Broken Relationships, Mean Girls,Toxic People Fallout From Presidential Campaign Need Healing

The Presidential Election is finally over and President Barack Obama has been elected to a second term.  Even though I did an inordinate amount of press for it from numerous Associated Press interviews to appearing on  CNBC, to the Daily Show, Good Day LA, Geraldo, Mancow and countless radio shows across the country concerning the body language of the debaters and wrote extensive blogs on the candidates as well, I too share the sentiments of the precious little girl who went viral on youtube who was crying .

She was crying because  she was sick of  “Bronco Bama and Mitt Rom men nee. “No doubt she was sick of the hatred and ugliness she was hearing  on TV or on the radio, or perhaps from her  from her parents  and others when discussing their candidate.

While I honor that everyone has their own political views, I can assure you that  my intention  during my national interviews and in my blogs were  to never be political.I am not a political person or a political analyst. I just report what I observe from a body language standpoint. That is the truth coming from my own mouth. So when people have commented that I am partisan they are wrong as I support no party and have no agenda.

Even though I repeatedly stated this, several  refused to accept that and  subsequently spewed forth their own political beliefs via their  comments. Many went on a diatribe and leveled personal attacks which were uncalled for.

What was most shocking to me was that the ones who made the most TOXIC comments  and leveled the most vitriol were acquaintances whom I barely knew who  came out of  the woodwork.  One  such commenter was so hateful and vitriolic that my fans on my facebook page turned against her in my defense.  Apparently this  woman turned out to  be someone whom I hadn’t spoken to since I was 8 years old in the 3rd grade and whom I  only remembered  as a frizzy haired child with a strange looking  mole on her face who liked to color.

While  she was certainly free to express her opinions, when she decided  to make personal attacks  on me , especially  after I  repeatedly told  this obviously not very bright woman based on the  illogical thought patterns she expressed  and her refusal to accept that my site was not a political site.  She continued to make  personal attacks  until I told her that she was no longer welcome and blocked her from Facebook.

Next, a highly Toxic woman whom I  barely knew or  spoke to in high school but  whom I met decades later as a result of my high school reunion,  took  it  upon herself to defend  the  now grown up frizzy haired girl who was in my  3rd grade class .These two  were obviously friends who shared the same political beliefs. When I tried to once again reassure the Toxic  woman whom I was reaquainted with as a result of my high school reunion that my blogs and television and radio appearances were my observations about the candidate’s body language , she too  began to unload personal attacks until I blocked her from my Facebook account as well.

She even went to far as telling me that she, and the now grown up frizzy haired girl with whom I hadn’t spoken to since 3rd  grade, as well as a third woman- a former high school jock, (whom I  hadn’t spoken to since high school) all discussed me and came ot the conclusion that  thought that “all my fame went to my head”  and that I have turned into  a  vapid “talking head” on television.   With comments like that , it is obvious  this  Mean Girl is still mentally stuck in high school mode.

But what she intended  as  a mean cut was a actually a compliment  to me  as I am indeed  officially on the  media list as  a talking head and I  must say that I am proud of it. I should also share with you that this  Toxic woman  who made this comment  is the same woman who contacted me and  hit me up for advice about doing a television show  as she wanted to appear on camera.

Finally, a fourth woman with whom I had not spoken to since 7th grade gym class whom I only remember as having an unusually  deep hoarse voice  for  a 12 year old and who had  a very bad complexion at the time,  spewed forth her  own vitriol and made personal attacks as she chastised me for briefly  mentioning the above incident in a previous blog.

As I saw it, four  ugly  “Mean Girls’ – one from grade school,  one from junior high school, and  the  two  from high school, now  grew up and clearly  became  ugly  “Mean Women” in my view.

I certainly  am not the only one who has experienced this type of  Toxicity. There are a lot of people who turned into “Mean Women” and “Mean Men”  who   personally  attacked others they knew,  simply because they thought differently. There was no more “agreeing to disagree”  and still  maintaining  a sense of respect and dignity towards one another.

The vitriol was not only spewed  towards  remote insignificant acquaintances from the past as in my case, but  rather  with long time friends, work colleagues,  family members, and even spouses.


Many  saw other’s choices for a candidate as a reflection of their beliefs and personal issues. Tom, an Obama loving  gay man refused to ever speak to his  Romney supporting brother  Mike, (who  by the way was the only one  in his family who supported Tom  when he came out as being gay).  Tom said he could never look at anyone, including his own brother  who didn’t  support gay marriage like Obama did.

Another man, Ed  who was in ill health and supported Obama because of his Obamacare,  looked at his Romney supporting former best friend as a traitor who didn’t care about his friend’s heath.They haven’t spoken in months and  both never plan to speak again.

And  Jane, woman who  once had a daughter out of wedlock who’s daughter  grew up to become an attorney , will never speak to Lisa,  the Obama supporting  Godmother to her  lawyer daughter,  because Jane  is understandably,  vehemently opposed to abortion.

So when I was listened to a show on  NPR  (KPPC affiliate) discussing how once close  relationships have been destroyed over this election I listened carefully.The show told how families became divided over this election, refusing to speak to one another. One father kicked his son out of the house for not voting for Romney. One man who was interviewed on the show said that while his brother in law can come over he cannot partake and eat his barbecued cooking.

The NPR Affiliate in LA  also had another  show  about how Facebook friends  unfriended  one another due to political beliefs . They even   did a poll on it  where they found that people were indeed unfriended  others due to their political views and vice versa.

As I listened to the radio show detailing how specific relationships were so easily  tossed aside,  I thought that perhaps  these differences of opinions among so called friends may be an excuse to hang a hat on some true underlying negative feelings about the person.

Perhaps the man who wouldn’t  allow his brother in law to eat his barbecued  meat really never liked him in the first place. Perhaps the father who  kicked his  twenty something son out of the house, finally found an excuse to use  to stop his freeloading.

Maybe it was the tone of the debates  themselves which brought out people’s vitriol towards one another. How can we forget watching   the second debate where  the two candidates physically looked as though they were in a boxing ring as they circled one another in a threatening looking manner.

Perhaps it was the ugly campaign  ads  with personal attacks which added fuel to the fire  and  leaked  into our personal relationships with one another. Perhaps it was the last ditch efforts we all saw where PR scavengers like Gloria Alred  and Donald Trump were trying to dig up some nastiness and personal dirt  on the candidates, which turned out to be a dud in both cases.

Well now that the debates and campaigning  have ended, we need to heal.  We  not  only need to heal from the ugly words that infected our eyes and ears throughout this campaign.

We also  need to forgive and let go and make attempts to rekindle those once special relationships  we have  suddenly cast off.  Politics is not worth coming  between people who  once  loved and cared deeply  about one another . We need to so what we did before the election when our friends and relatives didn’t agree with us and that is to simply  “agree to disagree” and not ” throw the baby out with the bath water” or “cut off our nose to spite our face” as the expressions go.


Furious Faced Casey Anthony Bares Her Teeth In Anger While Jose Smiles and Ignores Her

This is the second time we have seen Casey’s angry and hateful facial expression. The first time we saw it was in jailhouse tapes when she was frustrated because her parents would not allow her to speak. Now we have seen it once again . In the photo above we see her open mouth and jutted forth lower jaw and tension around her midface and neck region. Observe the deep lines near her nose and cheeks.  It was not too clear with whom she was angry. I imagine she was angry with both Jose Baez and Cheney Mason. In this photo she glares at Jose who ignores her.

Here we see Casey wide eyed and with tension in her jaw region. You can see the muscles bulging. You can also see the muscles in her neck bulging with anger.  She not only tenses her jaw, she clenches her back teeth together in anger and snarls with her lips apart like a wild animal. Jose ignores her and smiles.

Now she is really clenching her teeth and snarling as she looks at Jose out of the corner of her eye. Look at the bulging muscle in her neck (sterneocleidomastoid muscle). That means she is super angry.

Casey is scary livid. The reason I say this is  becuase if my observation at all the tension around her lips. The muscle on the side on her lip (the risorus muscle)  is coursing downward which is a sign of severe anger. She has also bared her teeth like wild animals do when they feel cornered, threatened, and angry. Her eyes have widened and there is tension in her neck and in the jaw at the side. At this level she could curse a person out. She could even bite someone out of anger as her teeth are ready for action.

 Meanwhile Jose is oblivious to all of this or he is choosing to ignore her.

If looks could kill Jose would be dead. Her pulse must be racing a mile a minute. Look at the muscle tension in her neck. Look at her wild eyes and how she glares at Jose. Look at her open mouth. She is on high alert.

 Here she is looking at Jose eyeball to eyeball. She could easily lunge towards him in anger.

Here Linda Drane Burdick  has walked by her and Jose.  Casey is still eyeballing Jose who has know tuned his head to the side . Her jaw has dropped  in surprise as she cannot believe he is not paying 1000 percent attention to her.

In this photo Casey is capable of biting Jose as she rages at him in disdain. In essence she is so angry at Jose and Mason that she could do physical harm. I hope that they remove all pens and hard objects from the defense table when they read the verdict. If it doesn’t turn out in her favor she may start physically attacking Jose because she may feel she has nothing to lose. Life is life so you can’t give her any more time and death is death so she has nothing to lose either way.

Even though she is  petite, her anger could garner the strength of a huge 300 pound tackle.  So Jose needs to remove all objects and keep his distance from her and make sure the Marshalls are standing right in back of her as the verdict is read. He must not whisper to her to get close to her face because she can spit and bite. 

Casey is a “spiteful bitch” as she said of herself. This concerns me as it applies to what she could do to Jose and to Cheney Mason. For the past three years, Jose has sacrified his life for this ingrate. I would not put it past her to accuse him of sexual harassment.  I would not put it past her to do the same to Cheney Mason. After all she accused her own brother and father of molesting her.

Even if Baez and Mason get her off and she walks out of the courtroom arm in arm with Mason, as he once said, she is very capable of creating trouble for them.  Like a wild animal, she has no loyalty.  Having said that, her wild animal aggressive instincts may serve her well in prison.

A More Serious Casey Walks Into Courtroom Day 37 Wearing Sexy Low Cut Pink Sweater

Team Casey must be reading my blogs because today she came into court without her usual smile. She may have read comments from many of my very astute readers who said they felt like to smack the smile off of Casey’s face whenever she walked into the courtroom.

Today there was no smiling and no smirking. She just walked in and took her seat.

Jose Baez ignored her and vice versa. She didn’t acknowledge him. Ms. Simms also ignored her and vice versa. Casey got busy looking into a notebook.

She needs to  not smile and she needs to be serious at all times. That means no smiling, laughter, chuckling or smirking. It may be  too little too late as she did not  do this from day one. It is day 37 and the jurors already have an opinion of her. Based on the way she has comported herself in the courtroom in the past, it is not a favorable opinion.

 Even though she hs smirked and smiled the tension is getting to her. Look at the tension devil horn bumps on her temples. This is what happens when people are under a considerable amount of stress.


If you look at her earlier photos you do not see these devil horn bumps. Being isolated and in a cell over these past three years has definitely taken a toll on her.

Whomever is dressing  Casey and picking out her clothing is not doing her any favors. Wearing pink pastel is a baby girl color.   It is designed to give the illusion of sweetness and  innocence. But the jury won’t buy it. 

 I have said all along that Casey should wear black as though she is in mourning for what happened. Even if jurors believe she didn’t kill Caylee they will  at least see someone who is in mourning for her dead daughter.

The chosen outfit has a lower cut blouse and is very form-fitting. This is not appropriate in the courtroom. Perhaps Team Casey wants  her  to wear it in order to  seduce some of the male juror to go easy on her. I don’t think it will work at this point as it is too little too late.

As I said I would like to see Casey in black out of respect for Caylee. But Casey feels nothing for Caylee as we saw during these past 37 days. Whenever Caylee was mentioned, Casey fake cried or remained stone faced.

The truth is that Casey  never wanted Caylee. She never even acknowledged  she was pregnant with Caylee.  She couldn’t wait to give Caylee away for adoption.

But Cindy would have none of it.  She insisted they baby be kept. She forced Casey to be a mother to the child when Casey wanted nothing to do with Caylee. Cindy called Casey a” bad mother” when Casey didn’t  have it in her to be nurtuting and motherly as she didn’t want to be a mother in the first place. 

Casey  couldn’t stand Caylee. She looked at her as a burden, even calling her a “snothead”. She often ignored the child as seen in my comprehensive analysis during the breakfast video. She despised Caylee and despised Cindy for making her keep Caylee.

Those who have called her an awesome mother on the stand obviously have not spent enough  time with her and Caylee or have no experience as to what constitutes a good mother.

Casey was envious of the attention Caylee received and didn’t want her around. She may have viewed  getting rid of Caylee  simply as a late term abortion two years later.  That is why she shows no feeling or emotion towards Caylee  the courtroom. To her, Caylee was a burden and a thing of the past. She cries real tears becasue she feels that it is Caylee’s fault that she is in the predicament she is in.

So don’t expect to see tears of remorse for Caylee as Casey’s mind does not work that way.


Do NOT believe any news reports that Casey Anthony cried after Caylee’s skull was shown to jurors.  If you see anyone in the media weighing in and saying that Casey Anthony cried , you need to turn the channel because they are giving you false information.

Casey Anthony did NOT cry. She wiped away a non tear as you see above. Her facial expression was not consistent with any expression of grief.

Instead, we see a look of anger. Look at her tight lips. In grief, the lips would be turned down and would be open. Instead, they are tight and horizontal,  consistent with anger. Her furrowed forehead is also consistent with anger. She is angry only because the remains were found and that now SHE has to be on trial because of it. It is all about her and no one else.

Casey looks away as she turns her head. She presses her hand up against her  her face and in essence distorts the shape of her nose. She blocks of her nasal airway which I believe is very significant. Caylee’s skull is there because her little nasal airway was also blocked. Instead of being blocked by fingers, it was blocked by duct tape. In essence, Casey is physically  mirroring what happened to Caylee.

Then the most egregious thing now  happens in my view. Casey is apparently coached by Ms. Simms, her attorney to  cry and show emotion. But Casey cannot pull it off. She cannot seem to muster up any emotion as you can see by the blank emotionless facial expression that is inconsistent with grief. She merely presses down on her cheek with her fingers and does not wipe away any tears. She also pokes her pointer finger in her eye.

Here she wipes away a non wet cheek with a  flat Kleenex. She is pressing on her cheek and there is no facial expression to go along with her supposed upset or grief. There is no liquid and no tears.

Casey  may be a good liar but is a very bad actress. Her feigned upset is not working. If there is anything that has convinced me that Casey Anthony is a sociopathic inhumane  cold blooded monster, this is it!

Judge Belvin Perry’s Body Language Showed He was “Bouncing” Mad While Reprimanding Prosecution’s Jeff Ashton

Whenever Casey Anthony case Judge Belvin Perry gets upset or wants to make a serious point, it comes out in his body language in the form of a bounce. He tends to be even keeled in his tone and in his facial expressions and in his demeanor. But when he is upset at someone or agitated or really wants to make it a point to get his points across, he speaks more slowly and he tends to “bounce” up and down in his seat. Perhaps it is his body’s way of releasing and expressing his emotions.

Mostly, his bounces have been often  seen when he has reprimanded Jose Baez or has been annoyed with him. He also bounces when he gives his instructions, as an indicator that he is serious and means business and wants his orders followed exactly as he says.

Judge Perry stated that the location where they will be doing Jury selection is secret and that he only plans to tell one member of each team in advance. That person who was told would be responsible for telling the other members of the team and that as long as they left by 8AM they would be able to get to the location on time. Perry stated that the attorneys are banned from disclosing the location to anyone, including their families.

So when Jeff Ashton stood up in the courtroom and said that his family would like to know where he is, Judge Perry was hopping,  bouncing mad. Perry’s voice even got a bit louder as Ashton continued to object with his arms spread out and palms up as he displayed an open mouthed  surprised expression at Judge Perry’s instruction .

While bouncing in his chair, he said to Ashton “You are not going to be able to tell your family .” He then said he had no jurisdiction over Ashton’s family and that” if it was problem for you then you needed to speak to Mr. Lamar  to see if he could replace you.”

Those were VERY powerful words and indciated that Judge Perry was extremely upset by Ashton’s outward  defiance and questioning his order.

While this was going on,  the one person who was loving the interchange was Jose Baez. He was smiling and smirking as he heard Perry’s  harsh words to Ashton.  Jose’s raised cheek smile indicated  his genuine smile and happiness at the situation. 

Jose was enjoying this so much that he had to  turn away from looking at Ashton  as he  covered his mouth with his hand  to stifle his  giggles. As you can see from the photo above no one else in the courtroom seemed  to  be enjoying this interchange between Judge Perry and Ashton as much as Baez. Linda Drane Burdick is looking on in seriousness as is everyone else.

Perhaps nothing would make Jose  happier than seeing his biggest adversary,  Ashton replaced by Mr, Lamar as Judge Perry suggested if  Ashton could not abide by Judge Perry;s request.  Jose  was  no doubt loving the fact that it was now Ashton’s turn to feel Perry’s heat and  experience his wrath that Baez has no doubt experienced so often inthe courtroom .

The bottom line is that what  Judge Perry says goes, and there is no arguing. His interchange with Ashton shows that he is fair and shows no favoritism to any of the attorneys. It is  yet another example of Judge Perry’s seriousness and  his  admirably taking charge of his courtroom.

Chris Brown’s Punching Dancing Body Language and Spiked Glove on DWTS Reflect Inner Anger

As the Body Language Expert for Dancing With the Stars   on Season 8 and doing analyses for Entertainment Tonight and various magazines, all I can say is that I am appalled that Chris  Brown was allowed back into the ABC Family after his window punching incident last week.

I am not alone in  my disgust that he was allowed on DWTS  as host Tom Bergeron and top female dancer Cheryl Burk were equally disgusted. Although Tom tried to be the pro that he is, his stiff body language and half smile gave away his displeasure. He even mentioned publically that he wasn’t thrilled about Chris being there and it showed in his  ambivalent half smile and  in Tom’s tight  body language on the show.

 Cheryl who publicly spoke of her own abuse was disgusted that an abuser would appear on the same show are herself. She said that even though she could do nothing about it she wasn’t happy  but did what she could do to in speaking out and expressing her displeasure.



His anger not only appeared off the stage it appeared on the stage as well with his punching dance moves that looked like he would be better in a boxing ring than on a dance floor. In the photo above you can see the anger in his clench fists and extended knuckles. 


Before Chris appeared in his devil red and black suit with chains on the  there was what I thought a very contrived and cheap shot. A little boy in a white suit yelled out “ Hey it’s Chris Brown” as the little boy  began to tumble on to the stage and break danced.  

That disgusted me that a little kid was being used to promote  Chris Brown. I think associating Chris Brown with the little excited kid was a  disgusting ploy to enroll other kids. The fact that a kid essentially introduced Chris Brown’s performance and then began to perform himself was merely used as a distraction to help mollify Chris’ negative perception. After all who can;t feel warm and fuzzy towards a little break dancing kid in a suit?

As Chris took to his singing and dancing he began what I thought was indicative  of who he is as a person– an angry hostile man.   His punching moves in his first dance were a complete a turn off  and highly inappropriate .  If he was there to rectify his image he certainly didn’t do it with his dancing moves.

While his acrobatics were impressive I still couldn’t shake the photos etched in my brain of Rihanna’s face  that was pummeled by him.

 As I recalled what he did to the window at ABC I got even more disgusted by him. To  think of the  force he used in breaking this sealed and reinforced  window was also repulsive to me. Anyone else would have been arrested  and put in jail but celebrity justice is no doubt what kept him free. I kept thinking of that and it was maddening.  He was even invited back to GMA to explain himself which further sickened me as anyone else would NEVER have been invited back to GMA or to any show ever again for that  hateful and dangerous antic.

Thus, it was impossible for me to appreciate any of  his talents. When I heard the audience clapping loudly and standing to their feet , there was no doubt in my mind that this was choreographed as well. It further disturbed me as to why this nasty violent creature was being celebrated in any shape or form.Why he was allowed on the DWTS stage in the first place was beyond my comprehension.

But clearly, someone high above made sure that Chris would be successful in spite of himself. It no doubt appears to be  all about  dollars and cents.

  But to me, this violent out of control creature simply looked   like a  mean devil dressed in red and chains. I would never purchase anything  with he was associated. In fact I would encourage others to boycott him as well. We simply cannot showcase and honor those who  are violent. There is enough world violence out there and we certainly don’ tneed it in our artists who’s aim is to entertain and bring us joy.

Then he was introduced for his second song set as he wore a white suit with lights on it that changed colors designed to  distract people . I did like the lighted suit that changed colors as I did like the  backup dancer’s neon looking outfits and the choreography. But that still didn’t change the reality. To me he is still a  Toxic Man who happened to be wearing a lighted suit that changed colors.  

Then Chris was done performing and  I saw Chris Browns face drenched in sweat as he held  his  silver metal spiked fingerless  glove up to his face as he as in a praying hand position with his hands clasped together. I found this incongruity of  prayer and violence sickening  and hypocritical. Brown was thrilled the  DWTS audience received him well and pressed his praying hands together as an act of humility and forgiveness. But to me it said cockiness with is head even cocked to the side. He “got over” on everyone.  His mindset was that even though he was violent and out of control, he was  still loved and revered !    

As a violent creature who beat up Rihanna a beat up a window, in my view Chris Brown should not be wearing  that glove as it could prove to be a lethal weapon if used  inappropriately on someone.

His handlers  who were so concerned about his image forgot a crucial element. They forgot to not allow him to dress in a spiked  metal violent  glove. So their image makeover with his hair back to black and his DWTS appearance backfired as the boxing like punching dance moves , hostile hands and  hateful and hostile weapon- like glove said it all!

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner’s Body Language Showed Their Lack of Chemistry and How the Relationship Was Over Before It Began


Recently, the most popular music award winning star, country singer Taylor Swift and Twighlight’s hit movie star, Taylor Lautner have broken up, deciding decided they were better as friends . So when a “source” allegedly told US weekly that it “There was no chemistry, and it felt contrived, ” it came as no surprise to me .

It was obvious that the relationship between the two was clearly a “career enhancement relationship” move. They both furthered one another’s stock in the entertainment world. The idea of two young and innocent rising stars being boyfriend and girlfriend was sweet, but the reality was a different matter.

I’ll show various photos of the two of them when they were at the prime of their relationship and how certain body language “tells” clearly show that things were definitely lacking in the romance department.

There is not doubt that the two like one another- but only as friends and nothing else. Based on their body language analysis, the intention of their relationship no doubt helped support one another rise even higher on the star scale as their pseudo relationship’ became fodder for the tabloids.


The most tell tale sign as to whether or not someone is into you is in their “feet” believe it or not. If someone’s toes, are pointed in your direction chances are they really like you. If their feet are pointed in the opposite direction, chances are they are not definitely not into you.

In the case of he two Taylor’s, their feet were never feet were never pointed in one another’s direction. That is a bad sign.

In fact in the photo above, you can see Taylor Swift’ toes pointing at her own toes. This usually indicates at a person is clearly not into the other person. It shows that she would rather be by herself than with Mr. Lautner. Her looking down is also further indication that she wasn’t into him.

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This isn’t the first time Ms. Swift has her feet turned in and looks down at them, indicating ambivalence and that she would rather be alone or with someone other than Mr. Lautner.


Another telltale sign of a non relationship or a very bad one is when there is a lack of physical distance between the couple. In this case the two Taylor’s aren’t even touching one another. That is rather odd- especiay for young people whoa re supposedly an item, Usually, people that age can’t keep their hands to themselves as their hands are all over one another.Hormones alone often translate into a lot of touching and feeling and kissin and hugging and stroking and caressing.


The non touching and too much distance between them theme seemed to be a rather common occurrence between them. It seems that in most of their photo ops they appeared this way. It showed that their young bodies were telling it like it is- they simply weren’t into one another. No matter how hard they tried to show it for the cameras, it just wasn’t happening!



Another really bad sign that a person is not into you, is when you are both looking in different directions. That not only translates physcially, as you see here with both Taylor's looking in opposite directions during their photo ops, it translates literally as well. It means people are not like minded when they are not looking a the same things or in the same direction at the same time. This was a common occurence that could be seen in many of their photos together.


If this photo doesn’t represent the most awkward kiss we have seen from two stars allegedly in love, I don’t know what is. There is aobviously a height issue with Taylor Swift towering over Taylor Lautner and her trying to compensate her height to reach his lips.

It just doen’t work! you do not feel the chemistry when you look at this photo and neither did they. It is quite clear, they were kissing for the cameras but they weren’t able to pull off their sham relationship in the kissing arena.

In this photo above, Taylor Lautner’s body language is stiff and rigid. He is not leaning into her. He is clearly uncomfortable and looks so awkward. You are not feeling the kiss and neither are they.

Let’s hope that Mr. Lautner learns how to kiss and become more comfortable with displaying affection and romance, especially if he wans to continue on as a young heartthrob.

Having buff arms and ripped abs is not all it takes to be sexy, You need to know how to move, how to connect with a woman, and most of all how to kiss a woman.

There’s a heck of a lot of truth in the lyrics of that “oldie but goodie” song ‘It’s in His Kiss” sung by Cher. The lyrics “if you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss.. thats where it is” hold true when it comes to lookin at any man’s chemistry or sexiness. Taylor Lautner I believe needs a lot more practice in this area. Maybe if he hooked up with a woman wherer he felt more chemistry and where the relationship wasn’t a PR move, he would be feeling it a lot more. but the bottom line is that we weren’t feeling it at all when it came to his planting one on Taylor Swift.


There is no doubt that this contrived romantic couple were just friends and not lovers. When you see someone touchin or hugging one’s shoulders it is a f’riendship hug” and definately not a “lover hug.” They are both hugging one another int he same manner which indicates that hey both feel the same way abou one anoher- tha they are simply good friends. There is nothing wron wih that by don’t try to spin it any other way as people will always detect that something is off. They may not know exactly what it is, but they will know that something isn’t right between a couple. So when PR people try to force a spin at us, we can’t buy it if it isn’t true.


I always say that the public is not dumb. We are shap as a tack, so when PR people think they can pull one over on us they are mistaken. Maybe they could back in the day when we weren’t as sophisticated it workes, but now that were as savvy and hip to their manipulative tactics we won’t fall for their BS. At any rate their respective PR teams earned their keep for yet another month’s salary as they did their job. They got their respective Taylor’s, cover stories in major magazines.


I have been analyzing Jon mayer’s body language for years. I analyzed him when he was with Heidi Kum, Jessica Simpson,and Jennifer Aniston, he was usually aloof in photos, not very demondtrative with his affections and rarely smiled. If he did, it was a pained and forced smile. In fact.

I commented in his body language in so many publications throughout the years as well as in in my own column “The Real Story, in Cosmopolitan Magazine.

So when I was sent these recently photos to analyze from “In Touch Weekly” about John Mayer and Taylor Swift, I was absolutely stunned! This is the first time I ever say John really really smile a genuine smile when he was around a woman. Taylor is equally as turned on by John as he was by her . Now that is chemistry! I don’t even have to analyze it for you. You can feel the sizzle! Now THAT is BODY LANGUAGE!