Giuliana Rancic Apologetic and Frightened Body Language

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When  Fashion Police co-host Giuiiana Rancic received a lot of backlash from her comment about singer Zendaya’s  dreadlocks, saying the girl looked like she” smelled of weed and patchouli oil,” she got on the air and apologized. The apology was sincere and Giulianna looked scared and upset. Through her  mea culpa, the tone sounded very sincere as she took full responsibility for her statement, her wide eyed  tensed face fear permeated throughout the apology. Being a veteran journalist, she knew very well what her having to apologize meant. She knew that this may be the end of her days at the show and may affect her future on television on general. There was no  PR spin that could be done as Guiliana crossed the line. She only realized it after she received a lot of hate and backlash, especially from the stars she has interviewed in  he past like Whoppie Goldberg  (who called her a bonenhead) and Kerry Washington and countless others .

For someone who had dedicated her life to her career, Giulainna has every reason to be scared and upset. Instead of covering the news she is the news which is a very bad thing for any journalist. Look at what happened to Brian Williams. When he became the news he was off the news.  Also what Rancic said was not forgiven by Zendaya who then issued a statement about racism and the expression of hair. Then many others followed suit.

Kelly Osborn, another co- host on the show knew the implications of Giulanna’s comments and  didn;t want to be associated by Guilian’s verbal stink, So  she immediately said she would quit the show if Giulliana didn’t apologize.

There are some things which can be forgiven and others which cannot be forgiven, especially statements which are perceived to smack of a racial undertone. There is no way that Giullaana can ever  freely get on the red carpet again without someone recalling what she said or without someone having  a bad taste in their mouth about her. That is very significant as many may not want to talk to her on the air and may shun her and  not want to be associated with her her. In essence , her  words may  affect the number of people who would  want to talk to her at any red carpet event. That would affect the quality of any show she hosts.

The whole debacle speaks of something bigger than Giulanna’s comment. It speaks to the issue of having a show who’s main purpose is to cut down what someone wore to  and awards presentation.

Without Joan Rivers, the show clearly doesn’t work anymore. The show was created for Joan.  who was both a fashion maven,  who always dressed  to the hilt and a  brilliant comedian. The success of the show was because she  knew how to combine her  spicy jokes and fashion. So the show made sense. Because of Joan’s age, and the network’s demographics, they added younger people to the mix like  Kelly Osbourne  and Giulianna Rancic and some others. Then when Joan passed, they got Kathy Griffin to take over which made no sense. Kathey, who was not into  fashion was now dressed and styled. The show took on more of a mean spirit. As a result, Giulanna let loose with her comment about smells.It is also ironic that Guiliana who has constantly been the news for her  uncomfortable looking anorexic thin body, which overshadows any fashion, iis making judgements about how others look in their clothing.

My view is that Giullana needs to leave the show and the show and  leave the air for a while . It is clear that it is over since Joan was the show.Giulanna needs to get off the air for a while and reinvent herself, perhaps with a few more pounds added to her frame. Then it will be up to the public to see if she is forgiven by whether they watch any show she hosts as that will  determine if they will forgive her and  welcome her back.


8 thoughts on “Giuliana Rancic Apologetic and Frightened Body Language

  1. Thank you for saying what you did, Dr. Glass.

    I don’t think her comment was meant to be racially toned, and I don’t think it was meant to be hateful. But, as much as I enjoy the mean girl humor, I think the show often becomes unhealthy.

    Had Joan (or Kathy for that matter) made the remark, people would have assumed it was an edgy joke. And both of those women would have answered the push back with a joked about themselve. Both women regularly joke about their plastic surgery and make no part of their lives off limits,

    The problem here is Guiliana making a critical and snide comment about the way another woman looks while she is clearly struggling herself with anorexia. Guiliana needs some time to focus on her health (and hopefully eat something).


  2. It’s hard to take GR seriously. She is struggling with anorexia but critiques others? No. Just no! And your misspelling of her name and Whoopie’s, too? Also hard to take serious!


  3. Thank you for another blog Lillian! I agree she appeared afraid and almost dumbstruck. What she said however had NO racial tones…was totally blown out of proportion….the chick Zendaya, who got upset, is just too vain for her own good! I mean seriously! Dreads are nostalgic reminders of EXACTLY what Guiliana said! Regardless, the whole point of the show is useless. Joan was foul and nasty on the show and even though it was funny at times, it was also very distasteful. The power of life and death is in the tongue. And, I really think this show has been cursed.


  4. Dr Glass,
    The punchlines are written by producers like myself and yes, sometimes they do backfire.
    I worked many years behind the scenes on many shows, I can tell you what Guilania said–she was told to say or read it off a teleprompter.
    Joan Rivers as well who believe it or not did write all her own jokes/remarks/commentary on Fashion Police or for her Stand Up Comedy gigs.

    This is why Guilania is scared.

    It is always the person who translates what we want said, are the ones who takes the fall.

    As far the young lady who wore the faux dreads, she over reacted.


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