Casey Anthony Slaps Her Mother In the Face Once Again By Refusing Jailhouse Visit

Surprise! Surprise! Casey refused Cindy entry into the Orange County jail to visit her. This time Casey cannot use  the excuse that everything is videotaped and that it may affect her trial. This time she refused her mother’s entry because she does not want to see her. She feels she has seen enough of Cindy during the trial and now Casey wants to show her power by keeping Cindy away from her.

Even after Cindy lied on the stand to protect her ungrateful daughter,Casey shows her  lack of appreciation and disrespect and disdain for Cindy by keeping her at arms length. It is Casey’s way to show her mother that she is in control. w

The last time Cindy was refused a visit was on Mother’s Day . It was a day before Casey had to go to Pinnelas County for jury selection. Cindy looked humiliated as reporters tried to speak to her. Now Cindy is humiliated once again.

Cindy signed up for a video teleconference meeting at 7pm and Casey would have none of it. It shows me that to Casey does NOT want o go home.If she does end up going home life there will not be pleasant.

She will be giving Cindy the cold shoulder and giving George the colder shoulder. Casey will not be welcomed anywhere.Fusion won’t let her in. None of her former boyfriends are available.  None of her girlfriends are available. She could only go to a fast food place where she stays in the car and order’s her Unhappy Meal.

She can’t get a job because no one will hire her so she won’t be out of the house looking for a job or going to work.

But maybe she won’t have to  work or live with George and Cindy. Maybe someone has fronted her the money for her personal photos of Caylee  so she can rent her own apartment and live on her own. Remember ABC gave 200,000 for a few photos of  Caylee. Now she may have more photos and more money.

Maybe someone will pay her big bucks for an interview. Maybe it will be Barbara Walters who’s ratings are already so high that she doesn’t care about anyone boycotting her or her shows. Maybe it will be Oprah to bring attention to her own networks. Maybe it will be  a tabloid or a European entity that. will fill Casey’s pockets.

As far as friends go, there are some sicky types who thrive on the infamous. She may take some of the offers of some of  her jailhouse writing suitors to entertain her and to provide her with sexual relief. Let’s hope he doesn’t get pregnant.

But as I said in my last blog, life on the outside will be a living hell for Casey beginning July 17, 2011.  Wherever she goes, people will never let her forget what she mos likely did to Caylee.