Lee Anthony Lies and Crys Fake Tears For The Benefit of the Jury

Lee burst out crying when he said he was angry that he as not told about  Casey’s pregnancy . He  was upset that he was kept out and they ignored him. It seemed a bit contrived  to me. It seemed overly dramatic and as though he was doing it for the jury’s benefit. Why would he cry about not being told about Casey’s pregnancy.Why didn’t he cry about a dead Caylee?  His tears and outburst of a  grunt was done purposely in my view. The tears  were non  liquid and he wiped them just like Casey and Cindy wipe their non tears.

This guy has been on the stand for three years and has only giggled and laughed and scratched.  He never cried until there was a jury present. And then he cried over such a lame thing. . It sounded unbelievable and a jury will feel like he is trying to manipulate them. No one like to see tears unless they are genuine and that the person is crying for a good reason. There was no good reason for Lee’s  waterworks.

Lee lies on the stand with relation to Casey’s pregnancy. He  admits in court that he said to Casey  ” What the hell is that?   in reference to Casey’s pregnancy. Then it was pointed out by Ashton by  that he said earlier ” It wasn’t really my place. He  also admitted his lie by stating that he  spoke not  directly to her.”  In essence he showed that he lied.

He appeared angry as he said that the parents were over the top about the pregnancy and  and he said he was upset he was not allowed to be involved.    He felt he had supportive role because his smom said to let it go. Why in the world would Cindy tell him to let it go and not speak about the pregnancy and keep him out of the loop?

It is very odd. He is Caylee’s  uncle and you would think that you would want all family members involved. But what if Cindy thought Lee was the father of Caylee at the time and wanted him as far away as possible?

I am also wondering why the DNA witness said she tested Lee’s DNA indicated he was not the father , She did not say that she tested  George’s DNA and that he  was ruled out to be the father. Is  Baez  saving that information for later?  What did George’s DNA find? He certainly acted like he baby daddy by showing up in the birthing room at the hospital. It was also odd that he did not even ask who Caylee’s father was when he found out she was pregnant.

Did he already know who the father was? Was he the father? Did Cindy think he was the father? Is that why Cindy insisted on such control over Caylee? Did George molest Casey as a child and as an adult? Only the two of them know for sure. At any rate, we will soon discover the results of the DNA test and whether George is or is not the biological father.

Lee’s testimony showed us  that his whole sick family is in denial with control freak Cindy at the helm. How can Cindy know Casey is pregnancy  until 7th month? Did Cindy  know? If she told  Lee to butt out when he first asked about the pregnancy when Casey picked him up from the airport  and then months passed and there was no mistake that Casey was pregnant, it shows Cindy MUST have known prior to seven months. Also Caylee was not premature as Cindy said.

Just look at the size of Caylee in the photo above . She doesn’t look like a preemie. Casey can barely hold her she is so big. Maybe Casey lied as to when she got pregnant. Maybe she had no idea when she got pregnant.

When Jeff Ashton asked What was different  about the way the emotion with which you answered  the same question two years ago only this time you answered with  such raw emotion, Lee gave a lame answer. He said that he didn’t believe Caylee was not alive.  Yet he presided over the memorial ceremony and he knew that the bones and remains were Caylee’s. So could he not know?


When Lee shared that Casey said Zanny told   her  that she  was taking Caylee because she wasn’t a good mother and  that she was going to teach her a lesson. Casey was revealing a great deal about what was going on in her own mind. In essence she was parroting back the exact words Cindy said to her about not being a good mother. She also was going to teach Cindy a lesson . To me that speaks volumes as to motive. To me it says Casey got rid of Caylee to teach Cindy a lesson because Cindy kept telling Casey what a bad mother she was.

Perhaps Casey purposely drowned Caylee and convinced herself it was an accident. Perhaps she chloroformed her.  Perhaps she broke her neck. Perhaps she smothered her. Whatever she did, she did something to teach Cindy a lesson because Cindy kept telling her what a bad mother she was. Now she would make sure she was bad mother by killing Caylee.

When Lee  described  Caseys description of  Zanny it was shockingly similiar to River Cruz- dark complected, long hair, Hispanic, average height. That makes me wonder if George, knowing about Casey’s description of Zanny,  set forth to find a Zanny type to pin the murder on. That may be why George sought out River and had an affair with her.Perhaps he was trying to set her up. We will find out more when River Cruz testifies. www.drlillianglass.com


96 thoughts on “Lee Anthony Lies and Crys Fake Tears For The Benefit of the Jury

  1. Something is really odd about the way Lee behaved today and I don’t really know if him or George molested Casey, or heaven forbid, got her pregnant, but Casey’s M.O. is to lie, she makes up big whoppers, so she could have told Lee that the father was a celebrity…..or that she was raped, maybe by a celebrity…..some kind of story that she made him swear to never tell anyone. It could all be BS. The truth could be that she had sex with several different guys she met at a bar or club and she really didn’t know which one of them could have fathered her baby.


  2. I agree 100 % with you Dr. Glass. There was something completely creepy about Lee and Casey’s sob-fest today. Lee has joked and laughed when questioned about the disappearance of his niece, but then loses it over a baby shower ?? HUH ?? Totally creepy. Much more there than meets the eye. Does anyone know why Cindy is allowed to take her notes out of the courtroom? Is she allowed to discuss the case with other witnesses to tip them off about previous testimony?


      1. I am completely stumped as to why JP would allow her to leave with notes. He runs a tight ship. Are witnesses allowed to interact ?


    1. It is a defence mechanism. When i experienced a traumatic situation. I laughed and joked inappropriately a lot but it was mainly a reflex i couldn’t control, a safety mechanism if you will, because once the denial moved away and the reality sets in, I crumbled into a emotional crying ball.. and I would cry for silly things. It has been several years, but to speak of the traumatic situation today, I still laugh and joke and sometimes cry.

      Sorry not everyone fits into your perfect society-approved way of grieving/dealing with terrible things..


  3. Why does this family get away with lying on the stand. Shouldn’t they be charge with perjury. All the crying was fake. It’s annoying and they are trying to win sympathy from the jury.


  4. Something very off about his testimony – IIRC in earlier testimony with the FBI person, Baez specifically asked her if she tested Lee for paternity but did not inquire about testing George. Beyond odd that all members of this family claim to not have initially asked Casey who the father was. Lee’s Deposition with the FBI has never been released (Cindy & George’s have) but in Nick Savage’s (FBI agent) deposition with the DT Baez asks if Savage asked Lee if any molestation of Casey had occurred as she has claimed. Lee’s response has always struck me as very odd. He said something like I’ll discuss that when I have to. No flat out denial. Hmmm. Dr Lillian, do you remember last winter when you posted a link to an article on cutting edge new technique with DNA testing? If so and you still have that link, I’d really appreciate you posting it. To me, Lee’s emotional melt down just felt like it did not fit with the circumstance (memory) that he was describing. It did not match up. I remember reading in one of Lee’s initial interviews with OCSO that he described how when Lee got a new car he had intended to sell the Sunfire. He had years before paid his parents back and paid the car off. Casey talked him into instead selling it to her. She made 2 months of payments and Lee never got another penny from her. I can’t imagine ripping off your own family but this was Casey’s modis operandi. I still think that Lee is keeping some very big secret that he has with Casey – just as he promised CMA at that pitiful excuse for a Memorial Service for sweetest Caylee.


  5. Oh Dr Glass & everyone,
    What did you think about that picture of Caylee with her back to us as she is opening the glass sliding door? That picture looks very wrong to me – Caylee was almost 3 y/o but she looks so much taller in that pic. What do all of you think?


    1. EVERYONE thinks it’s a pix of a 4-5 yr old kid…certainly NOT a 2 1/2 yr old. Could this be the “legal issue” that caused court to be cancelled on Saturday? The Prosecution found out it was faux?? Well if Cindy provided the pix we can only guess. We all know about her bragging about giving LE the WRONG hairbrush when asked for Caylee’s.


    1. they (monkeys) said- they did not know if that was really george’s dna profile- or not- I think NOT……………….incest is very tricky to catch- only this year- has a test been made avaiable- lets test them both NOW


  6. I agree with you about the motive but I think it was a dual motive. What you wrote in this blog was the primary motive and the 2ndary motive was her freedom. Tony, unlike Ricardo had made it perfectly clear that it was unacceptable for her to bring Caylee to his apt and already nixed Caylee spending the night. This was really crimping her style and ability to move this new sexual relationship along.


    1. that is incorrect- listen very carefully to the words they used- and why was ashton so freaked out and afraid Lee would get to answer Baez’s question today “did anyhting else upset you”- Object! Object! Object!


      1. They did test George and Lee so that is not incorrect.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee and Casey had sex. As sick as that is to write. Maybe the cops were told that, or the behavior of the entire family made them think that and just to be safe had them both tested.
        I think the prosecution could know that Lee and Casey had a incesteous relationship. Although it could be as simple as they didn’t know what script Lee and Baez had conjured up and wanted to throw them off their game. Read what that Tracey girl said Casey said about her and Lee.


  7. I was atching him and thought that is not a cry out for a sister..more like a father to the child. Something much bigger than what he said. They do have big secrets and I heard it.


  8. Lee is a big baby, IMO. I read his rants on MySpace when he was raging that his ex GF (Mark Hawkins ex wife) left him and aborted his baby. Most guys, even ones who are broken up about something like that, would not go on a public forum and rage and rant and spill his guts kvetching about private stuff to the whole world. Wishing harm to the ex, too..Very womanly behavior. Well, like a woman who is a twit, anyway.

    He’s unmanly and he was unmanly at the Caylee memorial and today on the stand. He’s crying over not being let in to his sister’s secets? Not what he has told previously. Story is radically changed from depositions where he giggled about his sister’s condition and said he was much more blunt and sarcastic in his questioning of her about the expected baby..

    They are all a carload of phonies and prevaricaters. Casey is just the worst of them. Karma is just around the corner and it’s never pretty in cases like this.
    Just my take.


  9. I so agree.
    This family is so full of lies.
    All of them.

    I think Casey overdosed Caylee on chloroform.

    Casey would NEVER admit to doing ANYTHING wrong unless it would benefit her.

    Just like her expert lying teacher roll model mother.

    All of thee Anthonys lie.

    Casey is guilty of 1st DEGREE murder
    not CAPITAL murder

    The prosecution bit off more than they can chew and get the jury to swallow.

    Casey should never be turned loose.

    Would you want her around your sister or brother or kids or grandkids?

    Thee Anthonys want her turned loose to reak more havic on you or me or mine or yours.

    Cindy taught Skank how to lie so well.

    Thee Anthony family are evil people, and what is scary to me is, they don’t even know it.


    1. if i had been born into that awful situation and sexually abused by my daddy and impregnated by my daddy and then beated over the head with his baby every day- i would have killed it too.


  10. I know this is macabre, but I keep wondering why Casey didn’t have an abortion. She didn’t want a child; she lies about everything. Why not end the pregnancy and, if asked, lie about ever being pregnant? For the record, I’m pro-life, so I always hope that adoption is the answer if someone is unable to raise a child. However, if you are a narcissistic sociopath and you’ve never had room in your life for another person, why bother to wait a couple of years to kill your child?


    1. I think an abortion would have saved casey- the child abuse victim- the added trauma of a child-pregnancy and child-birth. I was tramatized by both at 24 with a loving husband- i can’t even imagine how grusome it would have been for a 17 year old. That is child abuse. Who is surprised an abused child- killed the child of the abusers- Caylee was doomed but not by Casey- by Cindy and george.


    2. If Casey is in fact a sociopath her pregnancy would have made HER the center of attention. It would make family life ALL about her. In her mind she was the star. An abortion would have ended all that attention. Just a thought.


  11. I totally agree with all of you.The way Lee and Casey have always acted towards each other is very odd and creepy like Flowers in the attic,sort of does ring that there may have been some incest there.They act more like they are boyfriend and girlfriend than brother and sister.Like him being hurt about the baby shower and not included.It was just all too creepy.Most men wouldn’t want to be there.

    I don’t believe for one minute they didn’t know about her pregnancy such liars.I saw the wedding photos it was quite obvious she was pregnant and I believe several family members asked Cindy about it,but of course she’s totally delusional when it comes to Casey,And has to keep The Anthony family name untarnished.

    The CMA’s in the memorial another thing that sounded like to his first love not his sister.I don’t think her ever cried a tear for Caylee just Casey.

    All just sick! I hope the jury gives her the dp to spite all of them.
    Then maybe someone will think of Caylee for once.


  12. I agree with the commenter above who “saw the little boy”. I saw the little boy too. It may be that Caylee overshadowed both Casey and Caylee and now both Casey and Lee hate Cindy for her “over the top” reaction to having new life in the little house on Hopespring. What about them? They were lost in the shuffle for sure! It is pretty sick that Cindy was so insistent about what was what. She didn’t allow anyone a say in the Caylee situation. Cindy acted as if SHE ran the entire show and no one was allowed to have their own thoughts! I don’t know if there was incest or not (I lean toward yes) but I blame Cindy most for her rigid demanding controlling enabling ways.


  13. Dr. Glass….you can read both these documents at http://www.docstop.com..The DNA specialist doesn’t say that he is not the father..she states that his MARKERS eliminate him as a donor. The markers state the same same for George according to the report. THIS REPORT WAS published almost 2 years ago. Lee made a deal with Bozo and so did Cindy..the whole family lies..I would take George in truth, to be the only one that had a true heart for Caylee. He lies too!


  14. This comment may be a little out of place but something has always bugged me. Way back in the day when Caylee was “missing” and all the news crews were parked outside the Anthony home , watching their every move, trips paid by “new organizations” etc. …. THE BABY was MISSING and … Their Yorkies were ALWAYS perfectly groomed … looking fresh from the groomer ALL that time, in so much footage. UM .. I can barely keep up with my dogs grooming in good times … but these DOGS were always camera ready. PERFECTLY groomed. So were George and Cindy with their Fabby tans …. UM …. Baby missing … but “omg we need to get the dogs to the groomer” …. Sick and wierd .


  15. Fake tears? Did you have your glasses on or is your television or computer screen clean? I clearly saw real tears running down Lee’s face. He was angry and upset and he did cry real tears without having to poke or scratch his eye or squeeze it so hard a little eyeball juice ran out.

    Why would anyone want to make fun of him for having feelings? Even if you consider him an overly-sensitive man, why deride him for feeling crappy that his family seems to exclude him from things that they feel are “family matters.” How sad, how sexist, and how 18th century ‘real men don’t cry’.

    Lee gets a lot of flak because he is “just not right”, but think of how many people with disabilities go out and fake it every day and manage to work, have families, and get along in the world the best they can despite them. Lee didn’t kill Caylee, and at least one of the Anthony’s can feel some real regret that maybe if he had done more this wouldn’t have happened and Caylee would still be alive. Or maybe now he wishes he would have set aside his pride at being snubbed and spent more time with his niece when he had the chance.

    Lee is not stupid by any means. Yet people look at him and how he dresses and acts and come to the conclusion he is kinda dumb. What do you want to bet that his family treated him the same way? That they couldn’t really quite trust Lee in their inner circle of deviance because Lee might just tell, or Lee just wasn’t quite smart enough to handle it. Lee seemed to be trying to prove himself worthy to his own family over and over.

    I hope Lee & Mallory get far away from jojo & cici and live a happy life.


      1. Real tears ran down his cheeks at one point. He didn’t have to squeeze out eyeball juice on one side, or scratch or poke his eyes, either. Now how, pray tell, does Lee have the ability to cry real tears on cue? Thought we’ve heard time and time again that almost nobody can do that.


  16. I think it stems from the older brother, baby sister syndrome..The older brother resents the baby sister..I think Cindy kept it a secret because she didn’t want to hear nasty things from Lee..Casey could do no wrong in her parents eyes…that’s obvious..I think he was probably pointing out through the years how messed up Casey was…and how they let her rule them…and now he can’t really deal with the whole thing…the lies…the horror…that his sister killed her child..and perhaps that is why he broke down on the stand over such a simple question…The anger an older brother can hold for his baby sister can be very intense..


  17. Dr Glass, thank you for your insight! I agree with you except on one thing – I was watching the trial on a big screen TV and saw liquid tears from Lee when he was talking about the pregnancy. I triple-checked it because I was shocked by it; rarely does anyone in that family really cry. So I was wondering, is it possible that Lee is upset about that memory because of the attention KC received? Lee seems like he would be easily jealous about not being the center of attention…just like his sister. I’m really simplifying it, but wanted to get your input. Thank you!


    1. I saw them too, and he could very well be angry and hurt by what he felt was a family snub coupled with the fact he knows his niece is dead and he wasn’t a very involved uncle and has no chance to make up for that now.


  18. Yesterday sealed the deal for me. The entire Family Foursome take care of each other.Their testimonies made me believe that there is no way all of them didn’t know exactly what each other was doing at any given time, always and not just since Caylee’s birth. How did poor little Caylee even manage to find a fit into their tight structure? Their lives are all so interwoven and overlapping and yet also competitive with each one trying to steal whatever spotlight from the other that they can. There was little (or no) bostering up of each other, but only grabbing their own time in front of the camera. I kept thinking that IF Lee was estranged from the family during the pregnancy it was (to his thinking) because Casey was once again center of attention and he was angry at not being the favorite. A very unlikeable family who has not just suddently turned into liars and thieves. There must be tons of stories about their behavior long before Caylee entered their family.


  19. Dr. Glass, you have outdone yourself! I have thought what you just hypothesized for a long time- sounds outrageous- but life is often stranger than fiction. I appreciate your courage to say what you think. None of us know- but there is good reason to think this scenero might just be it. I think Caylee was an an incest baby- I think Cindy took her over- and named her as a composite of the two legitimate children (to make her “delusionally-legitmate”)- used her againsts Casey- essentially forced her to kill her (I consiter Casey an abused child)- then tried to rescue her. But the only think Cindy really cared about was keeping George (wh is why she sacrificed Casey to him- and probably Caylee)Casey is a victim and Cindy and george should go to jail.


  20. 1. The FBI confirmed that George is NOT Caylee’s father.

    2. Lee was about to throw himself and/or his father, George, under the bus yesterday but backed out at the last minute and left the defense team high and dry. Notice Baez completely thrown off stride when Lee did not lie for him and Casey on the stand after probably making a deal with Baez that he would.

    3. Lee started to cry during the sidebar and continued to cry as he said a firm “No” to Baez’s continued inquiries as to what he was “angry” about when Caylee was born.

    4. Jeff Ashton showed in re-direct that Lee had been having meetings with Jose Baez prior to his testimony yesterday which would explain why his memory was suddenly so clear as he remembered these events. Can anyone say rehearsed?

    5. Jeff Ashton’s cross also revealed that although Lee might have rolled his eyes at his parents being OTT in the way they spoiled Casey and Caylee, he doesn’t have the trauma about it he claimed to have yesterday. It was not that big of a deal for him. His tears were not about that. His tears were about not being able to go through with abomination of supporting Jose Baez’s sick opening statement in which Casey and her defense team threw her family under the bus.

    2-5 are JMO.


    1. I think you nailed it. Really. Those were real tears and so were Casey’s. She realized her brother could not do it, and she actually felt something — either for herself or him or both. Wow.

      – forthechildren


  21. What sort of a enviroment did Lee and Casey grow up in? When Cindy is asked a question it is like listening to Casey talking to the detectives in the rooms at universal. She just rambles. The bit with the chloromform was bizarre, she said that the dogs were eating the bamboo and it was making them groggy. A hello your daughter was home with your dogs during the day mucking around making chloroform maby they were inhaling the fumes. Lee is a very troubled young man.


  22. Cindy is still making a futile try for Casey’s love, deluding herself that Casey could love anyone.
    Lee is still making a futile try for Cindy’s love.
    Caylee has been thrown under the bus by everyone except George.


  23. Casey needs to put a onion in her tissue. Maybe then she could squeeze out a real tear. Who goes and poke theie eyes everytime they think a tear is coming. Let it fall naturally. Gosh.


  24. I can’t believe that some here are still talking about either Lee or George being the father of Caylee. It has been proven…over two years ago by FBI testing…that neither is the father of Caylee.

    So tiresome that this is still being agonized over.

    The family may have secrets; they may have even thought someone in the family was the father, but it’s neither George or Lee.

    Although, they are emotionally so enmeshed with each other that it’s a sick family.3 Narcissists and one psychopath!


  25. Dr. Glass, Did you see anything different this morning with Casey? Do you think a plea deal is in the works? I can’t believe that she would go along with that as I think she loves this drama and being the center of attention.


  26. A lot of folks here are picking up on an improper sexual vibe in that family. While there may be some truth to this, it is also possible that it came from Casey herself. Young girls have been known to be improperly flirtatious towards their fathers, and even their brothers, when trying to learn how to relate to the opposite sex. This usually comes and goes in a flash of embarrassment, maybe this behavior lasted a bit longer in Casey’s case…ok maybe a lot longer, in her case.


  27. Lee was the only one that Casey could confide in as many brother and sister’s do who are close in relationship. Cindy, the control freak, was always in a rage when confronted with anything she didn’t want to hear. Casey couldn’t go to her mother and talk. I’ve always looked at Lee as the one who had to take a back seat in that family. Casey got all the attention, everything was about her. He has been on TV very few times but it appeared to me he is the only one in that family with any common sense. He left the home soon after Caylee came home from the hospital and besides Cindy he is the only who has held down a job until recently. Casey never finished paying him for the car. She should have had it taken off of her and once again her parents left her get away with it. I like Lee and I feel for him. He was totally ignored by his parents and that is sad. As for Cindy, I have always said Caylee was just a novelty to her. She is gone now and Cindy has thrown her in the trash just like her daughter did.


  28. They are all crazy IMO.I definately believe Lee is the forgotten child.Squeaky wheel gets the oil and they had to have oil drums with all of Casey’s constant crisises.

    I think you’re all right when Baez kept asking him why over and over like you all said Lee was supposed to say,because I thought the baby would be mine.

    I think they all need to be prosecuted for lying under oath and Cindy for that and obstruction and tampering with evidence.Right now we are in dangerous teritory the court has shown this family that they are above the law and they can lie and scheme and get away with anything and everything,because they are the grieving family,but not grieving for Caylee.

    Even the HLN hosts like NG who are tough as nails on everyone else basically say they know they are lying,but they are a grieving family,it is so upsetting.

    Does anyone know what happened today? Was Jose playing more dirty tricks?


  29. This family is more than dysfunctional.. One thing that makes NO sense and needs to be called out is Cindy ever believing casey was working and a full time job at that I was recently fired from my job and I live at home. I tried to cover it up bc I was ashamed of it and didn’t want my mom to freak out bc I have no job insurance etc.. I was able to hide it for about a week but my mom is not dumb . She would come home knowing I was supposed to be at work and called me out about it.. I don’t care what anyone says but a mother knows her childs whereabouts to an extent.. Esp one that lives with them.So the fact that Cindy says she went home a lot when she when work records reflect something else is bullshit! She had to have caught caylee and Casey at that house at times casey was supposed to be at work and there are only a few times you could use excuses as to why you are never at work.. Gas as high as it was and is Casey was not out for 8 hrs a day driving around. She had to have used George and cindys money all the time bc again no job no income no baby daddy no child support. her friends were in school and had jobs so she couldn’t be there all day.. cindy is a total nut ball! Also why hasn’t Cindy and caseys tumultuous relationship come out like the fight they had which prompted “unfit” Casey to leave.. It’s just too sad that innocent sweet little caylee was born into that family.. Lee breaking down was weird he is hiding something deep.. I just feel like we will never get answers and that caylee will never be at a true peace but I hope the jury and judge put it to her. I don’t think she will get death but I think really any baby killer should hopefully life without parole in solitary with pictures of caylees bones all over her cell.


  30. They know George isn’t the father because Lee isn’t. Since Lee’s not the father, they know that Caylee wasn’t the product of incest either by George or Lee.


  31. Yesterday, Jose Baez asks Cindy “How often did Caylee go swimming?” She answers “Caylee went swimming about three or four times a week.”

    If Caylee “went swimming” that regularly, she wouldn’t have drowned.

    I would argue that having a pool and an almost three year old child who has not been taught to swim is in itself an act of neglect. Putting a flotation device on the child is instead harmful to her and does not encourage the child to learn the simple skill of finding the edge of the pool by herself. It ain’t that big of a pool and the edge is always near.

    Very young children are easily taught to swim, often before they can walk.


  32. Every member of this very dysfunctional family should be very ashamed of their behavior….they are all covering up the murder of a sweet innocent baby…and they will all have to live with their lies and deception. They are all as guilty as the murderer…they are lying for the murderer. Makes them as guilty.


  33. I’ve followed the case for a long time, and at first I thought she was guilty. Now, I’m not sure. Ever since the sex abuse claim was announced, I have some empathy since I was sexually abused as a child and an adult. If they don’t explore the sexual abuse, then I will have to believe that it’s just another lie. But there are some characteristics I see in Casey’s behavior and mine. No, I didn’t kill my child and go out partying for a month, but the lies, promiscuity and dissociating are familiar. The one thing I keep asking myself though, is how can Casey let her child be around her alleged abuser? If the man that sexually abused me was part of my family or family’s life, I would NEVER let my child around them, for fear that they would sexually abuse my kid. That, I don’tt get.

    I have to respectfully disagree with you, Dr. Glass. Both Lee’s and Casey’s tears were real today. Maybe you were sitting far away, but the shots on brother and sister showed liquid years sliding down their face.


  34. Lee and Mother ought to get Academy Awards for their acting job. It’s ridiculous. But it is all planned. When they met with the defense team 6 weeks ago they knew then that the family would be blamed because of “secrets” and family dysfunction, so I believe then and there that Cindy and George got with Lee and they went to Jose Baez and said, “what can you do for us so that we can do for you”…..and at that very time they all struck up a plan to pretend they were going along with the prosecution but then would railroad them which is exactly what they have done.

    As Susan Moss said on Nancy Grace, “Cindy takes the stand to lie, so her daughter doesn’t have to fry”……

    It’s interesting to have seen Casey when the skull of her daughter was shown. The jury was NOT in the room when they first showed it. Casey was sitting there looking attentively at the screen, just staring at it. When the jury was brough in and it was shown to them, Casey them went into her fake tear act. It’s all done for the purpose of the jury.

    To me, this entire family is in reality very emotionLESS. It isn’t natural how they react. The sniffling, the wiping the face, the cheeks, the eyes when there is no water coming from those tear ducts, do they think we are fooled by this BS?

    The only time Casey is emotional is when she’s whining about her food in jail, when she doesn’t like her clothes they pick for her (remember she can’t wear her slutty whorish tank tops and thong underpanties showing in Court)…..she is constantly playing with her hair, fixing her blouse, pulling on her clothes, looking in the computer screen to see her makeup, it’s all about her. When you see her cry it’s because SHE’S the victim or it’s how she’s being protrayed, she doesn’t cry over her murdered daughter.
    It’s all about the benefit of the cameras, she has to appear distraught for the jury, or appear that she’s being serious when something is going on with the evidence. When the spotlight isn’t on her she appears completely normal but when the jury comes in she changes her demeanor. Same with her Mother and brother.

    When people felt sorry for Cindy on the stand the first day I never bought her act. Because I remember the combative argumentative rude agressive Cindy in previous court proceedings. Covering for her daughter and changing the story about the smell in the car, changing it to garbage and pizza boxes, I knew then that they were going to lie for her. As far as Lee, I thought he might have some redeeming qualities, his speech at the memorial where he chanted CMA was disturbing, they don’t act like brother and sister, they act like scorned lovers. SICK!!!!!


  35. I just witnessed one of Anonymous’s comments disappear. I don’t know why however as it sounded rational and made clear comments/remarks – nothing contrary. I am disappointed.


  36. I don’t buy Lee’s “lost boy” theory. Not in the least. That family is aggressive to each other in every sense. I have seen Lee on the phone with Casey from jail. He took charge. He was methotical and detailed. There is no way Lee didn’t know everything going on in that family. He knew everything. He covers for them all, he’s protective. He rescues when he can, he enables like his parents too. He’s probably the ringleader along with Cindy. George is the one that’s kitty-whipped. George is the one that went behind Cindy’s back to the police station and said, “my wife doesn’t know I am here”, and then proceeded to tell them about the dead body smell in the trunk.

    Lee was the one I thought would see the light. But NO! He’s as big a liar as the rest of them. It’s appalling to see s a family that got thrown under the bus by the monster daughter and her monster defense team but who would still come to the pyscho’s rescue to save her life. What about Caylee’s life??????????????

    Lee knew what happened to Caylee. He mentioned at the memorial that her secret would never be mentioned and that it was safe with him. I guess he has no moral legal obligation, huh? Lee is not one to be tied to Cindy’s apron strings trust me. He’s way too arrogant, he’s way too smug, too sanctimoneous, way too pompous and way too proud. He doesn’t need mama’s love or attention.

    This family is full of secrets, toxic to the core and full of lies and deception who doesn’t give a crap what you or I think in the least. It’s only THEIR opinion that matters. Poor Caylee, how she has been forgotten, minimized and tossed aside, like she’s trash.


  37. My comments have jumped around as well, and showed up with sooo many type-o’s that I know I did not make.To Deb,I trust that you have someone to talk with, regarding you own personal hell that which you refere to.Perhaps a clergy,pastor, if not, I’ll hold a good thought for you to seek one out.OK, the reason I wanted to chime in, I think Lee was crying for Caylee, while talking about Casey’s shower, being left out, all that crap. He probably got caught playing doctor with his sis at a very young age, Cindy did not want to admitt that her precious Casey had lost her…well you know, to a boy, so she blamed Lee, hence, excluding him, that little bit of info he gave on the stand gave credit to Baez open statement..at least doubt..Reasonable,I sure hope not.Lee was shaking his head nO.. no.., as he was saying he wished he had been there more often, I thought that meant , no, he didnt want to be there, and why would he? none of my 4 brothers dropped what they were doing when my kids were born, my sisters did.There is so much to comment it, all of us could write a book of some sort, but it will be Cindy, giving her notes over, to a ghost writter, shameful, Caylee’s blood money… Spread the word, Do not buy her book, nor any of the Anthonys, if you want to get a book, wait for the jurors…It will be nice to get out of this , I only pray that Casey does not.


  38. Ok now my comment to ‘standingintruth’ have been deleted. As one to ‘KimS’
    At least l think they have. I don’t see them. Just makes sense since Anon has been deleted too.
    I’ll wait to see if this one is deleted too. if so, l’ll just stop dropping by.


  39. Dr. Glass-
    I’m home with a newborn that feeds every three hours while my schoolage children are still in school. My tv is turned on to the casey anthony trial alot. I just can’t wrap my head around such evil. Your body language analysis is fascinating.


  40. Wow! I really liked this blog and recommended it to all of my friends…until this post! Dr. Glass, you really need to check your facts before posting…it has been proven, through DNA tests that neither George or Lee is the father of Caylee!

    I’d like to know why so many in the media are making excuses for Cindy/Lee lying?! They did it to LE, FBI, etc. Granted, no one knows how they’d react in their situation, but believe me, I would never lie for a suspected murderer. Especially if they killed my granddaughter/niece! They are doing an injustice to the memory of Caylee and it show me that they really don’t care about her…just about saving Casey. (If she is acquitted, they need to sleep w an eye open, b/c IMO, she was planning on killing George and Cindy too!)


  41. Penny,

    Bravo for your comments on pantywaste Lee Anthony; a cupcake eating, skillet-licking mamma’s boy. And what a DORK.

    When Jose Bozo asked Lee “Were you angry about anything else?,” I was thinking Yeah, he’s still damn mad that George and Sindy thought Crazee was pregnant with HIS baby because THAT’S WHAT CRAZEE TOLD SINDY; another one of her award-winning lies. What better EXCUSE for being pregnant – Lee made her do it. (sorry for the shouting.)

    Not being included in the baby shower and birth preparations was either total B.S. or Lee is truly a little girl. Sindy was angry with him for impregnating Crazee and was punishing him for his sin. But to admit this truth on the stand or in a deposition, even Lee realized the over-the-top weirdness of it and chose to “not recall it.”

    I know this is an ugly comment but the Scamthony’s are by far the UGLIEST people I’ve heard of – ever! I won’t even call them “a family” because that would be taking the name of the institution of marriage and family in vain. I realize most families have some degree of “dysfunction,” however this ones’ cannot be measured it’s so far off the bell shaped curve.

    If Crazee would LIE about 31 daze, she’d LIE to Sindy about the baby’s father and Lee was a handy “victim.”


  42. Not too sound superior at all, and I realize some are new to the case, and, I for one, have forgotten much about what I first learned three years ago in this case, but BOTH George and Lee HAVE BEEN CLEARED OF BEING the sperm donor of Caylee!

    Can’t we ever ,move on from this? The FBI lab cleared both of them. Because the talk was incessant at the start of the case that one of them could have been Caylee;s bio dad. Testing by FBI took place early in the case and it was settled that neither was Caylee’s dad..

    Please, go check on Google…and let us go from there. Both have been declared as non-fathers of Caylee.

    In all lilkelyhoood, Casey had a one-night stand with.a visitor to Universal in Orlando where Casey worked for Kodak as a ride’s photographer…or a perhaps a serviceman on leave. Any scenario is possible with this girl. She was promiscuous. She glommed onto Jesse Grund, finally, as a scapegoat, but Jesse’s dad was suspicious because dates didn’t quite match up to Caylee’s birth. As I recall she met Hesse a moth later than the nine months needed. That’s why the family said Caylee was a preemie. to make Casey with Jesse fit.
    Only thing is: Caylee was born at 6ibs. 7 oz. Quite healthy for a preemie.

    Casey told Kiomaroie that Caylee’s dad was a one-night stand with a guy who worked at Universal.

    But then, she is a great big fat liar. The FBI don’t have a dog in this fight. So I believe their testing that neither George of Lee is the father. Casey would accuse both, if she thought she could get away with it.


  43. I am in NO way disagreeing with your body language analysis. I believe you are dead-on. However a baby’s weight is not the only issue of pre-maturity. My daughter was a preemie and weighed 6lbs 11oz– she looked like godzilla of the NICU– she was however preterm (by 5.5. weeks) and thus deemed a “preemie” by the medical community (of which Cindy is a part of and her standards may follow suit).


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