Rep. Weiner’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception, Shame, and Anger in Discussing Tweet

When  Rep. Anthony Weiner gave a press conference about tweet where  he sent  a  young college girl a photo of his


his visible private parts in his underwear, he showed a great deal of shame and embarrassment.  He consistently looked down and never made eye contact with the audience and members of the press.

His expression of shame was consistent as he continued to look down when he spoke.  Then his shame turned to

sadness as you can see by the downturn of his lips. He also had extreme anger as you can see by the muscle tension in his lower jaw. He is so angry that the muscle literally  bulging out.


His anger continued as he refused to answer questions . He was asked point-blank if he sent the tweet to the college student and refused to answer. He was even pressed to just answer yes or no . He refused to do so and became angrier as you can see in the  photo above.


Her we see him pull on his nose , which is  a classic signal of deception. He did this just before he tried to spin a lame story. He said that if someone in an audience threw a pie at him, he wouldn’t address it and draw attention to it. He was trying to make the analogy to his particular embarrassing situation but it didn’t work.

The press told him that this was not the same situation and insisted on his giving a yes or no answer/  He refused to do so an became more defensive and more angry.

When people become defensive and angry  and refuse to answer direct questions,  it usually means they have something to hide.  Clearly, no one hacked his account and clearly he sent the embarrassing photo to the college student.

Obviously, he was trying to impress the girl and show her that she turned him on by showing her the budge in his undies.  What  slipped his mind was that as a public figure, everything he does is public including his tweets. But the most important thing that slipped his  mind

was that he was MARRIED!  What is a married 46-year-old doing tweeting a photo of his erect crotch to a possible  teenager or 20-year-old? While this is bad enough, his evasiveness and deception are  making things worse for him. It will not be tolerated by the public.

 Lying is what almost got Clinton impeached.  He lied about “having sex with that woman Ms. Lewinsky”.  Unlike Clinton, Weiner  needs to be truthful and admit his shameful error in judgement. If he doesn’t do it, the bad news is that he may get voted out of office. But if he does get voted out of office it  may open other doors for him, like his own television show.

 Look at Elliott Spitzer, former married Governor of NY who did something even worse. He  took up with prostitutes and look where it got him. It got him his own show on CNN.  Since Weiner has friends in the media who have powerful positions,  he could easily get his own segment on his buddy Jon Stewart’s Daily Show or even his own spin off.


30 thoughts on “Rep. Weiner’s Body Language Shows Signals of Deception, Shame, and Anger in Discussing Tweet

  1. Maybe he’s just got a good PR agent, but according to this article, he wasn’t quite hacked but it wasn’t him:

    That being said however, I totally agree that he was very defensive and just the fact that he refused to say whether that was him or not was really odd. If it’s true that he didn’t send the picture, if I were the press, I’d start digging because he’s hiding something scandalous.


  2. Another excellent article of which the linguistic analysis agrees that he is withholding information. A week before the scandal broke, he blogged about Justice Clarence Thomas saying the judge would use the method of “deny and divert”; something one week later that would become important to Rep. Weiner himself.

    I check in daily for the fascinating updates!

    Peter Hyatt


  3. I guess women like Casey Anthony would enjoy a photo of an old man’s half-hearted erection but that is just plain disgusting to me. How funny is it that the guy’s name is Weiner?


  4. Rep. Anthony Weiner is arrogant, disgusting and vile. Every time I’ve seen him speak he is impatient, combative and pompous. I hope this clown gets voted out of office soon.

    Weiner should be “representing” the people of his district – not the extension of his johnson…


  5. WHOA!

    His wife’s dress is gorgeous. Sad that she’s going this public humiliation. If allegedly, Weiner showing “weener”to a coed, then he’s just eww. Brilliant assessment on Rep. Weiner’s body language. What was the purpose of having a press conference when he provided “non-answers”? UGH. Politicians must stop promoting themselves as “good family men/women”.


  6. Why do we watch these clowns once they get kicked out and join the media?

    No one respects a liar, but unless he thought of an explanation that didn’t reflect on his wife, she would end up with an obvious egg on her face. I mean, if he can simply change professions and we’re stupid enough to let him get away with that, he wins to some degree, but she’s done for socially.

    And really, there’s little he can say that won’t affect her unless they’re separated or he’d been so heinous that he clearly had mental problems. Revealing your weiner makes folks snicker and it is inappropriate, but it isn’t the sign of a serial killer.


  7. I knew it the first time he started talking on TV. It was classical evade the truth! Now he has admitted the obvious but has he admitted everything? I feel he is still holding back some of the truth.

    Poor Wiener. He probably has gotten Wiener jokes all of his life and now it is the thing he will be remembered for.


  8. Well I just found out that Rep. Weiner was investigating Justice Thomas’ financial records and demanded his wife’s financial records becasue there was a questionable activity. Not to excuse the sexual deviancy of Rep. Weiner because the majority of politicians have LOTS of dirt in their own backyard. Politics is after all, a very dirty business. No matter if It’s Republican or Democrat, they all HAVE DIRT. Anyhoo…..

    Rep. Weiner’s investigation seemed to of hit a “sensitive spot” on the right because low and behold, this sexual scandal has hit the front pages and dominated the airwaves while Justice Thomas’ and the Right hide their own dirty dealings.

    So while Rep. Weiner is having his “weener” roasted, his investigation on Thomas’ wife is pushed to the background. Dr. Glass, with permission, here is a link below:

    Looks like the opposition who have more to hide wants to SHAME Rep. Weiner out of office. I must say, I almost forgot how much I despise politics. But there seems to be an incentive to once again distract the public from the real story: Justice Thomas’ wife’s financial records investigation.


    1. EC- LET ME ASSURE YOU- There are NO liberals on this blog- or any other Casey Anthony blogs. The people that follow and salivate over criminal cases are your friends the republicans- they are mean-spirited, unforgiving, resentful, & vengeful. Don’t you nevermind- you can feel right at home girlfriend!


  9. Tate, there is NOTHING, in my post to imply, suggest, & infer the actions of Rep. Weiner innocence. Did you even read my post, or did you get your shorts in a bunch when you read “Republican”, “opposition”, and “right”? Let me clarify my point again because you are grasping, over-reaching your ill-conceived perception of my “liberal bias”: ALL.POLITICIANS.CHEAT, ergo Former Gov. Schwarzenegger and countless others on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. The timing of this “sex scandal” is nothing more than a smoke screen from the real story: Rep. Weiner’s investigation into Justice Thomas’ failure to report his wife’s income. Nowhere in my post did I excuse or justify Rep. Weiner’s adultery. Even your beloved, slave-holding of Africans, and near genocide of Native American killing Founding Fathers cheated on their wives. So, save your delusional, insipid, empty Republican talking points for someone in your own circle that cares. All you did was cherry picking lines against Republicans, making you seemingly itching for a flame war.

    Had you bothered to read the actually story and link, it would of lead you to the LATIMES.COM. Thank you for reminding me again of how much I’ve come to loathe and despise partisan politics and gamesmanship, and why I made the wise choice to become an Independent.

    Rep. Weiner has his own problems to deal with in regards to his family’s humiliation, embarrassment, and disappointment of his constituency.


  10. Tate, take your own advice about chilling out before giving it. I’m not the one who tried to flame, then retracted when given a reality check. You are the one who posted to me first about liberal bias, blah blah blah. Now you are using ad hominem, LOL @ your weak argumentation.

    I don’t care how you use the LA Times, the story of Justice Thomas’ hasn’t been retracted, thus nullifying your argument of ” bias & dishonest”. As if the Republican publications are “biased & fair”. LMBO! Oh please, just stop! You are typical of Republicans that operate in the fantasy world of “righteousness” when reality begs to differ.

    And DUH,can you read? My first post was about BODY LANGUAGE and the topic at hand. You made it about politics, so own that. Understand? TIMEWASTING partisan politics are for people with time to waste. And LOL @ your standard of “unbiased news source”. Such an oxymoron.


  11. I just left this post on Peter Hyatt’s Statement Analysis blog- can’t resist repeating myself:

    “NOW I GET IT!
    I was watching and listening but something was missing- so I kept vigilant- then there it was today- he’s a pedophile- abet a teenage one- but still counts……I bet everyone “smelled it”- something lurking below the surface- the crux of the matter.

    We knew he was he’s creepy, that he was an exhibitionist (not uncommon for people in the public eye- i.e. that why they want to be in the public eye)

    But this is a whole different ballgame- this is darker and deeper- he’s looking for a CHILD…….

    I hope Hillary is taking note- and realizes this is a whole different animal than Bill- he was just a lush……

    this guy is a freak- but he also has the potential of being a murderer- like all pedophiles- because as soon as they do their dastardly dead- they have inflicted a mortal wound”


  12. Addendum- damn that Weiner- even if he was trying to do a good deed like trying to hold “can’t-pronounce-husain (as in obama)” judge Thomas- accountable for his hypocrisy- that good deed- even tho it might help the US for decades to come- is NOT as important as the life of one teenage girl- gawd help the unborn child.


  13. Deb, I was clear as crystal on my position on this issue of politics and Rep. Weiner’s despicable sexual deviancy with Tate, and the both the timing and reasoning as to why this sex scandal came out. Period. I’ll let the lemmings on this blog with their weak logic and transparent bait tactics wallow in their muck, posting overused and empty talking points spoonfed to Repubs to parrot. I’ll not belabor the issue any further.


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