Tension and Distance Between Casey and Baez As Casey Enters Courtoom

There is severe tension between Casey and her attorney Jose Baez,This photo speaks volumes. Usually Casey has leaned into Baez”s direction whenever she seats herself. Here, she literally gives him the cold shoulder.

Baez ignores her as Casey does her nervous grooming in adjusting her overly large sweater. Casey is feeling tense and a bit angry  as you can tell by her muscle  tension her jaw region right under her ear.

Casey turns away from Jose and purses her lips in frustration. Although she looks over in the direction of Ms. Simms, there is no connection between the two. Also there is a great deal of physical distance between Casey and Baez as you can see.

Casey can’t seem to stand the rejection  and the tension between she and Baez. As a result , she sneaks a peak.  You can see the tension in Casey’s lips and lower jaw which reflects the tension she is feeling towards Baez.

Gone the days of laughter, big smiles,  and coquettishness between the two. Gone are the days of whispers and  secret  nonverbal communication between the two. And finally, gone  are the days  of  Baez believing  his client. 

It seems that everyone with whom Casey has come in  direct contact  has become suffered. This includes Jesse Grund, Tony Lazzaro, ,her friend Amy Huizinga,  her parents and Lee,  her grandparents, and of course Caylee. Now Jose Baez appears to be the latest victim ( a lot of his own doing) with possible fines and sanctions.

Because Casey is a self-described “spiteful bitch” I wonder what she will do to Baez if things do not turn out favorably for her. Will she claim inept counsel or sexual harassment?  Could that be why Jose is now keeping his distance from Casey? www.drlillianglass.com


94 thoughts on “Tension and Distance Between Casey and Baez As Casey Enters Courtoom

    1. Sue I always felt she would make it her mission to destroy Baez next. She knows he will wipe her off his feet when this trial ends and he will. So she has to destroy him. She has a lot of fun it seems – making people miserable. It’s an indoor sport for her.

  1. I believe all of Jose’s antics are on purpose. He is way smarter than we all think. He will purposely cause a mistrial then go on to write his book and go on to do stupid shows. He uses Casey as much as she uses him. My question all along has been. What was their relationship before any of this? No freakin way did she get his number in the OCJ holding cell.

    1. I also think he’s been trying to cause a mistrial or, at the very least, set into place perfect conditions for appeal. Also, it’s been quite intentional and no mistake on his part the times that he has “mistakenly” or “accidentally” blurted things out that he wasn’t supposed to say in front of jurors. The prosecution can object and the judge can direct the jurors to strike the statements and disregard them, but once the words are said they can’t be unsaid. Baez has only been stupid in thinking he was going to pull those stunts without having to face any negative legal consequences once the trial is over.

    2. Pam- I agree with you. Baez is smart. Early on- there were rumors of Casey and Craigs list and some bar that baez had interest in- and even some members of LE- the rumors made a zig-zag connection between her and Baez and that cop that got fired due to not disclosing her relationships with him.
      There is so much in this case that is underwraps (e.g. Khronk)- and I think the best ploy is mistrial and start over when more is on the table- and it won’t be a 1st degree case- since they can’t prove that- and since Baez has a lot of evidence that’s going to shift the balance- infact, my prediction is it will go back to 8-10 plea deal- and by then she’s have about served 3/4 of the 8.

      1. are you smokin crack? are you watching the same trial I am? what evidence out there would be in Casey’s favor? SATAN made her do it? if you have any doubt in your mind as to who killed Caylee, you have a screw loose.

    3. I had the same thought….I think she knew him from somewhere else…didn’t get the number from jail, but that is TRULY a hunch…wish we knew!!!

    4. No, i don’t think he’s smarter than we think, really for what purpose, he’s as dumb as they come and it shows in all his ways. Re how she got his number i think she overheard someone speaking of Baez when she was arrested; they probably said he was real good but more importantly he was really hot! Whatever, i’m so glad they found each other.

  2. I think Casey must have been reading comments from people who said her bottom lip is huge and makes her look terrible. She seems to be tucking in that bottom lip more and more.

  3. Baez made his own bed when he took this case for all the wrong reasons and put himself first instead of his client. Whatever happens to him now will be the result of his own greed and lust for his own personal gain. His lack of preparation on this case is coming out now as he blames the State and the Court for all his problems. The Judge and the State took steps months ago to cover their a$$es so there would be no back-lash from his troubled defense. That’s what comes from experience in regards to the State in such a high-profile case. Jose Baez is just too inexperienced, too ego-driven for his own personal gain and too money hungry to be of any help to his client.

  4. dr. g, baez is probably very upset with casey today. before court this morning, he received the state’s new discovery, and if he didn’t before, he now realizes that his client has been lying even to him. i would imagine he spoke with the defendant, before entering court today, and confronted her with this new discovery.

      1. sally, the state has a person who was once in a jail cell beside casey. this person’s child drowned in a pool, and this person’s father called 911 and started cpr. her story has been proven by the state’s investigators, but the state must now prove that casey was aware of her next door cell mate’s story.

        also state introduced computer test messages from june 16th that supposedly will disprove the defense’s opening statement.

    1. @ charlotte – grandfather found the child, began CPR, had 911 called.

      Exact story, except for grandfathers’ behavior. Further cements Dr. G’s testimony that in drowning cases people call 911. Most likely where Casey got her new story from to give to Baez.

    2. Baez may very well be upset that the state discovered this and he may be taking his frustration out on his client but I don’t for one second think that Baez believed this BS that implicates George Anthony being involved in a coverup of an accidental drowning. At most, he could have been under the impression that Casey came up with the Blame Grandpa defense on her own and is angry to learn that she hadn’t told him that she’d “adopted” another inmate’s tale of woe as her own. He surely would have advised against it, not because it’s a lie but because it’s a lie that could easily be discovered…and it has been.

  5. I think it is finally hitting her that her days are numbered. The defenses case is going so poorly and she is starting to realize that she can’t lie or charm her way to a not guilty verdict. The more I think about this case the more it strikes me that her and Scott Peterson are exactly alike….cold blooded killers who would kill their loved ones to be free. His case was all circumstantial and he got convicted and is on death row. This same fate is in her future, I can only pray.

  6. I believe she will seek revenge after she is sentenced in this case. It would not surprise me if she accused Baez of sexual harassment neither. If she would accuse her own father and brother, she’d surely accuse him. As sleazy as Baez is, I imagine he did flirt with her and I wouldn’t put nothing past that sleaze ball.

  7. Yes, I do believe that we will hear cries of sexual misconduct in the near future. I doubt it happened but it’s going to stick to the name Baez like so many other nasty things. He really should have thought a bit longer before accepting this case because I think he is badly regretting having done so and will regret even more later.

  8. So, Baez really believed her to be innocent? I know we’re innocent until proven guilty, but wouldn’t his years of experience and intuition help him spot a sociopath when he sees one? She can’t be the first sociopath he’s ever run across, and no, even that wouldn’t automatically mean guilt, but it would definitely mean keeping her at arms length with no flirting.Or did he really fall for the fake charm?!

    1. Or, it could be that Casey the sociopath got over on Baez the sociopath… I think there is a reason she picked him as her attorney: scum attracts scum..,

      1. They are both Narcissists. That is the attraction. Narcissists need narcisstic supply in their life. The supply can be a person, The supply to a narcissist is equivalent to blood to a vampire. They need it to feel good about themselve. They have a very false sense of themself normally.

        Casey is used to getting her supply. From being able to lie effectively to George, Cindy and everyone else. Inventing fake jobs, people. Caylee as a baby to get attention. And NOW an attorney who believed her and who is willing to go with a lie. She has flirted with him, told him how wonderful he is. That is the supply he needed too!….

        They are completely perfect for each other. One will destroy the other if they no longer get what they need from the other! TRUST ME!

      2. Both the sociopath stuff and the narcissist stuff indicate, to me, she is a true garden variety psychopath. Nothing special about her at all. Probably had a psycopathic gene from $indy who is so obviously a psychopath. They live in their own little world of the Scamthony family, wreaking havoc on everyone and everything in their path. I’ve been reading lots about this, both online at casseopia and in textbooks now too. I’m also starting to think Jose is quite possibly a psychopath too. These people attract one another. Jose and Casey have been getting along fime until just recently.

  9. There is so much sadness in this case all around for everyone. Dr, Glass please consider analyzing the Judges body language today at the break around 3 pm. I saw such sadness in his eyes and body language, and many other things. I feel Judge Perry is very conflicted knowing that Casey is not getting a fair trial or defense but he does not want to call a mistrial. I am not a Casey fan at all but I see such a change in everyone’s demeanor today. Lots of sadness and you are right, this little woman has caused so much pain and strife for so many.

  10. There have been a few studies that show a sex bias when it comes to detecting asocial personality disorders in others. Men can readily spot it in other men but not in women and vice versa. If you look at the social lives of sociopaths you will almost always see a tremendous imbalance of “friends” of the opposite sex with few to no same sex associations. I imagine Casey did have Baez fooled for a time, and it was easy enough when he didn’t really care either way whether she was being truthful or not.

  11. Casey’s did appear to reveal a serious conflict she’s having with Baez. There are a myriad of possibilities which could have triggered this falling-out.

    Perhaps Baez received the depositions taken over the last few days by Ashton and he relayed to Casey the possibility of more of their witnesses being rendered ineffective? Did Baez tell her the ‘surprise witness’, Vasco Thompson, has no link to the case at all? Maybe Casey realized her defense team is incompetent and ineffective? Does she finally grasp the prosecutors are trying to hold her accountable for her actions and (in her mind only) there is a slim possibility they could actually “win”?

    If any of these things happened, her furor would have spewed venom in a vile temper tantrum. As a sociopath she would automatically react in an abusive rage as this the only emotion she is able to feel or have without faking it. Perhaps Baez finally has a clue regarding who he has been dealing with and defending and he got a glimpse of the “real” Casey. After all, a sociopath believes they are all-powerful, all-knowing and entitled to their every wish. She is incapable of accepting blame for anything. She sees all people around her as either accomplices or victims and has no concern or regard for her impact on others.

    It will take no time at all for Baez to go from her accomplice to her victim. If it hasn’t happened yet – it will.

    1. Oh I can assure you- she is NOT only- not THAT smart- but the chick is dumb- she doesn’t know they are losing….besides she knows what they got- that’s comming…..my guess is baez just slighted her in some way- something she will get over- just like last time.

  12. Those feeling sorry for Baez need to snap out of it. Baez, just like you and me, knew Casey was guilty of, at the very least, unintentionally killing her child through abuse and neglect, driving her to dispose of the child’s body and then feign ignorance of the child’s whereabouts. Except for the possibility that he didn’t know that Casey had adopted from another inmate the Blame Grandpa strategy, he has no one but himself to blame for his decision to defend this client who is obviously guilty and, further, not to just seek a fair trial for the defendant but to try to secure either an acquittal or a “not guilty” verdict.

  13. Fwiw, some time today, Casey has wrapped her over sized sweater around her and secured it to be more form-fitting. Perhaps trying to appear more sexay to get her ma-an back.

    1. I noticed that, too. I also thought at one point today that she appeared very pale and almost sickly. I think it was during the last witness’ testimony, you know the defense witness that Baez was attempting to impeach – LOL!

  14. When she is found guilty, not only will She throw Baez under the bus, but imo, Cindy will help her.
    I do feel sorry for Cindy, but believe she still has a few tricks up her sleeve, the kind that make everything somebody else’s fault.

  15. Those fashion sweaters are so cute, they make them for young and, the hang long, long, and longer. i too noticed how she couldnt wear it as designed, just had to sex it up, the same way she did with the plain white tee, with Caylee’s face, had to knot it up on the side, roll the sleeves a bit, again, sex it up girl. This speaks volumns to her body language, whats on her mind…and it’s still not Caylee.
    Awile back, Becky M. posted a link that providrd sooo much info on this family. The e-mails from Cindys brother, Rick, to her, after their mother informed him that Caylee was missing, he e-mailed Cindy to ask Casey if the baby drowned in the pool and was she covering it up, this was brought up well before the jail-mate they are now disscussing.I think she has heard this from every direction and decided to go with it.On you tube, you can type in Anthonys neighbors and there is a recording, by the police that is quite telling…perhaps Becky has a link to this as well. I dont know how to do all that.

  16. Sorry, meant to say, they make those sweaters for the young and old, that they come in a variety of lengths.Sorry guys, I should really proof read… but the point is the same… She’s just gotta get her sexy back.

  17. What the hell was Casey wearing today? She had that big cardigan over a blue t-shirt however, the cardigan was wrapped tightly around her waist! Strange, very strange. She looked absolutely ridiculous!

    If Baez doesn’t become a celebrity (I typed that while LMAO), he won’t be able to GET a client to defend. His disgusting court behavior will follow him!!

  18. Geeeeze….never thought I would agree with someone who calls everyone liberal weenies…but I admit…I have to agree with James’ post…. : )

  19. There may be distance but she watched him all day…sometimes never even looking at the witnesses, keeping her gaze at the podium. She’s an actress Dr, Glass, (albeit a BAD one) i’m surprised you were fooled by her…

  20. Dr Glass..you are my Queen again…Baez is going to pay big time….I bit she screams RAPE…only good thing for him is that she will be claimed a real liar…but he will lose his license for sure and it will be at his own doing. Glad to see he had no scarf today. He looked better than he has in a while.

  21. Did anyone see her yesterday with the big knot in the back of her shirt? She looked so silly..I was wondering if she was trying to look smaller or make her waist smaller…what ever it was it was pretty silly.

    1. Debi129, I saw that yesterday and then again today she tied up her sweater (which is large for her) as though it was one of those tight ballet sweaters. I think it is her way of primping – showing her hot stuff to all the world – she knows she’s on TV like a celebrity. She is kind of like those monkeys who show their big red arses to the male monkeys.

  22. Dr. Glass,

    When the botanist was testifying today, she was asked by the defense for her opinion on the amount of time the body was lying in the swampy area. She paused and responded “two weeks” – but then she made a facial expression – especially around the lips – that looked as if she was thinking to herself something like “I can’t believe I agreed to say that.” Is that how you read her expression?

    Thanks for your blog!

  23. From the get go I believed Casey is a user and Baez saw his chance for fame and money. Today I noticed the dirty looks coming from Casey though she was looking down her demeanor was speaking. Casey thought that she could pull this, thinking that Baez believed her (sort of) lies. Baez took this case for the wrong reasons, and today with such a bombshell disturb his Hollywood world. Casey realised that Baez her hero is no longer at her mercy and now is their war. I think we are going to see more distance between Casey and the rest of the defense team. The party is over. Casey may not get the death penalty but I’m sure she will get life. Justice needs to be served, a message needs to be sent out to these young mothers.

    1. Unfortunately, the types of people who commit these types of crimes will never learn from the example of others. Narcissists and sociopaths think they’re better and smarter than everyone else. If someone gets caught and put to death, well, that’s just an idiot. The sociopath is better than that, invincible and free from the consequences suffered by lesser people. No, this won’t be a message to the other Casey Anthonys of the world, but it will hopefully at least be the justice little Caylee deserves.

      1. We should hope that someone learns from this because the hard truth is that there is no justice or anything else for Caylee. It’s too late. She’s gone. Making her murderer an object lesson to other would-be murderers of children, letting them know that we, as a society, will not tolerate nor live among those who murder children, is the most we can hope to accomplish from this travesty and horror of Casey’s creation.

  24. I am so disappointed to see that River Cruz has agreed to do interviews and is all over our tv’s just a day before she is set to testify in court. I think that this is just wrong and does not help her credibility.

    1. According to Nancy Grace tonight (6/22), when River Cruz gave a depo about her involvement with George, and was asked if she had ever had a sexual relationship with George, she said NO. So I can’t wait to see how this situation unfolds. She could end up being another witness for the State!

  25. Is it too late for Baez to step down and ask to be released from representing Caycee? We don’t get a lot of the trial here. So l always come here to find out what happened in court. HLN talking heads are confusing and there’s a commercial interruption every 3 or 4 minutes.

    1. Teresa, yes, I agree – so annoying with the breaks!! I started watching it online without breaks. WFTV has some very minor breaks, WESH has no breaks during trial. It’s kind of fun to watch online because you can also view the live tweets on the same screen as the trial. Both news stations have the split screen with Casey in one and the other showing what is going on. I tried to watch In Session for a day or two before I stopped in frustration with the breaks and talking head newsy people sensationalizing what was going on. YUK! WFTV has a great commentator – Bill Schaeffer (not sure of the correct spelling of his name).

  26. Dr Glass, Did you think that the witness Dr. ?? (the tree lady) remind you of Aunt Clara from ” Bewitched”?

  27. Dr. Glass, Finally got tt finish watching the trial tonight. Why doesn’t Baez just go to the state and ask them for a plea deal for Casey…30 years life with no parole..and save his as_..She is going to burn him and he is going down bad…he is going to lose everything, his license, his life, no one will ever respect him. I don’t think anyone will ever hire him and after Judge Perry is done with him, even Geraldo will not be able to help him… He is doomed. He needs to beg the State for mercy!!!!

  28. I beleive Baez should have known better than to take the word of a pathological liar. Why now would she tell him the truth? His scenario at the opening statement, DOES NOT MATCH the evidence. He appears to be a baffoon if he didn’t take that new story with caution.

    I take great offense that this trial is turning into a George Anthony on trial. How much more devastation can Inmate Anthony do to people, to her parents? From OS, I felt this was just another ‘tale’ of desperation and when he spoke of sexual abuse, I knew, that was not the truth. GA might be many things but he’s not a pedophile nor did he watch as Caylee accidentaly drowned. One call to 911 and she would not have faced any charges. This is the biggest red herring that she partied the entire time her child was allegedly deceased now, not missing..I do hope those jurors see this is all nonsense and nothing but a lie from a pathological liar. She needs to be found guilty and given LWOP…or no one is safe with Inmate Anthony in their clutches…
    I now see that Mr. Baez and Inmate Anthony have the same attitude…they never take blame for their own actions..even as Baez is getting a sanctions package against him, he would not accept his own actions caused this, yet blames his opponent JAshton because he was just handed some new discovery…Yeah, the word in jail is that April Whalen’s child drowned in the pool, The grandfather found him, immediately began CPR, called 911…he couldn’t be saved but mother wasn’t charged for it was an accident…Too bad for Inmate Anthony for this wasn’t an accident but I believe an intentional murder against precious Caylee..no need for duct tape on a drowned child..I do hope she gets LWOP…JMHO

    Justice for Caylee

  29. Casey is wringing her hands more, preening more, looking more and more petulant with the stone-faced stare and pouting lips, so I would guess at some level she knows things do not look good.

    But look at Mason… some of the still shots taken over the past few days tell us that Mason is disgusted, frustrated, worn out. And he hasn’t been given the reins to do or say anything about the dead horse the defense team is trying to ride… and we all are taking the beating as Jose tries to revive it.

  30. Dr Glass~
    What do you make of casey having her sweater ‘wrapped’ around her by the end of the day on 6/21/2011? she had it all twisted and wrapped up around her midriff…..

  31. The defense attorneys have had blogs up on their computer screens in court. wftv.com is one of them.
    They are following these blogs, and in thier off time as well.

  32. Wow… When Ms. Montgomery testified, I couldn’t help but think how much she reminded me of “Special Agent Clarice Starling” from the movie Silence of the Lambs. Did anyone else notice this? Even her hair is the same!

  33. Ro –

    If George told Cruz he picked Caylee’s dead body from the pool, her testimony about that statement would come in as impeachment [contradicting his prior testimony that he knows nothing about the circumstances of her death].

    But, if Cruz’s testifies to the statements by George that she mentioned when interrogated by the police, she will not testify that George said that. The transcript of that interrogation is available, and you can read it for yourselves. She referred to two statements by George. The first, which he told her early on, when Casey was initially taken into custody, is the one the defense wants the jury to hear. He did not claim to have witnessed anything, or that Casey told him anything. Cruz says he uttered words to the effect that “it was an accident”. But if you read those words carefully and in context, you will see clearly that he meant “it must have been an accident”, which is something very different.

    But if you have any doubt as to the meaning of his first statement, the doubt will be resolved by the second one. He told Cruz about an incident, after Casey was released from custody and living in the Anthony home, when George angrily confronted Casey — I think he said he shoved her against a wall and had his hands on her throat — and he accused her of killing Caylee and demanded that she move out of his home.

    If the defense calls her to testify about the first statement, the second statement will come in [as impeachment, if nothing else]. That will be very, very unfortunate for Casey. As you can imagine, testimony offered to prove a statement by the defendant’s father, to the effect that he believes his daughter is guilty, is ordinarily not admissible. For a host of reasons. If offered to prove the defendant is, in fact, guilty, it lacks foundation. If offered to prove he believes she is guilty, it is irrelevant. And it is also extremely prejudicial.

    But here, once Baez has Cruz testify about George’s first statement, I don’t see how the judge can keep the second statement out, since it clarifies or contradicts first statement. Thus, calling Cruz will result in admision of George’s otherwise inadmissible statement, that he believes his daughter killed his granddaughter.

    The only rational explanation I can think of for calling Cruz is that Baez expects her to repudiate what she told the police and testify, instead, George told her [for example] he found Caylee’s body in the pool and it really was an accident. But if that’s it, Baez is taking a huge risk. Whether Cruz lied to the police, or she’s willing to lie to save Casey [or get back at George], how can Baez trust her when she says how she’ll testify at trial? [After all, the reason we admit prior inconsistent statements is that it proves the witness is not trustworthy.] And, even if she testifies as she said she would, her prior inconsistent statements to the police [together with all the other stuff the prosecution has on her] will be admissible to impeach her, so little would have been gained.

    Makes no sense to me.

    1. Hey NancyB – thanks for the information. I am looking forward to tomorrow when Ms. Cruz testifies. Who knows what will happen! 🙂

  34. Ro,
    Ms.Montgumory (sp), is the lady they used to model the show “BONES” after.
    I bet she charged a pretty penny.

    1. Really! How impressive! I knew there was something special about Ms. Montgomery. Thanks for the info, Patricia…

      1. Actually, Katy Reichs writes the ‘Bones’ series, and is the model for the show. She’s a forensic anthropologist who, if I remember correctly, was on the defense witness list for a period of time.

  35. I read where Baez while visiting Casey in Jail, had to be told a few times to not be touching her so much and hugging her. They were way too close. I feel the sexual tension between them. She seems to flaunt her attention on Mason when she dont get attention from Baez or when he leaves his chair. If he dont respond then she turns to the Simms baby sitter. She needs constant attention to sooth her evil self.
    When she was out on bail she also then spent late overtime hours with him in his office… His wife become pregnant and Casey got angry and Jealous.

    I didnt know Baez learned for the first time about the other child drowning and grampa got him and called 9111. I wonder if he knew all along and went on with this story too. or if it was truly a surprise. Does anyone really know. If he already knew about it he could probably get in more trouble. I think he is looking so bad because he dont have much to work with. The facts speak for itself. The evidence , circumstantial or not speaks Volumns. He may not have a choice but to be inept with what he has to work with. His witnesses belong to the state. Is that all he has to use. I want to listen to the opening statements again but dont know how to find them. Anyone know. I feel Baez and Casey were intimate. I mean she put many guys in her pocket on first meeting, why not him. She went to bed just because. No reason just to sex it up . I also read on this blog .diff page that Baez has a 2 year old daughter. and he and his wife are divorcing. Hope its not over the lil liar who killed her baby.

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