Trump’s State of the Union Speech Showed Passion and Compassion While Opposition Showed Rudeness

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 6.05.23 PM.pngWhen Donald Trump first arrived to give his State of the Union Address  his body language was confident and he appeared to be highly focused and even a bit somber. His smiles were guarded.

His aim during his presentation was to try to unite the nation and in many ways he succeeded. He used the word “WE” hundreds of times throughout his speech. He was determined in his speech to let the world know that it is not about one side over the other , but that it was all inclusive. He made this point several times during his address.

Whether or not you support or like Trump, objectively speaking , his delivery was highly effective. He hyper articulated key points he wanted to make and spoke at at pace where it was easy to process all that he was saying. in order to  understand  exactly what he was trying to say.

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There was also some vocal defiance where he stuck out his jaw in an aggressive body language move when addressing controversial issues and seemed to address his opponents personally.  He even jutted his lower jaw forward as he made these significant points indicating that there was serious conviction behind what he was saying.

He  not only showed a lot of  passion in his delivery but demonstrated a great deal of compassion and sensitivity, something we have not seen in the past. The story he told about the officer who adapted the baby was done with a great deal of emotion as reflected in his inflection pattern.  He also appeared emotional when discussing Otto Warmbier and made a pledge at the end of his speech to handle North Korea in the American way to honor the student who was unjustly  accused and brutally abused on North Korean soil

The most disturbing aspect of the SOTU address was the rudeness and poor attitudes  by certain Democrats who came in to the room  with a nasty attitude and sour facial  expression  to begin with  and who didn’t even stand or even applaud for issues that were for everyone.

When she spoke about working together and serving the people the nastiest of expressions was on Nancy Pelosi who was a sourpuss throughout the entire speech.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.58.47 AM.png

.When  Trump spoke about working together and serving the people the nastiest of expressions was on Nancy Pelosi who was a sourpuss throughout the entire speech.

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The same was true for Chuck Schumer. It reflected that these individuals seems to be blocked from even considering working together.

This genuine lack of respect for the office of the Presidency  was a turn off to the public . No matter what side you or on Democrat or Republican the genuine display of rudeness will no doubt cost many of these lawmakers  in their own elections as it will not sit well with the public.

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When Trump made  a positive and beneficial statement that  Black employment  was up and the entire Black Caucus  sat the stone faced, it did not sit well with many.

The fact that Ruth Bader Ginsberg didn’t show up is a travesty and makes one question her abilities to be on the Supreme Court which is supposed to be non partisan.

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The fact that congressman Luis Gutierrz walked out in the middle of the speech showed extreme rudeness and distaste. It was unacceptable

The meanness and hatred of many of  these congressmen and Senators showed during Trump’s speech was not a good role model for the country  and contributed to the divisiveness in the country, While we can agree to disagree this level of toxic vehemence was uncalled for and did turn people off in their own party.

When the speech ended and Trump shook hands he was a bit somber> there was no doubt he felt the hostility in the audience  from  his  opposition. The bottom line is that his opposition didn’t even give him a chance to hear what he had to say. He said many things that would be beneficial to them as well, yet they sat stone faced and non reactive. They didn’t clap for things that all people should clap for like working together.

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Melania was regal in her posture and demeanor. When she entered she was very careful to walk down the stairs very slowly.  When she spoke to some of he guests before the speech she showed warmth towards them. The press  made a big deal about her arriving my herself in a separate motorcade  and speculated that it has something to due with the stripper’s alleged affair with Trump. In my view this was nonsense since all First Ladies arrive first and are their well  before the President arrives.  CNN  reported that she wore white to protest her husband which is more absurd. And this is why CNN is so despised and now regarded as fake news

Nancy Pelosi’s Body Language and Voice Pattern Showed Signals of Deception and a Possible Hidden Agenda

Nancy Pelosi looking up to the left. Possible signal of deception?
Nancy Pelosi looking up to the left. Possible signal of deception?

  In her recent press conference, Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed numerous signals of deception from looking up to the left, to excessive blinking, lip licking, lip pursing,  gulping,  a shaky voice, trailing of at the end of statements, using too many fillers like  “uh umhs” , hesitations, shoulder shrugging , to the pitch of her voice raising at the end of her speech as she abruptly exited the podium without addressing questions.

  The fact that there were so many signals of deceptions makes one wonder whether she had a hidden agenda, had something to hide, or was telling the truth.

When Pelosi says “ I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw … I saw this myself in the late ’70s in San Francisco,” she is showing some major signals of deception as she talks about what she saw in the late 70’s.  Prior to making  this statement she purses her lips as to hold back what she is intending to say, just as people do when they are about to manufacture something.  Pelosi too may subconsciously know that  what she is about to say may not be the truth or that she is speaking about this issue because she has an ulterior motive. She then looks up to the left , which is also what people tend to do as they attempt to fabricate a story .

She not only looks up as she speaks of the 70’s but she pauses for a few seconds as to invent her thoughts. Once again, this is what people do when they aren’t being completely forthright.

Then you see a shoulder shrug which is further indication she may not be telling the truth or may have a  hidden agenda  as she once again  looks up and purses her lips ( yet another signal of deception) while now saying  “This kind of rhetoric is just, is really frightening and it created a climate in which we, violence took place and … I wish that we would all, again, curb our enthusiasm in some of the statements that are made.”

Now she looks down in embarrassment , which is what people do when they know they are about to say something  they should not be saying as  Pelosi says “ The ears that are falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statement might assume”

When a person lies or has a hidden agenda  their autonomic nervous system takes over. So they often lick their lips because their mouth is dry, This was clearly the case here as we  observe Pelosi’s dry mouth.

When she says“ they have to take responsibility for their incitement “her voice cracks and trails off at the end, also an indication of deception or a hidden agenda.

Finally, Pelosi  swallows hard, a major signal of deception in conjunction to the pitch of her voice immediately rising when she quickly, without pausing  says ”thank you very much” and abruptly  turning  to leave the podium without looking straight ahead at her audience or entertaining any questions.

In analyzing all of  Nancy Peolsi’s body language “tells”  and vocal patterns it is clear to me that there were definite signals of deception.   She appeared  to sound like a person with a hidden agenda who may be possibly trying to curb others  from  speaking their truth.