Do NOT believe any news reports that Casey Anthony cried after Caylee’s skull was shown to jurors.  If you see anyone in the media weighing in and saying that Casey Anthony cried , you need to turn the channel because they are giving you false information.

Casey Anthony did NOT cry. She wiped away a non tear as you see above. Her facial expression was not consistent with any expression of grief.

Instead, we see a look of anger. Look at her tight lips. In grief, the lips would be turned down and would be open. Instead, they are tight and horizontal,  consistent with anger. Her furrowed forehead is also consistent with anger. She is angry only because the remains were found and that now SHE has to be on trial because of it. It is all about her and no one else.

Casey looks away as she turns her head. She presses her hand up against her  her face and in essence distorts the shape of her nose. She blocks of her nasal airway which I believe is very significant. Caylee’s skull is there because her little nasal airway was also blocked. Instead of being blocked by fingers, it was blocked by duct tape. In essence, Casey is physically  mirroring what happened to Caylee.

Then the most egregious thing now  happens in my view. Casey is apparently coached by Ms. Simms, her attorney to  cry and show emotion. But Casey cannot pull it off. She cannot seem to muster up any emotion as you can see by the blank emotionless facial expression that is inconsistent with grief. She merely presses down on her cheek with her fingers and does not wipe away any tears. She also pokes her pointer finger in her eye.

Here she wipes away a non wet cheek with a  flat Kleenex. She is pressing on her cheek and there is no facial expression to go along with her supposed upset or grief. There is no liquid and no tears.

Casey  may be a good liar but is a very bad actress. Her feigned upset is not working. If there is anything that has convinced me that Casey Anthony is a sociopathic inhumane  cold blooded monster, this is it!



  1. Dr. Glass,you are absolutely right! What a show, not even a good one! It probably would be better if she just doesn’t show any emotions, then to act like she did. Also what is up with attorney Sims? Doesn’t she understand the jury and the public can tell when she’s trying to coach Casey to cry? The rubbing of the back also needs to stop, her lawyers are trying to be so dramatic it’s nonsense.
    I also watched and listened to Mason cross ex, what is up with the jokes,, doesn’t he remember that they are talking about the remains of a 2year old child? How is his nasty behavior going to help his client? I think he is overly arrogant and needs to stop his BS!

    1. Also I think that is very significant that she cover her mouth, as she covered the mouth of her child. I see also significant that she covered her had with the sleeve of her sweater. Why? because she doesnt want to show the hands that killed that little girl. She hides also her body with the sweater because she has been discovered. Her body position is like some one was caught and doesnt want any body see her face of guilty.

      1. Wrapping her sweater around her suggests to me that shes trying to hide herself….she feels vulnerable that the jury’s eyes are on her expecting some type of reaction and shes failing at showing any true emotion. I DO believe there were tears at a few points, if you watch the videos closely you can see a stream or two…But do i think those tears are for Caylee? No….i think she realizes now that Mason lied when he said he would be walking out of the courthouse with her as a free woman. But then again maybe just maybe they are for her daughter…..shes had some time to sit and think, and Im pretty damn sure hearing and seeing all of this brings it all back…

      2. I don’t think she wipes it with her sweater to hide her hand, rather to make it seem as if she’s crying. When i cry I wipe my tears w. my sleaves

    2. She is crying to get the focus back on her .

      Feel sorry for me , over here look .

      What about me ?

      Alexander Oneal song , Fake is all about Casey Anthony.

      She is a monster she has a evil personality that lies quiet , but it strikes with a deadly poison .

      She was holding her breath at times and willing herself sick to throw up.

      I’m sick of looking and hearing about this sick bird.

      Just give her a life sentence with no chance of parol allready and let the woman prizoners beat her daily.

      1. Hey, Gypsy – I just left this reply on another site where many of her pictures in court where presented:
        “Anyone else noticed this chick’s body langauge? Always trying to cover those killer hands, straightening out her hair and tucking in her shirt, etc. I don’t call the strange grin to her mother and brother “a smile”.–it’s more like she is biting her tongue and thinking “Oh Yea”, so you are telling the truth. I see the devil in this girl and she only crys for herself or on cue. “

      See picture # 1 — flipping the bird when Caylee’s skull & other evidence photos were shown…this is when Investigator Welsh was on the stand, i believe. Flips the bird to the jurors, to the witnesses, to the Court, to the prosecutors, during trial…..& during pretrial, she flipped the bird to her attorney Baez & to her father George on the stand. jmho

  2. you are so right…through out this trial, when she has tried to show emotions, she wipes below her eyes very slowly as if to make sure the camera is going to catch it. Compare that to when Cindy was on the stand.

    1. i think casey went out the night before caylee was found dead…she probably drugged the little girl so she could party…overdosed morning george went in the little girls room and found her non-responsive..casey was probably just coming home..saw george carrying the little girl and knew she was in trouble…death is too good for casey she needs life with no chance of parole..let the inmates beat her up everyday!

  3. According to Bill Shaefer at WFTV, the jurors were looking at the teleprompters and photos, not Casey during her little act (my words there). He said the jury may already be done with looking at her (bad sign) and the “show” wasn’t going to help at all.

    You’ll have plenty to dissect today as she is really going to town, going for that Academy Award nomination.

      1. I pray the jurors are not “so done with her.” because if they are, they are in violation of their instructions and role as jurors! They must NOT reach any conclusion until AFTER the trial is over, and they have already reached a verdict in their mind, they should come forward and ask to be replaced by an alternate juror.

      2. @ Lorena
        Interestingly enough in the two trials I sat on as a juror, we were not allowed to take notes. Perhaps because this trial is more complex they are but it does surprise me.

  4. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you!

    Amen! KC is mad she was caught! She shows no emotion for anybody else but “herself”!

    I think her babysit lawyer is poking her under the desk so KC has to cry! this is so sickening! I just hope jurors can see through KC’s fake reactions!

    1. Baez took her into an adjoining room during the first 5 minute recess that turned into 20 mins, then had another chat with her during the 2nd recess that lasted 10 mins…..a total of 30 mins of coaching time just prior to the evidence photos & testimonies of Investigator Welsh, M.E. Investigator Hansen, & M.E. Dr. Utz. She was WELL – COACHED today for THE FELON-INMATE ACADEMY AWARD … unfortunately, her acting skills lag far behind her pathological lying skills. We on another blog were ticking off the moments for when we’d see her pull some stunt, & sure enough! 3 pm recess & BOOM ! there it was. jmho

  5. I so agree about Mason, Lulu! His idea of “fun” is to crack jokes at a murder trial of a two year old toddler? He’s another clown~

    Thanks for your assessment of Casey’s fake crying. As an actor, one even goes as far as to think what their character would think so as to be as real as possible. If Casey’s thinking anything it would be that innocent-mother-how-could-my-father-do-that-to-my-child thought. She can’t muster the real emotions even in acting because she has hardened her heart by what she did to her child both in her murder and in her disposal.

    My heart breaks again-I saw the doctored photo of where Caylee’s skull was amongst all that garbage! 😥

    1. Mason isn’t helping their cause. Now would be the time to be respectful of the court and the jury, not mocking why they are there. IF (their premise) it was an accident, it is still the dead body of a 2 year old child left as trash.

      The jury will not find Mason’s inability to hear the proceedings because he turned down his hearing aid, OR his treating of LBD as his lacky during the trial (remember how many women are on the jury) to be amusing.

      1. These lawyers great white sharks swarming this Lizzie Bordan reincarnation only care about the win and fame.

        They are sick just like their client !

        Deceiving justice for the client .

        Oh the fame and money to be made from a childs murder .

    2. Sherry, as a seasoned attorney one would think he knows better. If Mason was my lawyer I would tell him to stop acting like a jackass! He is not doing her a favor, eventually the jury will pick up on his noncreative comments.
      So much for the dream team that everyone hyped about…I guess you really do get what you pay for…Priceless!!!!

  6. Listening to the live testimony from the Medical Examiner’s office – I hope some of this graphic testimony stays with Casey for years to come.

  7. Maybe she mad that she is thinking that if she had that extra day or that if she took the tape off that she might not be in the position that she is in right now.

  8. Dr Glass Casey has now wrapped herself up in her pull over top.As if shes freezing.Looks to me like she trying to hide underneath her cloths.What causes her to do this at this time?

    1. I noticed this too, she is wrapping herself up in her sweater tightly with sleeves over her hands covering her mouth/face. Can’t run can’t hide Casey.

    2. My thought is she feels REAL fear, hence Casey is freezing cold. She thought she could get away with murder and it’s hitting her hard that she cannot weasel out of her heinous crime.

    3. Realization that all her lies are exposed – she is attempting to “hide” and protect her body from the truth.

      Hope they let her wear her sweater when they walk her down death row the last time.

      1. @ Missy – I think you missed the sarcasm.
        OTOH dead is dead so I don’t care how Casey gets there. As long as she gets there.

  9. Dr. Glass, as always Spot On!! No emotion the whole trial, and we are supposed to buy that all of a sudden she is sad? The more one has to look at her, and her cold blooded stone self, the sicker I personally feel that this is the last face Angel Caylee had to look at before dying.

  10. I guess George and Cindy have seen these photos before?
    If so I can understand why they didn’t stay in the court room..
    The machete, did the forensic people us that, or the police?

    1. George and Cindy HAVE NOT seen these photos and refuse to look at them…they wanna remember their precious Caylee the way she was…beautiful, unharmed and intact

  11. I’m not a body language expert, but I COULD most definitely see all that you have written about this. My prayer is that the jury is intelligent to see it.

  12. YOU People with the pictures of what you THINK is a non-tear?? For real? Are you kidding here? NOW you not only KNOW this girl is guilty but YOU know when she is (REALLY) crying AND you know exactly what she is feeling. Dam! You all need to get down to the court and put that physic BS to work!

  13. Dr. Glass thank you for reporting Casey’s charade, NO TEARS, just poor acting. I didn’t believe the press got it right!

    1. No real tears. I am so sick of her, she is a liar, and SHE killed that little sweet girl. We need to get this over with and put her away.
      My heart is braking for the little Caylee.

      1. I have no doubt if Casey was released today, she would be out partying that night. If she didn’t go party it would be because her attorney’s would advise her to wait at least a reasonable amount of time.

        Casey cares only about Casey. True sociopath.

  14. I love that wftv covering this court case has a split screen and keeps Casey up on one screen thorough out the trial!

    She must feel so much TENSION having to pretend all day during trial. Wonder if a blood vessel will burst under such pressure?

    Court session ends early cause Casey is SICK! We already knew. However, it looks like Casey is having a break down now as she realizes she is not going to get away with murder.

    1. I like the commentary on wftv but they take breaks, so I watch wesh and they also have split screen with Casey on. I just see anger on Casey’s face – she actually looks like she is putting forth an effort to appear sad but I just see the anger. I am sure she is sick – all of her lies so exposed along with the sickening evidence. What a waste of a sweet beautiful life. 😦

      1. Yes, the commentary by Attorney Shaffer on wftv is excellent! The Orlandsentiel website does not use the split screen. Nice to know about wesh station, thank you.

  15. DR. GLASS —- We need another post from you! Casey actually succeeded in getting them to end court early today by pretending she was “sick.” Please look at the last / most recent hour or so of vid and analyze!!

  16. As she left the court, could you tell by body language that this, too, is an act for sympathy? Now we have more delay.

  17. Dr. Glass.
    I agree with you about that nut woman. She is so fake and she have no remorse no heart just herself. I can see that no tear drops or flip out. And Now she fake sick to leave the court room. I beleive this woman- Casey is 100% guilty. my prayer go to Caylee

    1. OH by the way i forgot to say..
      How the heck she been done for 31 days without a cry or freak out for missing child. COME ON! Now Casey is playing sick to make those jurors feel bad, I dont feel bad for her, I beleive that Casey is GUILTY.
      think about it 31,drunk,stolen checks. and etc !

  18. HLN reporters have totally bought into the poor Casey story. They actually bought the fake tears and acting. It’s comical that the news people actually think this liar actually has any feelings at all. This garbage of her having to leave the court is unheard of. Why should she be allowed to leave?

    1. If only she were forced to wear the handcuffs &/or shackles like every other inmate does in trial…she’d be forced to quit using her hands to hide her face, being the COWARD that she is. All that bravado in the face of Detectives Melich, Wells, & Allen…”if you arrest me you better have a buttload of evidence downstairs”… LOL they said, “we do”….& sure’nuf, they do…..but now she’s showing her COWARDLY core, & hiding in her hands, behind kleenex, behind her attorney-babysitters, behind computer monitors or laptop screens, & her sweaters. jmho

    2. I have to sa that Mark Iglar ? knows the truth and says it on HLN with Dr. Drew, also he said that Baez has gone about doing this case the wrong way. He has messed up his chance of anything good in this trial. I say Casey IS guilty and she faked the tears today because she didnt get her way, of getting away with murder.

  19. I thought exactly the same thing you did while watching, Dr. Glass. Defense attorneys I’ve known have even advised their clients to put something on their fingertips so that when pressed to the eye, tears will flow down. Casey is pissed off because she is being held to account for many things here. She could not care less what the world thinks of her or if the little skull still had hair on it. Her facial expressions and getting “sick” were all an act. Terrible actress! The getting sick is a last ditch effort to convince the jury how heartbroken she is and I would not be surprised at all if one of her attorneys clued her into her pissed off facial expression and suggested a “time out”.

  20. It seems to me that KC’s reactions this afternoon were of “guilt conscience”! She knows what she did to her daughter and Mr. Ashton was talking about the laundry bag, duct tape, so KC had to relive it, it would be my guess why the court proceedings stopped!

    Poor Caylee!

  21. I agree with, I never saw a tear, she just rubbed her face so it would be red, and look like she was crying. Dr Glass, every news channel are saying she cried. She is definetly a sociopath. I have said that from the beginning.

    She did they same thing while jury selection, shaking, and rubbing her wrists, having a panic attack; supposedly.

  22. DR. Glass–thank you for keeping us up to date on what Casey’s real emotions are.
    I think that Casey was wrapping up in her sweater not only to hide herself but also to comfort herself.

    I am curious to see what you have to say about Roy Kronk. I think the defense is throwing everthing they can at the wall and hoping something sticks.


  23. I was saying the same thing !her eyelids ere not puffy,she wasn’t even sobbing!He skin didn’t blotch,she was poorly faking it all.
    Very interesting that she would mirror poor Caylee,why did she do this?

  24. I was interested to see if you thought her “crying:” today was real. I agree with you, but how did she get her nose to turn red??

    1. From digging at her nose with that stupid dry tissue all day; that’s how. Makes me angry to see her put on such an obvious show, and try to draw the attention to her and away from the fact that she murdered her baby girl.

  25. Dr Glass, if you can see the jurors, I’d like to hear what you say about them. Thank you for your coverage of this event.

    1. Yes, I would like to know more about the juror #4 that CAN NOT Judge, because she is not God, well lady then get off the jury!!!!!

      1. I heard about this woman – she may be the one hung juror to get this monster off. Why the heck is she on this jury.

        Also, I think Casey is more concerned with her mascara running and in the past reaching for her tatoo – as to perhaps just pretending to adjust her bra strap – anyone notice that?

  26. She used the same kleenex all day..she wiped her eyes, which were supposed to be tearing, and she pretended to blow her nose and pick her nose with it…..then back to the eyes…then the nose…..the tissue never seemed to be wet or snotty…just a prop.

  27. She was probably MAD Lee or George or whoever else was in on it (after the fact) allowed the body to be found- you know shes blaming someone!

    I’m surprised she hasn’t contracted an eye infection- she must be a good hand-washer.

    1. WOW! Can’t believe you said something as far fetched as you did! NO ONE but her did this HORRENDOUS thing. GEEEEEEZE!

  28. Whoa! Great catch, Dr. Glass. I thought she was really crying at one time. I did see some tears, but I guess she was crying for herself. No surprise there though…

  29. Dr. Glass, I saw the same thing as you. It appeared to me that she was using her kleenex to rub across her eyes and face and blew her nose more often then normal. My eyes and nose would be red too. When I saw her looking down I knew something was PLANNED and then when the rocking began, something just told me she’s been told to do that. Her defense team isn’t stupid they know if they want to paint her as get her off that is the only way they can succeed. I am not doubting if she was possibly sexually abused but unfortunately there are many others that have been victimized as a child and they don’t murder. That little girl Caylee didn’t ask to be born and the way she died must of been so frightening to her. In her mothers own hands. I’m sorry but what ever her situation is I don’t feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for Caylee. I also can’t help but feel someone else helped her cover up and if that is true I hope that they come forward so Caylee’s life was not in vain. I am so glad that you expressed what you thought it only confirmed my thoughts.

  30. Casey is nothing but a big fake faker. She only became sick to take the attention off of Caylee, is deserving of justice.

    Now for Casey, it’s back to me. Me me me. She’s not sick. She makes us sick, but she had this planned all day.

    If she needs sedation, give her a rag and some chloroform, and tell her to sedate herself.

    She caused all of this. No sympathy from me.

    1. When will she “feel” for others considering the horrific pain and expense she has caused to everyone around her. I hope she is REALLY feeling FEAR. Her anger mode isn’t helping her case, she is angry other’s now refuse to serve her selfish, sick desires.

    2. True true true! (love the rag and chloroform suggestion! I do believe they should try it!)

      At one point when she had her head down, I thought she had fallen asleep.

  31. Dr. Glass– You are right on as to the fake crying. When someone cries even if it is at a sad movie, we ball up the tissue as it gets wetter and wetter from tears and blowing our nose till it is too small to use any longer. In the this case, the tissues are folded and left flat that means no real tears to speak of…..

  32. Thank you so much Dr. Glass, as usual you are totally spot on about Casey and her fake tears and trying to poke her finger in her eye to cry.

    She only cries or herself.

  33. I believe she was looking at her reflection in the table.

    I still would like to know what she DID with Caylee when she told everyone that she was with the nanny -or at the beach -or at Disney world. She could not be in the trunk during the day or she’d die from the heat. Hey…maybe that’s exactly what did happen. . Will ever really know? Does anyone have any idea? She had to be somewhere.

  34. The only way they can get Casey to cry, is by pressing on that thumb tack they have in her shoe, under her foot.

    Press on, for emotion, and press really hard.

  35. Hi Dr. Glass, is it possible that she believes her own story/stories? She did go to great lengths (in her head) to make up this story and maybe she has come to believe it..

  36. Dr. Glass, I agree with much of your insights – however, as the testamony progressed it did appear that Casey was in true emtional distress with tears. She also appears to be having an classic episode of hypoglycemia w/dehydration. JMO.

    1. I think she has cut the calories for the court appearance as she gained weight. When Tony was on the stand there was a weight type comment and someone mentioned her weight around 105. Tony said give or take! and her mouth balled up she got very cross. So i think she is not eating well. But she was well hydrated 3 bottles of water in front of her. I heard comments she was drinking lots of water.

      My take on it she may have given herself a headache with all the pressing of the face trying to get tears to come out plus not eating. She was under incredible stress to perform as she seldom does when it is about Caylee. Do a search on WikiHow and look for How can I make myself cry. Then watch the tapes again, you may see a bit of acting.

  37. Also, with Lee Anthony’s testamony today, he seemed more at ease and spoke without hesitation. I noted his lack of eye contact prior to, during and after as well. What do you think?

  38. Maybe the Defense needed time to regroup considering their preposterous opening statements. They attempted to throw everyone under the bus, anyone who ever tried to help solve this crime, like Kronk, etc. They over promised things that they will never be able to prove, imo. Yet, the evidence swimming around Casey is overwhelming, and points motivate to no other.

  39. sorry for multiple postngs- but this is a good one: watching recap on CNN- George noticable pursed his lips (and you could see other muscles in face tighten) when Roy Khronks (sp)name was mentioned for the first time during 911 call- what could that indicate?

  40. Question?

    How is it that if Casey had no REAL employment for 2 years, while pretending to work, where did her parents think her money went? Did they ask her to pay rent, food, car insurance, car payments, etc? Where did her money come from while she was living at home with her parents to cover her living expenses?

    It’s amazing they were deceived about her pregnancy, but didn’t they have a clue about Casey’s money situation? They were living under the same roof. Was Casey stealing money for 2 years or more? Also that the grandparents never meet the Nanny of the baby strikes me as quite strange. Then again, Casey likely strung them along with lies on that as well.

    1. Sophie, I don’t think Casey was stealing for the entire two years, but she did start doing it long before Caylee “disappeared”. Casey was writing checks to Target, Michaels, Walgreens, plus paying her cell phone bill all on Cindy’s dime – and that’s in addition to what Casey stole from her grandmother and one of Lee’s roommates.

      There’s a great website, that has a detailed timeline of events with information about all the money she stole from Cindy. The degree to which Cindy dealt with Casey’s theft is shocking – Cindy had to cancel credit cards, close checking accounts, and move money around – and Casey STILL found a way every time to steal it…and yet Cindy never thought there was a serious problem going on? Insane.

  41. Dr. Glass I was watching this entire episode unfold in court, and knew you would be posting this blog..asap….i was spot on only because of your previous and also current info. that is 100% correct…i knew immediately without one bit of hesitation this is a liar trying to show emotion that does not exist…Thank You Dr. Glass for the excellent articles you are posting on this case..jmc

    1. Pink Bunny – I had the same experience. Dr Lillian has taught all of us well! Once her “dramatics” began it was really hard to watch the total fakery of her performance. She was literally seething with anger. I can’t believe that all of the talking heads were totally fooled. Dr Drew bought it hook, line & sinker and kept saying that Casey’s real emotions came out today and how helpful that will be for her with the jury. Listening to this crapola infuriates me. I finally took Lillian’s sage advice and turned the TV off. Dr. Drew may be a nice person but he is a sucker. Kate Gosselin also bamboozeled him and he used to constantly defend her choice to film the kids under the guise that she needed the money and that it wasn’t harmful to the kids! For a psychiatrist, he seems awfully dense and shows little insight. Casey did a poor acting job today. When she is pretending to blow her nose over and over again, any moron can tell that she is not blowing her nose at all. I sure would like to see you on one of these shows so that the truth can be said. I saw some other body language “experts” today who insist that Casey was experiencing real grief today. Such baloney!

  42. I am always fascinated by the observations of body language experts, and am especially fond of Dr. Lillian Glass. We must always guard against winning the conclusion jumping competition in the 2011 mental Olympics. It is always the shy who are accused of snobbery, and those without guile are dumbfounded when accused of ulterior motives — motives that never occurred to them, but were the first thought of their unscrupulous accusers.

    Can you imagine the mental and emotional terror and chaos of being accused of doing something you DID NOT DO? Imagine being told over and over that you did something that you know you didn’t do…being called a liar while you are telling the truth? Having been the victim I(hate that word) of false accusations, false testimony, and the damage that comes with it, and knowing that police believe it is okay for them to lie, and that prosecutors will pursue cases based on odds of winning not facts and justice, I have become a disgusting extreme advocate of the shocking American concept of PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of your peers in a court of law. No one has to prove innocence.

    1. If that was the case, the fear would have began immediately. Take a look again at those police interviews and jailhouse visits, you will see no fear, only arrogance and cold rage.

    2. Yes I can imagine, I can imagine that I would be a train reck, that I would not be able to look anyone in the eye, I can imagine that I would be so sick with distraught that I wouldn’t give a crap abot my boyfriend my looks let alone my life. I could not and would not be able to live without my baby
      And I’m sure any real mother out there can can confirm to that same feeling.
      I think you too amongst others have fallen into her web of lies.

    3. I suggest you read the science behind body language. You say you were innocent, that would have registered in your demeanor, language and word phrases. The body and language one uses, “leaks information.” Your accusers who also “leak information.” A skilled individual would have been able to decipher it.

      Casey is arrogant. If that escapes your perceptions, may it be that it is “colored” by your personal experience?

      The ability to read the motives of unscrupulous people is important to your well being.

    4. Why no add she is so pretty I like her rack..It is men tha love this gall you are a sucker like the rest of them. Why don’t you read up on the case, educate yourself you sound like one of Caseys groupies that send her money monthly. The ones she laughs about.. What do I know? I read almost every document that is on the web, watched every hearing, learned the facts. If lying was a sport Casey would get an OLYMPIC Medal.

    5. The presumption of innocence is FOR THE JURY. Did you notice during Voir dire the potentials were asked, “have you formed an opinion?” (because that is what we DO) followed by, “can you put that opinion to the side and judge this case?” When you see something drag on for almost 3 years and watch events unfold, you form an opinion. its a NATURAL phenomenon. Guilt in THIS case points to NO other and her behavior during these proceedings solidifies that.
      Although the OJ jury, did not find for guilt, do YOU believe he was innocent?

  43. What does it say when Casey appears to process reality through her body and not the head and heart? Is she just a bag of fear aching for something with no clue as to what is the most important, besides her body?

  44. Dr Glass- As the medical examiner was describing the placement of duct tape on Caylee’s skull, Casey’s face tries to express sorrow but I notice that her neck muscles spasm. What does this mean? Is she reliving the act of wrapping the duct tape around Caylee’s head? Is it an indication of fear\anxiety?

  45. Excellent post, Dr. Glass.

    I think most logically thinking people were repulsed by Casey Anthony before today, but after seeing that display of fake emotion on her face in the courtroom, while the prosecution was rolling out one horrific picture after another of her little girl’s duct-taped skull, I will say now that I despise Casey Anthony with every fiber in my being. May her punishment come swiftly.

  46. As ALWAYS….it’s ALL ABOUT ME (CASEY). Let’s just STOP the trial because CASEY feels ill. Why is she feeling ill NOW??? What about when she DUMPED poor little Caylee in the woods? Did she feel ill then….NO…she went partying. SHED NO FAKE TEARS NOW, CASEY…..LIAR, PHONY, PSYCHO.

  47. Well done Linda! We all support you. You tell Mason again! You do not work for him!
    God bless you~
    Little Caylee you are Gods’ Angel^I^ Justice will be served

    1. The arrogance level of the defense is mind boggling, isn’t it? I’m not sure if he was being disrespectful to her or just playing head games, but she was having none of it 🙂

  48. Very interesting! I was curious to see what her reactions would be to those photos, but couldn’t watch the trial while at work. I stumbled upon this article. She is a monster! Let the freak show continue.

  49. Liz said;

    “George holds security positions which would have high standards like law enforcement.”

    High standards like law enforcement? How about “stand by the door and don’t let anyone in” is more like it.

  50. Dr. Glass, what a insightful post!!
    Isn’t it amazing that the subconscious always tells the truth; that CA’s body language would tell us exactly what happened to Caylee. Wow, human beings are truly amazing creatures!! But I guess that’s exactly why you chose this field.


  51. Firstly,thank you Dr. Glass for your excellent posts.I can’t believe anyone would not think Casey is all act.I watch these shows that say Casey was sobbing in court………’ARE YOU KIDDING ME?….Where are the tears?.I have seen her snickering, trying to hide her smiling and excited like she’s part of the defense team . She passes waters around and passes notes and they all confide in her like she’s in charge rather than on trial. Are these defense lawyers trying to appease her so she won’t fire them?She acts like she is in charge and running the show like she was in charge of her family and running that show.Casey is intelligent and a control freak and knows how to play people. I truly hope the jury doesn’t fall for her act. I hope there is some justice for Caylee.

  52. this is a repost

    The only time Casey was caught off guard so far during the trial is when her mom did not back her up. Cindy has always stood by her and lied for her. Casey cried and got angry like a normal person. She tried very hard today and could not cry. All that poking on pressure points on her face must have given her one whopping headache.

    Everything Casey does is deliberate right down to how she wipes tears of her face, how she fixes her clothing and hair. For instance when wiping a tear she used her right hand to wipe a tear on the left hand of her face using her thumb which she pressed below her eye for seconds before wiping. In the past she used her pinking finger to wipe tears away. At times she brushes her hair with palms of her hands outward like she is trying out for a hand commercial. All is suggestive and takes thought this is not a natural way to put you hair behind your ear or wipe away tears. I think the only non-forced tears that I have see was when Baez spoke about George and when her momma turned her back on her.

    Watch the way she wipes the FAKE tears away you will notice what I mentioned. Before the session started she put the packet of tissues in front of her. When the Jury left the room she started to recover until the defense team started stroking her. She also belched a few times drank a lot of water must be hard to keep that down when you are trying to cry. The DT put a lot of pressure on her today to cry about Caylee and not about herself. She made herself sick due to the stress as she was failing the task at hand.

    1. This is a BLOG about BODY LANGUAGE – open for us to post observations that we see/or think we see. I come here to learn about body language as I am very interested in this topic I was hoping to get input about observations not to be put in the same catagory as the defendant. I have also watched this case from day one and have a interest in it.

  53. It was ALL fake. I think this was a plot of the defense and Casey to slow down the trial because they know they are losing and the evidence is mounting against them. I think Casey was mad from Lee’s testimony and her selfish self wanted to take the attention even in death away from Casey. I don’t think the jury is buying her BS anymore and won’t be manipulated by her. I kept hearing HLN keep asking why did they bring Lee again to refute about the nanny something we already know. I think the prosecution wants to keep reminding the jury that Casey is a liar and an actress. I think the prosecution knew the defense would be trying to pull something, we know about sore losers. They prepared for it and are building their case on the “true” Casey not the one she wants the jury to see. There is not ONE ounce of sympathy in me for Casey. She realizes that she is done and just like the narcissistic soul she is she wants attention.

  54. Aww, poor little Casey got sick…what a crock!! She was just sick of all of the incriminating testimony she was forced to hear today. I think her little sick act was just a way to make all of the awful testimony about what she did to Caylee go away, if only for the day. I also think that she wanted the focus on her and she was jealous that it was on Caylee. She is a despicable human being and I can’t wait until she is convicted and she gets what’s coming to her. What a tangled web she weaved when she continually told all these terrible lies.

  55. Queen Lillian, your best one yet!!!!!! She is really a frickin monster….CASEY was born MARCH 19…..on March 19, 2008 Casey turned 21….she had waited so long to finally be legal…to me her NUMBER ONE MOTIVE to kill Caylee…she did not want to be a mother and she wanted to be FREE! 84 times she wanted it in MARCH!
    I noticed something today that if you are able to contact Ms. Burdick…she should be aware of this..@12 :23 part two of today trial hearings..Jose Baez asked Lee Anthony a question..the JP had to answer only if he knew the answer he could reply…JOSE BAEZ nods his head saying YES! to Lee to answer the question…Lee answers in his reply…It so looked wrong and it felt like it was a sit-up..

  56. Dr. Glass…..You read her like a book….I thought she thought she was giving the star performance of her life and it fell so flat….for a while I thought she would fall out of her chair…or hide under her desk, simulating, her Mothers grief when she testified….But evidently Casey is not all that good of an actress…..I was physically ill after the testimony and all I saw was all that duct tape….it was such an awful sin to murder that beautiful baby girl….there are a lot of murderers that are going to pay in hell, for what they have done to the little children…..Justice for Caylee is coming……May she finnally rest in peace……

  57. As ALWAYS….it’s ALL ABOUT ME (CASEY). Let’s just STOP the trial because CASEY feels ill. Why is she feeling ill NOW??? What about when she DUMPED poor little Caylee in the woods? Did she feel ill then….NO…she went partying. SHED NO FAKE TEARS NOW, CASEY…..LIAR, PHONY, PSYCHO.

  58. Casey became “sick” today in order to get the spotlight back on HER – today was about CAYLEE and Casey couldn’t stand it. “Shine the light back on ME ME ME!”

    WHY does Casey keep LOOKING at her USED kleenex? It’s DISGUSTING. WHAT is she looking for, a solution for the MESS she’s caused?

    SOMEONE PLEASE tell her to STOP investigating her kleenex AND her fingertips after she’s shoved them into her eyes or rubbed her oily nose pores with them. PLEASE STOP, it’s SO GROSS!

  59. It absolutely was her LAWYER’S idea to claim illness because it was plain to see that Casey couldn’t fake sadness, concern or horror for her poor child and her skeletal remains. If only they had a bottle of glycerin so she could appear to cry real tears. She’s looking for a magical jeannie in her tears.

    This was the only way they could think of to break the momentum and tidal wave of blame and shame coming Casey’s way.

    She’s despicable to the core.

  60. I noticed more anger in Casey at the beginning waiting for the Judge when Linda Burdick approached Cheny and Baez and all three were laughing together. Casey shot a glance with raised eyebrows, ears went back, for only a second which showed it was involuntary but she was going on probably jealous feelings.She didnt like Linda talking and laughing with her men. Then she didnt take her eyes off C Mason for the longest time , trying to get him to look at her. I also noticed while they were waiting for the judge C Mason on three attempts tried to get her attention and he did once she sat back in her chair with her little flirt for him. She is so lawyer smitten but I see Baez even though she keeps talking to him he dont really pay that much attention to her. That makes her annoyed but today before the Judge came, she then turned to C Mason. It was so obvious. Watch the two. Watch her trying to get attention. She showed more real emotion at this than she did with her baby daughters skull.

  61. New here. And You are absolutely right Dr. Glass. No tears. No make up smears on her unwrinkled napkin that she tried to wipe the invisible tears with. She rubbed her eyes and nose so hard it made it look red as if one were actually crying. Such BS. She needs to rot! And where is the runny nose that comes with REAL tears? C’mon now. Give it up Casey your time is up!

  62. Dr. Glass. Please call Dr. Drew and get on his show. I cannot stand Linda Kenney Baden. He needs more specialists instead of pure defense or pure prosecution. We dont need speculation, we need specialists like YOU and Pat Brown! You will say what you were trained in, those attorneys just want to win!


  63. In watching today, I KNEW Casey wasn’t displaying real sorrow, real grief, real tears for “that little girl”

    1. Also, I think Casey covering her face, mouth with her hands is an attempt to cover any communication with Attorney Sim’s – her new mother. I wonder, at the end of the day, does Casey watch all this commentary on TV?

  64. A-greed! Any mother being charged with 1st degree murder for a true accidental death would’ve been sobbing and pleading for them to stop. I also believe her “illness” was coached. She straightened up some when the jury left and walked out shaking her butt like always. Faker, faker, troublemaker.

  65. Casey is sick alright , SICK in the head!!! She is crying ONLY for herself! Just like she did when she saw the news report when they found precious Caylee! She sure didn’t cry or show any emotion when they thought they found her in the pond at JB Park! But she KNEW they had found her in the woods because SHE PUT HER THERE!!! No one helped her when I hear people buying into that it makes me sick! Do they really believe that George would throw his precious granddaughter away like trash to help his sick daughter but then would not help her when facing death???!!!! Think about it people!! This defense has become just as sick as their client !!!!

  66. You all here may or may not read a Bible but after Naked Adam and Eve sinned what did they do. They covered their Nakedness with leaves because of guilt. Casey did the same thing, She felt exposed and she was exposed like a NAKED EVE. GUILT RIDDEN AND WRITTEN ALL OVER HER BODY. SHE gets uglier and uglier to me every time I have to look at her. Im not mean only disgusted at Casey and Her Men (LAWYERS)

  67. I have a QUESTION !

    Where did she put Caylee when she was off and running when parents were gone and she said she ws working? I mean she knew a Zanny Nanny for two years or so. When, I wonder, did she start using this fake Zanny or xanax to baby sit. That poor baby. I wonder where she was zonked out, maybe her own bedroom, or where? This question keeps popping up in my mind. No one has ever brought this out in court or anything. Where was she zonked out in the two years before she come up missing? I wish I could get this picture out of my mind. How much of her tiny life was she sleeping.

  68. What caught my eye was that Casey would wipe a tear with her finger then look at her finger to see if it was wet. Why would you do that. The feeling of the tear on your face would be your queue. Why would you need to verify it. Seriously, all that wiping for two or three tears she managed to squeeze out.

  69. The bumps appearing on the side of her head are the beginnings of her demon horns. Give her another 3 years and they will be fully formed. Also I know how they can put a stop to the hyperventilating, three well-placed pieces of duct tape should put a stop to that. If I have to see her pick her nose and look at it one more time, I’m going to dry heave. I also agree with the internet crowd that say ShamWow should get a patent on her tissue because she is able to use the same tissue all day long and yet somehow it stays dry!

  70. I really can’t see wasting our tax dollars to even try this witch…give her the same option little caylee had……………NONE cd June 10,2011

  71. I wonder how many people here have gone through losing a child and then having to sit through every tiny detail of that childs death, regardless of who murdered that child…AFTER sitting in jail for three years. I wonder if anyone here has gone through that, so they know exactly what kinds of emotions are going to come out through all of this…And I’m sure her attorney is COACHING her, and not CONSOLING her…

  72. im 99.99999999999% sure dis bitch is guilty her body language and her constant lies tell it all. she deserves the death penalty. Her child is no longer breathing because of her so why she should she get to breath another second??? i say OFFFFFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!!!!!

  73. I can’t believe the media could miss her angry looks.I am afraid that the jury may make the same mistake by believing her fake tears. Anger, only anger, that is all I could see all this time in her eyes.I am sure she is angry mostly at little Caylee , she “causes her trouble even now”. I am sure she is saying in her mind ” I wish you were never born, I hate you even more now”. My heart breaks when I think of the fear and helplessness that Caylee experienced. I am a mother of a 2 year old boy and and I cry for Caylee every day , yes every day, My God, maybe I should just give myself a break for a few days and just don’t turn on the TV.

  74. Very creepy. I sat across from a psychopath who was trying to convince me his wife cheated on him. It was such bad acting. Head was hung down, hands doing similar things as casey only I think he also brought them up to his forehead as he faked cried / heaved. I noticed he looked up quickly almost to fast to notice to see if I was buying it. I didn’t. I quit associating with him for several years and wish that I had forever. Long story short, I know enough to stear clear from these non-human scumbags for the rest of my life.

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