Obama and Netanyahu’s Body Language Reveal They Can’t Stand One Another

After looking at the body language of  President  Obama and  Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu,  it is safe to say that there is no love lost between them as they show signals of mutual disdain for one another.  We usually see world  leaders act more diplomatically and  hide their true inner feelings when they appear in public. But this is not the case with the American and Israeli leader.  

The expression” if looks could kill “certainly applies to the above photo.  Obama’s  veins are literally popping out of his forehead in anger as he gives Netanyahu a steely gaze with furrowed brow.  Obama also has his hand on his lower jaw. He  contorts his lip in a snarl, much like an animal does when they are angry and ready to attack.  This facial expression  is an expression of intesnse disdain towards another person. 

The visible  persperation and shiny skin  quality to  both the President and Prime Minister’s  forehead and midface  also  reveal the intense negative emotion they must both be experiencing.

In the above photo you can see the shiny persperation on Netanyahu’s forehead indicating the emotional toll this is taking as he hears President Obama speak. The fact that Netanyahu’s head is cocked to the side indicates that he is in doubt of what Obama is saying and doesn’t agree with him or believe him. The slight jutting forwrd to Netanyahu’s lower jaw indicates that he is angry.

Obama’s curved fingers as she expresses his thoughts signify anger. His lowered  eyelids continue to  reflect  his anger when he speaks as well.

When it is  Netanyahu’s turn to speak we see that his open handed gesture and wide eyed look  indicate that he is being open and communicative. Obama on the other hand is not receptive to what he has to say as he hold on to his lower jaw in anger . You can see the degree of  Obama’s anger as you observe the indentation in the skin made by Obama’s pointer finger.  He also  literally gives Netanyahu the “cold shoulder”  as the shoulder is sharply  pointed in Netanyahu’s direction.

Obama’s finger point is an extremely hostile gesture.  His cupped and shows  continued anger as does his steely eyed gaze. You can also see evidence of Obama;s outward anger as you can observe his vein and muscles s popping out on the side of his neck. Their heads are mirrored towards one another, indicating that they are literally going “head to head.”

Netamyahu returns the steely glance but tries his best to contain himself  by holding on to his hands. But his anger leaks out as he subconsciously points his pointer  finger towards Obama as if to mirror Obama’s admonition.

This photo reveals the most awkward handshake two leaders have ever given one another. It is an angry  handshake which indicates that neither side will budge. Ther is a stiffness of the hands and fingers and the upward thumbs indicates that they are both vying for power.

 Neither one wants the other’s  thumb on top, which is an indication of power. Netanyahu’s curved fingers and extended pointer finger on his other hand indicates how he really feels about having to shake Obama’s hand. He is angry and  cannot stand to do  it.

The same holds true for Obama who stares down at his hands in anger and hostility. Both have tight jaws and forced smiles with lots of tension in the jaw region which screams of anger towards one another.

This photo says a lot about posturing as they attempt to gain their composure. They both are seen grooming themselves, straightening up their pants and pulling up their belts and buttoning jackets, This  is often a signal of  discomfort.  They have so much animosity towards one another that they cannot even look at one another. When people look in opposite directions it usually means that they are not like minded. This is definately the case here. these two are clealy not like minded.

They can’t seem to get further away from one another as they are turned away from one another . Netanyahu even turns away his head in disgust and gives Obama the cold shoulder  as Obama tries to contain himself by clasping his hands together. However  Obama’s  rage leaks out through his extended   thumbs. Obama’s feelings are clealry mirrored in his his tight lipped sneer as he gazes downwards.

Body language wise these photos are extremly disturbing. They show the intense hostility each one of these world leaders  feels towards the other on a very personal level.  This will make any discussion  between them extremely painful  and  most likely  fruitless. It is difficult to communicate, let alone  negotitate with anyone whom you simply cannot stand.  www.drlillianglass.com


12 thoughts on “Obama and Netanyahu’s Body Language Reveal They Can’t Stand One Another

  1. Wow. Once again, Dr Glass, a truly insightful post. As much as I love reading about Casey Anthony, this is the kind of post I find to be truly informative. This is something that no one else dares to comment on and I look forward to more posts like this!


  2. Thank you for this post on your observations of the two leaders. President Obama has shown he either knows nothing about the history of Israel or he could care less about it. To suggest that Israel goes back to its 1967 borders is ludicrous. There’s a reason why those borders changed back then and Netanyahu was in that war. I don’t blame Netanyahu for his anger. President Obama’s anger is because he despises Israel and Netanyahu because they wont do as he says.


  3. I wish Bibi would have told Barry that unless he wants to be eating that finger, he better butter it!!! To me, there is NOTHING ruder than for someone to point their finger at you. Nothing!


  4. Maybe after the hand shake they both groom themselves in order to “remove the taint” they both feel after touching each other. They clearly did not want to touch….and Netanyahu appears to have privately wiped his hand off on his clothing.


  5. Obama has already worked out healthcare, killed Bin Laden, and now wants to tidy up the middle east. He won’t even need a second term. Thank God.






  7. I believe obama is A son of perdition, AN antichrist. Whether he is THE anti-Christ depends on when God, not satan (and certainly not obama) decides to wrap things up.

    A gentle suggestion to Dr. Glass: Please proofread your post and correct the errors of spelling, punctuation, and grammar. An insightful post such as this should not have distracting errors in it. Examples: “she” (referring to obama)
    “ther” (there?)
    “and” (hand?)
    Wrong curly quotes at “if looks could kill”

    Thanks for your insights.


  8. As December, 2011 closes, Christmas arrives, and American troops have departed Iraq–things could happen…! Neither Iran nor Israel celebrate Christmas. U.S. citizens and government officials leave their business for a few days–after stressful government squabbles of our own–and prepare to relax for just a few days. A dangerous window of opportunity opens…!

    Israel knows which side their bread is buttered on with the Obama crew in Washington… And they also are well aware that they can cross Jordanian and Iraqi airspace with impunity–now that the U.S. miltary presence is no longer watch-dogging. What is stopping Israel from the final solution to the Iranian nuclear dilemma…?

    If Netanyahu is smart, he will send a three-pronged aerial attack–now. One group will take out Teheran’s city electric power supply. Another group will simultaneously destroy as much of Iran’s military command complex as is possible in one attack. And a third wave will take out as much of Iran’s nuclear research complex as is possible in one wave of strikes… Iran will teeter as close to the stone age as is possible to do in just one or two days–and probably crumble into complete chaos…!

    My prediction… Let’s hope it doesn’t become reality…! But it is all too possible–and probably eventually inevitable…!


  9. Benjamin Netanyahu is a liar and warmongering that spreads hate in the world. Israel is armed “until teeth” with nuclear weapons and chemical. And he is not ashamed of blaming Iran. A venomous snake is what he is!


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