Cindy Anthony Continues to Lie and Plays Cat And Mouse With Linda Drane Burdick

After watching Cindy speak lie after lie and Casey attempt to mirror Cindy’s emotional state, I am convinced more than ever that Casey is devoid of empathy and real emotion. She is devoid of her own emotion unless it pertains to herself. She has mirror other’  emotions but rarely succeeds in the true emotional delivery.  Above we see Cindy upset. Casey mimics the upset and wipes a non tear from  the side of her eye.

Cindy did her fair share of fake crying and wiping away non tears as did Casey. Here we see Casey mimicking Cindy’s crying behavior. In my view Cindy put on a show for the jurors. Look for Cindy wipes a non tear from her non wet eye.  Casey does the same.

In this photo we see Cindy telling the jury that she had no idea that Casey was 7 months pregnant. This is very hard to believe for a registered nurse who kept an eagle eye out for Casey. While she doesn;t show a signal of deception, she does show a signal of anger that this topic was raised.Look how her lower jaw juts forth in anger.

Here is Cindy after she told one of her many lies. Look at her lip purse. This often occurs when someone does not want to reveal something like the truth, If you recall, George does this  gesture a lot a well.

Here is more lying from Cindy when she is looking down. Here we see her manufacturing one of her many lies.

Here we see Cindy’s tight mouth as her head is jutting forward. This indicates that she is angry and is being  belligerent when evading the question that Linda Drane Burdick asked her.


Linda Drane Burdick asked a simple question  as to whether Caylee’s  shorts were in the house. Above  we see Cindy giving way too much information about Caylee’s height and growth.  She says there was a  lot of clothing that was not at the home everyday. Her convoluted statement is usually consistent with  a signal of deception.

She continues with deception as she tells a story about how Caylee has clothes hanging in the closet and how the shorts werent her favorite  outfit . When someone circumvents like that it means they have lied.

All Cindy had to say was Yes or No as it pertained to the shorts.

Watching Cindy show so many signals of deception is very distressing. I wish Linda Drane Burdick could yell out” Look Cindy I know you are lying so just tell the truth or you will be in jail.” I hope that Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton hold Cindy accountable for their lying on the stand. I can even help them pick out the exact instances where these  lies took place.

Cindy had obstructed justice all along as she  gave the wrong hairbrush and told lie after lie to LE. It is about time that she face the music and spend time in jail f.or contempt. Anyone else who lied would have to serve time. Why should she be any different?

The excuse that she suffered enough is a poor one as she made everyone else suffer. She is indirectly responsible for Caylee’s death  in my view. She knew Casey was a mess and she pushed her over the edge by kicking her out and allowing her to take Caylee. And where was she for 31 days? Why didnt’t she call LE and have them locate the pings when Casey called to find out where Casey and  Caylee were. Why did she not report a missing child after 31 days?

Cindy was a sympathetic figure the first time she cried and broke down but now she is not. I imagine that the jury sees right through her. They know she is protecting Casey. They also see the rel Cindy energy who is hostile and full of  irrelevant stories that show deception. I was very  much willing Cindy the benefit  jail. of the doubt initially. But after seeing her lie and lie and evade questions and go off on convoluted tangents, I hope she goes to jail.

And for those of you  who say, ” she is torn and she is after all a parent, I say So What? What about Caylee. She has taken to lying for Casey and essentially tossing Caylee and her memory away like a piece of garbage or trash.


83 thoughts on “Cindy Anthony Continues to Lie and Plays Cat And Mouse With Linda Drane Burdick

  1. I am getting tired of their crying…..Casey didn’t shed a tear for 31 days, so I don’t really care to see it now. As for Cindy…..she is so transparent, she can’t possibly think people are that stupid, not so see right through her. When she goes off on a long strange trip, instead of just saying Yes or NO, it sends up red flags that she’s LYING again and again and again. I just want to see how this ends.

    1. About Cindy going off on her long, strange trips rather than answering with a simple “yes” or “no”….can’t the prosecutor require her to answer with just a yes or no, and nothing else. I’ve wondered why they allow her to just keep talking. On the other hand, it does show a lot about her.

    2. I agree. People are on to her fake crying. Cindy didn’t worry for 31 days wondering why Caylee never was around. Comeon, that’s a long time away.

  2. Thank you Dr. Glass for confirming what I felt as I watched. I know where Casey gets her lying behavior and it is Cindy. What else can be expected except what she has learned at her mother’s knee.

  3. Maybe she didn’t have the police locate her pings because the police would have told her to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine because KC was, and get this-22 years old!

    You never once mentioned CA’s pretty earrings. I thought they were special. Kinda a cool ’70s look for the warm Fla. sunshine.

    Lee, on the other hand, cried today I read. Does that mean he gets a “get out of jail free” card?

    It’s not like driving your Porsche on Park Ave. for those people, I’m sure.

    But, just you wait. There will be wailing once more. There are more witnesses to come.

  4. I am convienced this new defense-anthony connection- is DEAL to not disclose paternity of Caylee-

    Is there any chance the court could have ruled not to disclose paternity? Could that have been kept quiet?????

    1. deb…NEITHER LEE NOR GEORGE IS CAYLEE’S FATHER!!! This has been known for months!!!!!!! They took paternity tests ages ago!!!! Keep up!!!

    1. Deb,

      Doesn’t take a body language expert to know if anyone named Anthony is lying. If it comes out of their mouth, it is a lie ot half-truth, which is still a lie. “Or maybe it’s a lie – could you repeat the question?” I’m sure I said it was a lie in my deposition (on the day that I think I left work early). Yes, it’s a lie. I remember now. My memory is getting better and I also recall that is the same day I saw the pool ladder up which is jogging my memory….. Can I take a break? I have to do a computer search on “lie” or maybe even 84 of them……………I hope youtube doesn’t pop up again…………….”

  5. Every time the lies come out of their mouths, it’s like tossing Caylee back out into the woods!!!! 😦
    Disgusting family!!! You better watch out Anthony’s the Karma bus WILL get you!!!

  6. I have so much trouble wrapping my head around 31 days and no reporting. Nothing was normal about any of that. To quote Aldous Huxley: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

    I was watching the Casey cam and at one point she got angry about something and seemed panicky. I was wondering if anyone who was watching it saw that too? I’ve been curious what upset her so much.

  7. I am beginning to think all this was a plan with the Anthony’s and the defense….They would do and say anything to save her,PERIOD….So many lies from so many people here…..this trial has turned in to a disgrace and its discusting..I do believe, and I have said this before,the Anthonys would sell there soul to the devil himself to save Casey..All there lies are a proven fact of that……Casey has been taught to lie like a rug and thats how I see it…The Anthonys justify what Casey has done in there own minds because they believe it was an accident…Thats why they still lie for her …..Easier to believe that then she killed her to get her out of the way ….IMO..Caylee was drugged and didnt wake up…That was Caseys baby sitter….

  8. Imagine a huge balloon banner in the reads..”DEAR QUEEN LILLIAN, THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU”…you could not of said this better..I can see the three of them last week in Baez’s office making an agreement to help prove the drowning event and Baez will for go the molestation. So many media reporters say that the jury haven’t seen anything..but I heard them interview everyone of the jurors and I think only two had little knowledge of this case..everyone else knew plenty! I think Cindy makes Casey look more guilty than she did by acting this way…and then short thing, I wish i could jump into the courtroom..24 months with elastic back fits a child up until they are three easy…I know these shorts..I have 5 grandchildren and, one which is almost three now. Cindy had stretch shorts in the drawer, well they get tight at the waist before the ones with the elastic waist in cotton. Who knows what Casey had in her car and what Cindy had saved and put away in the garage. I found it odd that she said she didn’t like that outfit..well those shorts were sold as a separate piece, not as an outfit..and it is a great set of shorts because they go with such a multiple of colored major lie here again..Yes, Cindy did throw little Caylee out like trash she should of protected her, loved her, and after 48 hours max she should of been looking for her. She was the mother figure Caylee had, and she failed her and she must live with this..Caylee will never forgive her for not speaking out for her and being her voice. May you rest in peace you sweet little Angel!

  9. Dr. Glass I agree with You on All Counts!

    What really disturbs me, the Defense is making a big Drama out of the Dysfunction of the Anthony Family, so what?
    There are lots of dysfunctional families in this World, that is no Excuse whatsoever for Casey Anthony to murder her Child!
    Yes I do believe Casey A. is responsible for Caylee’s Death and the Prosecution seems to be the Ones who stand up for the Victim Caylee and are fighting for her, it definitely is not the Anthony’s, they are too obsessed trying to get their Daughter off.
    Be careful what You wish for, that’s all I have to say.
    Do they really want to face Casey Day after Day knowing what I believe they do know, that Casey is responsible for taking their beloved Granddaughter away by killing her?
    Every time they would look at Casey they will be reminded of what she did, that will never change.
    I wouldn’t be able to trust her any more, Daughter or not! JMO

    We are still waiting for Justice for Caylee Marie Anthony! We haven’t forgotten
    who the real Victim is like so many others! JMO

    1. Well said Hilde and Dr. Glass! Your thoughts are mine exactly….The Anthony’s are one big dysfunctional family and they will get what they deserve, even if that means being saddled with Casey for the rest of their lives. Good luck with all that!

  10. P.S. Baez was just to frickin nice to Cindy today..that’s what told me she lied..besides I see the lips now and jaw..the scratches..the overstatements,etc.

  11. Ms.E.Poet 😉 I noticed a couple times she became angry…. later in the afternoon, she got p155ed because Linda (procecuter) leaned over their table, talking to her boy ( as she called him in jail -letters.) Maybe you caught it when Linda walked away…or when she got p!55ed when the judge would not let 2 people in, as they were trying to change their defense, he also reminded them of her charges and what the had said they would persent as their defense..Last, but not least, when the jury was excused for the day, Jose p!55ed off Mr.Ashton, in turn, Mr Ashton yelled, “Bring it on”. She got gitty, smiling, grinning, then the judge ask when they would rap it up, going in to some instruction as to what he would give the jury regarding death penelty.WOW, her huge grin left.I thought if she hadnt got out when she did, they would end up carrying her out.
    Also, someone said they would probably sell their soul to the devil”.. those are the exact words that George used in her ( I think) grand jury hearing.)
    I hope the jury finds justice for Caylee. PS. Folks, please tell ALL not to buy Cindys book, and there will be one, just wait for one of the jurors, if you want to read book , NOT a ghost writter for ANY of the Anthonys.

    1. Oh yeah I saw that! The look on her face said it all and I can just imagine what her thoughts were at the moment. I saw a green eyed monster rear it’s head yet again. Baez better hope she doesn’t go all Glenn Close on him! It’s not really surprising she is like that – look at her pictures and who she chooses to spend her time.

      It seems the more you find out the more questions arise. Those 31 days are very telling I think. It’s probably the reason why the defense doesn’t want anyone to know about them. Or at least that is my take on it.

      Tomorrow should be very interesting.

    2. Don’t worry. I would never buy a book by any of these lamentable characters. The only story I’m interested in is Caylee’s. And she can’t write about how she had to sleep in the beds of men she hardly knew and how she found herself waking up in the trunk of the car on too many occasions and how her mom took her to a night club when it was way past her bedtime. This is why this story is so compelling. It is how an innocent little girl suffered and we are all half crazed that we couldn’t help her. Peace to you, baby.

  12. Cindy claimed previously on the stand that she did searches on the internet because she was concerned about her dog’s lethargy and it’s eating bamboo leaves or some such blather. How is it that she is willing to do countless alleged searches over concern for a dog but doesn’t look into the whereabouts of her daughter and grandchild for 31 days! Really Cindy?! You want people to believe that you had grave concern as to the whereabouts of your Daughter and Grandchild but you didn’t move for 31 days. Your daughter likewise wants people to believe that she was searching for her daughter via means of hard body contests and having pictures tonguing Taco Bell with other young women. All of this says that the Anthony family absolutely take us all, the jury, the State’s attorney, the Judge, as a bunch of gullible, dumb as sh*t idiots willing to swallow the bull crap hook line and sinker. They believe that they are smarter than the rest of the world and we are all pathetic idiots. This is the true signs of amoral pathological sociopaths that the Anthony family appear to be. They have no social or moral conscience, no ethical boundaries. Actually it seems that they never have had a good sense of anyone’s personal boundaries and how to behave like the rest of society. They are the atypical incestuous loner family who support each other through enabling their bad behaviors and few ever really get to see the true nature because they hide who and what they are from the world. They are sick and sad! I hope everyone realizes just how insulting it is for them to sit there and lie to the public at large with ease because they deem themselves smarter than us all! Supporting them is futile and feeds their egocentric nature. They do not care that they have spent thousands of tax dollars, receive state help because mr. and mrs. A aren’t working and living on your and my tax dollars. Their daughter has cost the State of Florida thousands in investigation costs leading them on wild goose chases and they now are willing to join in the game and cost us more. We are their pawns, they feel superior and we are supposed to feel sorry for them! I’m highly offended by the whole thing and hope that in the end it fails and for once someone will hold them all accountable. The Anthony family don’t care about any of us they actually despise us all.

    “A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but has no respect for himself. He would make a dupe of himself too, if he could.” – William Hazlitt

    1. Wow, well said! I think that’s why people are getting so emotional about this trial and why they were so emotional outside of the A. home when Caylee was missing. The pompous arrogance is and has been infuriating. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it until you wrote the above – they think we’re idiots. To me – Cindy is the Red Queen from Alice in Wondetland.

    2. That’s right what you said. And out of nowhere Cindy decided to go home and look up stuff on the computer. Get real. I thought she was so busy with Caylee on her mind. Big fat liar. She dresses ugly. It’s like a female impersonator picking out clothes to wear. Very tacky.

  13. Cindy has made a deal with the devil, and I sure George has also. I have never seen such a ball-less man in my life. Grow a pair George! Take control of this effing mess!!

    There is CHLOROFORM in the trunk, Casey is sunk…..

    1. I agree. It is obvious this family doesn’t care if Caylee gets justice but the rest of the world does. I’m praying the jury does the right thing and gives Caylee the justice she needs and deserves. God willing…

    2. Yes, send Light, Prayers, Reiki, whatever we utilize to help others. Pray for Judge Perry – that he might have discernment and wisdom. Pray for the Prosecutors that they might have patience and organization And pray for the Jurors that they may have open-mindedness, order and truth. I truly believe prayer, in whatever form we practice, is something we can all contribute to this very charged occurrence and have an influence. Not to get what we want, but to offer support and Light to the sad, ugly, emotionally wrenching situation.

  14. Dr. Glass, can’t wait to see what you have to say about Lee.
    This family is heartless. I heard a voicemail today Spindy left for Tim Miller, a man who wanted to help find her Granddaughter. She threatened Tim and told him, “DO NOT WAGE WAR AGAINST THE ANTHONY FAMILY” . We found out today, they stick together. I read something today about what Lee said (and didn’t say) in court today and it made so much sense, it made me really sad. He stated “I don’t want to have to be here, I don’t want my parents to have to be here, I don’t want my sister to have to be here” But he never once said “I wish CAYLEE was here”
    She is TRULY in a BETTER PLACE

  15. My wonderful 80 yr old Grandma is visiting from Ireland. As I gave her the initial info on the trial; we watched together when Cindy was testifying today. My very wise Grandma gave an astounding remark as Cindy was walking back to her seat. She shook her head slowly and said ” huh, she has just drank poison hoping someone else will die”. How profound is that! Sums up this entire family and what they have done and continue to do everytime they speak.

  16. I am so angry at this f___d up family! They are orchestrating a scheme to get Casey off. She and George has sat through the whole trial and knows the whole Prosecution’s strategy and has been writing on her notepad the lie that will dispute their theory. Casey knew all along that her family, especially her mother, was going to come to her rescue. Casey and Cindy played that love-hate dysfunctional relationship they have early on because she wanted to make Casey suffer for a little bit. Baez and Mason knew they were going to come around because when they stopped pouting George, Lee and Cindy went running straight to Baez to let him know they were now ready to help him. There is NO way someone who would accuse me of molesting someone wrongly, I would then turn around and befriend them. Baez patted Lee on the back because Baez was beside himself with joy that he came around. I sure hope this jury saw that and knew it was planned. How could Lee even let him touch him, with him making that accusation. Why, because Baez told them from the beginning what his defence was and orchestrated how he wanted them to handle it. Act like you’re on the Prosecution’s side, let them put all their cards on the table and then we will attack them. That’s why they withheld the sharing of information, because all along they meant to knock the wind out of the Prosecution. Baez knew he couldn’t win, the Prosecution played fair by putting on their case in a strategic way and studied for 3 years, but Baez is lazy, conniving and will stoop to any level to win and was not going to play fair. Well, today it is storming fiercely in Orlando, and I believe it is little Caylee’s tears saying “why has my family forsaken me and is protecting the life of the person who took mine away?” I pray for justice for Caylee and I hope that they all are brought down by the Prosecution and Casey never sees the light of day again. I pray that the Prosecution still has a few Aces left in their deck. The truth has to prevail because a lie cannot stand!

    1. Well put, Brandy. You hit the nail right on the head! The Anthonys make me sick. After watching Cindy and Lee testify for the first time, I thought that they had finally stopped lying for Casey and were ready to tell the truth and seek justice for poor Caylee. I was wrong. Those people are incapable of telling the truth. They disgust me.

  17. Different Lee today I must say…Remember when Padilla bailed Casey out of jail….They were giving a high 5 in the garage, smiling away..That stayed in my mind…They weren’t crying then….

  18. Dr Glass and other viewers: please discuss Lee Anthonys body language and crying. He seemed so tense- as though he were going to stop breathing at any moment. Also he kept scratching his face. The other poignant things I noticed was Baez kept patting him on the back after he exited the stand, Cindy and Georges body language while Le was standing with them- it seemed uncomfortable- Cindy was completely turned away from him, and Casey crying and watching her brother exit the courtroom. I’d love yours and others feedback on this. Huge fan!

  19. Did anyone else find it interesting when Lee said he had a meeting with Jose this week?
    That he called him ,but would not meet with prosecuters.I found it interesting how he was calling him Jose like they’re all chummy.Their testimony to me showed how they are all a bunch of liars and can’t be trusted.They’re definately in cahoots with Baez and company.

    Hos boohooig and crying about not being invited to the baby shower made me ill,most baby showers are just for women.

    Cindy lost any support I once threw her when she hit the stand the 2nd time and i saw the old Cindy was back.

    Did you all also get how Lee said he was more emotional because now he knows Caylee is dead,but didn’t at the memorial eventhough they had discovered her remains.

    I sure hope the jury sees through this smoke and mirrors.

    1. All of a sudden Jose and Lee are pals. Did you see Jose pat Fake Lee on the back. Wow. What happen to all the remarks Jose said about him. Are they forgiven now.

  20. Dr. Glass,

    I so agree with all your comments today. This entire family seem to be a bunch of sick actors, though bad actors at that. I couldn’t believe Lee all whiny and crying on the stand today. I mean what 20 something guy cries today about something that happened in 2005 when he found out he was being left out of loop with a pregnant sister. As far as I’m concerned Cindy, Lee, and Casey have all thrown Caylee into the garbage dump.. It’s still to be seen what George will do. I fear he will lay on the sword for Casey before this is all over. I pray we can get justice for little Caylee in spite of this family of liars and phony’s. They will all have a scarlet letter that will follow them where ever they go for the rest of their lives as far as I am concerned.

  21. So since, as he states, Lee didn’t know Caylee was dead at the memorial I now know that CAM was directed at Casey!

  22. My sentiments exactly Dr, Glass! We think exactly alike! Although I had hoped that she would change, I knew that her first trip to the witness stand was a big act. Actor Anthony Geary once said in an interview, “You must know how to lie in order to be an actor” This pegs all the Anthony’s to a T! If Cindy had done the right thing to begin with, none of this would have happened! I recall she told her co-workers that she and George could not afford to adopt Caylee, What the hey? They were already supporting both Casey, and Caylee! Then after the fact, they did NOTHING but support Casey in her lies, Any decent parent would stand beside their child, but no lie for them when they murder someone!

  23. I have never witnessed people as screwed up as this family.

    You have Cindy who needs to appear as the perfect Mother, perfect Grandmother, perfect wife with the Perfect children. She even said in her deposition she never disciplined her children, no spankings, not even grounding them because they were such good kids she didn’t need to. Does anyone that has raised a child ever had such a perfect child they never needed discipline? Then she was so proud that Caylee poured her own cereal for breakfast. Cindy, 2 year old babies should have parents fixing them breakfast, that is not something to brag about.

    Then you have Casey, I don’t even know where to start or where to end on Casey.

    Then you have Lee, so hurt because he wasn’t involved with the nursery or baby shower. Then you have him and Casey crying together. What was that all about? It makes you understand why law enforcement had them to do a paternity test. Which btw what did any of that have to do with Caylee or her murder?

    Then you have George who has to be the biggest weenie in the world. It’s almost like his wife and his kids boss him around. Maybe that’s why he’s so weird when away from them?

    I am so sick of the fake tear wiping, eye poking, lie after lie. I think every one of them should be locked up.

  24. Thank you so much Dr. Glass for all your observations. Didn’t take long for the real Sindy to come through. Ready to fight and carry on the same way she did towards Mr. Morgan.

    All this lying and scheming to save a murdering daughter, who can care less about any of them.

  25. One more thing. As Judge Judy would say:

    “How do you know when one of the Scamthony’s are lying? Their lips are moving”.

    They truly are such a disgusting, vile bunch. Let there be justice for Caylee, and then throw the rest of them into jail, where they belong.

  26. I don’t think that Caylee’s death was an accidental drowning, it may have been an accident, but only in the sense that Casey over chloroformed her….but then, I think she made a very bad decision, not because she freaked out but because she realized that calling the authorities would really screw up her summer. She had plans to party with her friends at that Club Fusion with her new DJ boyfriend. She was living it up being his little “hostess” and playing house with him.

  27. I have to hope that ALL the Anthony’s get real jail time here. Lee on the stand crying WTF was he crying about! Not going to a baby shower, not going to the hospital to see Caycee being born (George being there and watching the birth really creeps me out still) Casey crying with him!! I would be so embarrassed to be a neighbor of the Anthony’s let alone to be a relative. I would love to know what Cindy’s brother tghinkss about all this.
    Thanks Dr. Glass – l’m really getting interested in body language skills because of you. Now l turn down the volume and make notes. Then l compare later when the reruns are on. Dr.Glass you are da bomb!

  28. Boo Hoo, I cry for you,
    Boo Who , u cryin’ for me too.
    Back then, I could-a been da baby-daddy,
    Back then,mom so mad, she slap me silly.
    No baby shower for you Son,
    Its ok sweetheart, I’ll love your little bun.
    Fast foward, look where we’re at today,
    Now Jo-Jo, you do remember what to say?
    Our box is back in place,the 4 corners of our CMA.
    It’ll be over soon,and I’ll pick ya up on my broom,
    The pools still up,we’ll all raise our glass,
    America can kiss our ass,
    That little girl did make us laugh.
    And now that you and Jose are together,
    we need to go get insurance on his life.
    3 months later:
    Hey, does anyone have Tonys number?
    I got my house today.
    Whats that..where is everybody?
    Oh, they went for a ride with Zanny.

  29. It seems that Cindy had a moment of truth moment when she broke down on the stand earlier, but without strong psychological help, she almost can’t help but to revert to the dysfunctional norm, and unfortunately, that is what seems to be happening here.

    How sad for many reasons; a sure nail in Casey’s coffin, justice for Caylee, and a shot at truly connecting with her husband.

    Just imagine if Cindy could have remained in that truth mode (might have genuinely saved her from, or at least mitigated, the severity of perjury charges)

  30. Did anyone else notice how Lee said he was HURT…but BAEZ comes back with the ANGRY and from there the word Angry never just was reenforced and reenforced more and more. I cannot wait for this to be over..The History Channel can do a new view on the MOST SCREWED UP FAMILY IN THE USA!

  31. I love the idea of protesting Cindy’s book. Perhaps a Facebook page about it or something. This awful family shouldn’t be able to capitalize in any way, shape or form from Caylee’s murder any more than they already have!

    Justice for Caylee!

  32. Fake tears. Cindy should have a very rashy face the way she keeps wiping her eyes to death. Boy, it’s hard for them to produce a tear. And Casey Anthony should just tell the truth. She must be guilty after sitting 3 years in jail and not pleading her innocence. Why would anybody do that. If I was innocent of the crime I would tell the cops. Instead of leading them on a wild goose chase. She’s guilty alright. And Cindy Anthony took over the parenting of Caylee. She is so overbearing. I hate Casey but she had to put with Cindy Anthony trying to run the show on how to raise Caylee. Who would want to deal with that. It’s like having a backseat driver.

  33. I really believe the defense should have gone for a diminshed capacity defense, or whatever they call one where they assert that the suspect is whacko in certain rspects, not insane, just not mentally all there at the time of the murder.

    Casey appears to me to be emotionally backward. Not fully formed. I once knew a 25 year old woman who read Tiger Beat and stuck up pictured of teen idols all over her bedroom..She had never deceloped mentally beyond 13 or 14 years of age. Casey wrote Mrs. Casey Lazzaro in her notebook for all the world like an adolescent.. She planned seemingly 10 minutes at a time. I do not think she understand, yet, that her “guys” may not get her off.

    At least this kind of a defense would make some sense. Who sits in jail for three years, missing all the sex, and fun, and shopping over an accident for which you are not even guilty? Because you are guilty and it was not an accident.

  34. This may have been addressed on here already, but Cindy lied, I mean stated, that she called George at work to ask about the pool ladder being up. I thought the defense stated that he and Casey were home all day alone. Anyone have any insight on this??

  35. Dear Dr. Glass
    i thought i was the only person who was seeing these things in cindy. i have no sympathy for her as a grandmother. i agree she contributed to caylee’s death. i love when she testified that casey bought most of the baby’s clothes. WITH WHAT? Amy Heizinga’s checks???? i didn’t think she was a bombshell for the defense. i think she insulted the intelligence of the jurors, who i am sure know a liar when they see one. she could not have truly loved that baby or she would want caylee’s murderer to face the music. i searched my own soul and if one of my sons took the life of his child,i would tell the truth and then pray God would spare him the death penalty. cindy was a bad mother to casey. casey’s friends testified that cindy told them to stay away from her because she was a sociopath! she bailed casey out over and over and created this mess we see today. this DANGEROUS mess we see. i noted that cindy testified early for the prosecution and said she remembered specificaly that she put the ladder away after taking caylee swimming that night. remember???? the jurors will too.

  36. Heather, I wish I shared your confidence about the jury’s ability to see through this rue on the Anthony’s and defense’s part. Sadly, I do not. Justice is never guaranteed with a jury. Guilty people walk free all the time based on a jury’s or judge’s verdict.

    I pray that at some point the procecution takes the attention back to that precious little angel, Caylee, and how her life was taken from her by the very people that should have protected it at all cost.

    I wish the state of Flordia would ask the jury in their closing arguments to ask themselves just how many more days, weeks, months, (beyond the 31days) Caylee Marie Anthony would have been “missing” had Cindy Anothony had not confronted Casey at Tony’s apartment?!? What would they have done if the trunk hadn’t “smelled like a dead body”?!? What if Casey hadn’t told her lie about Zanny the Nanny??
    The sad truth is that the law probably would not get involed, unless Cindy insisted that she suspected something had happend to Caylee.

    In this country, very few state give grandparents any rights. And they have to spend a small fortune on legal fees to get them in the few states that recongize them at all.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, there’s juror #4 who everyone is concerned about. She only takes notes when the defense is presenting evidence, never taking notes when the prosecution speaks, I had a bad feeling about her when they were selecting this jury. She will probably be the reason that this trial is a hung jury.
      About the Anthony’s. I remember all the pre-trial hearings, the depositions, etc. Cindy Anthony was argumentative, she was combative, she was arrogrant, she was defiant, I remember how I knew then that no one was going to blame her daughter for any of this and by damn it she was going to see to it that people would pay, look at her threats to Tim Miller? I think Cindy is as much a narcissits sociopath as her daughter. The lies are the same, Casey learned them from her mother.
      The grandstanding they are doing in Court is pathetic. Not one member of that family has shed real tears, it’s all wiping the eyes, the face, the cheeks, with no tears. The smirks that Cindy gives is annoying.
      All the legal pundits mention how Cindy is taking notes in the back of the courtroom and probably is making a journal, NOOOOOO, Cindy is writing a book, that’s way too obvious, I pray NO ONE puts money in that lying family’s pocket for that BS that she is going to spout. People need to wise up to this game-playing. Here we have an innocent 2 year old who was murdered but yet her entire family is covering up to get the monster mother out of prison. Where’s the accountiblity anymore? Where’s the shame? Tsk Tsk.

      1. One other thing, this trial has become a joke, a travesty to the justice system. Since when can a family bamboozle and fool the Court, the attorneys, the sepctators, the law enforcement people, the TV pundits, the nation who is watching”? They have made a mockery out of everything the prosecution has presented.
        Seeing Cindy Anthony smirk when she said SHE was the one that did the researches on the computer and when she was asked how that could be since her time card said she was at work, Cindy didn’t miss a heartbeat, well, that was probably wrong she said. That’s why her daughter can lie so fast at the drop of a hat, they can think up these lies faster than I have ever seen and they don’t even bat an eye. That is someone with NO CONSCIENCE, they don’t care, they don’t take responsibility, they don’t care what you or I think, they have no shame, it’s all about ME ME ME ME ME….sad sad sad. Seriously, what has happened to our society that’s it’s acceptable to lie, even in Court when you’ve taken an oath?

  37. Cindy needs her mouth washed out with Chloroform for lying so much! Not only did she make a deal, Cindy has been in bed with the devil.

  38. Did anyone else notice when Cindy took the stand how much she actually mothered Caylee? She would cycle the child’s clothes in & out of her drawers, Cindy & George paid for Caylee & Casey’s entire upkeep, Cindy would carefully get Caylee in and out of the pool, do the majority of the laundry, etc. If I was Cindy & George, I would be embarrassed to have been played for such a fool by my daughter all these years and I sure wouldn’t be on the stand perjuring myself for Casey in any way. Add Dr. Rodriguez to the list of lives destroyed from this debacle…but think about it…other than Caylee, all the lives that have been destroyed has been the person’s own fault. i.e. Dr. Rodriguez lying on the stand indicating that he was co-founder of the Body Farm, etc. not getting permission from DoD to testify.

  39. Cindy Anthony is not a reliable witness. She should of not been called for the defense. It was obvious that she was lying. Her brother crying about not knowing about his sister’s pregnancy was too much. I have two older brothers and they don’t want to know about my sexual activity or if I could be an unmarried pregnant teenager, let alone cry about it later. The Anthony women ruled that home. Creeps! Cindy Anthony needs to show some dignity. Even her clothing in court is a mockery.

  40. It has just been aannounced that the prosecution has added TWO new witnesses for their rebuttal- both of which are high level members of Cindy Anthony’s former emplyer- Gentiva Healthcare. I am so glad the Prosecution is pursuing this so thoroughly- Cindy perjured herself, and I do hope that after all is said and done, she will be prosecuted, along with anyone else who has lied and obstructed justice. Cindy may very well lose her RN license if she has perjured herself. As an RN, she is in a position of public trust, and State Boards of Nursing can sanction her if complaints are filed if she has indeed perjured herself and obstructed justice.

  41. Why is Cindy allowed to sit and compose her lying thoughts on paper? Is she a member of the press? When everyone is not allowed to talk, sleep, she writes down everything to mold around her and Lee’s lies on the stand. You can tell just by her body language, facial expressions and her exhaling very forcefully. Is there a book in this case being composed?

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