Cindy Anthony’s “Slip of the Tongue” in The Courtoom Referring Caylee As Her “Daughter” And Lee Anthony’s Attorney’s Similiar “Slip of the Tongue”


When Cindy Anthony  took the stand wearing  her white sweater and beach sandals, she appeared  nervous as evidenced by the  twiddling of her thumbs over one another and her periodic cracking vocal tones.

Body language wise her thumb twiddling was  a form of self soothing behavior as she tried to calm herself down.

Then the Cindy which we have all come to know over these past 2 and ½ years  shortly emerged. We saw a controlling and oftentimes belligerent and whiney Cindy who remarked in a hostile tone I’m trying to answer the question!” as she looked in the direction of Judge Perry.

 Oftentimes we  observed where Cindy tried to take charge of the proceedings while giving her answers to both the defense and the prosecution. She quickly realized that it was the court and the court officers who were in charge- not her.

But the most poignant discovery of watching Cindy’s testimony was her  “Freudian slip” or slip of the tongue.”  Even though it may seem like an innocent mistake , calling one’s granddaughter their daughter, it is not a mistake  at all. It speaks volumes as to what is really going on in a person’s psyche.

On the stand, Cindy spoke the following words:

My husband and I were cooperating with the police department to find our DAUGHTER  Granddaugher  Caylee.”

As you can see Cindy immediately corrected herself by saying  granddaughter, but no doubt she has fancied herself as Caylee’s mother, ever  since Caylee came out of Casey’s womb when  she was the first to hold the baby and bond with the baby.

She also made it a point to let the court know that she did not knowingly cooperate with law enforcement to help build a case against her daughter Casey.  I believe that this is true since she went out of her way to thwart all efforts by law enforcement, even though she was the one who contacted them in the first place.  Remember when Cindy gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush Casey’s instead of Caylees.’

I also believe that she made a point of saying “unknowingly” so that Casey would get the message.

 Casey did give her mother a fleeting glance as we see here as Cindy tried to have some type of communication with Casey. Cindy is hunched forward and her back is rounded. Casey;s posture is the opposite with squared shoulders. Body language wise it shows how Cindy appears to be asquiesng to Cindy and in essence begging her for her aknowledgement and pleading for her daughter’s attention. In essence her daughter has the upper hand.  


But  then Casey quickly detacheds and averted her gaze from Cindy. Casey knows he is the one ion controla nd love it. Sadisticallys he will not  give Cindy the peace of mind to lieratally make peace with her. She has dismissed Cindy as Cindy keeps looking at Casey assl the while Cindy walks out of the courtroom. Casey has the control and is loving it.

  Cindy clearly looks like a broken woman in my view. She has gained a considerable amount of weight either from possible antidepressants or other  medication, stress eating,  or both. Who can blame her after what she has been through with a lifetime of living with her sociopathic daughter that culminated in her granddaughter’s murder, which may very well have occurred  at the hands of her daughter. 


No doubt that Cindy has gone through a lot. She had no idea that her initial  911 call to Law enforcement would essentially be the end of her life as she once knew it.  We have seen her go through  many phases during these past two and a half years. We have seen her anger, vitriol, lashing out at police and law enforcement, mean spirited,  name calling,  and ugly words as she degraded the real  Zanaida Gonzalez  by  saying that she will never be a 10, which made Zanaida cry.

We have seen Cindy’s  desperation to save Caylee by trying to throw others” under the bus” from  a fictitious Zanida Gonzalez to Casey’s ex friend,  Amy Huizinga  to  ex boyfriend , Jesse Grund. 

We have seen  delusional pleas where she repeatedly stated in the media that she believed Caylee was still alive even after Caylee’s little bones and skull were discovered and they were determined to be  Caylee’s remains.

 We have seen her inappropriate outbursts and witnessed  even more inappropriate behaviors,  where she rubbed her son Lees thigh during an initial interview one  of the morning shows. We also witnessed her  non- stop rubbing of  Lee’s back during Caylee’s memorial service.

We have heard her defensive tones and hostile words as she blamed and lashed out at everyone from detectives to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla to members of the media, even referring to Orlando 9  reporter Kathy Bellich as “witchy poo” in one of her jailhouse letters to Casey.  But Cindy always failed to lash out at the one she  most likely knows in her heart killed Caylee -her own flesh and blood  daughter Casey.

She did lash out  at Casey initially  by stating that the car smells like a dead body  was in it which is perhaps the most honest thing that has come out of her mouth to day. 

But then  Cindy did everything in her power to backtrack and distance herself from what she  knows really happened to Caylee.




In my view Cindy’s aberrant behavior has  a lot to do with her guilt over her relationship with Casey and with what happened to cause Casey to leave the home with Caylee in tow, only to be heard from 31 days later.

My take on the situation was that she and Casey had a miserable relationship from early on. Casey learned to lie and manipulate her mother as  Cindy thought she had Casey under control.

When Casey was pregnant,  Cindy was in complete denial and told her own brother that Casey was not pregnant since she was a virgin. Casey could not even feel comfortable confiding in her own mother that she was having a baby . She had to hide her pregnancy until she could hide it no longer.

As soon as Caylee was born Cindy grabbed the baby and was the first to hold her and bond with her. Cindy  became Caylee’s mother, for all intensive purposes.  which rendered Casey  the jealous sibling.

We hear that jealousy in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy spoke of what Caylee like to eat- bagels . Casey blurts out What about me? I like bagels too.”  That statement speaks volumes as does the one where Caylee said in her jailhouse tapes Caylee is me.

Cindy apparently displaced her out of control daughter Cayey with a brand new “daughter”  she could easily control- an innocent baby version of her  daughter  Casey but in a new and improved form – little Caylee. That is why her slip of the tongue in calling Caylee  her daughter instead of Casey happens to often. So does the confusion of their names.

Apparently Cindy may have had a role in naming Caylee. It appears to be a combination of the names of her two children , Lee and Casey. Hence, Caylee.

For all intensive purposes Cindy was the mother of Caylee  in comparison to Caylee’s irresponsible biological mother Casey,  who most likely  wanted nothing to do with  of the baby.  In fact she may have   resented the baby. Cindy paid for the baby’s expenses, insurance, medical bills, clothing and food. She even gave the baby her own room. She was rarely away from her new “daughter” Caylee.

In the analysis I did  several months back when Casey was filming Caylee without speaking to the child and ignoring her need for interaction

 and even  filming Caylee’s  crotch,  we see a sadistic Casey who clearly was anything but a nurturing loving mother, 



So when there was no  contact with Cindy’s  “daughter” Caylee for  4 weeks the  number one question is WHY? Why did Cindy not try and find Caylee,  whom she had never been apart from for more than a few days? Why did she not try to locate   Casey  and  get Caylee and take her home to sleep in her own little bed?

Why did she wait that long? Why didn’t she call all of Casey’s friends or hire a PI  Dominic Casey after a week of her “daughter”  Caylee being  gone? 

The reasons are  simple to me. They  are because of  Cindy’s  “ I’ll show Casey” attitude and her  self pride, her  anger at Casey, and finally, Cindy’s   downright stubbornness. If she would have taken action when Caylee was away from her for a week, perhaps Caylee would have been alive today.


While Casey and Cindy  always went  head to head according to brother Lee, Cindy allegedly had a huge fight with Casey the day she left with Caylee.  Cindy said to Caylee ” I AM THROWING YOU OUT AND KEEPING CAYLEE Apparently she said this to Casey after she learned that Casey took  money from Cindy’s mother Shirley Plesea.

But this was not the thing to say to her disturbed  daughter. These words Cindy allegedly spoke   are what I believe pushed Casey over the edge.

While Casey was a low grade sociopath with lying and stealing in a cat and mouse game to evade and to “  get over” on her mother,   I don’t believe she was ready to murder anyone until Cindy pushed her fatal button.

In fact there are reports from Casey’s  friends that Casey was a “sweet girl”and a” nice girl” even though she was reported to have issues with the truth and lied constantly.

 In fact I spoke to Casey’s ex boyfriend  Jesse Grund’s minister  father who reached out to me. I asked him what Casey was like. He said  to me that Casey came from a  troubled family,  but that she adapted quite well into his family – the Grund family  as everyone loved and accepted her.

After hearing that from Mr. Grund  as well as the accounts of her friends, of which she had many, it confirms my thoughts that Cindy’s words and actions are what must have  pushed Casey over the edge.  



In my view, Casey took Caylee and most likely put tape over Caylee’s mouth and chloroformed her so she would sleep and not make any noise in case she woke up after  Casey stuffed her in the trunk  while Casey  went out partying.  When Casey opened the trunk  the following morning,  Casey found that Caylee was dead. Instead of telling someone , Casey  kept it to herself and concocted the Zanny story. This is my view.

Casey had absolutely  no feelings for Caylee because she never bonded with the child. To Casey,  Caylee was a” troublesome sibling”  who got in her way of partying and her love life. When her latest boyfriend let Casey  know that he didn’t want kids, Casey may have felt justified in her actions with Caylee,  in order to keep her man. 

Casey was desperate. She felt she needed her new man because after all he gave her a roof over her head now that Cindy finally kicked her out of the house for good.

Casey was no doubt feeling great  that  she had a man, a place to live,  freedom to come and go without Cindy’s watchful critical eye, and best of all- no and burdensome Caylee to hold her back. Now  she could have a Bella Vida– a beautiful free life.

Even better was that she knew her mother Cindy would be pissed when she discovered there would be no more Caylee . Sadistically it is my belief that Casey  was thrilled about the pain and anguish she knew would lie ahead for Cindy when Cindy  discovered that ” a nanny stole Caylee”.

There is no doubt that Casey thought she could get away with her concocted story. Why shouldn’t she? After all she got away with telling her mother so many concocted stories like she had a job  and  a babysitter for Cayleee  when she had neither.

 I believe there was no doubt in Casey’s mind that she could have her cake and eat it too. She felt she  could have a new life with her boyfriend and that everyone would believe her fake  story about what happened to Caylee.

Casey was so arrogant,  entitled,  and manipulative that she thought she could “get over” on law enforcement, just  as she “got over” on her mother all these years. That is why she sent them on a wild goose chase and had no remorse  whatsoever in doing that.

She stuck by her Zanny story and never wavered.  Why shouldn’t she? She always got away with lies in the past,  so why wouldn’t Casey  think she could get away with this one?

But now she is beginning to see the walls begin to close in on her. The shock of her life was discovering during her brother Lee’s testimony that he  was not the loyal brother she once  thought. The person she never thought would betray her was apparently the first one in line to do his sister in. He played both sides of the fence trying to get  information for law enforcement,  while making his sister think that he was one hundred percent loyal to her.



Lee’s attorney also  once  publicly made a “slip of the tongue”  as well when he referred to  Caylee as  Lee’s “ daughter” not his “niece.” Casey also made  numerous  accusations  that Lee sexually  molested her. Whether it is true or not we do not  really know at this point .

Apparently  it may have been revealed to the public  that George and Lee are not the father of Caylee.  But the question remains as to what type of testing was done to prove that point.

After  tests were done to determine George and Lee’s paternity,  only  recently, according to a recent article in USA Today, discuss the reach that came out of Baylor College of Medicine regarding  new and improved gene tests that  can now reveal children born of incest without the need to test for either parent’s DNA, doctors have recently  reported. Here is a link to the article in  USA Today

Having read this , it may very well be possible that the tests done on George and Lee may not have been as up to date  or as sophisticated  or accurate as this recent test which is now available.

I am NOT saying that George or Lee are the biological  father of Caylee. I AM saying that there are now  more sophisticated tests available to determine whether a child  was born of an incestuous union than there were when George and Lee were tested a few years ago.

 Since it has been recently discovered that one does not need the DNA from either parent any longer to determine if a child was produced by incest,  I am simply  asking if   these new tests were conducted on George and Lee? 

Was the child’s remains investigated with these new and improved genetic testing techniques?  If not, perhaps it might be interesting to conduct such testing.   

No matter what the result,  suffice it to say that  in my view, we are clealry seeing that  the Anthony family members are extremely TOXIC.    


Marsha Petrie Sue’s Copyright Infringement of Dr. Lillian Glass’ Book Reported By CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo, Breitbart, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS




The most powerful media venues such as CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg  Businessweek, Breitbart, Yahoo, FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC are among the many places which  have reported the trial where  Marsha Petrie Sue,  an Arizona Speaker and author was found liable for copyright infringement by a unanimous jury in a Federal Court in Los Angeles.


USA Today 






                                                           FOX 29   FOX 40







In reporting this story,the media has  clearly sent a message that this was  a newsworthy story and  a very important message for everyone to hear. It said that copyright infringement is a serious issue. It spoke of how someone boldly stood up and fought for their rights and took that fight all the way to a United States Federal Court and won. It said that a jury unanimously agreed that Marsha Petrie Sue was a copyright infringer.



The sweetest words to my ears was when the verdict was read. Below are the exact questions  which were read and the exact answers to those important questions- “YES”




It is a very powerful and moving experience to stick up for your rights. Doing so has empowered me. I will carry that for the rest of my life. It was  a very moving experience to sit in a courtroom for three days and watch the American justice system in action.  The system works and I am living proof that it does work.

Each day I was motivated by the beautiful large American flag that was in front of me in the courtroom. For me, it was the ultimate symbol of truth and justice and the foundation what this wonderful country is based on. Every time I looked at the flag, it gave me hope and courage.

My intention in going to court was not about the money or to get a windfall. Instead, it was about truth and justice. I felt very strongly about it. I have worked very hard all of my life. I have made a lot of sacrifices in my life and I have never taken the easy road or the simple way out.

So when I saw someone do word for word copying of my work without giving me proper attribution, refusing to apologize, or to make things right, I had no choice but to exercise my legal rights.

Marsha Petrie Sue wrote a book in 2007 called ‘Toxic People.’ In that book she had wrongfully copied my material in my ‘He Says She Says’ book which I wrote in 1992.

The jury of eight unanimously  agreed with  the fact that Petrie Sue did indeed wrongfully copy my material.

Coincidently, I also wrote a book called ‘Toxic People’ in 1995.  One day while doing a search on, I stumbled across Marsha Petrie Sue’s 2007  book that had the same title as my book, ‘Toxic People.’ That is how I learned that her book contained my material from ‘He Says She Says.’ 

Needless to say I was shocked. I have written fourteen books and they are my life’s work. My books are filled with a lot of information that have helped a lot of people. The countless phone calls, emails, and letters I have received throughout the years are testimony to that.

 If someone is interested in using some of the materials from  any of my books or blogs for that matter, I have no issue with that. But you must contact me first to get my permission. No one can simply copy my work without giving me or anyone else from whom they copy, proper credit and hope that I won’t find out.

Marsha Petrie Sue  not only copied my material and placed it in her book, she took my copyrighted material and put it in her website and claimed it as her own. In addition, she stated on her site that she gave  people permission to use my material only if they mentioned her name and gave her credit.


I stood up to Marsha Petrie Sue and her behavior and I did it in a Federal Court. I not only stood up to her for myself, I stood up to her on behalf of anyone who creates something.

Whether you are an author, screenwriter, songwriter, composer, sculptor, artist, illustrator, fashion designer, furniture designer, auto designer, poet, architect, photographer, jewelry designer, shoe designer, or anyone who has developed something from your own creation, you have a right to defend what is rightfully yours.   

My  legal victory is not just for me. It is for you too. I fought on behalf of you as well. I  kept you in my heart and in my thoughts throughout this entire ordeal.

It has now been a week since I set foot in Judge R. Gary Klausener’s courtroom and watched him sit high above on his bench in his regal black robe as he ruled on various technical legal matters.

It has been less than a week since my fabulous intellectual property attorney Eric Bjorgum of Karish and Bjorgum articulated  so eloquently and passionately on my behalf. His wonderful words were healing and will continue to resonate within me for a lifetime.

This was not an easy task by any means. But it was well worth it. I have come away from this experience more motivated than ever to be a voice for people. I am blessed to now be able to serve as an example to  empower others in letting them know that  they never have to feel victimized  and that they have recourse through the justice system.

And on a final note, I say God Bless America!” I’m so happy and so proud to live in this wonderful  country where we can send a message about improper copying.

White House Party Crashers Body Language Show Signals of Deception on The Today Show

Today I appeared on CBS’s “The Insider” where I discussed what I learned from the White House Party Crashrer’s- the Salahi’s body language after they appeared in an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show. I was also interviewed about it in an upcoming article for USA Today in the Life and Style Section. The bottom line is that both Michaela and Tareq Salahi showed significant signals of deception throughout the interview. In essence, they did not appear to be honest in terms of what they were saying. As I go through the entire interview, you will clearly see exactly what I am talking about.

Some of the Signals of Deception included:
shifting eyes to right and the left
looking away

repetition of words and phrases

excessive eye blinking
upper chest visible heavy breathing
lots of “uh uhms”
lip licking,
shaking head no when they should be shaking it yes
shaking head “yes” when they should be shaking it “no”
pitch breaks in the voice (pitch of voice rising higher
emotionless monotone (both)


Matt Lauer begins by asking the couple if they have been paid to do the interview with him and Michaels looks directly into the camera and says “no you’re not.” Tareq says the same thing. Both are telling the truth.

Then Michaela looks away from side to side (deception signal) as she interjects “ At no time have we ever talked about doing that with anyone.” She says this is a stilted halting speech pattern which is also a signal of deception and manipulation, indicating that someone is attempting to carefully couch their words

. As she says this, she looks away purses her lips and nodding head yes when she should be nodding it “no” This is the first huge sign of deception. .
She is clearly NOT telling the truth here. Two days earlier, the Salahis had a publicist by the name of Mahogany Jones who put out a statement this regarding her clients that they are demanding upward of $500,000 for media interviews.


The first thing that struck me a strange was when Matt Lauer asks the couple “What was you reaction when you saw the headlines “White House Party Crashers?” Most people would wince or frown or show upset in their expression with a furrowed brow. This couple’s reaction was quite the contrary.
They were BOTH expressionless. Then Michaela is a low pitched sultry and husky voice says in a monotone “Devastated” as she shakes and nods her head “ yes” indicating that she as indeed devastated for not for the reasons most of us would be devastated. Instead, she no doubt was devastated that she that she got busted for party crashing in a very public way.

Then she goes on to say something that makes absolutely no sense which supports my speculation that she may be a Sociopath. Most Sociopaths say things that don’t make sense. It has to do with the neurological functioning and wiring of their brain. Here’s what she says:

“We knew the facts which is our side of the story and everything will be heard with time (uh) you know our side of the story and (uh) everything will be heard (said in stilted fashion as though it was rehearsed and she messed up her lines) and uh right now it is unbearable to go through,”


Then Tareq speaks. He says how devastating it has been about “what happened to Michaela and I, our friends colleagues, our business partners “ Then you really see how rehearsed they are and how Michaela really runs the show in their relationship as she interjects “ Our lives have been destroyed,:” Without missing a beat, like a puppet Tarqeq repeats EXACTLY what Michaela has said Our lives have been destroyed.”

Then Michaela interjects “Everything we worked for Matt.” Mentioning Matt’s name was unnecessary. She used it as a manipulation technique – a connecting device with Matt to let him know by acknowledging him, she wants him to be sympathetic to her cause as he continues with his questioning.

. She knows exactly what she is doing as she leaks out a smile in her facial expression and then immediately goes back to serious victim mode facial expression as she continues in her ploy to gain sympathy.


She then says “ For me its 44 years, (shaking her head yes) destroyed. “ Now this is clearly a manipulation attempt on her part to gain sympathy, but in reality it doesn’t make sense. This statement once again reflects her aberrant thinking process. It doesn’t make any sense. Was this a ploy to let people know she is 44. With her vanity and narcissism and hours spent on self care and maintenance to look as good as she does, (7 hours pre party) there is no way this self absorbed vain woman would reveal her true age of 44. Most women, vain or not don’t reveal their age. It’s just not usually done in Western culture. So is she really 54 or 64?

If has been 44 years, does it mean she has worked so hard to build everything since she was zero years old (if she is 44). If so that would be a huge exaggeration. People don’t start thinking about their careers or building their lives until they are in their 20’s. So does that mean she is 64 or older? Whatever the case, it is a confusing statement.


Then Matt asks the million dollar question, “Were you or were you nor invited to attend the State Dinner? All you needed was a :”yes; or a “no” answer. You did not need a diatribe. Anyone who gives more than a yes or a no answer to this question is clearly lying.

Their initial silence to this question is a very HUGE red flag! It reflects their shock at Matt’s hitting to the bone question. Then Michaele looks away. Also a red flag indicating deception is about to take place as she is trying to think up a story.

Then you see Michaela’s eyebrows raised which is an indication that she is shocked and surprised that he has asked her this blunt question. Then you see her shake her head “no” when she should have been shaking it “yes” as she says in a defensive sounding tone, “ Well we were invited . We we we’re (repetition) not crashers.”

Then she looks down and all around –to the left and to the right as though she is searching for the right words (lies) to say and in an indignant tone states “There isn’t anyone who would have the AUDACITY (she says the word “audacity “ loud for emphasis ) . Then she once again looks to the left and to the right as she searches for words and says “or poor behavior to that.”

In essence she is talking about herself. She is the one who had the audacity to try to pull this stunt off and she is the one who exhibited the bad behavior.”

As she gets defensive on her tone , she is attempting to defend her own bad behavior. Yous ee a flash of anger come across her face.
She even leaks out a an affirmative head nod indicating her self righteousness in attempting to subliminally justify her egregious behavior.

Then, not making any sense she goes on to say, “ The White House is THE house

.” We see an eyebrow raise as she ponders what she is going to lie about next as she looks to the side she continues while shaking her head “no” says ,” who would do that?” She now gives a little flash of the truth shaking her head “yes.” This indicates that she knows exactly who would do that—-HER and HER HUSBAND!

Whenever someone gives THAT much information that is so convoluted as the information Michaela gave they are LYING!!!

Then she interrupts Matt’s very important question “ Who invited you?” She pretend she doesn’t hear him as express her afterthought to he rhetorical question “Who would do that?” She adds “certainly not us.” Then shaking her head “yes”

” you see she has a smug Chershire cat look on her face. She knows quite well that what has just come out of her mouth is a total lie, She needed to omit the word “not” and just say the word “us” as an answer to her question Who would do that?”

But Tareq certainly heard Matt’s “Who invited you question and he does a diversion technique. He now adds his BS by saying “ Well Matt UH one of the things that UH we’re doing is we are working closely with the secret service UH and their internal UH ivestigation and UH .”
That is not what Matt asked. He asked WHO invited you. This convoluted side stepping evasiveness filled with UH’s indicates clear DECPTION.

Then we see Michaela immediately interject, in her low monotone sultry as she voice shakes her head “no” when she should be shaking it “yes” and says “ We respect everything they do. Of course she doesn’t respect anything they do. If she did her head would be shaking in the affirmative- “yes” not in the negative as we witnessed.

Then like a puppet Tareq parrots out Michaela’s last word “ respect” in his obviously rehearsed statement as he says as he licks his lips (signal of deception) “We’re ‘respecting’ their timeline ……and we want to get through that process UH we’ve been UH very candid with them We’ve turned over documentation to Uh them and we will continue to work with the US Secret Service.


As soon as Matt mentions the statement that Pentagon official Michelle Jones made we see Tareq getting visibly uncomfortable as he rocks his jaw back and forth and purses his lips in nervousness.

Michaela is equally as uncomfortable as we see her purse her lips as an indication she knows she us busted and is holding back as she now knows there is nothing she could possibly say to defend herself.

Matt then reads the statement of Michelle Jones saying that she informed the Salahi’s she didn’t have tickets to the dinner nor the authority to issue them and even left a voicemail message and that the Salahis decided to come anyway. Matt then asks “ do you disagree with what Michelle Jones says in that statement? All that was required was a “yes” or “no” answer.


Instead Tarqu says:

“Well what we are we’ re (repetition of words) gonna do is UH ( Uh indicative of lying in this context) we UH definitely UH (looks down) work with UH work with (repletion) the secret service (lip licks) and l are (looks down) are are and you know (looks down) UH UH and you know between Michaela and I on this (lip licks) to uh shed light on this and were gonna be coming up up (repetition) to New YorK setting on your couch to really shed light on this (lip licking) shedding light (lip licking) were gonna UH UH ( lip licking) show you documentation lip from emails (excessive eye blinking) from emails that your get a chance to see (as he closes his eyes)”

All of these signals in parentheses are signals of LYING!!! The constant rapid eye clinking is clearly a sign of deception as is his convoluted diatribe. All that was need was a Yes or a No answer, not all this BS.

Meanwhile Michelle sat there stone faced not moving a muscle. This is not normal behavior.


Then Matt asks “Are these emails unequivocal in your mind?” As soon as Matt says this we see Michaela no longer being stone faced. She is clearly uncomfortable with where Matt is doing with his questioning as we now she her lips pursing and we she her squirming in her seat and tossing her flaxen hair . All of these gestures say that Matt has really hit her close to the bone.
Then Matt asks if these emails are open to interpretation.

Michelle is clearly lost for the first time in the interview as she turns her head directly to Tareq as she wears a confused facial expression.
She doesn’t know what to say and looks up to try to manufacture an answer as Matt says “If anyone looks at these and says there is a game of semantics here.” Michaela is clearly uncomfortable with Matt’s question she looks up to try to think up what new lie she can come up with to deflect this statement which for which she clearly has no answer.

Knowing Michaela is out of her league on this one, Tareq takes over and says the following:

“No in our view it is clear to us, ( the pitch of his voice clearly rises- a major signal of deception) here and UH based on the timeline UH I think the American puh public ( repetition of sounds, pitch goes up and voice cracks) is also going to be extremely surprised (shakes his head no) with all the details that went from beginning to end into what was supposed to be a lovely evening (pitch of his voice drops back down to normal level).

Michaela interjects here and says “ A lifetime memory”

Once again in puppet like fashion, Tareq parrots Michaela’s words “ a lifetime memory.” This interaction between them clearly illustrates how all their BS was rehearsed!

Then for the second time he invites himself up to NY to the Today Show by saying “ So you know we were prepared to be coming UH up there very soon ( spoken rapidly and dying off at then end, indicating shame in knowing full well she shouldn’t have obnoxiously invited himself pn the Today Show).


By now we can all see how these two shyster scam artists are completely full of BS. But Matt isn’t quite done with them quite yet.

He springs it on them that they weren’t invited to the Black Caucus dinner and were asked to leave and were escorted out. Matt asks them “ What was the reason for your attending and were you invited?”

They are Both visibly shocked! Tareq tries to spin in but his eyes keep blinking rapidly as he says “We were invited by UH UH UH the Gardner law group. We were guests of theirs proud guests of theirs as he blinks his eyes some more. “And no were we escorted out of course not” ( as he licks his lips) .

Then Matt asks the final question “Do you think you’ll be exonerated?” He says he is and in a few days looks forward to coming to New York to do the show (for the third time now) in a few days and is working on the Secret Service’s timetable as his final words are I look forward to come up and see you.”

Please don’t have these two back on the Today Show or any show for that matter, WE know everything we need to know about them! They are TOXIC opportunistic scamming liars. They are not interesting, They are not compelling and if they were on a reality show, they would make horrible reality show stars because they don’t have IT! They are boring and unwatchable! Michaela is physically beautiful and well put together but as soon as she opens her mouth it is over. Her monotone and sultry husky tone has no life to it. She isn’t articulate. They are both turn offs.