Body Language of All 3 Heene Boys Show They Are Miserable

Heene Boys lookl miserable

With their heads bowed in shame and their serious expressions as they walk in back of their dad the Heene boys look like they are absolutely miserable. The fact that Richard is walking three steps ahead of them shows that he is clearly distancing himself from them. Maybe he doesn’t want to get too close to them now that he might not see them for a while as he possibly leaves for prison in the future.
Little Falcon who was constantly held in Richard’s arms is relegated to the back of the line as far away from Richard as possible. Little Falcon is biting his lower lip as he no doubt glances at the papps taking his photo. This lip biting shows that he is holding back. It’s also interesting that Richard has the same facial expression as little Falcon with his lips pursed and holding back, as he too checks out the papps. The other two boys wish they whole things would disappear as they hold their heads down and stare at the ground. Ryo the one in the middle looks particularly sad with his shoulders hunched over, while Bradford is trying to distract himself with large arm gestures.
Heen boys 2

While it’s obviously chilly outside, the relationship between Balloon dad Richard and Falcon is awful. Falcon’s leg is lift as though he wants to walk away. He’s not looking in his dad’s direction and he is obviously cold being outside as he is seen zipping up his jacket. Richards, head is cocked at Falcon and his jaw looks tense. I wonder if he yelled at him or told him to zip up his jacket. Falcon looks as though he is finding more comfort in the direction of the papps than with his dad. I think that the relationship between father and son will never be the same, Richard will never forgive Falcon for ruining his life and his big plan. You can see how it is playing out with their body language. If Falcon could drive, he would be long gone by now, no doubt.
Bradford looks dejected as we are starting to see him looking down all the time, at least in these photos we are now seeing. He’s cold too so he’s all hooded up. But his looking down speaks of shame and embarrassment, It is also interesting how this older brother is in back of Falcon as though he is covering Falcon’s back literally, He was the only one who showed any concern for Falcon’s vomiting. Remember when he asked in his sweet voice, Falkie, are you OK? Mayumi had to be prompted to leave while Richard was more concerned with his on air time. Little Ryo also concerns me, He has completely
Detached himself in this photo as he is trying to focus on the horse, His body is still halfway turn toward his family while his body is turned away towards the warn, This clearly shows his ambivalence, He is frightened to stray to far, His body is there but his mind certainly is not there.
Heen boy ryo and mayumi
And now there is Mayume also distancing herself behind Falcon can see Mayumi walking three steps in back of Ryo which is in essence distancing herself from him, Perhaps she is preparing herself emotionally as Richard is, in case she has to be away from them and spend time behind bars. Falcon feels awkward and uncomfortable as determined by his feet position pigeoned inward. This shows embarrassment and is common body language tell. His pursed lip shows internal discomfort and tension as well. This is not the same little Falcon who was so confident and chirpy on Wife Swap.

It is so devastating to see what is going on with the boys. When you see such body language “tells’ on the outside, it reflects what is going on inside of them emotionally and psychologically. One can only imagine what went on begins closed doors.


One thought on “Body Language of All 3 Heene Boys Show They Are Miserable

  1. Great blog as always, totally agree with it. You can just see the anger in the dads face, like you said there is no telling what is going on behind close doors. Hope these boys can get some and and the parents really need help. Sad what parents can do to there children. SUCCESS IN LIFE IS NOT DETERMINED BY WHETHER YOUR PARENTS HAD A CHILD, BUT RATHER THAT YOUR CHILD HAD PARENTS…Blessings Lillian, Judy


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