Casey Anthony Slaps Her Mother In the Face Once Again By Refusing Jailhouse Visit

Surprise! Surprise! Casey refused Cindy entry into the Orange County jail to visit her. This time Casey cannot use  the excuse that everything is videotaped and that it may affect her trial. This time she refused her mother’s entry because she does not want to see her. She feels she has seen enough of Cindy during the trial and now Casey wants to show her power by keeping Cindy away from her.

Even after Cindy lied on the stand to protect her ungrateful daughter,Casey shows her  lack of appreciation and disrespect and disdain for Cindy by keeping her at arms length. It is Casey’s way to show her mother that she is in control. w

The last time Cindy was refused a visit was on Mother’s Day . It was a day before Casey had to go to Pinnelas County for jury selection. Cindy looked humiliated as reporters tried to speak to her. Now Cindy is humiliated once again.

Cindy signed up for a video teleconference meeting at 7pm and Casey would have none of it. It shows me that to Casey does NOT want o go home.If she does end up going home life there will not be pleasant.

She will be giving Cindy the cold shoulder and giving George the colder shoulder. Casey will not be welcomed anywhere.Fusion won’t let her in. None of her former boyfriends are available.  None of her girlfriends are available. She could only go to a fast food place where she stays in the car and order’s her Unhappy Meal.

She can’t get a job because no one will hire her so she won’t be out of the house looking for a job or going to work.

But maybe she won’t have to  work or live with George and Cindy. Maybe someone has fronted her the money for her personal photos of Caylee  so she can rent her own apartment and live on her own. Remember ABC gave 200,000 for a few photos of  Caylee. Now she may have more photos and more money.

Maybe someone will pay her big bucks for an interview. Maybe it will be Barbara Walters who’s ratings are already so high that she doesn’t care about anyone boycotting her or her shows. Maybe it will be Oprah to bring attention to her own networks. Maybe it will be  a tabloid or a European entity that. will fill Casey’s pockets.

As far as friends go, there are some sicky types who thrive on the infamous. She may take some of the offers of some of  her jailhouse writing suitors to entertain her and to provide her with sexual relief. Let’s hope he doesn’t get pregnant.

But as I said in my last blog, life on the outside will be a living hell for Casey beginning July 17, 2011.  Wherever she goes, people will never let her forget what she mos likely did to Caylee.



79 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Slaps Her Mother In the Face Once Again By Refusing Jailhouse Visit

  1. You know, she will not need a job with all the monies she will be getting from her interviews, books, and the movies. She will not have to live at home with the networks putting her up in a fancy hotel like the “Ritz”. The more I hear about Casey, the more hate I have for her. Poor Caylee had to sugger the ultimate just so Casey can have her care free life. Bella Vita Casey! I hope it is not what you expect!

    I just do not understand the need that the networks have to put her on TV…are they that hard up?? Or are they also baby killer lovers?


  2. Dr Glass, certainly you have noticed that KC does not get her feelings hurt! About the only evidence of KC having hurt feelings was when Baez didn’t look at her one day and when Cindy first took the stand and walked off without looking at her. When you think of how long the trial was and how icy cold she was throughout one knows with conviction that KC has ice water in her veins. She will always be able to think everyone loves her even when those same people are looking at her like she is the POS that she is!
    Agree on all counts about how puffed up she is feeling about finally being “over” Cindy…and I bet Cindy is feeling low. As you pointed out in another article those two have always had a push me pull me relationship. Cindy is currently on the losing end.


    1. ps. ironic that Cindy stated several times that she did not want to lose both Caylee AND Casey…well, she called it!


  3. I doubt that Casey will be able to go ANYWHERE in public for a long time to come without security. I would also think she might have a problem getting an apartment because the residents of the prospective complex would protest loudly.

    Casey will, On Sunday, July, 19th, 2011 will go from one form of solitary confinement to another.



  4. After hearing about the verbal and emotional abuse Cindy has inflicted on Casey, according to Jesse Grund, I am not surprised that Casey does not want to see her mother. Jesse tells stories of Cindy humiliating Casey in front of him, completely decimating her basic existence as a human being. Verbal and emotional abuse can be just as bad if not worse, than physical abuse. Its interesting that Cindy covered for Casey all her life to the outside view, but behind closed doors she was probably always telling her what a piece of shit she was. This also makes me wonder if George possibly molested Casey and she was seen as a threat to her mother, hence the abuse. I don’t think Geo had anything to do with the death or disposal of his granddaughter though.

    The more I know of Cindy, the more I think she is more than a mere narcissist and I have little empathy for her anymore. Hopefully Casey is getting some counseling by a licensed therapist who is likely telling her to keep away from this bag o crazy that is Cindy Anthony. Would you want this nutbag to visit you in jail? I think I would pass too.


    1. To place the term “Grieving Grandparents” on these two Anthony’s, though my sense Cindy is far worse than George, is an insult to all Grieving Grandparents.


      Verbal//emotional abuse can be worst than physical because people don’t see the invisible wounds and damage until the damaged individual begins to act out destructively! And when that begins to happen most individuals don’t make the connection back to the verbal/emotional abuse that took place earlier.

      How young was Casey when Cindy started this abuse?
      Young children will completely internalize the abuse and become destructive towards themselves and some will begin to hurt others as they have been hurt. Some cannot abuse others, so abuse only themselves.


      1. I am sure that Cindy and Casey share the same kinds of personality disturbance/disorder, though Cindy to a MUCH less severe degree. There’s no way Cindy could have kept Lee and Casey alive, or made it through nursing school (a nurse speaking, here) or kept such a long term relationship if she were anywhere near as disturbed as her daughter.

        Casey is in another world than even Cindy.

        The severity of Casey’s sociopathy is so profound that I seriously doubt she would be much different if Cindy and George took her to a psychologist when she killed or maimed her first pet, or stole toys from her friend.

        There are too many of us out here that are normal who have revolting excuses for parents.

        I blame the senior Anthony’s for not getting Casey help along time ago, but I’m not convinced even if they did that Casey would be normal today, or behaving any differently than she is.


  5. Casey did not want to see Cindy for the simple fact that in doing so their convo would’ve been recorded & plastered all over the 5:00 news resulting in Casey’s 1st TV interview fee to be severely lessened. She’s all about shaking the celebrity fee tree.


    1. What will Casey answer in her first post-trial TV interview? Baez won’t permit “hard” questions?

      I suggest some like, “How have you weathered this three-year storm, Miss Anthony?”
      “Oh, I just read my Bible daily and prayed to Caylee. She gave me strength to go on!”


  6. How long does everyone think it will be before Jose Baez and his wife split up b/c of Casey? All of us have seen how anyone who is in contact with Casey or this case their lives have been ruined in one way or another. I personally think Casey likes the fact she has the power to do that.

    I hope and pray that Jose’s personal life isn’t affected by the likes of Casey. But his professional “duty” to her is now over. Hope he puts this much time and energy into his OWN family and doesn’t let Casey tear it apart like she has done to so many others. His wife and daughters need him more then ever and they should be his top priority NOT Casey!! JMHO


    1. I agree w/ you 100%, but IMO Baez thrives off the attention he gets from this case. I doubt his family is 1st on his list of things to do. He made a comment (right after the not guilty verdict) that he called his teenage daughter to boast about how he saved a life. Who the heck does this? A selfish, callous person thats who. The same person that purchased a 1/2 million dollar home, and a new car yet was in $2000 worth of arrears for child support. If Jose’s marriage fails, I doubt Casey will be 100% to blame.


      1. You are right Christy.

        It is a sad state of affairs all the way around. My thought with my first comment was the fact that Baez has a new wife at home and a new baby as well as his older daughter and none of them asked for all of this attention and grief that everyone is receiving from the wackos making threats. I am hoping and praying his first priority is his OWN family and their needs and protection NOT Casey. I don’t mean to sound callus or cruel but Casey is the one that caused this media circus to happen with her lies and whatever she did or neglected to do for her own daughter.

        But you are right Baez is a fame hound looking to make a quick buck off this heartbreaking ordeal.

        Let none of us forget the little angel who came into all of hearts. Really sad we are all strangers to one another and this little girl yet it seems we truly care about Caylee and her memory more then her own mother and family.


  7. Of course there was coverage in the UK. On a particular chatango blog there were plenty of people from the UK following the case. They all know about the murderer, and nobody in any country wants her.

    She’ll eventually get whats coming to her. The tree that was struck by lightening next to where poor slaughtered Caylee was found, was a subtle message of things to come for Bella Skankerella Vita.

    She has no idea what she is in for. The crowds are not waiting for her with welcome arms, they are waiting with torches and pitchforks.


    1. The rain, the storms, the lightning…..

      More to come as a sign that Justice will be meted out.

      Remorse, speaking the Truth, and repentance are the only way for Casey to make things right.

      Will she EVER be capable of those proper values is another story.


  8. Sindy’s chickens have come home to roost. If George and Lee have any sense at all they will join them, and Sindy will end up alone, as she so richly deserves. Casey and Jose will enjoy big fat checks dripping in baby’s blood, which will never bother them one bit. It certainly never bothered George and Cindy as they took trips “looking for Caylee,” knowing full well she was dead. It sure paid better than looking for work. Lee is the only Anthony that will ever seek employment again, which may be difficult after telling the world he will keep Casey’s secretes. Don’t walk away from this family, Mallory—-RUN—for you life!!!


    1. Right,and I still can’t get over the fact that they were “looking for Caylee” and when she was found they didn’t even come home that day but enjoyed a very expensive night at the Ritz! UNBELIEVABLE!
      Even though she wasn’t alive I would have broke my neck getting there!


  9. I think George, Cindy, Lee and Casey deserve one another. I don’t care what happens to any of them from here on out. I’m done.


  10. Orlando, especially E Orlando where she used to live and hang out, is really a small town disguised as a big town. I live here, just down the street from the old Fusion (it’s called something else now). It’s a tiny place in a new strip mall surrounded by homes and next to a few doctors offices and a pizza place. Very suburban. Not crowded. She’d stand out anywhere here like a sore thumb.

    Unless she never gets out of her car she won’t be able to go anywhere…although I’m sure there are some of her fringe friends willing to welcome her back with open arms, I don’t see how she could live here undetected ever again.


  11. The really funny thing about this is that Cindy EXPECTED to see Casey? BA HAA! Casey will never give them the time of day. She’s onto bigger and better things… I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Casey/Jose romance after she breaks up his marriage.

    She makes me sick.


    1. HaHa,exactly right!
      do you need to look up neck breaking for a 2yr old? I can’t believe Cindy thinks Kc loves her,My veins turned to hydraulic hose’ when They said KC lied about everything and Cindy say’s..well not everything.she told me she loved me? LoL
      Sorry Cindy,she lied then too! jmo


  12. I believe it was the “Grief Specialist” that stated she was in England and there wasn’t any coverage of this disaster there? Maybe she will head there??? Much better than Houston!

    Nancy Wheaton-Valldeperas – July 10, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    Nancy, my daughter works for British Airlines and brings me Britins’s newspaper THE DAILY MAIL everyday. The Casey Anthony case has been pretty well-coverd in that UK newspaer, at least. Of course, not to the extent that our media has covered it.


  13. I think Cindy’s trips to visit Casey may be all a ploy on Cindy’s part to get media pity. Cindy is a famewhore. She loves being a martyr with the press and her sweetheart’s latest refusal to see her gets her more coverage in TV land with the sob sisters. “Oh, poor Cindy! ” Sob! Squawk. “Tsk! Tsk. And after her poor mother perjured herself on the stand to save her!” That last quote is from the Cindy sob sister emeritus, Nancy Grace. But many of the others have echoed the same sentiments. Cindy is a grieving grandmother. She’s off limits, even when she breaks the law. (Which she has done since the beginning of her “beloived” grandchild’s disappearance and death.

    Have you noticed that most of the talking heads never dare to say anything bad about the three Anthonys, especially Cindy, even when the Anthonys act their most illegal and outlandish.

    Boggles the sane mind.
    Not saying I’m sane after three years of this circus!


  14. Baez and Mason will swim around kc until the money runs out and then she will be on her own…..she will make money but she will need money especially for security……….and of course she will party…i don’t think we have heard the last of her and i think she will die young…


  15. ITA with all who think Cindy’s the problem,She is! Satan and Satans daughter! and yes,they all deserve one another! Now we can sit back and watch Cindy and KC fight over the money! Mark my words,KC will sue them down to the vials with Caylee’s ashes just because she can! Remember her statement through Bozo? I would like to bury my daughter so I can go see her grave someday……blah blah blah………..add another log on the fire! Skin will fly!


  16. I’d say Bozo got that the day of Indictment,when she said she’d help and then had Bozo come down and they went to a seperate room and come out and JB said she waives her rights,take her to jail! Guarantee ya if we ain’t careful we’ll have mini Bozo’s walking around looking for their daddies!
    Put Birth Control in her cole slaw! JMVHO


  17. Argument Over Casey Anthony Verdict Leads To Arrest

    Posted: 6:28 pm EDT July 10, 2011Updated: 6:31 pm EDT July 10, 2011

    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — Reaction has been so strong to the verdict in Casey Anthony’s trial that it led to a fight in Brevard County.
    Police say Robert Hakimoglu hit a woman in the face during the fight at the Melbourne Beach Pier Saturday night. But when officers approached him, he jumped into the Indian River. He was arrested a few hours later at his home.


  18. I wrote this poem for Caylee only a few days after she went missing and I certainly am no poet but it seemed like the time to share it so I will!

    A poem I wrote For Caylee Marie Anthony

    Here I am standing alone in what my mommy thinks was the terrible two’s
    I don’t know why my mommy sent me here or what she’d have me do
    which direction should I go,which direction would my mommy choose
    If i choose my mommy,will she be glad to have me back or will her and granny always just use me as an excuse to fight
    if i choose the light will everyone I loved be alright
    I had a lot of friends and tons of toys too,
    I even had my own little house right behind my Granny’s place,
    It was fun and i loved it and when i looked out the window i could see you mommy and my granny too with smiles across your face
    I don’t understand why you sent me away,
    I thought you told me i was the reason for your smile every single day,
    Did you get tired of smiling or someone made you smile more,
    I wish you would tell me so that i know what to do,
    I can’t stand alone in the dark forever not knowing what to do,
    mommy if you let me come back i promise i’ll be nice
    and you can still have fun and granny can help watch me,
    and i’ll be so good mommy,just you wait and see
    You won’t even know i’m there
    I just want to come home,please mommy please can i come home,
    There are things i never got to do,I wanted to grow up and be just like you,is that the part you hated because you didnt want me too
    You were always the center of attention mommy and i just wanted a little too,
    So i could be just like you,
    Well you haven’t answered me so i guess i’ll be on my way,i know what to do now and maybe you’ll get to see me again one day,
    and if you don’t thats ok because my Father is here and he will protect me and he promised no harm will ever come my way!


  19. I hope she refuses to see ALL of them especially Pervert George..of course he is not happy she was found not guilty because NOW she can bring out what has really gone on in that house. It was reported that if she had been convicted Ann Finnel told Geraldo that they would come out full force with the molestation evidence..that they were NOT ALLOWED to bring into the trial. If that is the case CASEY needs to bring it out …every single bit of it! I really believe that Cindy is the type that would not do a dam thing about it. It has not seemed to bother her about his affair with River! They are a chummy as ever! If there IS a story to be told Casey needs to tell it, if only to let people understand why it happened. Problem is so many sick people WANT to believe Nancy Grace vs the truth and that is the saddest of all. Nancy and all of the rest are in this for the $$$$$! And they have since day one! She is far worse than Casey Anthony will ever be!


    1. Oh, brother! Why is any kind of abuse from George, IF it is even true, an excuse for Casey murdering her daughter? I just don’t get it…and it is an insult to women everywhere who WERE abused and diid not go on to muder their children. It is patently ridiculous.

      But this sociopath must be redeemed somehow in the public’s perception so all her devious team can continue to make their reputations and MONEY!


      1. Diane Downs also accused her father of molestation during her baby killing trial then later recanted that accusation from prison, years later. Its hard to know what to believe from sociopaths.


  20. How do you know the visits are not still being recorded? God knows this family had had enough of their laundry aired out publicly. People like you are the reason the nutcases are sprouting like weeds. Prove me wrong. Do you read minds to or just want to be published. Shame on you! Take a second and think. What if this was your family?


  21. I think it needs to be checked into,I just know Bozo knew,And how did he know to get gifts for the jury? I’m sure he hadn’t planned to buy gifts for them if the verdict were correct! JMHO


    1. If this happened, why didn’t they report it to the judge? Or did they? I am sure other gifts and promises were given if this happened. I’m starting to think Judge Perry was sleeping through half of the trial and that all he cared about was getting to deliberations. He is the one who allowed the village idiots and a criminal with similar crimes as Casey for the the jury. It was kind of a backwoods hangin trial if you look at cross-eyed JP who could not even pronounce “Miss Amfony” correctly. I liked him throughout the trial because he was entertaining and seemed smart to me but now I am having second thoughts. I also thought that if I was Casey and got the Death Penalty, I would be pissed some cross eyed judge who can’t even say my name right was going to put me to death.
      To me it seems this would be a jury dumb enough to be tampered with. Why are they not looking into this?????


  22. Well,I can’t see kc sitting in jail for 3 yrs and not coming out with it,I dunno!


    1. Amen! In jail for three years for an accident…and not a peep out of her? Casey goes without sex for three years while a confession to Caylee drowning would have probably freed her.
      Unless they got her for mistreating a dead body. Oh, wait, that was Georgehas missed cuddling, making body heat and entering hot body contests over an accident?


  23. If George had though,I can’t see why kc would have kept quiet! I don’t buy it,and it still doesn’t mean she can kill her own child!
    I don’t like airing everything personal but I was born to 2 alcoholics who did things they were supposed to protect me and my 3 siblings from but I can’t blame anybody but me if I had done the same thing or abused my daughter,I was pregnant and married at 15,I didn’t have a choice,I was made to leave home the very next day by my adopted parents who were my life at the time,and they were in their late 60’s when they adopted me when my biomum took us door to door to give us away and I’m glad she made me stronger though a yr before she passed away in 2ooo i learned she had been pregnant when she married and that hurt,suddenly I was no good though because I was!
    I was a mom at 16 and was married for 25 yrs till 2003 when a man who beat out daughter on a daily basis took my husbands life AFTER he was totally disabled from a roof fall and still chose to sneak up behind him in cold blood and is freer than I am today!
    But ask me if I ever allowed my daughter to be harmed in any way or abused by me…..NO!
    My point is,we did everything to protect her and that monster ran from my husband,he’d pack his clothes in the middle of the night and leave if my husband was in town after he beat her….my husband was an ironworker who traveled out of town alot but this time the murderer didn’t have to run,my husband was disabled!
    His millionaire dad got the best atty though he wouldn’t loan him 5 dollars till that day and he spent 6 months in county jail and I am the one in prison!


  24. Justice must be when the victim can’t speak and the perp blames it on them and lies like hell but when you speak for them you are loathed by the system.That is the only justice I know of!
    When my husbands killer absconded from his parole I called them on what would have been our 30th anniversary to see if he’d ever been picked up and HIS PAROLE OFFICER TOLD ME TO LEAVE HIM ALONE,HE PAID HIS DEBT AND HIS PAROLE PERIOD HAD NOW RAN OUT,HE’S FREE! Though he absconded before it ran out!


  25. I think Cindy was the biggest problem in the entire family,I do and if George did do that then it stemmed from there somehow because Cindy didn’t pay attention,sorry but how is a girl 7 months pregnant and you’re a nurse and don’t know? How does your daughter not work for 2 yrs and you don’t know especially when she lives with you? how does your daughter steal all those checks from Cindy alone and not know…even ignoring the others she stole from? Cindy turned a blind eye and worried about appearances and that disgusts me so if Caylee or Kc were abused,it’s as much her fault and still no reason for Kc to kill her own child! kc killed Caylee regardless,IMHO You protect your child moreso,Why did kc leave Caylee around him if that was happening,and look at Cindy now? writing a book about Georges part,OMG DEVIL WOMAN! JMO


    1. Well, if George did molest Casey as a child, and her mom never stopped it, then how could Mother of the Year leave Caylee with George and Cindy so much? Or, maybe Casey didn’t much mind George molesting her daughter? “I had to take it, Snothead; so can you! I’m off to Tony’s!”


  26. What did they expect,we’d all accept they let a child murderer walk free!
    Maybe the jurors need a nanny? KC has no job?


  27. Nothing Casey or Cindy does, surprises me any longer. They are two of a kind. The rotten fruit does not fall far from the tree!

    Casey killed her little girl,..a baby. Casey’s entire family knows it,…we all know it. How, or with what intent, we will NEVER know. So, do not patronize Casey, or those who offer her money for her interviews, books, movie deals! If you do, you will be contributing to the comfort and affluent lifestyle of a baby-killer!

    Do not believe, for one moment, that Casey will ever tell the truth! It will never happen folks. She can continue to play the media, and all of us, with her lies, IF WE LET HER! Don’t allow her to use you too. She has nothing to say that I am interested in. Lies are all she knows, and she will never, ever, tell the truth. Mark my words!

    Shun them all! Eventually, the media, as well as the Anthony’s, Casey included, will feel the pain of that both financially, and emotionally. Do not believe that Casey has no feelings. Remember, she only cried in court, etc., when people commented on how she was a victim. She never shed a tear for her dead baby, or anybody else she destroyed. When she has to live in a box on the streets, she will cry then, and only then.

    SHUNNING HURTS! Do it!!!


  28. Has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe, someone has enough pull to get her into the witness protection program, get her plastic surgery and a new name so that no one could find her. I know she doesn’t qualify for it but again she was probably the only witness to the murder of thatbeautiful little girl 🙂

    Just my comment on a sunny California day:)


  29. From Richard Hornsby’s Blog:

    And to Think, We Could Have Spent More Time Together…

    There is only one problem, it was not the maximum sentence allowable under the law.

    Rather, the maximum sentence allowable under the law would have been for The Very Honorable Judge Belvin Perry to have sentenced Ms. Anthony to consecutive sentences of one year in the county jail with credit for 631 days already served in the Orange County Jail awaiting trial.

    But how can that be you say! She has been in jail for 1,043 days, not 631?

    Under Florida law, a judge is not required to give a defendant credit for time previously served on unrelated sentences while awaiting trial. See Jackson v. State, 23 So. 3d 853 (Fla. 2d DCA 2009) (“Where a defendant is held to answer for numerous charges, he is not entitled to have his jail time credit pyramided by being given credit on each sentence for the full time he spends in jail awaiting disposition of multiple charges or cases.”); See also Hardenbrook v. State, 953 So. 2d 717 (Fla. 1st DCA 2007).

    What this means is that the Very Honorable Judge Belvin Perry had the authority to deny Ms. Anthony credit for 412 of the 1,043 days he credited her with previously serving, as that time had been credited to her already by the Honorable Stan Strickland on the Check Fraud Charges.

    If the Very Honorable Judge Belvin Perry had exercised his judicial discretion to do so, Ms. Anthony would likely be spending at least 9 more months in the Orange County Jail after taking into account good time and gain time.

    Well, She Still Has One Year of Felony Probation…

    Luckily for us, Ms. Anthony does still has one year of felony probation to serve on her Check Fraud convictions…. Hold on, wait a sec, what’s that?

    Beth Karas on Prime News with Vinnie Politan is reporting that Cheney Mason claims:

    “Ms. Anthony has served her probation (while in jail) and when she leaves on Wednesday she is a free agent, can go anywhere she wants…”

    Now looka, I say looka here son; maybe that Mason fella just might be on to something. According to a January 29, 2010 article by the Orlando Sentinel, Ms. Anthony’s probation was scheduled to end on January 24, 2011 … Ruh, Ro! That was six months ago…

    Please, Say it Ain’t So…

    It ain’t so, or at least it shouldn’t be.

    This is because Florida law is very clear that Ms. Anthony’s probationary period was tolled while she was incarcerated awaiting trial on that serious case we discussed earlier. See Bradley v. State, 721 So. 2d 775 (Fla. 5th DCA 1998) (Finding the defendant’s “term of state supervision was tolled during period defendant was incarcerated on an unrelated case.”); See also Brooks v. State, 762 So. 2d 1011 (Fla. 5th DCA 2000) (Defendant “erroneously contends that he completed his split sentence while incarcerated before he began his probation. He cannot have successfully completed a split sentence if he never served the probationary part, even when the sentence is a “true split” sentence. Additionally, because he was incarcerated on another offense at the time he was released from the custodial portion of his sentence in this case, defendant’s probation was tolled until he was paroled in his other case.”) See also Schurman v. State, 847 So. 2d 569 (Fla. 1st DCA 2003) (“Although the incarcerative portion of his sentence in Case No. 93-202 may have expired prior to his release from prison in May 1998, the probationary portion of that sentence was tolled while he remained in prison on other sentences, and it did not begin to run until appellant was released in May 1998. Therefore, his probationary sentence in Case No. 93-202 was [still] in effect upon his release.”)

    Finally, it is worth pointing out that the fundamental reasoning behind this line of cases is that “the underlying concept of probation is rehabilitation rather than punishment and presupposes the fact that probationer is not in prison confinement.” Hatton v. State, 689 So. 2d 1195 (Fla. 4th DCA 1997)

    The Law is Only the Law

    Notably, the Florida Department of Corrections Offender Lookup website no longer lists Casey Anthony as a probationer, which means they agree with Mr. Mason’s interpretation.

    So while the law may say Casey Anthony should still be on one year of felony probation when she is released, the law “don’t mean a hill of beans” if neither the State or the defendant follow the law.


  30. OMG Are you serious Nancy? Please say it ain’t so! I adored JP! But I agree,something ain’t right here!


  31. after being enabled and covered up for her entire life and getting away with her control and lies casey has a dream team that treats her exactly lke her familf, and even embellishing her lies. I am sick of the softball interviews with Atty. Mason. The question should be asked of him Remember, (or even yet show him some film) when you made comments of Casey guilt) and then SURPRISE , she is not guilty. will they be walking out arm in arm? He is a boastfil meanspirited man. Last week he saaid no one knows how Caylee died then remembered his cheat sheet-“she drowned in the pool.


    1. Amen! No one knows,not even them cause KC never told anybody and never will but I still don’t think KC told them the drowning story either! I think they came up with that and she followed suit! He’s a sorry excuse for a human just like his co don’t give a crap buddy! So what if a little girl was murdered.we need money! Stuck his finger up to the people who supported and wanted justice for Caylee,and for what? What is so great about kc that they’d risk being disbarred for? M-O-N-E-Y and that thing she showed CM under the table! LoL Just wait and see how long it lasts!
      But yea Like you,it makes me sick..No one knows how she died? hmm OKAYYYYYYY! JMO


  32. Don’t know how she died? well it’s a good thing then that Kc put duct tape on her mouth and nose just incase she ever fell into the pool and drowned so water wouldn’t get in her lungs,Now there’s a Great Mom for ya! MOTY!


  33. Had to share this with you all!

    After the initial reaction to the verdict one of the first responses from Baez was
    to grab casey’s hand… look up to the balcony at Geraldo and put an ear to ear shit eating grin on his face. The man has gotten the ‘most hated woman in the world’ off
    (basically) and he’s now going to be the most sought after attorney in the nation.
    Hope he didn’t already sign a contract with TeleMundo cause his value just rose like the gold rush of the 1800’S.


  34. Dollar signs flashed in Jose Baez eyes when he met casey anthony. I hope he gets nothing. I hope she gets nothing. I hope zenaida gonzales gets every dime she ever makes. Anyone who offers casey anthony money for her story is a bumbling idiot and is just as messed up as she is. As far as selling her dead babys’ pictures. How low can a person get. I hope she has to run and hide the rest of her life. I cannot stand to look at her. I literally get sick to my stomach when I see photos of her on tv. I say if she likes tattoos, give her one on the forehead stating what she is.


  35. Dr. Glass, This morning I heard a statistic that said in the last year 202 mothers had murdered their children. If that is true, what makes this case so special? What drew the media to this case, Nancy Grace? What are your thoughts?


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