Casey’s Anthony’s Head Bump


There is no question that this trial has taken its toll on Casey as we can see the photo above. The bags under her eyes are much  heavier and darker and her face appears puffier.

I also  noticed today that Casey appeared to have a knot or a bump on her temple at the right side of her head.It also looks a bit discolored . 

 It was also there weeks earlier when Tony Lazarro testified.

The bump was out in full force during her emotional breakdown when her mother testified and refused to look at her.

There seemed to be a  slight bump but not as pronounced when she was first arrested.



She didn’t ppear to have the bump when Caylee was alive.



In fact the area around hre temple seems flat as you can see int he photo above.

In the courtroom we have seen that Casey does not appear to express genuine emotion.  For the most part, she appears stoic and detached in terms of her facial expression. The bump may be caused by her muscles tensing around her temple area which reflects how nervous she is really feeling inside. Even though she tries to  not  give  anything away, her tension has leaked out  anyway. Even though she may look cool calm and collected, her facial  muscles are screaming that in reality , she is extremely  nervous as she has t o listen to expert after expert shoot holes in her defense.


35 thoughts on “Casey’s Anthony’s Head Bump

  1. Hi Dr Lillian,
    I love reading your posts and am fascinated by this subject, also the way in which Casey Anthony behaves. I look everyday for your updates on her behaviour. found “The bump” one funny but so true. Please continue to update on her behaviour …


  2. Dr. Glass, your picture names are so amusing “devil pretty” “devil toll” etc. Not that there is anything amusing in this horrible trial. I was wondering if you noticed yesterday during the testimony of the Canadian computer guy. He mentioned a specific search phrase and Casey actually got a genuinely puzzled look on her face, like all of the other stuff he mentioned, chloroform neck-breaking, was familiar territory to her but this one search [and I can’t remember the exact phrase but it was some obscure medical condition] her look of puzzlement was about the first genuine expression I have seen from her. I thought it was very telling. I mean all of her body language is, but it is simply fascinating to watch the facial contortions or lack thereof. Now when I go into staff meetings, I try to analyze speakers and observers using your technique, nose pulling, rapid blinking, hand on jaw etc.


    1. Her eyebrow was up really high on that side of the face like she had botox on one side of the face. Happened to me I had botox for migraines and had a funny eyebrow for a few months.

      She has changed a lot she really has/had a great smile that can light up a room. Now that smile does not work well as I see what is behind it. I am not a supporter of hers you can read my posts.

      Casey is like Diana Downs she chose men over her daughter.

      She should have used her lying abitlity on a career like writing soap opera’s she is very articulate and not stupid like most think.

      I hope none of jurors get taken in by her charms or think that using Chloroform as a babysitter is okay, putting her in the trunk overnight and taping the airways so she could not scream out in the dark.

      Dr Glass why do people think this was an accident?


  3. Dr. Glass: I noticed the bump a few weeks ago too. Do you think she might just be growing horns?

    P.S. I love reading your blog. Your ability to read body language is truly exceptional.


  4. That is one hell of a massive trigger point. I see her clench her jaw all the time. I bet she has some bad tension headaches.


  5. Casey’s inner self is finally projecting itself to her physical being. We can only guess what she will look like 10 years into her prison sentence.


  6. I’m watching the testimony from the crime scene investigator who is telling about Caylee’s skull. They say Casey is crying now, but why, oh why, isn’t she sobbing at the sight of all of this? Is she that tough, or just a great actress? No empathy?

    Thank you, Dr. Glass for covering this.


    1. To give her the benefit of the doubt – not everyone cries in this situation. Some people might be numb, or shocked…etc…you get the picture.

      However, that being said – the evil one isn’t really crying. Those are invisible tears. Look at her forehead and her eyebrows. When you cry, you get creases in your forehead and the inside points of your eyebrows turn up (from what I remember reading). She shows none of those signs and I don’t think she’s had botox shots for wrinkles while in jail.

      So, to me, she’s not crying. She’s acting and not doing a very good job of it.


      1. But her nose is red as well as under the eyes-its from rubbing hard. Casey took drama class in H.S., so she knows how to develop tears and/or look like a person crying. Run your finger over your eyeball and there you are-a tear! 😕


  7. I noticed that Casey picked up a few tips from her mom’s performance; alas, she is entirely unable to pull it off. (not that I ever believed Cindy wasn’t hamming it up a bit, though I’m sure she grieves “in her own way,” away from our prying eyes.) I kept waiting for Casey to put her head down so we couldn’t see HER face while she tries SO HARD to appear heart broken and devastated. Seeing her being unable to express any form of real sadness, regardless of how Caylee died, solidifies my gut feeling that it wasn’t an accident at all.

    That bump, though, might be caused by her hitting her head repeatedly against her cell walls or bed frame in frustration and worry. Like a nervous tic. Just a thought.


    1. THIS is what I thought too — that she mimics Cindy’s style of (fake) crying, since as a narcissistic psychopath, she has a flat affect, doesn’t emote, & has to mimic someone else’s emotions in any given situation as a result……Nancy Grace had a dual shot of Cindy sobbing on the stand in her first day of testifying, & one of Casey (fake) crying today (25th day of trial counting jury selection)— remarkable resemblance. Kudos to Nancy Grace for this “discovery”. jmho


  8. I’ve noticed that her forehead looks odd and I wondered why she didn’t have bangs or a decent haircut. It would have gone a long way in softening her look for the jury. Instead she looks very harsh and I think her clothes are inappropriate as well. Early on I heard that George Anthony was not the biological father of Casey and Lee but i haven’t heard this again. Has anyone else hear this?


    1. Not at all – haven’t heard that at all…although George was married once before he married Cindy, his marriage had been childless so the only children he’s had were these two with Cindy. jmho


    1. OMG! I hadn’t noticed that. That’s hilarious. I guess it’s her only outlet when she can’t tell everyone to buzz off verbally.


  9. Dr. Glass, WOW, thank you for pointing out that knot in her head. Her head, inside and out, is one big knot, iimo

    Notice how she takes in a breath through her mouth in and lets out air again through the the mouth (exhales gently, so as not to be too obvious) when damaging testimony is being given.


  10. I noticed her forehead some time ago….the shape of it was familiar, but I just could not get it. Then it hit me! ….. anyone who lives along a coastline knows what a horse shoe crab looks . it has the exact same shape as her forehead., and when she is angry the shape gets all red. It is like her brain is popping out…or trying to….very very curious…i would love to hear from someone medical on this strange thing…i never knew peoples bones changed at her age. Could be a scary movie thing….”The Forehead”……..


  11. The head bump, pointed eyebrows, pointed ears, the change in her mouth area and those cold eyes are becoming more pronounced every day. I think these are the windows to her rotting soul. She is unraveling like Dorian Gray.


    1. OMG, your so right, Brilliant! Classics, like Dorian Gray, contain eternal truths. Casey has given her soul over to the dark side. I keep hoping she will WAKE UP and become remorseful!


  12. Dr Glass, I was kinda thinking maybe KARMA was soon..and this is a large tumor growing…More fake tears today..
    I noticed something today that if you are able to contact Ms. Burdick…she should be aware of this..@12 :23 part two of today trial hearings..Jose Baez asked Lee Anthony a question..the JP had to answer only if he knew the answer he could reply…JOSE BAEZ nods his head saying YES! to Lee to answer the question…Lee answers in his reply…It so looked wrong…it looked PLANNED!! FYI
    IMO…MARCH 19, 2008 Casey Anthony turns 21 YEARS OLD…does anyone else think this was why she was looking for chloroform 84 times…MOTIVE…single mom finally 21, has baby tied to her hot body…She has waited a long time to be LEGAL…..and yet she has Caylee…what was a girl too do?


  13. Did anyone catch Baez looking at Casey during some of the computer testimony, and then looking away and giving the contempt half sneer?


  14. Dr. Glass I wish you could go on Headline news shows as many of the hosts are buying into Casey’s performance. I do not think they watch the entire day they come up the stangest things.


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