George Lopez Self Hate-Calls Kirstie Alley Fat Pig When He’s Fat Himself

There is an old saying that goes when you point the finger at someone there are there are often three fingers pointing back at you. This definitely  seems to be the case with George Lopez after he made fun of Kirstie Alley after her Dancing With the Stars appearance by calling her a fat pig.

His name calling seems to be more about him than it does about Kirstie. When George looks in the mirror there is no doubt he has not come to grips with his the physical changes that have resulted perhaps due to taking  the weight gaining anti rejection medication for his kidney transplant or the resulting excess fluid retention in his body.

His lashing out at Kirstie’s weight may very well be due to the fact that he cannot cope with his own weight gain and  subsequent body changes ,resulting self loathe.

If we look back at the re runs of his television sitcom from 2004-2007 we see a much more slender and  healthier looking George.  Since this photo was taken,  his face has become wider and bloated. His  present day complexion  looks more pallid and looks even more pitted than before as his his eyes  now often have more of  a budging appearance to them.



A few months ago I was in the makeup room at CNN and met a beautiful woman who was also having her makeup done in the seat next to me.  We were discussing my new book called Toxic Men. She immediately told me that she needed to read that book as she as getting a divorce from her husband.

She then proceed to tell me her name, Ann , and hand me her business card which said Ann Lopez, producer. On the card it also said that she was the producer of George Lopez Productions. It was then that I realized that the Toxic Man she was referring to was comedian George Lopez

She proceeded to tell me how George had an unknown birth defect with kidneys the size of raisins. In 2005  , doctors said he was going to die unless he had a kidney transplant.  She volunteered to give him one of her kidneys and he gladly accepted.

Then after saving  his life, she found out he was cheating on her  with prostitutes by reading the tabloids. She was shocked and demanded a divorce. But to make himself look good, and to make Ann look like the villain in the marriage, Lopez has been telling the press he divorced his wife (who he had been married to since 1990 for  21 years  and with whom he had a daughter) because she was overweight.

Ann was a heavy set woman and was always that way since he married her in 1990. She was that way before and after they had their daughter in 1996. Obviously her size never bothered him or he overlooked it because he knew she was a wonderful woman who was devoted to him. In fact in his book Why You Crying? he said

I want to tell you about a woman I have been married to for ten years, my wife, Ann, who speaking truthfully, saved me from myself. Who saved me from destroying myself because of my background. Who saved me from wasting my life, drinking my life away, never fulfilling my dreams because of what I had come from, and truly believing and loving — truly the first person to ever truthfully, unconditionally love me.”

But the problem was that George didn’t love himself. He couldn’t accept that unconditional love and the Ultimate gift of life from Ann. So what did he do? He sabotaged himself by having affairs with hookers.


Three weeks after his kidney surgery in 2005 he felt well enough to play golf. According to medical reports he was given anti-kidney rejection drugs. Whether it was the anti-rejection  drugs, or the fluid retention from  his non transplanted kidney not working, George put on a considerable amount of weight as you can ein the photo.

Instead of addressing his own  weight issues, he lashed out on his wife Ann, on Bristol Palin whom he said  got heavier after she appeared on DWTS, and   now he’s beaten up on Kirstie Alley.

He would have stuck by  the Kirstie weight bashing “ joke”   if the public had not rebelled in a big way.

People would not accept what he said about her being a pig and neither could Kirstie. In fact she lashed back and called him a “drunk pig” who had  a little too much vodka.

People are very sensitive to Kirstie’s plight.  They have seen her struggle  with weight for years

from being a failed spokesperson for Jenny Craig

to her doing  her own sitcom “Fat Actress” where she showed her struggles with her weight.

The unflattering  tabloid ambush shots of her being overweight and eating fattening foods, which  also kept her weight battle very public.

She addressed  her weight on every talk show and even came on Oprah to show her progress on Jenny Craig as she wore a bikini. Her body language on the show clearly showed how ashamed and uncomfortable and self-conscious she was as she hid her lower body in a gossamer pareo .

She constantly  made jokes about her weight. But those jokes were simply to hide her pain and her self-consciousness.

Before she began  DWTS, she took off 60 lbs  of her own which she said was due to her own weight loss program.

But the real weight loss will come now under Maksim’s guidance. There there is no doubt that Kirstie will be svelte once again.
After witnessing Kirstie’s weight struggle’s throughout the years, the public is sympathetic towards her and wants her to both  win and lose – win the mirror ball trophy on DWTS and lose the weight.

As for George, my advice to him is to   focus on his own weight loss since the issue of being fat concerns him so much.

Perhaps a stint on DWTS might do him some good as well.


Tiger Wood’s Toxic Cheating May Be the Result of His Having A ”Madonna- Whore Complex”


Last night when I appeared on the Nancy Grace Show I had an opportunity to weigh in about the Tiger Woods situation. My focus on the show was on why he was driving barefoot and a discussion about his reported mistress, Rachel Uchitel talking way too much when she spoke to the press. This made me quesiton her denial about her affair with Tiger.When someone talks that much, they are usually lying.

Today Rachel Uchitel verified my observations I made of her on the Nancy Grace Show. Rachel finall admitted that she did indeed lie for Tiger and that she did have an affair with him.


When I last blogged about Tiger Woods stating that he shouldn’t given a him free pass for his cheating because he is Tiger Woods, a lot of readers were upset . They refused to believe that Tiger Woods was a Toxic Cheater. They blamed the Enquirer and said that nobody should believe the Enquirer’s report because after all, they are only a tabloid and make things up.


While some tabloids may perhaps sensationalize a headline or two, in order to peak your curiosity and make you pick them up when you are in line at the grocery store, I can assure you that those days of bold faced tabloid lies are over. It’s way too expensive to make anything up. They are all lawyered up to the hilt and they check and recheck facts. The Enquirer is no longer the tabloid of yester year where two headed flying alien babies with sharp teeth and pointed ears were on the cover. Now, they can hold their own with any major publication.


It was their dedicated research and phenomenal reporting skills that broke the story about another Toxic Cheater, hypocrite and Illegitimate Baby daddy, former Senator John Edwards. who LIED to the public and to his cancer stricken wife that he was having an affair much less having a child with his mistress Reille Hunter.


I know how tabloid reporting works up close and personal because I do a lot of interviews with them, especially with the Globe where they ask my opinions about a lot of their cover stories. I can assure you that they check and re check and check again.

The Globe’s reporters and editor are ALL top notch veteran journalists who are also top notch writers, who know how to keep a reader’s interest.

Most of the stories you first see in the Globe have been subsequently picked up by mainstream media, from CNN to Fox News ABC, NBC, and CBS. Their crime reporting, like the phenomenal reporting they have done on the Casey Anthony case is top of the line.


If something appears on TMZ in my opinion you can just about take that to the bank. Harvey Levin is a cracker jack reporter, a top of the line journalist and a well respected, brilliant eagle eyed attorney. So if he says something is true and stands by it, I tend to side with Harvey.

TMZ also has a staff of lawyers who make sure their i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.


When I sided with Elin and called Tiger Woods “Toxic.” I knew exactly what I was talking about. Now, since all these mistresses of Tiger’s have come forth. it is easy for everyone to connect the dots .

We can see that that Elin, no doubt smashed out his car window because she was pissed at him. They probably had a fight because she now had PROOF he was having an affair or two or three.

In fact we even heard Tiger’s own cowardly voice telling his mistress to not put her name on her answering machine because he feared his wife would find out. Elin probably confronted him and he probably denied it and she got pissed at his lying because she probably had proof.

She no doubt, was overcome with anger at his bullshitting lies, so she lashed out physically, punching him in his lying mouth and splitting open his lip and clawing at his face in anger.

Now, I am NOT saying this is right or giving her a free pass on this. I do NOT condone physical violence (fantasies of it -YES, but actual physical Violence- NO!).

Knowing he was guilty and not being able to dispute her facts and the evidence she had against him, he most likely decided to walk away and leave the house. He also didn’t want to receive any more of her physical attacks, since she was no doubt really letting loose on him.

Also, he thought it was probably best to walk away before he did something to her, like hit her back and escalating it into something even more horrible. Self defense or not, he instinctively knew he was no physical match for her, so he admirably and quickly walked away from harm’s way.

That explains why he was barefoot (against Florida law) when he was driving the vehicle.

Pissed that he was leaving, Elin then most likely grabbed one of the many golf clubs lying around the house and went after him in the heat of the moment. He probably saw her coming and quickly locked himself in the car and proceeded to drive away. That may also be another reason that Tiger, who is known for taking excellent care of himself from what he eats to protecting his own safety, was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

She then no doubt, caught up with the car and began smashing the windows. He absolutely freaked out and that is why he was driving so erratically. The police report shows he drove over bushes and into some hedges before hitting the hydrant and ultimately the tree.

Also if you look at this photo of the smashed out windows, if the BS spin they are trying to feed the public was true, and Elin was trying to smash out windows to save him, why didn’t she smash out the window on the passenger side and open the lock and get him out? Oy would have been a lot easier. The glass would also be further from him as oppsed to directly in back of him.

The reason the back windows were smashed is because she was obviously at the back of the car, propbably hitting it with the golf club.


How she found out about his cheating and affairs is not the issue. The bottom line is that she found out! Maybe she found a love text she or a heard a love call, or found an extra pair of panties in Tiger’s suitcase. Perhaps the maid washed these panties and put them in her drawer and when Elin didn’t recognize them as her own, perhaps she put two and two together.

Perhaps he even gave her an Sexually Transmitted Disease- from herpes to chlamydia to syphilis to gonorrhea. There is no question that if he was not using a condom, especially now that we know that he was cavorting with promiscuous or “party girl types ” and had multiple partners, he could have easily subjected Elin to HIV and AIDS.


Why would any man in their right mind cheat on an absolutely gorgeous woman, who has kept herself in excellent physical shape, who emotionally supports you, loves you to death and has been a wonderful wife? Why would any man cheat on a woman who was pregnant with their impending baby or cheat on their wife who had just given birth to their baby? Why would a man who had it ALL cheat on his wonderful wife?

The answer is simple. It’s because HE CAN! In Tiger’s life where he is in a different city all the time being catered to left and right, and having women throw themselves at him, he thought, “what the heck, I’m Tiger Woods, why not? No one will know. I can have my cake, with a different woman in every city when I’m on the road, and when I am at home with my beautiful wife, I too can have that cake of a stable home life.”


Tiger is a man who has been spoiled rotten. He has been given anything he wants carte blanche. He has never had to be accountable to anyone or anything expect to his golf game and to his sponsors.

He never had to listen to anyone except the one person who made sure he towed the line- his wonderful late fatherand coach Earl. When Tiger was younger and catting around with women back then, his father made sure his focus was on his game and not on the ladies. He certainly knew how to keep his son in line.

But now that Earl is gone, there has been no one to keep him in line and set some boundaries. There has been no one to really give him a reality check like Earl used to do.

Now that this fiasco has come into the open, Tiger will finally realize that he has to be accountable for his actions and that his egregious behavior will NOT be tolerated.


According to his multitude of mistresses, and the admission of one of them, we know that Tiger Woods began cheating at least 31 months ago.

That would have been the time his gorgeous and dedicated wife, Elin Nordegren was pregnant with their daughter Sam. He continued his cheating ways, even while Elin was pregnant with baby Charlie.

Another one of the myriad of reasons why certain men cheat on their pregnant wives has to do with something Freud referred to as the Madonna -Whore Syndrome.

These men can sleep with and have great sex with any woman, as long as the woman is not the mother of their child. After a woman has his child, this type of man now sees her in a different light, He is not as turned on by her sexually any more. No matter how beautiful she is or how good she is to him, he still isn’t all that into her.

It usually happens after a child is born. Men with this syndrome see their wives as” mothers” and not as “lovers” and they can’t combine the two like men who do not have this Syndrome are able to do.

A man with the Madonna- Whore Syndrome has two confusing opposing views about women. This results in a dilemma for him. He is unable to love and respect any women who can satisfy him sexually and by the same token is unable to be sexually satisfied by any women whom he can love. In essence his cheating is his attempt to justify his behavior of pursuing multiple women as a way of fulfilling each of these needs.
If Tiger does suffer from this Syndrome, then Tiger’s marriage can only have any chance of being saved if he addresses this issue in therapy. Otherwise, there is no hope for his marriage to ever survive, or for the cheating to stop.


Tiger issued these words in his public statement :
“ I let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect.

I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.”
Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.

Whatever regrets I have about letting my family down have been shared with and felt by us alone. I have given this a lot of reflection and thought and I believe that there is a point at which I must stick to that principle even though it’s difficult.

I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. For all of those who have supported me over the years, I offer my profound apology.”

These are beautiful words and he is absolutely correct. These issues are personal and must be handled behind closed doors. He CANNOT do it alone and MUST get the help from a therapist who can help him personally as well as help his marriage.

He needs personal counseling to deal with his own demons as well as marriage counseling to help repair the damage he has done to his marriage.


I love that he also apologized to the public for letting them down. He is only human but what people are reacting to is the hypocrisy. He put himself out there as Mr. Perfect and Mr. Squeaky Clean, and now we have come to find out that he was anything but that.

People not only admired him for his golf abilities, they held him up as an example of a clean living man – an athlete who was faithful to a beautiful wife and had a lovely family. He did many things to help others in terms of charity and he seemed like an all around great and wonderful man. He still may be all those wonderful things. But he is also one additonal thing- a Cheater who has clearly broken his wife’s heart.

Now that Tiger has fallen off his pedestal, people who once thought his perfect image was real, need the time and space to regroup. That is why they are so curious to get as much information as possible about what happened.

They needed all the facts about Tiger and what happened so they can now regroup and re process who this new Tiger Woods really is. They need the time to shift their perception of his once perfect image into a more realistic one.

They need to see that what they perceived was now only their illusion. Even thoufh they now need to process that Tiger is human after all, complete with human foibles, that does not mean that they now have to love him any less.