Accused of Sexual Molesting His Sister, Lee Anthony Inappropriate Behaviors on Witness Stand Mouthing “I Love You” to Sister Casey


It was hard enough  to stomach Cindy Anthony lying through her teeth  as she told Jose Baez and the world that she believed Caylee was still  alive as a  lame attempt to save Casey’s worthless hide by trying to instill reasonable doubt.

Has premature senility set in? Doesn’t she remember that  Caylee’s bones were found along with her skull that still had light brown hair attached to it? Doesn’t she remember that there was duct tape across Caylee’s dismembered head? Perhaps Jose Baez needed to show her the photos of  dead Caylee’s duct  taped skull to refresh her memory .Then she wouldn’t act like the TOXIC person she appears to be, in trying to manipulate a potential jury.

I can assure you that when a jury is present and she tries to pull this stunt, the prosecution will be all over her. They will ask her why she had a memorial that she alone organized if Caylee was still alive? One does memorials for dead people not for people who are still alive.

There certainly are people who are in  such denial  they may still believe  a granddaughter was still alive when she wasn’t. Their body language and voice and speech patterns would reflect this. Cindy is clearly not one of these people. She knew exactly what she was doing on the stand. She was too coherent, too articulate, too precise, too together, and too knowledgeable to pull off this ridiculous stunt she tried to do.


But to next watch Lee Anthony act like a complete buffoon was equally if not more appalling. His attempts to be cutesy and funny and loveable were nauseating. But even more nauseating was the disrespectful and inappropriate stunt he  get go.

Also don’t the male Anthony’s own a tie and a pair of nice slacks? When people know they are going to be testifying in  a court of law, they usually dress in something a lot more respectable than a pair of old worn, stained blue jeans and an untucked golf shirt as you see above. Lee looked like a complete slob in my view. A jury will not respond well to Lee and his  attire has a lot to do with it. I am surprised that  his attorney didn’t   give him some tips on how to dress in the courtroom.

His disrespect in the courtroom was also evidenced from the get go as he pointed both fingers in front of him as he was confused as to where to go in terms of getting on the witness stand.

He needed to quietly ask his attorney and not rudely point and shuffle. His walk to the stand was a cocky one. He literally bounced to the stand .He seemed overly self confident and overly full of himself at that point, which was a first impression turn off. 


Then he had the audacity to mouth the words “I LOVE YOU” to his sister Cayleee. This is the same sister who told Jesse Grund her former fiance that at her brother  Lee sexually molested her.

This is also the same sister who told a fellow inmate that her brother sexually molested her. Perhaps you believe that she may have told her fellow inmate this on purpose to help her case. Perhaps you may feel that Casey thought  in case her letters became public, the sexual molestation excuse would be a solid  reason as to why she allegedly killed Caylee.

But the fact that she told Jesse Grund very early on about Lee’s sexual abuse convinces me that something sexual may very well happened between Casey and her brother.  I have a lot of respect for the Grund family and I believe that Jesse was telling the truth to law enforcement with respect to what Casey shared with him about Lee.

If  Lee did sexually molest her and now tells her how much he loves her on the stand  it is beyond sickening to me. The prosecutor was equally sickened as she wanted to bring what he did to the attention of the court. She cleaverly said ” I take it that that wasn’t meant for me?”

Instead of saying, “No”  and feeling embarrassed about what he did, he bellows out in a loud tone”No definately not.”

It was completely disrespectful. Since Judge Perry runs such a strict and tight ship I  am surprised he did not admonish Lee for this and warn him not to have personal communication with the defendant.


 Cheney Mason attempted to make light of his hearing problems and hearing aids as an attempt to let people know he is hearing impaired. He did it in order to  diffuse any embarrassment  in case he was not able to  catch every word the witness may say. By bringing  it out in the open he was also letting the witness know that he may ask them to repeat their answer if he doesn’t catch what they say the first time around.

The hearing aid issue appeared to be an issue with regard to microphone feedback as a humming noise was heard periodically. Cheney made light of it as he mentioned that he couldn’t believe two hearing aid batteries could cause that much static.

The information Cheney Mason revealed was NOT meant to be thrown back at him in the form of a joke.

So when Lee wasn’t focused on what Cheney asked him he didn’t remember  what Cheny had asked him. .  Instead of politely asking Cheney to repeat the question, he tried to be cutesy and funny and says that there is static in his ears. He then laughed at  his own joke.

Lee’s behavior  was disrespectful and inappropriate. He was completely out of line. His behavior would definitely NOT endear him to any jury. During the trial Lee needs to cut the cutesy funny guy routine if he is intent on trying to save his sister from the lethal needle.


24 thoughts on “Accused of Sexual Molesting His Sister, Lee Anthony Inappropriate Behaviors on Witness Stand Mouthing “I Love You” to Sister Casey

  1. Personally I hope Lee continues to act exactly like he did on the stand Thursday. We don’t want to save his sister, and I think it would be funny if her ‘lover’ helps to put her away.

    I don’t think Lee sexually abused KC, but I do think they had some sort of sexual interaction, and I think it was consentual. I have thought they had a strange relationship from the beginning of this case.


  2. Hi again Dr. Glass,
    lol Thank you for this blog. I thought for a moment I was reading my own comment from and earlier post elsewhere! lol
    I totally agree with you!
    I get the feeling you to could go on and on about Lee and his attitude, statements, dress, and over the top self confidence. But get too frustrated and stop yourself on purpose instead, because thinking about Lee’s behavior is aggravating.
    I’m reminded of his first police interviews, and how it was my opinion back then that Lee talked to the police thinking in his head the police thought of Lee as an equal and partner more than a client or victim, or witness, whatever the correct word is? Lee never spoke to the police as if he was trying to help them, he talked to them as if he was an equal trying to solve a crime WITH them. Normal people don’t say things like; “upon entering the residence I noticed the horrible oder illuminating from the vehicle”!! I’m sorry but people just don’t talk like that! Lee clearly was trying to impress the detectives with how he phrased his thoughts. He thinks he’s smarter than the detectives he was being questioned by! Even when Casey complimented his “Lead Chasing” and saying he turned up more than the police, Lee’s ego was boosted as he replied, “Yeah”, as if he knew that and already thought highly of himself. Or during the Civil Deposition when he said something to the affect of; “As soon as he detectives stopped listening and doing what I was telling them to do, they immediately were removed from my speed-dial” I remember my thought to that was, who the hell does this idiot think he is!?
    His ego was again boosted by Mr. Morgan when he told Lee he should have been an investigator, again Lee replied to him with the same cocky but agreeing, “Yeah”.
    And now we move to last week in court. Maybe Lee mouthed “I love you” because he is sick and DOES love her!? And I don’t mean like a sister. This guy makes me sick and has from the beginning. There was a couple of times I thought maybe he was ok, and really trying to help. But again, as always with this family, I woke up from that thought rapidly as a viewed more and more. Lee was totally disrespectful to the court and to Mrs. Burdock with his answer to her “Absolutely Not”. His constant laughing isn’t nervousness as was suggested early on. It’s my opinion he is very arrogant, cocky, and he truely thinks he’s funny and on the same level as those questioning him, if not above them. I also mentioned the way he was dressed in court last week. He had NO excuse for that, especially since he doesn’t even have a job that is hard labor work. NO reason for him to be dressed so disrespectfully in a court room. I had mentioned that IF and it’s a big IF, I had to appear looking like that and there was truly nothing I could do before hand to change. The first words out of my mouth would have been, Please excuse my appearance, it was unavoidable for whatever reason, and ended with I’m sorry. In fact it did happen to me once, but I knew that morning before work where I had to be. I made sure I was clean shaven that day, and I did quickly change my shirt and make sure my hair was combed before I got out of the car. Lee has NO reason to look like he did last week other than to be disrespectful on purpose. I thought that at the Memorial service when he should have had a tie on at least and since he had his head shaved he should have shaved his stupid looking face as well! I’ve seen pictures of Charlie Manson dressed better in court than Lee was! George at least had his shirt tucked in and looked ok. I didn’t think to much about George since he wasn’t testifying. Although I was surprised since he normally wears a dress shirt at least. In my opinion Lee wasn’t even dressed well enough to eat at a diner let alone appear in court! Lee’s “Role Playing” story with Casey was ridiculously over stated and boosted his own ego as well. And again he thinks he is so clever. All he did was try to tell Casey the police would make her do what mom asked her to do. That’s also how a normal person would have explained it, without actually saying everything in detail to make themselves sound so smart. I view Lee as stuck on himself, not as intelligent as he thinks he is and wants others to think he is, rude, obnoxious, and someone who was never taught manners or how to properly conduct themselves in certain situations. Lee IS an idiot and Malory better wake up and run before it’s too late! Lee, like the rest of his family, only thinks and cares about himself. And I guarantee Malory is headed for misery if she marries him.

    Just my opinion thanks Dr. Glass 🙂


  3. Good points Bob. It appears to me that this entire family doesn’t know a thing about respect in the court room or out of it. I have to wonder how these people are going to spend the rest of their lives. I suspect they will be hopping from one talk show to another back stabbing each other. I expect Cindy and George to be divorced, and have rivaling best sellers. The world will have a new disorder to contemplate. The ANTHONY disorder. They will be text book material.

    I don’t believe Lee or George molested that liar. I do believe and agree that there is a case against them building up in order to save Casey from the death penalty.


  4. To protect Casey and influence a potential jury is only one reason for Cindy to make the statement that she still believes Caylee is alive. She learned quickly, in the past, that scamming the public by insisting Caylee is alive was quite profitable. My opinion is that this is her primary reason for trying to keep this rumor alive and her motivation has not changed. It still can be quite profitable for her. The trial will come and go and Cindy must plan for her future. Cindy’s first concerns are Cindy and money.


  5. We are a family united but incomplete! Lee’s statement at Caylee’s memorial service. see below!

    “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who’s had any sort of role in making today a special day. Thank you. If I could ask something of anybody who’s willing to hear it, it would be this….for those of us that are frightened or angry or mournful or that just don’t understand, I ask that you fill your heart with patience and grace and that you allow yourself to yield any judgements that you may already have.

    For those of us that will never be the same again, I ask that you fill your heart with hope and forgiveness and you allow yourself to cope and heal.

    Finally, for those of us that have the knowledge and the means to facilitate the answers that my family deserves I ask that you fill your heart with compassion and truth and I ask that you allow your conscience to speak for you when your mind cannot comprehend the right words to say.

    I sincerely hope that this day allows those affected by it to take from it whatever it is that you need to take – if its closure you seek here today I certainly hope you’re able to find it.

    Today is the day to remember, today is the day to pay tribute, today is the day for this family to unite and display their solidarity and strength.

    I’ve got to tell you that its hard to stand up here and be the pillar of strength.

    This family is united! But this family is incomplete. I’m incomplete. I’m broken.
    C- M- A (pauses to kiss his wrist) C- M- A, each day you continue to teach me about life, and about the way that it should be lived, each day you give me the ability to be strong or to be weak. Its been so long since I’ve been able see you or to hug you or to tell you how much you mean to me. C-M-A I miss you, I love you, I am so proud of you, I hope you’re proud of me too. I need you to know that I will never forget the promise that I made to you. I will never forget.”
    CMA=Cynthia Marie Anthony
    CMA=Casey Marie Anthony
    CMA=Caylee Marie Anthony

    So which one is he proud of?

    More of the Scamthony spin. We have this elaborate memorial yet Cindy Anthony has the nerve to blurt out, she still believes Caylee is alive…this will definately come back to haunt her if she utters those words in front of a jury.

    Lee’s blatant disrespect for the courtroom starts with his attire. Why did he come to court so dressed down? Is this a statement being made? Another passive agressive party to foster the allure of a loving family, a united family one that stands (or falls) together. This will backfire for sure on the CMA who sits accused of this horrible crime. I think it’s sabatoge being done unconsciously so that it can’t be said, it was Lee, Cindy or George that helped convict Inmate Anthony. When in reality it will be her own actions/nonactions that will convict her. Lee is another one of Cindy’s robots. They must put on this united front in an effort to save Inmate Anthony from certain death. Then I believe, this is where the mitigation specialist comes into play. At sentencing (to try to get this prisoner LWOP vs certain death) the dyamics in this family will be front and center using verbal/mental/emotional abuse as the reason this prisoner lost her cool. In a rage (due to her mother’s controlling, domination of her and Caylee)and in an act of jealousy, she took Cindy’s beloved Caylee. Her final act of reprehension for the mother who caused me all this. Wait for trial for I see that bus coming straight for mommie dearest! Then I believe, Inmate Anthony may not go to trial, she might plead guilty to give the final act of hurt to her mother. She will then have to say what happened to Caylee….this prisoner is just that evil to try to totally destroy Cindy and her family…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  6. Thank you for your great site. Always enjoy it, and learn a lot from it. Double thank you for attempting to give the Anthonys some points on court room decorum. Did you notice Cindy and whatever large wad of whatever she was chewing on. I was disappointed that they were not told to spit out the gum. The way they were chewing and swigging away, they did indeed looked as if they were in a movie theater.

    I was appalled at the way Lee was dressed. It was as if he was showing his disrespect to the court by appearing like that. He didn’t even look clean. As for him mouthing to Casey, that really should have been addressed. If they start getting away with inappropriate behavior now, it will only get worse.

    Cindys “I think Caylee is still alive” should have been followed up with a few questions by the prosecution. Cindy herself stated in one of many tv interviews that Caylees death certificate is displayed in her room. Whose death certicate is it? Was the memorial for Caylee all a ruse? Are they wearing cremation jewelry, if so, whose ashes? Once again, the A’s are trying to make a mockery of our judicial system. They don’t believe the rules apply to them. Cindy knew fully well what she was doing when blurting out that statement. IMO she planned on getting it in somehow. JMO


  7. Lee’s convinced he knows more than anyone else because his Daddy was a cop. Daddy probably sat at the dinner table and told the whole family how stupid and dishonest his co-workers were and how he was smarter than they were. George was just too darned honest to continue working in that corrupt environment, I imagine. George was destined towards a higher calling in life…being a good parent.
    Also, Lee and Casey liked CSI and other detective shows and we all know how that makes you smarter than real cops. The more you watch those cop shows and detective shows, the smarter you get. Isn’t that right? Why, even the FBI was stupid enough to think that they could hide some of Cindy’s deposition paragraphs and sentences!…but, she’s on to them. Thank goodness she used the hearing to make sure we all learned about this underhanded monkey busness. The FBI thought they were so smart but they didn’t realize they were up against the superior intellect of the Anthony family. Oh, and thank goodness the police had Lee’s expert opinions at the beginning of their investigation into what happened to Caylee. I don’t know how they would have gotten along without him and I’m sure his contributions are appreciated to this very day.


    1. Forrest… great post. And Lee is so smart he didn’t even realize he was set up and taped by the police and Tony. The Anthony are a family of arrogant idiots.


  8. Linda Rose 12:56 Excellent post. Reading over Lees statements from the memorial brought back a lot of thoughts I had at that time and still have. IMO, he was speaking to Casey with his “CMA CMA CMA” drama. To me, he sounded like a wounded lover, not a brother. What promise did he make to her that he will never forget, why does he hope that she is proud of him? It made me nauseated watching him.

    As for Cindy, she was in all her glory at the “memorial”. Strutting around like a queen. Directed who would, and who would not be attending. Law enforcement, that she bad mouthed frequently, was no doubt used for security, taking them off the streets of Orlando at the expense of tax payers. The “memorial” itself must have been very expensive. Who paid for it? I’d be willing to bet, it wasn’t entirely paid for by the Anthonys. And now she has the gall to say, “I still think Caylee is alive”. Once again, Just MY Humble Florida Taxpayer Opinion…..


  9. Dr. Lillian Glass,

    Thank you very much for your analysis.
    Lee really showed how disrespectful he is, he can’t get dressed properly to a court… by the way all of the Anthony’s have the same feeling towards LE, they think they are above the law.
    Just wondering what’s next set of photos/videos Cindy will be selling to pay for her mortgage, maybe a book deal??
    Caylee is better off where she is now, in heaven, she wouldn’t stand a chance with these looneys.
    Superior intellect of the Anthony’s? Geez, are you in some type of medication? Good Lord!! Are you joking right? LOL


  10. Forrest, agree with your comments 100%. At this point, I don’t think Cindy cares for Caylee or Casey. It’s all about HER. She thinks she knows it all, no one knows more than HER. Any person who can go on cruises, fly off to appear on TV talk shows, run a ?foundation? , show up at every court hearing for a felon daughter can darn well WORK. Rodents, snakes, insects fed off their murdered granddaughter to live. IMO the Anthonys are doing the same.


  11. Great post, Dr. Glass. It is extremely likely that there was major sexual abuse (incest) in the Anthony household. I read many comments from people like “I do not believe there was sexual abuse, she is a liar!” No one knows for certainty if there was or was not incest in the Anthony home (none of us were there)..but logically, we can make an EDUCATED guess that there was. People don’t come out of the womb with a propensity for lying….they become liars for reasons. We can always look to the formative years and the original family. One of the most noticeable after effects of incest is compulsive lying. Casey fits the symptom criteria (practically 100%) of every incest symptom list I’ve ever seen. Casey has been bizarrely dissociative (that is not lost on anyone)…why is Casey like this? Well, Casey was the youngest one in that pack of hyenas and you can bet that if that know-it-all jerk of a older big brother wanted to play doctor with Casey all day long while Cindy and George were gone for 15 hours a stretch….well exactly what would stop that from happening? (how’s that for a run on sentence).
    We will not know for a certainty that there was incest…but it is LOGICAL that there was. It explains everything. If you have no incest reference in your own life apparently you want to think Casey is just “pure evil”…but there are reasons why Casey became what she became.

    Remember how Casey and the dream team plead not
    Guilty to stealing from Amy H? Then later Casey stood up and agreed that she had done it, looked remorseful and plead guilty? I think the dream team thinks they can do something similar, fight the forensics, fight the investigation (as flawed) and then when all that doesn’t work they will bring up the incest and Casey will be all remorseful when she says, yes, I was used like a plastic doll in my family which obviously blunted all my feelings I wanted to get out of this terrible situation and have my own life (fusion! Tony!) I let Caylee drown in the pool while I went into a dissociative state. (How’s that for a run on sentence II). They will say all this but it will be too late–the jury will not buy it (but I and any other person with some capacity to understand what incest does will certainly “get it”). Alas, Casey’s representation only wants to be involved with her for the notoriety. They would not give her the time of day if she were not attractive. Casey continues to be “used” by absolutely everyone. It makes me sad.


  12. All of the Anthonys display anti social behavior. I don’t believe Casey was born evil I think she is just like the rest of them. My question to you is this – when Cindy Anthony’s brother decided to go public, bashing her, I thought that also was very strange. What was he hoping to accomplish?


  13. I’m no expert but I also don’t take Lee’s demeanor as nervous laughter. He seems rather comfortable on the stand and when he laughs it seems genuine and not forced


  14. I read this report and the comments left here and I agree with what Celeste says about there having been abuse and Incest in that family. Casey is the one who suffered it and I can bet you anything that Cindy had a idea it may have gone on.
    They are all hiding something bad in that family and I believe that what happened to Caylee is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a family that didn’t communicate properly for a reason. In that household the order of the day would be turn blind eyes to what we cant admit is going on,then just smile and act like all is fine.
    In a way I feel sorry for Casey because she never really stood a chance of growing up normal and undamaged in a family such as the Anthony’s. I hate the way she is being targeted with hate though,and I cannot condone any death sentences no way.
    I think if Casey is found guilty she should get a prison sentence but undergo Therapy and treatment mentally for the scars of abuse she must have. I think she should be helped not kicked off onto Death Row,she should serve ten years and be on probation for life. I really don’t feel Casey would have ever harmed caylee but for the abuse she had suffered. Lets us give this girl a second chance and heal not destroy life.


    1. Caroline, or is your name really Cynthia, I hope you are kidding!! 10 years for murdering a child, your own child as a matter of fact.

      “Let’s give this girl a second chance”? How many chances has this ‘girl’ been given. I don’t want her to get the DP, as then she would be in a private cell, for 12 to 15 years, and eating much better than the other prisoners. I want her to get LWOP and be put in general population. Bertha is looking for a ‘sweet, pretty little girl’. But at the rate she is gaining weight, she may not be too pretty by July 2011.


    2. caroline… i was raised by a mother much like cindy .. and the reason for the bad communication in our family was that my mother had to be in control… so nobody talked about anything for her to get involed in so she could control… also my mom didn’t like to hear things that made things in the family less than perfect.. and she would have a mental or physical punishment for things she didnt want to hear..
      she often tells “stories ” of our childhood’s and they are not even close to being the truth…. for whatever reason she needs to believe her stories are true…

      i also think that cindy didn’t care enough about kc to guide her morally… lets face its alot of work to correct childern..

      i think cindy probably mentally and emotionally abused kc… that can be as damaging as physical abuse or worse.. you have those tapes going over and over in your head of the abusive statements..

      i think kc should either get a stiff sentence or death….. i keep seeing that video when kc is first arrested and she is yelling at cindy saying what is being in jail supposed to be teaching me… if she trully is a sociopath.. they say that therapy actually makes them worse.. they learn to mimick emotions they are suppose to have and become more cunning..

      wishing you the best


  15. I too was absolutely appalled at the way Lee was dressed. It also looked to me like his jeans were “fashionably” ripped under the front pockets. It was so over the top disrespectful to the court, as well as his beloved sister. Even more unbelievable to me was the fact that Mallory was wearing SHORTS, and not the dressy kind. I’ve been in traffic court where the judged kicked out anyone who was wearing shorts. I simply cannot imagine going to court dressed the way that either one of them were.


    1. i wasn’t so upset over the clothing… it may had been all he had… he may have gained wt. since the memorial and couldn’t afford new dress clothes.. i could even look over his laughter.. i know some people laugh inappropriately when nervous esp. coming from a family that didn’t or couldn’t express normal emotions.


  16. this whole anthony clan is UNFIT!cindy is an UNFIT mother,george is an UNFIT father,lee is an UNFIT brother!
    i was dissapoint does judge perry dont told lee,what he have to laugh about!


  17. Caroline,
    While I agree with a lot of what your thoughts are, I disagree that if Casey in fact was abused, which I do agree with, that in no way lessons her guilt. Because someone is abused doesn’t justify any future criminal actions especially murder, and even worse murdering her 2 year old child.
    George and Cindy are to blame for how they raised their children. But Casey alone is to blame for Caylee’s murder. Casey is not crazy or mentally ill. Casey knew full well what she was doing. She knew she was lying as she spent all her time conning her friends, stealing from her friends and family, trying to say Jesse was her daughter’s father, stealing money from her Grandfather’s nursing home account, on and on and on.. And she knew what she was doing when she murdered Caylee. And she knew it was wrong. Casey also premeditated this murder over months in my opinion. The computer searches, the nanny lies, again on and on…. This is a cold hearted, pathological lying sociopath who is STILL lying to everyone she meets. Thos letters she wrote to that girl in jail are full of descriptions of a made up person. She described herself to her jail friend and in those letters she became who she wanted her friend to think she was. Casey is constantly trying to con or manipulate someone. Casey doesn’t deserve sympathy or a break for possibly being abused. If it’s true, yes it’s a shame and George, Lee, and Cindy, whoever knew or was involved should absolutely have to pay. But Casey murdered Caylee out of jealousy and hatred, and she believes she can get away with it. Casey didn’t murder Caylee because she was abused.

    Anyway, just my opinion 🙂


  18. I always wonder where the hell Lee comes from? Casey looks like George, Caylee resembled Cindy. But Lee the Lurch doesn’t look like anyone in that psycho clan. But he must be part of them since he acts like a total oblivious to his jerkiness, obnoxious moron.


  19. The Anthony family is costing the taxpayers a FORTUNE with no end in sight! Expense should not be spared when there is a good chance of a defendant being innocent..But we all know Casey is NOT innocent of murdering little Caylee. I hear if Casey is found guilty by a jury & given a death penalty, it would be at least 10 years before she is executed; and you KNOW there will be countless appeals by her enamored Baez to save her. If Casey is found guilty & given life without parole…well, we all know the rarity of life sentence actually being enforced, as too many are released after awhile, only to harm another innocent victim again. Casey, & also Baez, are just too “slippery” to keep around & in the picture. Please people; Don’t be bleeding hearts over the possibility of molestation or abuse. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! I was seriously abused in my childhood, but the psychological result for me was to be a more compassionate and agressive advocate for other victims! No one is perfect, and we ALL have a story..However, sympathizing with a murderer is NOT productive, and does NOT spare potential future victims. Let’s get our thinking and priorities right.


  20. Celeste..You wrote: ” Casey’s representation only wants to be involved with her for the notoriety. They would not give her the time of day if she were not attractive. Casey continues to be “used” by absolutely everyone. It makes me sad.”
    Be assured that CASEY is the only manipulator here. It is Casey who welds her “charm” & illicits a sexual flirtatious “promise” to the men who have power to help her at some level..Baez being number 1..And by all appearances, she has drawn him in to her web to instill a drive to get her off which surpasses his call to duty as professional attorney/client. It’s all there before anyone’s eyes to SEE! This does not mean to say that there are not xtra bonus’s in such a high profile case. Sexual flirtation & manipulation is Casey’s MO, as it has always been. Watch her (and Baez), from day 1..Read EVERY article, watch all the video’s from beginning, and you will see it clearly with any discernment at all.


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