Melania Trump- Communicate Anger Directly Not Passive Aggressively With Toxic  Message on Jacket

There is nothing more Toxic than being Passive Aggressive and expressing your anger in a sneaky way. That is what Melania Trump did when she wore a $39 Zara jacket with the  words ” I Really Don’t Care, Do You?

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There is nothing more Toxic than being Passive Aggressive and expressing your anger in a sneaky way. That is what Melania Trump did when she wore a $39 Zara jacket with the  words ” I Really Don’t Care, Do You?”

Communication wise I am not buying the Spin they are using to try to make it OK for Melania to wear this jacket with this toxic message on it’s back. It is a very passive-aggressive form of communication.

If it was a message to the press, as her spin doctors are saying, then why not wear it to a press conference? If it was against the press, it backfired on her. Instead, she wore it to a detention camp to meet migrant children.  It gives the message that she must really not care about the children, not the press.

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Personally, I think it was Melania’s message to the world that she is done- done caring about anyone or anything any more after her son was so verbally eviscerated by one-time actor and Jane Fonda’s bother,  Peter Fonda.  Something clearly must have gone wrong in the Fonda household to have both siblings be so full of hate. Peter Fonda tweeted that her beloved son Baron be ripped from her arms put in a cage with pedophiles. He is suffering no consequence unlike Roseanne Barr did by losing her show and her career. Apparently, Fonda is still having a movie released that he is appearing in from Sony Picture Classics.

Melania is furious and rightfully so. After all, she was the one who pleaded with her husband to reunite the children with their parents. She was the catalyst to make a good thing happen. She didn’t want to see children in cages emotionally distraught and desperate for their parents. She was a hero in all of this.

And then Toxic Peter Fonda unleashes the most vulgar tweet that was so vicious and frightening- so much so that she called in the Secret Service who no doubt paid Fonda a visit. Like a scared rat, he issued a frantic apology which was clearly forced. He also called for anarchy. At the least, he needs to be tried for trying to incite a riot and even treason. And he needs to be put in jail for threatening Melania and what he would do to Baron. And for those of you who claim this is Fonda’s  First Amendment right, I say threats like this have no rights.  And of course, nothing was done to him.

So maybe Melania had enough. That may have been the last straw that broke the camels back so to speak. Attacked so viciously and vulgarly, she may actually be saying to the world” I give up!”  ”  I don’t give a damn”  and finally ” I don’t really care about anything anymore.” ”  I don’t care about these migrant children after my son was eviscerated verbally.”

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The verbal attack on Baron may have been the lowest and final blow to her as a reluctant First Lady, to begin with.  So she took this opportunity to lash out in anger in a passive-aggressive way.

Instead of wearing this jacket ( which I love by the way if it didn’t have print on the back and if it was in a bright color like lime green or aqua or a shocking pink) she needed to speak directly to the people.

She needed to hold a presser and remind America and the world that she was working on their behalf to reunite the children and that there is no room for hate and hostility towards her or dragging her son into the equation. She needed to let haters know that there is no need for such vitriol as Peter Fonda did. She needed to call him out for this as well as the rest of the haters.

Whoever is advising her is doing a very poor job and didn’t do her any favors. In fact in the words of The Donald, that person or those alleged advisors need to be “fired. ”

Melania is angry and rightfully so.  But passive-aggressive communication is as  TOXIC as the vulgarities spewed upon her. Melania must speak up and say what is on her mind in a direct and open way,  not sneakily or passive aggressively.