Casey Anthony Did Not Cry in Court As Her As Her Tears Were Fake


Contrary to news reports which stated that Casey Anthony  cried in court, my intensive  body language observations were that Casey did NOT  cry in court . Sociopaths are incapable of real tears. Since Casey is a sociopath in my view, she did not cry any  real tears. News accounts said that Casey broke down as soon as her brother Lee took the stand. But that was not the case at all. Her facial expression  especially her mouth, did not indicate a person who was sad or grieving or crying.

As you can see in the photo above she is wiping a way a non tear. Her facial expressions consistently do not show the mouth and eye movement that is present when a person is truly crying.

But before  I discuss Casey’s reactions  when when her mother Cindy took the stand and her reactions when Lee took the stand, I want to discuss her courtroom demeanor in general


While Jose Baez has apparently done a good job in coaching her to stop the laughing and smiling, her smirks still manage to leak out as you can see in the photo below when she entered the courtroom .

Maybe she is smiling and smirking because she is so happy to get out of her jail cage where she has to remain 23 hours a day.

Maybe she is smiling and smirking because as a   self consumed  narcissist, she gets to have all eyes focusing on her and that makes her happy.

But in my view one of her major reasons for her genuine smile is that she  is  about to take her seat at the defendant’s and  gets to sit next to her crush and attorney Jose Baez.


There is no question in my mind,  now that her former death penalty attorney Andrea Lyon is no longer in the picture and  forcing her to wear those   unsexy ruffly clothing  she hated, Casey is now dressing with  Baez in mind.

Now there is a sexier look as she is now longer buttoned up. She is now showing a lot more flesh as she unbuttoned her blouse to show Jose that she still has it. She still has cleavage and still  wants him to know that she has sex appeal.

But at this point, Jose could care less . The only thing he is focusing on is keeping afloat and doing his best to adequately represent this aberrant creature.  He has no interest in her or her cleavage or her sex appeal.

The only interest he has is doing everything possible so she won’t get a lethal needle. For the most part he comes across collected and in control, but there are times where he  is overwhelmed and his nervous energy leaks out  in his body language.

We can often  see his finger tapping and pen tapping, and fidgeting. He moves around a lot physically.  But in  listening to the the testimony  Jose was  clearly  uncomfortable  body language wise. We  saw evidence of a dry mouth and snake like side to side   lip licking as seen below.

This  indicated that his mouth was dry and he was no doubt feeling  a bit unsettled  and uncomfortable.

But Jose is not the only one showing nervousness and discomfort as she listened to the 911 tape.Veteran attorney Cheney Mason was taken aback as well. He appeared to be very concerned , I have no doubt that he was wondering what in the world he was going to do in order to try and defend the sociopathic mess sitting next to him. He furrows his brow and covers his mouth, which indicates that he has no words to express  what he just heard on the tape.

He  he has no idea what to say or do as he is speechless. When a person places their hands or fingers  over their mouth,  it indicates that they are  speechless and don’t know what to say.

Note the contrast in Casey’ demeanor. She looks blank as if she was listening to a benign weather report .

As the proceeding progressed, Cheney Mason’s body language did not change much from his hand over his mouth position . But there was a time as you can see in the photo above that is finger landed in his mouth. This indicated that he was flabbergasted by what he heard. His even more furrowed brow shows extreme concern as to how in the world he was going to defend Casey.

His rounded shoulders showed submission and that he was humbled after listening to the 911 tape.  His body language was a far cry from the  cocky Cheney Mason with squared shoulders and an arrogance  when  he said that he and Casey  would walk out of the courtroom arm in arm with Casey a free woman. After hearing that 911 tape up close and personal,  I doubt Cheney feels the same way he did when he first began the case.


When Cindy  was on the stand Casey  could care less. There was no outward reaction whatsoever. However, there was a lot more hair grooming than usual as you can see below.

Casey repeated hair grooming in her mother’s presence clearly  reflected her insecurities about her physical appearance  . We know that Cindy has put a premium on Casey’s looks, telling her how beautiful she looks in her jailhouse letters to Casey. So Casey’s grooming is no doubt an automatic reaction towards making  sure she looks “beautiful”  in front of her mother  Cindy.


As soon as Lee hit the stand and obnoxiously and inappropriately mouthed the words “  I love you”  to his sister who twice accused him of sexually molesting her, Casey began to stick her finger in her eye in an attempt to draw liquid int the form of a tear.

Jose Baez put his arm around her as of to comfort her. In reality, it   was in my view  that he may have done it to encourage her  fake boo hooing in an attempt to make her look more human than the automaton emotionless freak of nature that she appears to be.

As you see int he photo above, Casey’s fingers are curved in a claw like fashion. The positioning of her fingers are not the position fingers should be in when a person is wiping away their tears. Instead, the fingers should be flat as the tears are wiped away.

In this photo above we clearly see Casey sticking her finger inside her eye in an attempt to cause irritation of the eye and cause the eye  to tear.

Casey not only uses her fingers, she uses her thumb as well. Here she is sticking her thumb into her eye in an attempt to cause irritation and redness as well as a tear.


Cheney Mason hands her a Kleenex. She then tries to fold the Kleenex. Note that she is focused on the Kleenex. There is no crying facial expression, which indicates that Casey must have trouble doing two things at the same time crying and folding a Kleenex.

She attempts to wipe a non tear. She misses and wipes the non tear off of the bridge of her nose. Once again, note the non crying facial expression.

Then she wipes the other non teary eye  with the Kleenex.

In summary,  first she wipes a non tear on one side and then wipes another non tear on the other side.  It’s all ridiculous as no one cries  and tears one eye at a time . When people genuinely cry, they cry with both eyes at the same time, not one eye at a time as Casey’s behavior reflects.

Then she looks at the non tear on her hankie.

Then she grooms her hair one side and then grooms the other side. When someone is that distraught, the last thing they are thinking about is how their hair looks.


Besides brother Lee Anthony’s inappropriate  mouthing  of “I love you” to his sister who twice  accused him of sexually molesting her, another sickening thing to witness was their shared smiles chuckles at the expense of Cheney Mason and his hearing aid issues.

When Lee didn’t focus on Cheney Mason’s question,  he attempted to make  a joke by saying that there was static  is his ears too. He proudly laughed at his own joke.

Sister Casey was also  enjoying the laugh as well,  as you can  see in the photo below.

Casey is clearly enjoying Lee’s attempt at a joke as she smiles, while at the same time tries not to show her repaired dental work. This speaks to her vanity and narcissism. She stifles her  laugh and smile only because she is self conscious of her dental condition. The fact that she is laughing at all is very disturbing to me .

There is absolutely NOTHING funny about the fact that she is in this courtroom. She always  needs to be reminded  that she is there for the fight of her  life.She always needs to be reminded that she is there because the state believes she murdered her innocent daughter.

She always needs to be reminded  that if she loses that fight and gets the lethal needle, it will not feel very pleasant.

Jose Baez needs to stop coddling her and give her a sober reality check concerning her courtroom behavior.

He needs to tell her that she will be scrutinized from every angle by the jurors and they will be taking everything she does very seriously. He needs to tell her that if she  wants a fair trial she needs to take everything that goes on in the courtroom very seriously  and wipe off any smirks or smiles for good.

And while he is at it, Jose  needs to tell her to stop the boo hooing it. It’s not working and  people see through it. It’s fake and odd looking. While at first glance she may look like she is crying , if a jury is stuck looking at her for weeks and notices her every move and every nuance of her behavior, they will pick up on how fake it is. It does not create pity for her. In fact is has the opposite effect. It makes her even more disliked and even hated.



32 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Did Not Cry in Court As Her As Her Tears Were Fake

  1. Whenever I see Casey faking the tears it reminds me of what she texted Amy one time-that she can’t seem to shed tears when she is sad/hurt. She said this to Amy after having “broken up” with Ricardo Morales.

    It also reminds me of hearing that she took Drama class in high school. Although the finger in the eye is not the trick I was taught in drama class to provoke tears I can believe it would be taught as a method to cause continual “crying” (but, hopefully, the cameras would not be on the actor while he/she is doing this!).

    Thank you, Dr. Glass! Your body language analysis fascinates me.


    1. It is so sad that the very thought of her daughter Caylee does not provoke tears. I noticed her opened blouse immediately, by the way, and thought the same thing. They’ll be doing her hair in pigtails before long. The jury is going to have strong problems with the fake tears thing. Just thinking for a moment about those 12 people who have to endure the likes of her for a long time.

      Thanks for the great body language read Dr. Glass.


  2. Although her face was red when she “broke down” at Lee’s “I Love You”, the tissue seems to be DRY after she wipes her “tears”. Normally afte only 2 or 3 tears, a tissue is scrunched and wet. Hers is still in a square shape and looks quite dry.


  3. Great reporting, Dr. Glass. I follow your Blog on a regular basis. You are right on the money with your analysis of Casey Anthony. She is truly an evil person. What she has done to her baby girl is beyond belief. Now she is throwing her father and the rest of her family under the bus. I hope the jury gives her life with out the possibility of ever being free. Thanks for your excellent analysis on this case.



  4. Casey Anthony is a person who can not win no matter what she does.
    If she sits there and does not cry then she is called cold and callous. If she sits there and cry,then she is accused of false tears,because apparently she is a sociopath and sociopaths don’t have feelings or emotions that make them cry.
    I mean I ask you how ridiculous does that sound?

    Every living breathing human being has feelings and the means to express them. This includes Casey Anthony regardless to if she killed her daughter or cashed in hot checks.


  5. i bet she cries real tears when they strap her ass down on that gurney and put that needle in her arm. be t she wont be thinking of showing jose her titties then…………..


  6. Hi Dr. Glass,
    I can’t wait to read your take on Casey. I checked in just to see if you posted anything and am glad to see you did. My thoughts on Casey’s crying last week? lol Well, I thought it was obviously fake after she only wiped one cheek! Her “sad face” is getting better, but she still hasn’t produced any tears to wipe! I noticed she must have been told not to try and jab her eyes, and to wipe lower down as if a tear ran down her face. But then she only wiped one cheek. I have never cryed from one eye only! lol
    Anyway, gonna go read what you’ve written. I hope you are well.

    Thanks again for your blog.
    Take care 🙂


  7. Wow,
    I agree, naturally, with every word! Baez should tell her not to laugh no matter who tries to make a joke. Casey should be looking very serious at all times for someone who’s life is on the line. This family is totally disgusting. Being able to find some reason to laugh and smile during a court proceeding that is leading up to her trial is revolting. And she doesn’t HAVE to cry at this point. It’s been two years. And while it’s tragic, she’d be better off sitting there with a straight face than she would faking tears. Trying to fake emotion proves she is heartless. A person should have to fake being upset under these circumstances. The fact it’s so obvious that Casey is faking makes her look more like a monster. Baez sharing his blackberry with her during the hearings is starting to annoy a lot of people also. I noticed it and thought it was wrong a while ago. I noticed lately it’s been discussed a few places. It seems Casey is constantly getting away with little things she isn’t supposed to be allowed to do. And it seems Baez is helping her get away with some of them. Her reading text messages in the court room looks bad in my opinion. I’m just guessing, but I thought I saw a look of disgust on Mason’s face a couple of time at the communication between Baez and Casey?

    Take care 🙂


  8. Just need to mention here, that my view of Jose Baez, regarding non emotional ties to Casey are quite the opposite.
    As a matter of fact, I had posted a comment last week, saying that Jose Baez’s involvement with his client strikes me as one that is beyond just a business relationship. I very much get the feeling that he is emotionally entangled, as well.
    Casey is a master pro at using her wiles and false ingenuous charm to manipulate men in to her corner, to provide whatever she needs from them at the time. Simultaneously, she is flighty and elusive, which many men seem to be attracted to..a challenge. Yes, she lived wildly, yet she could not be caught…and her detached coldness, combined with her “charming warmth”. a tantalizing combination…It seems pretty twisted to me, but nevertheless, that is what I see. Jose, just a little TOO protective, too connected, too touchy….Oh, and what about the time Casey & Jose shared a licorice while he visited her in jail, and each had opposite ends of the same licorice stick in their mouths, chewing toward the center & eachother. This was something I had read either in Orlando Sentinel, Or Wesh…one of those. When I read that, I said to myself, “I KNEW IT!”


  9. Hi,
    I agree with Pam. I will post this video link from youtube. At 2:03 there is a shot from when Baez shared an umbrella with Casey. In my opinion this embrace wasn’t just Baez blocking the media. There seemed to be an emotional attachment involved by the look on his face, as her face was totally buried in Baez’s shoulder. I’ve seen many instances where Baez seemed to cross the line from client/attorney to a more personal feeling. I’m not accusing Baez of anything, I am just making an obsrvation. And if Baez acts like this with all his female clients, then I think he in fact may be misleading them because it’s my opinion Casey is clearly taken with him and shows a genuine happiness when she walks into court and sees him.

    Just my opinion,
    Here is the link, the picture is at 2 minutes into the video.


  10. It’s my opinion there is more than attorney/client. If you look at the picture, Baez is not just sorta holding her away from the media, he is holding her tightly. You can see his fingers pressing hard like he’s pulling her in closely in a tight embrace complete with his head firmly against hers, and the hand holding the umbrella even is almost wrapped aroung instead of holding it out more as if the umbrella is keeping him from using both arms. I wish I could explain it better.

    Anyway, just my opinion, and this was early in the relationship.

    Take care


  11. i had thought she might have really been crying at first because … it was about her… lee loved her.. crying episode was very short lived..

    when i saw her start crying after he said that …(i know kc isn’t a serial killer) but it reminded me of the green river killer when one of the victims dad told him that he forgave him because God says thats what your supposed to do.. He was forgiven.. it was about him… so the green river killer cried..


  12. Personally, I have absolutely NO interest in giving Casey “pointers”, on how best to come across to a jury..No desire to assist her in any way.
    As for the “tears”..Genuine, or non tears; All I can say, is if Casey was actually crying, it was more than likely due to the fact that she threw her brother under the bus with the molestation accusations, had not seen her brother, whom she purportedly had a good relationship with, in a very long while, was uneasy about seeing him face to face, and was relieved her brother did not turn against her for her atrocious lies and disloyalty. She knew when Lee mouthed the words, “I Love You”, all was well for HER, & didn’t create an enemy to her case. If there were real tears, they were more than likely tears of relief, possibly with a twinge of guilt in the mix for betraying her brother. It is not uncommon for even the hardest heart to feel a fleeting twinge of guilt & gratitude when their victim who is a close relation ignores an injustice, while serving to help them, in spite of their actions & words. It’s all about her needs, and no indication of a bonded love relationship..She is incapable of focusing out of herself, or loving in the true sense…Hey, I know the justice system says she’s innocent til proven guilty, but I cannot be convinced that Casey did not heartlessly kill her precious little baby, and that act is the ultimate, callous betrayal. How is it possible she can actually feel more for ANYONE else?! All expressions of emotional intimacy are merely relationships which serve her in some way.
    Regarding Bob’s mention of Baez misleading Casey with his overly protective, affectionate behavior; I would say it is reverse, and Casey is the manipulator. If Baez has inappropriate emotional ties to Casey, it is because she is highly experienced in getting what she needs from men via her wiles, deception, & acting. She has a vested interest in getting Baez to care about her on an emotional level in order to invest himself beyond the call of duty. This is Casey’s MO


  13. Has anyone considered that Casey acts this way when she sees Biaz because in a sense he is her only contact to the outside world who is effectively on her side if you will.

    If Casey is found guilty then she must take her punishment. Let it be a long prison sentence,but please do not let it be a death sentence.
    Its cruel and backward for America to still put people to death. Why is life imprisonment never enough.


      1. exactly… i watched a case were a guy killed his wife.. had lots of evidence.. premediated.. sent invites to wedding of preg. girl friend prior to wifes death… one juror held out on death… he got life without parole… did only 15years..


  14. I agree with you, Caseys tears were not real. I always thought her mannerisms of keeping her fingers in her eyes while crying was bazaar. Almost as if she doesn’t want anyone to see that there are no tears flowing down her cheeks. I’ve NEVER seen tears on her face. She wants to get all emotional over Lee, but shows nothing when her hearing Caylees name being used in the past tense.

    As for Lee and his “I love you”. Totally inappropriate. Reminds me of his nauseated display at the “memorial”. When I first read of her accusations about him, I thought she must be lying. Now I wonder. In addition, if he truly wants her to know he “loves” her, why has he not shown up at even ONE court hearing before being ordered to. Why are there no letters to her from him, why is he not trying to visit her in jail to tell her he “loves” her then. That would be an appropriate setting.

    If she is found guilty, and IMO she will be, she deserves the death penalty. Anyone who could kill a defenseless baby and be so callous about it afterwards deserves the ultimate. Caylee received a death penalty for NO reason, other than (IMO ) being in the way of her partying mother. She was left to rot and be devoured by rodents. No appeals for her…..

    My state (therefore MY taxes) are already being used to pay for her defense. In the event that she is found guilty, perhaps those who wish to have her life spared can open up their wallets and pay for her upkeep for the next fifty or so years. I personally can see MY money being put to better use.


  15. Hi Pam,
    I agree totally! As far as Baez being the one instigating anything, what I meant was, if Baez were to say, he acts like this with ALL his clients, female that is, then maybe it’s him misleading Casey? But I agree Casey digs Baez and endlessly flirts with him. He’s loving it as sick as this sounds it’s less enjoyable to write! lol But I agree with you 100 percent, even with not being thrilled about helping them act right by pointing out their BS attempts here. But then I think, it doesn’t matter what is written or said, a person’s true colors will always come out whether they try to hide them or not. Especially a sociopath who doesn’t care and not only thinks of them self, but highly of them self. When this all started, people talked about Casey’s lack of emotion. Then suddenly Casey started trying to act upset with her non-tear crying. Obviously she was being told about how much of a turn off her lack of emotion was. I mean with all that’s been written here and other places, after two years now, Casey is STILL as transparent as a ghost. So I don’t think any amount of coaching will help someone like Casey. And Baez’s ego is so big he isn’t paying much attention, he’s a bit too cocky for his own good. His snide remarks that he thinks id=s funny is so unprofessional even I can see it, or his cocky smirking or rolling his eyes and stupid motions and requests. I don’t think we have anything to worry about as far as Casey getting away with anything.

    Just my opinion 🙂


  16. I agree with you Bob, and also Kate.
    As for Caroline’s comment; I hear your heart, but most people see no point in paying for her lifetime living expenses, on top of expenses for her dream team defense & investigators, etc Also, the cost of ongoing & never ending appeals etc etc to get her out, which you gotta just know will take place. There is just no end in sight to all this if that be the case. Flat screened TV’s, crafts, reading & other classes prison offers is not much punishment, from what I hear these days…At least not in the USA. Just think of yourself being a small little 2yr old child, dependent on your mommy for love, protection, and all life’s necessities, only to have her forcibly chloroform you as you looked in to mommy’s eyes…OR maybe you looked in her eyes as she taped you up and could not breathe, and then killed you with chloroform. Believe it or not, I am known to be extremely merciful & compassionate, but I am “fresh out” for Casey! At the beginning of this case, I’d watch every night, and whenever the video of Caylee was shown when she was in the high chair with her book, I would sob, shoulders shaking, as she sang in such a sweet voice..”You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, please don’t take my sunshine away..” Well her sunshine was taken away…and by her very own “mommy’! Casey deserves the death penalty…Yet, even if the death penalty is decided, I will probably cry then also, in spite of her deserving it…


  17. What really bothered me is every time they hand her a kleenex when she starts pretending to cry she actually takes her time folding it into a very neat & tidy square ! that is unreal … I know when I cry I grab the kleenex in a hurry & I could care less if it is folded in a neat & tidy perfect 4 folded square or not … I am too upset .. I just want to get it up to my eyes to keep the tears from running down my cheeks, mascara & all. You never see any telltale signs of mascara either running down her face.. All mascara even waterproof will run when you cry . she is in no hurry .. I think she folded it either 3 or 4 times till it was a perfect little square…


  18. I, too, am very fascinated with this case from a psychological point of view. As well, I grieve for Caylee and all children who have endured such agony at the hands of their parents.

    Thank you Dr. Glass for your professionalism and willingness to share your expertise to this blog.


  19. Hi,
    Also, I’ve noticed that most people when they cry, me included, it loosens the sinuses and you usually have to blow your nose. I know that sounds disgusting, but it’s true. And I agree, if your really crying enough to need a kleenex you won’t take the time to make sure it’s folded neatly in order to still try and look nice! It has been said that the truth and Casey are strangers, so are emotions and Casey. Casey has never felt anything for anyone other than herself, ever.


  20. Sorry but I disagree. Casey was definitely “TAKEN” by Lee’s spontaneous “I love you” as opposed to Casey’s fake tears when she was indicted and at a news conference with Baez.

    Albeit the reaction did not last long, it appeared to be very real and she obviously felt something, but I do not know what.

    I realize she is a sociopath in every sense of the word. That is not to say she does not feel something when he tells her I love you. She has been alone for two years in a cell and her brother is now telling her he loves her even after her accusations. I think it is a short feeling but there was definitely a reaction by Casey.


    1. Casey did not cry real tears. As a body language expert who has studied her demeanor I can assure you that there were no tears present and an inconsistent facial expression which would show upset. The only person Casey is TAKEN with as you describe, is herself. It is wishful thinking on your part to assume that Casey was emotionally moved by Lee’s I love you. Sociopaths are at the top of the scale as far as manipulation is concerned.


  21. Dr. Glass,

    I know they are and Casey is right up there. But I would suggest you take another look at her and you will find that as opposed to all the other “tearful scenes” this one showed actual emotion on her part. Whether it was for herself at that point is another story. But Casey’s reaction to her brother was real. What she was feeling is something I don’t know. But I know that her reaction was real. Albeit short.

    If you look at her face, it is contorted and her nose is red as opposed to all the other bs she has tried on us. So something is going on.

    Thank you for response. Much appreciated.


  22. Just a question on sociopaths: As far as feeling emotions, do sociopaths feel anger, hatred, etc.?

    When you say they do not feel, do you mean “love” or do you include the other emotions such as anger, hatred?

    We know that Casey dislike her mother or even hated her mother. That is an emotion. So are we identifying sociopaths by their lack of empathy? That is what I am getting from this disorder.

    Thanks much. Jesse1


  23. Just one more thing.

    I do not recall the tapes being played at this hearing. Can you tell me when they played them? I know Ms. Drane-Burdick entered them as an exhibit and Judge Perry said he had already listened to them if that is what she was referring to and she replied in the affirmative. Thanks for your antipated response.



  24. Dr. Glass,

    You said: “But Jose is not the only one showing nervousness and discomfort as she listened to the 911 tape.Veteran attorney Cheney Mason was taken aback as well. He appeared to be very concerned”….

    According to several others besides myself, the tapes were not played as you say above.

    I don’t understand your saying they were played if they were not. They were described and that may be what you were trying to say.

    Just trying to keep on track here. There are way too many things being distorted in discussions on this case so I like to keep it straight whenever possible.

    I know you must understand. Thanks again.


  25. I think that Casey is crying because she is aware the real trial is about to start…no more sorting through her web of lies and walking into the courtroom smiling like Miss America!!! She knows she is in for the real show down. No more playing games and smiling like nothing happened to her baby girl. I’m tired of seeing her smiling like she on the red carpet and won an Oscar for Best Actress!! GOD Bless Caylee..Our little Angel in Heaven.


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