Jon Gosselin and Levi Jonston’s Body Language Indicate They Are Protecting Their Family Jewels

jon and levi
Whenever you see a man with their hands covering their private parts it means they are very uncomfortable, very protective, and very vulnerable. So in this photo of Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston, who ran into one another in Times Square Saturday night, this photo of them together speaks volumes.

Jon is known for making lots of kids (8) while Levi is known for making 1 famous kid- ex VP Candidate Sarah Palin’s grandson. While Jon’s hands are seen lightly covering his privates, based on his one hand placed over the other position, Levi hands are positioned a lot lower, as he strongly clasps one hand, locking it over the other. Perhaps he is being super protective of his really valuable “money –making” family jewels, which he plans to show in an upcoming Playgirl.

Besides being really famous fathers, these who share a lot of other things in common. Looking up at their faces, they share the exact same facial expression as they look in the same direction. They are both very uncomfortable standing near one another with no smiles and a tight lipped tense expression. This indicates that neither of them is too crazy about standing next to one another and having their photos taken. But after all, it is a photo op and after all these two little “Knut the Bear” narcissists seem to love publicity and having their pictures taken. So what if it is freezing cold outside, a photo op is more important in both of their minds. After all, besides their matching facial expressions, they have matching double breasted 6 button Navy pea coats to keep their baby producing bodies warm.

It is also rather interesting that their elbows seem to touch one another. Perhaps it was so cold outside that they automatically gravitated towards one another to generate some body heat. This elbow to elbow contact may also indicate that subconsciously they really do want to be comrades. After all these two have more in common than any other two men. Besides, now that Jon got rid of his ex bromance buddy Michael Lohan, Levi Johnston may be a great substitute. They have a lot to discuss since they are both angry and detest a woman who did them wrong. Jon publically trashed and dished the dirt on Kate while Levi publically trashed and dashed the dirt on Sara from Larry King Live to ET to the Insider.

Right now, even though their body language indicates that they are not “buds” and really don’t even want to be seen together publically, maybe it will do them both good to hang out together. After all they have really walked in one another’s shoes. Therefore, they can truly empathize with one another. Maybe when they get their anger out and vent to one another, they won’t have to do it through the media. Maybe they can serve as one another’s therapist. Listening to and watching the other may even serve as a “reality check” mirror to one another. As they both see how ugly they sound whining, moaning, and groaning to another perhaps, that will be the catalyst that allows them to shape up and act like real men instead of immature boys.