Casey Anthony Body Language Appears As Though She’s Watching Someone Else’s Trial

It is  23 of Casey Anthony’s trial. What I find astounding is how she behaves when she enters the courtroom each morning. As she becomes more and more familiar with her surrounding and with the people on her team, we see her literally beaming.  In the photo above she has noticed Baez. As he walks by he can’t contain her happiness. She raises her eyebrows in recognition of him.

She even gives a smile and wave to a team member on her right. The wave may have been for  Cheney.

Casey gives a very hearty welcome to Ms. Simms, her new mother figure. After hearing Cindy’s testimony and knowing about all the conflict between Casey and her real mother, there is  no doubt that she welcomes Ms. Simms  contrasting gentle   and comforting approach.  Unlike her real mother, Ms.  Simms  appears to accept Casey unconditionally – lies all. Casey really likes this.

The bottom line is that Casey is very happy when she enters the courtroom. But as soon as the jurors come in we see a completely different Casey Casey Anthony from a body language standpoint.

Casey is often seen cocking her head to the side which indicates curiosity. It is though she is detached from the fact that it is her whom  they are speaking about during the testimony.  She gives the impression that she is a mere observer without any emotional attachment to what is said.

Sometimes she looks as though she s bored. Other times she looks on with great interest and shows body langage that indicates curiosity. It appears  as though it may be a form of  entertainment for her  Even though much of the testimony she hears seems to incriminate her, she shows no reaction.

The only real reaction we saw was when her mother was on the stand and refused to look at Casey. Otherwise, we have seen her wipe away fake tears to give the impression  tot he jury that she had an emotional reaction to what was said.

Casey appears to be objectively observing her own  case as though she was one of the jurors who  had to learn all the facts about  a young woman accused of murdering her daughter.


120 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Body Language Appears As Though She’s Watching Someone Else’s Trial

  1. I sure appreciate your observance of Casey’s behavior. Today she is typing on a MAC computer, not even really paying attention????? My heart brakes for Lil Caylee. Her so called Mother doesn’t care about ANYTHING but herself. I don’t care who says what , Casey waited 31 days & partied during that time. I have lived through the unexpected death of my infant Grandson, a day does not go by without sorrow & heart brake. That was almost 3 years ago for our family. She is a COLD heart ed human & so are her lawyers for defending her actions. She should have been FRANTIC , enlisting all and any help to find her daughter, but all the while talking to her parents as if she is still alive when she now says she knew she had drown. (as per video tapes) What gives here???? I am just so ill over it all. And people who think she is innocent & a good mom???? I am sorry but THEY have NO Clue!! This Casey is REALLY the true definition of PURE selfishness, non compassionate, only thinking of herself ,etc. The worst kind of human being there could be. Call me judgmental, so I am , live through an infant death & tell me she is a healthy minded human??? NO , she needs life enclosed somewhere with some serious discipline in compassion. That would be the lesser of what she really deserves. I fear she is going to get off free. 😦 my heart is broken. Where is the people who are fighting for Caylee? Thank goodness for the STATE of Florida, but I am scared that is not enough. 😦

    1. And don’t forget, SHE didn’t report Caylee missing, her mother did. I really believe that if Casey were not confronted that day by her mother, she would never have reported Caylee missing. To think that the day that baby died, she went to BlockBuster to rent movies with a one-month old boyfriend, and then spent the entire next day in bed with him! She is totally disgusting. Between that and trying to put the blame on her father, I am now praying for the death sentence for her.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Glass! As I watched yesterday (6/6/11), I was astounded by the lack of emotion on her face. To me, in her delusional mind, she is not there to hear anything negative about herself, but rather there, as a member of the defense, to hear about someone else!

    When one looks up the word “sociopath” in the dictionary, one should be able to see Casey Anthony’s picture. She is the poster child for the word. Un-frigging-believable!

  3. Dr. Glass I have also noticed the difference in her facial expressions. It’s like night and day. I’m assuming when she looks perky and happy are when the jurors are not in the courtroom. It is so obvious the way she lights up when talking to Baez and Maison. The way she holds her head and looks upwards wide eyed, it looks to me as what I think of puppy dog eyes. Haven’t took notice if she does the same with the female members of her ‘team’.

    1. you, do not know what happened or do you? Innocent until proven guilty… you are NOT in the court room you see what the tv and press wish you to see. As a coach and psychologist I work with many people who have baggage from the past. Face it, we all have some. No one gets through their life without something happening that has a negative impact. Whether these events are traumatic or whether they are merely stressful, we all develop coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with them and to get by.

      Sometimes those coping mechanisms are responsible for our very survival. For example, they may allow us to “turn off” our emotional reaction so that we can do what we need to do to survive, as is the case for soldiers in battle. These coping mechanisms may keep us from experiencing things that are far too intense for us to be able to comprehend, such as when a sexually abused child disconnects and floats out of her body. We may shove our own feelings aside in order to help others as is the case in accidents or disasters. In order to cope, people learn to “turn off” their emotions. And emotional numbing is a good thing at the time. It helps them survive. It helps them cope.

      You and I d not know what happened to Caley, your comments are your conclusion……..

      1. I just report what I observe from a body language point of view and I see the live feeds so I do see what is going on it the courtroom. You are correct in that we all have negative and traumatic events in our lives which have an impact on us and those around us. You make a good point as to why Casey may be disconnecting.My comments are based on my observations of what I have seen throughout this trial. The disconnect is only one aspect of her body language. The other times, she often inappropriate with flirtatrous behavior and fake tears. At those times she appears to be very connected and highly manipulative.

      2. @ ali
        You’re right! I don’t know how Casey EXACTLY killed Caylee.

        The journey is to rule not guilty based upon “reason” so I think you can figure out what the verdict is going to be.

      3. We can only hope that the “counselor” on the jury panel does not believe as you do—she will be the one hung juror! Please don’t take offense as I mean none— I am a fully licensed therapist/counselor with a Master’s Degree &, although I fully understand what you are saying in your comments above, your comments DO NOT apply correctly to this situation, the actions of the defendant, nor her history. Most truly (sexually) abused children who become adults COULD NOT do the things that this defendant did. In my opinion (which I am clearly not making professionally, but as an onlooker. That’s the job of an MD) she is clearly a sociopath (only from observations, only as a onlooker’s opinion).

        Aside from an assessment by a qualified psychiatrist (MD)—her actions, body-language, history all point to such a diagnosis. Without such an assessment, no one will ever “know,” but we can make educated guesses based on our knowledge and background of experience—we are NOT the jury and we are NOT her doctor–so as bloggers, we can give opinion—and some have opinions based in actual professions, education, or as law enforcement workers which add to the overall opinion. I am happy to see the opinion of many professionals.

  4. Ihave watched the case too..Crazy Casey is no different from Susan Smith who killed her kids in the lake, No emotion after she killed them..No different then Andrea Yates who killed her kids in a bathtub, No emotion..The only difference I See with Crazy Casey is, people have paid attention to her and made her popular, and she feeds on that and enjoys it..Bottom line Casey is playing the game and using people plus her family and hoping to find a few soft dumb people on the jury to benifit herself..Casey is doing what every other person has done where she is..Casey is trying to get away with murder… closed……..

    1. Thats just what Casey is trying to do.The murdering dog who killed our 2 yr old .He and Casey act the same.It took two trial but we got a guilty verdict.I hope it only takes one in this case.Casey made a choice,she could have left Caylee with someone,even her parents.But she chose to do this.Casey is a adult,was at the time of Caylees death.I dont believe anything the defence,and Casey are trying to spin .All evidence leads to Casey….As the one who took Caylees life..Shame on her for not telling the truth.Shame on her for taking her baby girl life.The sooner she halled off to prison the better in my book. She as any other who take a childs life,must be punished

      .I think any who kill a child should recive the death sentence.These babies cant fight off an attacker.They are helpless,that makes it all the more sick for someone to kill them. Casey who was suppose to love, nurture,and protect her child .She did the worst to her own flesh and blood child.I find Casey disgusting,with all her lies.With her even trying to say other family did this.Or touched her lieing butt sexualy..Caseyhas not showed me she was molested.All she showed me is shes selfish,spoiled,and rebellious.Cares for one person only(herself) Vain in all her ways They can stop Beazs and the trash bit-buy letting the jury smell the carpet sample in the can-v smelling the trash.That will shut him up with his on the job death pen.atty training,paid for by Fla tax payers.He one day may become a good defence atty But when questioning Dr Vas about it being his first time to testify in a criminal case,and about money.I had to Llaugh when hes doing the same.Pot callng the kettle black so to speak-his first DP case,and he spent Caylee photo money quickly along with doners money.KWIM

      1. Bingo, Jan. Selfish, loves the attention, couldn’t have cared less about her daughter-because she killed her. No emotion. She has jumped in and told the lawyers what to do, seems to advise, yes she does seem to be “part of the team”, like she will save herself, damned everyone else.
        Threw her family under the bus. I don’t think she’s supposed
        to be looking at, or “laughing with” the jury. If she has it’s funny the judge didn’t say something at least to her lawyers, maybe he did when cameras were gone.

    2. I have to disagree that Casey is anything like Andrea Yates, who was actually ill and immediately admitted to killing her children in a delusion “mercy” killing. She, like most mothers who kill, did it during a psychopathic episode, and she was also diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. In my opinion, Casey is a sociopath and probably also suffers from borderline personality disorder, but I do not think she has an actual mental illness. Watching her lie with no abandon, the lies flowing with no sense of anxiousness proves her lack of conscious. Dr. Glass, I would LOVE to read your analysis of Casey body language, mainly her facial expression, on Day 1 of her trial, while Baez was making his opening statement. During his explaining the abuse Casey suffered at the hands of her father, she is making a facial expression I have never seen, before or since then. Please do tell us what you think! To me it look like shear terror!

      1. “Casey is a sociopath and probably also suffers from borderline personality disorder, but I do not think she has an actual mental illness.” Lol, what are sociopathy and BDP if not mental illnesses?

    3. Andrea Yates was clearly insane and had a long mental history. While it was a tragedy, Andrea was clearly mentally incompetent. I don’t believe Casey is.

      1. Andrea Yates was distraught at her actions. I’d have to look it up, but I believe she was heavily medicated for her trial, and even then she was barely competent to stand trial.

    4. Andrea Yates was suffering from psychosis when she killed her children and was FILLED with anguish. No similarity to Casey except that they both killed their own children.

    5. OMG if you could hear yourselves, I am so shocked, Casey with the bucked teeth, what is this a witch hunt? you all remind me of ancient history. I am guessing you are all so god damn beautiful your teeth so straight and perfect send your photo in of what you look like on a day you were wretched. You or anyone else who are making medi-evil comments do not know how this women treated her child, it has been proved by her relatives and friends that she was a loving doting mother, It sickens me to read this…. INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILT and yes a compulsive LIAR DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE A MURDERER!!!

      1. ali,

        No one is forcing you to read here.

        If “it sickens” you to do so, maybe it’s not such a good idea.

        There are thousands of other websites to try.

      2. Ali sweetie, please try damning someone you know or, familiar with! God is certainly not the one…..

      3. Umm, have you read all the texts, interviews, jailhouse letters etc.? Have you seen the party girl photos, her contrived expressions, the jailhouse visit tapes etc.? I have read and examined every bit of evidence available online and there is no DOUBT in my mind that she is responsible for the death of her sweet daughter. She is a bipolar borderline pathological liar who played house, shopped with stolen funds, and danced the nights away while her child was “kidnapped” by the imaginary nanny… looking for her using her own resources. UG.

        BTW, it is PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty, not innocent until proven guilty. The two statements mean two different things entirely.

        You’re admonishing posters who are feeling emotional about the death/murder of a little girl, and cap it up to make sure all know that being a liar isn’t tantamount to being a murderer. Nobody has expressed that all liars are murderers. What I HAVE seen conveyed is that most believe THIS liar is a murderer…pre-meditated or by drugging her so she could live it find that THIS time she had not awoken. For a while I gravitated toward the latter, but am now fairly convinced of the latter.

        She is selfish, self-centered, irresponsible, impulsive, compulsive, and emotionally stunted (and these are among her “good” qualities). If this woman walks I’ll vomit. I agree that the family is “dysfunctional”..whose isn’t? I don’t believe the alleged reasons for this dysfunction..not for a millisecond do I believe that she was sexually abused by her father and brother. I read what she wrote to Robyn in jail; she woke up with her bra undone or sports-bra over her chest…did she take a handful of “Zannies” every night before going to bed from ages 11-15? How could she not wake up while this supposedly happened on a number of occasions? And she went on to write (in one of a zillion frenzied, juvenile, rambling novels) that she was having dreams that her father would walk into her room and then all would go “fuzzy”…pondering on paper to Robyn (something like), “Could this mean that my dad did this too??” So, as you see, she never actually relayed that ANYthing ACTUALLY happened to her at all. And this was to her “Bestie/BFF/Cookie/Lucy Lui/Sis
        et al. She said nothing more on the matter either. And It was only in response, btw, to Robyn having divulged that she’d been sexually/physically/verbally abused.

        And I don’t know who has also noticed this, but she adopts traits of those she likes/admires/”loves”…and becomes what she thinks she SHOULD be. I have picked up on this after reading pages and pages of documents of all sorts. Which, incidentally, is one characteristic of a borderlines lack a sense of their own identity. Phew. I have so much to say, but I’ve already written my own novel, so I’ll :X for now.

      4. GREAT COMMENT!!!!!! We live in a world that wants to punish instead of help people that need help. You without sin, cast the first stone at Casey Anthony. It’s the dysfunctional society we live in that we should hate, a society that promotes disrespect, hate, selfishness, irresponsibility, dishonesty etc. Just turn on the tv, radio or computer for 5 minutes. How can you punish someone that has never been taught right moral character??? We have to change society and educate parents. Educate ALL people in right moral character. We have to educate people with morality. It’s time to TEACH and stop punishing. Peace through education.

    6. Re, Dr Glass reply,
      First of all I respect your work and the time you have spent analysing this case. However, have you ever spent time in a cell? I have 36 hours max and it wasn’t a very pleasant experience, so I can imagine Casey feels like she has been let out of a cage, and these are the only people supporting her so she probably feels close to them and may seem to others as flirting but hey she is happy to see them and why not. After hours alone in a cell, being told when you can eat, asking if you can use the toilet (bathroom) etc, etc, everyone in the WORLD is against Casey Anthony including yourself. Your observations I think are slightly exaggerating and over the top, flirting…oh come on if she blinked she would be making a pass at Baez.
      Have you ever done something bad and then started to laugh? and then uncontrollably you are unable to stop, knowing this in inappropriate…. it is difficult for a human being to express themselves naturally whilst being scrutinised by the whole world… Who knows if Casey killed her daughter,.(you do not, and neither do I claim to know, none of us know) Casey has been caught up in a web of her own lies…I do think she is dillusional and something really awful happened the truth will unfold, …but I do know one thing she did love her daughter………..

      1. I do have to disagree. Dr. Glass’s analysis is correct. A person who is like Casey is not capable of love. She never has or never will have the moment or epiphany that she is doing anything wrong and in fact enjoys faking it and hurting others. Her malignant personality is very difficult to wrap your head around but it’s who she is. I was having some difficulty seeing her pathology because I was raised by a sociopath mother and there were some similarities. Her daughter was just a means to an end and meant nothing more to her. I was wondering the “why” is she like that but it really doesn’t matter to me. She has never displayed one look or movement of guilt or remorse for her daughter. A normal person, especially one who is Innocent would never act like Casey. What matters to me is that she stays in that cell for the rest of her life so she doesn’t hurt anyone else.

      2. If she loved her daughter, why did she leave her to rot in the woods and have her remains scattered by animals? If this was a terrible accident, it makes no sense to allow your daughter’s body to go through this indiginty and not give her a proper burial. By allowing this to happen, it shows that she did not love her daughter; she does not love a single member of her family to drag them through this; she only loves herself. So, in part, you are correct. I am against Casey Anthony. I am completely against someone that would allow this to happen to her child’s body if it was an accident. I, however, do not believe it was an accident. I think she killed her daughter and that makes me even more against her.

  5. Hello Dr. Glass, Every single time Casey enters the room, or stands up for the jury she reaches behind her back to fuss with the small of her back, and pushes her chest out – consistently the exact same gesture each and every time. Can you take a look and advise your interpretation? Thanks much.

  6. Thanks for noting this habit of casey’s. I suppose she has been told to look serious when the jurors are in the room. But, i think she needs to be serious when they aren’t around, too. Let her giggle and flirt-it won’t be for too much longer.

  7. I’m so glad you brought this up, Dr. Glass. Just today it seemed to me that she was in her own little world, pretending to be a lawyer. “Good Morning” she says with a big grin!!
    YIKES talk about alternate reality.

  8. It is kind of sickening to watch Casey in Court! I agree with the Rest here, Casey seems to be in Court observing with her Attorneys a Murder Case in which she obviously thinks they are talking about some one else. Very delusional if I think about it.

    All along she knows exactly what happened to her Daughter Caylee, she was there!

    The Day will come when Casey Anthony will realize she is not a Celebrity like she thinks she is, matter of Fact her Name and Face is only known because of the Circumstances little Caylee was reported missing by Cindy Anthony and Caylee’s Remains were found close to the Anthony’s Home. All during that Time Casey lied and lied just about anything she could.

    Now she sits in Court with no Reaction when they talk about human Decomposition involving her own little Girl!
    The Day can’t come soon enough when Casey Anthony will be held responsible for this
    hideous Crime.
    Let her pout and grin and look bored and shed Tears when it is about her, it all will come to an End soon enough and Casey’s Celebrity Status will only be a negative Memory for the Rest of us.
    Caylee Marie Anthony however will always be remembered as the sweet little Angel which left this World before she had a Chance to grow up and her Mother is the One responsible for it. JMO

  9. I used to think she made some sort of mistake and then had an “inappropriate response” because she was afraid or ashamed. After two weeks of watching her, however, I now understand why the state wants death. Incredibly, she did kill Caylee and she has no remorse. I have never seen anything like her! I used to think she could not have possibly meant to have done this, that it was an accident….but after watching her…I believe she hated Caylee and was very happy that her problem was gone (and she did it on purpose!)

    1. Oh my gosh Zoe, I said something similar to my mom the other day! She just seems to have a lot of borderline features – maybe not a “classic” borderline, but traits – which made sense in terms of Casey’s fear of Cindy’s reaction and the partying behavior. But after hearing the testimony today regarding where the cadaver dogs hit I’m speculating to myself that maybe instead of Caylee drowning in the pool, Casey took her swimming “one last time” as part of the nutso plan to kill her daughter. Women who murder tend to favor the “soft kill” – a way that appears to be less painful than your traditionally violent means. I can totally see Casey thinking to herself that knocking Caylee out with chloroform would be less horrible than physically drowning or suffocating her. The duct tape, however, is still unspeakably sick IMO. But then again, what do I know?

  10. She is an evil soul with not a remorseful bone in her body. I cant wait til they admit all the Photobucket images; specifically the sketch of the little girl looking at the teddy bear in the noose.

    1. I don’t like to use the word “evil” regarding an individual. Yet, for me there is no denying, Casey is evil.

    2. I must have missed this one. What is it that you are referring to? Sounds just horrible, can you post a link, please. Is this a sketch that Casey made? Thanks in advance.

  11. Of course I can’t actually see the jury, but I would go so far to say that they are more interested in Casey’s murder trial than she is.

  12. Found this right on the dot with her behavior. She’s decided she’s part of the team, but from where I sit I’ve noticed Baez seem to avoid her. He leans away from her now, and doesn’t make eye contact. Can you do a body language on all of her attorneys?

    1. Yes, please. You have covered her attorneys’ body language before; could you perhaps do a comparison to pretrial behavior versus now. Baez is most notably different with her, and Cheney Mason is now separated from her, but I’d be interested in your comparison too. Thanks.

  13. Dr. Glass,
    Just for the sake of arguments, lets say Casey takes the stand in her own defense. I believe she is narcisstic enough to believe she could fook the jury. Since she appears to be a Sociopath, what what break her down on the stand? There must be SOMETHING that could be asked of her that she would “loose it”, and the real Casey would come through. I would love to hear you response to this……

    Thank You!

  14. Dr Glass today ,when the dog handler was on the stand.Casey was taking large gulps of air during some of his testimony-anxiety right? I think Casey as Cold as she seems unless shes in suductive mode,or winning someone over.I think shes a dangerous woman.Way to cold when it comes to her child,or family.Thats scary.If she walks George,Cindy and Lee better pad lock their doors.Double pad lock..

    1. Hi Jan,

      Did you also notice how she starting “blinking” a lot when the handler said the dog hit on the right rear end of her car and the area near Caylee’s playhouse? To me, that was a dead giveaway…

  15. Casey is once again displaying her only assests when she reaches in the back and pretends to tuck in her shirt. There must be a guy or two on the jury who she is trying to impress. She does this when the jury walks in and when the jury walks out. She used to do it whenever Baez walked in the courtroom during motions. She is soooo transparent and an attention getter.

    Jan – I agree with you. She is dangerous and I believe capable of killing again.

    Dr. Glass – is she an “Eraser Killer?” (Like Scott Peterson?)

  16. I’ve been astonished at how long she can hold that expression. I would have a such a headache! She observes the trial very clinically…except when it pertains to her family relations, then she shows emotion. She almost never emotes when it has to do with Caylee.
    It’s really creepy.

    1. In a weird way though, her courtroom behavior helps me to make sense of the way Casey videotaped poor Caylee like she was an animal in a zoo. It’s still creepy though.

  17. Dear Dr Glass,
    I really enjoy your bolg and find it fascinating.
    I have followed this case from NZ with great interest and hope for Justice for Caylee Anthony over the last 12 months. Having lost my own precious 3 yr old daughter last yr, due to a surgery gone wrong, I am dumbfounded at Casey Anthony’s emotional detatchment since this all began. And I really smell fish where GA is concerned. I was watching his FBI interview yesterday and felt sick as it began dawning on me that perhaps the Defense have said come on Casey, give us some truth here. Then their defence strategy is to make 3 bold claims. Two true, and one untrue:
    1/ George molested Casey (True)
    2/ George help cover up the death (True)
    3/ The death was an accidental drowning (False)

    If the defence can prove 1 and 2, thereby painting GA and Cindy as liars and cover things up (which they have already shown) and that Casey has told (at least some) truth in opening statement, Would this be enough to create enough reasonable doubt around claim 3 and dispel the view that EVERYTHING Casey says is a lie, and with the defense not having to prove it was an accidental drowning but that it COULD have been and cast reasonable doubt over pre-meditated murder – allowing this monster to walk?? I’m feeling a little nervous…

    Also, do you think this could be with the co-operation of Cindy and George who would probably do anything to save Caseys life. Is this why they have spun so many yarns and will it work in your opinion?

    I have not found any analysis you have done on Georges FBI interview, I will keep looking, but when I watched it I thought he seemed to have all the time in the world and seemed to spin big convoluted irrelevant stories that didn’t really answer questions (especially about why he and Cindy split up – I found his answer very strange) it seemed perhaps a jealousy he had of Casy having a boyfriend, which is quite common with incest fathers I believe, but to give this as why he and Cindy broke up was wierd. He seemed to be giving heaps and heaps of storytelling and detail that didn’t matter – also trying to throw Casey under the bus a bit (not that she doesn’t deserve it). He mentioned the pool??? I don’t know, I had clearer thoughts when I watched it, things he said like he wanted to give off a good first impression to them, all the detail about doing his gardening, the way he insisted at the beginning, I want to give you as much as possible, but then giving them some stupid and really untrue leads and creating lots of confusing possibilities. He seemed to really want to come off as a good guy above all else. If that was me I’d be answering their questions briefly, giving the facts of what I had concisely and trying to get outta there ASAP to keep looking etc. Also when Cindy rang through he didn’t immediately say “Does she have some news of Caylee????!!!” Just casually jokes with the interviewer. Wouldn’t that be your first question if you thought that wee girl could be alive??? This all stinks

    1. I cannot understand why people want to believe Casey was molested by both George and Lee. Casey most likely made up that lie to fit in with her new bff in jail she may have wanted common ground. Something they can share together as the inmate had been abused. I think Lee may have peaked at her when he was young. The only one that knows is Casey and she is such a big liar we will never find out. It is an insult to people that have suffered incest and a travesty to George. When Baez was stating Casey was sucking her dads p@nis before school she was shaking her head NO. In her jail house letters she thought maybe something happened. I think once the Defense read those letters that found a better story than the Nanny. They were loosing that battle and this was a better fit. Casey is very sugggestive, her mom asked her “are you protecting us” and in a vist with George he said “we can go into protective custady.
      Once her mom said that she went with it and said she cannot talk about it to write letters – Casey liked that idea!

      First story was Nanny took her from the Sawgrass Apt. Correct me if I am wrong as I do not remember word for word.

      Second story was Nanny took her from Blanchard park and was given a script – not to call police for 31 days.

      She lies lies lies you cannot believe a word. She is a sociopath – nice reading material link for this disorder.

  18. OMG I just saw a clip on Dr. Drew of her wiggling her eyebrows at Baez, really flirting, it was stomach-churning.

  19. Casey Anthony completely disgusts me. The only person who comes close to being as revolting as she is is Jose Baez, who is too dumb to realize his own screw ups and spends his lunch breaks posing for the cameras with girls on his arms like he thinks he’s some kind of movie star.

    Then he gets back in the courtroom and accuses EVERYONE ELSE of being in it for the money. It’s like he can’t fathom that there could be another reason anyone would get involved in this case.

    Baez is a loser and a hypocrite. Everytime he steps up to the podium with that stupid smirk on his face and starts speakin in that arrogant,” I think I’m Perry Mason”, type voice, I wish someone would just deck him one and inform him that he is losing.

    1. Oh me too! Told my friend today that I get an overwhelming urge to punch him in the throat. I’ve seen some interviews he’s done online, and I gotta say, his client isn’t the only skilled liar in this situation.

  20. Yes, I also think Baez is the educated male version of Casey. Can you imagine those two spawning? Eee gads, a scarey thought. I am also sickened by the way she flirts with Baez every chance she gets. If she gets off on a technicality (which I doubt), the Anthony family better move away or they could be next to die. Casey is a walking time bomb, IMO.

    1. Baez, please buy your “client” an eyebrow pencil!! It is really hard on our eyes, to have to look at this broad (for lack of a better word)!!!

  21. Wow! Glad to know I’m not the only one who noticed the Casey stretch,that girl said she would go the distance to prove her” innocence”. Please Dr.Glass give us your insight into this overt display of body language.

  22. I am also driven to distraction by those crazy eyebrows…2 little devil points right in the center what’s that all about?

  23. Dr. Glass, Thanks for posting your observations on the continued bizarre behavior of Ms. Anthony. And the tucking in of her shirt (rear area) everything she stands with chest going forward, also strange. When the court case is all over and all eyes aren’t on her anymore, she will likely go into a deep depression.

  24. Hilde I agree. I’m still trying to figure out how she could have moved her daughters decomposing body. And still keep a straight face.

  25. Folks: A much I would like to see Casey take the stand for the cross of the century, he should NOT be underestimated by Caylee’s lawyers. he could really be a handful…we might see an Oscar winning performance from the end though I wanna see it a it would be the ONLY time he could be held publicly accountable and forced to answer questions or take the 5th…heck it would take a full day jut to lit each and every lie and we would hear “Thi i a lie isnt it? Ye….and this and this and this…but consider: this would be the only time Caylee, through her lawyers could confront Casey….

  26. To me IMO everything she is, is all in her eyes. I don’t think the devil himself could have a more creepier stare. This is a woman with no soul !

    To my knowledge she is locked up in a room all day with little if any human contact I think that alone describes her disgusting display of flirty behavior .
    To me it’s just a repeat of history (forget the fact that i killed my baby let’s go out and have a good time.)
    Like I said this woman clearly has no soul

  27. The dogs didn’t hit on the swimming poo, l only Caylee’s sandbox and playhouse which tells me Caylee did not drown in the family pool, but i have never thought she did from day one. Had Caylee drown in the pool and George been there like Baez is trying to say he was, George would have done cpr and called 911. Baez story is a fabrication built between in my opinion he and Casey and perhaps dum dum Mason too. Baez has already shown it was a fabrication as he is contradicting his own opening story with the dog handler . Opening statement Baez places Caylee in the backyard and after drowning accoring to Baez George is holding Caylee and yellig at Casey, but now Baez needs to discredit the dogs and their handler’s he is saying Caylee was not in the back yard. Well he cannot have it both ways so which is it? This is what happens when you story is all lies, you forget the lies and tangle up more problems in your spider web that trumps you up. I hope the jury is paying close attention to Baez as he alone can prove what a lie he and his client both have tangled themselves in to in this case and shows Casey is the killer and only her. For the record my opinion, i do not believe George ever molested Casey.

    1. It takes a day to get decompostion happening. So Casey hid the body. Today Baez kept asked why did the dogs not go inside like they missed something big. So Baez wants us to know the dead body was inside the house at one point. It would not surprise me if Casey put Caylee in the freezer overnight. The freezer in the garage where Cindy tried to clean the baby doll. I am pretty sure Cindy stated she did this on the freezer correct me if I am wrong. She may have buried her under the sand? Lots of things to guess about only Casey knows for sure. I think that body was in the house – Baez led us there today after he closed with the dog handler.

  28. 1st of all why didn’t the Anthony’s have a pool cover? In my Province of BC Canada it is a law that you have to have a pool cover when pool is not in use otherwise children & animals may get into it & u as the owner can be fined or worse if someone gets hurt or drowned u can be criminally charged. If the pool ladder was on the ground there is no way Caylee could have put up the ladder by herself. If so how can the defense use that as an “accident” – the only accident was Casey being born.

  29. Could Casey’s attitude/body language possibly be some kind of defense mechanism or mental detachment even dissassociation?

  30. Baez is creepy!! I have read a timeline about how he and kc got together at the jail. Personally donn’t think and inmate gave her his name. I think kc was a whore (in Ricardo Morales depo, det asked him if kc was one of his girls, he is a pimp) and i feel that jb was on a retainer for those girlsl that is how they got together. like for like

    1. Ricardo was a pimp? That just sounds like a vicious rumor… where did you get that information? Are you saying “pimp” as in some guy who has a lot of female companions or are you referring to a man who has prostitutes working for him?

      1. I agree Teri – What has Ricardo done to deserve being attacked and called nasty names? I have read virtually every document in this case and no where did I read that Ricardo was a pimp. He is a young married father now who had the unfortunate luck of knowing Casey Anthony

  31. Dr Glass~
    Heard u on Peter’s show sun! thank you for being there, hope to hear from you often!

    I was wondering if u wud b interested in analyzing the body language of these photos of caylee. some of us bloggers think:

    1st pic: that she is happy, we also think that it looks like a pot leaf on her shirt! what do u think bout that?…..

    2nd pic: that she is (def) sad…..

    3rd pic: that she looks drugged(it looks like she got put in that chair, the teddy bear placed in her lap n pic taken……

    Ill be back to see if i hear from u, if not i understand, wud love ur view on these photos tho…e~

    1. 2nd Pic: that baby is SCREAMING and wants to be picked up–her arms are straight up which is exactly what mine does when she needs me or has fallen, etc. To take a camera shot at this time is VERY odd—-any normal mother would be too busy to snap a shot, too concerned to do it, or if they had been using the camera and then this happened–this mother would be shutting off the camera and putting it away IMMEDIATELY so that she could pick up her screaming child!

      3rd Pic: I don’t know–my three year old has allergies and has always slept with her mouth open when she is in a deep sleep—not sure how Little Caylee could be in a deep sleep sitting up and not tucked into her bed, but…………

  32. Dr. Glass, I’d love to get your take on the other players in this trial — the attorneys! What does their body language say about the statements they make and their confidence levels?

  33. Hey ali

    “As a coach and psychologist I work with many people who have baggage from the past”
    First if the above statement is true. You have no business coming on a blog of pple OPINIONS an stating yours af fact. I’m glad I have never had a coach who is as self centered as the MURDERER she states is innocent. CAYLEE was alive until SHE killed her !

  34. …I saw Linda K Baden on InSession and she said that she wrote the questions for Baez’s cross. She’s been on nearly every show out there for the past 10 days and this was the 1st time that I’ve heard her admit to still actively working with the defense. I respect some of the civil rights work that she has done but I really can’t stand her. She is so loud and she certainly does not come across as even and un-biased. Another media whore that gets on my last nerve is another atty that is a member of the defense team – Dr L Kobilinsky. I think that it is just wrong to be out talking on the media shows during the trial. I just think that it is very sleazy.

  35. It’s NOT a pot leaf, evrli! Trust me on this!

    I agree, K.Baden and Kobilinsky are trying to sway the public’s perception of the evil Casey. It’s the jury that matters, though. Do they get paid to shill for their client? They both leave me with a very bad taste in my mouth. You may have noticed Dr. Baden himself opining about Casey and his words echo Linda’s. Remember though, she defended the whacked out, drug addicted, violent, misogynistic Phil Spector, another murderer, so her words hold very little weight as far as her proclaiming anyone’s “innocence.”

    Does it seem like the defense actually believes all the hogwash Casey has been spouting to them?

    1. Those who have family members who are defense attorneys tell me that a defense attorney, more often than not, does NOT want to know if their client is innocent or guilty.

      The “game” from an attorney’s point of view is to win. I believe if an attorney gets a known killer off (reason they don’t want to know), the attorney should be required to have the dangerous individual live in their home and forced to monitor them.

      1. I see that the DT has a new atty – Jennifer Barringer. Robbie, I did not know that she defended Phil Spector! Jennifer also did. She’s been on ABC’s morning show, FOX & now Dr Drew complaining about the court of public opinion has made up their minds that Casey is guilty. Such dishonest baloney. I guess the DT has hired her to assist LKB & Kobilinsky to saturate all of MSM since Baez & Mason have been forced to curtail their own fame tours d/t the necessity of being in court daily.

        I suggest that the prosecution can introduce video tape footage showing Casey and Baez talking to the media over the past few years (such as back in 2008) in order to demonstrate that the defense has constantly changed their theories of the case (e.g. to show how they keep “floating new theories” in the media to see if any of them can gain traction).
        I mean, if the jury can see Jose Baez (back in the summer of 2008) claiming that Caylee was still alive right from his own mouth; then suddenly shifting gears 12 months later while attempting to pin the whole murder on Roy Kronk and sloppy police work; then suddenly shifting gears again towards George Anthony…..then it will highlight for the jury that Baez is simply creating fictional stories similar to a children’s book author.

    2. suggested that the prosecution can introduce video tape footage showing Casey and Baez talking to the media over the past few years (such as back in 2008) in order to demonstrate that the defense has constantly changed their theories of the case (e.g. to show how they keep “floating new theories” in the media to see if any of them can gain traction).
      I mean, if the jury can see Jose Baez (back in the summer of 2008) claiming the Caylee was still alive right from his own mouth; then suddenly shifting gears 12 months later while attempting to pin the whole murder on Roy Kronk and sloppy police work; then suddenly shifting gears again towards George Anthony…..then it will highlight for the jury that Baez is simply creating fictional stories similar to a children’s book author.

      1. IMO, Baez is so unqualified & throwing out various stories, hoping one will stick shows his level of gross incompetence! Isn’t a defense attorney suppose to provide a defense and stick with it? He knows his job is to create reasonable doubt regarding his client. YET he has created reasonable doubt that he is even a lawyer, imo.

        The way he attacks & questions qualified and likable witnesses, attempting to get the answer he wants can’t sit well with the jury. And not comprehending the law so that Judge Perry had to given courtroom lessons. The opening statements can’t be taken at face value given his client has lied over and over and over again. He has done a good enough job showing his unqualified and snake oil methods. imo

  36. I disagree about Andrea Yates.I feel if she had sence enough to call someone after the murders of her 5 precious children.She had sence enough to call someone before she had her murder episodeAnother woman tried to pull the same deal soon after Yates.She hit hers with good sized rocks in the head.I feel any who murder someone has a moment of shear insanity,and eveil ruling them.That doesnt mean they are insane in daily life..I have read studys done by DRs who treat mentaly ill.As well as studys on mothers who kill.One of the studys showed that more women are sent to mental hospital,and mental sections in prison.,than men.WHY? Is it because.women are born nurtures,taught to nurture from ther mothers..But they at young ages are dragging their dolls around loving them.Men: many are just seen as providers.,Dads are working many hrs a week.So time spent with a child,usualy isnt as much as a stay at home moms.Never the less singles dont have the help of a loving dad to theirs many times.Casey had no excuse she lived with her parents who showed love,and provided well for her,as well as for Caylee.Anyway.all of the studies are interesting.One on mothers who kill their own child keep the body at or near the home,with items of comfort with the dead child-such as the pooh blanket in this case,and heartshape sticker.Where most dads who kill,unless they murder the whole family.They usualy take the child they murdered away from the home-a distance.As with stranger who kill ,they take their abducted victum away from the place,we find the murdered child elsewhere.I think those who are parents then murder the child,are far worst than a stranger who does.Even though both are awful.The stranger hasnt spent time with the child on a daily basis as parents/mothers do.They dont realy know them,.Not in all cases.But no matter who.stranger,mother,or dad..If someone murders a helpless child who has no way to fight off the parent,or stranger.That person should recieve the DP.NO EXCUSES.

    i have visited many prison system, helped with child,and parent day.I sat at a table visiting,Susan Smith sat at the table next to us.She was upbeat ,happy.Eating treats out the vending machines-in Greewood SC Leath CI…Why i say this is Casey will adjust, like Jessie stated she is like the Lizzard who changes to his enviroment.She will adapt if she gets life/lwop..I saw at another female prison many women who murdered their children in Columbia SC.I wont share many gory details.But they all sat happy adjusted,It sickened me to say the least.It takes about 6 month or more to adapt. Someone will take Casey under their wing (protection) and most of the prison female fights are between the lovers there anyway.Male prisons are way worst-with violence, rapes, and shankings.One male prison where i was visiting a male got his throat cut,we were locked down for a period-then allowed to leave.(he died from the cut) I never went back there.Some men were there on minr charges 2/3 yrs.Brown recluse bits were often,it was like a old hugh farm with bobbed wire.

    In saying all of this Prison would not be fair punisment for Caylees life,any childs life being taken.This woman if found guilty-i believe she is ,everything points to Casey as the only one who desired freedom,no responsability,nothing to strap her down.As well as Casey was in mop raging inside at her mother.Like Susan Smith Casey wanted to be with her new man,with out a child/children.The dp should stand in any case where a child is murdered,America has been way to soft on mothers who kill.Now look how so many mothers in the last few yrs are getting more cruel as they go…Taking their childs life from them.

    Prison inmates can buy privite Microwaves for their rooms/small TV,anything off commasary, have visits if someone keeps money on their books, In mates can work after a time(pay is small).Get schooling after a time,they even find sexual partners-usualy the same sex..Lifers are last to recieve some of these,because short term get it first.OneIn Columbia SC who got 40 yrs works in the flower beds,but cant up front-outside untill shes there at leat 15 yrs.Inmate in NC prison sews unforms.And even mother who murder can see their other children if the state allows it,if the children are with family.(-after being there 3 yrs)…The only punisment is not haveing freedom to come and go as they please,,freedom to leave.How is this punishment for taking the life of a child

    .The man who murdered the little boy i loved so much ,.with his almost white hair,and baby blue eyes.My sister favorite nieces son.That man got LWOP and he brutaly beat our 2 yr old to death.30 licks,the fracture in his skull the size of a quarter. And the killers coming up for another appeal.While he was at the 2 trials it took to convict him(LWOP). He and Casey showed some of the same trates.,personality.The prosicutors called him ,what everyone has called Casey-( sIcopath)<guess thats how its spelled.So much is being withheld from this jury ,as they arnt seeing Casey in her true form.As she laughs,suductivly looks at the males on her team.All while being tried for her child death.She defently is getting a fair trial…..

    1. Andrea Yates knew she was breaking the law and gave herself up but she had this bizarre idea that her children were going to go to hell if they lived to be older and if she killed them while they were children, she would actually save their souls. It makes no sense because her mind was making no sense. She had a long history of breaking from reality and her husband was oblivious to what was happening and the stress he was putting her under.

    2. Jan, I am so sorry about your loss, how tragic and sad.

      It is funny you mention the man’s eyes. I have known a sociopath who had these big, clear blue eyes and they had this expressionless, dead look, I recognize it when I see it now. It’s like the eyes are totally relaxed; it’s just wierd. Misty Croslin had the same eyes.

      I do not believe in parole for these kinds of murderers. A life should be paid for a life taken, is my opinion. Whether they get death or LWOP, I don’t care, but one life should equal another. JMO.

    3. Hello Jan so sorry about your loss. hope the guy who killed your little boy relative never gets out of jail. Here is a good link for you on Sociopaths It is very good I cut and pasted some of the article there is a little more. I am not the writer of this article I just think it is very good here is the link:

      Profile of the Sociopath
      This website summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths.

      Glibness and Superficial Charm

      Manipulative and Conning
      They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

      Grandiose Sense of Self
      Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

      Pathological Lying
      Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

      Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
      A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

      Shallow Emotions
      When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.
      Incapacity for Love

      Need for Stimulation
      Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

      Callousness/Lack of Empathy
      Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others’ feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

      Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
      Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

      Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
      Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet “gets by” by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.

      Not concerned about wrecking others’ lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

      Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
      Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

      Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
      Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

      Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
      Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

  37. Dr. Glass, PLEASE analyze Casey’s behavior after court ended this evening and the jury left the court room. She was helping her attorney’s clear the table and was literally beaming as she looked up at Jose Baez…she looks like a school girl with a crush and completely disconnected from what is happening. I would expect her to be more emotional worn and nervous the further we get into her trial, but she seems to have no worries.

  38. I doupt the defence,from all the evidence believe Casey is innocent.They are just there to get her off any way they can,,or keep her from the DP.sentence.But then again Casey seems to be very convencing at times.We have all heard her in action speaking .She rattles on,and fooled many of her friends..We know she is a liar from hearing her tall lies with detectives..Shes has a gab on her !!..I would not take the defences job for no amount of money,or vain glory..Mason has defended in other DP cases..I have noted that Casey talks to them with her hand over her mouth when jurys .But their minds are else where.Baezs almost ddnt anwser her today,he finaly said yes to what ever she was asking. Casey was bothering the curly haird female on her team.She seemed miles away,like she wasnt even hearing Casey.But miss thang was persestent she finally got a anwser..

  39. LOL Caseys hot ! for the males on her team.Even Chaney will do.But she prefers Baezs. That suductive look where she looks down but turns her eyes up to the men.I have seen that look used on men before in the club when i use to go out.Its the come hither look……

  40. Casey action when the jury members arnt in the room,is what i would like for them to see.It shows what kind of carector Casey has It also shows whats in her heart.And her heart isnt on what she did,or even that shes standing trial.She thinks like always she will get out of trouble.Even the fact that shes using her dad to try to do this.Theres no sorrow,no sadness,no grief,no remorse.She doesnt even feel bad for what she had done to her own mother & father who fed,clothed,provded car insurence,money,gas,a safe bed to sleep in(a home) free of charge..Look at how Caylee was provided for by the grandparents.They provided material things,and love to Caylee.Something Casey knows nothing about.She shows in her actions, how she cared so little for her own child she carried for 9 months.Feeling Caylees life inside of her.Watching Caylee grow.I wonder when she like many dogs having littlers,started pushing Caylee away.( in her heart). Murder doesnt start in the mind,its in the heart of a killer.

  41. I would like to know how many animals she buried in that “animal cemetary” behind her house, where they found Caylee’s body, and…. how they died? 😦

    1. Hey, I have a question about that, too. We all lose a pet now and then but it sort of sounds like the spot was used a number of times? I’m curious.

  42. Casey barely looked up at all during court today (of course not counting breaks when she was her regular self). She either focused on the monitor or a notebook that she had in her lap. I think it showed consciousness of guilt as the testimony about the dogs alerting and the forensic computer expert that proved she made 84 computer inquiries about chloroform or making it.

    1. Nancy I would not be surprised if she had Baez phone and was texting. They need to put a guard behind her she has too much unsupervised time on the PC.

  43. That first picture of Casey with this article should be hung up in her cell for the rest of her days. Mark my words, she will not do well in prison. I doubt she will live out her natural life there – it will be ended by someone else there. Even people in prison hate child killers, especially smug ones.

    1. May I add

      There are extra cans of decomp odor. She should have to sniff this daily for the rest of her life. The jail can pipe it in her cell like stores pipe in fragrance. Now that is justice.. let her live what she calls trash. that would wipe the pout of her mouth.

  44. The only time Casey was caught off guard so far during the trial is when her mom did not back her up. Cindy has always stood by her and lied for her. Casey cried and got angry like a normal person.

    Everything Casey does is deliberate right down to how she wipes tears of her face, how she fixes her clothing and hair. For instance when wiping a tear she used her right hand to wipe a tear on the left hand of her face using her thumb which she pressed below her eye for seconds before wiping. In the past she used her pinking finger to wipe tears away. At times she brushes her hair with palms of her hands outward like she is trying out for a hand commercial. All is suggestive and takes thought this is not a natural way to put you hair behind your ear or wipe away tears. I think the only non-forced tears that I have see was when Baez spoke about George and when her momma turned her back on her.

    Casey sits there like she is above anyone she juts her chin up in superiority and looks down on people. I think this is often mistaken for stone-faced she has practiced for close to 3 years on how to act on the stand. She has been coached NOT to groom and how to look when the jury is on the floor. I counted close to 8 minutes of grooming when the jury was out one day she could not stop. At times she hides her face by looking down so jurors cannot observe her response to strong evidence.

    Today she heard horrible details about death in her car. I had trouble listening to it I skipped part of it as it was too hard for me to listen to. She had no difficulty she was very relaxed only vexing a few times with devil eyebrow look. The more I see the more I believe she did it with premeditation she does not care about Caylee.

    What I would like to know is who picked the seating for George and Cindy? Was it the court? Or themselves? I would think if they were supporting their daughter they would be sitting closer to her. Can anyone address this question? When Cindy testified the second day she appeared to nod at Casey I think she saw Casey’s outburst and made an effort. Not being in the court makes it hard to see what really goes on.

    I would also like to know if Casey looks at the jurors? And if so how long she does not seem to look across at them. And if she does look at them is it when critical information comes out. At the start of the trial she appeared to look at them when break time was announced. She appeared to smile and giggle when someone on that juror’s side of the room may have said something funny or she commiserating with them when they want a break.

    She has lots of make followers that adore her you see it in the blogs. I am hoping there is not one in the jury.

  45. I have noticed that Casey’s lawyers will not look her in the eye when they speak to one another. I myself use this tactic when dealing with my sister, who is a liar much like Casey Anthony. I avoid eye contact with her at all cost because I know everything she says is made up. I feel very uncomfortable listening to her. Do you think this is also true of the lawyers, or is there more to this obvious attempt to avoid eye contact?

  46. Dr. Glass, I LOVE reading your site so much, so much that I’ve been on here for a few hours now reading instead of updating my own blog. It’s nice to to have a professional giving their take on what we are seeing and what we are trying to wrap our minds around. I can’t stop thinking about just how a person can be no heartless and cold. I truly don’t believe anything Casey or her slimy/smirky lawyer says. I really even found it hard to believe I seen a REAL tear come out of her eye today! I swear, I had to rewind and make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Any other time she smouch her fingers into her eyes-sockets and then looks at her fingers to see if she got a tear out. I have NEVER EVER seen this weirdness done by anybody in my whole life. And no she isn’t looking to see if she has mascara running, because she don’t and she hasn’t. The normal thing most people do for that reason is lightly wipe right under the eye.

    Come to think of it when Casey gets off, because of Juror #4 or some other person that feels sorry for her and buys Casey and Baez line of bull$hit, she should do a mascara commercial. Then all the naive people she has fooled will buy it thinking, hey it never ran once when Casey cried her eyes out. Oh, man, I can see it now. That’s just how crazy, our world has become.
    I am so scared that she is going to walk, because of something dumb. Not, because she didn’t do it, but because of one person holding out or someone forgetting to dot their {i’s} and crossing their {t’s}. I don’t want to see Casey killed, but I don’t ever want to see her get out of jail. And getting life for some weird reason doesn’t always mean life. There are many people who have gotten life and are out free. I’d just like to know that she can’t appeal, or get ever get out.
    One more thing, y’all may of discussed this, but I haven’t read it. What do you think if she does get off, do you think she will have the nerve to go home? And be like, hello dad, I am home! Will she just act like she never lied about him and threw him under the bus? I just wonder what is in her mind or does she not even think that far ahead?
    Thank you once again, Dr. for your input and letting me get this off my chest. Keep writing I’ll keep reading. Much Love!

  47. “Casey is often seen cocking her head to the side which indicates curiosity”

    OR she has an undiagnosed hearing problem. Even a minor one would make some people tilt their head when listening. Listening doesn’t = curiosity.

  48. I dont believe George molested Cassey.. she is a SOCIOPATH all the way. She is a smart LIAR, concocting lies to mislead the jurors…like, lee & george molested her. .she has all verses of lies. the fake NANNY Gonzales Story, THE pool story when she got the Idea from her jailmate…. Buttomline -She killed her daughter,& no one else: & she could be laughing at the lawyers, bec they are still tying to find out how , who killed her, when & more…ONLY CAYSEE KNOWS IT ALL ! SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE DID to KILL THAT BABY…she has premeditated ideas of NECK_BREAKING ..

  49. She looks like a self righteous, cocky, stuck up snooty kid that always got what she wanted, always got her way and here she is getting her way again. Acquitted for murder. It doesn’t get better than that. Soon she’ll be making millions. I guess that’s what it take to be famous now a days.

  50. I have been searching the internet for information on Casey Anthony’s consistent tip-lipped smile…..what thoughts are out there on that??

  51. We really dont know what happened and her family members seem to be out for themselves. A tragic loss for all of us. Casey may have got away with murder while shes on earth but judgment day is coming for her and all of us. We will never know the TRUTH

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