Jodi Arias’ Newly Surfaced Post Interrogation-Video Shows Narcissism,Laughing, Sighing, Self Soothing Body Language


A tape of Jodi Arias surfaced following her police interrogation in 2008. In it she covers her face with her hair as you see above. She is highly conscious of her looks.


She grooms herself as she speaks to her self out loud. She  can be heard saying “Jodi you should have put on your makeup. ” She appears to be very concerned about her makeup and her appearance for a number of reasons. Apparently Jodi has gotten by on her looks for a very long time. perhaps in her sick mind, she thought that if she looked her best all made up, the police officer would believe her and let her go because she looked so good. In essence she is thinking that if she looked good  all made up she could seduce him into letting her go.

This shows how self oriented and narcissistic and completely deluded Jodi Arias was.


We  see her in a confident pose with hands in back of her head. This indicates she is clearly not taking what is about to happen to her seriously. She is confident that she will be released and her body language shows this.


We also see her looking up and laughing. She has absolutely no remorse about what she did to Travis. She also laughs at no doubt thinking she will outsmart law enforcement whom she thinks  will release her. She is showing an extreme example of duping delight.


She also sings about “memories” in her contest winning voice. The reason for is is self soothing, She is doing something to calm herself down and to get her mind off of the reality that will soon  face her. It is  a form of self soothing behavior.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.51.51 AM

Jodi even looks up at one point an sighs as though this is a big inconvenience for her.


Her rifling through the garbage can is also very telling. It speaks to her sneakiness and trying to get the edge over  a situation. Perhaps she is thinking she can find a paper related to her with information that she can spin her way. In looking at this one can only imagine how she may have rifled through Travis’ garbage or his emails to get an edge over him with more information.

Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 10.21.59 AM

Finally we see her doing a head stand, which she does with ease. It is once again her way of dealing with all the pent up energy in her system. Even though she is not showing it outwardly, inwardly, there is a lot of anxiety beginning to surface. Once again it reflects her self soothing behavior.

At this point Jodi firmly believes in her mind  that she will get away with murder. But her body language says otherwise.

It must have come to a huge shock to her moments later when she was booked and taken into custody.


“Toddlers and Tiaras” Toxic Parents Help Create Speech and Voice Disorders, Jaw Abnormalities and Selfish Entitled Children

Watching the show “Todlers and Tiaras” is l much like watching a  very bad car accident. You are shocked at  what you have just witnessed. The most disturbing of all the characters  I have ever seen on the show is a child named Mackinzie Myers. There is absolutely NOTHING  whatsoever adorable  or precious about this  Toxic child.  In my view she is an ugly child both inside and outside (Yes I called a child ugly) created by  very ugly parenting.

Her  sparking dresses, elaborate hair do,  masacared eyes and  glossed  lips can never mask her Toxic demanding selfish, mouthy behavior where she rudely demands and shouts to her mother. She  orders her mom  around like an unpaid  servant and in a demanding tone asks  “Where’s my drink” There is no   please or  thank you.  Worse of all, her passive  mother accepts this Toxic behavior.

Mackenzie  is even seen  on camera with her angry puss as you can see in the photo  telling her mother  not to speak to her and go away as she waits her turn to go on stage to compete for a beauty title. She actually says to her mother  “I’m not doing what you tell me” “Go way.”

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Jon Gosselin and Levi Jonston’s Body Language Indicate They Are Protecting Their Family Jewels

jon and levi
Whenever you see a man with their hands covering their private parts it means they are very uncomfortable, very protective, and very vulnerable. So in this photo of Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston, who ran into one another in Times Square Saturday night, this photo of them together speaks volumes.

Jon is known for making lots of kids (8) while Levi is known for making 1 famous kid- ex VP Candidate Sarah Palin’s grandson. While Jon’s hands are seen lightly covering his privates, based on his one hand placed over the other position, Levi hands are positioned a lot lower, as he strongly clasps one hand, locking it over the other. Perhaps he is being super protective of his really valuable “money –making” family jewels, which he plans to show in an upcoming Playgirl.

Besides being really famous fathers, these who share a lot of other things in common. Looking up at their faces, they share the exact same facial expression as they look in the same direction. They are both very uncomfortable standing near one another with no smiles and a tight lipped tense expression. This indicates that neither of them is too crazy about standing next to one another and having their photos taken. But after all, it is a photo op and after all these two little “Knut the Bear” narcissists seem to love publicity and having their pictures taken. So what if it is freezing cold outside, a photo op is more important in both of their minds. After all, besides their matching facial expressions, they have matching double breasted 6 button Navy pea coats to keep their baby producing bodies warm.

It is also rather interesting that their elbows seem to touch one another. Perhaps it was so cold outside that they automatically gravitated towards one another to generate some body heat. This elbow to elbow contact may also indicate that subconsciously they really do want to be comrades. After all these two have more in common than any other two men. Besides, now that Jon got rid of his ex bromance buddy Michael Lohan, Levi Johnston may be a great substitute. They have a lot to discuss since they are both angry and detest a woman who did them wrong. Jon publically trashed and dished the dirt on Kate while Levi publically trashed and dashed the dirt on Sara from Larry King Live to ET to the Insider.

Right now, even though their body language indicates that they are not “buds” and really don’t even want to be seen together publically, maybe it will do them both good to hang out together. After all they have really walked in one another’s shoes. Therefore, they can truly empathize with one another. Maybe when they get their anger out and vent to one another, they won’t have to do it through the media. Maybe they can serve as one another’s therapist. Listening to and watching the other may even serve as a “reality check” mirror to one another. As they both see how ugly they sound whining, moaning, and groaning to another perhaps, that will be the catalyst that allows them to shape up and act like real men instead of immature boys.

Kate Gosslin’s Referring to Her Nannies and Housekeepers “Girls” is Sexist and Degrading

Kate Gosselin
The area of sex differences in communication and semantics with regard to men and women has been of particular interest to me for decades. In fact I was the first to write about the topic back in 1991 with my book “ He Says She Says” Closing the Communication Gap Between Men and Women.” I also wrote about the subject in 1999 in The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Men and Women.” I have discovered a great deal about gender communication. I have lectured on the topic throughout the world.
So when I heard Kate Kate Gosslin’s Referring to Her Nannies and Housecleaners “Girls” is Sexist and Degrading on her TLC Q and A refer to her nannies and housecleaners as “girls,” needless to say my ears perked up. It spoke volumes to me. It gave me a lot more insight into Kate Gosselin. The thought of an unevolved woman, not to mention an abusive self absorbed, lying, narcissistic woman getting her own show from TLC disturbs me.
In this day and age in a Western culture, especially in the United States, if a female who is not a child or a teenager is referred to as a “girl,” there is something wrong. It is demeaning and sexist. Anyone who calls someone a “girl” reflects someone who is clearly not evolved. If it was back in the 1950’s or maybe in the 1960’s (the era of Kate’s Twiggy hairstyle) it would be understandable. People weren’t as evolved back then, especially when it came to women. After all it was only in the 1970’s that women really began to have a voice thanks to people like Gloria Steinhem.
If a man called someone a “girl”, it would also reflect his lack of evolution and respect for women, especially if that woman was his employee. Men who have been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, besides making vulgar comments towards women, often refer to the females in their workplace as “girls.” It shows their disrespect for these women and lack of perceiving her as an equal. As someone who has worked with attorneys in terms of witness preparation on sexual harassment cases, I have seen this “girl” reference in several cases. Needless to say, it is a pejorative term when used referring to a grown woman, in this day and age.
Having said that, I have heard a lot of older couples, say “the girls are coming later” or it’s just us guys and not the girls.”Women talk about their “girlfriends” or “going out with the girls.” In those cases, there is an equal relationship as they refer to themselves as “one of the girls.”
But in Kate’s case, it is not an equal relationship. It is a relationship where the women to whom Kate referred to as “girls,” were her subordinates. She is their employer. So by referring to her employees as “girls,” they are not in an equal position. If they were her peers or her friends and not her employees, where she is the boss, there would be no problem referring to them “girls” as in “girlfriends.”
What is upsetting to me is that Kate is going to be getting her own show with TLC. TLC in all of their preparation and hype is making sure that Kate is being put on a pedestal and held up as the role model for single moms who have to cope with the Jon’s of the world. The show they are giving her is in my view, a thumbing their nose at Jon, who has broken their cash cow business by not allowing them to be on his property, let alone film the children. So they are trying to gain back their revenue and continue on with Kate. If Jon won’t play and the kids’ s aren’t allowed to play, then Kate will play and TLC will back her 100 percent. Jon showed them and they are showing Jon. That is all that is!
I can’t imagine any intelligent studio executive giving a show to an abusive woman who is unevolved, disrespectful of fans, self absorbed, who has no hosting experience (and don’t count the View or Paula Deen or her slapping Jon on camera and yelling at the kids and doing activities with them as host experience).
Kate is clearly not a representative for any woman if she refers to women as “girls.” It may seem like a little thing but it is a HUGE thing as far as where her head is at and her mindset is, when it comes to women. Her disrespectfully and symbolically throwing papers with questions from her “fans’ on the floor also reflected who she IS.
I strongly believe that it is a disgrace that she will be given her own show as she should NOT be rewarded for her bad behavior and falsely hyped by TLC as being a role model for single woman raising kids on her own. She is NOT raising those kids on her own. Jon is there to help along with the countless nannies and housecleaners whom she refers to as “girls.”
There are many wonderful women out there I would like to see on TV shows before Kate. In fact, I would rather see anyone other than Kate. It is a complete sell out and public manipulation for TLC to give Kate her own show. It is rewarding bad behavior. If TLC is going to reward bad behavior, why not give Balloon Mom her own show? She is more real than Kate. Mayumi is an abused woman who’s husband is going to prison. She needs the money to support her three boys. Kate already has a fortune. She doesn’t need the money. If TLC is going to give a popular mom a break who is highly visible and is in all the media- it makes more sense to me to give the show to Balloon Mom. We could watch her go through all the changes as she gets out from under Richard Heene’s abusive thumb.
I didn’t mind seeing Kate on a reality show with 8 kids and trying to cope when they were babies and watching them grow. But I will detest seeing her on camera, no matter what the TLC promo department comes up with in terms of their hyping Kate. We have already seen Kate and we all know who she is. She is nobody I would care to watch on television. She is too unpleasant. Jon and the kids were great buffers for her Toxicity, but seeing her up close and personal as we did on the Q and A is way too much Kate. I don’t want to see or hear whining or lying or sarcasm or self entitlement. I am sure most people would agree.
I am not a Kate hater nor am I a Jon lover. But I am a Media Psychologist and a Body Language and Communication Expert. I call it as I see it professionally and I see the truth. I don’t lie or sugar things. I see what IS and not what ISNT. To me Kate ISN’T anyone who should have her own show. She is too selfish, mean, rude, self absorbed and unevolved for me to respect her as any type of voice of authority.
She is not the helpless mother who is struggling to take care of kids unlike so many people are around the country. Instead, the same nannies and housecleaners whom she refers to as “girls” are the ones doing that.
We have seen how Kate is so caught up on stardom, as evidenced by her comments about the Kate wigs being on back order from “here to the ends of time” and wanting to be in a movie and to a cartoon voices – for her kids.
To me, this is nauseating or as teenage “girls” in this day and age say “excuse me while I throw up in my mouth.”
The lies and BS on the Today Show with her crocodile tears telling everyone Jon left her in the poor house in segment one, only to find out moments later in segment two, that the kids are not only financially set, but she and they will be even more set, as she is getting her own TV show.
I have received so many emails and comments about Kate and how people cannot stand her. Why are people reacting so violently toward her? I will tell you. No one likes: A LIAR, A ME MYSELF AND I NARCISSIST, A MANIPULATOR, A USER, ARROGANCE, or A CONTROL FREAK. All of these traits are TOXIC TRAITS. She has many toxic traits that are a turn off to people. In fact, I discuss these Toxic traits in my bestselling book TOXIC PEOPLE- 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable. As you will see in the book, the more toxic traits someone has. the more Toxic of a person they are. Kate has many toxic traits and that is why so many people are reacting negatively towards her.
If people react positively toward this TOXIC WOMAN and say they like Kate, they like the “concept” of a Kate. They like a concept of a kind and sweet and loving hard working woman with 8 kids who is divorcing and has a bad cheating husband and now has to fend for her kids. But this not the reality of who Kate is. That is who you would like Kate to be. It is an illusion.
Kate tries to deflect her detractors by stating “I’m not perfect.” Well not of us are and no one expects perfection. But when we see lying, arrogance, disrespect, selfishness, self entitlement, narcissism, verbal and physical abuse, and self absorption, people react negatively.

TLC should reconsider and not waste their money or our time on a show with this Toxic Woman. Many people tried talk shows and failed. Oprah still exists because she is likeable. She’s not mean or bitchy or abusive like Kate. Dr. Phil offers a service. Like him or not, he’s a professional. Montel, Geraldo, Ricki, Sally and Jerry Springer all had long runs because they were likeable. People loved them and loved the “craziness” of the guests during those days. But those days are long gone. We have evolved and we don’t want to see the “craziness of a guest” now become a spokeswoman for single moms as she hosts her own show.

Kate Gosselin’s Wanting To Be In A Movie and Do Cartoon Voice Reflects Her Narcissism

Kate actress
I have so much to say about Kate’s Q and A which I will relay on CBS’s The Insider at 7:30 PM tonight. I will also blog about it in greater detail.
We have seen Kate’s narcissism and self centeredness becoming more and more evident over these past five years. Who could forget Kate’s not giving thirsty twin daughter Mady a drink of water while she selfishly took one for herself? But in last night’s Q and A with Kate on TLC, we really see her narcissism up close and personal as she revealed how she wants to be in a movie and the voice of a cartoon character . To me, it is just one more reflection of her narcissism, over inflated ego, believing her own press and thinking she is a huge star.
Having worked with so many actors throughout my career and having them as clients for the last two decades, from A listers who have won Academy Awards to beginning actors, I can assure you that being an actor is hard work and not to be taken lightly. Being a “cartoon voice” is acting and requires specific skills. In order to get those skills one has to go to acting classes and really hone in those skills. It does not come over night. It takes years and years of training and dedication and time.
Does Kate really have the time to put into an acting career when she has 8 kids to take care of? I think she needs to refocus her priorities. And focus on those kids and take care of them.
The contradictions, sarcasm, defensiveness, hostility and rudeness to those who took the time to email in questions like Sara F., as well as Kate’s signals of deception displayed throughout her Q and A as reflected by her body language, facial language, speech, and voice qualities will be addressed in my next blog so stay tuned. …

Does Balloon Dad’ Body Language and Communication Show Signs of Sociopathic or Psychopathic Behavior?

Balloon Dad Psychopath
Before I begin discussing Balloon Dad, Richard Heene, I want to state loud and clear that I am
NOT diagnosing his Psychological condition, nor am I doing any type of Therapy with him.

The reason I bring this up, is because a few years ago, a blogger , who went by the moniker
“dissent” obviously saw me throughout the media and ridiculously accused me of diagnosing
Britney Spears when Britney was going through her problems. The blogger’s allegations were
absolutely silly because as anyone knows, you can’t accurately diagnose anyone, unless you run a comprehensive battery of tests on them and see them up close and personal. But you can speculate.

As a Media Psychologist, who has also been formally trained as a Journalist, it is my duty to
present ALL the possibilities that could account for someone’s behavior. It is the responsible
thing to do to speculate on all aspects of their behavior that is analyzed. It is what ALL of my
fellow Media Psychologist colleagues do, especially those of us who appear regularly on the Nancy Grace show, (all of whom I respect and admire). We ALL give our POSSIBLE takes on the matter at hand. That is what we are there to do- to educate and inform the public.

But blogger, “dissent” I discovered, seemed in my view, to have an “axe to grind.”
Apparently, she couldn’t stand “Media Psychologists” and let that be known in her blogs. I wanted to correspond with “dissent” to intelligently express my point of view to what I
thought in my opinion, were her malicious and nasty comments and unfounded claims, but I
couldn’t do so. I couldn’t communicate with her directly because she was “anonymous”.

So, I used my body language analysis skills and discovered her identity from reading all of her
blogs and analyzing what she wrote in her own word. I found out her name (initials L.E.P.)
address (New York, but not Manhattan), family situation ( a husband and a son and a daughter), her gripes (Media Psychologists) , and what she does for a living , just from reading her blogs.

As it turns out, “dissent” was another Psychologist – not a Media Psychologist, like myself, but rather a Tourette Syndrome Psychologist, who’s motivation was definitely, in my opinion, was
nothing other than “professional jealousy.” My opinion regarding her “professional jealousy”
towards me was confirmed after L.E.P. apparently saw me on the Nancy Grace Show and wrote a blog under her moniker of ”dissent” trashing Body Language and calling it pseudoscience. Actually, body language is both an art and a science.

It couldn’t be that much of a pseudoscience as she claimed, since it was the science of my body language analysis skills and the art of how I do my analyses, that lead to my identifying L.E.P. as the anonymous blogger “dissent.”

To me, L.E.P. ‘s behavior seemed similar to the recently publicized case where a jealous
wannabe trashed a gorgeous Vogue model in her blogs by calling her a “skank” and who’s
identity was subsequently outed by Google. But I didn’t need Google to discover the identity of
“dissent”. I only needed my body language analysis skills.

So, to L.E. P. or “dissent” and to others who may have similar “axes to grind”, or who are “haters,” troublemakers, or who claim to know me when they in fact do not, let me assure you that whether not you like me or Media Psychologists in general, I am doing my duty in a very responsible manner. I am doing as I have been trained to do and have done for the past two
decades, ever since beginning as a Psychology Reporter at KABC Television in Los Angeles.

Now, about Balloon Dad, Richard Heene. There has been a lot of talk in the media from
people who know him “up close and personal” like comedienne Sunda Coonquist and others
that Richard may be Bipolar. They speak of his rapid mood swings and violent temper which
many people with Bipolar Syndrome may possibly have. We have all seen his violent temper on Wife Swap and in a video where he violently yelled at Mayumi. So, it is easy for people to
assume that he may be Bipolar.

But I wonder if another reason he behaves as he does may be due to other conditions.
People who know Balloon Dad up close and personal have also claimed he is a “ narcissist,”
thinks he’s better and more intelligent than everyone, and has an over inflated opinion of
himself. We have all observed his irresponsible behavior and seen his lack of remorse on

Famed Canadian psychologist, Dr. Robert Hare, developed a checklist called The
Hare Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) which is a diagnostic tool of 20 traits
assessed by a scoring system used to rate a person’s psychopathic or antisocial
behaviors. They include :

1.glib and superficial charm,
2. grandiose (exaggeratedly high estimation of self),
3. need for stimulation,
4. pathological lying,
5. cunning and manipulativeness,
6. lack of remorse or guilt,
7. shallow affect(superficial emotional responsiveness),
8.callousness and lack of empathy,
9.parasitic lifestyle,
10. poor behavioral controls
11.sexual promiscuity,
12. early behavior problems,
13. lack of realistic long-term goals
16.failure to accept responsibility for own actions,
17.many short-term marital relationships,
18.juvenile delinquency ,
19.revocation of conditional release, and
20.criminal versatility.

The degree of Psychopathy depends on how many of these traits one has. Dr. Hare’s Scale has been used by criminal law enforcement throughout the word. So I’m JUST
ASKING, what do you think? He certainly fits a lot of the criteria that Dr. Hare mentions,
on the list doesn’t he? It would be very interesting to see if they ran a battery of tests on Balloon Dad if and when he gets to jail that may give some insight as to what is his
Psychological state is and what his issues are. Even though there may be privacy issues and
we may very well find out about his psychological state because this evidence may be brought up in court during his trial, if indeed he has one.

Jon Gosselin’s Body Language Showed Sincerity, Remorse and That He Is Finally Growing Up and Taking Responsibility

jon  on larry king

      On Larry King Live  Jon’s posture and demeanor showed a self confidence we have never seen before. His voice was powerful and  deliberate. He was sure of himself and what he wanted for  his kids. He sparred with Kate’s lawyer and in my view, put that attorney in his place. Jon  finally showed that he is a man and he has finally grown up. It takes a big man to say you are sorry and to show remorse and have accountability for your actions. Jon did just that on the show. He spoke up and addressed questions independently of his own attorney.  

      Nothing pleased me more than when I heard Jon Gosselin say on Larry King Live that he plans to take the kids off the air. Thank goodness ! Those innocent  kids of primary importance and to have them no longer  be part of the media circus is a great thing. Now the rest of their childhoods can perhaps  be spent living a more normal existence without the prying eyes of the public.

     A few months back on the episode where Jon and Kate announced their divorce, as soon as  I heard little Joel tell his father to be quiet,  I knew it was time to get those kids away from the cameras and out of the spotlight immediately. Even though Kate doesn’t want to do it because of her control issues and now overgrown ego, and money concerns,  Jon is acting more like the responsible adult than ever before.

   According to research the first 5 years are the most important years of a child’s life in terms of mental and emotional development. So if there is any emotional scarring with these children, it has already taken place. But the fact that they will no longer be in the public eye can help repair the famage in many ways.

   The equation of  children spending their entire childhoods  in  front of a camera for any length of time is not a good one. Just ask my dear friend and Child Actor Protector and head of A Minor Consideration, Paul Peterson. He knows first  hand what it was like to grow up in a fishbowl and suffered the consequences as a result.  He has counseled numerous child actors who went off the deep end and never came back.   Child actors need a lot of support and solid parents who spend lot of time with them and who are behind them 100 percent. That is why Ron Howard turned out so well and Melissa Gilbert and a handful of others.  But when child actors don’t have solid parent’s behind them like Lindsey Lohan didn’t, they turn out to be like Lindsey Lohan  confused, miserable,  and self destructive.

    Perhaps Jon’s association with Michael Lohan, Lindsey’s father  is a good thing as he learns what NOT to do from Michael’s mistakes. Taking his kids out of the limelight is a GREAT thing and I support it 100 percent.

   While you can’t  always compare children with animals, you can  compare a living creature who was constantly in the glare of the TV camera  and in the  limelight and given all kinds of attention to what has been happening with these 8 kids since birth. I am talking about Knute the cute little polar bear in the Berlin Zoo that people lined up by the thousands  to see.

     All that attention created a narcissism that made him impossible to handle when he got older. According to the zoologist, Knute  turned into a psychopath as he got older. He became so addicted to all the human attention that he howls and crys if he doesn’t have attention, He constantly acts out and is considered a problem bear. That is what happens with a lot of these child actors who were brought up in the limelight. When they grow up they aren’t as cute and don’t get as many jobs, so they aren’t in the limelight azs much. So they self destuct because they are used to that constant attention.

    The vedict is still out as to what will happen with Jons and Kate kids. TAs they continue to grow, they  have to be carefully watched  for  any behavioral problems which have resulted from theiir being under the  constant glare of the camera lens,  just like Knute was in his formative years.

     Only time will tell  what affect all of this filming has had on these kids psychologically. I think they need to be monitored regularly by a child psychologist and watched if any problems arise. The two children who need therapy the most in my opinion is twin  Maddy who was always angry and crying and unhappy due to her lack of attention and obvious tense relationship with Kate. The other one is Colin who hits all the other kids and is a little bully. Kate tends to like him the best and even rewards his bad behavior. Kate being a bully herself obviously identifies with him. But this boy needs to be carefully monitored. Twin Cara needs to be monitored as well. Even though she comes across as stable and responsible, she is still a child. A quiet child who keeps everything inside my really be watched closely. Adan, the one with the glasses whom I find the most adorable seems to have been affected by his parent’s breakup as he seems more detached at to himself as though he is in a word of his own. Even little Leah seems miserable and sad.

    The bottom line is that Jon said that he had to “grow up and be a man” and we certainly saw signs of that on Larry King. The first manly decision he made, was taking those kid off the air. I can’t imagine any court in the US insisting that the children stay on the air. If they say they want to be on the air  and that it is their decision, they are only children and can’t make that decision by themselves. It is Kate’s decision that they remain on the air and Jon’s decision that they don’t. I am clearly on Team Jon as far as the kids are concerned.