Stop the Rumors! Trump Did NOT Make Milania Sad During Swearing In Context is Key in Reading Body Language

Context is key  with regard to any body language analysis. So many people have been asking me to comment on why Melania looked so sad after Donald turned around at the inauguration ceremony when Rev. Graham spoke.

After scrutinizing the clip frame by frame  and looking at Melania’s behavior facial expression and body language BEFORE Donald turned around, DURING the time he turned around and AFTER the time he turned around,    I can assure you that he did not say anything to upset her.

The reason I am so sure of it is that if she was upset with what he said  it would have happened immediately at the split moment it happened not any time later and certainly not a second or two later.

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 4.31.11 AM.png

Melania wore the same upset looking facial expression people are speaking about well before Donald turned around as you can see her with somber expression and head bowed down. In fact in the crowd, she is one of few people with a bowed head. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.14.41 AM.png

Melania looks sad BEFORE Rev. Graham spoke.Even Ivanka looks somber as he starts his benediction.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.18.41 AM.png

Her head is bowed BEFORE Donald turned around and as Rev. Gram said” in the bible it is a sign that when it rains…”

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.21.32 AM.png

As soon as Rev. Graham said ” And it started t0 rain Mr. President when you came to the platform,” Trump immediately turned around and smiled at Melania as Ivanka is wearing an expression of being choked up. In essence,  BOTH Donald and Melania are having a positive and personal moment together .   

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.23.55 AM.png

They both book at one another eye to eye as Melania nods and Ivanka is now happy as well, cocking her head so that she can get a better view of her dad. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.27.33 AM.png

Trump uttered something and he immediately  turned around. Since his back was to the camera we can never know what he said. Therefore I cannot utilize my lip reading skills to decipher exactly what he said and I cannot speculate as I ONLY report what I actually see and what I actually hear. As he has turned around, Melaina is still smiling as you can see her cheeks raised and eyes still squinted and teeth showing in a genuine smile.

Then as Trump is fully turned around, her expression immediately changes. In my view, she may have just  processed the powerful statement Rev. Graham made about the rain which occurred just as Trump spoke being an auspicious sign. Perhaps the reality was beginning to set in that her husband is REALLY going to be President, that she will be First lady and that life as she once knew it will never be the same.

The reason I DO NOT believe he said something awful to her that made her upset as so many lay people, non professionals and Trump haters have wrongly remarked is because her reaction time was not immediate. When someone says something horrible to you, as they speak those words your facial expression changes. It does NOT change a second or two later. In essence, Melania reverted back to her previous somber expression that she had on her face well before Trump turned around.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.38.23 AM.png

What even further confirms what I am saying is the fact that she turns away to look into the crowd as she processes the reality of the moment and how countless  people are standing before her,  witnessing her husband becoming the next President of the United States.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.40.42 AM.png

Then she turns her head toward the front as she looks out into the crowd, continuing  with the serious expression on her face. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.42.25 AM.png

She then immediately  looks down after viewing and processing the crowd and the seriousness of the situation.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.43.58 AM.png

Now she looks at the crowd once again as further evidence she is   processing the enormity of the situation and what is going on.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.45.54 AM.png

Then she looks down, once again ,engaging in the processing of the situation.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.46.56 AM.png

Next, she turns her head and looks down. It has now been a FULL 6 SECONDS since Trump allegedly said something to her . It does NOT take 6 seconds to process being upset. It would have happened at the moment he spoke and immediately afterwards, which it did not. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.49.20 AM.png

She looks down and glances up at the crowd again.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.50.30 AM.png

Then she looks straight on as her head is slightly bowed. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.50.39 AM.png

And now she turns with her head held high as she stands in line with her husband, looking right at the back of him. So now, she has processed the moment and is now aligned with her husband as she stands behind him having processed and accepted that she is the new First Lady and he is the new President.

Context is key when reading people’s body language. A little information and a little knowledge can be dangerous and create rumors which was the case here. Melania had a somber expression before Donald turned around and spoke to her. She was thrilled during and immediately after he spoke to her.  Only seconds later, as she processed the reality of what Rev. Graham was saying as she scanned the crowds, all the while being engaged in her own thought process did her expression look somber.

So what may have looked like her being upset at what Donald might have said to her is NOT the case at all. 

As you know I am not political and I ONLY fairly report what I  ACTUALLY SEE and what I HEAR,  just as I have done throughout the campaign and now that Trump is President.  I have NO BIAS and I am keeping it OBJECTIVE at all times so don’t try to think for me and tell me what is in my mind or  tell me I am biased as I am the ONLY one that can tell you DIRECTLY what I am thinking and what my bias is or is not. I have  absolutely  nothing to hide, no one to impress and I am not beholden to anyone. So if you want to spew hate towards Trump, do it elsewhere not with me.

I report and continue to report ALL that I see whether or not it is flattering to Trump or not. In fact, I recently remarked that I didn’t like it when Trump walked in front of Melania as she was left holding the Tiffany package, while Trump sprinted towards the Obamas.  Whether he was caught up in the excitement of the day and in the moment or whether the Secret Service told Melania to stand back and wait, or whether  this was some type of protocol, I didn’t like it at all as it looked very bad to me as a sign of rudeness. In Western culture, we do NOT walk in front of a friend, spouse, or mate, and leave them trailing behind, regardless of their sex. Doing so has very bad connotations. So NEVER accuse me of being biased.

I HATE rumors and false reporting and having been a trained journalist at the number one School of Journalism in the world, USC, I vilify ANY reporter who sticks their bias into the equation like Martha Radditz who was almost in tears during her reporting on ABC of the  inauguration and who in my view should be, using Trump’s term,” FIRED” 

I also HATE it when reporters, amatures, non professionals do body language analysis and do it wrongly. It is DANGEROUS and IRRESPONSIBLE!  Just because someone has a degree in Psychology it does NOT make them a BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT!  It takes years and years of work, research and experience like I have done and Alan Pease and Paul Ekman, David Given, and even ex FBI agent Joe Navarro. I have the utmost respect for all have done. These are  my colleagues I have the utmost respect for them. All of their backgrounds are solid and they know of that they speak, just like I do. Many others in my view,  do not have the expertise, experience ,or background and as a result make dangerous and irresponsible comments. 

I was on the BBC last week with a Psychology Professor from OXFORD who knew NOTHING what he was talking about regarding body language . It was embarrassing to even listen to this man.

I am thrilled that Trump is fighting back and busting the irresponsible press that, many members whom we saw having direct ties to Hillary from Martha Radditz to Rachel Maddow,  Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, other CNN cronies and even Megyn Kelly. I personally can never trust ANY of their reporting now and tune out whenever they speak. I have lost all respect for them as they should know better.



Lindsay Lohan’s Lying Body Language to In Interview Shows Defensiveness and Anger

As a body language expert being able to read between the lines can be very upsetting when you see someone who was once so gorgeous and talented headed for destruction. Lindsay Lohan’s one on one interview with was very sad and disturbing to me.

As Lindsay answered the very blunt and direct questions posed to her, there was nothing about it that rang true except for one part.

That was the part when she spoke about how negatively she feels about her father and how she can’t stand him.  She called him a convicted felon and said with regard to her father  that “enough is enough.”

You can see this in the above photo. That was the only time that her body language showed that she was direct. She faced forward and leaned out and looked directly at the interviewer.

Her facial expression was congruent with what she said. She looked pained and angry based on the tension in her lips and jaw area and on her forehead.

It makes one wonder whether  father Michael Lohan’s negative  actions stimulate Lindsay’s very disturbing and destructive behavior.

If she does have an alleged alcohol and or drug problem, is his going to the press and sharing her private conversations adding to her aberrant behaviors?

What rings very true is when she says she has nothing to do with him.


The rest of her interview was filled with signals of deception, which indicated that she was lying about almost every one of the issues about which she was questioned.

Here were the lying “tells” which were observed throughout the interview :

1. Shoulder shrugging

2. Pulling back

3. Looking down and away from the interviewer

4. Looking up to indicate that she was manufacturing answers to the questions

5. Excessive eye blinking

6. Repetition of words and phrases

7. Repeating the question at the beginning of the sentence

8. Using “uh” um’s a lot

9. Telling way too much information

10. Going off on tangents

11. Making countless excuses for actions and behaviors

12. Pulling the head and body back

13. Squirming in her seat


And for those of you who are:

a. contentious,

b. die hard Lindsay Lohan fans who can see nothing wrong with her behavior, or

c. who just plain like to argue, please take your fight somewhere else . ‘

Don’t waste your time or mine or show your lack of knowledge by telling me that body language analysis is a pseudoscience or junk science.

I can assure you that it is not. It is based on science and behavioral analysis.

Look at the work of one of the greatest body language researchers of our time, Dr. Paul Ekman, of Stanford University. who’s work on facial tells and micromovement  analysis is showcased in the Fox hit television show “ Lie to Me.”

While body language analysis is based on scientific evidence , there is also an art to it. It takes a long time to learn it and an even longer time to be really good at it.

I liken it to what a surgeon does. Based on his education, knowledge and experience, the surgeon, knows exactly what to do during an operation. But the success of the operation depends on his skill as a surgeon and how well he uses and manipulates his hands. In that respect, it is an art.

The same holds true in body language analysis. Anyone that tells you differently that it is a junk science or that it is a pseudoscience is completely ignorant and/ or has a personal axe to grind like a certain self proclaimed Tourette syndrome psychologist named Leslie E. Packer PhD who writes the blog called pogowasright and  “ Chronicles of Dissent” with the operative word being on her moniker “dissent.”


I first encountered this psychologist, Leslie E. Packer Ph.D , author of the blog “Chronicles of Dissent” and  pogowasright , after I read a very nasty and defamatory blog where she wrote an internet headline that I backpeddled  in relation to my series of blogs about Britney Spears . Britney if you remember, had  had some issues at the time.

I wondered who would anonymously write such untrue and defamatory comments about me, be such a hater towards other media psychologists, in show cowardly behavior by not signing their name, and even go as far as admitting she wrote to the Board of Psychology (who by the way ended up ignoring her hostile efforts).

This blogger continued her personal vendetta by attacking my work as a body language expert, thumbing her nose at it and calling it junk and pseudoscience.

But what she didn’t count on was how I ironically used my scientific skills as a body language expert to uncover this formerly anonymous blogger’s identity. In doing so it completely refuted  her ignorant claims that  body language analysis is  junk or pseudoscience.


After analyzing various “tells” in her blog writings, I discovered that all of  this  Toxic verbal venom towards me and my profession came from a 70 something New York based psychologist ( a non- media psychologist) who in my view had a definite axe to grind.

In fact, to me it seemed like nothing else but a clear case of professional jealousy. Based on my analysis of her specific “tells” I discovered her name was Leslie E Packer a PhD who reportedly dealt with patients with Tourette’s Syndrome . She was also the author of  a  blog called Chronicles of Dissent” and pogowasright. When I punched up her name on the internet it appeared that she was no stranger to her activity as there were numerous allegedly derogatory headlines over the internet  which several others made about her.

So, the bottom line is that anyone who calls body language analysis a pseudoscience or junk science is to be ignored.

They may  allegedly have “issues” or a personal axe to grind.



When Lindsay was asked point blank whether  she should be in rehab , the most telling  signal was that she looked away, In a defensive facial move, she  slightly wrinkled her forehead as she lifted her shoulder (as in giving the cold shoulder)

In an angry clipped staccato tone stated “ I don’t see why I have to go.” Her answer clearly indicated that she was in denial. She was angry at the question and even more angry at the notion that someone would think of sending her to rehab .

As she looks away her face reflects her defiance as she continues on making lame excuses


When someone repeats the question you asked and manipulates one of your key words, chances are they a re not telling you the truth.

The interviewer bluntly asks Did your passport really go missing or was it an excuse.?

Immediately you notice a shoulder shrugs she repeats the same sentence. These are two definite signals of deception.

Then she continues , as she touches her neck. “ and says other thing a piece of jewelery and items that were in my possession, so I thought.”

The volunteering of that much information which was not requested, along with her shoulder shrug were two more signals of deception, making it a total of four signals in just a sentence .

When Lindsay denied that her passport didn’t go missing but rather was stolen, this change in semantics shows that she has definite problems with getting things straight. She had no proof the passport was stolen.

In the photo above you can clearly  see that notice that Lindsey  holding onto her neck and chin. The neck is one of the the most vulnerable parts of our body

So when someone holds onto it it usually reflects that  they are indeed feeling vulnerable. Lindsay may very well have felt vulnerable after being asked this question which she most probably knew was not true.

Finally her shifting her eyes to the side as soon as she was asked the question is further indication of  deception.


When someone gives you too much information and makes excuses and gets into excess detail, they are usually not telling you the truth.

Lindsay is full of justifying her behavior and that is a huge signal of deception.


When Lindsay was asked if she was still taking drugs the telling signal of deception was a shoulder shrug and her looking away as though she didn’t want to face the truth. The muscle tension in her forehead  indicating that she as angry she was asked this question.  d

Her cocking her head to the side and looking own to the side indicates that she is attempting to manufacture an answer.


Perhaps the most telling thing throughout the interview was Lindsay’s defensiveness,. This was really evident when she was asked about missing her programs.

Instead of a simple yes or no answer as to whether she attended all of her programs she looks worried and terrified and is full of excuses about how she stayed in NY and did another class and something about a funeral.


When people lie their excuses often get more and more creative. They make no sense whatsoever min terms of their decision making process.

When Lindsay said she   tried  everything to get back to LA for her court date she said she even went to the Indian embassy.

This makes no sense  at all. An  American has no business going to an Indian embassy. They can only help their Indian citizens not American ones.


In this photo above we really see a very angry Lindsay Lohan who looks very defiant as she juts her chin forward and glares at the interviewer who asked her about her partying in Cannes. She completely denied it stating that she was working.

She was extremely defensive body language wise with  a raised shoulder indicting that she was ready for a fight. It;s much like an aggressive animal does with raised hackles when they are ready to attack.

The odd thing was that the movie that she was allegedly promoting a movie  on which she says she was working hasn’t even  been made. So in essence she was there to promote an idea for a movie that has  no production date


The whole thing is so sad. It was so sad to see Lindsay looking so devastated in the courtroom as she was sentenced to wear a SCRAM bracelet to determine if she would be free of alcohol in her system.

She was then told that she would be subject to random drug testing. I certainly hope that Lindsay can accomplish these two things. I hope that she will not drink or take drugs. I hope that  if she is addicted to either of these substances that she take advantage of this situation to get herself sorted out in a 12 step program or get herself to an addiction specialist who can help her. Rehab may also be a good choice for her. Even though she failed at it in the past, she just may succeed this time around. Oftentimes it may  take many stints in rehab to get clean of drugs and alcohol.


I pray for Lindsay. I would love to see her succeed and become an inspiration to others. I know that this talented and beautiful young woman has suffered a lot of emotional distress due to her relationship with her TOXIC father. Instead of taking it out on herself and self  destructing,  she needs to get some professional help so that she can turn her pain outward and not inward.

Personally, I believe that the damage between Lindsay and her father is irreparable. When he shared her personal audiotapes with the world and allegedly received payment for doing so I believe that was the ultimate betrayal. There are some things which are unforgivable and in my view  that is one of them.

I believe that she needs to continue to unplug from her father and continue to keep him at arms length from her. He does not need to be in her life. I believe that there are some people who are so TOXIC to others that they can wreak havoc on their psyche and restimulate self destructive behaviors.

While Dina her mother is clearly an enabler based on her actions and denial of Lindsay’s issues, there is no doubt that Lindsay loves her mother. You can see her love for her mother when she talked about her mother in the interview.

You could even see the affection the two have for one another in the latest ET interview where Lindsay surprised her mother with having her mother’s house cleaned by a professional organizer. I think that their relationship could be a lot healthier if they both had some  joint counseling together and Dina learned about boundaries and not enabling her daughter.

There is also a lot of affection between Lindsay and her siblings. In fact she became teary eyed when she talked about not being able to attend her younger brother’s graduation because she was going to be in court .

I believe that Lindsay can turn this negative experience into a positive one and use the time to get herself sorted out.

I hope that she gets counseling to help her deal with the pain that appears to be gnawing inside of her.  Nothing  would be more inspiring than to see  a positive  comeback for this beautiful and gifted actress.