Jon Gosselin and Kevin Missed Each Other But Jon’s Ambivalent Towards Jodi

JOna nad AUnt Jodi

I am thrilled that Aunt Jodi and Uncle Steve are back in the Gosselin children’s lives. They  were only out of everyone’s lives because of Kate’s  alleged falling out with her brother and sister in law when they wanted to get paid for their on camera appearances at TLC, and rightfully so.

I remember that in every episode where the kids were with Aunt Jodi, they were so happy. Aunt Jodi was so nice to them and sweet and level headed- the opposite of Kate who always seemed upset and angry. The kids were calm and had fun and loved going to her house and doing fun things with her. Mady was especially partial to her little cousin and had a very special and tender relationship with him. That was so good for Mady psychologically, who was usually seen angry, yelling and crying and being upset at everyone, She was calm and happy around Steve and Jodi’s little  boy.  

    So now that Jon has custody during his time, I am glad that there is more positive family bonding here. If you look at the body language in these reunion photos you see Aunt Jodi with a wide gait and stance and a huge genuine smile with her hand outreached. Although you can only see part of Jon’s face, there is also a genuine smile THERE AS WELL.  His shoulder is relaxed and arm is outreached to Jodi.  They are both looking at one another face to face . And even though Jodi has on sunglasses, they are both gazing  eye to eye which illustrates a genuine connection and affection.

JOn and KAtes brother geunie hug

Then we see the two brother in law hug. It’s heartwarming. The fact that their toes are directly pointing in one another’s direction means that they really, really like one another. Their bodies are mirroring one another lined up in synch and their hugs are solid. As they hug,  their hands lie flat one one another’s back indicating a solid connection in conjunction to the spread out and relaxed fingers, This  indicates genuine sincerity, It is wonderful to see as it has been way too long that these two have not hung out together. They always seemed to like one another on the show and to get along so it is great to see that they are bonding again.JOn and Jodi 2

Even though it looks a bit awkward Jodi’s hug is genuine  as she holds on to Jon’s back and shoulder in a strong  gesture of friendship, Jon  reciprocates, Jodie toes are pointed in his direction indicating that she really likes and misses Jon. Her smile is genuine.   But Jon does look a bit ambivalent as far as his body language goes. His  upper body is turned toward her while his lower body is turned and pulled away. SO in essence,  part of his body is receptive and part isn’t  receptive. There is clearly some ambivalence on Jon’s part as far as Jodi is concerned. But there is no ambivalence  on Jodi’s part based on her body language towards Jon.  

 I wonder why that is. If any of you reading this blog have a suggestion I welcome that as well. The only thing I could think of  is maybe deep down he agreed with Kate that their family should get the money from TLC because they needed it more  and not Jodi and Kevin . Maybe Jon  is embarrassed  about acting like a jerk  with all the women and back and forth with Kate about money and not letting the kids on  the show.  The bottom line is he doesn’t feel right about something  and I am not sure about what that something is. Perhaps they will be able to straighten everything out during their visit together.

    Tomorrow night Kate makes her solo debut with  her own Q and A time, You can bet I will be scrutinizing her body language and reporting to you the following day as to what I observe. 




8 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin and Kevin Missed Each Other But Jon’s Ambivalent Towards Jodi

  1. Dr. Lillian,
    It was indeed a joy to see the pics of this reunion. I am beyond happy for Jon & his kids. Just one correction though. Kate’s brothers name is Kevin. Steve is the bodyguard! Enjoy your site, looking forward to your next post on Kate!


    1. Barbara thank you so much for your comment and for the correction. You are right it is Kevin not Steve. I’m sure that Jon’s reuinion with Steve wouldn’t be so heartwarming. lol Thank you again.Warmly, Lillian Glass


  2. Hi Dr. Glass maybe Jon is more hesistant to Jodi because if you remember a while back, supposedly, Jon went to Kevin and Jodi saying stuff like he thinks Kate is having an affair with her bodyguard and the kids are too overworked for the show. Then, Jodi and Kevin go public with this information and then Jon slams them and denies he ever said those things. Since that time, Jodi and Kevin kept out of the media. So, maybe Jon was a little apprehensive of seeing Jodi since some friction might have occurred between them. Just a thought, take it for what it’s worth.


  3. You are mistaken when you say that Kate cut off Kevin and Jodi because they wanted to be paid for their participation on the show. If you were lucky enough to read Julie’s (Jodi’s sister) blog before she took down posts, she brings to light the fact that TLC approached Kevin and Jodi offering them compensation. They didn’t ask for money. Then, when Kate found out about this, she demanded they not be paid because she believed that only Jon and Kate be paid for their participation in the show. She did this behind Jodi and Kevin’s back. When TLC told Jodi and Kevin about this, they asked Kate if this was true, HOWEVER they were fine with whatever arrangement TLC decided on as long as they could stay active in the children’s lives. By this time, Kate had decided that she no longer had use for Jodi’s free babysitting services because TLC was footing the bill for nannies. That was the point that Kate cut them out of the children’s lives. Still think Kate cutting out Jodi and Kevin from their lives was “rightly so”??


  4. I hear this all the time about Jon and “all the women” and I always struggle with feelings of empathy for him. Jon admits to a relationship with Hailey Glassman and that they waited until after Kate filed for divorce to begin their relationship, but otherwise, what women? There are the accusations of 3 others which he denies any sexual or romantic involvement. Deanna Hummel, a teacher who is/was a friend, Kate Major a tabloid reporter who was reportedly shopping her tell all around for $3,000 and last but not least Stephanie Santoro, an aspiring model who Jon hired to babysit. If you check you’ll see she recently updated her portfolio with several new photos. A pricy endeavor. Jon is definitely guilty of making some bad choices in who he associates with, but that doesn’t mean he’s slept with everyone who needs some extra cash and is willing to lie. Sorry, I didn’t mean to go on about this but I get so upset on behalf of Jon and the beating he’s taking in the tabloids.

    As far as Jodi and Jon hugging, it appeared to me that they were possibly moving at the time they hugged and had paused momentarily, and Jon was guiding Jodi towards the house. It really would require a video clip to know how this really came about.


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