Jodi Arias Smiles, Flirts, and Kisses and Laughs In Recent Courtoom Appearance

ImageJodi Arias  first arrived in the courtroom wearing a very sullen expression. She was not wearing her glasses which were  previously her apparent prop which she used to try and sway the jury that she was just an average abuse vicitim and not a femme fatale. Her eyes looked a bit sunken and her complexion was pale.

She was expressionless as she sat down. But then she turned  to the back of the courtroom  to look at who was in the  audience. She clearly recognized someone who made her smile . She even  puckered up and gave the person a kiss.


First we see her pursing her lips as she strains to locate the person as she eyes those seated in back of her in the courtroom.


Then she recognizes  the person and makes eye contact  with them and proceeds to exhibit a genuine smile with her cheeks raised, teeth showing,  and eyes squinted. This indicates she is really happy to see the person.


She knows she shouldn’t be doing what she is doing . Hence you see her pursing her lips as she tries to surpress her excitement and happiness at seeing the person. But her eyes continue to smile. 


She continues to look at the person as she unpurses her lips. Says OK .


 Now we see her puckering up in a kissing motion. 






She  then turns away and laughs to herself as she is quite self satisfied in terms of what she has done in giving an air  kiss to someone in the back of the  courtroom. 


She continues to smile  a genuine smile as she turns away from the person. You can see her raised cheeks and squinted eyes which indicates she is very happy with herself.

The question is with whom was Jodi  flirting? Was it one of her male or female admirers? Was it her one loyal male friend who has supported and defended her ? Was it her female friend who has tweeted  on her behalf? Was it someone new? I doubt that it was her mother or father based on her strained relationship with them in the past.  

Jodi is  most likely receiving support if not love letters from disturbed thinking fans out there. Perhaps the person to whom she was smiling and flirting with and to whom she gave an air kiss to was one of those  disturbed suitors.

While Jodi was happy that she was able to get some personal attention in the courtroom, this may be one of the last times she gets away with it. When she is locked up in prison for life or on death row, there will be nothing to smile  about and no one to share a laugh. 




Casey Anthony Bright Smiles In Courtroom After Weekend Recess

After the weekend recess Casey was all smiles. She wasn’t just smiling, she was beaming as she greeted one of Jose Baez’ legal assistant on the team.

Then she partially put her hand over her mouth and continued to beam a megawatt smile. She knew the camera were on her and didn’t want anyone to read her lips.

Then she beamed yet another mega smile at e of her attorneys.

Casey isn’t paying as much attention to her hair and clothing as she did in the past as her hair is in a more disheveled looking bun and her blouse is more wrinkles. Also she is not doing her grooming ritual as much. Her focus is elsewhere and she appears more relaxed as though she may know nothing bad will happen to her- like the deth sentence.

The intense smiling by Casey is very disconcerting. Yes, she has been out of her jail cage and is excited to see anyone and is happy about that. But the bottom line is that she  is on trial for killing Caylee and on trial for the fight of her life. That is why I don’ think she should be smiling about anything.

Her lying mother and brother who took the stand  certainly didn’t create reasonable doubt in my mind. But maybe something happened  Saturday that made her smile so brightly.  We will find out why she is  smiling  with such confidence soon enough.

Casey Continues To Smirk In Courtroom Indicating She’s Loving the Trial, the Attention, And Feeling Secure About Her Fate

With hr head bumps or as some say devil horns prominently displayed on her temples, her smirk is also prominently  displayed on her face.In the photo above we see her leaking out her smirk as she sits in the courtroom. Look at how the sides of her lips course upwards in a definite smile pattern.

You see her smirk as soon as she enters the courtroom. She is not only thrilled that she has left her cage where she has been house for the past three years. She is thrilled that she gets to hear and see some high drama that revolves around her favoritie topic- HER! There is also no doubt that she is smirking because she knows that no real harm will come to her. After all there is Juror number 4 who cannot judge people. No doubt Jose and team have convinced Casey that there is nothing to worry about.

They have also probably convinced her that there may be a mistrial and that she will have years of appeals. That is why in my view it has been so difficult for Casey to cry genuine tears in court over these past 36 days.

That is also why she an sit  there like she is watching someone else’s trial. She  appears to find the expert’s testimonies  interesting as we see her cock her hear to the side.

That is why she can continue to smile he courtroom as though she has no care in the world.

It is very disconcerting to watch Casey smile in light of the fact that a child has died on her watch.  Casey may even believe she will walk free, arm in arm with Cheney Mason. With  Juror number 4 on the panel, who doesn’t want to judge anyone, it is  highly doubtful that Casey will get the ultimate penalty. So Casey may be feeling relieved, secure, and happy, Hence the smiles.