Does Amanda Carpenter’s Body Language and Speech Reveal Truth About Alleged Affair With Ted Cruz?

Amanda Carpenter, who is at the center of the Ted Cruz Sex Scandal, has made the rounds on TV in an attempt to clear her name. But what is her communication and body language really saying? Is she being forthright? Is she telling the truth that she did not have an affair with Ted Cruz? Is she lying?

It seems that her appearances may have done her more harm than good based on her on-camera delivery, in my view. What she should have done was to look directly at CNN’s Jake Tapper, her interviewer,  and  emphatically say that she did not have an affair and leave it at that. But instead,  she did way too much explaining and went off on tangents, which may have done more self-damage by  perhaps making  people more skeptical of her.

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As she looks down, she squinches her forehead as she says he has been 100 percent faithful to her husband. But she says this in a monotone devoid of emotion.To sound more credible, in my view, she needed to look directly at Tapper and not look down or away.

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Then she finally looks up and says that there is nothing more important to her than being a good wife and a good mother. She says this in a staccato tone, which  tended to make her sound a little too defensive.

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When Jake Tapper asks her about the sports jacket she was wearing and it being the same jacket that Cruz was wearing,  she seemed to be flustered by this question as she once again  looks down and  while breaking eye contact with Tapper. She  also shrugs her shoulders (often regarded as a signal of deception) and blames it on conspiracy theories.

Had she looked  directly Tapper in the  eye and said that she was cold and Cruz gave her his jacket to wear,  that may have put an end to speculation about the two. But she did not do that. Instead,  she was flustered and continued to  sound defensive. Then she gets testy in her tone as she says she can’t understand why the Trump campaign is doing this and how no other campaign would touch this kind of stuff. This is the first time she displays any negative emotion.

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By deflecting blame on Trump, she once again makes one wonder if indeed something personal was going on with her and Cruz. She needed to sound more direct and state her truth in a more powerful tone to add to her credibility.

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As she says it’s really a conspiracy theory, she shakes her head “no” perhaps indicating that she  may perhaps subconsciously know that it may  not  be a conspiracy theory as she verbally stated.

She also  does a lot of “uptalk,” where her inflection goes up at the end of sentences. This can  often make others question whether what she is saying is true as she denies any personal involvement with Cruz.  She says this with the phrases “defending myself” which makes her sound  tentative as though she is asking a question and is insecure about what she is saying.

Then she tries to take the oneness off of her and encourages people to look at the broader aspect of the campaign. She  says “there is  toxic culture” and “go into it with both eyes open and not be afraid to confront it.” In making this statement, she is attempting to take the attention off of herself and deflect it outward.  She also wanted Trump to put a stop to this but said she was disheartened when Trump said that the National Enquirer got it right before. In essence,  she was upset that Trump didn’t come to her defense.

When Tapper asked  her if she was going to take any legal action she leaked out “I talked to” and then immediately changed her rhetoric by saying she wanted to  get through this and protect her reputation, her career and her  family. Then she mumbled out something that sounded like ” I’ll continue to talking to lawyers.” So it seems that she is looking into taking legal action concerning this matter. It is clear that she doesn’t want this incident to hurt her career. But the fact that she is  out front on the national pages  may have helped her career. No one knew who Amanda Carpenter was before this scandal. This may have helped her career by putting her on the map. Who knows, she may even get her own show after this scandal. After all, look how well Kim Kardashian did after her scandal.

It is clear that she doesn’t want this incident to hurt her career. But the fact that she is  out front on the national pages,  ironically may have helped her career. No one knew who Amanda Carpenter was before this scandal. This may have helped her career by putting her on the map. Who knows, she may even get her own show after this scandal. After all, look how well Kim Kardashian did after her own  sex scandal.

Whether or not Amanda had an affair with Cruz is only something she and Cruz know for sure.  So one cannot accuse her of having an affair if  there is no proof or actual witnesses.  But one can definitely say that she did not come across very well in her interview. Therefore,  she  may have created more doubt in the minds of the public, based on her performance.

Personally, I believe she needs to lay low and not do further damage to herself by appearing on camera for a while. Then she needs to reinvent herself  and get back out there after this scandal dies down, where she is not a part of the news, but rather reporting the news.




Herman Cain’s Alleged Mistress Ginger White’ Body Language Says She’s Truthful and Still Has Feelings

As I said previously , my blogs have no political or any other agenda. I just report objectively what I see and hear. This blog confirms   my lack of showing favoritism towards any candidate.

When Sharon Bialeck  came forward with Gloria Allred in tow as she who claimed  Herman Cain sexually harassed her, I observed many signals of deception and a story that made absolutely  no sense to me when she told of how Cain allegedly put his hand up her skirt and her mere reply was “You know I have a boyfriend.”

Most people would say something like  ”Stop it” or What do you think you are doing?”  They wouldn’t bring up their boyfriend as an excuse.

Then when I saw the interview that Cain’s wife did with  Greta Van Sustern  as she  who “stood by her man”  I saw  a  sweet and well meaning  woman with  down to earth demeanor as she vehemently insisted her husband was innocent and the Herman Cain she knew was not the one portrayed by thesewomen. She strongly claimed that the Herman Cain described is not the one she knows for all these years and that she is not one of the wives who is the last to know.

Well unfortunately after hearing what Ginger White had to say and studying her body language, poor Mrs. Cain is indeed the last to know.

I observed that body language wise, Ginger White was forthright in her admission that she had an affair based on her body language Ginger was pained as she spoke. She was telling he truth……..To Read More Click On The Link Below


Cheating Chilean Miner’s Body Language Shows He Was Conflicted As Lover Greets Him and Wife Is A No Show

When miner Yonni Barrios emerged from the capsule after being rescued from his 70 day stay in a cramped mine shaft, he  actually thought he would be greeted by both his wife of close to three decades and his mistress of a decade.

 There as a great deal of tension seen in his jaw as he was anticipating this awkward reunion where he assumed all would be forgiven and overlooked  simply because he survived.But he was mistaken.

 Only his lover Susana Valenzuela showed up to sob into his neck as she held on to him and hugged him for dear life.

She was there to reputedly kiss him on the lips.

But Yonnie Barrios did not reciprocate her affection . His body language was stiff  as he showed no emotion. In fact he whispered something to Susana which may have been for her to back off with all the hugs and kisses. As a result,  their embrace was quickly  broken and she went into the crowd while Yonnie greeted others and no doubt searched the crowd for his wife.  

His  mind must have been was preoccupied with wondering when his wife 56-year-old Marta Salinas, would now come forward.  But that was not to be the case.


Marta  discovered  that Susana was also holding a vigil for her husband at the Camp Hope site. It was actually  mistress  Susana who broke the news to Marta  that there has been an accident at the mine. Apparently after Marta discovered her husband’s infidelity with Susana,  it was reported that they came to punches and had to be pulled apart.

To make matters worse, as Marta,  the wife started to get involved in his affairs on Camp Hope, Yonnie  instructed teams on the surface to only  deal with his lover Susana instead of his wife.

This no doubt devastated Maria. It must have taken her all of these days to wrap her mind around the situation that she was betrayed  and now discarded.

Then as the day of the rescue approached,  Yonnie asked Marta to greet him at the site. She was prepared to forgive him. She was planning to go, until she heard that he also wanted his mistress Susana there  to greet him as well.


She refused to do so.  She even had some kind f words for him as she managed to tell the press  “I’m happy because he was saved. It’s a miracle from God. But I won’t attend the rescue.”

She let the other woman show up so there would be no problems. In fact the First Lady of Chile applauded her decision.

After the rescue took place, she was once again questioned by the press.  She is quoted as saying: 
‘I’m glad I didn’t go to the mine, it was the correct decision. It would have been wrong if the two of us were there – I have children and grandchildren. That kind of situation wouldn’t have been good for my family, and my sons come first.

Then she  gave him a well deserved zing  by stating  He is crazy and cocky to think I would do such a thing. I have a sense of decency.’

She m also said she would not be visiting him at the hospital. ‘If he wants to see me or talk to me he can come find me. Otherwise we will talk through our lawyers.‘I have his belongings and all these gifts people have sent him – he is welcome to have them.’

She said she is not bitter but had words of wisdom  for her husband and the other miners.

This is historic but soon it will be over to the next thing. People move on – in a few years everyone will have forgotten about this.‘They think they will all be millionaires overnight but it’s not like that. Only the skillful ones will make something from this.’

While Yonnie Barrios may have survived this ordeal as a hero, the real hero is Marta his wife. She serves as an inspiration to all women.

 She will not allow herself to be disrespected or humiliated.  At first, she was willing to forgive. But when she saw that Yonnie  was continuing to be disrespectful towards her,  she could no longer forgive. She is not bitter and  appears ready to move on with her life. She knows what is important in life- her children,  grandchildren and her self respect.

Tiger Wood’s Sex Partner Rachel Uchitel’s Image is Beyond Repair No Matter If She is Called A Slut, Whore, Hooker, Mistress or Liar!


There is nothing I hate more than PR Spin and bullshit and pretending something isn’t so when it is.  Remember the story about The Emperor’s New Clothes? It was a story where no one in the kingdom wanted to offend the king, so they  kept telling  him that he had on nice clothes. The truth was that the king wasn’t wearing any clothes. He was nude. But his subjects told him what he wanted to hear even though it wasn’t true, as not to offend or upset him.
Well I refuse to  play that game with regard to Rachel Uchitel, a  woman who initially lied to the press  that she did not have an affair with Tiger Woods when she flew to Melbourne Australia to be with him. This is the same woman who was paid millions of dollars from Tiger Wood’s camp (thanks to her enterprising attorney Gloria Allred) to keep quiet about the affair and all that she knows about Tiger.

Now she has her panties in a bunch because Jeff Beacher, a Vegas entertainer has referred to her as a SLUT and a WHORE. In fact,  she and Gloria just sent him a cease and desist letter saying that he defamed her character by referring to her in these defamatory terms  on his Facebook page. They threatened Jeff that if he didn’t take down his post, he would be sued.

Personally I think that Jeff  should leave it up and them sue him because this will no doubt be thrown out of court as a frivolous case. Then he can sue them for malicious prosecution.


In my view, Jeffn  Beacher’s attributing these adjectives to Rachel Uchitel is not what defamed her. What defamed Rachel Uchitel was her cheating with a married man and lying to the press that she didn’t have an affair with Tiger. What defamed her was getting millions of dollars from Tiger to keep quiet about an affair she initially said she never had.

According to Webster’s dictionary a “whore”  refers to someone who is an immoral woman. Wikipedia refers to a “slut” as a person of low character.

Wouldn’t you say that a woman who knowingly had sexual intercourse with a married man, who happened  to have a wife, a toddler and an infant at home to be an “immoral  woman” who had “low character?”  I think most people would say that. In fact based on the  comments made by the over 300 respondents on TMZ, it appears that most seem to agree with the dictionary definitions in  classifying Rachel as a slut and a whore.


Whether you call her a slut or a whore or a mistress, it’s still the same situation. If you put a dress and lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig underneath the dress and the lipstick.

No matter how you spin Rachel’s image or what you call her, she will always be perceived as  an opportunistic  woman who has sex with a  rich and famous married man, who had a wife and two babies at home, who initially lied to the press about the affair and then was  was paid millions of dollars to keep her mouth shut .


Rachel has no doubt worked hard to repair her image, but it is  clearly not working. First there was that lame photo spread in OK Magazine of her and her dogs and her apartment. No one was buying her glamor girl star- like image The ONLY reason she was in the magazine in the first place was because of her affair with Tiger, yet she did the shoot under the condition that she would not be asked about Tiger. That was the only pertinent information. Who cared about seeing  her with her dogs and how her apartment was decorated and reading the BS about her being a homebody when in a previous magazine article in Blackbook a year earlier, she described her jet set lifestyle with the rich and famous.


Then there was another attempt to repair her image  after comedian and talk show host Joy Behar made a play on Uchitel’s name and said “You ka tell she’s a hooker. ” She and Gloria Allred threatened to sue ABC, the View, and Joy Behar unless Joy apologized on the air. Even though Joy was forced to apologize, her body language reflected that she was seething underneath.


In yet another attempt to repair Rachel Uchitel’s image she opened up to Mario Lopez in an interview on Extra. In my professional opinion as someone who has worked with thousands of celebrities and on camera personalities over the years to get them camera ready, Rachel’s appearance on Extra did further damage to her already damaged image.

In my view she did not come across as likable, but rather as harsh and unsympathetic. Her nasal, whiny, monotonous, and  uninflected voice was off-putting, not to mention what she talked about. When she spoke about being an original mean girl she was a complete turn off.


Nobody respects a liar. Once you blatantly  lie to the media, as Rachel did when she initially denied her affair with Tiger, no one ever believes you or trusts you again. As soon as Rachel opened her trap, pre Gloria Allred and lied to the press about her not having an affair her credibility was gone for good.

Rachel can have an army of Gloria Allreds and sue every single person on the planet who says something bad about her but it still won’t change how the public perceives her.


In my view Rachel should take the millions she made off of Tiger for  keeping quiet  and go away and get a life.

She should stop threatening to sue people for saying derogatory things about her. The more she does it the more it will confirm in people’s minds that she may very well be  that slut whore or hooker she so vehemently denies she is. She needs to  leave it alone and get above the situation. She needs to move on.

This is America and we have First Amendment Rights to say as we please as long as it is true. According to the definitions provided by the various dictionaries it seems to me and to others that Jeff Beacher  may have been  telling the truth as he described Rachel Uchitel.

The bottom line is that Rachel needs to get a reality check that  she will NEVER be respected  for what she did and her image  will NEVER be repaired no matter how much spin she or Gloria put on it. The fact that she has yet to apologize to Elin or to the public for her indiscretion  speaks volumes. Even if you call her a mistress instead of a whore, slut nor hooker, no one respects a mistress either.