George Anthonys Body Language Says He’s Not Into Cindy and Doesnt Want to Be in Court Supporting Casey




 After watching and analyzing George Anthony s exclusive Fox 35 interview a while back, it became clear that George needs to be liked and needs to be seen as the “good guy”. So in keeping up his  “good guy” image,  he decided to show up in court to support his wife Cindy, who was going to testify about the 911 call she made when Casey wouldn’t cooperate and Caylee went missing.  

The only thing is that he certainly didn’t look like a  supportive “good guy”  husband .  He kept his distance  from her physically.  

    In the photo above  which was taken after Cindy testified and  was listening to Judge Perry’s ruling, you can see that although  they are sitting close to one another, they are  not touching. There is no physical contact. It is obvious from Cindy’s nail biting that she could have used a little TLC and reassurance. She could have used an arm around her  or a hand held.  But George seemed to be in a world of his own.  


 When you look at the physical distance that George is keeping from Cindy it is not a very good sign. Also note how Cindy turns away from George. It is clear that they are both not happy together.  

The stress of this trial is definitely showing. One can only imagine what will happen in terms of their relationship when the major trial begins next year.  



  Even before she testified, Cindy shared a little tension releasing laugh with her attorney Brad Conway. George completely ignored her as he pulled his shoulder away from her and towards his body. This is  a  clear distancing signal.    

George certainly had nothing to laugh about, especially since he was accused of sexually molesting Casey. In all honesty, I can’t imagine anyone ever laughing about anything with regard to this case! An innocent  child is dead and Cindy’s daughter may soon  die on death row.  So Cindy’s chuckle with attorney Brad Conway  clearly  turned George  off even further.    




George looks absolutely miserable. He doesn’t acknowledge Cindy at all.  His shoulders are rounded in a submissive posture as he is resigned to be somewhere he clearly does NOT want to be.  

 His face is sour and dour, complete with downturned lips and furrowed brow and very sad looking eyes. They are completely disconnected. Cindy  on the other hand seems to be excited about giving her testimony as she is all smiles.  

 Not to be petty, but since body language involves what you chose or do not chose  to wear on your body, it seems that Cindy has chosen to not  wear a bra or to wear a very ill fitting one. The fact that she is wearing a Caylee necklace on her chest, brings attention to her chest so it is hard not to notice.   

 With all the money she earned from licensing the photos of Casey, perhaps she should use some of it to purchase some proper fitting under garments. Once again I am not being mean here, I am just telling it like it is.  It speaks volumes about her  self care.  

             BLACK ROOTS AND SELF CARE      

 And while we are on the subject  of  Cindy’s outward appearance and her self care , it is clear that she has taken a cue from Casey. Like Casey, she too is growing her hair out.  

But if one has decided to have longer hair and also be a blond, it is necessary to take more self care and bleach out your roots because it shows up more and doesn’t look good. If she  can’t afford to do that, then she may want  stick to  her original hair color shown in her roots. If she insists on being a blond and doesn’t have the money or the time to keep up  her roots, then she needs to cut it short so that  the roots aren’t as visible to others.  



There is no question in my mind based on watching the raw  video of  George and Cindy  in the courtroom  that George appears to be disgusted by Cindy based on his facial expression whenever he looks at her. There are consistent  and numerous  flashes of disgust in his facial expression.  

 There is no doubt that he is disgusted with his daughter  Casey for either lying that he molested her, if in fact  he did not do so,  or outing  him if he did indeed molest her  and Casey’s  breaking the family bond of  loyalty and exposing the family secret.Rather than show his sour puss to the world and passive aggressively show up for image sakes so that he  can be seen as the “good guy” – the  supportive husband and father, it would have been a lot more genuine if  he sayed at home.  



If George would have stayed home, he could have chewed all the gum he wanted in the privacy of his own home.  

 Why doesn’t  George’s attorney and friend Brad Conway teach him some proper courtroom etiquette? Since has neglected to do his job, perhaps I can do it for him  and educate George through this blog.   

 When you go into a courtroom it is not a movie theatre or a baseball game. You cannot eat or drink in there or chew gum there. To do so would be disrespectful. George’s  gum chewing in the courtroom shows complete ignorance of how to comport yourself in a courtroom and complete disrespect.  

 So here is the bottom line to George and Cindy too. Take a Kleenex and spit out your gum BEFORE you walk into the courtroom. I am sure that there are trash cans around where you can deposit the Kleenex containing the gum.  


 And speaking of disrespect int he courtroom, it seems that the apple does not fall to far from the tree.  I will get to George’s son Lee Anthony’s disrespectful courtroom  behavior  in my next blog.  



George and Cindy are not a united front as far as their body language reveals. He sits out in front of  her as you see here as a distancing mechanism. He looks away from her.And please don’t write to tell me that this is based on one photo. It’s based on a lots of photos and a lot of video watching. Oftentimes just from one moment in time you can see the leakage of how a person really feels about someone.  




Finally it  was time for  George and Cindy to leave the courtroom. They faced in opposite directions. He left her trailing  behind and didn’t even look back at her or speak to her.   

As you can see in the above photo, his rounded shoulders  indicate that he has had to submit to being there even though he clearly did not want to be there at all. This photo and the ones preceeding it show that he clearly does not want to be around Cindy.   

 His expression mirrors how he feels inside. George is completely miserable and no doubt  feels stuck . Also note how he pulls his head away from Cindy. Once again, that is a distancing behavior.   

 Finally George left the courtroom and Cindy was standing there alone  by herself.   

There is no doubt that this entire ordeal has taken it’s toll on their previously fragile relationship. Even though they have tried to put up a good public front in the past, as things become more stressful I believe it will put an even greater strain on them.   


A lot of this strain has to do with George coming out of the fog and finally facing reality. Casey’s accusations of him sexually molesting her, jolted him back into reality. 
  Whether it is true or not, he is now out of  his illusion concerning Casey. He sees her for exactly what she is. If he didn’t molest her, he sees her as the lying dangerous  monster that she is.  He may now clearly see her as killing Casey and now trying to kill him and his reputation with her lies .  

If he did indeed sexually molest her, then he faces the grim  reality of realizing  how  his improper actions may have contributed  to Case’s aberrant  behaviors.     

Either case is a very grim scenario. He can no longer look at Casey the same way. He can no longer sit there with a straight face and defend her to the hilt. He can no longer go on and on about a fictious Zanny the Nanny or try to use River Cruz as a cause for reasonable doubt.   

For the first time George is feeling emotions other than  the grief  of losing the only person in his life who gave him a reason to wake up in the morning- little Caylee.  The emotional  veil has finally been lifted. So he has to be feeling  the anger and the rage  he has towards Casey fro taking away his precious grand daughter.   

Prior to this George was an emotionally vacant parent.  By his own admission told Casey he wasn’t a great father as he preety much let Casey do whatever she wanted to do. So now he is forced to live with that. Being emotionally vacant, he had no clue with what what really going on with Casey or who she really was as a person.  Now for the  first time in his life he has taken a close look at who  Casey really is and it is not a pretty picture. It is devastating for him and it shows in every aspect of his body language.   

My only hope for George is that he is seeing someone who is a licensed psychologist or a psychiatrist who can help him cope with what must be a living hell. He needs a lot of support from a professional who will be there to guide him properly during the roller coaster ride of the trial and it’s aftermath. He needs a professional in his corner to help him cope with the grim reality. That reality is that his own flesh and blood may be killed by having a neddle stuck through her own flesh as it’s poisons course through her own blood.   






23 thoughts on “George Anthonys Body Language Says He’s Not Into Cindy and Doesnt Want to Be in Court Supporting Casey

  1. The gum! What is it with the gum? Cindy was chewing it too – I can’t remember which (of the 9) videos I saw it on, and it was more subtle than she’s done in the past, so she seemed to be at least TRYING to hide it, but I thought it was not allowed in the courtroom. Am I correct about it being not allowed? Because if so, they just flat out don’t think the rules apply to them, do they?


  2. I totally agree with you on all of the above. I think GA will eventually see the truth, if he hasn’t already. He will take the stand at trial, and try to take all the blame on himself for how KC turned out, and what she did to Caylee.

    I’m sure he feels very guilty about all that has happened and for all the lies CA forced him to tell. In his first interview with LE, he told them the truth about the smell, but when he was with CA, he had to say it was just rotten pizza.

    If he and Lee did abuse KC, when she was younger, GA feels that is what made her like she is. If GA did not abuse her, he now sees her for the liar that she is. I don’t think GA ever abused KC, but I’m on the fence about Lee. I don’t think it was abuse though, I think KC and Lee have a very strange relationship, and if there was any thing sexual between them, I think it was consentual as KC was never too choosy when it came to handing out her sexual treats.


  3. Dr. Glass,

    I noticed how Cindy appeared to be doing some flirting with her husband sitting right there next to her. I’d rather not mention any names! At first I thought maybe George didn’t see it but he looked right at Cindy ans seemed disgusted.

    You have a good picture above of what I’m referring to. I’ve seen about ten other comments regarding what appears to be flirting at a murder trial of a baby!


  4. HI again,
    Nice job on this one Dr. Glass. It was my opinion that George showed up only to try and squash the talk going on that he and Cindy aren’t together, trying to keep a somewhat family unit picture for the purpose of the trial. George was obviously not in agreement with trying to maintain this picture. OR maybe he was there to support Lee having to testify? It’s my guess he was asked, and maybe begged to show up in court that day.
    Their behavior in court is horrible, all of them. From chewing gum to their dress and behavior. Le also was obviously never taught properly how to dress or act in certain situations. I’ve had this notion since the memorial. There are times when a person is expected to to present themselves in a certain way and Lee is either arrogant and doesn’t care or was never taught. I’d say it’s a bit of both.
    Even Lee’s laughter and know it all attitude during testimony was so disrespectful it made me sick. When he mouthed “I love you” to Casey, which was very weird considering the recent accusations, but Mrs. Drane B. light heartedly said, “I’m guessing that wasn’t meant for me”, it was, in my opinion absolutely rude, disrespectful and degrading the way Lee replied, “Absolutely Not!” Lee said that to her as if to say you got that right A-hole, or No sh–!.. Lee’s attitude was totally disrespectful and quite disgusting in my opinion. But back to George. IF and I say again, IF, George did in fact molest Casey, he deserves EVERY bit of the hell he is going through. IF he didn’t, and his only crime was not being a better father, that is horrible enough to have to live with and I also hope he gets some professional help and gets away from Cindy. Which I’m quite certain he and Cindy are done at this point anyway. It’s funny, my wife said years ago when we were watching some couple interviewed on some show, that the couple wasn’t happy together. I asked how she could tell? She said because the woman had her legs crossed, but in such a way where it caused her to lean away from her husband or boyfriend? I forget now if they were married or not? But the way they didn’t lean in towards each other my wife said was a dead give away. Ever since, that is something I look for when viewing couples together. It’s very clear George isn’t interested in being with Cindy and is also disgusted by her. I think George was made to show up last week. IF he did go voluntarily I’d guess it was for Lee not Cindy. It’s funny you mentioned Cindy’s moment of laughter before she testified. I noticed that also and thought it was totally disrespectful, way out of line.

    Anyway, thanks again, I look forward to your views on Lee.
    I could go on and on about him. He is so arrogant and disrespectful. George and Cindy obviously never taught either child any respect or anything of value. These kids are both brats who have always gotten their way. I said a long time ago, Malory should run while she has the chance! Before it’s too late. I notice Lee walked in before her, didn’t hold the door for her. He obviously was never taught how to respect any woman, let alone his future wife. The ONLY woman Lee is required to respect is his mother, period. Or I should say kiss her a$$! Lee showed total disrespect for a court room and every one in it. He doesn’t even realize he even is showing disrespect for himself.

    Take care, Thanks again 🙂


  5. On more than one occasion I have had a judge tell someone, even someone on the jury, to spit out their gum. How humiliating. I would never let a client of mine dress like the A’s do, talk disrespectfully as they do (and I’m thinking here of Lee’s terrible behavior on the stand), eat, drink or chew gum. Come on! I know these lawyers know better.


  6. Thanks Dr. Glass for your take on George at the hearing. I noticed that George was wearing lavender/purple which is CAYLEE MARIE’S FAVORITE COLOR!!! I think George wearing Caylee’s color to court was a clear SIGN THAT HE WAS THERE FOR CAYLEE ONLY (For the first time ever)!!!! JMO


  7. When I say sign, I mean this was George’s “backward sort of way” to let both Casey, her defense team, and Cindy know that while he may be at the hearing to watch is wife and son testify, he was mainly there to support justice for Caylee!!! After Casey made those molestation charges against him in her letters, George has not been to court and then the FIRST TIME he comes to court AFTER these charges are made he wears purple/lavender which is Caylee Marie’s favorite color!!! This to me is George’s silent way of making a loud statement to these people. Yes I am here because I am told that is what is BEST for the family and/or defense of Casey my daughter, but I am going to wear purple Caylee’s color to let these people know that I am only here for Caylee even if they force me (his belief not reality) to sit behind her murderer. JMO


  8. Dr. L. Glass, I agree with You 100 % on All Counts.
    Great analysis of Both George and Cindy.
    It is not surprising that their Relationship is and has been for the last 2 Yrs. under a tremendous Strain. I would think their Relationship already was on somewhat shaky Grounds before all this happened. This Tragedy might push them both over the Edge if they don’t seek professional Help to help them through these trying times.
    Looking at these Pictures and/or following the Hearings and watching their Demeanor toward each other tells a Story!
    Dr. Glass You did a fine Job explaining their Body Language.
    As a Non Professional in the Art of Body Language I even
    can make out what is going on. George’s Body Language
    gives away without any Doubt how he feels about the whole sad Situation!
    I believe he feels a lot of Guilt, Anger, Disappointment and Sadness, at least that is what I observe by looking at his facial Expressions. JMO


  9. Another enlightening analysis – thank you so much. In my opinion, all of the Anthonys are disrepectful across the board. It starts with respecting ones self and to act appropriately. The whole family is clueless and arrogant. Nothing more stupid than a stupid person who thinks they’re smart. I also agree that as a couple they are done.


  10. I also agree that George doesn’t want to be there as well.He knows he better be because Cindy would make him feel guilty if he didn’t show……He feels he has to be there out of abligation maybe to his family…I think he is discusted,angry.disappointed and most likely wishes this all was over and done with…..He doesnt even look like he wants to be beside Cindy either….Surprises me they are still living together….As far as Lee goes,after the accusations Casey made about him molesting her when she was younger, then Lee turns around and tells he loves her is more then strange!Even if there was some truth in what Casey said,who would believe her ,after the way she has lied about everything…..The whole family has lied so much its diffcult to believe any of them.Personally I think the whole family is arrogant,not just Lee…


  11. Lee is so gullible when it comes to Casey…….He probably thinks she just made that up for some kind of defense so he will just laugh it off, if it helps see her free. Cindy and Lee will cover for Casey until the end, but it looks like George is about ready to explode.


  12. Thanks for the post, Dr. Glass.

    I think if it were true that George molested Casey that he would not have shown up out of shame. That he showed up despite not wanting to be there makes me think he did nothing bad to Casey. At first, the look on his face made me think he feared being questioned by an onslaught of reporters about Casey’s allegation against him and Lee. Then I figured he was not looking forward to Cindy being on the stand for fear she would lie to the court. The way he left, he knew she had lied. With Lee’s demeanor, I wondered if he had even heard of the accusation Casey made against him…

    I have to say that I don’t think Cindy allowed George to be the father he was meant to be with Casey. Cindy had put the foot down with George and told him she would handle things with Casey many times, imo. I still can’t believe that she told George that she wanted him to quit the police force and get into auto sales-I think he liked being a cop. I couldn’t do that to my husband no matter how dangerous the job. But, Cindy wore the pants and George let her wear them, I guess.

    I do hope George is facing reality now. I hope he sticks up for his grandchild, who was his sunshine, from here on out. And, I hope he is getting the help he needs to deal with all of this horrible mess in his family.


  13. dr,glas thanks again,i agree with all what you say!for sure george dont looks like a happy camper,he looks like he will explode!
    dr.glas thanks for your great work,you had bodylanguage fromgeorge ,cindy,casey.mason……
    i am interrestet in baez body language,his smirking and smiling in court makes my stomache turn!


  14. Maybe George was trying to be the kind, compassionate, good guy a year ago, but now he makes me think of someone who’s been kicked around too many times. Even as he sits there, he knows he and his family will be televised and kicked around again…no matter what they wear or how they keep their hair.

    That’s not to say that he hasn’t asked for some of it due to his lifestyle choices (gambling, River, letting his wife rule) but I’m sure if he was interviewed after, he may have exploded.


  15. It’s cheaper to keep him…that’s what Cindy Anthony told her family! They have a sick co-dependance…one feeds off the other..Cindy Anthony seems to have a domineering, controlling personality, it’s her way or they highway! When she says jump, George only asks, how high, sweetheart! George was asked why he hasn’t used his skills as a homicide detective to put all these pieces together, his answer to the FBI, were, “my wife won’t let me”! Cindy seems to rule this roost. Can you imagine living with these two woman? Cindy and Inmate Anthony seemed to have George outed as the odd man out. I truly hope it did take Inmate Anthony’s accusations of molestation to finally have George stand up for his precious granddaughter, Caylee…this family has visions of being a crime victims advocate, yet they won’t advocate for Caylee’s justice. They will never make it in this field for everyone sees through them, IMO..I too think, once Inmate Anthony is found guilty of her crime, George and Cindy may finally make that break, their marriage was over a long time ago, they will never make it through this storm..JMHO

    Justice for Caylee


  16. Linda Rose~~ In my Opinion You are right on, the Anthony’s do have a sick co-dependence… one feeds off the other!
    I also agree without seeking professional Help their Marriage won’t stand a Chance making it through this whole Ordeal. JMO


  17. Just a thought .. but I am wondering if George did not get a sopena to testify too. After all he was there for the end of the 3ed 911 call. I wonder if Baez’s attempt to bring him to the court room was a calculated move. But upon seeing and reading his reactions in court decided not have him testify. The SAO seemed to be waiting for Baez to call someone else.
    And until the day he sits behind the procecution and admits to himself that justice needs to be served for Caylee, I myself will not hold my breath.


  18. Christine, GA was not supposed to testify. The defense said they would be calling CA, LA and CA’s boss, don’t remember her name. However, they only called CA. They did not call LA to testify, the DA called him to the stand and questioned him first. I don’t think Bozo would have even put LA on the stand after CA was finished. They thought they had already won their case.

    Too bad the DA called Lee, as he helped them more than he did the defense. Then CA’s boss took the stand. She was told to be there @ 2pm, or so they said. She made that long drive, arrived over 2 hours late and was only on the stand about 7 minutes. I’m sure she was thinking those famous words of KC, ‘what a waste’.


  19. As usual Dr. Glass, you are spot on. I really enjoy your blog, and your insight to this entire family. Not one of them, have any respect for the law or the court system. What they think are acts of defiance, will back fire on them, in the end.


  20. I thought that when Lee got on the stand and mouthed the words to casey that he “loved her” and she had that little emotional breakdown that it looked for a moment that she was touched by his presents & words. However almost instantly her whole demeanor changed back into the the dark, eyes full of hatred & rage person that she is. With every statement that he made her eyes would glaze over and she would start frantically writing notes and underlining words to the point that I thought she was going to stab the paper.
    IMO I think that casey hates all of her family and is going to play each & everyone of them until the very end. Let’s not forget her little “I want my Dad to be the one I have my special meeting with” jailhouse tape. Those words completely deflated Cindy, but made George feel so, so special.(of course as we all know that meeting never took place) In casey’s world it’s still just a game and they are all her pawns.


  21. Cindy constantly rubbed on George’s shoulders, legs, back as she even did with Lee in public.

    Point is things have gone downhill because I don’t see her public displays of affection towrd George at all anymore. And if she did I don’t think it would be well recied by George because he’s totally digusted & destroyed by Cindy & Casey.


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