Stop the Rumors! Trump Did NOT Make Milania Sad During Swearing In Context is Key in Reading Body Language

Context is key  with regard to any body language analysis. So many people have been asking me to comment on why Melania looked so sad after Donald turned around at the inauguration ceremony when Rev. Graham spoke.

After scrutinizing the clip frame by frame  and looking at Melania’s behavior facial expression and body language BEFORE Donald turned around, DURING the time he turned around and AFTER the time he turned around,    I can assure you that he did not say anything to upset her.

The reason I am so sure of it is that if she was upset with what he said  it would have happened immediately at the split moment it happened not any time later and certainly not a second or two later.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 4.31.11 AM.png

Melania wore the same upset looking facial expression people are speaking about well before Donald turned around as you can see her with somber expression and head bowed down. In fact in the crowd, she is one of few people with a bowed head. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.14.41 AM.png

Melania looks sad BEFORE Rev. Graham spoke.Even Ivanka looks somber as he starts his benediction.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.18.41 AM.png

Her head is bowed BEFORE Donald turned around and as Rev. Gram said” in the bible it is a sign that when it rains…”

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.21.32 AM.png

As soon as Rev. Graham said ” And it started t0 rain Mr. President when you came to the platform,” Trump immediately turned around and smiled at Melania as Ivanka is wearing an expression of being choked up. In essence,  BOTH Donald and Melania are having a positive and personal moment together .   

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.23.55 AM.png

They both book at one another eye to eye as Melania nods and Ivanka is now happy as well, cocking her head so that she can get a better view of her dad. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.27.33 AM.png

Trump uttered something and he immediately  turned around. Since his back was to the camera we can never know what he said. Therefore I cannot utilize my lip reading skills to decipher exactly what he said and I cannot speculate as I ONLY report what I actually see and what I actually hear. As he has turned around, Melaina is still smiling as you can see her cheeks raised and eyes still squinted and teeth showing in a genuine smile.

Then as Trump is fully turned around, her expression immediately changes. In my view, she may have just  processed the powerful statement Rev. Graham made about the rain which occurred just as Trump spoke being an auspicious sign. Perhaps the reality was beginning to set in that her husband is REALLY going to be President, that she will be First lady and that life as she once knew it will never be the same.

The reason I DO NOT believe he said something awful to her that made her upset as so many lay people, non professionals and Trump haters have wrongly remarked is because her reaction time was not immediate. When someone says something horrible to you, as they speak those words your facial expression changes. It does NOT change a second or two later. In essence, Melania reverted back to her previous somber expression that she had on her face well before Trump turned around.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.38.23 AM.png

What even further confirms what I am saying is the fact that she turns away to look into the crowd as she processes the reality of the moment and how countless  people are standing before her,  witnessing her husband becoming the next President of the United States.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.40.42 AM.png

Then she turns her head toward the front as she looks out into the crowd, continuing  with the serious expression on her face. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.42.25 AM.png

She then immediately  looks down after viewing and processing the crowd and the seriousness of the situation.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.43.58 AM.png

Now she looks at the crowd once again as further evidence she is   processing the enormity of the situation and what is going on.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.45.54 AM.png

Then she looks down, once again ,engaging in the processing of the situation.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.46.56 AM.png

Next, she turns her head and looks down. It has now been a FULL 6 SECONDS since Trump allegedly said something to her . It does NOT take 6 seconds to process being upset. It would have happened at the moment he spoke and immediately afterwards, which it did not. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.49.20 AM.png

She looks down and glances up at the crowd again.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.50.30 AM.png

Then she looks straight on as her head is slightly bowed. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.50.39 AM.png

And now she turns with her head held high as she stands in line with her husband, looking right at the back of him. So now, she has processed the moment and is now aligned with her husband as she stands behind him having processed and accepted that she is the new First Lady and he is the new President.

Context is key when reading people’s body language. A little information and a little knowledge can be dangerous and create rumors which was the case here. Melania had a somber expression before Donald turned around and spoke to her. She was thrilled during and immediately after he spoke to her.  Only seconds later, as she processed the reality of what Rev. Graham was saying as she scanned the crowds, all the while being engaged in her own thought process did her expression look somber.

So what may have looked like her being upset at what Donald might have said to her is NOT the case at all. 

As you know I am not political and I ONLY fairly report what I  ACTUALLY SEE and what I HEAR,  just as I have done throughout the campaign and now that Trump is President.  I have NO BIAS and I am keeping it OBJECTIVE at all times so don’t try to think for me and tell me what is in my mind or  tell me I am biased as I am the ONLY one that can tell you DIRECTLY what I am thinking and what my bias is or is not. I have  absolutely  nothing to hide, no one to impress and I am not beholden to anyone. So if you want to spew hate towards Trump, do it elsewhere not with me.

I report and continue to report ALL that I see whether or not it is flattering to Trump or not. In fact, I recently remarked that I didn’t like it when Trump walked in front of Melania as she was left holding the Tiffany package, while Trump sprinted towards the Obamas.  Whether he was caught up in the excitement of the day and in the moment or whether the Secret Service told Melania to stand back and wait, or whether  this was some type of protocol, I didn’t like it at all as it looked very bad to me as a sign of rudeness. In Western culture, we do NOT walk in front of a friend, spouse, or mate, and leave them trailing behind, regardless of their sex. Doing so has very bad connotations. So NEVER accuse me of being biased.

I HATE rumors and false reporting and having been a trained journalist at the number one School of Journalism in the world, USC, I vilify ANY reporter who sticks their bias into the equation like Martha Radditz who was almost in tears during her reporting on ABC of the  inauguration and who in my view should be, using Trump’s term,” FIRED” 

I also HATE it when reporters, amatures, non professionals do body language analysis and do it wrongly. It is DANGEROUS and IRRESPONSIBLE!  Just because someone has a degree in Psychology it does NOT make them a BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT!  It takes years and years of work, research and experience like I have done and Alan Pease and Paul Ekman, David Given, and even ex FBI agent Joe Navarro. I have the utmost respect for all have done. These are  my colleagues I have the utmost respect for them. All of their backgrounds are solid and they know of that they speak, just like I do. Many others in my view,  do not have the expertise, experience ,or background and as a result make dangerous and irresponsible comments. 

I was on the BBC last week with a Psychology Professor from OXFORD who knew NOTHING what he was talking about regarding body language . It was embarrassing to even listen to this man.

I am thrilled that Trump is fighting back and busting the irresponsible press that, many members whom we saw having direct ties to Hillary from Martha Radditz to Rachel Maddow,  Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, other CNN cronies and even Megyn Kelly. I personally can never trust ANY of their reporting now and tune out whenever they speak. I have lost all respect for them as they should know better.


Casey Anthony Does NOT Cry Real Tears On Day 3 As She Hears Charges Against Herself For Second Time! Casey’s Not Looking At Jury Pool May Scream “Guilt”


Casey looked a lot better today as she entered room , appearing more refreshed. This indicates that she must have had a shower and more sleep. pont She also spend mort time grooming her hair coiffed into a split ponytail with hair around her face.

  Once again she was  not seated between  Jose Baez and  Cheney Mason .  Instead  she was  situated between Ms. Finnell and Baez’ attorney Ruiz with whom Casey has developed good rapport. 

While it was reported in the press that that Casey was crying, Casey was  clearly NOT crying real tears! They were not genuine tears.  Instead,  they were her usual manipulative fake non liquid tears we have consistently seen her use for manipulation . The reason I say that they are fake is because there is no liquid coming out of her eyes and that people do not cry one eye at a time.

Yes her nose was red but anyone’s nose would be red if someone wiped it consistently. As the first few charges were read,  Casey does not put her Kleenex up to  her face. She does breathe heavily as she pushes out a burst of air through her mouth. She also shakes her head “No” as the beginning charge is read.

 Ms. Ruiz is disturbed about Casey’s alleged crying behavior as she writes frantically on her notepad with her red pen. Casey finally reads the note and stops her fake crying as she continues to look down, away from the jury pool.

Jose Baez gets wind of what Casey is doing as well. He turns over to look at  her and he is clearly annoyed about it.

What Casey does not realize is that she has already began digging her own grave with her negative first impression. She has made all the jurors feel  uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable enough just being in a courtroom and now seeing Casey look like she is boo hooing it makes them feel even more uncomfortable, therebty adding to their stress levels.

What is even worse is that  by her behavior of not having any eye contact with the jury pool as the charges were read, Casey has essentially told potential jurors  she is” guilty” by not looking at them.

Casey Anthonys Body Language Signals Upon Discovering A Child’s Body Was Found Speaks Volumes

After reading the report from  Lt.Tammi Unser  at the correctional facility  which described what Casey did when she watched the television report concerning Caylee’s remains, it is apparent  to me that Casey’s  body language spoke volumes about what she knew about Caylee and whether or not she was guilty.

1, Casey falls into the chair. She is  obviously weak  in the kness here and is physically unbalanced as she falls instead of sits in the chair .

2.She began doubling over and begins to breathe rapidly. This is a telling signal in that it means that her autonomic nervous system is taking over. She can no longer control her breathing.

3.She asks for her belly chains to be loosened as she felt they were too tight. In essence her abdominal are is working overtime as she begins  hyperventilating. Thus  the air in her abdominal area expands and makes her feel like the chains are getting tighter. No doubt she also felt pressure in her stomach region as she quickly realized  that she could no longer get away with her lies .

4.She lifted her head up and leaned back in the chair, however her eyes were closed. The lifting up of her head was an automatic reaction to open the airway to get some air into her system.The leaning back in the chair was a type of resignation that she was now caught. The fact that her eyes were closed is very significant. It says that she didn’t want to see or acknowledge what she allegedly did to Caylee. It was a form of denial on her part.

5. She stated Oh No when she learned the location on the news and that it was the body of a small child. At this point no one knew that it was a little girl’s body. The fact that she didn’t say” I hope it;s not Caylee” or something to that effect  says a lot.  A simple Oh No may  likely reflect  “Oh No I’m busted” or  “Oh No  how could they find  her?

6. Began pulling at arm and fidgeting with hands says it all, This is not only a signal of deception This is often a signal of guilt and self mutilation when someone is found out.  Pulling  and wringing of the hands usually  signifies that someone is extremely worried about something.

7.She said she wanted to speak to her attorney. If someone wasn’t guilty about something  and  simply distraught about thinking a found body might  be their daughter’s body,  why wouldn’t they immediately want to speak with a mental health professional as opposed to their attorney? One would want to confide in a person who has the ability to comfort them and help them cope with a potential loss? But no. Casey wanted  to speak with Jose Baez. She wanted her attorney because she knew that the finding of the body and where it was found required the help of an attorney, not a psychologist.

8. She continued breathing rapidly and fidgeting with her hands when talking to him. (Dr, Branch) Here is where you see how the body doesn’t lie. Her autonomic nervous system has taken over and is in full force with the rapid breathing and uncontrollable nervous hand gestures and movements.

9. She assured  both of us she would not hurt herself. Of course Casey would not think of hurting herself. She is too much of a narcissist and a coward. She said hurting herself would not solve anything.Here we see how she is for the first time coming to grips with the reality that she must now have to deal with the problem of Caylee’s remains being found.  She did ask of she could get a sedative to relax. Here we see how Casey is thinking about Casey first and foremost. She feels uncomfortable and doesn’t like that feeling so she wants to numb herself. She is in fear and wants something to calm her fears so she does’t have to deal with that emotion.


11.It was too early to cry and she was not going to break down. What???? To early to cry???? If someone was distraught about the possibility that the body that was found was her child,  they couldn’t stop crying! They would be inconsolable. The fact that she used the words too early to cry screams manipulation. If anything points to Casey being a sociopath, this is it! She is devoid of any true or real emotion.

11, She appeared to have red eyes from cryingHer breathing was normal No doubt if Casey was crying  any real tears those tears were for herself and not for Caylee. She was most probably crying about what was going to happen to her.On the other hand, maybe she had no tears. After all she was not  actually seen crying by  Lt. Unger based on how Casey was positioned. So perhaps Casey was doing her old “stick her finger in in eyes to make them red and wipe away the non tears act “which we saw  so often in the courtroom. Why did she suddenly conjure up some  red eyes? After all there were no tears initially. If someone really loved a child and had an inkling the child found may have been theirs, they would surely shed real genuine tears. They would keep shedding those liquid tears and would not stop shedding them. They wouldn’t just have red eyes.

12 Her stomach no longer hurt and she didn’t feel like throwing up.Of course not. Her ice cold system was back to it’s normal state. Her autonomic nervous stem was no longer on active duty. Most people would still feel queasy or uneasy if they thought it was their child who was found. They would feel enraged that someone could  do something like that to a child who could be theirs. Their stomach would be in knots. But not case;s stomach. She was fine. Maybe Jose reassured her that he would save her and that there was no evidence that she killed Caylee and that they would have to prove it for her to be guilty. So she no doubt felt like she was going to get away with everything.

13. She asked if she could take a shower which she was given. She felt calmer after her shower. Of course she felt calmer. She in essence washed away her sins. When a sexual predator says that they took a shower or washed themselves off, chances are they are guilty. They are washing away the evidence and their guilt.  Similarly Casey’s  request for a shower and washing away her guilt over allegedly killing Caylee is quite symbolic. 

14. Her eyes appeared red however she had a calm demeanor Please tell me how you can have red eyes from all that crying and still have a calm demeanor. You cant! You can only have a calm demeanor when you are not crying real tears but you are sticking your fingers in your eyes or rubbing them a lot. the calm demeanor is disconcerting, True she took a sedative. But even so, there is no calmness if you thought the child you loved so much was murdered by someone else.

To me this report says a great deal.  It says that Casey cannot feel real feelings. It says that she may indeed show signals which reflect her upset about being found out  about allegedly  killing Caylee. It shows that she is manipulative and that her main concern is about self. It would be very interesting to see Dr. Brand the mental health professional’s report and the report from Ms. Pat.  I wonder what she said to them and how she looked and sounded when she said what she said to them.

Tiger Wood’s Sex Partner, Rachel Uchitel Needs Serious Voice Work On Her TV Gig! Her Mean Girl Revelation and Body Language Tells of Deception Speak Volumes


As someone who has spent a lot of her professional life helping actors and on camera talent have a better speaking voice and become camera ready. I can assure you that no matter how well known Tiger Wood’s sex partner is, she won’t last on TV for long.

Her voice, in my opinion is downright annoying! The extreme nasal quality and the boring monotone,  throatiness and uptalk at the end of sentences may be appealing in Tiger’s bed, but they are not appealing over the airwaves.

The harsh glottal attacks which reveal an inner anger and defensiveness were also off putting. Her throaty closed off vocal quality was also a major turn off to one’s ears.


Her physical image with her now darker hair to apparently de-bimboize her, gives a conflicting message when paired with her ultra- short skit and very low cut top  revealing her separated cleavage, often indicative of breast implants.

If she wants to not be regarded as the” ho” people think she is for cheating with a married man, then she needs to  revamp her dressing style in my view.

This is the same woman who got her panties in a bunch when Joy Behar kidded around and said “YOU KA TELL SHE”S A HOOKER”. Well her getup on Extra certainly made Joy Behar’s words ring true as the way she was dressed  certainly helped make her  like a “hooker” in my opinion.



There was also a type of arrogant quality as she spoke to Mario Lopez about her life. I particularly did not find her likeable or watchable, especially when she spoke of what she was like in high school,

She described herself as being an original “cool”  Mean Girl. As soon as she said that, she completely turned me off!

To me, it spoke volumes about her character- purposely being mean to others and bullying them  for no reason, other than she may have felt that someone was beneath her or that they were not “cool!” Hearing that made me sick!  The fact that she would even admit this to the world, made me think that she is really not that bright.

Obviously Rachel hasn’t changed much as an adult, as she has continued to hurt people and not think about their feelings and the consequences of her ugly actions. After all look what she did to Tiger’s wife and the wives of the other married men with whom she was allegedly involved.

This woman with ugly character  in my view, also has the audacity to tell the word how even in her “cool “ clique hated each other. How disgusting! She obviously didn’t learn loyalty. By her own admission,by hating her “friends” she learned early on how to be two faced, duplicitous, and deceitful.

Then this woman who  got her panties in a bunch for Joy Behar calling her a hooker, got paid millions of dollars to not discuss Tiger or write a book about him. Just as hookers make money for doing a sexual service, she received money for doing the service of not revealing their sexual escapades to the public.

Rachael then told of how the girls she bullied turned out to be beautiful and successful and how she would see them in the street and  apologize to them 25 years later. Even if this ugly bully Rachel  apologized to them, her ugly words and bullying behavior no doubt left emotional scars on her prey. She even laughs as she said this making her look sadistic and witch-like.


Then “You Ka Tell”, outs her “friend”by telling the world the friend was suicidal because the friend’s boyfriend broke up with her. She didn’t need to add that bit of personal information. But she obviously thought it would make her look “cool” and like a good friend as she demanded her “friend”  “get into the car with me and dive across country.” If Rachel was a real friend and not the selfish Toxic person she has revealed she is, she would have taken her friend to a clinic or to a doctor if she was suicidal.

Also what if it comes out in public who this “friend” is who went on this road trip with her. That would be horrible. Now, thanks to her “friend” Uchitel,  everyone would know she tried to kill herself over a breakup when she was younger.


Rachel also sickened me when she describes how her fiancé died in 911. Her selfishness and self- centeredness is out front and in the open as she says “ I lost my future.” What about her fiancé? He lost his life, for God’s sakes! She doesn’t talk about that.

Then she says there is nothing I couldn’t handle because of that.  Again I I I I I I and ME ME ME ME ME patterns emerge!

When she spoke of “Andy” it was in a matter of fact monotone voice like it was just another experience in her life to get her where she is today.


She is completely bullshitting as she describes herself as a homebody and saying she doesn’t venture out much. This is Miss NY Night Life Who is the  VIP Care Taker.

Her lip licking tell gave her statement away as  away  BS in her attempts to de-hookerize her image.


She is also a contradiction of  terms as she describes herself as a homebody and then tries to sound like Miss Adventurer as she describes  how she biked across Morocco by herself for 14 days.  You can’t have it BOTH ways! You can’t be a homebody and an adventurer!

Having been to Morocco and seeing firsthand how women are often harassed and mistreated and knowing a lot about the culture, I seriously doubt she was out biking alone without being harassed.

No doubt she was visiting someone, like perhaps a lover, and was biking on the premises of an exclusive resort where the two lovebirds were staying! As she tells this BS story in my view,  she pulls her head back and jerks her body back which is often a tell of deception. This is what people usually do when they aren’t being forthright and when they are lying.


Now we really see and hear her bullshit as she says she travels a lot alone. There are several hair tosses which is often associated with deception.

You see it when she talks about her trip to Thailand and how she went alone. She may have flown there alone but in my opinion based on all the hair tossing, head jerking and  downward head movement , that  I doubt she was completely alone when she was in Thailand.

You see a significant body language “tell” as  she pulls back and says how she studied for two weeks with the moi toi kickboxing team.

She bends  head down and looks down and  her vocal “tell” of inflecting her voice  upward as if she knows what she is saying is not totally true, is evident.

Maybe she went with a guy who was on the team or  who studied there. Perhaps she went along with him. Perhaps he is a married man like Tiger so this information can’t be verified.

Also how does a nightclub worker in the VIP section of a club who essentially guards the VIP rope, have all this time and money to travel to these exotic places so often and stay for weeks at a time? Could it be that some VIP who got through the velvet rope is paying for her to accompany them to these exotic places on perhaps exotic trysts?


Finally, Rachel says she would like a family of her own. Wouldn’t hat be something is she had a family of her own and some ho, hooker, mistress, call girl or prostitute  did the same thing to her that she did to Elin Wood- cheating with her married husband. Wouldn’t that be karmic justice if she found out about it the same way Elin found out about their affair?

Rachel  then said she wants to be at that point in her life where she is happy and proud and excited. Well she may be there now. She may be very happy that she is now a household name. She may be very proud that she with the help of her attorney  sucked out millions from Tiger’s wallet  as a payoff for her silence about their affair. And finally she may be excited that she has millions of dollars to her name so she never has to scramble for money again, and equally  excited about the fact that she has a TV gig on national TV.


I hate the fact that Rachel Uchitel, a sex partner to a married man who got her panties in a bunch because a comedian called her a  hooker, a moniker that  many people have called her, has now been rewarded for her bad behavior.

This is a horrible role model for young girls to see. I cannot stand the fact that young women are seeing this woman extort  millions of dollars from Tiger just for keeping quiet about the details of their affair. I detest that she now has a   TV gig with no professional training and without paying her dues, just  for sleeping with a rich and famous guy and getting caught!

It is sickening and sends a horrific message to young women.  I hope that her TV career lasts for  15 minutes  so that young women can see that even though someone may be infamous and be out there in the limelight, they don’t have staying power when they have no qualifications and a horrible speaking voice to boot!



Photo of Tiger Woods a LAX Elicits Body Language of Smirks, Giggles, and Groans


The other day I was at Los Angeles Airport headed towards the baggage claim area when I saw a huge backlit wall mural of Tiger Woods staring at me. My immediate thought was “ I wonder if that sponsor left Tiger’s photo up intentionally or they forgot to take it down. Perhaps they are sticking by Tiger until they see what else happens.”

But what happened next was rather interesting from a sociological standpoint. I immediately heard a man in back of me chuckle and say in a loud voice to the man he was with “ Hey look, it’s Tiger Woods ! Can you believe that?” The man with him replied, “Yeah, they should have a photo with him will all the women he slept with next to him. Now that would be funny! Then the man who made the initial comment about the photo retorted. “Yeah if they were all nude that would be even funnier.”


I then slowed down my pace and let these two men pass me and walked over to the area where people would first see the photo. I had the impulse to conduct a little informal psychosocial experiment and see other’s reactions to the photo. Would they react like these two men? What comments would they make if any? And what did their body language say when they unexpectedly saw a photo of the most famous adulterer over the past few weeks, staring them in the face as they shuffled through the airport to pick up their luggage ?


Several people I observed made no comment but shook their heads while others ignored Tiger’s photo completely and went about their business, hurrying their pace to get to the luggage carousels. I did however, observe that many people smiled or smirked. The ones who did verbalize often had a snicker or a giggle. Here are some of the comments I over heard :
“What an asshole!”
“What a scumbag!”
“Hey look.! That’s Tier Woods! Heh heh”
“Tiger Woods? Oh No!”
“That wife of his is gonna be rich when she leaves him!”
“Tiger Woods” (said with a groan)”


While I didn’t do a major scientific study here, I did get enough of a sampling to see that people did react to the photo in negative way. That is something that would have never happened months earlier. The reaction to the photo would have either been neutral or positive, but never negative.

Tiger’s womanizing has had such a negative affect on his image that many of his sponsors have dropped him and I believe many will continue to drop him, depending on what else unfolds.

If more mistresses or sex partners come forth, more and more sponsors will drop him like a hot potato. If a love child should emerge, I think he can kiss the majority of his sponsors goodbye. And if the nude photos of him should appear, it’s OVER!


Can Tiger’s image be resurrected ? Can he be forgiven by the public? Personally I don’t think so. It’s not only that he had all these mistresses and sex partners while he was married which is disturbing. It’s bad enough that he lied to his wife, But what is just as upsetting if not more is the fact that he lied to all of us fans.

He made us think he was “Mr. Squeaky Clean,” when in reality he “Mr. Freaky, Not So Clean.” People can’t stand to be fooled and they can’t stand hypocrites.

Also he gave such lame apologies, that it added insult to injury for many of his fans.

It was not one or two women with whom Tiger had an affair. It was 14 if not more and he had the affairs when his wife was pregnant with their children. That is pretty sleazy no matter how you look at it. There is no way that you can spin that around PR wise.


If ANY PR person spins it that Tiger has a sexual addiction so we should forgive him because he can’t help himself and is powerless over sex, nobody will buy it! We are not stupid! He had sex with so many women- because he could! It’s that plain and simple. He was in a different city all the time and wanted different women other than his wife to address his sexual needs. That’s it!

While he may also have the “Madonna Whore Complex’ where a man find’s that he can’t get sexually turned on by the mother of his kids, Tiger was allegedly cheating on Elin before she became the mother to his children. He was even cheating during his bachelor party, which is pretty sleazy as well.

These are more the reasons why I don’t think people will to be so open to readily forgive him for his indiscretions.


The only person I have heard stick by Tiger and say something positive about him is Donald Trump, who is good friends with Tiger. He was very supportive of Tiger on Larry King Live. Donald has been known for his loyalty and values that trait in others, so it is not surprising that he would support his friend through thick and thin. I actually find this trait admirable in a person and that is another reason why I am so fond of Donald Trump.

But for those who are not Tiger’s close friend like Donald Trump, but rather his fans who used to respect Tiger and even looked twice at any product because he endorsed it, I don’t think most people would be that loyal to a man who misrepresented himself in such a big way.


So much of what will happen to Tiger in the future will depend on what happens with his relationship with Elin- if she leaves him for good and divorces him, or if he ends up with one of the mistresses. It will be interesting to see which sponsors continue to stick with him and which ones drop him.

No matter which sponsors stick with him or not, I think that for the rest of the public to not have a negative perception of Tiger or look at him without a smirk, giggle, or groan will be a huge challenge for him.

Public trust is not something to be toyed with. While we all love a good comeback, I think it will be extremely hard for Tiger to come back. What he did was so egregious. It will take a long time, if ever, for him to regain the public’s respect, no matter how great a golfer he was.

Tiger Wood’s Toxic Cheating May Be the Result of His Having A ”Madonna- Whore Complex”


Last night when I appeared on the Nancy Grace Show I had an opportunity to weigh in about the Tiger Woods situation. My focus on the show was on why he was driving barefoot and a discussion about his reported mistress, Rachel Uchitel talking way too much when she spoke to the press. This made me quesiton her denial about her affair with Tiger.When someone talks that much, they are usually lying.

Today Rachel Uchitel verified my observations I made of her on the Nancy Grace Show. Rachel finall admitted that she did indeed lie for Tiger and that she did have an affair with him.


When I last blogged about Tiger Woods stating that he shouldn’t given a him free pass for his cheating because he is Tiger Woods, a lot of readers were upset . They refused to believe that Tiger Woods was a Toxic Cheater. They blamed the Enquirer and said that nobody should believe the Enquirer’s report because after all, they are only a tabloid and make things up.


While some tabloids may perhaps sensationalize a headline or two, in order to peak your curiosity and make you pick them up when you are in line at the grocery store, I can assure you that those days of bold faced tabloid lies are over. It’s way too expensive to make anything up. They are all lawyered up to the hilt and they check and recheck facts. The Enquirer is no longer the tabloid of yester year where two headed flying alien babies with sharp teeth and pointed ears were on the cover. Now, they can hold their own with any major publication.


It was their dedicated research and phenomenal reporting skills that broke the story about another Toxic Cheater, hypocrite and Illegitimate Baby daddy, former Senator John Edwards. who LIED to the public and to his cancer stricken wife that he was having an affair much less having a child with his mistress Reille Hunter.


I know how tabloid reporting works up close and personal because I do a lot of interviews with them, especially with the Globe where they ask my opinions about a lot of their cover stories. I can assure you that they check and re check and check again.

The Globe’s reporters and editor are ALL top notch veteran journalists who are also top notch writers, who know how to keep a reader’s interest.

Most of the stories you first see in the Globe have been subsequently picked up by mainstream media, from CNN to Fox News ABC, NBC, and CBS. Their crime reporting, like the phenomenal reporting they have done on the Casey Anthony case is top of the line.


If something appears on TMZ in my opinion you can just about take that to the bank. Harvey Levin is a cracker jack reporter, a top of the line journalist and a well respected, brilliant eagle eyed attorney. So if he says something is true and stands by it, I tend to side with Harvey.

TMZ also has a staff of lawyers who make sure their i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.


When I sided with Elin and called Tiger Woods “Toxic.” I knew exactly what I was talking about. Now, since all these mistresses of Tiger’s have come forth. it is easy for everyone to connect the dots .

We can see that that Elin, no doubt smashed out his car window because she was pissed at him. They probably had a fight because she now had PROOF he was having an affair or two or three.

In fact we even heard Tiger’s own cowardly voice telling his mistress to not put her name on her answering machine because he feared his wife would find out. Elin probably confronted him and he probably denied it and she got pissed at his lying because she probably had proof.

She no doubt, was overcome with anger at his bullshitting lies, so she lashed out physically, punching him in his lying mouth and splitting open his lip and clawing at his face in anger.

Now, I am NOT saying this is right or giving her a free pass on this. I do NOT condone physical violence (fantasies of it -YES, but actual physical Violence- NO!).

Knowing he was guilty and not being able to dispute her facts and the evidence she had against him, he most likely decided to walk away and leave the house. He also didn’t want to receive any more of her physical attacks, since she was no doubt really letting loose on him.

Also, he thought it was probably best to walk away before he did something to her, like hit her back and escalating it into something even more horrible. Self defense or not, he instinctively knew he was no physical match for her, so he admirably and quickly walked away from harm’s way.

That explains why he was barefoot (against Florida law) when he was driving the vehicle.

Pissed that he was leaving, Elin then most likely grabbed one of the many golf clubs lying around the house and went after him in the heat of the moment. He probably saw her coming and quickly locked himself in the car and proceeded to drive away. That may also be another reason that Tiger, who is known for taking excellent care of himself from what he eats to protecting his own safety, was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

She then no doubt, caught up with the car and began smashing the windows. He absolutely freaked out and that is why he was driving so erratically. The police report shows he drove over bushes and into some hedges before hitting the hydrant and ultimately the tree.

Also if you look at this photo of the smashed out windows, if the BS spin they are trying to feed the public was true, and Elin was trying to smash out windows to save him, why didn’t she smash out the window on the passenger side and open the lock and get him out? Oy would have been a lot easier. The glass would also be further from him as oppsed to directly in back of him.

The reason the back windows were smashed is because she was obviously at the back of the car, propbably hitting it with the golf club.


How she found out about his cheating and affairs is not the issue. The bottom line is that she found out! Maybe she found a love text she or a heard a love call, or found an extra pair of panties in Tiger’s suitcase. Perhaps the maid washed these panties and put them in her drawer and when Elin didn’t recognize them as her own, perhaps she put two and two together.

Perhaps he even gave her an Sexually Transmitted Disease- from herpes to chlamydia to syphilis to gonorrhea. There is no question that if he was not using a condom, especially now that we know that he was cavorting with promiscuous or “party girl types ” and had multiple partners, he could have easily subjected Elin to HIV and AIDS.


Why would any man in their right mind cheat on an absolutely gorgeous woman, who has kept herself in excellent physical shape, who emotionally supports you, loves you to death and has been a wonderful wife? Why would any man cheat on a woman who was pregnant with their impending baby or cheat on their wife who had just given birth to their baby? Why would a man who had it ALL cheat on his wonderful wife?

The answer is simple. It’s because HE CAN! In Tiger’s life where he is in a different city all the time being catered to left and right, and having women throw themselves at him, he thought, “what the heck, I’m Tiger Woods, why not? No one will know. I can have my cake, with a different woman in every city when I’m on the road, and when I am at home with my beautiful wife, I too can have that cake of a stable home life.”


Tiger is a man who has been spoiled rotten. He has been given anything he wants carte blanche. He has never had to be accountable to anyone or anything expect to his golf game and to his sponsors.

He never had to listen to anyone except the one person who made sure he towed the line- his wonderful late fatherand coach Earl. When Tiger was younger and catting around with women back then, his father made sure his focus was on his game and not on the ladies. He certainly knew how to keep his son in line.

But now that Earl is gone, there has been no one to keep him in line and set some boundaries. There has been no one to really give him a reality check like Earl used to do.

Now that this fiasco has come into the open, Tiger will finally realize that he has to be accountable for his actions and that his egregious behavior will NOT be tolerated.


According to his multitude of mistresses, and the admission of one of them, we know that Tiger Woods began cheating at least 31 months ago.

That would have been the time his gorgeous and dedicated wife, Elin Nordegren was pregnant with their daughter Sam. He continued his cheating ways, even while Elin was pregnant with baby Charlie.

Another one of the myriad of reasons why certain men cheat on their pregnant wives has to do with something Freud referred to as the Madonna -Whore Syndrome.

These men can sleep with and have great sex with any woman, as long as the woman is not the mother of their child. After a woman has his child, this type of man now sees her in a different light, He is not as turned on by her sexually any more. No matter how beautiful she is or how good she is to him, he still isn’t all that into her.

It usually happens after a child is born. Men with this syndrome see their wives as” mothers” and not as “lovers” and they can’t combine the two like men who do not have this Syndrome are able to do.

A man with the Madonna- Whore Syndrome has two confusing opposing views about women. This results in a dilemma for him. He is unable to love and respect any women who can satisfy him sexually and by the same token is unable to be sexually satisfied by any women whom he can love. In essence his cheating is his attempt to justify his behavior of pursuing multiple women as a way of fulfilling each of these needs.
If Tiger does suffer from this Syndrome, then Tiger’s marriage can only have any chance of being saved if he addresses this issue in therapy. Otherwise, there is no hope for his marriage to ever survive, or for the cheating to stop.


Tiger issued these words in his public statement :
“ I let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect.

I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.”
Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.

Whatever regrets I have about letting my family down have been shared with and felt by us alone. I have given this a lot of reflection and thought and I believe that there is a point at which I must stick to that principle even though it’s difficult.

I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. For all of those who have supported me over the years, I offer my profound apology.”

These are beautiful words and he is absolutely correct. These issues are personal and must be handled behind closed doors. He CANNOT do it alone and MUST get the help from a therapist who can help him personally as well as help his marriage.

He needs personal counseling to deal with his own demons as well as marriage counseling to help repair the damage he has done to his marriage.


I love that he also apologized to the public for letting them down. He is only human but what people are reacting to is the hypocrisy. He put himself out there as Mr. Perfect and Mr. Squeaky Clean, and now we have come to find out that he was anything but that.

People not only admired him for his golf abilities, they held him up as an example of a clean living man – an athlete who was faithful to a beautiful wife and had a lovely family. He did many things to help others in terms of charity and he seemed like an all around great and wonderful man. He still may be all those wonderful things. But he is also one additonal thing- a Cheater who has clearly broken his wife’s heart.

Now that Tiger has fallen off his pedestal, people who once thought his perfect image was real, need the time and space to regroup. That is why they are so curious to get as much information as possible about what happened.

They needed all the facts about Tiger and what happened so they can now regroup and re process who this new Tiger Woods really is. They need the time to shift their perception of his once perfect image into a more realistic one.

They need to see that what they perceived was now only their illusion. Even thoufh they now need to process that Tiger is human after all, complete with human foibles, that does not mean that they now have to love him any less.