Non Smiling Casey Ignored By Lawyers Upon Entering Court As They Face Serious Legal Issue

Casey walked into the courtroom without looking at anyone. She was not smiling and you coud feel the tension in the air as she walked in.

She tried to look in Jose Baez’ direction but his face looked so tired and tense, she knew not to go there. Even her once maternal attorney Simms kept her distance from Casey as you can see. Perhaps Casey no longer needs Simms motherly love now that her own mamma has lied to protect her.

Moments later it was evident as to why there was so much tension. With a shaking and angry voice Jeff Ashton objected  to receiving information that that a new witness  who was to be called by Jose Baez,  Dr. Furton, who is to refute Dr. Vaas’ testimony.

Evidently, here was a legal issue which occurred, so Judge Perry called a recess until 70  hours later.  

Casey will probably sleep very well this weekend as she feels content that mommy fell on the sword to protect her. She feels that Lee (with his phony tears) did the same.

 Now she is absolutely  sure daddy will seal the deal and say he molested  her as a child.  She is sure he will say  that Caylee opened the glass door and escaped from the house, got into the pool and drowned and how “hero” Casey found her and screamed. He may even  say how he ran out of the house and tried to do CPR to no avail, so  he put  Caylee’s lifeless body into a trash bag and  placed the body in the trunk and  how he and Casey drove round for hours in the hot Florida sun crying and thinking what to do(hence the smell of the dead body) . He will say that it was his idea to concoct the Zanny the Nanny story because if  they told the truth Cindy would get mad and scream at them  for not watching Caylee more closely and that he would have to deal with Cindy’s wrath the rest of his life.

So to avoid Cindy’s wrath, he decided they place Caylee’s bagged body  into the woods, put duct tape over her mouth with a sticker as loving  goodbye burial  ritual  and leave Caylee  to be with nature in the elements near his home. No doubt he will cry some phony tears and say how the reason he put Caylee so close to their home on Suburban Drive was to feel the comfort that Caylee was close by. He may even say that he told Casey to stay away for 31 days and to forget about what happened  to Caylee and have a good time with her friends  and to also get a tattoo in order to get her mind off of things  for a while.

Even though  the above  seems like a sick and  far fetched scenario , George may very well say something like  this because he may feel he has nothing to live for anyway. After all, he already tried to commit suicide once. By shouldering the blame for Casey, he may be committing suicide a second time. In fact at one time bounty hunter Leonard Padilla stated that he believed George would lie down on the sword for Casey and do everything to protect her.This might be his golden opportunity.

Maybe the Bible he was carrying the other day was designed to bolster his strength to tell this lie. If he does admit to this, he may very well be arrested for obstructing justice and for molesting Casey when she was younger as there is no statute of limitations for this.

In fact, George  may want to be locked up rather than face the unpleasant  media attention, the public hatred and scrutiny, or face the thought of living the rest of his life with Cindy.


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  1. Dr. Glass love ur blog… its so sad to see that poor Caylee is long forgotten and all they care about is getting KC off… one day they will face Caylee and our Lord and explain themselves…

    1. I’m not so sure George didn’t do it himself… why is no one concerned that they never questioned who the father was… did they just assume? Maybe he was trying to get rid of “evidence” maybe… My God I hope no one on here is ever implemented in a media twisted crime… less the pack turn their attack on you as well. I”m not buying that Casey did this on her own, by herself, no direction, no one else had knowledge, etc She is a very young woman, as a woman who used to be very young, I can say, young women don’ t think with mature minds given a mental illness on top of that, i can’t tell you where her mind is at. George and Cindy are very manipulative, secerative and lead lives of lies, Just as they raised their children to do.

      1. George and Lee have both been tested and ARE NOT the father of Caylee. I disagree with her being too young to do this by herself. She’s always covered her tracks whether it was not graduating or hiding a body. She’s more than capable at 22 of doing this deed alone. However, she wasn’t good enough at covering her lies to escape this time. George is a former homicide detective, he would have known better than to keep the tape, or just throw the body in the woods. He would have made sure that body was gone for good, along with the tape. The clumsiness of this crime is what convinces me that she acted entirely alone. You can also see in the video’s just how hard George was trying to get her to tell them what she did to Caylee. He also wrote her letters begging. When she was released from jail they had a huge fight and he was heard screaming at her to tell the truth about Caylee, and for that Cindy kicked him out. I would believe that Cindy had a hand in this before I ever believed George did. However, I do think he just might throw himself on the sword to save this brat from her own actions.

      2. Unfortunately for your argument, Heather Lynn, Casey is not legally insane. Whether or not she is mentally ill is immaterial. The definition of ‘legally sane’ is knowing the difference between right & wrong.

        31 days of lies to family & 6 months of recorded lies to family AND law enforcement show she knew she had done something wrong and was trying to hide it. Legally sane.

      3. I live in FL and years ago, the local news reported that the FBI (?) tested both George and Lee for paternity. Genetic markers excluded these two men, which means they cannot be Caylee’s father. I am surprised that a few posters continue to argue/speculate that one of these men could be the father. This is no longer an issue!

        Casey claimed that the real father died in a car accident, but many of us who follow her case believe that she does not know the father’s identity. Before incarceration, Casey was promiscuous and had many sex partners. Additionally, she passed out at my drinking parties. Any male could have impregnated her and she would not have known any better.

      4. I read interviews with police and basically Cindy got mad at George Played detective with Casey and said she had a right to
        privacy.. SHe said in interview with fbi she didnt’ want to pry into it and let Casey tell her in her own time.. THATS IT

      5. and also Heather, she DOES NOT have a mental illness. She is a narcissist and a sociopath, which are personality disorders. She is a young woman who was catered to and had her behavior condoned for her entire life. She is the poster child for what happens when you don’t teach your children about responsibility and consequence. But look at her examples. Her Mother PROVED part of Baezs opening statement, she grew up in a house where lying was paramount, it was excepted and expected. She did ALL of this on her own and now her family is going down with her

      6. Heather,
        DNA was performed on both Lee and George. I think everyone has questioned her on who the father is and no one knows…U want to guess why no one knows…. Its because she liked to get around. George didnt commit this crime if you read all the evidence There are even letters where Cindy and Georges ex lawyers are telling her she is blind to the truth. That they are more worried about saving casey instead of finding justice for Caylee!!!

      7. I absolutely believe George is being bullied into taking the fall for this. It was heartbreaking to watch Cindy revert back to her old self of covering and lying for Casey again. I had begun to feel sorry for her as a grieving grandmother but after last week I know in my heart that she is no better than Casey. I believe in unconditional love but I feel that Cindy as well as a lot of people who agree with her have the wrong idea of what it is. Lying and enabling Casey is only encouraging Casey to lie further. Unconditional love would allow you to love the child but not the act. It would be standing by that child and letting them know you love them as THEY take responsibility for their actions. By lying on the stand Cindy has lost all credibility to me as I am sure she has with the jury. It would have been better if she had told the truth and then plead for mercy for her daughter at the sentencing phase of the trial

      8. They did tests and it was in testimony that the father of Caylee could not be a family member. I think that Casey has had so many sexual partners that she doesn’t actually know who the father is and so she made up a story to cover up that fact. There is speculation that all the times that she was supposed to be working (and wasn’t partying with friends) was because she was doing sex acts for money. She had money from her “fake job” and it had to come from somewhere and it was only after Caylee died that she stole from a friend. Maybe she felt that since Caylee was dead that she didn’t have to sell herself to bring in money, plus she had a boyfriend who she was really into at the moment. Who knows, she will never be totally honest and we can only guess at her motives which are mostly just do what I want and take what I want and skate by because my family will lie and cover up anything I do… sure Mom screams and yells and threatens but I hate her anyway and eventually she will do what I want.

  2. If George does something like that I will throw all of my tvs and electronic devices away. George to me seemed to truly love caylee and I hope he doesn’t throw her under the bus for his monster of a daughter.. I also think Casey caused a lot of turmoil btw her parents she said in one of the jailhouse tapes I want it to be dad bc blah blah and bc we are just getting to a good place repairing our relationship. I think George had been fed up w Casey long befor caylee happened and he probably wanted Cindy to kick her out teach her some discipline or something but Cindy would never have it . I hope you are wrong dr glass and that george sticks up for caylee and he tells the truth unlike his disgusting wife and lee

  3. Dr. Glass,

    Sadly, I think you may be correct in one or more of your scenarios about George. He will concoct something that is “over the top” as Jeff Ashton so eloquently said. We have already seen this with the other family members. That is the problem with our justice system. We need to prosecute those who perjur themselves, regardless of their emotional stake in the case. Being a family member of a convicted person does not give them the right to do “whatever” to attempt to free the accused. I pray the state can prove (for example) that Cindy was at work when she supposedly searched the internet and then put her behind bars as well. That would make the chronic liars of the world sit up and take notice!!!

    P.S. I have done searches for “choloroform” (correct spelling which you’d expect from a nurse) on 4 different search engines and not once was I redirected to “How to make chloroform” – just a thought………..

    1. Yes!!! I have heard the excuse that “Grieving Grandma, is okay for lying” Stand by your child, doesn’t mean outright lie through your teeth for them! This sets a terrible example for our society. I said all along that the media and people saying this were not accepting the fact that some parents lie for their children despite knowing or witnessing the truth. I have known far too many of them in my life time, and this is not a legitimate excuse! Sorry Nancy Grace, but I thought you were out for truth and righteousness, If you raise you kids that “Mama” will do anything to get you out of trouble, then your twins may not turn out to respect the laws or you when they are grown,

      1. I was listening to a voice mail that Cindy left one of the detectives. She was claiming one of the pictures showed in the background it could be Zanny’s apartment. More craziness.
        But early on the cops had her figured out, because she also said, “I know you think I’m not helping you.” Then she went on to say since you don’t want to talk to me, call my son or even my husband.

        Watching videos and reading statements, it sounds like when George was away from his wife he was trying to help law enforcement and was being honest.

        I don’t understand how he could be so scared of Cindy.

        I don’t always believe Leonard Padilla, however Tracy said it as well, when George went in and started screaming at Casey to tell him where Caylee was and Cindy came in and Cindy and Casey both told him to leave the house and he just obeys like a whipped dog. So it wouldn’t surprise me when Cindy orders him to fall on the sword, he’ll do it.

    2. one4truth I agree i did the same thing. i also searched for chlorophyll and nothing ever popped up that asked if i meant chloroform. I am so tired of Cindy’s lies to cover for her daughter. And i find it so funny that people like her and Casey can sit there and lie to you and think that you aren’t smart enough to know it is a lie. One thing we can look forward to is that I have heard the state has an IT guy from Cindy’s employment on the list for rebuttal. But you know I find it down right deplorably that Cindy and Lee have no shame what so ever when they are proven to be lying.

      1. What concerns me is that jurors can’t test the family’s deplorable stories like you and I do when doing something as simple as searching the net. Seems ridiculous that they can’t prove/disprove evidence through logical means other than the discussions they have. I remember all too well hearing “Not Guilty” in the O.J. case and how stumped I was. What most of us logically see may not extend to every person on this jury…………….hoping JA and LB do a “slam dunk” in their rebuttal!!!

  4. Dr Glass,

    Thanks for this blog. I do believe like you, that George is going to throw himself under the bus as he has nothing to lose. If in fact he was Caylee daddy, end of story case closed. He didn’t want the truth to come then but gues what, it’s going to come out now. That’s going to be the “Columbo” moment in this case.

    1. Yep, George has been under the Spindy spell for too long, he may very well do an about face also. I believe Michelle is correct in saying that George being a former policeman/investigator would have known how to cover his tracks better. Let’s hope he’s been in court enough to know better than to change his story too.

      1. I think George has absolutely no clue what happened to “Caylee” and I don’t think he will perjure himself to take the fall for Casey, if he is meserable in his marriage ie: mistress what a better way is there to get out of this mixed up family then to tell everyone Lee and Cindy are lying. And Casey told OCSO the last time she saw Caylee was June 9th she supposedly drowned on June 16th does everyone know June 16th 2008 it rained 1.5 inches?

    2. Minnie are you serious? Do you really think for one minute that Cindy would have made Casey keep a baby that was conceived by incest? Do you think that she would have been hysterical when she thought someone had kidnapped her? To me that was the only moment during this whole mess that she was completely honest.

      1. Exactly, Susan; you’re dead-on with your comment!

        Also, Minnie, if you’ve been following this case even sporadically during the last 3 years (or, heck, even just read the series of posts not too far above yours!), then you’d be aware of the fact that not only have Lee & George always CATEGORICALLY DENIED ever sexually abusing Casey, but that DNA samples for BOTH of them were submitted for Paternity Testing… And BOTH WERE NEGATIVE as to Paternity of Caylee! Geez, 3 years now, and people are still debating this nonsense?!? O_o

  5. Dr. Glass I like what you wrote, but hope it is not true. I want someone to stand up for this precious child. I don’t want to believe that a whole family cost the taxpayers of Florida millions. Maybe they all should be put in jail for dreaming up this web of lies and deceit.
    I truly believe Baez put Cindy and Lee on the stand after he set this up over this past week. I think this should be illegal to mess with witnesses and help them change their story. There is the obstruction in Jose Baez.

    1. I have felt from the very begging that Casey had help … #1 she was strong enough to carry that dead body back into the woods #1 not smart enough to cover all the details #3 not smart enough to wipe down the outside of the car so that only one fingerprint showed up on the entire car by the time it got to the forensics bay #4 drive around with a rotting child in the back of your car..that takes some nerves of steel …the smell alone should have pushed her over the edge..
      This entire family is a family of liars. she had help with everything and only God knows if we will ever know the truth..i mean the real truth, not something the ScamAnthony’s made up.

      1. I disagree, only someone as screwed up as Casey would drive around in a car with a dead body in the trunk.
        If you look at where the body was she didn’t have to carry the dead body far. If she could carry Caylee, she could carry her dead body, it’s not going to weigh like 50 lbs more.
        As for her car, we know who was busy destroying evidence in the car, Cindy. Make no doubt about it though Cindy was busy cleaning up the car. I think Cindy knew then Casey had been involved in something. She might not have wrapped her head around Caylee was dead, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she did either.
        Although, if my car stunk, I’m going to drive through a car wash and I’m going to vacuum out my trunk.

      2. Yes she had help covering evidence and that help came from Cindy. She is the one who removed evidence and washed it. She is the one who tried to cover the odor in the car. She is the one who I would bet my life on vacuumed or whatever the trunk to remove maggots. She is the one like Casey to change her story and lie. Yes she had help but it was not George.
        I ask you if George did all you think he did do you really think he would have testified at the Grand Jury hearing before her indictment? That broke him.

      3. Caylee weighed 30 pounds at most. I’m pretty sure she could carry 30 pounds of dead weight. I am about the same size as Casey and I could do it.

  6. I think Casey learned to lie from her mother and father…and Cindy and George and Lee are now making up lies to get Casey off….and I think Casey saying “Wow” when she saw her mom lying her her, was the turning point…George, Cindy and Lee have all decided to lie the save her….No matter what happens…even if they succeed and Casey is set free..I will always believe she is a cold blooded murderer and her family are all now accomplices. Poor Caylee…there will be no justice for her…and I hope that family has to think of what they all did to that poor baby every day of the rest of their lives.

  7. I’ve not kept up with the trial daily, but I’m confused about something. If the defense theory is correct – and the baby drowned in the pool – what explanation are they giving for no one notifying the police, or for the 31 days, or for the baby being found in the woods? Have they explained that or am I missing something here? Because even if the baby did drown, what possible explanation could be given for them to hide her body? Do they think that just claiming she drowned, that Casey will be exonorated? Because shouldn’t she have to answer for her behavior after the fact somehow? Or is the theory that by putting doubt in the juror’s minds will be enough to get her off for murder – and then the case goes away?

    I have a feeling this may have been accidental anyway – but not via the pool. I wonder if Casey had plans to go out one night – didn’t have anyone to watch Caylee – so she used the chloroform to knock Caylee out and put tape over her mouth to keep her from crying – while she went out and partied – and came home and found the baby dead. When she realized what happened – she put Caylee’s body in the car and didn’t want to deal with the reality – so she ignored it until the odor from the body got too strong. Somehow, based on her actions to date, I can see this exact scenario happening. That’s when she dropped the body in the woods and ditched the car and started the chain of iies. Yeah, I guess we may never know the truth – and at the end of the day, when the lawyers go on to their TV careers and the hoopla dies down, a precious baby girl is still dead. She deserved so much more than this.

    1. Sue you have said everything that I’ve wanted to say I just couldn’t put it into words. I totally agree with this scenerio. But unfortunatly only God and Casey know the truth. God’s not speaking and Casey sure the hell isn’t. RIP Sweet little Caylee there are a world of strangers that love you, and want justice for you even though the one’s that were really supposed to doesn’t seem to care.

  8. So if George were to do such a thing and I dont believe for a second that he will, then he is admitting to a sex crime,will be arrested and jailed and become a sex offender go to jail and then have that sex offender title around his neck the rest of his life – all for Casey? I dont think so!

    1. I agree Artgal16…..George might be a liar about some things but in the end I truly believe he will not lie to get his monster daughter off…now as far as Cindy goes…..

  9. Dr Glass, my take on today’s sudden ending is something negative for prosecution, based on what I didn’t see. I hope I’m wrong! 1) I didn’t see Jose’s smirky, head shaking, half-sheepish/half-arrogant expression he usually displays when he is “in trouble”. 2) I didn’t see Ashton’s semi-sarcastic, extremely expressive, self-righteous demeanor after they went back to the table. Also that the judge specified matter not related to defense non-disclosure publically discussed earlier-to me obviously something defense would want noted. I’d love to hear your analysis on the attorneys this morning.

    1. That at least gives me some consolation. I believe Caylee is in heaven as an angel and was taken by God before any more harm can hurt this little angel for future years. This whole family is deceitful and are freaks. Also, I watch the trial on line (CNN insession) and see the whole trial without commercials and talk show hosts talking about their ideas. Before Sat. (Friday) when court was recessed, Judge Perry was scolding Baez about how he was not connecting his opening remarks about the drowning, etc. He said the defense had better start connecting the dots, because the jury deserved to better understand his opening remarks.

  10. I see all of the Anthony’s saying and doing what ever they have to do, to save Casey…..A baby drowns in the pool(according to the defense,no 911 call was made,yet they find the remains of this poor child in garbage bags with duct tape on her mouth,and a heart shaped sticker.. How is that an accident!.And not to mention all the things that were found with Caylee were things that came from the Anthony’s house..If George Anthony helped dispose the body,him being a detective once,I doubt seriously he would leave that type of evidence at the crime scene to have it traced back to his house……Casey waited 31 days to even mention her child was missing…Only because Cindy found out where she was…All that time Caylee was rotting in the woods she tossed her in…….I dont know how this family can look at Casey though the same eyes with all she has done and said,because I myself couldn’t…

  11. Perhaps that Bible is there to help him focus on the intrepid situation his family appears to be in. What with barracudas, such as the one awaiting to testify against him and his family, out there trying to make enough cash to retire in the Rivera- odds are against him. They have tried to ram this family from every direction possible.

    I, too, would dodge those questions. Especially considering members of the press, one in particular that features an aging misogynist male that is still breast-feeding, are spreading their views everywhere-even the hotels and motels which house Disneyland vacationers.

    And then you have the superhero that found the body. He pisses in the area as if he thinks his urine is powerful enough to ward off the most venomous of cobras. It seems as if they are just horsing around!

    They had already searched the area, they claim, with more dogs than even Cruella Deville had! Geesh! It’s starting to look like a coup!

    One blogger states that CA had a Bible, too. What on earth? And, she is well versed I suspect because she claims the Word states that the Truth will separate families. I guess she’d know since she, two, had been molested by her police officer father. Judas Priest!

    If only CA’s dog hadn’t been sick, none of this would have ever happened.

    But, in a backwards way, I guess dog is god, to.

    1. Thinker bell, the area was submerged at the time of the searches. Even Cadavar dogs cannot search under water. Do you not remember Tim Miller saying there were spots that Texas Equisearch could not go during that time?

  12. CIndy and George never should have been allowed in the courtroom. Cindy has been taking notes and could have formulated her lies from being there and listening to testimony. Could this cause a mistrial? Although Cindy has done on a great job on the stand as being a grieving grandmother, there should be consequences for her lying. The “pity me” act should not shield her from potential charges. Even if Caylee died by accident, the fact still remains that Casey failed to render aid, didn’t call anyone for 31 days and partied like she had no care in the world. That is not someone who loved their child. There should be very strong penalties and charges against all of the members of that family. They involved the entire country and then some with the publicity. Thousands of hours from volunteers to help search for this child showed the emotional connection others made and then you add the tax payers dollars that went towards this trial. This family should be thinking about how to repay society in addition to finding somewhere to live where nobody knows who they are. This is infuriating. I hope that Cindy’s employer realizes she is not to be trusted as a nurse. She has only herself to blame for where they are today. It is such an injustice for those families who have missing children out there. Because of this family, crucial hours will be wasted as law enforcement will waste time harshly examining family members before moving on. It happens already, but imagine now? The Anthony family may never accept responsibility for the damage they have caused because I believe they are all narcissistic.

    1. Agreed! They should not be allowed inside that courtroom, just because they are her family. NO witness should be allowed inside the courtroom for any reason, while another witness is giving testimony! This opens a huge door for people of their caliber to spin more lies, and change the story, I believe that this is one of the biggest problems now.

  13. OK, lets say it was Cindy on the computer, maybe she saw Casey looking at Rico’s facebook, noticed “win her over with…”, OK, shes been wondering for awile why Carlee seems so tired, if they lie in the same fashion, then she changed it to dogs…maybe, but I doubt it, because of the pop up of the neck-breaking skate boarder.Really? through body language, I think they all lie. Cover up, and co-dependent to one another.Casey watched tons of muder movies, the lastest, with lots of gore, so shes desenitized, she wants to kill Cindy, but Cayllee is an obstruction and just with her mom at the wrong time. She is quite capible of killing a little kid, most of the movies she watches do involve duct-tape, even the one she watched that same night with Tony, its a serial killer that , graps ya, tapes ya up, tortues ya, puts it on the internet, the more hits he gets, the more graphic he gets with his project. I have never watched a bllody movie, but I looked up the ones they rened at block buster, I was shocked, then Tony said they stayed in bed the entire following day… sounds like drugs are been introduced in to the picture by this time.I think George will get clse , just like Lee did, I wasnt invited to be part of Caseys shower / birth ( because folks caught us playing doctor when we were little, …that should be enough doubt, then Dad will come up ihere and do the same thing…then theres Roy, oh, Mom did such a great job… when this is over, they all go off in to the wild blue yonder , we will hear one of these days that George, Cindy and Lee will have last been seen in a car with Zanny, Casey will finally have her house and Baez will be to her what Howard K stern was to Anna Nicole. ….( not proof reading, so excuse mistakes..thx.

  14. Dr G: Casey appeared upset this morning…this delay cant be good news for her or she wouldn’t be upset? something is in-congruent? If she thought Daddy was gonna save her, then why all the tension? Seems like bad news for her?

  15. P.S. WOW, just saw a rerun of Lee saying ..”Wish I could have been there more often..” did anyone else see how Lee was shaking his head NO,NO,NO.”weird.
    What does that tell ‘ya Dr.Glass ? hummm

  16. jody Hurrish, Were you asking me if I am nuts? If so, I would really like to know why,
    Actually, I am not, but again, would like to know why you would ask me that question. Thank you.

  17. I find it interesting that Casey was included in the closed door session with the judge. I can see all the lawyers meeting privately with the judge but don’t understand the inclusion of the defendant. It makes me wonder if they’re discussing some kind of deal with Casey if she pleads not guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid the death penalty.

    Does anyone else find this unusual?

  18. “In fact, George may want to be locked up rather than face the unpleasant media attention, the public hatred and scrutiny, or face the thought of living the rest of his life with Cindy.”

    I think this last statement by Dr. Glass has some truth in it. George if nothing else seems to always be the absent father. He seems reluctant to involve himself with his wife and children. To me he looks like a tired old man who is sick and tired of dealing with the crisis creators and wishes he could hide. I believe that he feels incapable of being in control and things have been spiraling out of control for so long that the thought of suicide is easier to face than dealing with another minute of this crazy making that seem to come from his daughter and wife. He won’t live a long life due to the stress.

  19. Michelle: I agree with you. Casey did this all by herself. She was a sneaky, manipulative spoiled rotten brat who got what she wanted. If she did have help she would throw that person under the bus. She did this herself and it was no accident. Chloroform and duct tape are no accident. It is an intentional act. If either parent did help her, it would be Cindy. The two of them are just alike. I am so disappointed in Cindy Anthony for lying on the stand. Now was her chance to let Casey know there are consequences to her actions and it is time to take responsibility for those actions.

  20. Dr. Glass, the senerio you gave above with George admitting he tried to revive Caylee after she drowned and then concocted the story about Zanny the Nanny does not sound plausable. Casey told her family and friends she had Zanny as a nanny for over 2 years before Caylee went missing.

  21. Dr. Glass,

    Thanks for your opinons. Here are my thoughts. Casey was immature, a psychopath, and obviously a compulsive liar. These behaviors were learned by her dysfunctional family system. I could go into the triagles, roles of each individual etc… but I think I will just give my over all impression.

    Casey shows psychopathic, narcissistic characteristics. She did what made her happy, or what she found pleasure in at the moment despite, the consequences, who it affected, or if she hurt anyone by doing so. She required immediate rewards, attention, sastifcation.

    So – Here is my hypothesis: Casey used methods of medications to put her daughter to sleep, when she had no sitter (ie XANNY the Nanny). This to me is an obvious reference to using XANAX or other methods of chemicals – made, purchased, etc. to put your child to sleep when you have no sitter. She looked up Chloroform. I would assume she actually used this on her child, and accidently killed her doing so. She came home from partying and found her daughter dead, placed her in the back of her car to hide her.

    She placed the duct tape over her mouth due to fluids leaking… leaving Caylee’s body due to death (happens after you die). Hence the stains fluid stains in the car. Drove her and hid her in the woods. She again being a psychopath, did what most would do. She went and had sex (aquiring attention from her boyfriend immediately after), partied for a month, and hid from her parents.

    She knew that eventually her parents would ask about Caylee, but did not think about the consequences only her immediate situation. Until someone asked no consequences … just live in her present situation. Then it was discovered she lied again and made up Xanny the Nanny. She again mislead her family, and police.

    She continues to never take the blame for anything…. even when she makes up the story about the accidental drowning… probably due to hearing the story from another prisioner and mimicing. She blames her father or her brother…of abuse instead of taking any responsibility herself (ie. I wasn’t watching my child close enough) Now, the defense is pushing toward the psychological abuse of her mother… and sexual abuse of her father. Again, no responsiblity… no blame ever on herself. I also hear this was a story that she heard from someone else. She wants… needs.. this to be about her… feel sorry for Casey….. I did nothing wrong… everyone else is at fault rather than myself. It obvious to me she is a perfect example of an individual with a Pyschotic Personality disorder.

    1. Janelle, it’s as though you took the theory straight from my brain and spelled it out perfectly into text; I agree 100%!!!

  22. The thing that gets me is that a large number of criminals (including killers and serial killers) have abuse, sexual abuse and family dysfunction in their pasts, but I have NEVER heard of that being used as an excuse for covering up their crime before! And whether or not Casey did kill Caylee (and I believe she did), she still covered up the crime of not reporting her death (which she would have everyone believe was as a result of her negligence). It seems clear cut to me. LWOP at the very least.
    I hope her father tells the truth. Everytime he has told the gas can story, and the last time he saw Caylee story to police, FBI and depositions, it has rung VERY untrue to me, but I can’t put my finger on why. Also he told the FBI he was taking notes of every LE interview etch that he did so he could keep his “Story” straight. That jumped out at me immediately. Wouldn’t someone telling the truth say keep their “Facts” straight??
    Every time he has discussed those two things, he tells them word for word exactly the same, even his ums ands ahs and little jokes, like he’s reading a script. These two things have bugged me the whole time. What are your thoughts Dr Glass?

  23. Is this an example of the “greatest justice system in the world”, if so, the world is in trouble? According to the Baez, Anthony family theory, every child that ever goes missing should be investigated for a possible drowning. Zanny the Nanny, 31 days, duct tape, garbage bags, dumped in a dump, smell of decomposing human is from McDonald’s to go bag, a dog buried a piece of Caylee’s bone back in anatomically correct position, someone waited until the body completely decomposed returned to the scene, take the skull home and tape the jaw bone to a skull. Only in America a child accidentally drowns and is found 6 months later in a dump, in a black garbage bag with mouth taped. This is the Defense’s mantra: IN AN INFINITE UNIVERSE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. After OJ’s not guilty verdict, anything is possible. Joan Baez would be a better advocate. Baez doesn’t want the Prosecution to divide up closing arguments, well the Prosecution does something Baez doesn’t, use teamwork. Baez is an ego maniac glory seeking imbecile.

  24. When George went to the testify to the Grand Jury his lawyer was Mark Nejamne and that was back in 2008 before the death penalty was put on the table and the body of Caylee found. Since then everything has changed and George is in a real hard spot now as i don’t believe he believes Casey is innocent but he doesn’t want to take the risk of her getting the death penalty. Therefore i think George will admit to molestation if it can get Casey off from the death penalty. Afterall since it has been put out there already so many people way after this trial is over will believe George molested Casey. Should this be what George does and he were to be arrested Casey will not press charges against him. I may be way off but jmo.

    1. He already testified in front of the jury,he did not molest her. He will just be impeaching himself, the jury will have to believe NOTHING he said, and he will be arrested ON THE SPOT. I don’t think he will do that.

  25. I’m appreciating all the comments and thoughts people are willing to share – and the time and effort it entails. I don’t understand what it takes to have one’s posts deleted. Anonymous has been a loyal and worthy contributor since I joined. What’s the issue?

    Certain people just don’t have the facts or reasonable interpretations and I pretty much ignore them. But, Anonymous is on the money usually – and Dr. Glass pretty good, but not always getting the legal points or understanding all the facts and info. Can anyone explain the dynamics here – let’s not be dysfunctional like the Anthony family!!!

  26. Let’s not forget, George lies too and has done a lot of backpeddling just like Cindy has. Remember on Larry king George was asked about the smell in the car and he said, until now he had no idea that food could cause this kind of a smell. No matter what Casey is his daughter and i don’t believe George could take it if he didn’t do everything he could to help Casey and she got the death penalty. I think that would eat away at George too. jmo.

  27. Has anyone thought one of Casey’s motive might have been that Kaylee was getting older and maybe could verbalize to people what her mommy was doing to her, where she was “sleeping”, and she new of no Zanny the Nanny, her and mommy spent the day driving around to different guys apts. and mommy never went to work. With Kaylee turning 3, she could start telling on her mom. I have been pretty optimistic that justice would be done and Casey would be found guilty, but after toaday and yesterday when Cindy and Lee were on the stand and LIED about everything, I cannot believe they could get a way with it, anyone hear of pergury? I’m really worried about Ashton, if I were him I would be steaming by now and handing in my resignation.

  28. Whatever the Anthony’s do to try to save Casey from death, i cannot see juror’s ever buying all the BS Baez is pushing as it doesn’t make any sense and sounds worse to me they Casey zanny the nanny took Caylee story.

    1. No… under your story line, I am sure Casey wrote those checks while being disconnected with real life due to the molestation from her father and so she didn’t really know what she was doing because of being taught to disconnect the bad from the good…

      I am just being sarcastic and don’t buy the theory of Casey’s story per her attorney. I think she murdered Caylee because she was angry at her mother and wanted to be free from having to deal with Caylee and her family, and to have free time with her new boyfriend and the club scene. I do agree that Caylee may have started telling the truth or attempting to tell on her mother and that may have been an added factor but it is obvious with the searches that Casey was thinking of doing harm to someone and drugging Caylee was part of it. I still wonder if she was planning on taking out her mom also but who knows because Casey would never tell the whole truth of the matter. Even if she tells part of it eventually, she will only tell what she wants and lie about the rest.

  29. Dr Glass was around long before alot of us even heard of Casey Anthony and The Anthony’s, and she will be around long after this trial is over…….:)

  30. I bet JP is second guessing himself on allowing the SCAMTHONYS into court. They have once again proven they ARE NOT VICTIMS. This case has one victim, CAYLEE. With their testimony they continue to victimize her. They have also proven a part of BOZOS opening, she grew up in a house of lies…jury sees this, of that I am sure. Sadly, CAYLEE is in a better place. They will never be reunited with her, they are all going to hell.

    1. That at least gives me some consolation. I believe Caylee is in heaven as an angel and was taken by God before any more harm can hurt this little angel for future years. This whole family is deceitful and are freaks.

  31. For the love of a possible god, George and Lee are NOT the father!!! How many times does that have to be repeated! Anybody who has actually followed this case would know that they did a DNA test long time ago…

  32. Baez makes my stomach turn. So pompous and so full of himself in and out of the courtroom. I absolutely loathe how he soaks up all the attention he gets as reporters rush him when he steps out of the courtroom.

  33. I have to add something to this mix…I am a sexual abuse and mental survivor..Im the proud mother of 4 sons now serving thier country..Im also a woman who survived almost 30 years of physical and mental abuse from my husband….In “our” days, divorce wasnt a option, you hung in there…but through all of the abuse I suffered…I never ONCE abused anyone! I get tired of people using that excuse for thier own faults..we all have a mind….and we all have choices, either to use it, or abuse it…Just because you were abused as a child , doesnt mean you should grow up and commit ANY crime….its a cop-out…all I want to see in the case is Justice for Caylee Marie…the heck with the rest of them…Beth

  34. I am a grandmother and as a grandmother I sympathized with Cindy Anthony having to deal with the loss of her precious granddaughter. But since she got on the stand and lied under oath to the court, I have no sympathy for her at all anymore. She was asked in earlier testimony if she had raised her kids to always tell the truth and she said, “I thought I did’ band than “yes I did.” Well how in the world could she honestly say she raised her kids to always speak the truth if she doesn’t even tell the truth herself?…Even if her lies were to try to save her murderous daughter from the death penalty.


  35. Everyone is anxious over what GA might do. Folks need to relax and enjoy the freak show while it lasts. It does not matter what GA does because the jury will not give this family any credibility.

    Even before I read Dr Glass’ analysis of the family’s body language, I knew that “freak family” was lying to protect Casey. Suppose GA admits to molesting Casey and to helping her when the child “drowned”. There is little chance that the jury—who already witnessed deception by three family members— will suspend common sense and believe GA. When jurors perceive that a witness tried to manipulate them, they will make the defendant pay for it. At this point, GA’s testimony is pure entertainment value. Calm down and enjoy the comedy of errors on the defense’s side.

    1. I don’t see how you can think this is enjoyable and entertainment. A poor little girl by the name of Caylee Marie Anthony was killed, tossed like trash for animals to feed on and destroy the evidence. This is a horrible tragedy and I actually grieve for this child and others who didn’t deserve to be treated the way they were during their lives. As a person who survived child abuse, this is a very serious and depressing event to watch but I do so in hopes of justice for Caylee, as well as other innocents who have been murdered or mistreated. Why do I say for others? Because this case may (1) prevent others from following the ways of Casey and (2) may create case law or laws to protect the innocent. I pray that Caylee may in the end have justice on this earth and can be remembered so that others will not perish in a like manner.

  36. My theory is both chloroform and drowning. Maybe she used the cholroform to put her to sleep but Caylee woke up and went out to the pool. Remember the dog sniffed something in the backyard. She panicked and then everything just spiraled out of control. George had nothing to do with this. And what about the neighbor and the shovel?

  37. I am really enjoying the thoughts put into Dr. Glasses FB page and comments. I was also reading about disappearig comments?
    This happens on facebook all the time and it is not unusual at all. Unless a comment has terrible language or false accusations, there would be no reason to remove it right? I am sure there is a reasonable explanation. Or it could be someone just lookin to start an argument or circus on this page…. hmmmm

  38. Bottom line – Casey OD’d her daughter on Chloroform, she put duct tape over her mouth in case she woke up and cried (while in the trunk). She came out of the hot body contest, one of many, who knows how many times Casey used this kind of “babysitter.” She drove around with her in the trunk, while Cailee was decomposing. She was going to bury her in the back yard, but that was too much work and too obvious so she dumped her in the woods.

    This is the “horrible accident.” wake up people – every thing else is a lie. George and Cindy and Lee are now, only trying to save the little bitch from the death penalty. Period.

  39. This delay is not about something the State did…look at the sequence…Casey is upset when she arrives…after the spat with Ashton, Jose is ready to proceed, but MASON stops and asks for a Chambers meeting…Perry drops his head like” are u kidding me?’ at sidebar…They all trundle off without the State, and Casey is called to Chambers. We wait…they come back and have a chat with the State, but no court reporter. Ashton quickly stops and says and points to chambers, waves for the court reporter…like “we aren’t having this chat off the record” When Casey returns from the first meeting she’s even more upset…they all leave and soon call her back to chambers…she returns and is reading a statement of transcript on the laptop… while the lawyers chat…then the judge SEALS the meeting and must stop the trial…cant do another witness, even though everyone is ready…Ashton then goes off to depose the witness…So folks….what stops a trial and is sealed like that? What did she say that had to be repeated to prosecutors that stops the trial and must be sealed? If it was good news she’d be cocky…not so…hmmmmmm…..

    1. I can only hope that she is ready to accept a plea deal and we can all sigh a breathe of relief that this will finally be over and perhaps Caylee will get a little justice.

    2. Thanks, Irishman, this gives me some hope that the trial will end safely. I would hate to see George perjure himself. It’s time for this sick trial to be over.

  40. Anonymous, when has Baez ever been ethical? He steps all over the law whenever he thinks he can sneak it in and sneak one over on the prosecution and in my opinion he will say and do anything to win this case and yes that should get him in to big trouble but who is going to tell on him? If Casey did who would believe her since she is a proven liar and i doubt Baez put his head together with anyone but Casey on what to come up with to get her off. Plus we have no clue as to what George Anthony said to the Grand Jury. That information is sealed. My guess and it is just a guess is he testified to the car smelling like decomposition.

  41. When Judge Perry recessed court until Monday morning because of a legal issue which has arisen, he emphasized it had nothing to do with the testimony of the witness, Dr. Furton, they had just finished discussing. He never specified what the issue was.

  42. Dr. G. Looking at George and seeing how upset he was, Did you notice Cindy? I went back and looked at the video and noticed while George was very upset, Cindy was talking and visiting with a young man. Laughing and carrying on like nothing was going on. WHATS WITH THAT? Do you think Cindy knew what was going on behind closed doors?
    I believe Casey did this all on her own. When they found her car Cindy cleaned it and removed most of evidence, KNOWING FULL WELL Casey had done something. Cindy has covered for Casey all her life, why not know.
    I think when this is over George should move far away for Cindy. jmo

  43. Casey doesn’t have a ‘mental illness’. Sociopathy is not a mental illness. It is a character disorder and it doesn’t cloud you ability to think. I suspect it makes it easier to think and plan what to do to protect herself as she wouldn’t be hampered by grief or guilt.
    George never will stray beyond the path Cindy lays out for him, that is certainly not if they stay together. Can you imagine living with Cindy when you’d crossed about something she is so determined about? Whatever she tells him to d he’ll do.

  44. Andrea,

    Yes, I think many of us have openly speculated that Caylee’s increasing verbal ability would have been a big threat to Casey’s partying and mistreatment of Caylee, herself. I think that, plus Casey’s increasing disdain of having to take care of (and I use those words loosely) a child she did not want, resulted in a planned murder.

  45. I broke down and serched ” chlorifill” as cindy said she did, and chloriforn did not show up as well. Two totally differant things, and her dare saying the indentuare of Caylees head, being that of the gas can, back in the day , when I was young and ran out of gas a time or two, the gas can never left an indenture that of a bowling ball, nor the smell of death. Cindy cleaned and continued to clean that car until the law hauled it off… she needs locked up, but poor grandma, already been through so much, we beast let it slide.. good thing they arent asking us…One quick thing to “Deb”, hellooo… can you say Obama? Good grief.I think you are on the wrong blog.I’m just sayin’

  46. Like nancy grace said if it doesn’t fit you can’t acquit! George testified to seeing caylee at 1 pm leaving the house and Casey is trying to say she drowned in the early morning hrs plus Cindy with the pool ladder is such a lie. I think the way Cindy lies is making Casey look more guilty. I hope the jury is taking major notes and I hope the prosecution subpoenas gentivas work records of Cindy . George Anthony would not have been able to go to work of he found his granddaughter dead

  47. Don’t know if George would go that far, and admit he lied on the stand, Maybe?? But then wouldn’t Casey still be an accessorie to the fact? Wouldn’t Casey be due some time on her own?

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