Marsha Petrie Sue’s Copyright Infringement of Dr. Lillian Glass’ Book Reported By CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo, Breitbart, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS




The most powerful media venues such as CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg  Businessweek, Breitbart, Yahoo, FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC are among the many places which  have reported the trial where  Marsha Petrie Sue,  an Arizona Speaker and author was found liable for copyright infringement by a unanimous jury in a Federal Court in Los Angeles.


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In reporting this story,the media has  clearly sent a message that this was  a newsworthy story and  a very important message for everyone to hear. It said that copyright infringement is a serious issue. It spoke of how someone boldly stood up and fought for their rights and took that fight all the way to a United States Federal Court and won. It said that a jury unanimously agreed that Marsha Petrie Sue was a copyright infringer.



The sweetest words to my ears was when the verdict was read. Below are the exact questions  which were read and the exact answers to those important questions- “YES”




It is a very powerful and moving experience to stick up for your rights. Doing so has empowered me. I will carry that for the rest of my life. It was  a very moving experience to sit in a courtroom for three days and watch the American justice system in action.  The system works and I am living proof that it does work.

Each day I was motivated by the beautiful large American flag that was in front of me in the courtroom. For me, it was the ultimate symbol of truth and justice and the foundation what this wonderful country is based on. Every time I looked at the flag, it gave me hope and courage.

My intention in going to court was not about the money or to get a windfall. Instead, it was about truth and justice. I felt very strongly about it. I have worked very hard all of my life. I have made a lot of sacrifices in my life and I have never taken the easy road or the simple way out.

So when I saw someone do word for word copying of my work without giving me proper attribution, refusing to apologize, or to make things right, I had no choice but to exercise my legal rights.

Marsha Petrie Sue wrote a book in 2007 called ‘Toxic People.’ In that book she had wrongfully copied my material in my ‘He Says She Says’ book which I wrote in 1992.

The jury of eight unanimously  agreed with  the fact that Petrie Sue did indeed wrongfully copy my material.

Coincidently, I also wrote a book called ‘Toxic People’ in 1995.  One day while doing a search on, I stumbled across Marsha Petrie Sue’s 2007  book that had the same title as my book, ‘Toxic People.’ That is how I learned that her book contained my material from ‘He Says She Says.’ 

Needless to say I was shocked. I have written fourteen books and they are my life’s work. My books are filled with a lot of information that have helped a lot of people. The countless phone calls, emails, and letters I have received throughout the years are testimony to that.

 If someone is interested in using some of the materials from  any of my books or blogs for that matter, I have no issue with that. But you must contact me first to get my permission. No one can simply copy my work without giving me or anyone else from whom they copy, proper credit and hope that I won’t find out.

Marsha Petrie Sue  not only copied my material and placed it in her book, she took my copyrighted material and put it in her website and claimed it as her own. In addition, she stated on her site that she gave  people permission to use my material only if they mentioned her name and gave her credit.


I stood up to Marsha Petrie Sue and her behavior and I did it in a Federal Court. I not only stood up to her for myself, I stood up to her on behalf of anyone who creates something.

Whether you are an author, screenwriter, songwriter, composer, sculptor, artist, illustrator, fashion designer, furniture designer, auto designer, poet, architect, photographer, jewelry designer, shoe designer, or anyone who has developed something from your own creation, you have a right to defend what is rightfully yours.   

My  legal victory is not just for me. It is for you too. I fought on behalf of you as well. I  kept you in my heart and in my thoughts throughout this entire ordeal.

It has now been a week since I set foot in Judge R. Gary Klausener’s courtroom and watched him sit high above on his bench in his regal black robe as he ruled on various technical legal matters.

It has been less than a week since my fabulous intellectual property attorney Eric Bjorgum of Karish and Bjorgum articulated  so eloquently and passionately on my behalf. His wonderful words were healing and will continue to resonate within me for a lifetime.

This was not an easy task by any means. But it was well worth it. I have come away from this experience more motivated than ever to be a voice for people. I am blessed to now be able to serve as an example to  empower others in letting them know that  they never have to feel victimized  and that they have recourse through the justice system.

And on a final note, I say God Bless America!” I’m so happy and so proud to live in this wonderful  country where we can send a message about improper copying.


George and Cindy Anthony’s Body Language and Facial Leaks on Today Show Reveal They May Believe Casey Killed Caylee But Cindy Still Spins Blame On Others

The above photo reveals  Cindy and George Anthony’s  body language and facial expressions  as  their immediate response to the question by NBC reporter Carey Sanders “Does that mean that you have considered the possibility that your daughter Casey killed Caylee? That Casey killed Caylee?”


Even though they talk the talk and try to defend  their daughter Case , body language wise  George and Cindy Anthony are not walking the walk . Both George and Cindy Anthony’s facial  expressions appeared to  leak out the truth  about how they  really feel  about Casey murdering Caylee when they were asked  blunt and to the core questions by NBC’s  Carey Sanders.

George’s resigned bowed head and Cindy’s shut eyes and pursed lips say that they most  likely may  know the truth deep down as to what Casey may have done to Caylee.

When George  stammers I don’t I don’t  want to believe that my daughter hurt her daughter and then  takes a big sigh and he looks as if he is about to cry as he looks in Cindy’s direction, to me it says it all. It says that he feels the pain as he knows very well what may have happened to Caylee.

But before George showed signals of  being genuine and knowing the truth, George showed signals of deception. He said   I want my daughter home . That would be would be great to have my daughter home. But  what is very  telling this in his statement, is he made this statement as if he was asking  a question with upward inflection at the end of the statement.

Facial language wise as you can see, his eyes are opened wide and eyebrows raised and his head is  cocked as though he was questioning his own statement.

George  knows very well Casey will never come home just like Caylee will never come home.When he says that it would be great to have his daughter home, he says it devoid of emotion and in a flat monotone. This is further evidence to me that he in no way thinks it would be  great to have his daughter home.

Even more telling is his signal of deception- the tell tale shoulder shrug. As he says That would be great to have my daughter home, you see George  immediately shrugs his shoulder. This  indicates the opposite of his statement that it would be great to have his daughter home. His body language is revealing his true feelings about Casey.  He clearly doesn’t want a daughter home who accused him of sexually molesting her.

Then, he  quickly  transitions to another thought which seems to be more realistic as he speaks the truth.  He  he bows his head down and in contrast to his previous statement  makes an emphatic statement  by saying in a rich tone ” “ But then again, we want to see this through”

George then lifts his head and in a confident tone says We’ve always wanted to find out what happened to Caylee, no matter where the road or the path takes us,”

George clearly knows what” path it will take us”. It will take us on the path of finding out that Casey may have very well murdered his beloved granddaughter which will take Casey on the path to life imprisonment or lethal injection.


To me, the above photo says it all. George contorts his mouth in an angry jaw projection while pursing his lips at the same time. This indicates that he is angry and can’t say anything else as he looks at Cindy with an angry furrowed brow as he knows what she is about to say is complete spin. He clearly does not believe what is about to come out of  Cindy’s mouth  and  his disdain has clearly leaked out in his in his facial expression.

When a person can’t give you direct eye contact, it shows that they have something to hide or they don;t believe what they are saying. Cindy looks down as she begins her spin to protect Casey.

I am  convinced  she is doing all of this spin  because of the immense guilt she must feel for her role in all of this. Remember it was Cindy who told Casey that she would throw her out keep Caylee.  That is no doubt what  must have sent sent Casey over the edge .  Cindy  no doubt knows that if she wouldn’t have been the catalyst for this,  Caylee might still be alive.

She  also no doubt, feels guilt over their awful relationship. When your own daughter is afraid to tell you she is pregnant and when she cannot tell you that her own daughter is missing or that something happened to her without your having to punch a pillow or choke her like Cindy allegedly did with Casey,then something is terribly wrong. Cindy clearly knows this and hence the spin.

So to assuage her guilt, she spins and spins and spins. Even though her words says one thing, her vocal tone, cadence,inflection or lack of it, and body language and facial expression say what she is really thinking.

She begins with “It’s a fine line here “because the prosecution is attacking Casey. They’re supposed to be doing justice for Caylee. That’s why I’m so emphatic that they need to look at every little thing.”

Her wide eyed wild look shows her desperation. It is her attempt to reach out and blame like she tried to do since the beginning in her attempts to throw innocent  people under the bus like  Amy Huizenga, Jesse Grund,  and a fictitious Zanaida Gonzalez .

Then Carey Sanders bluntly replies” They say every little thing points back to your daughter.”

Cindy was  not expecting that question  as her vocal muscles tighten up. She  doesn’t  know what to say to that. So she creaks out tones that are known as glottal frys where she is unable to speak with vocal fluidity. She also speak very slowly and very deliberately in an attempt to gather her thoughts as she spins.

Her body language and facial expression indicate that she is taken aback, She cannot make eye contact as she initially  pulls her head back and looks down. She continues to look down and mouth words and repeat herself as she spins her tale about there being no fibers or no hair. As she said the world “hair”  you really hear the glottal fry or creak in her voice.  When you hear that consistent glottal it is often an indication of deception where the person knows what they are saying is not the case at all.

Cindy sounds like a junior detective talking about hair fibers,  lack of evidence, DNA and fingerprints as she looks down as she mentions each of these words. She knows what the biggest evidence is- the duct tape but doesn’t mention that.

She speaks slowly and deliberately  as she is on unfamiliar territory and you can actually see her formulating her spin in her mind as it comes out of her mouth full of glottal frys. Perhaps Brad Conway  or someone else  coached her  on what to say in order to raise the benefit of the doubt when it comes to Casey.

But the real question is why is Cindy going on the air and pleading her case in the media?  Shouldn’t that be done in the courtroom?

Jay Leno’s Body Language on Oprah Showed Honesty and Humility But His Uneasiness With Hard Hitting Questions and Lack of Vocal Passion Put Viewers Off


Even though Jay Leno went on the Oprah Show to try to set the record straight and reveal that it was not his decision, but rather the network executives decision to give him his old job back, based on Oprah’s post show poll  results, viewers people still weren’t convinced.  According to her poll, they still  appeared to  view Jay as the bad guy who took away Conan’s show. In fact an overwhelming 94 percent felt he should have walked away as Conan did.

I believe that a lot of the public’s perception had a great deal to do with what was and what was NOT revealed through Jay’s body language.

Body language wise, the good news is that Jay appeared to be  honest,  genuine, and showed humility  in his responses .

But the bad news is that his lack of verbal and vocal passion about what took place, his lack of eye contact, his looking away and not looking on Oprah’s direction when he was asked hard hitting questions,  his facial expression, tone of voice  alienated the audience  Most of all,  his lack of tone and emotion in answering  pertinent questions  spoke volumes.


Perhaps the most damaging aspect of his television presentation was Jay’s lack of displaying of genuine heartfelt emotion. Oftentimes he tried to disguise and filter his true emotions through humor.  Even when he talks about how executives came into his dressing room in 2004  to tell him that they were going to replace him with Conan, he chuckles as he tells Oprah it was “pretty shocking”. His chuckle dilutes the impact of this “pretty shocking” event so the viewer doesn’t feel the full impact he is trying to relay.

There was only one millisecond when Jay showed genuine heartfelt emotion during the interview. It was when he responds to Oprah’s query as to how he felt after he was told this by executives. He said “ It broke my heart. It was only then that  we her the crack of Jay’s voice reflecting his  sadness and emotion. But that was the end of showing any kind of emotion. After that glimpse of real emotion, all we heard for the rest of the interview was a detached monotone.


Unfortunately, I don’t think that the interview Jay did  endeared him to viewers. In fact, it  may have even hurt him in the long run. When Jay said during the interview, “I’m not a person who carries my emotions on my sleeve “he was not kidding.

That statement said it all! He certainly did not wear any of his emotion on his sleeve during the interview- something he should have definitely done for Oprah viewers.

That would have made people relate to him much more. Instead, his detached monotone which was in stark contrast to the animated tone we are used to seeing when Jay does his monologue or interviews with guests . His detachment and lack of emotion, especially during crucial topics like whether he reached out to Conan was off-putting to many.

Had he sounded more emotional, more inflected and less distant, perhaps he could have persuaded more of those viewers who were on Team Conan and received a more positive reaction.


Jay’s interview with Oprah was perhaps the most difficult  thing he ever had to do in his entire career  and it clearly showed.

Having the tables turned where he was in the hot seat was clearly uncomfortable for him.  You could see it throughout  the interview. Unlike his interviews with his own guests,  which are peppered with humor and lightheartedness, the tone of this serious  interview was the complete opposite.

There was no pussyfooting around as Oprah got right to the  guts of the matter. She  went straight for the jugular with her hard hitting blunt questioning.  Jay was clearly uncomfortable. His body language confirmed it.


The lengthy pause time that he used to think up an answer, his lack of eye contact with Oprah, his looking down, raised eyebrows, shoulder shrugs, hand on chin, hand over mouth often saying “you know” as a signal for Oprah’s approval, eye squints, nose wrinkling, and use of analogy to deflect the true heart felt emotion of what happened, were all signals that Jay was out of his element and comfort  zone.

His constant looking away and looking down often reflected his embarrassment and discomfort.

The main tells of Jays hand over his mouth or on his chin indicated that he was holding back and didn’t want to be there or talk about what had happened. Jay also held on to his legs throughout the interview which indicated that he was bracing himself for the upcoming difficult questioning that laid ahead of him.


Oprah asked Jay, “Were you and Conan friends?” Jay replied “Yes,”  “We talked many times” after those transition talks in 2004.

Oprah also asked Jay if he reached out to Conan.

Jay was clearly taken aback by this question as  you see him squint his eyes and crinkle of up nose, indicating he knows he probably should have reached out right away, but was embarrassed by having to admit that he  did not do it.

There is an uncomfortable pause by Jay  and when Oprah in a surprised tone asks “why?  He is clearly not prepared to answer “why” he didn’t reach out. That is why you see his  face  squint and his eyes close, indicating that he really didn’t want to answer that question.  He goes ahead and answers the question in fragmented sentences which further  indicates that he was unprepared with his answer.

Subsequently, Jay  answered  that he wanted to “ let things cool down.” He puts his hand out as he says this, which is a distancing gesture.  His shoulder shrug also shows that he is uncomfortable with what he said as he immediately adds “ maybe we’ll talk.”

This was NOT the right answer to endear him to viewers. As savvy as Jay is,  he clearly knew it was not the right thing to say.  But he was being honest about his not wanting to directly confront  a heated, emotional,  and difficult  situation and no doubt have his emissaries handle it on his behalf.

He then looked sheepish with his raised eyebrows and the lowered volume of his now meeker sounding voice  as he continued to speak.  His interjection of the phrase “you know” said twice  (once at the end with head nod) indicated he wanted Oprah’s approval as he speaks . Usually when people say “ you know” they want your approval that you are with them in knowing and identifying with  what they are saying.

Oprah was clearly not giving Jay any signals of approval. Instead, her questions indicated that she was probing deeper and deeper.  Viewers were definitely  not approving  of the fact that Jay did not personally reach out to his “friend” as he did in 2004.

It was disturbing to viewers  that Jay reached out when he was on the losing end of the equation back in 2004, but no longer saw the need to reach out when he was no on the winning end of the equation in 2010.


Oprah asked Jay” Was anything Conan said about you hurtful?”  He paused and looked away, trying to come up with the right answer for the audience. But his body language betrays him.

The fact that he paused for so long, indicated that of course it hurt him in terms of what Conan said about him. That pause time indicates that he is trying to come up with an answer. Then he looks up  and with a flat affect tries to  minimize  the hurt that it obviously caused him.

He didn’t say “yes it hurt” or “no it didn’t hurt.” Instead, in a monotone expression says” they were jokes.“

Oprah, being the expert interviewer that she is probed even deeper by asking” So the jokes don’t hurt you?”

He looked up  to show his clear discomfort with the probe. As he answers Oprah his eyes are closed at times and  he looks away as a means of distancing himself .  Instead of admitting that the jokes do indeed hurt,  he depersonalizes  it by taking in the third person by saying “That’s what we do.”

He then uses  the analogy of being a fighter, not look in Oprah’s direction as he speaks. He said “You get punched in the head. Did it hurt? Yeah, it hurt but you’re a fighter.”

So in a roundabout way, Jay admitted that Conan’s jokes did hurt like a punch hurts a fighter. Another comedian’s verbal punches can hurt just as badly as fists.

Perhaps it was Jay’s attempt to seem like he was in control and not let anyone see his vulnerability. But showing his vulnerability would have made him sound a lot less defensive  and more endearing.


When Oprah said America has taken sides “And a lot of people are not on your side. And they’re not on your side because they think that you have been selfish in this. Do you see in any way how you’ve been selfish? They think that you took the job away from Conan.”

Instead of Jay saying in a very animated  and passionate vocal tone NO I AM NOT SELFISH.  It was not my call. It was the network’s call and their decision to do what they did and I am just an employee, so to call me selfish and blaming Conan losing has job because of me is unfair! Just like the network did with me years ago, they did the same with Conan.! So it wasn’t me who is responsible for Conan not having a show not ME ! “ Jay was too low key and matter of fact in his delivery.

Jay also talked way too much and became way too defensive. He replied, “”It all comes down to numbers in show business. This is almost the perfect storm of bad things happening. You have two hit shows — ‘Tonight Show’ No. 1 and Conan No. 1. You move them both to another situation. And what are the odds that both would do extremely poorly? If Conan’s numbers had been a little bit higher, it wouldn’t even be an issue. But in show business, there’s always somebody waiting in the wings. Being me.”

“I never expected this to happen. People think you’re behind the scenes, pulling strings. “”There’s no strings to pull. I have a show that’s been canceled. So why would I have any power to go, ‘Oh, I want that.'”


Perhaps Oprah’s polls would have then yielded a different result if Jay:

  1. Had displayed more verbal and vocal passion.
  2. Had more direct eye contact with Oprah throughout the interview
  3. Was not afraid to shed a tear or a vocal crack as he did for a millisecond at the beginning of the interview
  4. Had called Conan  or  even said he had a call into Conan
  5. Had he shown more facial emotion to express how sad he was for Conan’s situation
  6. Had he spoken directly to the audience and explained how badly he felt about this whole ordeal
  7. Had he taken the audiences point of view and stated how he could understand how they might feel the way they do about him.
  8. Had he not sounded so defensive and victim-like at times during the interview.
  9. Had he promised that he would do his best when his new show debuts and with confidence assured  people  that they would have a new experience to look forward to
  10. Had he made the offer to have Conan on his new show and not have Oprah ask the question.

The bottom line is as Jay said at the end of the interview, he is only a highly paid employee and not an owner. Therefore, unlike Oprah who is an owner of a show, Jay had no say in the decision. He was simply offered his old job back and he took it. As an employee he knows that if his ratings fail, he is out the door. Unfortunately this message did not get a across to those who took Oprah’s post show poll because of Jay’s  facial language, body language, and lack of vocal passion and animation.

Tiger Wood’s Toxic Cheating May Be the Result of His Having A ”Madonna- Whore Complex”


Last night when I appeared on the Nancy Grace Show I had an opportunity to weigh in about the Tiger Woods situation. My focus on the show was on why he was driving barefoot and a discussion about his reported mistress, Rachel Uchitel talking way too much when she spoke to the press. This made me quesiton her denial about her affair with Tiger.When someone talks that much, they are usually lying.

Today Rachel Uchitel verified my observations I made of her on the Nancy Grace Show. Rachel finall admitted that she did indeed lie for Tiger and that she did have an affair with him.


When I last blogged about Tiger Woods stating that he shouldn’t given a him free pass for his cheating because he is Tiger Woods, a lot of readers were upset . They refused to believe that Tiger Woods was a Toxic Cheater. They blamed the Enquirer and said that nobody should believe the Enquirer’s report because after all, they are only a tabloid and make things up.


While some tabloids may perhaps sensationalize a headline or two, in order to peak your curiosity and make you pick them up when you are in line at the grocery store, I can assure you that those days of bold faced tabloid lies are over. It’s way too expensive to make anything up. They are all lawyered up to the hilt and they check and recheck facts. The Enquirer is no longer the tabloid of yester year where two headed flying alien babies with sharp teeth and pointed ears were on the cover. Now, they can hold their own with any major publication.


It was their dedicated research and phenomenal reporting skills that broke the story about another Toxic Cheater, hypocrite and Illegitimate Baby daddy, former Senator John Edwards. who LIED to the public and to his cancer stricken wife that he was having an affair much less having a child with his mistress Reille Hunter.


I know how tabloid reporting works up close and personal because I do a lot of interviews with them, especially with the Globe where they ask my opinions about a lot of their cover stories. I can assure you that they check and re check and check again.

The Globe’s reporters and editor are ALL top notch veteran journalists who are also top notch writers, who know how to keep a reader’s interest.

Most of the stories you first see in the Globe have been subsequently picked up by mainstream media, from CNN to Fox News ABC, NBC, and CBS. Their crime reporting, like the phenomenal reporting they have done on the Casey Anthony case is top of the line.


If something appears on TMZ in my opinion you can just about take that to the bank. Harvey Levin is a cracker jack reporter, a top of the line journalist and a well respected, brilliant eagle eyed attorney. So if he says something is true and stands by it, I tend to side with Harvey.

TMZ also has a staff of lawyers who make sure their i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.


When I sided with Elin and called Tiger Woods “Toxic.” I knew exactly what I was talking about. Now, since all these mistresses of Tiger’s have come forth. it is easy for everyone to connect the dots .

We can see that that Elin, no doubt smashed out his car window because she was pissed at him. They probably had a fight because she now had PROOF he was having an affair or two or three.

In fact we even heard Tiger’s own cowardly voice telling his mistress to not put her name on her answering machine because he feared his wife would find out. Elin probably confronted him and he probably denied it and she got pissed at his lying because she probably had proof.

She no doubt, was overcome with anger at his bullshitting lies, so she lashed out physically, punching him in his lying mouth and splitting open his lip and clawing at his face in anger.

Now, I am NOT saying this is right or giving her a free pass on this. I do NOT condone physical violence (fantasies of it -YES, but actual physical Violence- NO!).

Knowing he was guilty and not being able to dispute her facts and the evidence she had against him, he most likely decided to walk away and leave the house. He also didn’t want to receive any more of her physical attacks, since she was no doubt really letting loose on him.

Also, he thought it was probably best to walk away before he did something to her, like hit her back and escalating it into something even more horrible. Self defense or not, he instinctively knew he was no physical match for her, so he admirably and quickly walked away from harm’s way.

That explains why he was barefoot (against Florida law) when he was driving the vehicle.

Pissed that he was leaving, Elin then most likely grabbed one of the many golf clubs lying around the house and went after him in the heat of the moment. He probably saw her coming and quickly locked himself in the car and proceeded to drive away. That may also be another reason that Tiger, who is known for taking excellent care of himself from what he eats to protecting his own safety, was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

She then no doubt, caught up with the car and began smashing the windows. He absolutely freaked out and that is why he was driving so erratically. The police report shows he drove over bushes and into some hedges before hitting the hydrant and ultimately the tree.

Also if you look at this photo of the smashed out windows, if the BS spin they are trying to feed the public was true, and Elin was trying to smash out windows to save him, why didn’t she smash out the window on the passenger side and open the lock and get him out? Oy would have been a lot easier. The glass would also be further from him as oppsed to directly in back of him.

The reason the back windows were smashed is because she was obviously at the back of the car, propbably hitting it with the golf club.


How she found out about his cheating and affairs is not the issue. The bottom line is that she found out! Maybe she found a love text she or a heard a love call, or found an extra pair of panties in Tiger’s suitcase. Perhaps the maid washed these panties and put them in her drawer and when Elin didn’t recognize them as her own, perhaps she put two and two together.

Perhaps he even gave her an Sexually Transmitted Disease- from herpes to chlamydia to syphilis to gonorrhea. There is no question that if he was not using a condom, especially now that we know that he was cavorting with promiscuous or “party girl types ” and had multiple partners, he could have easily subjected Elin to HIV and AIDS.


Why would any man in their right mind cheat on an absolutely gorgeous woman, who has kept herself in excellent physical shape, who emotionally supports you, loves you to death and has been a wonderful wife? Why would any man cheat on a woman who was pregnant with their impending baby or cheat on their wife who had just given birth to their baby? Why would a man who had it ALL cheat on his wonderful wife?

The answer is simple. It’s because HE CAN! In Tiger’s life where he is in a different city all the time being catered to left and right, and having women throw themselves at him, he thought, “what the heck, I’m Tiger Woods, why not? No one will know. I can have my cake, with a different woman in every city when I’m on the road, and when I am at home with my beautiful wife, I too can have that cake of a stable home life.”


Tiger is a man who has been spoiled rotten. He has been given anything he wants carte blanche. He has never had to be accountable to anyone or anything expect to his golf game and to his sponsors.

He never had to listen to anyone except the one person who made sure he towed the line- his wonderful late fatherand coach Earl. When Tiger was younger and catting around with women back then, his father made sure his focus was on his game and not on the ladies. He certainly knew how to keep his son in line.

But now that Earl is gone, there has been no one to keep him in line and set some boundaries. There has been no one to really give him a reality check like Earl used to do.

Now that this fiasco has come into the open, Tiger will finally realize that he has to be accountable for his actions and that his egregious behavior will NOT be tolerated.


According to his multitude of mistresses, and the admission of one of them, we know that Tiger Woods began cheating at least 31 months ago.

That would have been the time his gorgeous and dedicated wife, Elin Nordegren was pregnant with their daughter Sam. He continued his cheating ways, even while Elin was pregnant with baby Charlie.

Another one of the myriad of reasons why certain men cheat on their pregnant wives has to do with something Freud referred to as the Madonna -Whore Syndrome.

These men can sleep with and have great sex with any woman, as long as the woman is not the mother of their child. After a woman has his child, this type of man now sees her in a different light, He is not as turned on by her sexually any more. No matter how beautiful she is or how good she is to him, he still isn’t all that into her.

It usually happens after a child is born. Men with this syndrome see their wives as” mothers” and not as “lovers” and they can’t combine the two like men who do not have this Syndrome are able to do.

A man with the Madonna- Whore Syndrome has two confusing opposing views about women. This results in a dilemma for him. He is unable to love and respect any women who can satisfy him sexually and by the same token is unable to be sexually satisfied by any women whom he can love. In essence his cheating is his attempt to justify his behavior of pursuing multiple women as a way of fulfilling each of these needs.
If Tiger does suffer from this Syndrome, then Tiger’s marriage can only have any chance of being saved if he addresses this issue in therapy. Otherwise, there is no hope for his marriage to ever survive, or for the cheating to stop.


Tiger issued these words in his public statement :
“ I let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect.

I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.”
Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.

Whatever regrets I have about letting my family down have been shared with and felt by us alone. I have given this a lot of reflection and thought and I believe that there is a point at which I must stick to that principle even though it’s difficult.

I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. For all of those who have supported me over the years, I offer my profound apology.”

These are beautiful words and he is absolutely correct. These issues are personal and must be handled behind closed doors. He CANNOT do it alone and MUST get the help from a therapist who can help him personally as well as help his marriage.

He needs personal counseling to deal with his own demons as well as marriage counseling to help repair the damage he has done to his marriage.


I love that he also apologized to the public for letting them down. He is only human but what people are reacting to is the hypocrisy. He put himself out there as Mr. Perfect and Mr. Squeaky Clean, and now we have come to find out that he was anything but that.

People not only admired him for his golf abilities, they held him up as an example of a clean living man – an athlete who was faithful to a beautiful wife and had a lovely family. He did many things to help others in terms of charity and he seemed like an all around great and wonderful man. He still may be all those wonderful things. But he is also one additonal thing- a Cheater who has clearly broken his wife’s heart.

Now that Tiger has fallen off his pedestal, people who once thought his perfect image was real, need the time and space to regroup. That is why they are so curious to get as much information as possible about what happened.

They needed all the facts about Tiger and what happened so they can now regroup and re process who this new Tiger Woods really is. They need the time to shift their perception of his once perfect image into a more realistic one.

They need to see that what they perceived was now only their illusion. Even thoufh they now need to process that Tiger is human after all, complete with human foibles, that does not mean that they now have to love him any less.