theirs too, do so at your own risk. Report police authorities if you come across evidence of violence inflicted by the sociopath. The faster they are put behind bars, the better it is. Remember they feed on your fears and emotions and use them to manipulate you. Be fearless, and deal with them coldly.

    For those of you, who have been unfortunate enough to have crossed paths with a sociopath, I would like to say that, do not lose your trust in humanity. There is a lot of goodness and beauty in this world which is waiting to be beholden by you. Don’t let sociopaths and other anti social elements bring you down to their level. Deal with them with a cool mind and do not ever hesitate in doing the right thing, no matter how hard it is!
    – By Gray Pilgrim


    She already killed her child and I wondered if prior to that when she was telling her friend Amy that she was going to inherit her parents home if she might have intended to kill them but it just seemed to complicated so she opted for her child. She is a really dangerous person who would kill family, friends, and associates. She would also steal from them. She has ZERO remorse about anything except her current lock-up. She wants out and that’s all she cares about because it is interfering with what she wants to do just like Caylee was interfering.

  12. I viewed the You Tube video on this particular snippit of her rage and she was apparently angry that Linda Drane Burdick was looking at some papers on the defense’s table. She was not angry with Jose but Linda. At any rate, there were comments on your blog about her smiling so much Monday morning. Perhaps it’s because her attorneys are filing a motion to have her case thrown out due to the death penalty being deemed unconstitutional. Therefore, they have probably informed her that she will not see death and will get a whole new trial. They would have to get a new jury because these jurors were chosen for their positive view of the death penalty (except juror #4). Hence, this could be another reason she is all smiles.

    1. I believe there are several camera angles that show different perspectives. The video posted on clickorlando.com is the one that clearly shows Casey angry and gesturing towards Jose behind his back. She is certainly upset at Jose and expressing her anger to Cheney. When Jose turns around, she immediately stops her rage and fiddles with the collar of her blouse. LDB just happens to walk by during that same moment and does catch the tail end of Casey’s rage. I believe it was this exchange that made Cheney feel he needed to file the Motion for Incompetency. We will never know what she was saying behind Jose’s back in her rage, but it must have scared the heck out of Cheney!

      1. Fla Girl-
        I concur. Cheney Mason had a stunned look on his face while Casey was whispering to him after this. Whatever she said, coupled with her behavior, stunned him. He seemed genuinely shocked when she was whispering to him. A coincidence that her competency is then questioned? I think not. Mason was the one who filed the Competency request, and I do think it all centered around this intereaction between Casey/Mason/Baez.

  13. Dr. Glass, Your comment about how dangerous Casey can be, made me wonder about security in the courtroom. Do her parents go through a metal detector on entering? Does she have any ‘groupies’ sitting near her who would ‘help’ her. I was just thinking how the trial is lasting roughly the same number of days Caylee was missing without being reported. It is a long time.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Security in this courtroom seems to be to layed back,is it b/c of the whole Nation is watching? Idk.
      I’ve attended a few court proceedings and what I observed was that theres at least 2 officers eyeing the defendants behavior. The slightest shift of body posture, facial expression or tone of voice and those guards move around the defendant, just in case anything was to happen.
      I have yet to see this occur during this trial. Just the fact that this is a DP trial, you would think the guards would surround Casey like flies on crap. IMO Casey has probably befriended most of them, thats why she comes through the door w/ a smile every morning.

      1. I don’t think it has been layed back per se- from the beginning there have been many court officers stationed throughout the room, the camera has shown three usually stationed near the door, with more walking around looking- Judge Perry made it clear he would tolerate no outbursts or nonsense.There have been many people ejected from the courtroom quietly- without disruption, for things like chewing gum, talking, sleeping, etc.I think Judge perry has been no nonsense and very professional during this proceeding. The thing I noticed today was that the officer who usually stood over by the anteroom going out to the holding cell etc, is now directly behind Casey. I am sure this is because of the Competency Motion and Casey’s angry display which generated this body language blog topic. Better safe than sorry and with an officer so close to Casey now, any commotion or outburst can be stopped swiftly.

    2. there is a security person standing behind kc now in court… i would love to know the conversation with cm that had him worried….. yikes..

      1. sorry DON’T FORGET CAYLEE i didn’t see it but i did read your comment above and agree with everything you point out… kc is one scary animal

  14. I can’t wait to see if Casey will take the stand. If so, I pray that LDB cross-examines her. Oh, Casey’s body language/facial expressions are sure to be priceless!

    1. See my comment above. If Casey actually testifies, I believe LDB will leave her a sputtering mess. I think that footage of Casey would be viewed by future mental health workers for decades….like Bundy, Dahmer, BTK, etc–Even though Casey is a different kind of murderer than them, her interrogation & jailhouse videos certainly could be used as the perfect demo of a sociopath straight outta the book.

    2. I think Casey wants Linda also so she can give her a hard time. maybe she should get a surprise and have Ashton

  15. If Casey ends up accusing her defense of sexual misconduct the “irony will be rich indeed.” That is what they deserve. She looks like an animal is this photo – pretty scary.

  16. Interesting that today( Tuesday) that a court LE officer is standing directly behind Casey at all times. This is new since the Competency Motion was filed. There has always been one who stood over by the holding ante room door, NOT directly behind her. I think the officer is on high alert since the Competency Motion was filed. You can tell that this case is getting down to the wire, fun and games are over for Casey and it is apparent that everyone is now playing hardball. The tension in court today is very apparent. I’m sure Casey is non too thrilled to have an officer right behind her at all times now, but I think it was apparent to everyone after this episode and her display and whatever she conveyed to Mason that she is experiencing increased angst and unpredictability. Better safe than sorry, hence the officer now stationed directly behind her.

    1. Yea..and today at the end..Baez had two Jail house officers account for Casey’s demeanor since she has been in lock-up..even that the state objected..he wanted it on record that she has been a model prisoner…he said in case there was a re-trial. hmmmm

  17. Wow! that video is really something. Casey still wants to be in charge or else. I guess this gives me a picture as to why her parents never wanted to upset her becasue they just didn’t want to face that wrath. She has never been held accountable so she continued that behavior and should fit well in prison.

    What the heck does she have on today anyway? Does anyone notice if she is still doing that grooming stuff?

  18. I believe the jury was in the room when Casey let loose, too. I don’t know if they saw it or not, of course. I watched it again in full screen and her eyes do not even follow the proscecutor who walks by, she seems to be watching JB completely and not wanting him to see what she is saying to Mason.

    1. WFTV confirmed that the jury was still in the room when she did this. However, in-court reporter Kathy says that few of the jury look at Casey any more. Hopefully, one of them will catch that look and remember it when they start to deliberate.

      1. BeckyM, thanks for sharing that info, as I was wondering if the jury was still seated and perhaps saw Casey act out on such a way.

        Dr Glass, I am wondering if the fact that few of the jury look at Casey anymore means they have grown tired of the charade and have become negatively saturated with the nonsensical defense stance,which means perhaps a guilty verdict will come in. What do you think?

  19. Could it be that the behavior you caught is what prompted Casey’s defense team to have her evaluated to find out if she was competent?

  20. Marianne,You’re so right on.I have had dealings with a woman that is a total Sociopath and you’re right it is almost impossible to get them out of your life,once they are there.The sad part is I came across this gal at a website having to do with sick children,since 3 of my 5 kids are disabled.

    This gal originally told me she had a sick child and then I started noticing inconsistant stories lie after lie after lie.Then she started stealing my daughters info.It was horrible went on for months,once I finally called her on it,then she started stalking me and would play the victim role and go to every friend I had online and would play this lovey,dovey sweetie game with them and many were charmed and deceived.Also had numerous aliases and about 100 different email addy’s.

    I feel so sorry for the child involved in this,but had to totally remove myself and block everything to get this person away.

    Marianne is right they will never admit they are wrong or that they lied.They will twist things and will use people for their own benefit.Without one ounce of care for what they have put someone through.

    Casey has only done nothing but used everyone in her life and I believe her mom has pretty much the same personality,but maybe not as violent.

    Casey has conned her whole life and her mother helped her to do it.Her personality reminds me so much of Scott peterson or Jorn Vander Sloot.Very much the same and I believe they all had their enablers.

  21. does anyone besides myself, think that maybe KC, wants to get on the witness stand-and maybe go outside the realm and throw her defense team under the bus, to save her butt; you never know–just a theory, but i sure wouldn,t put it pass her

  22. When I watched the video, what I saw was her realizing that the camera caught part of her rage. She wasn’t looking at Baez, she was seeing the camera pointed at her with the red light on. To me, she looks caught. She immediately tried to drop the rage and smooth all the muscles. She even clutches at her throat – either because she growled or to hide the rage there.

    It really showed how calculating she is, how she can slip in and out of her Killer self and into the charmed princess. Imagine being a toddler with that rage coming at you when no one was around. Caylee had a torturous childhood.

  23. Casey is obviously not only a sociopath, but a total Borderline personality as well. This explains the parents not wanting to “upset” her. It also explains her sexual promiscuity. That video is scary. She spirals out of control so quickly! A friend who is a therapist specializing in BPD has explained it to me a bit – imagine the most out of control angry you’ve ever been – this is what a Borderline spirals (quickly) into every time they get upset. They can’t calm themselves down.
    Poor little Caylee 😦

    1. I have BPD, and I don’t have any angry outbursts. I’m also not a sociopath.

      BPD is better described as ‘Emotion Regulation Disorder.’ Basically it means at a critical time in childhood, the synapses did not connect properly between the emotional, primitive center of the brain to the logic-processing area of the brain. If that connection between those parts of the brain is never formed, the ‘developmental window’ closes, and leaves that person with BPD. BPD means one is poorly able to process emotions–even minor disappointment–properly or in context.

      BPD is a ‘disorder’, a physical problem with the brain as an organ; it’s also why any medication for a person w/ BPD is usually ineffective.
      They are very sensitive to criticism, as they cannot, in that moment, JUDGE the critique; the hurt is paramount and supersedes thought. This makes a person with BPD EXTREMELY moody and VERY reactionary.

      BUT—and it’s a big but—not all of us act out with anger; my anger gets turned inward as low self-esteem and EXTREME anxiety (because MY parents would have smacked me for expressing anything).
      Since it is my opinion that Casey grew up in a loving but ENABLING family, she was never properly disciplined for violent outbursts; therefore she her anger manifests more often as violence.

      I’m sorry for the long post. Many posters though have speculated whether Casey has BPD, and I just don’t want BPD or its sufferers painted with any broad brush. We certainly are not all sociopaths nor violent. Just FYI, to all, not personal to you, Liz.

      1. Thank you for explaining more about BPD and for being so nice abt my errors. Please know that I did not mean that I thought sociopathy had anything to do with BPD. The friend I mentioned has BPD herself and is rigorously honest – and also very brilliant. She is an amazing person.
        I should not have lumped the 2 disorders.I was just struck by CA’s sudden outburst – after weeks of sitting there staring straight ahead. And I have heard some “experts” on TV mention BPD and Narcissistic Personality Disorder as possible diagnoses of CA.
        Thank you again for the information. Good luck to you 🙂

      2. NP, Liz. You didn’t have any real errors. I just wanna make sure everybody understands that the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand by any means, just so no one thinks we’re ALL monsters.

        After listening to Casey’s Universal Studios interrogation for the first time, I actually asked my therapist to reassure me that I am NOT a sociopath and I DO have empathy. Casey really freaks me out, because I recognize some behavior—but it’s like she’s got BPD and she’s also stuck @ 3 years old. I’m more of a perennially awkward 13-year old.
        Casey immediately struck me as a 3-year old and I never wavered from that opinion. It was about a month later I realized she had killed her daughter at about that age. That’s creepy to me.

        Thanks for the kind words too.

  24. Dr Glass…Gawd..how I agree with you..I can almost feel this anger..it is so close..can’t you feel her snap? Poor little Caylee..I can feel what happened now..how angry she was at her mother and how she snapped at the baby and was that spite-full-bitch!..it most of been horrible for her..this is the face that Mr. Mason sent to the Judge on Friday and stopped the hearing for I am pretty sure..this was what he felt was uncontrollable energy.

    1. As I understand, their was a sidebar at that time, so the jury must have been in! Hope non judgemental juror # 4 saw her!

  25. Linda is walking past the defence table and the laptop is open. Casey points to Linda and then to the laptop. I’m thinking Casey was upset that Linda may have looked at the laptop. JMO. If you watch the video you can see when Linda and then Ashton walk by Linda kind of gives a grin after Casey got so upset.

  26. Nobody has said anything about the eyebrows. When she is happy and smiling she raises her eyebrows, what does that mean? Sometimes she does it so much it looks foolish.

  27. I imagine if a camera caught me in an angry moment, I would look pretty bad; but I can assure you, I am incapable of murder — more a danger to myself than others. I also had a “bad childhood” but still managed to refrain from killing anyone. Actually, after viewing several days of this family’s interactions, my childhood is starting to look better…

  28. Has anyone noticed this entire week, a police officer is standing directly behind Casey, however they have kept their distance until now. Is this a result of her raging out to the defense attorney who was walking past her returning from side bar, or possibly her own attorney? Maybe that’s why she had a competent evaluation.

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