OJ Body Language and Speech Leak Out Truth- He Loved Paula Barbieri, Loved and Hated Nicole, and HE DID IT!

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In watching OJ’s 2006 interview with his then publisher Judith Reagan of his book “If I Did It”  OJ was telling the truth based on his body language and speech content. He did     it ! There were three main signals of deception. The first one was when he said, Nicole fell. The second was when he said he cut his finger on a glass, and the third was when he said he loved Nicole as he shook his head no.


The interview was incredibly revealing because not only did he admit he did it by going from saying “hypothetically” to switching over to “I”,  he showed no signals of deception when speaking of the murders. He was fluid and fluent and his voice was strong and unwavering.  there were no extraneous body language or facial language or vocal tells to indicate he was lying. He spoke with conviction. So he was indeed telling the truth about the murders. he was way too detailed for it to be hypothetical as well. In essence, he told the truth about how he killed Nicole and Ron Goldman.


He lied when he said Nicole fell down. You hear a dismissive tone in his voice after going from such a strong voice with conviction. He also looks away and makes facial grimaces when he says that this is all hypothetical. At times he laughs. This clearly indicates deception- that it was not hypothetical but the truth.

He was also dismissive when he talks about the glass breaking. His eyes shift and his tone of voice changes. No one holds a glass and then it suddenly breaks in your hand. Also, he was way too detailed when telling the story. That is a clear signal of deception.

Then the third signal of deception was when he spoke of Nicole and said he “loved that girl” as he shook his head no. While his words were sweet, his body language betrayed him. He didn’t love her. He hated her and was angry at her and that is why he killed her.


He not only expressed anger at Nicole when he yelled at her grave and said “I told you” it was revealing. He told her he would kill her and he did. He is blaming her for his having to kill her- blaming her for her own death. He is angry at her now that Sydney does not have a mother and is angry about the impact not having a mother it will have on Sydney.  He showed no remorse -only anger towards Nicole. He was angry that she had other men over to the house when the kids were there. He was angry that she was hanging out with people whom he didn’t approve. In essence, he hated her for having a mind of her own and for no longer being able to control her as he did when she was 18.

He was also angry at Ron Goldman and revealed disdain in his voice and facial expression at the fact that he was challenged by Ron.  When OJ said you think you could fight me as  Ron stood up to OJ and attempted to use his karate moves on OJ, OJ  dismissed Ron’s action. He was saying Ron was no match for him- a little peon. But truth be told, Ron could have harmed OJ with his karate, but OJ’s knife was no match for Ron’s karate moves. He expressed his extreme anger at Ron Goldman for daring to stand up to OJ. He also was angry at Ron for showing up that night. When Ron explained he was there to return Nicole’s mother’s glasses, OJ dismissed it by saying he didn’t know if it was true or not. OJ’s account of Ron Goldman proves that Goldman did not die in vain. He died a hero defending an abused woman. He, unfortunately, turned out to be collateral damage.

He was also angry that the public thought of him as a murderer. In fact, he made a facial contortion and pursed his lips and quietly said the word murderer- something he knew he was. Then he is angry at the press and says how they are responsible for his negative image and how the  public actually  loves him and asks him for his autograph,


It seemed that his most meaningful and proud moment was when he saw people lining up on the freeway during his Bronco chase with signs saying OJ GO- or We LOVE YOU OJ. Throughout the interview, his stating how people love him was a was a common theme. He was more interested in people liking him and people accepting him and how he would look to others, than what happened to Nicole and Ron. Now the world has seen in action, up close and personal, what an extreme malignant narcissist looks and sounds like. There is no emotion when it comes to anyone else but himself.


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When OJ spoke of Paul Barbieri, he spoke of her lovingly. He was smitten with her and I know that up close and personal.  You see, before the murders until up until the day of the murders, I was very close friends with Paula. So, when he spoke about her, I knew what he was saying was truthful. This is based on knowing Paula and hearing about OJ from her directly. When he said that it upset Paula that Nicole wanted to be back in the picture and get back with him, that was true. In fact, Paula became well aware that OJ was seeing both her and Nicole and that upset Paula so much that  so she wanted out of the relationship.

I first met Paula when she was dating my former client turned friend- Dolph Lundgren. In fact,  she and Dolph double dated several times- me with me and my  Federal Court Judge boyfriend at the time.   After she and Dolph ended their relationship, Paula then became a model. She and I ended up becoming very good friends, going to social functions, movies,  hanging out at one another’s homes, going shopping together, attending barbecues at her at her house,  attending formal dinner parties at my house. When she started dating OJ, we only hung out whenever  OJ was out of town as otherwise, the two were inseparable.

One day, Paula picked me up outside of my office to go out for lunch in a huge white SUV. I asked her why she bought such a large car. She then told me it wasn’t hers- it was OJ’s and he let her drive it whenever he was out of town. So Paula drove us to lunch in OJ’s infamous white Bronco before it became infamous.


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As Paula and OJ’s relationship became more serious I grew more concerned for her. The reason was that I once had a client who was a male model who used to model with Nicole for a fur company. He shared with me that on their photo shoots the company was always having to hide Nicole’s bruises with makeup because OK beat her and often left marks on her.

I  also personally heard about the cops coming to OJ’s house for beating Nicole, from an actual cop friend who shared the details with me. So knowing about OJ’s other side left me concerned for Paula. That is why I asked her point blank if he very hit her or abused her. She assured me that he did not.

Like OJ said in his interview which was truthful, Nicole began to call  OJ repeatedly and profess her love for OJ even though they weren’t together for 8 or 9  months. That is when OJ told about Nicole showing up to his house with his kids unexpectedly. Being the small town that Hollywood and Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas are,   Nicole got wind of the fact that Paula and OJ were getting very serious and talking marriage.

So Nicole would constantly call OJ, which upset Paula, which she relayed back to me. She could see how  Nicole was trying to manipulate OJ and use the kids to get him back and rekindle their relationship. Paula knew OJ was seeing Nicole when she wasn’t in town and knew he was having a dual relationship with both she and Nicole. So Paula finally decided to break up with him.  But first, she wanted to go to a special Black Tie affair with him which she did two days before the murders,  The next day, she left for  an out of town on a modeling gig. I don’t know whether or not she tried to break up with him in person the night of the black-tie affair or if she did over the phone with him, or if she even broached the subject of breaking up with him at all. That remains a mystery to this day.  I will never know what happened as I never spoke to Paula since the day OJ killed Nicole. When I saw Paula plastered all over the news and standing by her man- OJ it sickened me. I lost all respect for her as I knew that she was trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame, which is what she did by getting a three million dollar book deal on a vapid book that said nothing.


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I do believe that OJ loved Nicole when she was an 18-year-old waitress at the Daisey in Beverly Hills when she looked up to him and did whatever he said. But when she came into her own, he began to hate her and abuse her. He couldn’t stand that he lost control over her. That is when he began hitting her and abusing her.

He hated her seeing other men because that was final proof he had no control over her and it angered him. Her dating younger men angered him as did her associating with new girld friends. He still wanted to control who she saw and with whom she associated and reacted negatively to Faye Resnick, whom he called a whore after she  befriended Nicole.

He showed his anger as he relayed these issues on camera. while OJ was abusive to Nicole, like most abused women Nicole couldn’t let go and quit him and he couldn’t quit her. When she found out about Paula, she wanted him back with an urgency. When OJ found out about the younger men she was dating he became furious. So they both pushed one another’s buttons in the worst way possible until he killed her. So when OJ teared up at the end and said: “he loved that girl” he was correct and truthful as he loved the little 18-year-old girl. But as he said this, he shook his head “n:o which showed his ambivalence as he hated the woman Nicole had become.







A Free Casey May Be Worse Punishment Than LWOP and The Death Sentence

I along with the rest of the world am livid that Casey was found Not Guilty and will be released into the free world.After hearing  that  juror number three stated that the  jurors were sick to  their stomach and cried, I felt sick to my stomach hearing what she said. When she said that NOT GUILTY does not mean INNOCENT I realized that the wrong jury was chosen for justice to be served. NOT GUILTY should mean INNOCENCE and if she and the rest of the jury believed Casey  was NOT INNOCENT they needed to come back with a GUILTY verdict.

Eleven hours is not enough time to weigh all the information in a six week trial. Juror number 3 and the alternate said that the Prosecution didn’t prove their case. They did not tell how Caylee died. I think the juror didn’t look at all the data. I think the prosecution did tell how she died. In my view. If they would have spent more than 11 hours they would have known this.

Based on what the alternate said and now Juror number 3, they liked Jose Baez better. And please stop accusing me of loving Jose Baez and being partial to him. I only report what I see. He has presented himself well  since day one and even Ashton said that on his media tour. Whether you like it or not, Baez  came across very likeable to the jury as opposed to Ashton. The bottom line is they listened to him and what he had to say and they bought it.

In fact the alternate said that the jury  didn’t like it when George Anthony argued with Baez.

People do not realize the power of body language and communication. Well here it is in action. They liked Jose  Baez more  and that is why they went with what he said! That  is why Casey Anthony is going free on  Sunday July 17th.

Look at Scott Peterson. He was convicted on circumstantial evidence. Why couldn’t this happen to Casey? The reason boils down to body language and communication skills of the attorneys.

I along with everyone else is also livid that Casey will become a millionaire when she  released. But even if she sells photos of herself  and Caylee and even if she appears on shows, there are a lot of people who would rebel and boycott. Apparently Paradigm Entertainment  in Beverly Hills signed her and had to drop her immediately  because of the  public complaints.

Sadly there will be people who will offer her book and movie deals.  She may be offered money for interviews through a third party so it looks like they had nothing to do with paying her for the interview. She may even make money selling Caylee dolls for which her   lying mother Cindy  got the trademark .  Foreign  entities may pay her handsomely for her interviews and photo shoots.Since Casey loves attention, loves to showcase her body and has no sexual inhibitions, she may very well take a porn company up on their offer. This would no doubt be in the millions of dollars. 

 However Steve Hirsch at Vivid Entertainment felt the pressure of even possible death threats and loss of his fan and customer  base after he offered Casey a million dollars for an XXX Rated movie  and quickly reneged on it.I am sure that the public’s pressure will continue with anyone who offers her money.

However  if mainstream  television shows  put her on  and interview her, the public will transfer their hatred towards Casey on to them.They will boycott any program or station that has her on television.

Even if a film projects arise people will boycott them. The public will not stand for her capital gain.

There will be protests and threats and they will escalate. Casey will never live in peace for one moment. She may have been better off  in prison where there would be more protection for her than there would be on the outside. On death row there would be even more protection.

Now there are more people to hate her and anything she does will be met with hatred and protest and even possible violence. No one will ever hire her. No one will ever buy a book by her because they  will boycott a book that is no doubt   filled with lies.

Even if she goes to the grocery store or shopping for clothes she will be met with protesters and taunts. Anyone with whom she associates or whom she dates will be taunted and regarded as a villan.

If her parents are now receiving death threats for their lies and possible perceived involvement, can you imagine what will happen to Casey?

As Baez and Mason and Ms. Simms  move on with their own lives and on to other cases, Casey will  quickly discover that they are not her friends after all. They will  want to distance themselves from her as they too experience harassment.

She can’t travel because she will be followed and harassed. Restaurants will kick her out like they did with OJ. Neighbors will rebel. The clubs she once loved and frequented  won’t allow her in to them. She will discover that she will be  prisoner in her own  home.  She will never have a moment of peace. People will protest outside her home forever. They may damage her vehicles. No security can stop this.

By the time the protesters get through with Casey, she may wish she was in a jail cell waiting for a lethal injection to end it all. www.drlillianglass.com

Sanctioned, Scolded, or Reprimanded By Fla. Bar Won’t Matter As Baez Awaits Media and Speaking Career


 Jose  Baez  was reprimanded by Judge Perry on  Saturday and then again today. He will most likely get sanctions as well as a report to the Florida Bar from Judge Perry . He will  most likely get this   for  his second offense of not revealing to the prosecution  what  a witness was planning to discuss on the stand. 

While Jose Baez  may have to pay thousands of  dollars and may possibly  lose his license, or at worse scenario  end up in jail for a short period of time,  it may not even matter to him in the long run.

The reason I say  that is because  this case has already made him a Super Star.  Jose Baez will probably make millions from a book deal, speaking engagement, a  film deal, and will probably end up being a legal analyst for one of the national stations.

The national media loves Jose and are lenient on him. He also comes across very well on camera. He speaks well in smooth tones and is articulate .  He also presents  himself well on camera and dresses well.

 The reason I say he will probably get a  major TV   career is because TV  loves  the infamous with controversy. It brings in a lot  eyeballs . Love him or hate him,  people will watch him. Those that love him will watch him because they love him and those who hate him will watch him because they hate him. In addition he has a TV mentor, Geraldo Rivera whyo can help his career as well.

In TV land people are often  rewarded for bad behavior. Look at former  NY Governor  Elliott Spitzer. He has his own show on CNN. Even internet genital exposer  and former US Representative Anthony Weiner may get a television career as Keith Olbermann wants him on his show on Gore’s Current TV. Look at infamous “don’t call  me a hooker”  Rachel Uchitel who had sex with  a then married Tiger Wood . She had a TV gig on an entertainment show and is now  gunning for a reality show where she is a PI.

If we take it further back in the day, Johnny Cochran “if the glove don’t fit you must acquit”  OJ fame got his own TV show where he was paired up with former Atlanta prosecutor Nancy Grace on Court TV. Johnny of course died of a brain tumour and Nancy flourishes on her own shown on HLN.

So,as far as Jose Baez is concerned  there is no reason for him to worry in my view, because  he will come out ahead financially,  careerwise, and celebrity wise.   www.drlillianglass.com