Henne’s Body Language on You Tube Videos and Wife Swap Reveal His Violent Temper While Kids Rap Video Show’s His Horrible Parenting

Falcon in Feces
After watching the 100 episode on Wife Swap where Richard Heene throws food and milk at theswapped wife on the show, watching a previous Wife Swap show where he verbally abusedthe swapped wife, and after watching him brutally yell at his own wife Mayumi for not properly holding down the teather on his “flying saucer”, along with his defensiveness on all of the talk shows on which he appeared, one can only wonder what he did to poor little Falcon for spilling the beans.
      Little Falcon told the world that they were doing the stunt for the show and I am sure that infuriated his father. In subsequent interviews Falcon’s wide eyed look indicated fear. While his father clung to the boy and carried him around like a show pony, the boy looked tense and worried as did his other brothers who sat next to him on the show.                                                                                                                                                                                   They looked miserable being there and acted as though they couldn’t wait until everything was over. Provided that Falcon’s vomiting wasn’t induced by giving him something like ipecac, it also indicated how his stomach must have been nervous and how sick he got from all the fear.
     Who knows what happened behind closed doors when there were no camera rolling. Richard even admitted on camera on all of the morning shows that he yelled at Falcon too much. Who knows how much yelling went on when no one was there to witness Richard’s verbal abuse towards his son.                                                                                                                                                                                       I also came across another video that the father no doubt masterminded where his boys were singing a rap song “ Not Pussified”. At first it may have looked cute but if one looked at what the three little boys were rapping about, it was repulsive and full of bathroom humor. For a father to allow such young boys from ages 5 to 8 at the time to speak and act in such a vulgar way is unconscionable.
     There is a scene in the video where little Falcon is sitting on a toilet wearing a Santa Claus hat covered in feces. Then you see little Falcon burping as the boys continue to sing lyricslike “I’ll run your ass over” and “you aint no shit” “he’s my papa he’ll make it stick that’s right daddy he aint no dick”. Then you see them singing “beans beans are good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart” as you see them with the head in their plates licking them while there are making farting noises in the background. If that isn’t bad enough you see one of the boys with a finger stuck up his nose Then they sing the lyrics “ I looked up in the tree and what did I see a faggot trying to pee on me.”
      That’s right, “faggot”. That is what the father is allowing his kids to say. I couldn’t believe what I heard so I played it three times to make sure that was the word used. To encourage a child to sing such a hateful word is horrible. Then you see a picture of a rooster which is meant to be a “cock” (rhymes with rock) as the kids continue to rap “So I picked up a rock and threw it at his head, I took him to the doctor and the doctor said sorry about that he’s dead.”
     To encourage your children to speak like that is horrible parenting. Also these are the same kids who said the F word and cursed out the swapped wives on wife swap. In fact, the latest swapped wife who has been interviewed by the press about the Heene family confirms how little Falcon is full of curse words and obscene gestures.
      Besides this, Richard puts these children in harms way by taking them storm chasing. What if one of  the kids ran into the storm and got killed? Where is DFS? This family needs to be investigated.