Casey Continues To Smirk In Courtroom Indicating She’s Loving the Trial, the Attention, And Feeling Secure About Her Fate

With hr head bumps or as some say devil horns prominently displayed on her temples, her smirk is also prominently  displayed on her face.In the photo above we see her leaking out her smirk as she sits in the courtroom. Look at how the sides of her lips course upwards in a definite smile pattern.

You see her smirk as soon as she enters the courtroom. She is not only thrilled that she has left her cage where she has been house for the past three years. She is thrilled that she gets to hear and see some high drama that revolves around her favoritie topic- HER! There is also no doubt that she is smirking because she knows that no real harm will come to her. After all there is Juror number 4 who cannot judge people. No doubt Jose and team have convinced Casey that there is nothing to worry about.

They have also probably convinced her that there may be a mistrial and that she will have years of appeals. That is why in my view it has been so difficult for Casey to cry genuine tears in court over these past 36 days.

That is also why she an sit  there like she is watching someone else’s trial. She  appears to find the expert’s testimonies  interesting as we see her cock her hear to the side.

That is why she can continue to smile he courtroom as though she has no care in the world.

It is very disconcerting to watch Casey smile in light of the fact that a child has died on her watch.  Casey may even believe she will walk free, arm in arm with Cheney Mason. With  Juror number 4 on the panel, who doesn’t want to judge anyone, it is  highly doubtful that Casey will get the ultimate penalty. So Casey may be feeling relieved, secure, and happy, Hence the smiles. 


113 thoughts on “Casey Continues To Smirk In Courtroom Indicating She’s Loving the Trial, the Attention, And Feeling Secure About Her Fate

  1. Can’t understand how the Judge would allow anyone on a jury who “Cannot judge people” Just wondering, if it is juror #4 who it taking notes only during the defense part of this trial?

    1. They don’t need juror number 4 to give her the death penalty. She is off the hook. The majority rules on that.. All 12 are needed to find her guilty of 1st degree murder however, but not the death penalty. Yes it’s been said the juror #4 is taking notes when the defense team is up.

      Baez is messing this up so much it looks like he’s deliberately trying to.

      1. The jury can recommend the death penality, but, it is the judge that makes the final decision.

    2. The defense argued that the prosecution was only trying to exclude her based on her race, so the judge was more or less forced to include her, sighhhhhhhh…

    3. From what I understand, they need only be unanimous on the GUILTY/NOT GUILTY verdict of each count she is charged with. EVEN if some think that Casey Chloroformed her and some think she duct-taped her, if they can still all vote GUILTY then she is toast. Then for the penalty phase, they recommend either LWOP or DP, and it is the JUDGE who makes the final decision.

    4. If you honestly think the 11 other jurors who (assuming they’re not mentally challenged) will recognize her guilt are going to just let her off the hook because Juror #4 says she “can’t judge people,” you’re kidding yourself. One of two things will happen:

      1. The 11 other jurors will apply pressure to Juror #4 until a unanimous decision is reached


      2. The jury will deadlock, it will be a mistrial, and Casey will be tried again. I imagine the second time around she won’t get 12 sympathetic people, or even 1 sympathetic person.

      Personally, I don’t care what the penalty is, as long as she is somehow punished. Her family just admitted tonight that they no longer believe she is innocent, yet they don’t want the death penalty for her. Fine. Let her enjoy life in prison, especially if that spares George, Cindy and Lee any additional agony:

  2. Casey has her ultra sex-say “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” look today. The only thing missing is the low cut top with half of her mammaries hanging out…

  3. I would really love to hear your opinion on Casey bringing her sexy back! Yesterday when she tucked her shirt under her boobs I was outraged! How can she care about her appearance at this point?

    1. It seems like another sign she thinks she is going to walk, she’s already thinking about going back to her normal way of life and she can’t hold back from expressing it.

      1. I do not believe that Casey
        has ever been held responsible for any of her wrongdoings before. , George and Cindy always let her lie and get away with everything,once they were over their anger. She most likely looks at this as “I always got away with it, and this time will be no different.”

  4. It’s likely that Bozo and company have told her that she has a good chance of mistrial or upon appeal, overturn of her conviction due to ineffective assistance of counsel. This would give her a NEW trial. So in three to five years, she gets another chance to be the center of attention with a new set of attorneys. That is what she is smiling about. Bozo’s best chance of helping her is to get a mistrial or to get her a new trial in a few years. It pains me to say this, but I think he will be successful.

    1. How can they claim ineffective assistance of counsel. All Bozo has to go on is what Casey herself tells him. Since he is her defense counsel, he has to believe what she says. How can they prove “ineffective Counsel”?

      1. Have noticed her attorney, Jose, has been admonished, sanctioned, repremianded and called out by the judge so many times, I’ve lost count. Any normal attorney would be embarassed by ONE call out. I have a friend who was called out by the judge in a 43 year career and he is STILL embarassed by that – 30 years later. It doesn’t phase Jose. We, in Orlando, have watched his missteps for 3 years, and under an different judge. I think he may (seriously) have adult ADD – he does not seem to have the ability to think ahead, prepare or connect consequences with his off the cuff actions. His arrogance of not having Mason, and experienced criminal attorney, do more reflects to an unrealistic ego. He cannot seem to watch or learn! He was not permitted to try the case without Mason.

        Another local attorny commentator said, watching Mason direct shows his experience and watching Jose shows his inexperience – his questions are not formed well, he gets objecteions (many sustained), goes off on a tangent and does not know when to just shut up and sit down – he is a terrible lawyer – may get disbarred

      2. Equire, thank you for your professional opinion. I agree completely.

        Isabel, good question. Fortunately, no one has to prove ineffective assistance of counsel in this case. The prosecutors, the Judge, and legal observers have already seen Bozo’s incompetence first hand. Plus, there are court transcripts of everything that Bozo has said and done, which will be used as evidence against him. There are too many instances to list here, but the most recent, most glaring incompetence is Bozo not reviewing the disk given to him by the State.

        Bozo claimed that Caylee drowned on 16 June(?) When the State informed the court of computer evidence which negated this scenario, Bozo objected to “new evidence” and complained that “we got the disk, but that’s everything.” Bozo had the disk for TWO YEARS, yet never reviewed it? If the State can prove that George was not at home that day and that Casey was using her computer for emails/Instant Messenging, they can dispense with the drowning theory easily.

        Attorneys are required to exercise due diligence in client representation. An attorney who exercised due diligence would have advised Casey, “Honey, the State has evidence indicating that you were on your computer at that time, so you and George could not have been distraught and occupied with covering up the drowning.”

        True, Casey may have told Bozo what to say and do. But law school taught us that all clients lie to a certain extent and that it is the attorney’s duty to investigate the clients’ stories. In legal practice, we learn that clients lie regularly to bolster their cases. Come to my office, give me a story, and I will believe half of what you tell me. My paralegals and private investigators will check out your story and I will learn of any half truths BEFORE I commit to taking your case.

        Now that Bozo used the drowning theory, the damage is done. You cannot unring a bell before the jury. This and many other examples is the reason why legal observers believe that if convicted, Casey will win on appeal due to ineffective assistance of counsel. If Casey wins the appeal, she will get a new trial in three to five years.

        As Dr Glass observed, Casey will be ecstatic about starring on national TV for another month or two. The State will expend more resources in selecting a jury; housing, transporting, and feeding them; and in paying for a team of Public Defenders. By then, Bozo may be suspended or disbarred. In his wake, he will leave future law students a textbook example of a unique level of incompetence that the legal community has not seen before. May God help any of his clients.

  5. I doubt she’ll be smiling when she is transferred to a prison where they will not tolerate her narcissistic BS. She may get herself a new trial but I doubt it will change the result and she will continue to be just a number in the FL penitentiary system. For someone like her I think that’s a fate worse than the death penalty.

    1. My question on this matter is, will they take into consideration the fact that she is a pathological liar? Will this eliminate a retrial for her?

  6. I’ve decided that I’m fine with Casey not getting the death penalty, but hoping more for life or something like 60 years without parole. However, I’m not OK with having a juror who is not sure she can “judge others”. It worries me that she might not have the mental (critical thinking) skills or psychological ability to connect the circumstantial dots and make a reasonable decision. Perhaps the judge can instruct the jury (especially #4) on what it means to “judge” since he does it every day. With correct jury instructions, I hope they can come to a fair decision. A hung jury and a retrial would be reaaaally wrong.

    1. Joan- I hate to be the voice of doom and gloom, but if you go back to the audio of the voi doire (sp?) process for Juror #4, she clearly could not understand many of the questions. We (on were freaking out even before the “I can’t judge people'” comment. And now to hear that she is taking notes MOSTLY (or only) when the defense is up on direct exam, makes my skin crawl. I think she may be the cause of a hung jury.

      1. Doesn’t matter. Pressure from 11 other people can sway someone, especially if they’re not the brightest bulb. I am not even concerned.

    2. I agree! I would be okay with her getting LWOP in a tiny cell 23 hours a day. At the VERY LEAST send her to prison until MENOPAUSE so she can never have another child.

      1. Yes. I’m sure everyone around me is hearing me say that if she were to get off (heaven forbid), then they should at least tie her tubes on the way out. Releasing her as soon as menopause kicks in would be awesome.

      2. Jennifer, if she ever gets out, she may seek revenge on those who helped put her there, or kill someone else’s child. There is no way of knowing exactly what someone of her type would or would not do; however, we do know that once someone commits a horrific crime, that they are certainly likely to commit another.

  7. If I’m not mistaken, there was a juror in the Scott Peterson case that would not deliberate and was removed from the jury and replaced with an alternate. Maybe that would work in the case of juror number 4.

  8. Even if by God, the worst happens and they were to acquit her, doesn’t Casey still have time to serve for her other convictions? I don’t know how much time she received for all the theft charges. I presume she couldn’t just ‘walk out of there’ if she were acquitted.

      1. I personally think she will be murdered if she walks free. Someone will kill her. I have zero doubt.

    1. Wouldn’t she be on probation from the other crimes, *if* acquitted? She wouldn’t be able to leave the country to hide.

      Unfortunately, she’d probably have some “friends” swarm around her if she was acquitted. Some people like to snag a bit of the limelight for themselves. Also, a small minority of people do believe her.

  9. Dr. Glass: I so enjoy reading your articles.

    Casey has lied all of her life to her family and friends and not one person called her on it,therefore she thinks the jurors will believe her defense and she will get off. It would be a horrible travesty of justice to little Caylee if this does happen and a threat to society if she is let go. I believe she would kill again and most likely it would be her parents or anyone who got in her way of what she wants in life.

  10. Sophie, I believe she recieved time served on those charges.Next Feb. will be her hearing against her brought by Ms.gonzoles.
    Regarding the close of today, She really went into her ” flirt..want / love you baby”, to Baez. I felt he was pleased to have this interaction with her again. It’s appalling. I think because today was so boring that she wasnt upset with Her Boy” , as she referes to Baez in her jail house letters.
    ( She may think she’s gettin’ her sezy back, but looks more like A. Yates to me.)

  11. They may not need #4 for the death penalty phase but they DO need her to get a unanimous GUILTY verdict. That is a big difference. Only if she refused to deliberate could they replace her and what one judge does may not be what HHJP would do. #4 worries me.

    1. HHJP…do you mean to refer in shorthand to Judge Perry as His Hono[rable] Judge Perry? If so, you are addressing him or referring to him incorrectly. He would be referred to as “The Honorable Belvin Perry” OR “[Chief] Judge Perry”, not both, it’s redundant… I clerked for a judge in Maryland Federal Court many years ago who visited the British Virgin Islands and was tickled to be referred to as “Your Lordship”.

      1. Cute story, Sue! Sometimes when my 17 year old son gives me “attitude” I’ve been known to call him “your royal hinderness.”

  12. Dr Glass, does the body language suggest that KC and Jose have made up? I noticed, at end of court today, she went to whisper to him, but, it didn’t last long and he went to the end of the table when she was escorted out. Wonder if someone talked to Jose??

  13. Susan,
    When she smirks, flirts and makes faces, the jury isn’t in the courtroom to see that behavior.
    They only see her looking bored, angry, or crying fake tears.

  14. Why would Casey have a baby? In light of who she is it makes no sense to me why she didn’t have an abortion but choose to saddle herself with a kid. She could have done this without her parents ever knowing that she was pregnant. This has never made any sense to me whatsoever. Why have Caylee in the first place? Did she have some ulterior motive or some deal with Cindy? I don’t get it.

  15. Why would Casey have a baby? In light of who she is it makes no sense to me why she didn’t have an abortion but chose to saddle herself with a kid. She could have done this without her parents ever knowing that she was pregnant. This has never made any sense to me whatsoever. Why have Caylee in the first place? Did she have some ulterior motive or some deal with Cindy? I don’t get it.

    1. Wendy, I agree! I think the reasoning behind her giving birth, is attention!

      Just like when she walks into court. She thinks ALL eyes are on her, and that everyone in that court room is there just to see her. Not convict her of first degree murder!!!

      I hope she gets life in prison without the possibility of parole! If she were to receive the death penalty, the money that would be spent, by the
      taxpayers, on appeals is outstanding. Much more than it would cost to house and feed her for the rest of her life!

      I have gotten to the point to where it is hard for me to watch the trial. I absolutely loathe Casey and the site of her enrages me!! It is as though I am looking at Satan.

    2. Sociopaths are thrill seekers. I think she had the baby, because it was a new kick, a novelty, and because she knew she would be the center of attention while pregnant. A pregnancy fed her narcissism. Then, she gave birth and boredom settled in like a dense cloud. Plus, she was furious that her baby was getting more attention than her! I suspect that was when she began to view Caylee as an enemy.

      1. Justice- You hit the nail on the head… at first SHE was the STAR, then when Caylee became the star, Casey eventually came into her jealous “older-sister” mode…. do you really think that Casey was the one packing little Caylee’s backpack every night? nahhhh, that was CINDY. and she never let Casey forget that… remember the 2nd birthday party? One of the friends said in her deposition that Casey & Cindy got into a tiff because Cindy was opening the gifts w/Caylee instead of Casey. The jealousy was as wide as the Mississippi River at that point. She hated Cindy for giving attention that should have gone to HER to that beautiful child instead.

    3. Besides the reasons below, I also think it’s a case of just not dealing with it. I can see her feeling invincible enough to think it couldn’t happen to her, not paying attention to her monthly cycle, and in essence just not being responsible about her body (she had far more important things to worry about, like her own selfish needs of the day!) She’s shown very little if any personal responsibility capability that I’ve seen. It’s always “someone else’s fault” and I’m sure she thought this was too, so of course someone else (the not-bio-dad fiance, and her parents) were going to take care of this too.

    4. I think she showed some of her apparent stupidity and immaturity and denial and got herself ‘knocked up.’ I am sure at 19, she had no clue that her life was about to end as she knew it, i.e. once you have a baby, you have no life for many years, provided you don’t live with your built in baby-sitter, Cindy. She probably didn’t have the money for an abortion and was too intimidated by her battle-ax of a mother to ask for money to do that back then. People like her shouldn’t procreate.

    5. OMG….are you guys serious? She was indenial about her pregnancy- as all girls are that knocked up by their daddys………..

  16. Hi Wendy,
    Casey was 7 months pregnant, and Cindy denied it saying she just had gained some weight that’s all.
    Cindy wouldn’t allow her to give the baby up for adoption.
    A little snippet of Cindy’s brother Rick Plesea telling Cindy that Casey was pregnant.
    Under Family Feuds……….

  17. She has not received times served on her charges of lying & obstructing or child abuse. (I think y’all are thinking of her prior felony check charges). So she’s still looking to be sent to Lowell CI 10-30 years.
    I just dont know what to make of baez. He’s got to know the future as a defense atty is not looking too bright. Why would anyone damage their career so badly? Only thing I can think of is hes looking to cash in on the book deals & such

  18. Please do not lose faith in juror #4. Juror #4 was being asked about whether or not she had prejudged Casey by the media, and Juror #4 said her religion did not allow her to judge others on gossip. Key word: Gossip. She then went on to say she could do her job as a juror, and His Honor Judge Perry seemed to understand this and trust in her.

    Testimony in a trial is not mere gossip. And juror #4 has to pass a judgement on Casey, because even saying she is innocent is still passing a judgement. Does anyone recall the reports from people in the courtroom of juror #4 shooting daggers out of her eyes at Casey during some of the tapes of the jail visits?

    Even if juror #4 ‘hangs’ the jury, she’s not going to force every other juror to vote innocent just to be able to go back home. It would just mean starting over again. I’m sure Casey wouldn’t mind the attention, and Jose wouldn’t mind a do-over either.

    1. I agree with you shadoewz, and hopefully Juror #4 will think that the allegations of sexual abuse are just “gossip”.

  19. I am sure many people would like to smack that smirk off of Casey’s face. It is downright sickening! However, I do not believe she will get the death penalty. Look at Zahra Baker’s stepmother, who was only charged with 2nd degree murder.

    To me, that crime was far more heinous, cruel, and depraved. Zahra Baker had cancer, one leg, and deaf, and her body was dismembered and put in a wood-chipper. This step-mother deserves the death penalty, but not happening, and probably won’t happen in the Casey Anthony case neither.

  20. Dr Glass…great article! I also believe they are telling her the same things. Baez continues to think he is the Prince of Porta Rico and wears his Dollar Tree scarf…I think Casey is counting her dollars every day she smiles and sits in her chair and smirks and smiles..Give me more porks rinds she says…send me more money…it is all about me.

  21. I do remember juror #4’s reaction to the tapes and looking untowards at Casey…I believe Baez is deliberately going for incompetent counsel because he knows he can win otherwise

  22. Excuse me, I meant he knows he CAN’T win. I think that Casey is so angry at her parents for testifying for the prosecution, so angry that she could not follow through with her plans to kill them both and take their home, that she is hell bent on totaling destroying her father’s character and dignity during this trial at all costs. If she takes the stand she will destroy them both with her words and accusations and kill the very life within them of her betrayal. Then she will feel like she has finalized her plans…she killed her child, her mother and her father.

    1. Just think- if she hadn’t been sexually abused by her dad and emotionally abused by her mom- she would just be your run-of-the-mill harmless sociopath………..and don’t worry- her father doesn’t have character or dignity but they will never get what they deserve- unless she gets out……………

  23. Hi Silverslippers,If I’m not mistaken, they announced it resently that the Gongoleze hearing has been moved to Feb. Love your name by the way.

    Ms.Kim S., with all the other things going on in the world, I thinks theres other examples to use to compare Casey Anthony to, other than burkas…thats kinda scary to me, I’m just sayin’..

    It’s getting so crazy, people fighting outside the court house, folks on bloggs ; doing what we warn our children about, syber-bullying.
    This is my first time ” blogging”, and I close this lap top, often sad of words exchanged. i was interested in body language in my younger days and thought this was a site with folks expressing such, any rate, I’m hanging in here, but must admitt, I just schroll through the VERY long opinions.
    oops, guess I wrote a pretty long one this time myself,, sorry ’bout that.

  24. Hi Anon!
    I enjoy reading your comments and often agree with you but not on this. Did you hear #4 during jury selection voir dire? She nearly begged to not be on this jury. She came across to me as a strongly principled person and somewhat of a loner. She was adamant that she does not, could not and will not judge another person. This is the antithesis of the role required of a citizen being on a jury! Being on a jury demands that you judge. I do think that Judge Perry made a serious error in capitulating to the DT’s claim that she had to stay because she is black and that the only reason that the Prosecution wanted to strike her was racial. That was baloney.

  25. I recently saw the video again of Casey’s “apology” to Amy Huizenga in court from back in Feb. Back then I had thought that her apology was sincere and genuine. It just felt real to me and not her usual BS. When I looked at it last night I had a very different reaction. I truly have never seen anyone that can lie so convincingly.

  26. You want to hear something funny? I just saw Michael Lohan on Joy Behar’s show and he told her that the reason that he went on Dr. Drew’s show was to “pay it forward”!! Isn’t that truly hilarious? Joy asked him why he couldn’t just go into intensive therapy without doing it on a reality show and that’s when he came out with this paying forward crap. Some things never seem to change.

  27. I implore you ALL, rewatch the jury selection involving Juror #4…she said “I cannot judge “GOSSIP” When questioned further by JP she said she COULD JUDGE the EVIDENCE. In Florida, only 7 votes are needed for the DP, so we don’t need her vote in the penalty phase, that being said, I don’t think you need to “WORRY” about her. Y’all are going to make yourselves sick.

    1. It has been my experience that when someone says “I cannot judge, only God can” that person will be the most judgemental person in the room.

  28. George and Cindy’s behavior for years was so bad so crazy that I thought at one time they were participating in a cover up. All of them…That’s how crazy it was…Cindy became reviled…but, they were in a great place to gain 100% public respect and sympathy and support and they squandered it. “We” had to force ourselves to make excuses for them being in “denial.” Only when the demon seed threw George under the bus with a capital offense accusation did even their -what 3rd lawyer? – finally reach them…they want the truth? They can begin just by telling it themselves….I I think this jury will understand and they will rehabilitate themselves. But we have seen,,,, Caylee’s lawyers will accept nothing less…George and Cindy should now be thankful now that their grand daughter has excellent lawyers and will not Baez to throw them under the bus…Caylee will now have the truth …George and Cindy should have stuck by their granddaughter, not Casey…but Caylee will now have the last word and there is nothing any of the Anthony’s can do about it…you know Casey had Bella Vita and just couldn’t see it…

  29. Can we move past the “smiling”, “smirking” and “fake tears”- – they have now become just like the lying- WE GOT IT! It’s synonymous with “she didn’t report her child missing for 31 days!” We are re-surprise and re-disgusted- every-single-day! I think we need to start the maturing process about now.

    Don’t you- Dr. Glass- KNOW that her demeanor including actions and reactions just PROVE she is crazy (and innocent by reason of insanity)- who doesn’t think she is NUTS (only those that must think she is evil- which is of course- is all about THEM and their own issues involving either mental illness or cognitive impairment)!

    One more quick thing- it now sounds FRANKLY sanctimonious to add: “…….and when there is a dead child involved”.

    Tell us how she reacts to specific pieces of info or events- that could be telling…
    Read the rest of thedefense teams body lanuage/BL
    Read the State’s BL- and Judge Perry
    Read the jury’s BL
    Get ahold of a REAL Child Sexual Abuse expert- NO MORE generalistist that know as much as my mail man about CSA- and help educate the public about sexual abuse of children- Casey is a classic case- too classic- may be the first PURE example in the media- no modifiers- only excelerators (her mom and brother)…….she is perfect- right down to killing the either real- or symbolic- incestuious child.

    Thanks for listening!

    1. For her to be legally insane, Casey would have to be unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. She has displayed AMPLE evidence that she knows the difference. She just doesn’t care. Personality disorders are not a form of insanity. A little research will clear that up for you.

    2. Deb,
      The legal definition of sanity/insanity is the only definition that is considered in a court of law. By the legal definition of sanity/insanity Casey is 100% sane. She knew right from wrong and independently chose to murder Caylee. Her actions during the following 31 days are total proof of this, as was wrapping the body in multiple bags and then hiding it in the trash dump.

      Clinically, my personal opinion is that she is not insane but instead psychopath. She shows none of the symptomatology of someone with psychosis.

  30. Maybe Lee’s tears were real! Casey lies so much, Casey at that time she was pregnant, could have told her mother that Lee raped her and maybe that’s why his mother and Casey “left him out of things” as he said on the stand. At that time, Casey could have told her mother and father anything. They allways believed her.

  31. Since we now know the unjust verdict,is there nothing that can be done.It appears as if the jury did not fully understand their role or job(afraid of the penalty phase,which had nothing to do with them)They did not even ask questions as they should have.The case was presented that proved beyond a doubt.How do they think Caylee got to that place wrapped in her blanket and garbage bags?Surely we have the right or the prosecutor to ask 12 people what they were thinking to reach that verdict.Common sense was not sitting in that jury room.The Anthony family came out way ahead of sweet Caylee that day,all of them.Mandy

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