Hillary Clinton Leaking Out Awkward Body Language and Communication

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As a body language and communication  expert, I can say that  some of  Hillary Clinton’s recent body language, facial language voice and speech behaviors do seem awkward. The awkward  behaviors that she has leaked out may be cause for concern.

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As far as her coughing spells are concerned, they may be due to  post nasal drip or she may have some type of bronchial spasm. With her nonstop schedule, constant flying and enormous stress, it seems that her laryngeal  tissues are taking a beating. So it is  understandable  to me as to why she may be  having coughing spells when she speaks. She may have contracted an upper respiratory infection that has stubbornly refused to go away. Sometimes it can take several months for the cough to subside, so I am not so concerned about Hillary’s coughing behavior when she speaks. Also she doesn’t cough constantly when she speaks. It is occasional , which is  further indication as to why it  does not concern me.

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But there was an  incident  that does concern me. Two reporters asked her a question at once.  It seemed to jar her as she bobbed her head back and forth  and closed her eyes.


Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.44.31 PMBut  even

Even though her head was bobbing and her eyes were closed, she  kept smiling throughout  the whole ordeal.


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The reporters ,who were previously smiling and laughing with Hillary, suddenly got serious in their facial expression and the reporter on the left even backed away and looked frightened. The reporter on the right cocked her head in wonder  as she furrowed her brow as if to question what was happening with Hillary. Hillary was so engaging moments earlier where she discussed Obama’s endorsement of her.

But now, she didn’t answer the reporter’s questions. When she did  regained her composure, she attempted to distract the two reporters  by  asking them if they ever tried the latte and said that they should do so. She then left.

Most recently, she was very articulate  and connected to her audience when discussing health care in her staccato cadence. All of a sudden, she was disconnected and looked lost She didn’t  seem to remember what she was talking about. Her entire facial expression changed. She then made no sense as she said “upward spiral”. We have heard of a “downward spiral,” but  never an “upward spiral”. This word confusion may have  indicated that there may have been some type of cognitive confusion going on with Hillary.

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Then there was a situation where Hillary apparently had a blank disconnected stare for a few moments as she focused on some commotion going on in front of her with animal protesters. The Secret Service agent got on stage and told her to” keep talking”  “We’ll handle it. We’re not going anywhere. She quickly recovered and cleverly said the protesters were there for Trump because” he and his kids killed a lot of animals.”

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When Hillary said she “short circuited “her email explanation, she looked extremely exhausted with bags under each of her eyes. It was clear that all the email talk has taken a physical toll on her. As she goes on to explain herself after the Chris Wallace interview, she actually makes no sense. At first it sounded like “double talk.” But on closer inspection it was difficult to follow exactly what she was trying to say because it was not coherent.

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Now photos have emerged where Hillary is being helped up a series of steps. In the photo on the left it appears that her legs are stiff and that  she has trouble walking up the stairs. She is grabbing at one of the agent’s arms to steady herself and he is clasping on to her arm to make sure she doesn’t fall. Perhaps she hurt her leg or her back.  Another speculation is that she may not be feeling well. She may have felt dizzy or sick to her stomach ,which could have also caused her to require some assistance with walking.

There has been a lot of talk by some medical experts who state that she may have post concussion syndrome, based on her fall several years ago. Other medical experts have speculated that she may have Parkinson’s disease or some other type of neurological condition. But since none of these doctors, who appeared on television have not treated Hillary, we cannot be sure about what may really be wrong with her.

While Hillary has done a great job of holding it together for the most part, the bottom line is that  the awkward  behavior which she  leaked out on so many occasions,   tells us that something is  clearly off with her. The zoning out, forgetting what she was saying, head bobbing, eyes closing, and not making sense, speaks volumes. It does indeed seem like her body language and speech patterns have been “short circuited.”

Once again, as a reminder, this is not a political blog. I merely report what I see from body language standpoint and report what I hear from a communication standpoint.




Caitlyn Jenner’s Canceled Show May Be a Blessing In Disguise

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When Caitlyn Jenner  first made her transition from male to female, I filmed a segment at with her at her home, way on top of a hill in Malibu, for her show ( I am Cait). In our segment, there was some intensive voice and speech training that unfortunately never made it to air. I showed her videotape of herself  appearing on  Diane Sawyer’s 20/20 interview and  analyzed it. I relayed to her which speech, voice, and body language patterns were masculine and feminine and what she needed to work on. She seemed very receptive.  We then did  some speech, body language, and  vocal exercises. The story line was that I was supposed to tell her not to have surgery  on her vocal cords, which she was  supposedly considering in  order to sound more feminine. During our shoot, I told her that surgery was not a good idea. I also told her that there may be some dangers associated with the surgery that could harm her voice in the long run and that she instead, needed to do a regimine of vocal and speech and body language exercises. I also shared this in the confessional. Continue reading

Trump Turns Hillary Passionate and Emotional In Second Half of Speech

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With the exception of  Hillary Clinton’s  emotional  and touching entrance when she and  daughter Chelsea looked one another in the eye and both teared up, the first half of Hillary speech was  bland with a monotone cadence. But before she spoke, we were privy to see a side of Hillary we had never seen before. Right after  Chelsea introduced her mother and Hillary came to the stage, we witnessed mother and  daughter sharing  a beautiful, heartfelt, tender moment.

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As Hillary took the stage and began to speak, her body language appeared stiff and mechanical.

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Whenever  she wanted to express a point or show emotion, instead of raising her vocal inflection, she got louder and louder. Soon it became a monotonous  bore where it was difficult to distinguish major points she was trying to get across.  It all sounded the same, in her staccato delivery/ So  it was not always easy to follow her message.

In terms of her facial language, whenever she got louder and louder to express a point, her eyes widened. It didn’t seem to be congruous with her message. The wide-eyed look,along with the monotone loud cadence at the end of her statements, did not showcase Hillary at her best.

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Ther monotone cadence and loud endings of sentences during the first half of the speech could put anyone to sleep . In fact, her speech  put Bill to sleep for a little while. In all fairness, he has probably heard her rehearse the speech countless times. Nevertheless, her monotonous droll lulled him to catch a few Z’s .

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But  as soon as she began to discuss Donald Trump and why he shouldn’t be the next President, a  completely different Hillary emerged. This Hillary was passionate, exciting, enthusiastic, and had life to her voice . She came alive and showed more emotion than ever before.  Her body language and facial language now matched her words. Unlike before, they were now  all  in synch.

Her message suddenly became clearer. Her zings to Donald Trump were very cleaver. She  said “Instead of making America great again, how about making things in America” when referring to his clothes  being made in China, shirts in Mexico and furniture in Turkey. She certainly made a good point with that statement.

She then said that  someone ” who loses his cool  when baited with a tweet  is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.27.24 PM

As she said this the audience roared and suddenly  Hillary became more energized and more passionate. She then began to express more emotion than ever before. Her tones were now inflected and the monotone and shouting  for emphasis was gone.  Her entire demeanor changed. She said what everyone in the audience wanted to hear.

Perhaps her most powerful statement  was personally directed to Donald and what she perceives as his bullying. She said that  as a child she was bullied. Her late mother, who was very near and dear to her heart, told the young Hillary to “pick yourself up and get back in the game and stand up to bullies.” 

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.47.51 PM

Bill and Chelsea watched her with pride and when Hillary spoke the words” I accept your nomination for President of the United States,”Bill looked like he was choked up and ready to shed a tear.

After the speech ended with a resounding applause, Bill finally came on stage with her. There was a genuine embrace between the two that lasted quite a while by hugging standards, with Hillary  even rubbing Bill’s back. Witnessing the two of them embrace at that moment, there was no doubt that whatever crises the two of them had been through with Bill’s serial womanizing, all was  in the past. The way Bill held Hillary showed a genuine connection, which was reciprocated by her.

What was also impressive when Bill was on the stage with Hillary was that he did not try to share the limelight with her. Instead,  he let her have her moment and  allowed her to shine.  He  constantly stayed in the background talking to others on the stage and amusing himself with the balloons- especially the larger ones, which he kept throwing around.

Hillary also had some fun with the  balloons and with acknowledging people in the  audience. She was warm. happy, and playful. This was  yet another side of Hillary that we never saw. It made her seem more human and likeable.






Melania’s Mellifluous Voice and Elegant Composed Body Language During RNC Speech

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Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 7.23.44 PM

The stunning beauty, Melania Trump, wearing a gorgeous form fitting white dress, made her debut at the Republican Convention’s stage. As far as delivery and body language is concerned, Melania did extremely well, especially since she is not a public speaker, does not often speak in public, and the fact that English is not her native tongue. The tone of her voice was appealing and soothing. She was poised and composed vocally. Her accent in my view, was charming and her cadence, rhythm, and timing when she spoke  were excellent. She spoke with passion and inflection, especially when she spoke of husband Donald and what she believed he could do for the country.

Body language wise, her movements were fluid and elegant. She had a regal appearance with impeccable posture.

There is a  lot of talk about whether or not Melania’s speech was  original or whether it was the same as the speech given by Michelle Obama. It seems that they both spoke about education and their children, which seemed to be a mission on both of their parts. So it may be understandable that both messages may have been similar.

The bottom line is that she did an excellent job.  Should Donald Trump be the next President of the United States, it certainly appears that Melania,  as the First Lady, would handle herself with the same elegance and decorum  as she showed during her  RNC speech .

Once again, this is not a political stance as this is not a political blog. As an objective professional,  I  report what I see as it pertains to body language and what I hear as it pertains to communication patterns.





Jodi Arias’ Body Language- Her Cockiness, Newly Resonant Voice and Smug Facial Expressions May Make her A Dead Woman Walking


I have held off on writing about Jodi Arias until I had something significant to say. But  after watching  her on the stand  for eight days  and listening to her sickeningly sweet phony vocal tones and watching one signal of deception after another I have something to say. Today the REAL Jodi showed up on the stand and I am here to talk about it. .

I have always said in my books that you MUST  beware of anyone that has a sickening sweet soft spoken voice, where  you can barely hear them at times. I have said they are phonies  and  you must RUN because there is a lot of built up anger and hostility that this type of voice pattern masks. Now here is  living proof  of what I have been talking about in the Jodi Arias trial. She went from meek mouse tone to roaring lion tone as she displayed cockiness and anger toward the prosecutor.

This is Not good for her because juror swill clearly see the REAL Jodi as they


will get a glimpse of her anger and what she must have been like around Travis. They will see how she could turn on him on a dime. They can now see her anger up close and personal.


The jury also  also saw her lying first hand. Prosecutors had her hold her up her hand. Her finger was bent . She said it got that way months before Travis’ death as he abused her.


Then the prosecutor showed a photo of her after Travis was killed and the hand was not  bent. It was a photo taken allegedly months after he beat her.

She sat there and LIED in front of everyone that her finger was bent. There was no way her finger was bent as anyone with eyes could see that.  This is yet another nail in her coffin towards the death penalty.

The prosecutor asked her about her memory and when it fails he and she look aways and said “Usually when men like you are screaming






at me or grilling me or someone like Travisdoing the same.

That was a BAD move on Jodi’s part as she just lost her “sympathy” vote from any of the jurors who are gullible enough to have previously fallen for her poor me victim testimony.

Her nasty retort was anything but victim like. It was a dig at the prosecutor  and it  will in my estimation but another nail in her coffin.


Then he asks so that affects your memory. Her she shows DUPING DELIGHT where there is a  slight smile on her face as she says “Yes that makes my brain scramble.”

Her slight smile which leaked out showed she was happy she felt she got a dig into the prosecutor and compared him to Travis. But what this stupid woman doesn’t realize is that it may have cost her  her life . It  may have angered jurors that she painted the prosecutor with the same brush she painted Travis. The jurors saw how he asked her  simple question about her memory and now she took it to a level  of  indirectly accusing the prosecutor of verbally abusing her.


Her  smiling during  the prosecution’s questioning is not good either. There is NOTHING to smile about when a man has been brutally  killed  like Travis was and when her life is on the line. Jurors will pick that up and it will be a turn off to them. Perhaps she has been conditioned by others that her smile gets her what she wants. But it certainly won’t be the case here. Her smile for the first time in her life will work against her.

Will Jodi die by lethal needle?  Usually  it is reserved for people who have  killed  their children or spouses  or a both, or a parent,  in Arizona like the three women  who are already on death row there.  Each of these women also sought to benefit financially from the death where Jodi did not. So Jodi’s cases a little different in that regard.

However given the brutality of the murder that the jurors  were forced to see, Jodi’s lies from the past and witnessing her lies right in front of their eyes with regard to her finger, her smugness, and her belligerent attitude with the prosecutor, Jodi Arias may very well be joining these three woman.

It is a myth that because a woman is pretty she won’t get the death sentence.One woman who was on death row and  executed in Texas was quite beautiful and could pass as a Kardashian with her long brown hair, dark eyes, olive skin, and pretty features.

All three women who are on  Arizona’s death row are attractive. So it  shows that looks really don’t  matter these days as far as the death penalty is concerned.

Actually Jodi is doing all she can to not be attractive with her greasy hair limp hair, no makeup, and glasses in her attorney’s or a jury consultant’s misguided coaching to have her not look like a sexy bombshell she looked like in the photos with Travis.

Was Travis and angel? Far from it! Was he a hypocrite with regard to his Mormon religion which doesn’t believe in premarital sex. Yes. Was he a jerk in that he used  Jodi for sex and wanted to marry a decent Momon girl. Yes. Did he give her mixed messages? You bet . But did he deserve to die in such a brutal way? No way!

If the man was wet and naked it made him even more vulnerable and juror will pick that up. Even if he did get mad at her for dropping the camera  and she claims she killed him in self defense. It was OVERKILL which means she despised him and most likely planned this attack at one point or another.  Maybe it was a fantasy that ran through in her mind from time to time for how awful he treated her. But the fact that she executed it with such force  shows the built up anger and hate she was harboring towards him.

That leads me back to her voice. The voice mirrors what goes on in your head and your heart as Galen the Greek philosopher once said. Jody hand a lot of rage and anger in her heart and it was clearly mirrored in her voice until it was unleashed today by the prosecutor.

Mel Gibson’s Verbal Tirade Towards His Baby’s Mother, Oksana Reveals A Narcissistic, Control Freak Who’s Suffering from the “Madonna/ Whore Syndrome”


The words a person uses, the emphasis and inflection patterns on those particular words, in addition to a person’s vocal tone can tell you if they are dangerous and ready to do you harm. After listening to Mel’s tone of voice and what he said to Oksana Grigoreieva, there is no doubt that he meant business and he was out to destroy her every way possible.

Words must NEVER be taken lightly. When a person speaks as Mel Gibson has spoken to the mother of his child, he has committed verbal murder.


Mel’s rant killed Oksana’s self esteem as we hear a meek  sounding abused woman.

She tied to fight back and stand up for herself by telling Mel that it is none of his effing business when it came to her breasts, but it was no use.

Mel continued to berate her. It was too painful to listen to. If this horribly abusive snippet was caught on tape, one can only imagine what went on when Mel was not being taped.

Words and tones can destroy another person and can have a lifelong emotional effect. There is no doubt that Mel’s abusive words and actions have left an indelible scar on the mother of his child.


As Galen the ancient Greek philosopher once said, it is the voice that mirrors the soul. It is also mirrors the speech and the communication patterns.

What is in Mel’s head and his heart came out in his voice and the content of his speech. What emerged was an impotent human being. And that impotence may very well translate to sexual impotence as well as you will see as you read on. It translated into a narcissistic, sadistic, control freak.


The most striking thing about the tape is Mel’s hard glottal vocal attacks. The tone sounds like vocal bullets, as he rained down a spray of hatred and vitriol in a staccato pattern.

He closed off the back of his throat when he speaks. That is why you hear a creaky sound in his tone, much like a croaking frog. The reason he sounds like that is because he is filled with rage and anger. This rage and anger causes his muscles to tense up, including his vocal muscles.

The tight vocal muscles don’t allow the air to flow  through the vocal cords when he speaks. Hence, you hear the creaky  angry and tense sound.

The tone of his speech shows an offensiveness as though he is looking to pick a fight. He is spooling himself up and is ready to take issue with anything and everything.

The best thing Oksana could have done in this case was to remain calm and even keeled, which she did. But even so, it made little or no difference in terms  whatever she said. Mel was gunning for a down and dirty fight. Unfortunately she was the  victim.

The contents of his speech was peppered with sudden angry  bursts of loudness to emphasize specific words. These specific words are key in analyzing what is really going on in Mel’s psyche.


The capitalized words are those which Mel emphasized during his tirade are seen below. I did not censor any of the words because I wanted to give a clear picture of the exact words Mel used and how he used them.

“Trying to breast feed with Fucking FOREIGN BODIES in you.The fact that you had FOREIGN BODIES in there. So you’re not LYING to me about FAKE TITS you did you FUCKING  LIED to me.They look RIDICULOUS. Get rid of them why dontcha?

They look STUPID, It’s just an appraisal. Keep em they look STUPID, Keep em if you want . I don’t give a FUCK. But you know they’re too BIG and they look STUPID. They look like some Vegas BITCH. Vegas Whore .And you go SHASHAYING around in your tight clothes, I won’t stand for that anymore. You go out in public and it’s a Fucking EMBARASSMENT to me. You look like a FUCKING BITCH on heat.

You;ll get RAPED by a pack of Niggers it’s be your fault. All right because YOU PROVOKED it. You are PROVOCATIVELY dressed all the time with your fake BOOBS. You feel you have to SHOW OFF in tight outfits in tight pants  You can see you PUSSY from behind. And that GREEN thing. THAT’s (vocal pitch goes up) provocative.

Ok I’m TELLING you, I’m just  TELLING you the TRUTH!  I DON’T LIKE IT . I don’t WAN’T want that woman. I don’t want  YOU .I don’t BELIEVE you any more. I don’t TRUST you/ I don’t LOVE you. I don’t WANT you. Ok. STAY in the FUCKING house. I’ not GIVING it to you, but I’ll LET you stay there .  And I will take care of my child but I DON’T WANT YOU anymore.


In his rant, we can see that is all about control. Mel is  trying to control Oksana completely from her  breasts- (telling her to get rid of them),to what she wears (tight clothing and that green thing) to her living  arrangements ( sadistically telling her he will allow her to live n the house).

Controlling  a person the first sign in the Cycle of Abuse . First, they try to control how you look, what you wear, and then it is your basic needs from what you eat, to where, and how you live.

That is exactly what Mel has done to Oksana. If she fails to obey, he gets more verbally abusive which is the next stage in the Cycle of Abuse we saw.

Then if she fails to do what he says, the next stage is the physically violent phase. While we have yet to see the photos of Oksana’s black eyes and chipped teeth as a result of Mel’s hands, based on the pattern we have seen thus far, I tend to believe that he did indeed abuse her.


The next thing we notice in Mel’s rant is that he absolutely hates it when Oksana is the center of attention. After all that attention is reserved for him- the star- not Oksana, the “extra” in his the big screen of his  life.

He talks about how he doesn’t like it when she dresses in tight clothes and how it embarrasses HIM. Of course it embarrasses him. He is the one who wants the public to only look at him and he is embarrassed if anyone more attractive or sexy looking surpasses him as far as attention goes.

He doesn’t like the attention Oksana gets from other men and even goes so disgustingly far as saying that since she attracts so much attention to herself by her dress, a pack of “Niggers” will swoop down and gang rape her and that it will be all of her own doing.

But it is not about the dress or the clothes or that green thing or the outfit, which as Mel so vulgarly stated, revealed her “pussy” . It is all about her taking away his limelight and redirecting the attention that he believes should be on him, on to her.


Enraged Mel is vocally  focusing on some very key words –  BOOBS, BITCH. PUSSY, RAPED,  and FUCKING (said multiple times)

He verbally  focuses  on Oksana’s “big boobs”, the provocative  “green thing” she was wearing, her “sashaying around”, and the threat of being “raped
by a pack of “Niggers.

What he is saying here is that she is clearly sexy  and provocative with her large breats and tight clothing that reveal her sexy body, including her private parts .

He is so threatened by this. Thus, he attempts to cut down her breasts by  telling Oksana they are fake, too big, and look stupid.

Obviously, her sexy assets are what  initially attracted him to her , to the point that he had sex with her, got her pregnant, and left his wife of over 30 years for her.

But suddenly, he is finding fault with what attracted him to her in the first place. He is rationalizing that it is her fake large breasts that are the reasons he is most likely no longer able to perform sexually. He  continues  to rationalize, that it is the fault of her provocative clothing that doesn’t allow him to get turned on.

He takes his being sexually turned off, a step further. There is no doubt that Mel is a racist, who hates Jews, Mexicans and Blacks as we have all seen via his past behavior and now current tirade.

So what would turn him off more than people he detests? It would be a group of Blacks, having sex with his woman- sex that he may be no longer able to achieve with her.

He took the sexual sterotype of the Black man and his sexual prowess and magnified his fantasy scenario  ten fold,  with a “group” of “Niggers“raping” her. He used this egregious term- the N word as an attempt to further degrade Oksana in his sick scenario, as a way to  rationalizes why he, most likely cannot perform sexually.

Because he feels Oksana  is the reason he is destroyed sexually with impotence, he in turn wants to destroy her for doing this to him. That is why he threatened to burn down the house, but not until after she gives him oral sex.

In saying this, he is in essence, asking her to become the “whore” like image that initially attracted him sexually, until she bore him a child and became the “Madona” like image that now renders him sexually impotent with her. I will get into  Mel’s “ Whore/ Madonna Complex” in a just a moment.

But in essence, what he is saying is “I want to destroy you Oksana, because you  destroyed my sexuality. But before I do, you have to do something to help revive my sexuality that you destroyed. You must prove to me that you have not destroyed my sexuality. But never the less, I plan to destroy you forever by burning down the house , preferably with you in it.


Mel may clearly be blaming Oksana for his  lack of sexuality. But in reality, she has little to do with it. It is all about him. Based on Mel’s words, it is clear that he now sees Oksana, the mother of his child in a very different light. Prior to her being pregnant, he perceived her as  the” whore” who sexually tuned him on.  But this is no longer the case.

A lot of men can have great sex with a lover, or girlfriend. or wife. But as soon as the lover, girlfriend, or wife delivers a baby, the man may no longer see her as being sexually attractive. She is no longer their sexual “whore”. She is now the “mother” of their child. She is the “Madonna”. That is clearly what Mel may be suffering from, in my view.

It is evident in his speech. He doesn’t want her  to look like a “Vegas whore.”  He doesn’t want her to dress provocatively. He doesn’t want her to “sashay” around in public because it embarrasses him.

It embarrasses him  because now that she is the mother of his child, she can no longer dress  the way she dressed before  she birthed his child, which now  in his mind looks like a provocative “whore”.

He feels that now she must look proper and dress the part of the “Madonna” that she is  now isin Mel’s disturbed mind. She must now, go out in unsexy outfits, unlike lithe green one she wore. Otherwise. it will say to Mel that she  is still a “whore”- a sexual object to be preyed upon by the  by the worst kind of people Mel views, in his racially sick mind- Black people.

To drive home his point and put  the fear of God into her ,he warns Oksana about his biggest fear. His fear is that the mother of his child, who he now sees as the Madonna, will be violated and tarnished and “raped” by the people he is most repulsed by- Black men.

He warns further that she will be the one responsible for her own raping and violation. She will be the one who brought it on herself, by not dressing the part of the “Madonna”, but rather the “whore”.

That is why he is allowing her to stay in the house. He wants her  out of sight. He wants her to be the Madonna and only care for his precious child. He wants her away from the public attention of the limelight.  He wants her away from any other man who may find his “Madonna” a sexy looking “whore”. And he especially wants her home and away from Blacks, whom  he feels may “rape: her and tarnish his  fantasy “Madonna” forever.


Mel committed verbal murder when he attacked Oksana so brutally with his tones and words. He murdered her spirit and you can hear it in her fearful meek voice, as she tries to fight back and give him a dose of his own medicine by using the F word to tell him her breasts are none of his business.

Mel can never take these words back. They are in Oksana’s psyche forever.

Mel’s  tones and words murdered his chances of having a civil relationship so his daughter could grow up without the enormous tension that will most likely always be there between Mel and Oksana.


Mel’s verbal murder also killed off his many fans. These cans can never look at Mel the same. What he said about his loyal supporters is unforgivable. They will NEVER support him at the box office no matter what film he makes in the future .


Just like there is no Jewish fan who can every look at Mel the same, after he made his anti-Semitic remarks when he was in the back of a police squad car after being arrested for a DUI, there is no Black fan that can ever look at him the same after calling them the N word.


And adding insult to injury, he said that a “gang” of Blacks would rape Oksana just because his baby momma would be dressed provocatively. How insulting! How degrading to say that because a person is dressed a certain way that Blacks are so out of control with their sexuality that they would have no choice but to “rape” her in large groups in a pack, as in a pack of hungry, out of control wolves! This is the ultimate in stereotypic racism.


No Latin fan can ever look at Mel the same, after they heard him refer to Mexicans as “wetbacks.” How ugly! What he said is not only an insult to Mexicans but to every Spanish speaking fan.


And finally, no female fan can ever look at Mel the same. As if calling a female police officer “Sugar Tits” when he was arrested for a DUI wasn’t enough to turn women off, his rant to Oksana is guaranteed to turn off any woman who may have ignored his sexist comment to the police woman, forgiven Mel, or given him a second chance.

The  degrading and sexist way he spoke to Oksana sent chills up my spine as I am sure  it did to many other women.

The sexist and degrading name calling – from “whore” to “bitch”. The vulgar  reference to “tits” and “pussy” is unconscionable. No woman should ever have to hear that type of language coming out of anyone’s mouth.


While Hollywood loves a good comeback, there are certain things you can NEVER come back from. Robert Downy, Mickey Rourke, Britney Spears, are examples of the Hollywood dream. They are examples of having it all, losing it all, and then coming back even bigger and better than before. Hollywood is hoping to add Lindsay Lohan to this list, but only time will tell ,as it all depends on Lindsay now.

But there will never be a comeback for Mel. Mel is on his own this time. Hollywood, who has many powerful Jewish people in control, was going to pull the plug on Mel years ago after his anti semitic comments. But Mel’s well respected agent  at the time, Ed Limato of the William Morris Agency fought tooth and nail to keep Mel alive in the industry.

But last weekend Ed Limato died and so did Mel’s most loyal supporter. Now, there is no one to bail him out and play “the emperor has new clothes” game. Mel’s career is as dead as Ed Limato.

When  the William Morris Agency quits you even though you have made millions of dollars for them, you can kiss your career goodbye forever. What Mel did was unforgiveable and the William Morris Agency, headed by Ari Emanual, let Mel know it in no uncertain terms.

Now that his old  agent Ed Limato is dead, there is no one to defend Mel and play “the emperor has new clothes when in reality, the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.” Mel is on his own and it is OVER for him in Hollywood!

Will another agency take him?  If they do, it will speak volumes about them and they will not be respected.   They will be seen as vultures. A lot of these heavy duty agents work together. They support one another. So, if Mel was fired from WMA/Endeavor, I doubt CAA or ICM – the three agencies who really matter in Hollywood and can do the job Mel requires, will take him on as a client.


While you may think that this is no big deal, and that Mel will be even more popular because of all of this publicity, you are sadly mistaken.

The old adage “ there is no such thing as bad publicity” may have worked when Hollywood began in the 20’s, but it doesn’t work in this day and age.

It does work to make people aware of those who are not yet household names or who’s career is waning. While scandals get people to sit up and take notice and increase their awareness of you and hence your popularity, like it did with Kate Gosslelin, making her a star , it works the opposite when someone is already a super star and a household word.

When they do something like Mel has done- verbally abuse a woman and allegedly hit her while she was holding her baby, it is unforgivable!

Look at what happened to  Rhianna beater, singer Chris Brown. His career will never be the same. But Mel’s case is much worse. There is not only alleged physical violence, there is a baby involved.

There are words involved that no one will tolerate like the N word. Comedian, Michael Richards. who played Kramer on Seinfield,  essentially lost his career after his tirade in a nightclub where he used the N word and made other racist remarks.

Actor  Isaiah Washington was let go from Grey’s Anatomy for using the other F word, when he called his fellow co-star a “faggott”.

How people responded to these egregious actions, set a precedent. No one will accept it and there is no going back!  It is over for Mel Gibson!


Mel can pay his publicist and my dear friend,Paul Block of Rogers and Cowan, millions of dollars and it the spin will never work! I am sure Paul  is working 24/7 trying to do damage control .

I see how hard Paul is working ever since this mess occurred, as Paul tries to cast dispersions on Oksana by releasing stories that Mel is suing her for extortion. When that didn’t work, Paul no doubt, released a  news flash about how Mel was suing her for leaking the tape, and suing her for breach of contract.

Who cares about what Oksana did? Anything she allegedly did is minor in comparison to what Mel did. In actuality, the tape says it all. It speaks volumes with regard to what Mel did to her.

So what if she leaked the tape? There are no secrets anymore anyway. The truth always comes out! No one can hide.   The cat is out of the bag ,  the feathers are out of the pillowcase, and Humpty Dumpty has fallen off the wall and his pieces can never be put back together at all.


I will save publicist Alan Nierob a lot of time and effort, by letting him know that if his next move is to spin the pity card, it won’t work with Mel.

It would be easy to now blame Mel’s bad behavior on his alcoholism or a bipolar disorder but it won’t work. There is just way too much bad behavior. It is not just one thing. It is a lot of things.

Many people are alcoholics and bipolar and they don’t abuse others like Mel did. They aren’t racists, anti Semites, or alleged physical abusers.

It would also be easy for Paul to spin it by blaming all of his issues on Mel’s bad childhood and his abusive father, the  ignorant father who is a Holocaust denier, and whom Mel has never spoken out against.

Maybe Alan Nierob will use this time and throw Mel’s father under the PR bus to save his client. But it won’t work. Lots of people have wacky or ignorant parents and they don’t act like Mel did. And besides, Mel is in his 50’s. How much longer can one blame a parent for their bad actions? It won’t work!

My advice to Alan, who happens to be Jewish and who is the son of precious Holocaust survivors, is to find another client. While you may  want to do right by your clients, remember that deep down, Mel is not too crazy about you and could spit his  vitriol  on you personally  in a heartbeat.

And speaking of heartbeats,  spinning a story about Mel being rushed to the hospital because of a heart attack or some other unknown ailment or sending him into rehab  won’t work either . The public is not stupid and they won’t buy anything but the truth!


This coming November I have a book out called Toxic Men- Identify Deal With And Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable. In the book it tells you how to identify Toxic Men like Mel and what body language signals to look for. It tells you what to do – what 10 options you have available if you are in a toxic relationship like Oksana is in. It gives you choices that can either turn the relationship around or end the relationship for good. And finally it tells you how to heal from the events that Oksana experienced.

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